Young children judge others based on facial features as much as adults do

Just like adults, children by the age of 5 make rapid and consistent character judgements of others based on facial features, such as the tilt of the mouth or the distance between the eyes. Those facial features also shape how children behave toward others.
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LG trademarks seven ingenious features it’s added to the upcoming G8 ThinQ

LG G8 ThinQ specs

The day after LG Electronics announced that its latest flagship, the G8 ThinQ, would arrive in the US on April 11, the company took an extra step behind the scenes as a result of all the cool features it’s packed into the phone like touchless controls and its innovative audio experience.

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  1. LG trademarks seven ingenious features it’s added to the upcoming G8 ThinQ

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U.S. transport chief questions Boeing decisions on 737 MAX safety features

The top U.S. Transportation Secretary questioned on Wednesday why Boeing Co did not require safety features on its top-selling 737 MAX that might have prevented two recent crashes, ahead of a much-anticipated Senate hearing about the airplane.

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‘SNL’ Cold Open Features R. Kelly, Gayle King Interview, Hidden Cameras, And The Jail King — Watch Video

The R. Kelly, Gayle King interview received the SNL treatment over the weekend and the video has gone viral. Leslie Jones portrayed the journalist and CBS This Morning co-host who interviewed Robert Sylvester Kelly “R. Kelly” portrayed by Kenan Thompson. Thompson had his work cut out for him as R. Kelly’s interview with King drew millions of views as people watched in awe as R. Kelly became emotional, stood up, spoke over Gayle, shouted out answers, declared his innocence, then became hysterical as he shouted he was fighting for his life.

R. Kelly faces 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse and if convicted could spend up to 70 years in prison.

The opening quickly began spoofing R. Kelly’s responses to Gayle King’s interview.

“My lawyer was telling me, no, but my ego — my ego was telling me yes,” Kenan Thompson stated while in character as  R. Kelly.

Kenan Thompson portrayed the part well and even stood up, mirroring the real-life R. Kelly as he began pacing during the interview.

You may watch the full SNL skit portraying R. Kelly in the video player below.

Have you followed the R. Kelly case? What did you think of Saturday Night Live’s skit? Some of the standouts included showing R. Kelly as portraying himself as a victim, how he began singing during his interview with Gayle King, and that he has trouble with literacy.

During the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series, his ex-wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly revealed that part of their courtship was the bond they formed when she taught him how to read.

Though R. Kelly has been jailed twice since the documentary, supporters in his community have bailed him out. The SNL skit also paid close attention to the details in the original interview but one aspect that had people shocked was when Kenan looked for the hidden cameras then announced, “You all keep your cameras out like that?”

The skit concluded with Kenan saying he thought Gayle King was the “jail king” indicating the reason why he did the interview was to score points with the jail king and hopefully get out of trouble.

Do you think Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson did a good job recreating the R. Kelly/Gayle King interview?

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Rick Owens DRKSHDW’s Flight Bomber Features Large Side Cut-Outs

Rick Owens DRKSHDW has just released a new take on the flight bomber jacket. Coming in the label’s signature shade of black, the Black Shed Flight Bomber Jacket features the customary pen zip pocket on that arm, but is heightened via its rib knit cuffs, stand collar and hem.

The most immediate detail can be found at the middle of the jacket, where large pieces of material have been cut out from the front and back, allowing you to see what is being worn on the inside. While the jacket is less functional than the original jacket it is derived from, it does have luxe details like a fully-lined interior and silver hardware.

Those interested can find the Black Shed Flight Bomber Jacket over at SSENSE for $ 1385 USD.

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Tim Walker’s Latest Shoot for ‘W’ Magazine Features Fantastic Fashion and ‘Egg People’

Tim Walker has a long history of bringing fantastical fashion to life through his photography, whether that’s shooting Pirelli’s 2018 all-black “Alice in Wonderland”-inspired calendar or creating iconic Juicy Couture campaigns in the mid-aughts. On Thursday, the unveiling of W Magazine’s …

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Hit by Fraud, Venmo Suffered a Big Loss and Shut Down Features, Report Says

Fraud hit Venmo hard in early 2018, leading the PayPal division for peer-to-peer payments to take an unexpectedly large loss due to fraudulent transactions and to shut down some of its features, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Losses weighed in 40% higher than budgeted, at $ 40 million for the first quarter of 2018. That was reportedly 0.40% of volume, instead of an anticipated 0.24%.

In response, the company limited and shut down certain features, while blacklisting tens of thousands of accounts. This included pausing an instant-deposit feature, which allowed transfer of funds in a Venmo account to a bank account in as little as 30 minutes for $ 0.25. The feature returned later in the year with a 1% transaction fee.

Venmo also stopped allowing transactions from its Web site, requiring all payments to happen via its app. While 98% of users relied on the app already and only 2% used the Web site for transfers, 15% of net losses occurred via the Web site.

The Journal wasn’t able to determine what led to the elevated fraud. Venmo didn’t reply to a request for comment from Fortune.

The company has had few revenue sources in the past and has taken losses on operations since its start. However, it’s slowly shifting into more fee-based services, including letting customers pay for Uber and other services directly from their account balance.

Venmo is one of several companies contending for a vast market of money transfers between people for casual expenses like splitting the cost of a meal to much larger expenses like rent. Competitors include Zelle, run by a consortium of 30 major U.S. banks, and Square Cash, a system operated by the credit-card processing company Square.

Zelle handled $ 28 billion in transfers in the second quarter of 2018. Venmo managed about half that, or $ 14 billion, in the same period. Zelle has an estimated 23 million U.S. users, and Venmo about 27 million.


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Chanel’s Newest Flagship Features Exclusive Merchandise and a 60-Foot-Tall Pearl Necklace

When it comes to Chanel, only the best of the best will do — which is why the French house recently shut down its 57th Street flagship store in New York City, first opened in 1996, to give it a refresh.  The brand tapped architect Peter Marino, a longtime collaborator, to take on the space …

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Sesame Street Doc ‘Street Gang’ Picked Up by HBO, Focus Features (EXCLUSIVE)

Focus Features has acquired worldwide rights to “Street Gang,” Marilyn Agrelo’s documentary exploring the “Sesame Street” phenomenon. HBO has acquired U.S. rights, Variety has learned. Introduced to buyers at the AFM by the Exchange, “Street Gang” is partly based on Michael Davis’ best-selling book of the same name published in 2008. It charts the creation […]



Features of a Pair of Pants

So much effort goes into the finding the perfect jacket that if there is one garment men tend to neglect when they pick out a suit, it’s the pants. It’s time to give the sartorial features of pants their due. 

It’s understandable why the anatomy of the suit jacket, with the lapels, the pocket style, and the buttons, among many other features, demands the most attention. But, the pants are crucial to providing balance and definition to the rest of the outfit, and a misstep can throw off the entire look. Trousers also contain various features from top to bottom, waistband to hem, that are important to consider for fit and appearance whether you are buying them as part of a suit or on their own as a pair of casual chinos.

Spezzato Suit Jacket and Matching Vest with Contrasting Yellow Pants and Brown Oxfords

Pants can be the center point of your outfit; here, Sven Raphael Schneider pairs a brown suit jacket with bold yellow pants with a tall cuff.

Features of a Pair of Pants

Tie tucked into waistband

Tie tucked into waistband secured by a metal hook

1. The Waistband

Starting at the top, pants most commonly feature a waistband. The waistband is a thin strip of fabric that wraps around the waist and features the some of the securing mechanisms needed to hold them on the body, namely a button or hooks.

Solaro suit, with waistband, extreme peaked lapels & madder tie

Solaro suit, with a wide waistband, extreme peaked lapels & a madder silk tie

The waistband can vary in terms of width, from thin to wide, though the standard is between 1-2″ wide.

Pants with two inward pleats and a continuous waistband

Pants with two inward pleats and a continuous waistband

Occasionally, especially with MTM or bespoke trousers, you may find a pair without a waistband, which is often referred to as a continuous waistband.

2. Belt Loops

Attached to the waistband are the belt loops, which hold the belt in place around the waist. It is traditionally said that pants with belt loops should always be worn with a belt; otherwise, it looks like you just forgot to put it on. However, going beltless is popular for a casual sprezzatura look.

Belt loops on pants

Pants with belt loops worn without and with a belt

On custom-made or higher-end dress pants you will also find the related prong keeper, a tiny loop of fabric at the front center, that is designed to hold the prong of your belt buckle in place like the keeper on the back of a tie. Its purpose is to keep your buckle centered, preventing your belt from rotating away from the center as you go about your daily activities. Because they’re made of a different material (leather) in a different color than your shirt or pants, they interrupt the vertical flow of your outfit, and leather is a casual material if you are wearing tailoring.

3. Suspender Buttons

Though you will almost never find them off the rack, some pants are tailored with suspenders buttons on the inside of the waistband. These pants tend to be higher in the rise and pleated, as the suspenders help pull the pants upward rather than inward, creating a smooth line down the leg and pleats.

In terms of design, most pants are designed to be used with either a belt or suspenders, but not both. Side adjusters, discussed further below, can be tailored on pants meant to be worn with suspenders because they can help adjust the waist width while not bearing the burden of holding up one’s trousers entirely.

Suspenders Braces pants trousers with inward facing pleats and side adjustersFlannel pants with side adjusters

Neopolitan tailors occasionally will tailor both suspender buttons and belt loops for the sake of sprezzatura, but it is neither a classic look nor all that practical since a pair of pants will look best when tailored for either a belt or suspenders rather than both.

Very Neapolitan - suspenders & belt loops

Very Neapolitan – suspenders & belt loops together

4. Side Adjusters

For reasons of greater formality and uninterrupted lines, some men prefer trousers with side adjusters. These are usually small buckles, one at each hip, attached to cloth tab or strap that enable you to cinch the waist an inch or so on each side.

The adjuster can be placed center of the waistband (as shown above) or lower, on the seam that joins the waistband to the rest of the pants.

Side-adjustable trousers from Pini Parma with bold waistband details

Alternatively, you can find adjusters with buttons rather than buckles though these do not have the same range of possible adjustments–you can select either button one or button two–and are slightly less formal. The adjusters are hidden and the clean expanse of cloth they create at the front waistband makes pants more formal. Thus, side adjusters are found on formal wear and in better suits. Similarly, on bespoke trousers, if anything, side adjusters are used because a belt would suggest that the pants are not properly fitted, which should not be the case if they are custom made for you.  At the opposite extreme, a waistband can also contain a drawstring or elastic band, though these would be reserved for pajamas and exercise pants; don’t be fooled by SuitSupply ads showing men wearing them with sport coats!

A belt also directs the eye to your waistline, so if you have what the Italians call a balconetta there, pants with side adjusters can de-emphasize your belly.

Salvatore Ambrosi and Atte Rytkönen wearing suits with cuffed pleated trousers and no break.

Skipping a belt helps Salvatore Ambrosi elongate his frame

Because the belt acts like a strong dividing line between your top and bottom halves, if you have legs that are short, try side adjusters to create more of a continuous flow, elongating your figure. On the other hand, if you have really long legs, pants with a belt can help balance you out.

5. After-Dinner Split

There are a couple of other useful details at the waistline. One is the charmingly named “after-dinner split.” This is a split in of the material at the center back of the waistband held together by loose slip stitching similar to what you’d see on the back of a tie, sometimes accompanied by a V-shaped notch. The name suggests that it helps accommodate the expansion of your stomach if you eat a large meal. However, its real purpose is to allow more movement of the fabric at the waist, especially when you sit. The effect seems to be subtle, but having one is a hallmark of attention to detail.

After-dinner split

An after-dinner split on a pair of pants from Tailor Made London

6. Waist Curtain

Lastly, on the inside of your waistband, you may have a waist curtain. It’s essentially a strip of lining that runs the full circumference of the waistband. Usually, it’s secured along the top of the waistband but can be lifted up from the bottom to reveal the underlying materials of the waistband construction.

Navy pants with inward pleats worn with suspenders for a smooth look

Navy pants with inward pleats and a continuous waistband worn with suspenders for a smooth look

On its own, its functional purpose is minimal, but it is another sign of quality finishing. When the waistband is rubberized (i.e., it features a narrower glued on rubber strip) there may be a greater effect, which is to help keep your shirt tucked in. The rubber provides friction and grip that helps secure the fabric of your shirt. I have not empirically tested its effectiveness compared to a waist curtain without rubber, but you’re welcome to try and report your results.

High vs. mid-rise pants

Andreas Weinås in high-rise pants and Greg Lellouche wearing a medium rise.

7. The Rise

Below the waistband is the area called the rise, measured from the seam at the bottom of the crotch to the waistband. This may be in the range of 9-13 inches depending on the size of the pants and whether it is low-, mid-, or high-rise.  For a while now, low-rise trousers have been in fashion, meaning the pants sit around your hip area. Rise plays a significant role in determining the visual proportions of your body.

Low-rise pants make your upper body look longer and your legs shorter, as your pants simply do not go up that high on your body. Therefore, a low-rise can help balance out the appearance of men with long legs. In contrast, high-rise trousers sit at your true waist, which is around your belly button. Because there’s more fabric between the waist and crotch, they visually elongate your legs, so high-rise pants are ideal for men with shorter legs. Like pleats (discussed below), a high rise is often ridiculed for their association with granddads wearing their pants hiked up to right below the nipples.

Steve Urkel in high-rise pants

Steve Urkel’s high-rise, outward -facing pleated pants were a wearable caricature of his nerdiness; they do accentuate the length of his legs, however

From my perspective, high-waisted pants look best if you are wearing a suit jacket, blazer or sport coat, especially closed. In this situation, they are ideal because their height prevents either the bottom of your tie or the lower part of your shirt from showing between the lower button of your jacket and the waistband of your pants. Ideally, there should be a clean, uninterrupted transition from the jacket to the pants; a high waist ensures this. On the other hand, if you open your jacket, high-waisted pants risk making your chest look concave or sunken and also shorten your torso. The solution is therefore either to go with a moderately high or mid-rise pair of pants or to keep your jacket closed.

Clark Gable wearing high-rise trousers

Clark Gable wearing high-rise trousers

High-rise trousers create more of a classic or vintage look, and fashion illustrations from the Golden Age of menswear between the 1920s-50s show this as the default. You’ll also notice that neckties were considerably shorter, so if you wear high-rise pants you’ll either need to buy shorter ties or vintage ties, tuck them into your waistband or wear them longer than your waistband, but more in the sprezzatura style than Donald Trump.

8. Pleats (Or a Lack Thereof)

We’ve previously spoken about pleated pants and whether you should wear them in another article, so check that out for a more in-depth discussion. In brief, pleats are folds of fabric in the trouser rise. On flat-front trousers, as the name states, the fabric in this area is smooth. Pleats can either be forward facing, in which the folded fabric points inward, toward the fly of your pants, or reverse—pointing in the direction of the pockets. The British style generally favors inward-facing pleats whereas pants in a more Italian, specifically Neapolitan, style usually face outward. In terms of which is better, forward pleats usually receive less criticism as they tend to remain flat, while outward ones may open and stay open, resulting in ballooning fabric. The number of pleats that you have can vary: usually, one or two, though some men have experimented with three and even four pleats.

Navy pants with inward pleats worn with suspenders for a smooth look

Navy pants with inward pleats worn with suspenders for a smooth look

Pleats add mass and visual impact to the area of the rise. They can provide more comfort than a flat rise, especially if you carry weight in your abdomen, because the extra fabric there expands slightly as you move around, sit down or get up. Pleats also continue the crease that runs up the middle of each pants leg if you have dress pants on, which enhances the sharp and polished look.

9. The Seat

Some of the rear pocket options on custom made-to-measure trousers from Luxire.

Some of the rear pocket options on custom made-to-measure trousers from Luxire.

White Flannel Pants from Merchant Fox

White flannel pants with buttoned, welted pockets

On the opposite side of the rise is your seat, where your rear end is. There isn’t much to say about pants construction here except for the various pocket options. Usually, you have two rear pockets on the seat, though these can either be welt pockets or welts with a single button on each. This gives you a clean rear seat. Any other possibility–flapped or patch pockets–would be present only on casual pants. Whatever the design, these rear pockets are useless for the most part since loading them with anything more than a small piece of paper and perhaps a pen will make it annoying to sit down. On a side note, if you get your waist let out by a tailor to make it larger, there will usually be some cloth in the seat area to let out as well; doing both at the same time helps with comfort and maintaining a clean rear view of your pants.

10. Front Pockets

Continuing the discussion of pockets, you will most likely have two of them on the front of any pair of pants. By far, the most common pocket style on trousers is slant pockets.

David Gandy in Mid Grey Flannel with DB Vest & Navy Pants

David Gandy in mid gray flannel with a DB vest and navy pants with slant pockets

As the name implies, these are cut on an angle, enabling the wearer to slide his hands into them easily.

Sean Connery as James Bond, wearing trousers with vertical pockets.

Sean Connery as James Bond, wearing trousers with vertical pockets and button side adjusters

Other rarer pocket forms are completely vertical and frogmouth pockets. The latter are named for their resemblance to the mouth of a frog. In the sense that these are oriented horizontally across the front of the trouser, they are the opposite of the vertical slit pocket. As such, they also really make the pockets a visible feature of the pants. Frogmouth pockets go with flat-front trousers as they would interfere with pleats.

Frogmouth pockets are rare these days.

Frogmouth pockets are rare these days

If you’ve owned a pair of jeans, you are likely familiar with the coin pocket, a small, seemingly useless pocket that nests inside the larger one on the right front. Originally, it was developed by Levi-Strauss to enable men to carry their pocket watches while wearing denim. Today, in the era of wristwatches, this pocket has become vestigial, something more for a traditional aesthetic than any real function, though some men store things like coins, mints, or a condom in it. Along with the two front and two back pockets, the coin pocket is responsible for the term “five-pocket pants.” However, an added coin pockets can appear in pants that are more formal than jeans too, such as summer chinos.

Coin pocket on a pair of jeans

Coin pocket on a pair of jeans

11. The Fly and Front Closure

In order to get your pants on and off, you need to have a means of opening and closing them. This work is done by the fly and the button closures on the front of the waistband. The default for the latter is a single button, but on higher-end trousers, you’ll find an extended tab that tucks into a loop and is fastened off center. On pants that are meant to be rakish (Neapolitan, of course), you may find an elaborate double tab with two buttons. An equally ornate closure is available in British tailoring too, via the famous Gurkha trouser, a military-inspired garment with a long strap that buckles to close.

Elaborate pants closures

Linen Gurkha trousers at left from Ring Jacket; Pini Parma Neapolitan-style flannels at right

The front zipper is usually a standard and therefore very forgettable detail on a pair of pants. However, more fancy designs can feature a button fly as well as an elaborate system of a flap (sometimes called a French bearer) and inner buttons to fasten up the pants. In some cases, these can seem like overkill in keeping your pants closed and holding in your junk, but they are more a sign of the tailor’s time commitment and effort than a functional necessity.

Button closures on a pair of pants

Multiple button closures on a pair of custom Luxire trousers

12. Pants Leg Cut

The legs on a pair of pants can be straight or tapered, wide or slim. For a sharp appearance, some tapering should occur, meaning the legs should get gradually more narrow as they move toward the bottom. This can happen top to bottom or start closer to the knee, which is an important consideration if you have large thighs. In recent years, slim legs have been in fashion, and, to some extent, they have always been part of the classic Italian style. As a guideline for future purchases, measure the bottom leg opening of a pair of pants that fit you well along with the width at the approximate location of the knee and thigh.

Visible pocket liners with white trousers

Unlined pants can be sheer depending on the color or fabric

13. Lining

Legs may also be lined on the inside, either down to the thigh or fully, especially if the pants are a light color or one that is either sheer or rough–summer fresco cloth is both. The lining prevents your skin and underwear from showing through and also protects your skin from abrasion. The trade-off is that the lining makes you hotter in summer, reducing the cooling effect of the material.

The visible surface of the legs also can give you a strong indication of whether the pants are casual or formal. If there is a sharply defined crease down the center of the leg, the trousers are formal, but if they are flat, they are more casual. The presence of a visible seam down the inside of the leg also is a sign of casual style, seen on chinos and jeans.

Dress pants (left) with a distinct crease; chinos (right) with more evident seam details, no pleat, and a metallic button closure.

Dress pants (left) with a distinct crease; chinos (right) with more evident seam details and no crease.

14. Cuffs or Turn-Ups

If you’re from North America and hear someone mention “turn-ups” in relation to pants, rest assured they’re not talking about vegetables but about the British term for trouser cuffs. Cuffs make a pair of pants less formal, probably because they add more ornamentation, and usually more ornamentation means less formality. Thus, you won’t see cuffs on a tux or even most business suits. For suits that are a bit more casual, like flannels or linen, you can get away with cuffs, usually in conjunction with other casual elements, like patch pockets on the jacket. Cuffs on pants are not a minor detail as they are immediately noticed and lend “weight” to the bottoms of the legs. In this way, they have the effect of visually shortening your legs. So, if you are tall or have long legs and want to balance out your appearance, cuffs may be for you. Shorter men should generally avoid them.

Cuffed trousers at Pitti Uomo

Cuffs can have the effect of shortening your legs, especially when worn with no break and a longer suit jacket.

Cuffs look best with pants that have legs that are wider rather than those with small leg openings. I personally prefer a clean leg and have cuffs on only one pair of pants—summer linens; these are lightweight and, given the nature of linen, are prone to folds and creases and do not cling closely to my legs. All of these are the qualities that make for good air circulation while inviting a cuff to weigh the legs down a bit. A comparable cold weather fabric that works well with cuffs would be a light, soft corduroy, which has a similar potential to billow. When choosing trousers with cuffs, two things are essential. First, the pants should have no break. Wearing cuffs with a pants break appears sloppy, as the heavier cuff fabric pools around your ankles and over your shoes, making you look like a tramp or hobo. Secondly, the cuffs should not be too tall, usually around 1.5-2 inches or a maximum of 5 centimeters high. A side effect of cuffs is that some debris can get trapped in them from daily wear. This is why some cuffs are designed with a hidden button closure that enables you to open and close the cuffs to clean them out.

Cuffed Pants with Loafers at Pitti Uomo 91

Cuffed pants with loafers at Pitti Uomo

If you wear flat-front pants, cuffs are entirely optional. However, if you wear pleats, you would usually go with cuffs to counterbalance the pleats, both visually and in terms of lending actual physical weight to balance the pulling of pleats in the area of the rise.


Clearly, the features that make up a pair of pants are more than an afterthought. Some are practical, like side adjusters, while others, like waist curtain details, are hallmarks of a tailor’s attention. Knowing about them gives you a new appreciation of what goes into the construction of garments, something we often take for granted. You also have the details you need when figuring out what to choose for custom-made trousers. What features are a must-have for you? Share in the Comments section below.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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“Here & Now” features Miguel Blanco During his Latest Mission to Indonesia During the Swell of the Decade

“Here & Now” features Miguel Blanco during his latest mission to Indonesia during the swell of the decade, being in the right place at the right time Miguel ended up scoring the now legendary monster session in Nias Pulau. The film portraits all the action during his trip around Indo, culminating with the Nias Swell and the wave that ultimately changed his life and ended up in the Cover of Surfer Magazine.

“Here & Now” was filmed and edited by the brilliant Brazilian filmaker Bruno Zanin who was traveling with Miguel during this dramatic swell, with additional footage by Carlo Coral.

Miguel Blanco added the following statement: “This has been a great year. Such a great rollercoaster! I’ve been putting a lot of energy into surfing and just stoked to be doing what I love the most everyday! I had a big gap in summer so I decided to go to Puerto and Indo. Caught a good swell in Puerto and somehow ended up being in Indo for the biggest swell in this last decade. “Here & Now” shows some of that action. To add to that magic trip, Surfer Magazine came out and I was in the cover! My first cover on an international magazine. Back home, I was doing the national league where the champ has a chance to surf the WCT in Portugal as a wildcard. I had some chance to win it but it wasn’t looking too pretty. Well, I guess everything came together and I won the event, crowned National champ and earned the wildcard for the WCT in Peniche.”

Blanco is one of Portugal’s most respected Surfers right now, with only 22 years old, he is the new Portuguese National Champ after winning this weekend the National League where he also got a wildcard for the WCT in Peniche later this month. He was the only Portuguese shredder in the recent Monumental Swell in Nias, where he probably scored the wave of his life that ended up being the latest cover of Surfer Magazine. He’s a rising star both on a progressive surfing approach and also chasing slabs and Big Surf. Already with 6 Hawaiian Seasons and trips all over the world (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Caribbean, Indo, Maldives, etc), Miguel is making a name for himself and represents the future of his Portuguese generation.

Also available this Media Kit, including Cover, and social video teasers:

Miguel Social links:
IG: @_miguelblanco_

The post “Here & Now” features Miguel Blanco During his Latest Mission to Indonesia During the Swell of the Decade appeared first on .


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‘Aladdin’ Teaser Features Mena Massoud as the ‘Diamond in the Rough’

The first teaser for Disney’s live-action remake of 1992 animated hit “Aladdin” dropped Thursday, featuring newcomer Mena Massoud in the titular role. The trailer begins with a bird’s eye view of Agrabah, the fictional city where the story takes place, as a parrot — presumably Jafar’s companion Iago — soars overhead. The scene soon transitions […]