Fab Find: My Favourite Winter Sneakers

I can’t rave enough about these hi-top sneakers from Converse because they are EXTREMELY comfortable and very warm. They’re leather, so they look more polished than the canvas options. Their white soles and toe boxes are iconic, Modern Retro, and add a crisp and prettier touch to the sneaker. They create a tailored fit on the foot despite the size of your ankles, because you can manipulate the width with the laces.

They look streamlined and hip, and work well with cropped pants and jeans. I’ve also worn them with midi dresses and hosiery. They are sufficiently roomy for wider feet, and will accommodate an orthotic if you go up half a size. They run true to size, and work well with socks and knee-highs.

The best part about these hi-tops is their fleece linings, which are super soft and keep your feet toasty warm. The leather is weatherproof, and the soles are grippy and stable on frozen sidewalks.

I was walking around in below freezing temperatures with ice and snow in Salt Lake City for two weeks last month, and these hi-tops are the bomb. I take them along when I see my Dad in the Netherlands in colder weather, and they’re fabulous in the Seattle rain too. Simply wipe them down to keep them clean, or use Oxi Clean on the soles.

I have three pairs of these Winter hi-tops and I’m not opposed to getting more, because they have become a wardrobe essential. I got the black pair about a year and half ago, loved them and got the off-white pair a few months later. This year I bought the cream pair with a watermelon stripe, which work well with a watermelon Furla and new watermelon specs. All three pairs are workhorses, and the most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe. These are 20,000 step city shoes.

There are more variations in colour and style as seen in this collection. Remember that the hi-tops are leather and have fleece linings, and that’s what makes them special and a cut above regular Converse hi-tops. None of the styles have side zippers for easy access, so you have to tie and untie the laces every time. But the most recent pair I got has a hiking boot hook feature at the ankle, making pulling them on and off a little easier and faster.

My favourite sneakers of all time.

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‘There was no Plan B’: Trump scrambles to find chief of staff after top candidate turns him down

The position has proved to be a particularly thankless task in this White House, and the two people to hold the job have been left with their reputations diminished.


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Freelancers, Remote Workers and Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Find a Mentor

When people ask Kristi Porter for business advice, she first tells them to find a mentor.

Porter is the “chief do-gooder” at Signify, an Atlanta-based business specializing in marketing for nonprofit and for-profit organizations helping specific causes. Over the years leading up to and after the launch of her company in 2016, she sought the guidance of several mentors on how to set up her website and run her own business.

For freelancers, entrepreneurs and people who work independently, she says, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking they have to do everything by themselves. But that’s not the case. Mentors can be a support system offering guidance on overcoming the hurdles preventing your business from improving.

“It’s just great knowing that you’re not doing it alone,” she says. “Having outside perspectives and voices help[s] you get through the good and bad times.”

So having a mentor can be beneficial, but how do you find one if you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur or someone who works from home? To find out, we ask some experts what to do when finding a mentor.

Full-Time Remote Worker? Make Yourself Visible

Not reporting to a central office can make finding a mentor seem impossible. That’s why Brie Reynolds, senior career specialists at FlexJobs, encourages remote workers to be as visible as possible. You can get on your co-workers’ and your boss’s radar by sending weekly job-related updates and setting times to chat about things other than work.

By making time to reach out and get to know your remote co-workers via instant messaging programs, phone or email, you’ll start to build a solid rapport. Those people may develop into potential mentors or point you toward someone who’s a better fit.

“Finding a mentor is ultimately about building a relationship with somebody, so you have to start at a small level,” Reynolds says.

Leverage Your Networks

Kristi Porter works from home in Atlanta, GA, on November 21, 2018.

According to Porter, one of the easiest ways for people to find a mentor is by letting their personal and professional networks know that they’re searching for one.

When the Atlanta-based nonprofit Plywood People introduced its new community manager, Porter seized the opportunity. She asked if the manager knew anyone with expertise in running an online business.

Within a day or two, the manager responded and set up an introduction with someone who she thought might be a great match. The recommended person ended up becoming a mentor to Porter. Over their yearlong mentor-mentee relationship, Porter learned the technical side of setting up an online business.

“Sometimes it’ about being bold and putting the ‘ask’ out there, and letting people know rather than continuing the hunt on your own,” she says.

Attend Professional Networking Events

During her days working as a restaurant sales manager, Beth Lawrence was regularly attending industry and non-industry-specific networking events around Philadelphia.

But after a layoff, she decided to become an entrepreneur and open her own event planning and marketing company, Beth Lawrence LLC. This time she wanted to seek out business groups featuring people going through similar situations.

Now she attends networking events aimed at helping female entrepreneurs and freelancers from different industries. “I just always find that I really learn a lot from people who aren’t necessarily in my same profession,” she says. At these events, she was able to develop new skills and get her business-related questions answered in a group setting.

It was at these networking events she found one of her mentors, an attorney. Despite not being in the same industry or having a similar career path, Lawrence always sought her advice when making major career decisions.

She says if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur considering attending a networking event for the first time, go with a friend. By going with a friend, someone you know or a group member, it’s easier to make casual in-person introductions. “At the end of the day, a warm introduction is way better than a cold email or cold call,” she says.

Consider Creating an Accountability Group

When looking for potential mentors, Reynolds says, you don’t have to stick to the traditional mentor-mentee relationship. Try lateral relationships to start.

“I think sometimes people hear ‘mentor’ and think that it has to be this very formalized relationship, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” she says. “It can really be even just a couple of freelancers who are at the same level helping each other out.”

Porter says accountability partners — or mentor groups — are peers who are in the trenches with you. These are often fellow freelancers or entrepreneurs all working on their personal businesses who are willing to lend you a hand when needed. Her accountability partner’s background is in selling physical products online, but Porter’s is in service-based business.

While working together in person is one way to hold these accountability or mentor groups, Reynolds says there is no specific format when structuring these relationships. They can be done in person or with email chains and instant messaging threads. She says, “It really just depends on what you are all comfortable working on.”

How Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor?

Kristi Porter poses for a portrait against a backdrop of fall leaves.

After all the networking, email exchanges and coffee dates, if you see someone as a potential mentor, all you need to do is ask.  

It doesn’t have to be something incredibly formal. When Porter asked her mentor if she wanted to take the role 10 years ago, it was done via email following a coffee meeting. Porter recalls they both hit it off so well that she decided to be bold and ask.

“I know a lot of people in high-level positions are willing to give back in some capacity and do want to share what they’ve learned,” she says. When Porter’s mentor opened the email, she was flattered. “She thought, ‘Yeah, this is something I can do. I like you and want to see you succeed,’” Porter remembers.

But if a potential mentor isn’t willing to take you under their wing, don’t worry. Porter tells freelancers and entrepreneurs to be patient when searching for the right person.

“It sometimes takes quite a while to find these people, so don’t give up, keep trying,” she says. “Once you find somebody that works with you, it’s a really great partnership and you’ll be so glad that you waited.”

Matt Reinstetle is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. He covers career advice and side gigs. You can follow him on Twitter @MattReinstetle.

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Catelynn and Tyler Find Out They’re Expecting, Decide to Live Separate

Having a baby … and separating. Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell found out they were expecting a new baby on the Monday, November 26 episode of Teen Mom OG – news Us Weekly exclusively broke in September. But even though they were excited about the new addition of their family, that didn’t mean they didn’t still have a long way to go in repairing their relationship.

After spending a weekend at a couple’s retreat in Sedona, Arizona, the duo were hit with the surprising news that Catelynn was pregnant. Although they were busy preparing for their gender reveal, they still wanted to work on their marriage — and that meant that Tyler wanted to spend a month living separately.

“Basically all I want to share with the cameras is that me and you … we’ve been together so long that it’s like ‘who are you as a person by yourself?’” Catelynn said.

She later admitted that the separation was difficult for her, especially since she was pregnant, but that she was hoping it would give them both some room to grow.

The gender reveal party still had to go on, and they found out that they were having a girl. At the party, Tyler told his mom that the pair were living separately but still planned having date nights and dinners together.

“After the month, Cate can come home to a brand new house all nice and fresh,” Tyler said.

Bristol Deals With Her Divorce

Meanwhile, while Tripp was in Alaska with his dad, Bristol Palin took some time to regroup with her friends following her split from Dakota Meyer. She revealed that she felt relieved that their marriage was over and couldn’t see herself ever getting remarried again.

“Just being a single mom — I just felt, like, so judged because I wasn’t married with Tripp, and I wanted it to all be right,” she said.

Bristol MTV

Bristol also got real about how her divorce was affecting her, since she still needed time to process what was going on. Even though she predicted that Dakota wouldn’t make the divorce easy on her, she was still having trouble coping — especially since she said that he convinced her that everyone in her life hated her.

“Things with Dakota have been super stressful, and I thought that everything was gonna be a lot less drama,” she said. “We had the opportunity to sit here and break up and do it the right way. But things have gotten so ugly it’s not good.”

Are Cheyenne and Cory Getting Back Together?

After her breakup with Zach, Cheyenne Floyd headed to Michigan to take Ryder to visit Cory Wharton’s family, even though she was still bummed that her relationship was over. While in Michigan, Cory’s ex Lauren stopped by to meet Ryder and while things could have been awkward, the visit went off without a hitch.

Later, Cory’s friends tried to talk him into getting back together with Cheyenne, even though he said he wasn’t into that idea.

Cheyenne MTV

“Cheyenne was just living with somebody else that I had to get over,” Cory said. “It’s like, ‘Do you want to raise a kid with your best friend or your lover?’ Lover? That’s not us right now.”

When Cheyenne talked to Cory’s female friends, they seemed super into the idea of them getting back together, too. The former flings later had a heart-to-heart about whether or not her relationship with Zach was really over. Plus, she asked Cory if he’d choose her if a girlfriend gave him the same ultimatum that Zach gave her.

“I would pick you. I would easily choose you,” he said.

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Thoughtful Gesture Helps You Find Unique Gifts

Guest Post

Our lovely Inge started her own gift scouting business a year ago. Consider leveraging her considerable sleuthing skills to find special gifts for special people as we approach the gift-giving holiday season.

I’ve always had a knack for finding things, and it’s absolutely what I love doing most. It’s also been an unofficial yet key component throughout my professional career. As a translator and editor there wasn’t a day that went by without my having to research new topics and dig up information to get the job done. And here on YLF I thoroughly enjoy helping our forum members find clothing and accessories that they have a hard time tracking down on their own. 

Starting my own business that would put my sleuthing skills front and centre, had been a dream of mine for years. So that’s why I launched Thoughtful Gesture in November 2017.

What Thoughtful Gesture Does

Thoughtful Gesture

I help individuals and business owners find unique and truly thoughtful gifts. Because getting an amazing present can make us smile from ear to ear. In the same way that giving a fantastic gift feels especially rewarding.

It turns out though that finding the present that does both can be a bit of a struggle for many of us. Most of my clients fall in one of two categories:

  • They don’t have the time to  go searching for the “perfect present” in crowded brick-and-mortar stores or sifting through tons of options online.
  • They feel they aren’t creative enough to find a gift that will wow.

However, one thing they all have in common is that they want to choose thoughtful gifts because they want their family, friends, and business clients to feel loved and appreciated. Being able to give them something that shows “I get you”, does exactly that.

How My Service Works

  • You tell me your budget and fill out a questionnaire to provide more info about the people you are buying gifts for.
  • I go over your info carefully and hand-pick 3 gift options for each person on your list. All the suggestions will be fully personalized.
  • I never use algorithms, nor I am affiliated with any particular store or brand, so I’m entirely free to pick only those items that suit your recipient to a T.
  • Within 5 business days you receive the 3 gift suggestions for your people. The only thing you need to do is decide which of the suggestions you like best and order their spot-on gifts online. It’s that simple.

If you’re struggling to come up with fun, original gift ideas for the holidays, then I’m here to help with my Holiday Hero packages. No going to the mall, no comparing reviews on Amazon, no wasting money on things your family and friends won’t like.

Finally, I’m running a give-away on Instagram this week in which you can win one Holiday Hero package to find gifts for 3 different recipients. Good luck with all your holiday shopping!

Thoughtful Gesture



This is where you can find absolutely the best Burgers in San Francisco


Everyone loves a good burger. They’re so versatile; whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a full on carnivore, there is a burger to suit your needs – and you can ram it with extra ingredients too, from lettuce and tomato to cheese and bacon, sauces and relishes to mustards and mayos. The list is almost endless. San Francisco is home to some great burger joints that will probably leave you a little stuck for choice. That’s where we step in because we’re here to help you out. Here are the 5 best burgers in San Francisco.

Americana Burger – Causwells restaurant

The Americana Burger may as well be renamed the King of Burgers. It is tremendous, practically unbeatable and utterly delicious. With two thick beef patties, the burger is loaded with cheese, lettuce, onions, relish and burger sauce, all crammed into a bun and served with thin cut curly fries, extra salty. While it might not have as many extras crammed in as some other burgers, in the case of the Americana, it’s quality, not quantity. The taste of this burger is incomparable to any other burger, and you’ll want to eat more and more and more of them. The whole thing is enough to send your cholesterol through the roof but is definitely worth it. Definitely.

House-Ground Marty Ranch Hamburger – Zuni Cafe

Zuni Cafe has one of the best burgers in San Francisco on offer; the House-Ground Marty Ranch Hamburger. Picture this; a fat, juicy hamburger, perfectly cooked, squashed into a brioche bun with onions, pickles, burger sauce and layers of cheese. This messy, salty and carb loaded burger is absolutely delicious, as well as versatile. While it’s good with all the extras, it’s just as good with just the meat – you can enjoy it just as much either way.

Hood Burger – Broken Record Bar

As the name might suggest, this burger is a little out of most people’s depths, not to mention hugely underrated because of this. The Hood Burger is for those who dare enjoy it. A juicy patty that isn’t a beef burger and isn’t a hamburger – instead, it’s a hybrid, a mixture of sausage meat and beef, molded into the perfect patty and then topped with rashers of bacon, a fried egg, and some onion before being loaded up inside of a lightly toasted bun. Doesn’t that sound like the most heavenly thing you’ll ever eat?

Mission Burger – Mission Bowling Club

The Mission Burger is aptly named because it really is a mission trying to work your way through it! Thick, chunky patties made up of a mixture of ribs, ground down and mixed in with beef to make the most satisfying burger you could think of, coated with layers of melted cheese slices. It sounds simple but it’s so filling, so bulky and so mouthwatering that you’ll struggle to eat this completely… you need to hold it with both hands. In fact, it might even be a knife and fork job!

The Tipsy Burger – The Tipsy Pig Restaurant

The Tipsy Burger is just as exciting as the name suggests, although we can’t guarantee that it will get you drunk. There are a couple of ways to customize the Tipsy Burger, but the best way to have it is covered in smoked cheddar, as opposed to normal cheddar, and served up with pretzel bites instead of chips, with a pilsner dip. Delicious. If you’re brave enough, put some of the pretzel bites and the dip inside of the burger. The fusion of flavors will cause an explosion in your mouth, and you’ll love every moment.


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Thanksgiving dinner: How to find common ground on divisive issues

It looks like it’s going to be a perfect Thanksgiving. The sides are plentiful, and the turkey is juicy.

CNN.com – RSS Channel – Politics


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Find Your Courage in First ‘Dumbo’ Trailer; Here’s Everything We Know

Find Your Courage in First 'Dumbo' Trailer; Here's Everything We Know

Disney's new, live-action Dumbo draws upon an animated film that was released during troubling times. Yet the original's simplicity and warmth attracted audiences in large numbers, and it subsequently has been recognized as a family classic. 

Now the first trailer for the new version has been released, presenting events initially from the perspective of two children at a circus before soaring outward. It, too, looks like a film with a positive spirit and an encouraging…

Read More

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Asia Bibi, Christian Woman Acquitted of Blasphemy in Pakistan, May Find Refuge in Anti-Mafia Safehouse in Italy

Asia Bibi was desperately thirsty when she took a cup of water from an open well while working as a laborer in a fruit tree grove in rural Pakistan in 2009. The illiterate mother of five was one of only a few Christians working in a predominately Muslim labor force who were frequently subjected to discrimination for their beliefs. When Bibi dipped her cup back into the well for another drink of water, the Muslim workers chastised her for contaminating the water meant for Muslims only, according to her memoir Blasphemy: Sentenced To Death Over A Cup of Water as told to French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet who co-authored the book. An argument ensued and someone cried “blasphemy,” accusing Bibi of “defiling the name of the Prophet Mohammed.”

She was beaten, arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. Nine years later, after global outrage and pleas for her release from presidents, prime ministers and popes, a Pakistani court acquitted her of the crime, citing lack of evidence that she actually said anything about the prophet. The court quoted Shakespeare’s King Lear in its belief that Bibi had “been more sinned against than sinning.”

But Bibi has not yet been set free out of fear for her safety and continued protests by Pakistan’s Tehreek-e Labbaik Islamist movement, which has called for Pakistan’s supreme court to review the acquittal. Days of rage and death threats ensued in Islamabad and Lahore, sending Bibi’s husband and children into hiding. Even her lawyer Saiful Mulook fled the country to escape death threats. He is now in the Netherlands pending an asylum request in that country.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Ricki Lake wants to find love again

OHMYGOSSIP — Ricki Lake is “hoping to find love again”.
The 50-year-old actress and television personality tragically lost her ex-husband Christian Evans – who she divorced from back in 2015 but they remained in a relationship – last year and she admits she is on the look out for “true, unconditional love” again but isn’t sure if it will happen.
She said: “I found true love with my husband who passed so I’m hoping to find love again. I don’t think I will. I’m open to it, but I think what I had – I was so lucky to have found that, it’s what everybody wants in life. I had true, unconditional love so I’d like to have something along those lines again. But I feel like lightning doesn’t strike twice. I had the real deal; I just didn’t have it as long as I wanted it.”
And Ricki feels she really “understood” Christian, who sadly took his own life after battling with mental health for a number of years.
She added to PeopleTV’s Chatter: “He had a lot of self-esteem issues and a lot of demons. But I understood him, and he was someone that I think a lot of people misunderstood.”
Meanwhile, Ricki previously spoke of her “heavy heart” following the news of his passing.
She wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that I share that my beloved soulmate, Christian Evans has passed. The world didn’t understand this man, but I did. He succumbed to his life long struggle with bipolar disorder. For anyone who has ever lost a family member or friend to mental illness, my heart goes out to you. I am a greater person for having known him and spent the past 6 and a half years of my life with him. He was a man of love and what mends my broken heart today is knowing that he is finally at peace and his spirit is free. Rest in peace, my love (sic)”

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How To Find The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

Learn how you can choose the best colors for your skin tone no matter if you have a lighter, a medium, or a darker skin tone.

Alan Flusser at His Office

Alan Flusser at His Office

Wear Colors You Truly Like No Matter Your Skin Tone

I’m a firm believer in the concept of wearing colors you truly like because if there’s a favorite color you have and you wear it, you wear it with confidence and it shows. Now that being said, you probably noticed that some colors look more pleasing to others than when you wear them, however, most men don’t know why it’s that way and how they can change it.

Even if you have a favorite color that naturally is not suited to your skin tone, you can still wear it, you may just have to move it to a different location in your outfit. Alan Flusser, one of the best-selling menswear authors of all time reminds us that the goal of color is to make a person look to your face and not to distract from it.

Apparel arts magazine

Apparel arts magazine

By the way, a classic jacket, the shirt collar, as well as the tie create triangles that are supposed to emphasize your face but more about those things in a different article. During the heydays of classic men’s clothing in the 1930’s in the US, men’s magazines and trade magazines such as Esquire or Apparel Arts would actually have little tables with colors and patterns as well as skin tones for men so they could easily figure out what would work for them and what would flatter them. Of course, these stories also helped introduce new colors for the season and to simply expand the range of colors men would be comfortable wearing.

Finding your skin tone

Finding your skin tone

What Exactly Is Skin Tone?

To put it simply, skin tone is the natural color of your skin. Now that sounds very obvious, however, the color can change constantly depending whether it is the winter or the summer. Now the term skin tone also refers to the undertone of your skin, not just the skin color. Often, they’re used interchangeably but they’re slightly different.

Basically, there are two ways to think about skin tone and dressing. One is the lightness and darkness of your skin, the other one is the undertone. So whether your skin is light, medium, or dark color, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Personally, I’m more in the medium spectrum because my mom is from Germany, she’s from the lighter spectrum and my dad is from Brazil and he’s on a darker, medium spectrum.

Warm, neutral, and cool, undertone

Warm, neutral, and cool, undertone

Finding Your Undertone Is Equally Important

It’s a little more difficult to determine your undertone; basically, there are three skin undertones.

  • Warm Undertone. Warm means there is a greenish-yellowish or peachy undertone.
  • Cool Undertone. Cool means your skin has a bluish undertone.
  • Neutral Undertone. Neutral undertone means you can’t really discern if there’s a greenish, bluish, golden, or yellowish undertone and there’s simply nothing present that you can make out, that’s okay, it exists, it’s simply a neutral skin undertone.

Now, determining your skin undertone is not hard science but there are different ways to determine that. First of all, look at your wrist area. If you look closely, you can see that I have a greenish and yellowish undertone. Just look at the veins, there’s blue, there’s green, there’s yellow which means I’m a warm undertone.

Paper test to determine your skin undertone

Paper test to determine your skin undertone

Now if that test doesn’t help you, you can just take a white piece of paper, hold it next to your face, and take a look in the mirror. Just quickly look at it and observe what color you see at a glance. Is it yellow? Is it green? Is it blue? Is it none of the above? The important thing is you have to do it with a mirror outside in daylight or with lamps that are adjusted for daylight in a color temperature because traditionally, most interior lamps are warmer and fall in a yellow spectrum so even though you might be a cooler tone, in a mirror you will look like you’re a warm tone and that would be wrong and lead to the wrong outfit combinations.

Last but not the least, you could also look at your skin type and the history you have with sunburn. If you’re out in the sun without sunscreen, do you get burned very easily or very slowly? If your skin is prone to burning and it doesn’t tan, you’re a cool undertone. On the other hand, if you don’t need sunscreen and you tan very easily, you’re definitely a warm undertone. Naturally, it’s best to always wear sunscreen no matter if you’re a cool or a warm skin type simply because you want to avoid skin cancer. Again, the best way to do that is under natural daylight because the interior light from bulbs in the house can change the results and how they’re perceived.

How Do You Find The Best Colors That Work For You?

So by now, you should have determined your skin undertone. Now that you have that, how do we actually find the best color for it? Basically, it again comes down to two things. So first let’s talk about the colors for different skin undertones.

Charcoal brown is an acceptable color

Charcoal brown is an acceptable color for warm undertones

Warm Skin Undertone

If you’re a warm skin undertone just like I am, you can really wear earth colors very well and it will always look good on you. By that, I mean the colors of brown, green, warm red, mustard yellow, and anything that is quite warm and natural. Likewise, neutrals like beige and cream that are softer will really work for you.

In terms of the metal color, gold is the way to go. Gold is always flattering but I still wear silver and platinum jewelry simply because I like it and for different outfits, it works better in my opinion.

So don’t let those colors that work well for you dictate what you wear and not wear but much rather look at them in a way that they help you bring out the best in you and the way you look. Instead, try to incorporate those colors more into your outfit whether it’s in your accessories, or in your jackets, maybe in your shirt, or in your shoes, and that way, you’ll just achieve an overall better result.

Cool Skin Undertone

If you have a cool undertone, look at shades of blue, purple, and green, they will work really well for you especially if you choose pastels. So think about a pastel blue, pastel green, maybe pastel pink, or pastel lavender, those are really great colors. In terms of metals, silver or platinum would likely work better for you and so when in doubt, go with that metal color.

Neutral Skin Undertone

Now, if you’re neither a warm nor a cool skin tone, you get the best of both worlds meaning you can wear basically all the colors and it will still work for you, isn’t that great? Now does it mean you can wear anything? No, because you also have to consider the contrast levels.

Universally Flattering Colors

No matter what skin type you are, there are three colors that are considered to be universally flattering. They include eggplant which is kind of really dark purple, a true red which is not burgundy but lighter and brighter, as well as green. Now, in classic menswear showing up in a teal suit with red shoes and an eggplant tie will really not be your best choice and instead, it pays to use those colors and incorporate them into your accessories.

First up, think about socks. You can have red socks or you can have teal socks with a purple stripe that almost looks like eggplant or you can have red and blue tones or red and brown that comes out like an eggplant color and those are really good ways to incorporate those colors, make your outfit unique yet flattering.

The left image of Sven Raphael Schneider looks way better than the right which looks washed out

The left image of Sven Raphael Schneider looks way better than the right which looks washed out

Washed Out Colors

Now when it comes to colors, you may have heard of the concept of washed out colors. Just think about a washed pair of denim that used to be really dark blue but you’ve washed it so much that now it’s just a faint blue color and it just doesn’t look new anymore and you don’t want to wear it. The same concept can be transitioned to humans and your face.

The idea is that if you have the wrong colors next to your face, it makes your skin colors look washed out in a negative way. If I wear a light blue shirt with a light gray jacket, my skin tone looks very different than if I wear a cream or off-white shirt with a dark brown jacket.

Contrast Is Key

Do not wear a black jacket with a white shirt if you have a light skin tone

Do not wear a black jacket with a white shirt if you have a light skin tone

As I mentioned before, apart from color, it’s also important to look at the contrast. For most people, it pays not to go extreme with the contrast but it’s important to maintain some element of it. What I mean by that, for example, if you have a lighter skin tone, it pays to go with a lower contrast. Don’t wear a black jacket with a white shirt because that’s just too strong. Instead, maybe go with a light blue shirt and a medium gray suit that will flatter your skin tone much more.

For medium skin tone, you want to also avoid high contrasts

For medium skin tone, you want to also avoid high contrasts

Now if you’re a medium skin tone just like I am, you still want to avoid these really high contrast outfits of black and white or navy and white. A navy and a lighter shade of white can work for you. On the other hand, you also don’t want to go with pastel tones that are too close to your skin tone because not enough contrast is not flattering either.

Apart from that, you can play a lot with contrast. I can, for example, wear a white shirt with maybe a charcoal suit or a gray flannel suit that will still look good at the same time, I can wear a light blue shirt with it and it’s less of a contrast but it still works for me.

Washed out look - Not a flattering look for darker skin tones

Washed out look – Not a flattering look for darker skin tones

Overall, if you have darker skin tones, you can really wear high contrast outfits. Navy suits, white shirts, that’s something that really works for you but definitely avoid pairing a light blue shirt with a light gray suit because it makes you look washed out.

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman's Gazette

Tanner Guzy from Masculine Style and Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman’s Gazette

Tips For Selecting Clothes Perfect For Your Skin Tone

  1. Identify Color Ranges That Work For You Again, you don’t have to just choose colors from that spectrum but it pays to look at those colors that work for you and then maybe choose variations of it. For example, if green is one of those colors, you can think of paler greens maybe for shirts, maybe for socks, maybe you can incorporate darker greens into your tie and to your pocket square.
  2. When putting together an outfit, color choices are most impactful with the colors that are closest to your face and your skin. So that means a shirt, tie, and jacket. Obviously, it can be tough if white and stark contrasts don’t work for you yet in a business wardrobe, white is really the number-one requirement. In those cases, you can still wear white shirts. Just make sure you wear them with a necktie that covers up part of the shirt and maybe go with a jacket that has a higher button stance or maybe a double-breasted jacket that covers more of the shirt front so you see less of it and therefore, it works in your favor.
  3. If you’re into hats, they’re also right next to your face so make sure you get the colors right. For example with my skin tone, a brown hat or a navy hat will look better than a      black hat or a gray hat. That being said, if the occasion calls for it, I still wear a black hat or a gray hat because it may work well with my suit and you can play with it and use it as a guideline, not as an absolute.
  4. If you want to wear colors that fall outside of your color spectrum, try to keep them away from your face and you can go with your pants, maybe your cufflinks, your socks, your pocket square. Personally, for example, I would not wear a khaki jacket because it would not be contrasting enough with my skin tone so I wear khaki slacks all the time but never as a jacket or suit.
  5. Finally to conclude, keep in mind that you can still wear the colors that you like. Don’t let skin tones and undertones dictate the only colors you wear and keep in mind that contrast is always key.

What colors do you think are perfect for your skin tone? Drop a comment below!

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Dodgers need to find that old magic and quick

LOS ANGELES — On the 30th anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s miraculous home run, the Dodgers could find no magic and not one single clutch hit. The hard reality is that if not for Justin Turner’s two-run, eighth-inning home run in Game 2 the Dodgers would be looking at the possibility being swept by the Brewers….
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This New Tool Can Help Parents Find the Best Sport for Their Kids

Kids these days: they have so many options when it comes to sports. There are organized travel teams, it seems, for every game: soccer, lacrosse, hoops, the works. While a child’s decision about which sport to play might not be as formative as, say, picking a college, it can sure feel that way. And potentially cost as much: fees and travel expenses for some club teams skyrocket to $ 10,000 per year and beyond.

In trying to navigate today’s youth sports scene, any guidance helps. That’s why a new tool released Thursday by the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program, called the Healthy Sport Index, couldn’t be more timely. The handy website allows families to weigh three factors in deciding what sport makes the most sense: safety, physical activity, and the sport’s psychosocial benefits. The index then provides a customized ranking of ten sports, based on where a child lands on a sliding scale of “low emphasis” to “high emphasis” for each of the three factors.

So say, for example, your son wants to put maximum emphasis on psychosocial benefits: he wants a sport that will help him develop social skills, cognitive skills, and otherwise enhance his mental health. He cares about a sport’s safety, but is willing to take some injury risk; so here, he falls in the middle of the scale. But he’s ambivalent about physical activity: your son doesn’t care how much energy he expends in practice. He gives it the lowest possible emphasis on the Heathy Sport Index scale. Based on this mix, the Healthy Sport Index puts swimming on top, while lacrosse comes in tenth.

Meanwhile, your daredevil daughter can care less about getting hurt, but places the highest possible emphasis on working out hard while playing her sport and developing useful life skills, like setting goals. Healthy Sport Index says: sign her up for tennis! (Cheerleading falls to the bottom here. The ten girls’ sports ranked by the Healthy Sport Index are basketball, cheerleading, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. For the boys it’s baseball, basketball, cross country, football, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, and wrestling.)

The Aspen Institute, in consultation with medical experts, compiled data for the index from a variety of sources. The National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study, produced by the Colorado School of Public Health, provided injury rates for various sports. For the psychosocial component, the Aspen Institute surveyed almost 1,300 high school athletes from across the country, and asked students whether their sport helped them improve in areas like sharing responsibility and patience. Researchers from North Carolina State University observed almost 700 hours of varsity practices to document the physical activity levels of each high school sport. The architects of the index were keen to account for the positive benefits of different sports, to counterbalance the downside risks.

“We talk a lot about injuries in youth sports, for good reason,” says Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, director of sports medicine research at Emory University. “But it’s important to look at all aspects of the athletic experience. If you just focus on one, you’re missing the boat.”

For example, football, which has witnessed participation declines due to well-founded worries about head injuries, ranks second among boys’ sports for psychosocial benefits. (Soccer comes in first.) High school football players reported more improvements in social skills and cognitive skills than athletes in any of the nine other sports. The Aspen Institute’s research was less encouraging for, say, boy’s lacrosse, which ranked ninth in safety, ahead of just football, and tenth in psychosocial benefits. Lacrosse players were most likely to cut class, binge drink, use marijuana and smoke cigarettes. In girls’ sports, basketball provided the most psychosocial upside, whereas cheerleading ranked tenth on both the psychosocial and physical activity scales.

Not that cheerleading or lacrosse or any other sport are at all detrimental, say the creators of the Healthy Sport Index. Every activity can have a positive impact on a kid’s life. “It’s better to be playing a sport,” says Jon Solomon, editorial director for the Aspen’s Sports & Society Program, “than to be sitting on the couch all day doing nothing.”

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How Do You Find New Beauty Products?

how do you find new beauty productsSo here’s a fun question for today: how do you find new beauty products and decide which to buy? If you’re looking for a new mascara, for example, do you wade through tons of online reviews? Ask your makeup-wearing friends about their favorites? Pick up a mascara while you’re at the drugstore because you’ve heard good things about it? While we’ve previously talked about overrated beauty products, beauty empties (the products you finish and then buy again), and the best beauty store tips and tricks, we haven’t specifically talked about this before.how do you find new beauty products to buy

Here are some online resources to help you when you’re trying to find new beauty products:

Reviews on Ulta or SephoraThe most popular products on these sites have hundreds or even thousands of reviews, while others have zero. Customers occasionally include images, but I usually don’t find them helpful because people are often wearing multiple products and I can’t see the particular effect of the one I’m interested in. They also seem to frequently use filters or otherwise edit their images, which doesn’t help either. The two companies’ reviews offer various “extras”; Sephora tells you the number of “Loves” for each item and gives the option to highlight reviews from your “Beauty Matches” (those who share your eye color, hair color, skin tone, and skin type), while Ulta shows the most commonly stated pros and cons (e.g., “blends easily” or “creases”), ranks the best uses (everyday, work, etc.), and categorizes the styles of the reviewers themselves (trendy, natural, or classic).

Amazon reviews: I hesitate to buy beauty items at Amazon now because of the reports of counterfeit products (although it definitely isn’t the only site facing this issue) as well as the number of fake reviews, which seems to be growing. To determine the authenticity of reviews for a certain product, try Fakespot, which we recently recommended. (One of my favorite podcasts, Reply All, recently did an episode to answer “Why does it seem like Amazon has suddenly gotten a lot sketchier?”) Still, it often has the highest number of reviews — on everything from high-end to drugstore — so I check it even when I’m planning to buy from another site.

MakeupAlley: In “internet time,” MakeupAlley, which offers product reviews and discussion boards has been around for quite a while — since 1999. It currently claims to have 2,742,851 reviews of 170,436 products. I have rarely used the site myself, but a few years ago, Racked (R.I.P.) did a piece on the site, which it called “the most secretive community of beauty obsessives.”

Reviews on a brand’s website: I don’t know if my instincts are correct here — let me know your thoughts — but I tend to give less weight to reviews I read on a beauty brand’s own site than the ones at general beauty retailers like Sephora. I do this because specific-brand reviewers are an even more self-selected group than those who use sites like Sephora (or especially Amazon). I may be overanalyzing here — but unfortunately there’s no Fakespot tool for, say, Clinique.com.

r/MakeupAddiction (Reddit): I haven’t spent a lot of time in this subreddit (definitely less than I’ve spent in, um, r/catpranks), but along the lines of r/ABraThatFits, which we mentioned in our recent post on how to buy a bra, I’ve heard that it can be very helpful. It seems like a good place to find honest, unbiased, unfiltered opinions on beauty products. You don’t have to sign up for a Reddit account to browse r/MakeupAddiction, but you do need one to post. Be sure to read the guidelines for successful posts and the Newbie Guide. Also check out r/Skincare Addiction — and just for fun, r/UnconventionalMakeup.

YouTube video reviews/tutorials: You probably know that there are many, many beauty videos on YouTube, including reviews, tutorials, and hauls. (If you are better about limiting your internet time than I am, you may not know that “Beauty YouTube” is a thriving subculture that even has its own scandals. Again, see Reply All.) Watching YouTube videos is a great way to see the products that you’re considering in action — depending on the lighting quality and the YouTuber’s camera skills, knowledge/technique, and ability to get to the point. I recommend checking out videos by British makeup artist Wayne Goss, for one. Readers, do tell: Which beauty YouTubers do you watch?

(Kat’s quick add: I find new beauty products by subscribing to different subscription services (here’s my review of Play! by Sephora vs Ipsy vs. Birchbox) and if I’ve been drawn to a new lipstick, eyeliner or lipstick for some various reason (read about it somewhere, liked the packaging or online copy, or saw a good sale) I love Googling “product name + swatches” and reviewing all the different swatches. There is something very zen about swatches!)

How do you decide which new beauty products to buy? Which of the above resources have you used? Which sites’ online reviews do you trust? (Or do you skip reviews entirely?) Do you prefer to try before you buy, either with free samples or in-store testers? Which beauty purchases have you later regretted, whether they were impulse buys or researched?



Help These Adorable Hurricane Florence Puppies Find Their New Homes

Could one of these pups be your new furever friend? Meet Janet, Jack and Chrissy, three adorable and playful puppies rescued from Hurricane Florence. All three of the four-legged friends are 13-week-old hound mixes rescued from the Carolinas by the North Shore Animal League America.

hurricane florence puppies
A dog stands in floodwaters from the Waccamaw River caused by Hurricane Florence Sean Rayford/Getty Images

These canines weathered the storm and have been given a second chance at love, so watch the video above and consider opening your heart — and home — to one of these little bundles of joy. (However, don’t fall too hard for Chrissy as she’s already found her dog mom thanks to Us Weekly editor Kelly Marages!)

hurricane florence puppies
Dog rescued after Hurricane Florence Joe Raedle/Getty Images

To find out how you can get involved, adopt a new best friend, or to support hurricane relief efforts, visit animalleague.org for more information.

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Democrats Eager to Find Candidate to Challenge Susan Collins in Maine

Alex Wong/Getty

Moments after Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) announced her decision Friday to vote in favor of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, the race to challenge her in 2020 began.

No Democrat declaratively said that they would take on Collins, who has served since 1997, but a host of names were almost immediately on the lips of operatives in the state and nationally, now eager to find a serious challenger in a state where partisan alignments vary wildly from district to district.

Sara Gideon, the current speaker of Maine’s House of Representatives, intimated in a Facebook statement that she will consider taking on Collins.

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Athletics find fan doused by beer, to send him care package

The 7-2 loss Oakland suffered in the AL wild-card game against the Yankees might sting for some time, but for one Athletics fan, the stink will soon go away. After loyal Oakland fan John Spencer was caught on video being doused with beer and pelted with a cup at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night, the A’s wanted to make it right by sending him a care package "that doesn’t smell like beer." Despite the intentions of the Yankees fan, Spencer kept his cool and took it in stride. But the A’s didn’t know who the fan was or how to find him, so they did what you do these days — they started a manhunt Thursday on Twitter. Less than an hour later, they had found their man — Spencer, an Oakland native and current New York resident who was wearing an Eric Chavez jersey at the game. Spencer, who had tweeted Thursday that he had "met plenty of awesome yankee fans too," will be getting new A’s gear from the team,…
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More Men Are Wearing Stilettos—if They Can Find Their Size

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Shaobo Han put on his first pair of heels at age 11. The pair wasn’t Han’s, exactly—he’d stolen them from his mother, to practice “prancing around the house when no one was around.” Han thought that boys weren’t supposed to wear heels, so he made sure to play with them in private.

“I have other male-presenting friends who have the same memory of trying on their mother’s clothes,” Han told The Daily Beast. “It’s fascinating that a collective memory exists. Even though nobody taught us how to wear heels, we all tried on our own.”

Years later, Han went to Forever21 to buy his first real pair of heels for $ 40. “I was lucky that my shoe size is a men’s eight, which is a women’s 10,” said Han. “Other people aren’t as fortunate. If they have larger feet than mine, it’s almost impossible to find something that fits.”

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