How to make your staycation feel like a getaway


A relaxing vacation at home is a perfect alternative to a long, expensive trip. You can also save lots of money by taking a staycation. But how can you make your staycation feel like a getaway?

The answer is simple. You should take a few precautions to avoid transforming your staycation into a stressful experience. The following staycation strategies will help you to have a relaxing rest that feels like a real vacation.

Turn off your smartphone

Even though you’re not going anywhere, a staycation is meant to help you get away from the problems of your regular life. So, you have every right to stop being available all the time on the phone. Consequently, set your phone to go to voicemail, and then you can decide who to call back. Maybe you can tell everyone that you need to take a break. You also can put your email on hold.

Turn off your computer

Some people make the mistake of taking work with them when they go on vacation — this fact negates the relaxation of the trip. It is essential to avoid being available for work at any time when you are on staycation. It can be tempting to check in at work when you are at home, but try to say no to the temptation. Let your mind and body have a break.

Do something new

Taking a staycation can also mean becoming a hometown tourist. You can enjoy your city and what the surrounding area has to offer. Another benefit of going to the touristy places near your location is to get to know new, attractive places to visit when your staycation is over. It could be an escape to help stave off burnout.

Don’t overbook yourself

Remember to schedule enough time to relax, read, and do everything people like to do during a vacation. The purpose of a staycation is to enjoy a break. Because you save money staying home, you can eat out, as you would during a real vacation. Don’t hesitate to get a massage, go to brunch, go shopping, or even hire a cleaning service. These activities will free your mind and help you relax.

Your staycation can be a getaway

During your staycation, you can stay at home and relax better than in many planned expensive vacations. That’s why more and more people prefer a staycation. You can explore the many possibilities that answer the question of how to make your staycation feel like a getaway. And on top of that, you can maximize your fun without having to sit on a long flight.

Keep the relaxing activities that you enjoy in mind and make a list of what you would like to do. Maybe this is the time to try the new French restaurant in your neighborhood. You could also take the opportunity to try out the spa.

A staycation can be just as good as an expensive getaway, if you simply put your imagination to work. You will have plenty of ideas; we only presented a few that are easy to apply and effective.


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This cute robot is programmed to make us feel loved

If you’re tired of struggling to make human connections, a Japanese startup is putting a price tag on the robotic variety — and it’s pretty steep. GROOVE X launched a companion robot Tuesday that’s programmed to make lonely humans feel the love. The Lovot, which resembles a cuddly children’s toy and comes in a rainbow…
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HTGAWM’s Viola Davis and Aja Naomi King Reveal When They Feel Their Best

A little self-love and care goes a long way! Viola Davis and Aja Naomi King both spoke to Us Weekly about when they feel like their best selves and what goes into it. And the two actresses who star alongside each other in Shonda Rhimes hit show How to Get Away With Murder had similar sentiments to share.

Davis, 53, admitted she feels her most powerful when she’s just being herself. “When I can be myself and I am comfortable being myself, when I can totally be in the moment, that’s what makes me feel powerful,” she said at The Hollywood Reporter’s 27th Annual Power 100 Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Hollywood.

King has certainly taken note. “Viola is kind to every single person she encounters, the 33-year-old actress explained. “She loves to joke, she loves to dance. She is just fun to be around. I think it comes from self confidence. She’s not afraid of making a fool of herself. Not trying to pretend to be cool. She’s silly and just incredible.

For the two ladies to feel like their most authentic selves, they love to be surrounded by women who support them.

“A lot of times what’s aligned is if I’m in the company [of people] who understand and encourage my authenticity and a lot of times its me, just sort of talking to myself and honoring my inner voice,” she said at the Fiji-sponsored event.

As for King? “I value myself. I typically surround myself with people who value themselves. The way that I am with my friends. … I hope that everyone has that experience. To be surrounded by people who are like ‘Yeah, you’re special. You’re worth it,’” she told me Us at the L’Oréal Paris Thirteenth Annual Women of Worth Awards.

If the two ladies ever need that extra confidence boost, they’re all about taking a little time out for self-care. Davis’ activity of choice? “Epsom salt baths. Oh, my God. The best, absolutely,” she exclaimed. And King enjoys letting her mind rest for a moment. “Sometimes I get really stressed out. Stress wreaks havoc on the body. I’m trying to be more mindful about how I let things affect me … and just breathe through everything because a problem is only a problem if you make it one,” she explained.

Us Weekly


5 adult summer camps that will help you feel like a kid again


 Most people are certainly fine with aging and the idea that whether we like it or not, we are getting old, or older. However, others simply refuse to accept the fact that those good ol’ days when they were young and careless are nothing but a distant memory. As we get older, especially when we start having our own kids, there’s a growing need and wish to stick to our younger-self version as tight as possible. Perhaps we want to feel and seem young in our kids’ eyes, or maybe we just want to go back to those kid-free days and the only way to do so is to live vicariously through our own flesh and blood. Nothing screams childhood more than summer camp, but as we get older, let’s just say that our summer plans are becoming more and more, well, lame.

Good thing adult summer camps have become more and more common. Anyone who used to go to those kinds of camps as a kid knows there’s nothing more fun than doing all these fun activities and not having one care in the world. Grown-up summer camps have become a trend in recent years and they include all the perks of a summer camp, only with a few mature twists like yoga classes, happy hours and the most important thing, there’s no curfew. We’ve rounded up five camps that will help you relive those childhood memories. It’s time to unleash your inner kid and head to an adult summer camp this summer.

Camp No Counselors

Just as the name suggests, this all-inclusive site that already has more than 15 locations around the world, is everything you can expect from an adult summer camp, and more. Once you arrive, you will get your room key where you get to sleep on bunk beds as well as your t-shirt. All of your favorite childhood games will be accompanied with a beer in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Water games, talent shows and themed night parties are all part of the itinerary, oh and the open-bar of course.

Camp Bonfire

It’s time to make new friends and there’s no better place to do so than at Camp Bonfire. Sure, the name might sound a bit cheesy, but trust us, there’s nothing cheesy about the place. It’s all about the idea of making new connections while sitting by the fire and watching the lake with a beer in your hand. Settled in the Poconos Mountains, Camp Bonfire will allow you to be on your own schedule where you can mix and match the times of the activities.

Camp Grounded

In the technological world we live in, there’s no doubt that we all need a break from our phones and laptops from time to time just to relax in the most natural way possible. During your four-day stay, you get to choose from 25 different sessions. It’s a real digital-detox in every sense of the word. No screens, no technology, no talking about what you do for a living and no agenda really. It’s an opportunity for you to unplug, literally, connect with yourself again and experience the real camp life, like they used in the old days.

Soul Camp

Speaking of unplugging and relaxing, Soul Camp is the place for you low-key adventurers. If you can’t enjoy even five minutes of quiet time or a long and relaxing bath, then this place is probably not for you. But if you need have some soul searching to do and love to listen to inspirational talkers and meditate, then you need to book your spot at Soul Camp asap. Making dream catchers and doing yoga for instance, is part of the curriculum.

Camp Throwback

Not sure if this camp was founded before or after the famous social media hashtag was alive, but the only difference between this camp and the one you remember from when you were a kid is the booze factor. Settled in Ohio, this adult camp includes all the classics. From bonfires and sticky marshmallows to team effort activities. Do you feel like a kiddo yet?


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Heading into a showcase game against the division-rival Redskins, Dallas believes it’s made the moves to position itself for a serious playoff run

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Is it normal to feel sick after the flu shot?

On average, about 20,000 people die from the flu every year.
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How to make your home feel like a luxury hotel


The experience of staying in hotel rooms is something that most travelers do not forget. There is something about the way hotel rooms are perfectly arranged which makes the experience incredibly comfortable. The beds in hotel rooms are often fluffier than any bed in usual homes, and the pillows are something you can really sink into. Every experience associated with staying in a hotel such as bathing, sleeping, relaxing in the living or drawing room, or just using the various utilities such as closets and switches, is customized in hotels to provide the perfect experience.

Travelers who stay at luxurious hotels often experience a shock when they get back to their homes. Re-adjusting to the disorganized and cluttered nature of your own home after staying in the perfected settings of a hotel can be quite disconcerting. Fortunately, there are ways to transform the living experience of your own home into that of a hotel. Mentioned below are some of the ways in which you can make your home feel like a luxury hotel.

Ensure a perfect bedroom

The most important aspect of ensuring a hotel-like environment is making sure that you have a top-notch bedroom. The size of the bed should be a king or queen sized base along with a plush mattress. Ditch the usual blankets for a duvet, and it’s always nice to have extra pillows. It is important to have good quality pillows that are neither too soft nor too hard.

Emulate the spa experience in your bathroom- This is all about customizing your bathroom in the best possible way with all the essential oils, lotions, and other kinds of cosmetics and bathing accessories. Your toiletries should be sorted well, preferably in under-sink cabinets. A decently sized bathtub is a must if you want your home to feel like a hotel. You can also choose to have a collection of scented candles that can help you set up the right atmosphere for relaxation.

It’s all about the vibe

Luxury is also a state of mind, so you have to make sure that the general vibe of the house feels to you like you are on vacation. If you are into something extra, Lighting some candles and putting soothing music might also do the trick for you.

Pay attention to the entrance of your homes

One of the first things that you notice when you enter a hotel is its glamorous lobby. It is usually decorated with flowers, orchids or paintings. It also often has a wide arrangement of showpieces and furniture. The same principle applies to your home. You should focus on decorating the entrance to your home along with placing exhibits of your choice at appropriate locations.

So we hope that we gave you some insights on how to make your home feel like a luxury hotel. Through careful planning and attention to detail, it is not difficult to establish the same environment of perfect living that is found at most luxury hotels in your home.


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Women Feel the Sweat of Finding the Perfect Sports Bra

Photo Illustation by The Daily Beast

Is any woman truly satisfied with her sports bra? Waiting outside her SoulCycle class, New Yorker Ariel Tiedemann told The Daily Beast that it’s tough to find one that fits both her chest and ribcage.

“The fit isn’t the same all the way around,” she said. “That makes it difficult to remove a sweaty sports bra. I have to ask people to help me take it off, which is very awkward.”

In divisive times, it seems like women can agree on one thing: Sports bras leave much to be desired. Buying statement heels or a party dress? Cue shopping montage. Need a new sports bra? Take deep breaths and channel your inner contortionist.

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