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The publisher of the Queens Courier, Schneps Communications, is expanding its footprint across all five boroughs by buying a chain of weeklies across Manhattan, Brooklyn and The Bronx from husband-and-wife team of Les and Jennifer Goodstein. The deal closed Friday and puts Downtown Express, The Villager, Gay City News, Chelsea Now, the Brooklyn Paper, the…
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Five Things We Learned From Daniel Radcliffe and the Cast of THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT

Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale are getting ready to bring The Lifespan of a Fact to the Broadway stage. BroadwayWorld chatted with the cast recently about the upcoming production. Here are a few things we learned
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Where Brett Kavanaugh Stands on Five Major Feminist Issues

This post is modified from a letter submitted by the Feminist Majority Foundation to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary leadership. You can read the original letter here.

Nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court must meet the highest standards of character and integrity. The decisions made by the Court impact almost every aspect of our daily lives, and the public must be secure in knowing that the nominee is willing to protect the rights of all people, not just the powerful, and uphold the rule of law.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh does not meet these requirements.

Protestors at a #WeObject rally against Trump’s Supreme Court nominees. (NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Kavanaugh has been nominated to a lifetime appointment on our nation’s highest court, yet neither the Senate Judiciary Committee nor the public has had access to the full record of his time as White House staff secretary to President George W. Bush. But what we do know of Kavanaugh’s record shows that he is hostile to reproductive rights and the Affordable Care Act—and has a pattern of putting the concerns of corporations, the wealthy and the powerful over the interests of everyday people, with damaging consequences for women, workers, people of color and other vulnerable communities.

This nomination comes at a critical time for our democracy. Our President is the subject of a special investigation into foreign interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. At least five people associated with President Trump have been found guilty of, or have pled guilty to, various federal crimes, including former national security advisor Michael Flynn, former Trump policy advisor George Papadopoulos, former deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and, most recently, the President’s former attorney Michael Cohen. In addition, several current and former members of the Trump Administration have been under scrutiny for behavior the average American would consider inappropriate, including misuse of taxpayer money, alleged swindling of business associates, domestic violence and sexual harassment and misconduct.

The Supreme Court has the ability to shape our rights, our laws and our democracy for generations to come; we therefore need a justice who will uphold the rule of law, for everyone, and has demonstrated the willingness and ability to be an independent check on presidential power. Now more than ever, the public needs a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the Constitution and protect the rights of all people.

Brett Kavanaugh is not that judge. Below, we explore just five ways his confirmation would impact women’s lives—and endanger their equality.

Access to Abortion and Birth Control

The right to access a full range of reproductive healthcare services, including abortion and birth control, is central to the lives of millions of women in the United States. The availability of affordable modern contraception has contributed to tremendous gains in women’s educational and economic advancement in the U.S. and has had positive impacts on both infant and maternal health. Birth control has allowed women to participate more fully in the social and economic life of the nation and has given women the ability to more freely determine their destinies by allowing them greater control over whether and when to have a child; access to safe, legal abortion has given women greater ability to make personal life and health decisions that are best for them—and often, their existing families.

Before the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, which decriminalized abortion throughout the country, illegal abortions were common. According to the Guttmacher Institute, in the 1950s and 1960s, estimates of the number of illegal abortions were as high as 1.2 million per year.

Although not all illegal abortions ended in death, the number of deaths from illegal abortion was high. In 1965, for example, illegal abortion accounted for 17 percent of all deaths attributed to pregnancy and childbirth that year. That number, however, only includes those deaths that were officially reported as related to abortion; the real number is likely higher. Women forced to receive care clandestinely also suffered serious health consequences, and hospital admissions for incomplete abortion or infection were also quite common. Women for whom pregnancy is a life-threatening health condition are also at grave risk when legal abortion is unavailable or restricted. Since Roe, however, the number of maternal deaths in the U.S. has plummeted.

Despite the right to abortion, access to abortion is still severely restricted for many people, and abortion rights are under constant threat in this country, putting women’s lives, their economic security and their health at risk. Poor women and women of color, for whom access to health care is already limited because of structural and other barriers, are disproportionately impacted by lack of abortion access.

In this climate, President Trump has consistently indicated that he would only nominate a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe. Kavanaugh’s record both on and off the bench clearly demonstrates that he could be the justice to do it. Just last year, Kavanaugh gave a speech at the American Enterprise Institute in which he strongly implied that Roe should be overturned. During the speech, Kavanaugh, while praising former Chief Justice William Rehnquist for “stemming the general tide of free-wheeling judicial creation of unenumerated rights that were not rooted in the nation’s history and tradition,” noted that the former Chief Justice had been unsuccessful in curtailing these rights in Roe. Other unenumerated rights, of course, include the right to use birth control and the right to marriage equality.

In his only case addressing abortion rights, Garza v. Hargan, Kavanaugh twice tried to block a young immigrant woman in Texas from obtaining an abortion. Although the full D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals eventually allowed Jane Doe to have the abortion, Kavanaugh would have continued to delay the procedure, threatening to push Jane Doe pass the 20-week limit on abortion in Texas. In his dissent, Kavanaugh claimed that the court had created a right “to obtain immediate abortion on demand,” ignoring that Jane Doe had to jump through numerous hoops to access abortion—including a judicial order allowing her to consent to the abortion on her own—and that the government had unnecessarily delayed the procedure for weeks.

As a judge on the Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh is bound by Roe, even though he tried to undermine its promise. If he is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, Kavanaugh would not be bound; he could provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe. But even if he did not overturn Roe outright, his record of hostility to abortion rights in Garza is a dark sign. Kavanaugh could rubber stamp so many abortion restrictions that Roe and the right to abortion would become meaningless.

If Roe were overturned, the right to privacy and personal liberty would be severely jeopardized, including the right to birth control. In particular, Griswold v. Connecticut and Eisenstadt v. Baird—two landmark Supreme Court cases that made birth control legal and accessible nationwide through the right to privacy—would be at stake, and Kavanaugh’s record is hostile to birth control access. In Priests for Life v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kavanaugh argued in dissent that an employer’s religious beliefs should override an individual’s right to access birth control, a position that would allow rampant discrimination against women.

The Affordable Care Act and Access to Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has allowed millions of people to gain access to health insurance coverage, making critically-needed healthcare services more available and ensuring coverage for certain care. The ACA requires that insurers provide essential health benefits, including maternity and newborn care, mental health treatment, prescription drug coverage, preventive services, chronic disease management, pediatric care and more. It has also ensured that people with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable coverage and provides protections against discrimination in healthcare on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

The ACA has been particularly beneficial for women. After passage of the ACA, uninsured rates for women of color, who face numerous healthcare disparities, dropped dramatically. The ACA also prohibits charging women more for the same health plans as men and has stopped insurance companies from treating women as pre-existing conditions, ending the practice of charging women more or denying coverage for prior pregnancies, Cesarean sections, or domestic or sexual violence.

Despite these benefits to everyday people, the ACA has been under constant attack. During his election campaign, President Trump promised that he would repeal the ACA and criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for not striking down the law. In a 2015 tweet, Trump wrote: “If I win the presidency, my judicial appointments will do the right thing unlike Bush’s appointee John Roberts on ObamaCare.”

As a federal appeals court judge, Kavanaugh has twice dissented in decisions upholding the ACA. These decisions suggest that if he were confirmed, Kavanaugh would repeal or otherwise undermine the ACA, putting the health of millions of people at risk. One of Kavanaugh’s former law clerks even wrote that Kavanaugh had provided a “roadmap” to the Supreme Court on finding the ACA unconstitutional.

Right now, a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ACA and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions is making its way through the federal courts. The next Supreme Court justice may be the deciding vote on whether millions of people, including those with pre-existing conditions, continue to receive coverage and care.

Overturning the ACA would be disastrous for women’s health, leave the LGBTQ community vulnerable to healthcare discrimination and jeopardize treatment coverage for transgender individuals, people suffering from substance use disorder, as well as people living with HIV and other serious health conditions. Insurers could, once again, impose annual and lifetime caps on coverage, and healthcare would be out of reach for many, including those most in need of care.

Civil Rights and Equitable Workplaces

The Supreme Court plays an essential role in helping to ensure fairness in the workplace—something that is critically important for women, people of color, people with disabilities and LGBTQ individuals, all of whom have been historically marginalized in the public sphere. Kavanaugh’s record, however, reflects hostility toward both workers’ rights and basic civil rights.

Kavanaugh has repeatedly ruled against employees asserting claims of racial discrimination and has tried to make it more difficult for employees to have their cases heard in court. In one case, he would have blocked an African-American women fired from her job from having her day in court; in another, he would have prevented a black Muslim FBI agent of Jamaican descent from pursuing a retaliation claim. Although Kavanaugh has, on occasion, recognized the availability of racial discrimination claims—including in a concurring opinion in which Kavanaugh noted that a single incident of a supervisor calling an employee “the n-word” could create a hostile environment—his record suggests that he has adopted a narrow view of what constitutes racial discrimination that does not reflect the reality of people’s lives.

In a 1999 interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Kavanaugh remarked: “I see as an inevitable conclusion within the next 10 to 20 years when the court says we are all one race in the eyes of government.” The adoption of colorblindness theory, however, only hides the ways in which racism manifests in our institutions, systems and structures. Far from creating a more just society, colorblindness theory erases the experiences of people of color and prevents implementation of the remedial measures that would affirm the dignity, worth and constitutional and civil rights of all people. Such a perspective also suggests an inability to appreciate how racial discrimination intersects with sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Gun Violence

Gun violence is a deeply feminist issue, and a uniquely American crisis. According to a 2016 research study, about 4.5 million women in the U.S. have had an intimate partner threaten them with a gun and nearly 1 million have been shot, or shot at, by an intimate partner. Around 50 women per month in the U.S. are shot to death by an intimate partner, and domestic violence victims are five times more likely to be killed when their partners have a firearm. Women of color are at particular risk. Black women, for example, are twice as likely to be fatally shot by an intimate partner as white women. Overall, women in the U.S. are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a firearm than women in any of our peer nations.

Mass shootings are also often linked to violence against women. In at least 54 percent of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016, the shooters killed intimate partners or other family members. Reporting also shows a large number of mass shooters with a history of violence against women or girls, including the Virginia Tech shooter, the Isla Vista shooter and the Pulse Nightclub shooter.

Kavanaugh’s record suggests an extreme view of the Second Amendment that would block common-sense gun laws designed to keep people safe. In the 2011 case District of Columbia v. Heller, a panel of three judges ruled 2-1 that a D.C. ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines was constitutional. Kavanaugh dissented, reasoning that there was “no meaningful or persuasive constitutional distinction” between assault weapons and handguns, the latter of which were found to be constitutionally protected in a 2008 Supreme Court case brought by the same plaintiff.

It is deeply concerning that Kavanaugh does not appreciate a distinction between assault weapons and handguns—especially given that in the 2008 Heller case, the Supreme Court cautioned that even though it had overturned D.C.’s handgun ban, the Second Amendment “is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

Sexual Harassment and Assault

The growing #MeToo movement in the U.S. has forced the country, once again, to reckon with our nation’s high rates of sexual harassment and assault. Though research on the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace is scarce, a recent online survey found that 81 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime. Of that number, 77 percent had experienced verbal harassment, 51 percent had experienced unwelcome sexual touching and 27 percent had experienced a sexual assault. Looking specifically at workers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) determined that as many as 85 percent of women have been harassed at work.

Workplace sexual harassment can have multiple, cascading effects on women’s economic advancement and also causes emotional and psychological distress. Most people do not report sexual harassment at work. Reviewing the available data, the EEOC determined that between 87 to 94 percent of individuals do not file a formal complaint. These percentages may reflect the high levels of retaliation against those who do report. Up to 75 percent of employees who report sexual harassment face workplace retaliation, and many workers report that their claims were trivialized or that they faced hostility after speaking up.

The issue of workplace sexual harassment and assault are important in this context given Kavanaugh’s relationship to Judge Alex Kozinski, who left the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in disgrace in late 2017 after former clerks, law students and a fellow judge made over a dozen allegations of sexual harassment against him. Those allegations included unwanted sexual touching, asking for sex and asking clerks to watch pornography with him in chambers.

Kavanaugh clerked for Judge Kozinski and has reportedly remained close to him; Kozinski’s son even clerked for Kavanaugh in 2017-2018. The White House has claimed that Kavanaugh “had never heard any allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment” by Kozinksi before the Washington Post reported on the allegations, but many in the legal community have indicated that Kozinski’s behavior was an open secret. It is therefore extremely important for Kavanaugh to speak fully on exactly what he knew about Kozinski’s behavior, whether he recommended people to clerk for Kozinski knowing of his behavior and what, if anything, he has done to help the women who were harassed.

Senators should also ask whether Kavanaugh knew of, or was part of, Kozinski’s “Easy Rider Gag List,” which he used to share tasteless and sexually explicit “jokes” and material. The “gag list” reportedly included law clerks, federal judges, attorneys and journalists; clearly, engaging in this type of conduct would show incredibly poor judgment and would not demonstrate the type of character required for a member of the highest court in the nation.

Eleanor Smeal is president of the Feminist Majority Foundation and publisher of Ms.

Gaylynn Burroughs is policy director at the Feminist Majority Foundation.

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Serena and Venus showdown set for day five at U.S. Open

Serena Williams takes on big sister Venus in the main event of day five at the U.S. Open on Friday, while defending men’s champion Rafa Nadal and women’s champion Sloane Stephens are also in action at Flushing Meadows.

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See Robert Townsend’s ‘Making The Five Heartbeats’ For a Master Class On the Business of Entertainment

The Five Heartbeats are back.

No, award-winning actor, comedian, and filmmaker Robert Townsend has not created a sequel or a remake of his 1991 classic about the rise and fall of a 1960s R&B vocal group. In fact, he’s developed a new documentary, Making The Five Heartbeats, sharing an instructive and inspiring journey expected to resonate with fans who can’t get enough of the movie as well as entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dream business.  On Monday, Aug. 27, they will discover how he achieved this milestone when Fathom Events presents the theatrical release in nearly 500 AMC movie theaters nationwide for a single screening at 7 p.m. local time, through its Digital Broadcast Network (DBN).

At select theatres nationwide—from Philadelphia to Crenshaw—audiences will also view an exclusive welcome from Townsend as well as gain the opportunity to participate in talkbacks with Townsend and cast members, including Heartbeats Leon Robinson, Michael Wright, Harry Lennix, Tico  Wells, and John Canada Terrell.

The Chicago native says of the project: “It’s one part a master class with Robert Townsend. But then on the other side, it’s for anybody who says, ‘What does it take to make something that is now a classic? How much energy did you put into it?’ And as an entrepreneur that wants to build something, what does it take to build that? What kind of obstacles will I have to overcome to get there? And when does my faith come into it? So it’s all of these elements tied into this one documentary.”

The film was released in 1991 at the height of a cinematic era dubbed “The Black Film Renaissance.’ During that year, roughly 17 films directed by African Americans opened in theaters, more than in the entire previous decade. Unlike large numbers of films that dealt with criminality and gang violence—Boyz N The Hood, New Jack City, and Straight out of Brooklyn—Townsend’s tale has stood out as a touching, multidimensional musical drama. Inspired by The Dells, the legendary, soulful quintet that produced such timeless classics as ‘Oh What A Night’ and ‘Stay In My Corner,’ the film resonated with audiences due to themes tied to aspirational sacrifice and unshakable brotherhood. At the same time, the film, co-written by Townsend and In Living Color creator Keenan Ivory Wayans, had healthy helpings of humor and a heart-stirring soundtrack in which two songs, “Nights Like This” and “A Heart is A House for Love” became Top 20 hits on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B Singles Chart some 27 years ago.


Although Townsend, one of four recipients of BLACK ENTERPRISE’s XCEL Award at the 2017 Black Men XCEL Summit, admits that the film didn’t perform well at the box office, which garnered gross receipts of $ 8.75 million, the entrepreneur who financed his first film, Hollywood Shuffle, with his savings and a wallet packed full of credit cards, used his creativity and savvy to develop offshoot vehicles to capture new audiences. After more than three decades of creating films that have told different, unique stories of African American life—in fact, Meteor Man, the first black superhero film he created and helmed is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year—Townsend talked with BLACK ENTERPRISE Editor-In-Chief Derek T. Dingle about his mission to produce his most personal film to date..

Why did you think it was important to develop a documentary about the making of The Five Heartbeats at this time?

Fans really love The Five Heartbeats. Everywhere I go, people talk about The Five Heartbeats. Out of all the movies and television shows I’ve done, that’s the one that people want to know: How did you do auditions? Why did you cast that person and how did you direct it? Can there be a sequel to The Five Heartbeats?

I started to think about my journey to make the movie. There’s so much drama that went on behind the scenes, and people think it was just smooth sailing. I should share these stories because they love the movie so much, and maybe it’s another way to give the fans an insight into my process. This will be the first time I will really let people into my creative process. But also, I think it’s exciting to hear about the roller coaster ride to make The Five Heartbeats.

Does the film also explore the business process such as film financing and marketing?

The film goes into that because nobody wanted to make The Five Heartbeats. The money that I needed to finance it became part of the problem. The documentary also goes into the marketing side of the film because a lot of people don’t know that the movie bombed at the box office. We didn’t do well. It takes you on the ride of what went wrong with its marketing, the trailer, the timing. And then it is also a lesson on how word-of-mouth is the best advertising. From a business side, it gives you a glimpse into how you finish this film that you think is brilliant and it didn’t work…but then it worked. So there are lessons on marketing and the business of show business.

How much did it cost to produce the film? Did you meet budget or did you have to scale back your larger vision?

I started with Hollywood Shuffle; that was done for no money at all. I went from no money to a budget of $ 8.7 million. That’s a lot of money but it’s a little bit of money when you’re trying to do a period piece where you’ve got to make sure that everything—the cars on the street, the hairstyles, the wardrobe—looks like 1965. So your budget gets turned upside down because you’re recreating the look. So on that front, I didn’t have all the money in the world. I had a lot more than I had been used to. And because I was going after this classic, I took way too much time and got in trouble with the budget of the film. In the documentary, you’ll see what happened due to the pressure I was under because I was over budget.

So how challenging was producing this documentary?

Creating the documentary was a lot of trial and error. I started working on this about 10 years ago. I thought I knew what the documentary was going to be but then it started to take me in different directions. This is when you just got to listen to your creative voice. First, it was going to be just a straight-ahead documentary where everybody just talks about how the movie was made. Then I said, I’m not going deep enough.

There were certain things that only I knew. Like the actors, they know about the filming and the release of it. They didn’t know about the studio, the late nights when the phone calls to hear that you don’t have any money or ‘We don’t like that scene, cut it.’ We got into the director-producer realm, and I couldn’t share with anybody the pressure and stress that I was under to make the film. So as I looked at the documentary again, I said, ‘No, Robert, you’ve got to talk about these business lessons that are going on behind the scenes and how you had to negotiate and be strategic in giving and taking what really mattered to you. Then when do you put all your cards on the table and say ‘you’ve got to do it my way or I’m out.’ It’s the art of negotiating as a filmmaker to get your baby born. All of that changed the documentary and made me take a longer time because I wasn’t ready to tell the real story.

When the original film came out,  you found different techniques in terms of marketing and outreach to new audiences to make it a success. Did that experience evolve into an ongoing strategic approach to extending creative properties and make connections with audiences beyond a given film?

I think that I’ve always been kind of a serial entrepreneur. I’ve always looked at unique opportunities. I’ve always been fearless in taking chances and trying new things. With The Five Heartbeats, my vision has always been huge where I can say, ‘the movie lives in one universe but there could be a road show that we could take with The Dells.’ And that’s what I did, I created a revue. Right now, Keenan and I have been working behind the scenes on the Broadway show. We want to create The Five Heartbeats brand and take it to Broadway like Dreamgirls. So that’s another part of the vision.

What role has digital technology played in the brand building process?

I just think as an artist, with all the new moving pieces of content, there is a way now with social media to connect to your audience. From a marketing point of view, I have been tweeting every day and using different social media platforms to promote this documentary. It’s been interesting to watch because just on my tweeting alone, I have been able to engage close to 1 million people. So the game has changed, and I’m still learning.

What other aspects would you like to share about this production?

Though the documentary is about the making of The Five Heartbeats, it’s really an inspirational journey for every dreamer that wanted to give birth to an original idea. That’s really what it’s all about. It’s just seen through the eyes of a filmmaker of color. So I think that for entrepreneurs who want to be inspired and see a journey that is not for the faint of heart, this is the ticket for them.

Watch the trailer for Making the Five Heartbeats

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Trial for Manafort case delayed until July 31 as judge grants immunity for five witnesses

A federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, is expected to rule Monday on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s request to delay his criminal trial, slated to start this week.

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Five Architect’s Houses to See Before You Die (Photos)

From Norman Foster to Todd Saunders, here are five architect’s houses that will fill you with envy.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Celebrate wieners with these five deals and fun facts on National Hot Dog Day

Hot diggidy dawg! It’s National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday and you can chomp ’em for cheap at several restaurants offering deals.

Here’s where to chow down:

7-Eleven: $ 1 Big Bite Quarter Pound hot dog at the convenience store chain. No coupon is necessary.

Philly Pretzel Factory: Free pretzel dog…

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Princess Pointers: Five Things You Should Know About FROZEN’s Patti Murin

Frozen has taken Broadway by storm this season and it’s partly thanks to Patti Murin’s spunky yet honest portrayal of one of Disney’s newest heroines. Earlier this month, BroadwayWorld’sRichard Ridgechatted with Murin about being chosen to originate this role for the stage, her history with Disney shows, and of course,other highlights from the course of her Broadway careerHere are five takeaways from the conversation that you should know
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The top five places history lovers should visit


Although we like to look towards the future and what some of the science lovers have in store for us, we find history much more exciting than driverless cars. Yep, we love nothing more than looking back into the past and seeing how our ancestors used to live – because everything was completely different. The architecture was like nothing we could ever imagine, the fashion was not the kind of fashion you would see walking down a runway, the food was natural and authentic, and their way of life was not governed by technology. If you’re the same, you might want to check out these cool places across the world.

Athens, Greece

When you think of ancient history, there’s a high chance that you think of Ancient Greece – with their chariots and their pottery, their mythology and their columns. In fact, the lives of those in Ancient Greece have fascinated historians and everyday people for centuries, and if you’re one of those people, you might want to check out the epicenter of Ancient Greek life. Athens is home to the famous Acropolis, the first ever Olympic stadium, the beautiful Parthenon, and all of the columns you could possibly wish for. You know you want to.

Petra, Jordan

Jordan isn’t the kind of destination that anyone would want to visit, but it’s the perfect location if you’re into your history. This gorgeous location is commonly linked to the quest for the Holy Grail and has often been featured in the many Indiana Jones’ movies. In fact, Petra is considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and features incredible red rock that is steeped in history. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

Rome, Italy

You had the Greeks, and now you have the Romans! Ancient Rome is considered one of the most fascinating eras in history and is the site of various historical monuments that entice millions of visitors every single year. You can check out the Colosseum, the Catacombs of San Callisto, the Roman Forum and much more. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, you can also break up your sightseeing with oodles of pizza and gelato. Do you need any more persuading?

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you fancy getting in a workout and enjoying history at the same time, then a trip to Machu Picchu in Peru would not go amiss. Although it will take you four days to trek there, the result at the end of the hike is well worth it. The remains of this civilization will completely blow you away. It’s been perfectly preserved and is crawling with the hints of history. The city is also surrounded by gorgeous mountains that will really leave you speechless.

Cairo, Egypt

When you think of Ancient Egypt, you probably think of pyramids, pharaohs, sphinxes, and desert landscapes – and that’s exactly what modern Cairo has to offer. Although you might need to ignore the cars that drive past the pyramids, the real deals will showcase just how incredibly these structures are. Wander around the desert and truly immerse yourself into the lives of those who lived in Ancient Egypt.

Are you a history buff looking for a brand new adventure? Well, we think we have your next destinations sorted for you…


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Mothers who follow five healthy habits may reduce risk of obesity in children

Children and adolescents whose mothers follow five healthy habits — eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, drinking alcohol in moderation, and not smoking — are 75 percent less likely to become obese when compared with children of mothers who did not follow any such habits, according to a new study.
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Queer Eye’s Fab Five Travels to Yass, Australia, to ‘Make Better’ a Single Rancher Dad

Queer Eye captured the hearts in Gay, Georgia, and now the Fab Five is taking over Yass, Australia!  (Yes, that’s a real town!)

After two seasons of “Yass” jokes, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness descended on the rural town earlier this month to “make better” not one, but two men, including 54-year-old George, a single father and rancher who focuses more on his work commitments than his family.

“I do not think George has ever had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani Brit ever come at him so aggressively for cuddles,” expert groomer Van Ness jokes about the hero, who was nominated by his son Levi.

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While Karamo, Tan and Jonathan turn their attention to mentally and physically transforming George, Antoni and Bobby rebrand a local restaurant and pub with a completely new interior design and menu. (No avocadoes for Antoni this time!)

And the Fab Five even become Australian royalty!

The guys were surprised with a special ceremony by the Mayor of Yass, Rowena Abbey, who crowned them all Yass queens.

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Recently, Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Antoni and Jonathan spoke about the cultural and social impact the Netflix reboot has had on viewers around the world, and how they continue to tackle newfound fame together.

“On a personal note, I’m so incredibly proud of the way that I think each of my brothers and cast mates have tackled the electricity and how grand this whole thing is. I feel like it’s just exploding so quickly, especially with Season 2 dropping,” Antoni said at the 2018 Changemakers Award ceremony in New York City on Tuesday.

“Not only on social media but when we get together we don’t see each other. The fact that we all get to experience this as a unit, and I think it’s been unifying for all of us,” he said.

Season 2 of Queer Eye is streaming now on Netflix.


Fashion Deals Update:

Five Former Texans Cheerleaders Sue Team

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Five Ways to Improve Your Mornings at Home

improve your mornings

improve your mornings

Mornings can be rough, no matter who you are, and a rough morning can easily throw off your entire day. Mitigate those tiresome mornings and improve your mornings with any one of these five products and initiatives. 

Use A Light Therapy Alarm Clock

improve your mornings
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Even though we’ve managed for decades with obnoxious, blaring alarm clocks, they’re not exactly conducive with starting your mornings out right. Improve your mornings with light therapy alarm clocks. Also known as sunrise clocks, these innovative alarm clocks utilize light to gradually wake you up, ensuring you have a less stressful morning right from the get-go.

Take A Genius Shower

There’s no doubt that consumers today are partial to high-tech innovation, and the products that are marketed to them tend to reflect that. In that spirit, Riobel – a company renowned for its wide selection of bathroom and kitchen faucets, shower systems, and accessories – has brought high-tech innovation to the shower, via the Genius™ Shower System. The Genius™ Shower System is simple, user-friendly, and includes a highly sophisticated temperature sensor. This product embodies what we all need from our morning shower: ease of use and perfect water temperature every time.

Invest In A Modern Water Cooler or Pitcher

Improve Your Mornings
Photo Source: Pur

The benefits of drinking lots of water are manifold, and the best time to get started on those ever-important eight cups is first thing in the morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning will curb your appetite, fire up your metabolism, flush out toxins, and fuel your brain.

Download A Meditation App

Improve Your Mornings
Photo Source: Headspace

Some of the most successful people in the world swear by ritualistic morning meditation. Not only has meditation been known to ground and center, but it can combat anxiety and promote better sleep. Downloading a meditation app is a resourceful way to get the ball rolling on your morning meditation goals.

Utilize A Daily Journal

If you can swing it, journaling each and every morning is a great way to stay goal oriented. This could include anything from jotting down your goals, reflecting on accomplishments, taking note of what you’re grateful for, and monitoring your routines. Doing this first thing in the morning, before your mind becomes cluttered with work- and life-related stress, is a fantastic way to tweak your routine in your favor, and subsequently upgrade your life.

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Five Prominent But Lesser-Known Black Dignitaries At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and now, Meghan Markle, Dutchess of Sussex, had the world’s attention over the weekend. For about 15 minutes, The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry’s impassioned speech on love captivated hearts, too. Even more talked about were some of the black celebrities in attendance, such as Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba, and Serena Williams.

Also in attendance were some high-ranking black notables who work in different sectors of British and American societies:  

Rose Hudson-Wilkin

For years, Hudson-Wilkin had been tipped to be in the first cohort of women to become bishops in the Church of England. Since 2014, the 64-year-old priest has been Priest-in-Charge of St Mary-at-Hill, City of London. She also holds the roles of Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, priest vicar at Westminster Abbey, and the first black female chaplain to the queen. She was previously vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Dalston and All Saints Church in Haggerston.

Colleen Harris

Harris held a senior communications position in the Prime Minister’s Office before being appointed Press Secretary to the Prince of Wales. She handled the media for the prince during some of the most turbulent years, and also media-managed the emergence of Princes William and Harry into the public eye. Her career has included senior posts in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Office, as well as in non-departmental public bodies. She has worked in Britain and abroad as a consultant with private companies, non-profit organizations and U.N agencies, including the World Health Organization.

Bishop Michael Curry

Michael Curry made history in 2015 after his installation as the Episcopal Church’s presiding bishop over its 1.8 million members—becoming the denomination’s first African American spiritual leader. Having been on the job for less than a year, Curry took a public stance supporting gay marriage, a move that earned the Episcopal Church a three-year sanction by the Anglican Communion. Anglican leaders then stripped the Episcopal Church of any role in deciding doctrine or determining how the Anglican Communion operates for three years. Curry was born in 1953 in Chicago to Dorothy Curry and Rev. Kenneth Curry, who was a Baptist before becoming an Episcopalian priest. He said his father became part of the church after he and his mother had been allowed to drink from the same chalice being passed among white parishioners in racially segregated Ohio. Bishop Curry became the talk of social media with his heartfelt sermon at the royal wedding. 

Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Along with an orchestra made up of instrumentalists from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the English Chamber Orchestra and the Philharmonia Orchestra, Sheku Kanneh-Mason played three songs during the couple’s Signing of the Register. At just 19, Kanneh-Mason is the first black cellist or musician to ever win BBC’s Young Musician of the Year award in its 38-year history. He reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, and he was a member of the Chineke! Orchestra, the first professional orchestra in Europe that is made up of mainly musicians of color. His sister Isata, and brother Braimah are also members.  

Tessy Ojo 

Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo (Photo courtesy of the Diana Awards)

Tessy Ojo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Diana Awards, the only charity that bears the name of the late Princess Diana of Wales. Established in 1999 to recognize young people for extraordinary work in their local communities, the charity benefits from the support of The Royal Highness, Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as the UK Prime Minister. Ojo is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Institute of Directors. She was awarded The Precious Award, Inspiring Leader in 2015, Women in Business Rising Star, and Excellence Award from Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Foundation. Prior to joining the Diana Award, Ojo worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years and helped implement the operational planning systems for IBM UK and Borders UK. Along with her role at Diana Awards, Ojo is on the boards of two charities and sits on the governing board of a chain of academies in London.

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Migraine prevention drug could be worth $1 to $2 billion over next five years: Wall Street analyst

Aimovig from Amgen and Novartis may become a $ 1 billion to $ 2 billion business in five years, say a Wall Street analyst.
Health Care


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Fox Has Canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine After Five Seasons

The Nine-Nine just got 86’d.

Fox has canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the network confirmed Thursday.

Those behind the highly regarded cop comedy starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher were once again bracing for a last-minute verdict on renewal, but not with this outcome. The zany, thoughtful series has continued to grow in buzz and critical praise, though not in the Nielsens: Season 5 averaged 2.7 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the key 18-to-49-year-old demo, versus season 4 averages of 2.9 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among 18-to-49-year olds. A schedule shuffle had seemed to help Brooklyn’s case for renewal. The series, which began the season airing on Tuesdays before going on hiatus, perked up in the ratings when it was returned to the air on Sunday months ahead of schedule, as Ghosted’s retooled return was delayed.

Brooklyn hit the 100th-episode milestone earlier this season, and it has served as the second-longest-running live-action Fox comedy, behind New Girl. In recent years, the progressive show with a silly side has thrived by tackling more serious topics such as racial profiling, corruption in the law, or sexuality; last week’s episode dealt with an active shooter situation. Asked recently about the show’s chances of scoring a sixth season, Samberg said, “I’m obviously hopeful. I love making it. I think we’ve had an incredible season. I feel really proud of the episodes. I feel like we’ve had a really nice upswell culturally. There was a lot of attention around the 99th episode and we got a lot of love during the Olympics, which was really cool. And there was a lot of really beautiful attention paid to the development with Rosa [Stephanie Beatriz] coming out as bi. I certainly feel we’re in a good place, but as to whether or not we get more, that’s obviously far beyond my reach. But fingers crossed.”

“I think we’re all super-optimistic,” Brooklyn star Melissa Fumero added. “Everyone wants to do at least one more season. Everybody feels like we’re not done. There’s more story to tell, there’s more fun stuff to do with this incredible ensemble of characters. It was a great sign that they brought us back on Sundays, and they brought us back earlier.”

Brooklyn‘s season 5 finale — which centers on Jake and Amy’s wedding, and now will serve as the series finale — airs May 20.

Although the news is grim, there is a chance that Brooklyn could wind up in the hands of another network or a streaming service, much like what happened with The Mindy Project moving from Fox to Hulu.

Created by Dan Goor and Parks and Recreation overlord Michael Schur, Brooklyn Nine-Nine also stars Chelsea Peretti, Joe Lo Truglio, Terry Crews, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Miller.

Fox also axed another veteran comedy, The Last Man on Earth as well as sophomore comedy The Mick. One factor in the cancellations: Fox is adding a night of football in the fall, which reduces the available real estate on its schedule.

To see first-look photos from what is now the final episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, click here.

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Five ways for 50-somethings to get serious about planning for retirement

Your 50s are a great time to evaluate what you need to prepare for the next phase of your life.
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Fantastic Voyage 2018 Diary Day Five

Hey, good people. The Fantastic Voyage sailed on with another fun day at sea heading down from Montego Bay Jamaica to Cozumel, Mexico. Today started with the 8 a.m. Crazy Conditioning Class – I’d love to know who made that one because y’all are the real MVP’s. For the rest of us, sleeping in was the only option.

Well, that’s only if you didn’t mind missing the morning events, which included group photo sessions for cruisers from Philly, Pittsburgh, Canada, Detroit and Kansas City.

The African Headwrap Class was a popular one, as was the Yoni Mysteries class billed for sistahs only and promising to help you reconfigure you sensual energy.

On to the Autograph signing presented by Denny’s, which featured several artists performing on the cruise meeting fans, taking pics and signing autographs, including Eric Roberson, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Dwele, The Williams Brothers, Eric Roberson, Raheem DeVaughan and more.

If you want to meet a celebrity the Fantastic Voyage is one of the best ways to do so, because many of the artists either perform multiple nights or just stay on the ship and hang out. They’re approachable and friendly, because everyone is in such a good mood on board. Once you get your autograph, it’s time to head to the HBCU Day Party.

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‘You Know You Want It’: Five Female Paramedics Claim Pervasive Harassment at Chicago Fire Department


Late into her shift one night, Hannah*, a new paramedic, went into a medic room at a local hospital to grab new sheets and supplies. It was a cool spring night in Chicago, and her boss was sitting in the room working on his laptop.

Then, he allegedly attacked her. The ambulance commander put the computer down, grabbed Hannah with both hands, and forcibly kissed her with an open mouth, according to a federal lawsuit.

As Hannah said “no” and backed away, her boss kissed her and licked her face, according to the complaint. Hannah put her hands on his chest to push him off.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Five reasons to go off-grid in Tobago

Warning: you may never want to leave…

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Why Go?

If what you want is utter seclusion and perfect peace, then Tobago’s beautiful beaches are the perfect match.

Imagine unspoilt white sandy beaches cocooned by protected rainforests and discovering beautiful islands where it’s only you (and Hummingbirds) enjoying the famous Caribbean sunshine. Put simply, Tobago is paradise, and a little-known one at that. Because the stand-out reason you should add it to your bucket list is that no one else is there, meaning you can chill to the max (and choose any sunlounger you damn well like).

Visit British Airways for the best Tobago fares

Don’t miss:

Five of the best off-the-beaten-track slices of paradise where you can relax, unwind and recharge without even trying.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Think glowing white sandy beaches with a cluster of shops and eating spots, Tobago’s legendary Pigeon Point is as breath-taking as it is relaxing. Make the most of what this calming coastline has to offer by sampling the famous crab and dumplings from one of the beach-side cabanas before taking in the sunset from the thatched-roof pier.

No Man’s Land

No Man's Land, Tobago

No Man’s Land, Tobago

Located in the far south of the island lies a stretch of uninhabited white sand lapped by clear shallow water and colour-pop dragonflies. As one of Tobago’s most remote and unspoilt beaches, No Man’s Land is perfect for those looking to take relaxation to a whole new level.

Pirate’s Bay

Pirate's Bay, Tobago

Pirate’s Bay, Tobago

For that archetypical deserted island vibe, look no further. The sparkling blue waters may be the ultimate snorkel and surfing playground but it’s just as ideal for sunbathing on the buttery soft sands and lapping up the famously warm Caribbean sunshine.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach, Tobago

Turtle Beach, Tobago

You’d think leatherback turtles and horse-rides through the surf would mean an army of beach lovers overruns Turtle Bay. But Tobago’s golden coastline is often empty, meaning you can unwind in peace and (a lot of) quiet.

Englishman’s Bay

Englishman's Bay, Tobago

Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

This get-away-from-it-all secluded beach is the mini paradise you’ve always dreamed of discovering. Embodying the island’s signature rustic charm with a rainforest backdrop, Englishman’s Bay offers that Robinson-Crusoe-meets-luxury flare we all crave from a tropical getaway.


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“Despacito” Becomes First YouTube Video With Five Billion Views

Smash hit “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi has broken yet another record following its three billion views on YouTube, now earning over five billion–the first video in the platform’s history to reach that number. The official video featuring Daddy Yankee hit the number on Wednesday, making the Spanish-language track more popular than the official audio version featuring Justin Beiber, which currently sits at 617 million views.

Previously Wiz Khalifa‘s “See You Again“ surpassed PSY‘s global hit “Gangnam Style” as the most viewed video in YouTube history before “Despacito” took the crown last summer. The music video was directed by Carlos Perez and shot in San Juan during December 2016.

In related news, Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica join forces on a new track, “Hard 2 Face Reality.”

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Five Ways to Make The Most Out of Your 2018 Tax Refund

With more than 70% of U.S. taxpayers expected to get a tax refund this year, that gives you some wiggle room on how to spend the money. Of course, many folks and entrepreneurs may already know what they plan to do with the cash. Perhaps it’s pay bills, launch a business, or take a trip. The list could go on and on.

But one good option, no what time of the year, is considering ways to save, invest, or use the money to reduce debt to enhance your financial position. The IRS has not determined what the average individual 2018 tax refund will be, but it says that amount has been around $ 2,800 to $ 3,000 in recent years.

Last year, about 112 million refunds were issued, ringing up an average refund of $ 2,895. This year, over 155 million tax returns are expected to be filed.

Even if you’re not sure what do with your refund, consider using a portion of it in a productive way.

“Most people think that a tax refund is free money, but there is no reason to go on vacations and come back home to debt,” says Jennifer Streaks, financial journalist, author, and lifestyle expert.

She offered some ideas and tips on what to do with $ 500:

Get caught up on utility bills

This year, we had a long, cold winter. If you still have a lingering heating, electric, or other utility bill or feel like you are playing catch-up in this area, pay off this bill now and start fresh.

Look into car maintenance/repair

Take your car in and have everything checked out (especially the tires). If there is anything that may cause problems down the road, have it fixed now. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to keeping your car on the road and safe.

Take care of any physical maintenance 

Is it almost time for new glasses, contacts, or dental work? Go ahead and take care of it. Even if you have insurance, you may need a procedure (especially in the dental area) that is not covered by insurance.

Get professional financial advice

The services of a financial adviser used to be only for the wealthy set. But now you can make an appointment with an adviser to set up a plan for the future and get your current financial situation accessed, even if you aren’t ready or can’t afford to become a regular client. For leads, check out the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) at napfa.org.

Streaks says these planners are fee-only, meaning they don’t accept commissions and promise to act in their clients’ best interests at all times.

Set up travel plans

Waiting to the last minute to book a vacation could be very costly. But done right, you could make a great getaway for $ 500 or less. Start by visiting websites like hotwire.com, booking.com, and priceline.com that offer airfare and hotel packages. Those websites also offer discounts at inclusive resorts with weekend specials.

You can also consider the old tried and true option: Sock away the extra $ 500 in your emergency fund and be better prepared for a rainy day.


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Five wild UK walks with a classic pub


Everyone loves a good walk, right? Especially these days when fitness and health are even more important and play a big role in our lives. If you ever find yourself in the wilds of the UK, there are ample walking opportunities for you to enjoy and explore. Rambling is a wonderful way to pass the time and a terrifically social way of keeping fit and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Walking might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but we think you should give it a chance. And you know the only thing better than a wild walk? One that has a classic pub at the end! So, with that in mind, we’d like to offer up five wild UK walks to take advantage of, all with a classic boozer to visit afterward.

Crickhowell – Powys

This walk takes you across the Black Mountains on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons. This is the perfect solitary walk with staggering views of Wales, and a journey through some of the ancient burial sites here, including the Iron Age for Table Mountain, and remote, serene passes. The walk then takes you to the majestic pub The Bear, popular for its excellent food, and the perfect place to enjoy a post-walk feast.

Bamford – Peak District

One of the most staggeringly beautiful parts of the country, the Peak District has so much to explore, and a walk from Bamford is the best way of doing this. This stunning walk allows you to explore the ridge between Mam Tor and Lose Hill, as the Vale of Edale sprawls majestically over the horizon. After a long day of walking, you can relax with an ale (or three) in the quaint, stylish Cheshire Cheese pub. Magnificent.

Malham – Yorkshire Dales

Now, this is a walk that truly has everything, and showcases all that’s brilliant about the north of England. The stunning moors and expansive scenery are simply begging to be explored, and this route starts at the majestic Malham National Park and takes you up through the wonderfully named Gordale Scar. This part is quite the scramble, so perhaps recommended for accomplished walkers only, but you can also head for the scenic Malham Cove for an easier walking experience. End the day in the Talbot Arms, in Settle, where you can indulge in fine wines and delicious food.

Pentland Hills – Scottish Borders

There are few places in the world as delightfully beautiful as the Scottish Borders, and with this walk – starting at Harlow House Visitors Center – you get to experience all of it. Pentland Hills, 8 miles south of Edinburgh, is a range of hills, offering significant beauty, and quite the challenge to go with it as well. The walk takes you all the way to the Edinburgh town of Balerno, where traditional village pub The Grey Horse will take care of all your needs.

Innerleithen – Scottish Borders

We said the Scottish Borders were breathtaking, and this is another of the stunning walks in this area. Starting this time in the village of Innerleithen, this route first lets you stop at an old brewery – but don’t imbibe too much because it’s then on to the Southern Upland Way and the descent into the town of Peebles. Here you can stop at a classic old pub, The Bridge Inn, where you can marvel at their selection of beers – and even try a few!

These are five of our favorite wild, winter walks across the UK. They let you enjoy some of the stunning natural beauty in the UK, as well as sampling some of the most delicious food and craft ales the north has to offer as well. Count us in for the next one!


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Five places to visit in Portland, ME


The city of Portland, Maine is one of the great undiscovered cities of the United States. Flanked by the stunning visual beauty of New England, Portland is a curious and fascinating place, and somewhere we definitely thing needs to be on your list of places to see. There are so many amazing cities in the US that we never take the time to see, and this is one of them.

A port peppered with fishing wharfs, and a stunning peninsula known as Thompson’s Point, Portland certainly has a lot going for it. If you’re looking to get away for a weekend and experience a city with a difference, we definitely feel that Portland is the place to be. Here are five of the best places to visit in Portland, Maine.

Bissell Brothers

This stunning brewery relocated in 2016, and now has a fresh, new location to enjoy. Expect queues out the door, but don’t let this put you off – you definitely need to come here and enjoy some of the delicious IPA and ales they have on offer. Limited edition beers, new releases, and a friendly vibe makes this one of the best places in the city to head for a beverage of two.

Big J’s Chicken Shack

If you need some food to boost your energy cells after a long day of taking in the city, this is the place for you to be. Opened in 2016 by Jason Loring, Big J’s does some of the best chicken in the state, nevermind the city. For a mouthwateringly good time, check out the chicken waffles with Maine maple syrup. They also do some of the hottest chicken around – essential for you spice hounds!

International Cryptozoology Museum

Taking in the art and culture of a city is the best way of helping to understand and appreciate it. And, one of the most intriguing places here to visit is the International Cryptozoology Museum, which was newly located just a couple years ago. This unusual museum documents the history of the study of creatures from folklore, and legend.

Cellardoor Winery

This stunning winery, located at The Point, is the absolute best place to go for all those who love a bit of vino. You can huddle around a table with friends and a nice bottle of pinot noir, or you can enjoy the tastings, and sample some of the new wines, alongside a selection of cheese as well. Absolutely recommended, and with a stunning interior as well.

Stroudwater Distillery

The holy trinity of booze joints is complete with this handsome whiskey joint. This small distillery opened in 2016, and offers some awesome vodka, gin, rye, and bourbon, in addition to having an epic tasting room with two bars. This is definitely the place to be for a sophisticated and boozy night out.

These are five stunning places in Portland, Maine that you absolutely have to make sure you visit when you get the chance. They will really help to make the trip more memorable and give you a slice of what life is like here, and all the great things Portland has to offer you.


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Five Fab Finds for Spring & Summer

These somewhat simple and versatile items are not to be underestimated because they can become wardrobe workhorses. There are lots of colour and size options, and they won’t break the bank. 

1. Gap Denim Jackets

Gap does GREAT denim jackets across an assortment of vibes, lengths, washes and silhouettes. Most impressively, they stock sizes XS to XXL across petite, regular and tall. The XXL tends to fit a size US16/18. The XS is a little roomy when you need a narrower fit. Some of my clients bought Gap denim jackets with me eleven years ago, and they’re still going strong.

Personally, denim jackets are my thing and therefore a very important wardrobe essential and workhorse. I have several across a range of washes, lengths, and fits. They are my favourite way to dress down a dressy dress or skirt. I like to wear them with olive utility pants and patterned pants too. I will also sport them with all sorts of jeans, and layer them under a coat.

2. Boden Swimwear

Boden swimwear is extremely well made, superb quality, and fits well. Bless them for providing lots of colour options, and making silhouettes that support the bust and create coverage in an alluring and flattering way. Most of their tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched. Their tops come in bra sizes, and suits go up to a US16, and fit true to size.

After a month of online swimwear shopping, in which I was as picky as can be, it was Boden’s Alacati Bikini Top with the matching Bikini Shorts in navy polka dots that earned a place in my wardrobe. It’s wonderfully Modern Retro and ticked off all the boxes. I am so sorted.

3. Halogen Linen Maxi Cardigans

Clients are very fond of these lightweight and comfy maxi cardigans that work extremely well as a quick slimming and elongating casual topper over all sorts of sleeveless tops, dresses and sheer blouses. Versatile, breathable, and machine washable. Comes in petites, and the XL fits a US16. Works well on a larger bust. Read the rave reviews

4. Banana Republic Knit Wrap-Front Top

The silhouette has been around for a while, but seldom in a substantial knit that creates an angular drape and is a little more structured on the hips. The structured cuffs on the sleeves are lovely, and diagonal lines are magically flattering. This silhouette works well on a larger bust, broad shoulder line, and shorter neck. The top looked awful on my narrow shoulders, long neck and regular size bust, so there you go. Great with wide crops or culottes.

5. Converse Leather Fleece-Lined Hi-Tops

I can’t rave enough about these hi-tops because the fleece lining and leather fabric makes them EXTREMELY comfortable, supportive and warm. Their iconic and Modern Retro timeless look tickles my toes. They fit both a lower and higher volume foot, and any width ankle. The grippy soles make them great for walking on ice and light snow. I have the black and cream and walked cities flat in them. I also walk or Yorkie Sam in them daily in Winter. They are my casual Winter travelling shoes, and I’m thinking of duplicating the cream.

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Five fantastic mind, body and soul festivals for 2018

Relax, restore and reset yourself at these festivals that feature yoga classes, spa treatments, healthy food, live music – and, yes, occasionally, a little alcohol

Launched last year, Soul Circus offers a programme of yoga and pilates, plus live music, DJs, healthy food supplied by local farmers and thought-provoking talks. There’ll be classes from aerial to blindfold yoga, workshops on topics such as the science of happiness, and the chance to chill in the spa with holistic treatments and lakeside hot tubs. It’s held at picturesque Elmore Court near Gloucester, and the gardens and woodlands are the setting for light shows and parties held long into the night.
17-19 August, tickets £189, soulcircus.yoga

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Five gorgeous short hikes in Europe

The ‘man who hiked the world’ is an Instagrammer from London who travels the globe in search of great walking routes. Here he picks his favourites in Europe, all under five hours

• Tell us about your favourite easy hikes in Europe in the comments below

Each of these five short hikes is an introduction to a stunning part of Europe away from well-trodden hiking trails. All the walks can be completed in a few hours and the paths are well signposted.

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Five tips to keep your holiday packages safe from porch pirates

Online shopping has made life easier for a lot of us and is especially handy during the holidays, but it’s also created more opportunities for thieves to prey on parcels left on our doorsteps.

So beware the so-called porch pirates. They count on our being lax, but a little preparation can help thwart their plans and leave them empty-handed, said Gary Miliefsky, CEO of SnoopWall , a company that specializes in cybersecurity.

Watch the video

Rising popularity of online shopping creates new opportunity for thieves

“A more sophisticated porch pirate might send you an SMS message or email with malware,” Miliefsky said. “That would let them gain access to your computer or smartphone, and they could install a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). Then, they can eavesdrop on your orders and deliveries.”

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They also might be able to locate you through the geolocating feature on your phone, he said. That would tell them when you are away from home, providing the final link in their well-laid plan.

Police tell us thieves mark their calendars with notes that say such things as  “Package theft Wednesday.”

“If they know you aren’t home and that a package is scheduled for delivery, it’s going to be easy for them to steal it,” Miliefsky said.

There are, however, ways around even cybercriminals. Miliefsky offers these tips for outwitting porch pirates and keeping packages safe:

• Get permission to ship all your packages to work. That way, they aren’t left unguarded at your doorstep for hours while anyone walking by could snatch them. If this arrangement works out, be sure to tell all your friends and family members to ship packages to your work address.

• Ask a friend or neighbor to receive your packages for you. You might not be home on workdays, but plenty of people are. Trusted friends who are retired or who work at home might be happy to let you have packages delivered to them for safekeeping.

• If a neighbor can’t receive your packages and you can’t get them at work, another option is available. Miliefsky suggests trying Doorman, a service that lets you arrange for a package to be held at a warehouse until you arrive home. Then you can arrange delivery for evening hours that better suit you.

• Disable geolocation on your smartphone so that thieves – or other hackers, for that matter – can’t track your location. There’s no need to make it easier for them.

• Set up a live recording video camera aimed at your porch. That could allow you to spot a theft as it happens and alert law enforcement officials, or at least provide you with video that might help identify the thieves.


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Meet Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s New Fab Five, Making America Fabulous Again in Netflix’s Reboot

Queer as Folk Reboot15 years after meeting their predecessors, it’s time to say hello to a new Fab Five!
Nearly a year after announcing their plans to revive groundbreaking makeover series Queer Eye for…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Five Things to Look for When Interviewing a Home Remodeling Contractor

36951394 – female hands framing custom kitchen design drawing and photo combination.

Are you planning to have one or more rooms remodeled in your home? Naturally, you want the best contractor to handle the work. As you learn how to pick the right home remodeling contractors it’s helpful to keep five things in mind while interviewing anyone in this line of work.

The Ability to Listen

If you’re going to have a kitchen, bedroom or any room remodeled, there’s a good chance you have some ideas. You may have just a few ideas or perhaps you’ve made a detailed plan of the entire room. Either way, a home remodeling contractor should listen carefully to your ideas. The home- owner knows best what he or she wants. Of course, if the homeowner asks for suggestions or ideas regarding a portion of the room or all a room, a contractor should offer some. A reputable remodeling contractor respects the ideas of a homeowner looking to improve their residence.

Asks About Your Budget

One of the first things a contractor should do is ask about your budget for the remodeling project. The choices made for the room will depend on the type of budget you have in mind. A contractor who doesn’t ask about the budget may suggest appealing ideas that turn out to be more than the homeowner is willing to spend. This piece of business should be dealt with right away.

Shows You Completed Remodeling Projects

A reputable home remodeling contractor should be more than willing to show you photos of successful projects he or she has done. These photos give you a good indication of the quality of work done by a remodeling contractor. The professional should point out different details of the project that the homeowner may be interested in. A professional contractor may even have a book of photos from all sorts of projects he or she has done over the years.

Freely Answers All Your Questions

If you’ve never planned a remodeling project before, you’re likely to have lots of questions about the process. Maybe you want to know how long a particular type of project usually takes. Or, you have a question about the durability of a particular material used for countertops in a bathroom. No matter what questions you have, a contractor with a great reputation will be happy to answer them. The better you understand what is involved in remodeling your home, the more at ease you will be throughout the project. Any responsible contractor will want you to be comfortable with the work that is being done in your home.

Follows Up on the Work

A professional contractor will provide follow up to homeowners. The contractor will usually call or email the homeowner to ask if they are happy with the remodeling work. And, if there are any problems, the contractor will address those with the homeowner to ensure the person is happy with the final result.

Finally, these are just a few of the things to look for in a home remodeling contractor. Interviewing three or four potential contractors is a good idea so you can narrow down your options to the professional you like the best.

Home Trends Magazine


Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Footwear

There are the usual footwear cleaning and sprucing up tips, like using shoe polish and weatherproofing spray, or making a trip to the cobbler. Here are some less obvious tips that will make your shoes look a little more loved. 

1. Magic Eraser for Suede

Use a damp magic eraser to remove marks on suede footwear. It might not remove the marks and stains completely, but it will take the edge off. Sometimes using a nail file or a bit of sandpaper on stained suede can take the edge off too.

2. Nail Polish for Patent and Metallic Leather

Regular shoe polish is ineffective on patent and metallic leather. Find a nail polish that’s a close match to the colour of the shoe and use that instead. Apply two or three layers over the scuffs, allowing the nail polish to dry between coats. Again, it might not remove the scuffs completely, but you’ll notice a visual improvement.

3. Wipes for White Footwear

I have many pairs of white and cream footwear. As a wardrobe essential for my style, they get a workout too. Wiping them down with disposable wipes after every few wears keeps them looking remarkably clean and removes scuffs. It makes a big difference.

4. Nail Polish Remover for Stubborn Scuffs

You have to be careful with this one because I’ve taken the dye off my shoes leaving big yellow marks in place of the scuffs. But nail polish remover can be very effective at removing black marks from patent and white footwear. Test the cleaning tip in a less obvious area of the shoe first.

5. Black Sharpie Pen for Black Footwear

Filling in the worn toe boxes of black footwear with a black Sharpie (or black felt tip pen if you’re not in the US) is very effective. Any scuff that you see on black footwear is worth covering with a Sharpie if black shoe polish does not do the trick.

I’ve used all of these tips over the years, but using wipes on white footwear is the one I use most frequently. Please share your own footwear care tips in the comments section below.

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Free after five years in captivity, American hostage mom speaks out

ABC News


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Five Life Lessons from Diana ‘The Boss-Grandmama’ Ross

After the moving Diana Ross family finale at last night’s American Music Awards, a whole lot more folks are wishing they were Ross relatives too—or at least invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross hosted the three-hour live show channeling her mom in a succession of the diva’s designer costumes from decades past. Surrounded by the extended Ross clan onstage to say goodnight, it was clear that the 73-year-old matriarch is the center of their family’s universe, the sun around which they all circle.


(Image: Wikimedia/Harry Wad)


It reminded me of an interview for the Women of Power TV show when Tracee got teary reflecting on her mother’s legendary place in global culture, and the many lessons she’d learned just by watching.


Be on time.


My mother is annoyingly always on time, and “on time” means 15 minutes early, at least. “Dinner at 6” means we’re eating at 5.”


Work hard, do for yourself, and think for yourself.


My mom has an extraordinary work ethic and an incredible business sense. She doesn’t have hundreds of people running around; she handles it all. “


Make time for what matters, and family always matters.


My mom did not let anything drop with her kids—and she has FIVE kids. I never heard my mom say, “Not now, I don’t have time,” or “I can’t now, I’m going on stage.”


You can have it all, but it won’t be perfect.


Her example showed me that you can be an extraordinary mom and have an extraordinary career. People say all the time you have to choose. Sure, certain things fall here and there but, I’m sorry, my mother did not choose.”


Show up for your own life, with joy.


“My mom always looks like she swallowed the sun. If you’ve experienced her on stage, somehow you feel like she’s singing right to you and for you. It feels like her light turns your light on. As her child, it’s the same—only better, bigger, fuller, wider, deeper, delicious.”


Watch the Women of Power TV show interview of Tracee Ellis Ross:



Lifestyle – Black Enterprise


The American Dream? One In Five Blacks Says Fuhgeddaboudit

white man, black man, race, struggle

Only 17% of blacks believe they have already achieved the American dream, compared with 32% of Hispanics, 36% of people overall, and 41% of whites.

white man, black man, race, struggle (Image: iStock/Erstudiostok)


Even more concerning, 19% of blacks feel it is out of their reach, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. That’s more than the 17% of Hispanics and 15% of whites who feel the same. Overall, that number is 17%.

But the vast majority of blacks, 62%, feel they’re on the way to achieving the American dream.

What, exactly, does the American dream even mean these days? The research asked respondents to use their own definition when determining whether they’d achieved it, were on their way, or felt it was out of reach. However, most people agreed on three essential elements:

  • Freedom of choice in how to live
  • Have a good family life
  • Retire comfortably

Almost half believed that making valuable contributions to your community was essential to their view of the American dream, while 43% ranked owning a home and having a successful career as must-haves.

Only 11% included becoming wealthy in their essentials. In fact, four in 10 said becoming wealthy wasn’t even important.


black and the American dream (Source: Pew Research Center)


Politics also seemingly plays a role in people’s perceptions of where they are in life, as there are significant differences in how the various parties say they’re doing.

More than half, or 53%, of core conservatives feel their family has achieved the American dream. Just 8% feel it’s out of reach. That’s compared with 42% of solid liberals who already feel they’ve made it and 15% who feel it’s out of reach.

The outlook is bleaker for the groups Pew labels “Disaffected Democrats” and “Devout and Diverse.” Both groups are majority-minority, with people of color making up 59% of Disaffected Dems, and 56% of Devout and Diverse Dems—the most religious of the Democratic groups.

Both groups are financially stressed, which may be why 24% of Disaffected Dems and 21% of Devout and Diverse Dems feel the American dream is out of reach.


Money – Black Enterprise


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Mums on home births: ‘There were five midwives in our tiny living room’

This is what a home birth really feels like – two mums get honest

home birth
Baby born at home

Since reports that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is planning to give birth to her third baby at home next Spring, the UK has seen a 44 per cent surge in enquiries about home birth. But how does a home birth compare to a hospital birth? What if things take a turn for the worst? How can the dads help? And where on earth do you find one of those gigantic, adult-sized birthing pools to inflate in your front room? Argos?

A third of women now claim they would prefer to give birth at home rather than in a hospital, according to the survey by the country’s largest home birth provider, Private Midwives. So we asked two women who’ve experienced both home birth and hospital birth to tell us what you need to know.

We spoke to 29-year-old Lilly Miller who gave birth to her second child at home – a daughter, Andreya, now 3 – following a traumatic hospital birth with her first child, a son Oscar, now 5.

home birth

Lilly gives birth at home

‘The first thing that crosses your mind when you decide on having a home birth is: what if something goes wrong? When I had my son, Oscar, I’d been determined to avoid medical intervention, I read all the books and practised hypnobirthing. But in the end, my dreams of a home birth were scuppered when my 32-hour labour was followed by violent sickness and diarrhoea. When the midwife realised I had stopped progressing and eventually broke my waters, she found meconium in the water, so I ended up giving birth in hospital, hurriedly, on my back, in exactly the way I hoped I wouldn’t have to.

It was the best place for us at the time, but I was scarred, both emotionally and physically – I needed stitches for a vaginal tear, and for six months after Oscar was born, I fell into postnatal depression. I was so disappointed that my birth hadn’t gone to plan that I couldn’t talk about it for the first year. Fast-forward two years and, pregnant with my second child, I was determined to have the home birth that I’d felt robbed of the first time around.

I was 18 days overdue and the hospital were putting pressure on me to be induced. The medical system is hellbent on sticking to due dates, which can be sketchy at the best of times (who even remembers the exact date of their last period, anyway?) so I argued with them to allow me to hold out, and it paid off.

‘With a home birth, you don’t have the security of being surrounded by medical experts’

I started to get niggles but I went to bed and woke up at 2am with soaking wet sheets after my waters had broken. Contractions came along quickly after that and ramped up in frequency and intensity. My number one tip for a home birth? Get a doula. I paid around £800 for my doula to support me through my home birth, after I met her through a hypnobirthing course. I knew I could trust her, which meant I could switch off and she could make key, informed decisions for me.

With a home birth, you aren’t surrounded by medical experts and equipment, which can be scary if something goes wrong. I was reassured by having emergency procedures on hand when we were in hospital. But at home, you get a one-to-one with a midwife, which is invaluable and unlikely to be something you’d have the luxury of in a busy maternity ward. As I laid in bed working through the painful early contractions, my husband Dan started filling up the birthing pool, which was roughly the size of a dining room table. We bought it online after a quick Google search and had it inflated in advance so we were prepared. We laid out a tarpaulin with towels on top and I got into the pool with my relaxation music playing and some scented candles. It sounds all very hippy-ish because it was. But being in my familiar surroundings helped me to relax as the contractions intensified.

I had been in labour for five hours when I hit my maximum pain threshold of ten, and I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ because if it was anything like my first birth, I still had another day and night of excruciating contractions to go. But the brilliant thing about a home birth, is that you aren’t subjected to the hourly cervical examination that you get on labour wards so you have no idea how dilated you are. With my first birth, I found my spirit crushed when I was told that, after four hours in labour, I was still only 6cm dilated (you’re supposed to dilate by at least 1cm per hour).

‘Instead of feeling exhausted, I felt elated’

Within seven hours of my contractions starting, I felt an intense pressure and my body went into a violent spasm in the pool that forced my baby out and she was born into my arms in a cloudy whoosh under the water. I certainly didn’t do any straining or pushing like you see on One Born Every Minute. My body seemed to do the hard work for me, it was involuntary and incredibly quick. The midwife was still trying to get her gloves on!

Afterwards, I passed the placenta relatively quickly. I didn’t tear this time around because there had been no unnecessary force or intervention (the first time around I lost a lot of blood and had to have stitches). Instead of feeling exhausted, I felt elated, strong and buzzing. All those endorphins that had been blocked by drugs in my first birth, were now flowing and I was on top of the world. I honestly felt like superwoman.

Friends have asked me if I would have been disappointed had I not been able to have a home birth this time around and I’m sure there would have been some ‘what ifs’. For me, a home birth empowered me to make my own choices about my body, whereas old-school NCT classes focus on what can go wrong and medical intervention. I just want women to know that hospitals are not the only option. I was even allowed to have the post-birth checks and my baby’s heel prick test done at home so I didn’t step foot in a hospital afterwards. The midwife just scooped up the soiled towels and took them away with her as contaminated waste. Just over an hour after my daughter was born, I was laying in my own bed feeding her, wearing clean clothes and drinking tea from my own mug. In hospital, my husband would have been sent home until the next day but after doing a quick tidy-up of the living room, he climbed into bed with us and all three of us slept.

‘Our birthing pool had a puncture!’

Tara Rivero, 45, from East London has four children. She had two home births and two hospital births.

home birth

Tara’s fourth child, Isolda, was born at home

‘When my first child was born nine years ago, I had a hospital birth. I had got to 10 cm dilated at home and was fine, then I got to hospital and everything just completely stopped progressing – I’m sure it’s because I felt more stressed. But it was our first baby and my husband was keen that we went to hospital because we didn’t know what to expect. After being in hospital for four hours it ended up being a ventouse-assisted delivery; my son, Eamon, was born at 4am, then because it was outside of visiting hours, my husband was sent home. I was on my own and overwhelmed by motherhood.

Two years later, when pregnant again, I decided to go for a home birth. We wanted it to be more relaxing and calmer than my first delivery but none of my scans had picked up on the fact that the baby was huge – more than 10 pounds.

It was December, and snowing very heavily, and it was touch-and-go whether the midwives would get to us on time – always a concern with a home birth and a lesson not to make the call too late. My husband and I were living in a two-bed flat at the time and had bought a birthing pool on eBay, which we hadn’t road-tested first. Big mistake. It turned out it had a slow puncture and my poor husband spent the 16 hours that I was in labour boiling kettles to continuously re-fill the pool and keep it inflated with a hand-pump.

‘I got the home birth I wanted but I went into instant shock’

The midwives managed to get to us in time but I was in labour for so long that they had to do a shift-change halfway through. There are two midwives present when you deliver at home, and the ones who were taking over had bought a student with them so at one point there were five midwives in our tiny living room. Quite a squeeze!

My second son, Diarmiud, wasn’t delivered until 8 o’clock that evening. His head was so big he couldn’t get into the right position so he went spine-to-spine, which is really painful. Whenever I got in the pool because of the contractions, the contractions stopped and the midwives kept telling me to walk around but there were people everywhere and I didn’t feel like walking or eating and in the end I just looked at my husband and said ‘I can’t do it any more, take me to the hospital now’.

We persevered and eventually, I gave birth in the pool but my baby was grey and not breathing, which was terrifying. I panicked and the midwife told me to blow on his face so I did and he let out a cry. I’ve never felt more relief in my life. I handed the baby to my husband and I went into instant shock, freezing cold and shaking. I wish somebody had told me at the time but most babies look like this – it’s only in hospital that they whip them away, clean them up and they arrive looking pink and perfect. Being born under the water is why he didn’t breathe on his own initially but this was all normal too. My advice is to ask lots of questions beforehand so that there are no surprises.

Lessons I’ve learnt? Never buy a second hand pool from eBay! For my fourth birth – also a home birth – I hired a birthing pool instead. I went in to labour at midnight so all the other children were asleep and she was born in the bath at 9am in the end. She was 8lb and I had two amazing midwives with me. The best part was that my husband could stay with me the whole time and we weren’t restricted to hospital visiting hours. But my experiences have taught me that no two births are the same so try to keep an open mind.’

The post Mums on home births: ‘There were five midwives in our tiny living room’ appeared first on Marie Claire.

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The Five Whitest Industries in America

Owler, a company that provides business insight, released a report that sheds further light on diversity and inclusion in corporate America. The report reveals which industries are embracing diversity and which remain the whitest in the nation.


(Image: iStock/MangoStar_Studio)


Over 1.5 million members of Owler’s community weighed in on how diverse they felt the leadership teams were in the companies they work for. The data was composed of 11,700 responses that assessed the leadership team diversity for more than 1,100 organizations.

The businesses with the worst employee perception of diverse leadership are in the following five industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Industrial Goods and Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate and Construction

The Owler study also reflected the ongoing struggles for diversity within the tech industry. While there were many tech companies on the top 50 “Leadership Team by Diversity” list, as a whole, the tech industry ranked 7th out of 50.

The top industries with the most diverse leadership according to the report are:

  • Retail
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Travel, Recreation, and Leisure
  • Aerospace and Defense

Diverse leadership in a company including at the C-suite level and on the board, are found to accelerate diversification throughout the company. African American corporate directors are adamant about the need for diverse representation at the top. Sherwin Williams Co. director Matthew Thornton discussed this very subject in a Black Enterprise article focusing on power in the boardroom.

“I do feel I have a responsibility as a black board member,” says Sherwin-Williams Co. director Matthew Thornton.

“As black board members, when engaging in discussions and decisions on corporate governance and social issues, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Where and how can we make a meaningful difference?’”

“Having a seat at the table gives black board members the visibility and voice that will help companies connect the dots and focus on diversity and inclusion as critical aspects of long-term success.”

But a vocal few feel that with so much on the line, it’s unacceptable for black directors to take anything less than an activist stance.

“It is useless to advocate for diversity in the boardroom if we’re silent when we get there,” says Bruce Gordon, a former Verizon executive who sits on the boards of CBS Corp. and Northrop Grumman, bluntly.

“If you’re at the table and don’t use that seat to advance issues that are relevant to our community, then you’re wasting it and shouldn’t even be in the room. Get out of the seat and let somebody else have it.”

Additional reporting by Alisa Gumbs


Small Business – Black Enterprise


‘Five Came Back’: When Hollywood Enlisted in WWII

Hollywood loves nothing better than celebrating itself, and the new three-part Netflix documentary Five Came Back is a veritable orgy of self-congratulation. The noteworthy thing is, all the love is well deserved.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast – Books


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See Lady Gaga Perform, All Five Former Presidents Unite at Hurricane Benefit

All five living former U.S. presidents – Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter – united onstage together to help raise funds for

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Lady Gaga Perform, All Five Former Presidents Unite at Hurricane Benefit

Rolling Stone Latest Music News


Here Are Five of the Coolest Things We Did at New York Comic Con

It’s a wrap on New York Comic Con! We hope you were able to check out Team FANDOM’s coverage: from a preview of the upcoming blockbuster Pacific Rim 2 to fan favorite panels like The Walking Dead and Star Trek Discovery. And of course, all the fantastic cosplay!

But NYCC also has fun experiences for the fans. We checked out some of the best activations at the Javits Center.

Jigsaw Escape Room

Tied to the release of the upcoming horror film Jigsaw, this escape room experience put fans face-to-face with actors dressed as Billy the Puppet (the creepy white-faced doll). The film — the latest in the Saw franchise — opens October 27.

FANDOM’s Sharon Kehoe screamed so much that she actually lost her voice!

War For the Planet of the Apes Motion Capture Simulation

In one of the more interesting activations at New York Comic Con, FOX paired up with special effects company WETA to recreate a chase scene from War For the Planet of the Apes, out on digital October 10 and Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD on October 24.

Fans got to don WETA’s motion-capture gear and transform into Caesar as he is chased by other apes on horseback.

FANDOM’s Lawrence Yee actually lasted on the horse gimble longer than most, but hit a branch and fell off.

Nissin Cup Noodles’ Noods Before Dark

The Highline Ballroom was transformed into an exclusive party hosted by Tyler Posey. The Teen Wolf heartthrob and guests were able to customize their Cup Noodles instant ramen cups (both original and Very Veggie versions) and get their #slurpface on.

tyler posey teen wolf
Tyler Posey shows his slurp face while enjoying Nissin Cup Noodles. Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Nissin.

Since we were in Manhattan, we had to ask Tyler about the 15th anniversary of the romcom Maid in Manhattan. Check out his favorite memory, below:

XBox One X’s Drop Zone

Joel McHale previewed Doritos and Mountain Dew’s upcoming XBox One X Drop Zone event, where fans can participate in an augmented reality capture-the-flag game to win their own XBox One X. The event will take place November 10 weekend in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Fans can visit Every60Seconds.com to learn more.

Check out the hilarious interview to see what type of gamer the comedian/actor is, and be sure to stick until the end.

Hang Like Spider-Man Activation

To celebrate the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD release of Spider-Man Homecoming on October 17, fans were treated to a recreation of Peter Parker’s bedroom from the movie — with everything upside down.

FANDOM’s Jack DeVries got a chance to talk to Spidey’s bestie Ned to learn more about the inspiration behind the scene-stealing character.

The post Here Are Five of the Coolest Things We Did at New York Comic Con appeared first on Fandom powered by Wikia.

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The world’s five smallest countries


There are so many amazing countries in the world, each of them with their own unique customs and cultures. We know that Russia, by landmass, is the largest country in the world, but what about the smallest? With around 194 countries in the world, there is so much diversity and difference between a lot of them. And, there are quite a few countries that would fit into the bracket of world’s smallest; you’ll most likely have heard of most of them. But, we’re going to look at the top 5 smallest countries in the world today.

5. San Marino

San Marino is probably best known for the soccer matches in which they get trounced, usually by England. But, they are also famed for being one of the tiniest nations on Earth. Surrounded by Italy, San Marino is the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world. San Marino is a country full of charm and serenity, and a popular nation with tourists. Before the Second World War, San Marino was a very poor nation, but, these days, with around 3 million tourists flocking every year, the country has become one of the wealthier nations.

4. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an amazing tropical island country, situated in the Pacific Ocean just Northeast of Australia. With a population of just 100,000 people, Tuvalu is one of the world’s smallest nations. They also have just 1 hospital and only 8km of roads. The nation used to be a part of the British Empire, but gained its own independence in 1978, and became the fourth smallest country in the world.

3. Nauru

At just 21 km2, Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world. This tiny island nation, again off the coast of Australia, is known as the smallest island country in the world. It looks every inch the tropical paradise we imagined. Formerly known as the ‘Pleasant Island’ Nauru was a big place for phosphate mining. However, once natural resources ran out, it led to a huge boom in unemployment. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most visually spectacular nations in the world.

2. Monaco

Situated on the breathtaking French Riviera, it would be easy to mistake Monaco for a French city, but it’s actually a country in its own right. Okay, well, technically speaking Monaco is an independent principality, but officially it is classed as a country. The second smallest country in the world (2 km2) is also home to the greatest number of millionaires per capita of anywhere in the world. That’s probably to do with its size, but it is also hugely popular with the rich and famous.

1. Vatican

Again, much like Monaco, The Vatican is a curious one because we don’t traditionally tend to think of it as a city. It’s more sort of a principality or a city within Rome that has a degree of autonomy. But, the Vatican is actually classed as its own country. It has its own set of rules and laws, and even has a national soccer team! The country fits comfortably inside the city of Rome and is the center of Catholicism on the planet. With a surface area of 0.44 km2, The Vatican is comfortably the smallest country in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

These are the five smallest nations in the world, and we’d definitely like to visit some of them. Whether or not you agree with the classification of The Vatican and Monaco as countries is a matter for debate. But, in an official capacity, they are seen as being the smallest nations in the world, a fact that makes them even more iconic.


The post The world’s five smallest countries appeared first on Worldation.



The Five Bells Inn, Brabourne (near Ashford), Kent: hotel review

Cosy and slightly bonkers rooms (in a good way), a welcoming bar and scrumptious food make this pub with rooms an ideal base for exploring Romney Marsh and the North Downs

This must be the most eccentric room I’ve slept in: everything’s oversized, slightly mad or both. One side of the fireplace is taken up by a framed floor-to-ceiling black-and-white photo of sculpted Renaissance bottoms, while on the other a leopard-print chair almost reaches the ceiling. There are toiletries on a huge brass tray by the freestanding bath, a sunburst mirror, some modern wallpaper and lots of exposed brick, all reflected in another mirror – gilt-framed and two metres high. Only the loo, behind a door in the corner, is reassuringly normal.

Continue reading…
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Five Reasons to Like Pantsuits

Pantsuits are making a comeback across a range of silhouettes, colours, fabrics and pant lengths. Some are classic and tailored, while others are sharp-shouldered, slouchy and oversized. Neutrals, non-neutrals, brights, pastels, earth tones, jewel tones, muted mid-tones and patterns. Long jackets and short jackets. Cropped or full-length pants. High rises and lower rises. Pleated pants or flat fronts. Tapered legs or flares. You name it, the combination came down the runway for Fall & Winter 2017. 

I love the look of a trouser suit. What I enjoy most is that it’s defying the trend towards casualization and giving us more choices. Here are five more reasons to love them.

Dressy, Tailored, Flattering & Professional

If you choose to wear a tailored pantsuit that fits and drapes well, you’re going to look pulled together and professional no matter what. The proportions are traditionally flattering, creating a slimming and streamlined effect. 

You’ll set a dressy standard wearing a pantsuit. You don’t have to dress casually if you don’t want to, which is the point of Modern fashion. This is 2017, where fashion and style are about choice, individualism, and how you personally interpret a trend. A person wearing a suit can look just as appropriate as someone wearing Athleisure in a similar day-to-day setting. 

An Easy Outfit Option

Wearing a pantsuit with matching jacket and bottom can become a daily uniform, and an easy option. Swap out the tops, accessories and shoes with the same suit, and you’ll have a range of fast fall back outfits. If you have an assortment of pantsuits, your fast fall back outfit options increase, and so does the ease of putting an outfit together. 

A Fun Fashion Statement

Pantsuits don’t need to be tailored and dark. They can be patterned, bright, shiny, pastel, and a lot roomier in silhouette. They don’t need to be matched with a stiff button-down shirt either. You can layer just about any top under a suit, from T-shirts and blouses, to crop tops, pullovers, turtle-necks, tanks and knitted tops. Classic heeled pumps are not your only footwear option. Think flat oxfords, loafers, ballet flats, pointy-toe flat, mules, wrapped sandals, ankle strap pumps, booties, and patterned shoes. Or combine the look with sneakers for a Sporty Luxe vibe. Be creative. 

Comfortable Party Wear 

A pantsuit is a fab alternative to a frock for a dressy occasion, especially if you don’t fancy wearing dresses. They can be more comfortable, less fussy, and a lot more insulating in the dead of Winter. Plus you seldom need to wear shapewear with a pantsuit. You can enjoy a meal and not worry about a constricting foundation garment and protruding midsection. Have dessert! 


Dress codes have relaxed in the US, and these days a dark pair of dressed up or dressed down jeans will take you almost anywhere. If you don’t have a business formal dress code at work, and you enjoy dressing in a  unique way, wearing a pantsuit regularly is one way to go. 

I have two old trouser suits that are in excellent condition. I wear neither very often even though they fit well and look reasonably current. The charcoal pinstriped Theory suit is eight years old, and the avant-garde black suit is six years old. The former requires two inch heels, which puts me off. The flare and drape of the bootcut trousers is elegant with heels so I’m not hemming them for flats. I’m also not into charcoal grey. The black suit is a strictly Summer look with short cropped pants. It looks good with flats, but I haven’t been feeling “all black” for a while. I might pass on the grey Theory suit to Dress for Success, but I’m definitely keeping the black suit that I bought in Tokyo. It’s tailored and too unique to date. I might feel like the blackness of it at some point later, and will keep you posted. In the meantime, I’ll be looking out for a fun suit that isn’t black and doesn’t require heels to look fabulous. Could be a great holiday look, and a fun way to change things up.

Over to you. How do you feel about pantsuits?

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Watch Lady Gaga’s Personal New ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ Trailer

Lady Gaga has unveiled a new teaser trailer for her forthcoming Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary. The clip premiered at Air Canada Centre in Toronto preceding her show on

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: Watch Lady Gaga’s Personal New ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ Trailer

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‘Five Came Back’: When Hollywood Enlisted in WWII

Hollywood loves nothing better than celebrating itself, and the new three-part Netflix documentary Five Came Back is a veritable orgy of self-congratulation. The noteworthy thing is, all the love is well deserved.

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Sir Tom Jones cancels US tour due to mystery illness – just five days before it was set to begin

SIR Tom Jones has cancelled his US tour with just five days to go due to a mystery illness.

The unspecified health scare forced the singer, 77, to release a statement late last night.


Sir Tom Jones has had to cancel all 18 US concerts due to a mystery illness[/caption]

His management team said: “Tom sends his sincere apologies to his fans and looks forward to seeing them again in 2018.”

He was due to do 18 concerts between September 6 and October 6.

It is believed the star had been suffering from exhaustion after a UK and European tour of 26 gigs in 12 countries.

The gruelling tour brought positive reviews after a tough couple of years that left him considering retirement.

His wife of 59 years, Linda, died last year.

Getty Images – Getty

Tom’s wife, Linda (pictured), died last year at the age of 59[/caption]

Fame Flynet

Tom’s management released a statement saying: ‘Tom sends his sincere apologies to his fans and looks forward to seeing them again in 2018’[/caption]

British Transport Police officers belt out Tom Jones' Delilah at Glastonbury

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Five Dead as Flood Waters Rise in Houston

At least five people were killed and more than 1,000 people were rescued overnight as record rainfall saturated Houston as part of Hurricane Harvey, the National Weather Service said. Flood waters are continuing to rise in the area, which has been under a flash flood emergency since Saturday night. At least 20 inches of rain have fallen in the city. The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm, but is still expected to bring heavy thunderstorms to the area in the coming days.

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Police in Fargo, North Dakota, found a healthy, two-day old newborn alive on Thursday, five days after an eight-month-old pregnant woman vanished, as they continue to search for the missing mom-to-be

Police in Fargo, North Dakota, found a healthy, two-day old newborn alive on Thursday, five days after an eight-month-old pregnant woman vanished, PEOPLE confirms.

The pregnant woman, Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind, 22, of Fargo, is still missing, Fargo Police Chief David Todd said in an update on Facebook.

“We do not have information that tells us where Savanna Greywind is,” the chief said.

“At this point in time, we are not able to confirm if the newborn is Savanna Greywind’s child or not,” he said.

According to local news outlets, the infant was found in the same apartment building where Lafontaine-Greywind lives – and where she was last seen before she vanished, her family told local TV station WDAY.

Police returned to the apartment building after a baby’s cries were heard in an upstairs apartment police had previously searched, local TV station WDAZ reports.

The baby found at the apartment was taken to the hospital by authorities.

The startling revelation came as the police chief said officers had two suspects in custody in connection with the woman’s disappearance.

“We have two people detained,” he said. “The investigation is proceeding.”

On Wednesday, he said investigators were able to gather enough information to obtain a search warrant, which they executed the following day.

“When we conducted the search warrant at the suspect’s residence, we discovered an infant that appears to be a newborn,” Todd said.

Lafontaine-Greywind is described as 5-foot-4, with long brown hair, green eyes and tattoos on her right leg and foot. She was wearing a pink shirt, shorts, and Nike slip-on sandals before she vanished.

She is a certified nursing assistant at Eventide Fargo, a local senior citizens residence.

A Family’s Horror

The family’s ordeal began on Saturday, when a woman living in a third-floor apartment knocked on the door of the LaFontaine-Greywind family’s basement apartment and asked if Savanna would model a dress she was sewing so she could pin it, offering to pay her $ 20 for doing so, the Forum News Service reports.

The family didn’t know the woman well, according to the outlet. After saying she would go to help, Savanna left the apartment but never returned, reportedly leaving her car and wallet behind.

When Savanna’s mother, Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind when to check on her daughter upstairs, she was told Savanna had left.

“I immediately knew something was wrong because car is here,” Norberta told the Forum News Service. “She’s eight months pregnant. Her feet were swollen, so she wouldn’t have taken up walking like that. There was pizza here that she hadn’t eaten. She would not just leave that lady’s apartment and go somewhere.”

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According to the Forum News Service, the last time Savanna’s mother heard from her was when Savanna texted to let her know that she was going upstairs to help the neighbor.

“We didn’t think too much about it,” Norberta said.

She also texted her boyfriend, Ashton Matheny, around the same time. “We were joking around,” he reportedly told local TV station WDAY.

The upstairs neighbor’s apartment has since been searched three times by police, according to the Forum News Service.

A second-floor neighbor in the family’s apartment building said that he and a roommate heard sustained noise in the bathroom above their apartment on Saturday afternoon, according to the Pioneer.

“We were getting ready to leave we heard a banging in the bathtub” for about 15 or 20 minutes, about 1:30 or 2 p.m., he said.

Then he heard the shower turn on: “It seemed kind of odd.”

‘Excited’ to Be a Mom

Savanna and Matheny are expecting a daughter in late September, the Forum News Service reports, and she is “very excited” about becoming a mom, her mother said.

Matheny said he and Savanna were about to move into a new apartment, which they had prepared for the baby’s arrival. Now he is spending his days searching for his missing girlfriend.

“It’s unlike her to just up and disappear like that without telling anything,” he told WDAY. “I don’t think that she would do that.”

“I don’t understand why she would leave without her wallet, her car keys, her car,” Matheny said.

Fargo Police and Fontaine-Greywind’s family did not immediately respond to calls for comment.


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Five Acre Barn, Leiston, Suffolk: hotel review

With adventurous contemporary architecture, cool styling and a warm welcome, this is a chic alternative to Suffolk’s many old-fashioned, chintzy B&Bs

To most first-time visitors, the Suffolk coast seems a sleepy kind of place. Cut off by a lack of main roads (either refreshing or frustrating, depending on your perspective), its Constable landscapes remain largely unchanged, its coastal towns and villages yielding to a bygone idyll of rowing boats (Thorpeness), faded Victorian architecture (Aldeburgh) and wind-whipped walks and crabbing (Walberswick). It seems peculiar that an area such as this, so obviously ripe for swooning urbanites, has so few decent places to stay – other than full holiday houses or chintzy B&Bs.

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Five challenges to big deals as MLB trade deadline closes in

Baseball is played over 162 games and six months and the long view — think patience, patience, patience — is almost always the best policy. Almost. As the clock ticks toward the Monday’s 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline, time is no longer on any buyer‘s or seller’s side. The micro bumps the macro. Thus, it…
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Five Cities Receive Half-a-Million-Dollar Grants to Boost Spending with Black Businesses

Five cities have received grants totaling a half-million dollars via a national program to help black- and women-owned firms land more contracts with local governments.

(Image: iStock/monkeybusinessimages)


As part of an expanded City Accelerator program, Charlotte, Chicago, Memphis, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles will each get $ 100,000 to boost procurement spending with those businesses.

During the next year, the five cities will work together to refine their approach for that activity, including pursuing at least one new strategy to increase the diversity of municipal vendors and contractors and direct buying more goods and services from local minority-owned firms.

Compelled to Boost Spending with Diverse Vendors


The program, funded by the nonprofit agencies of Living Cities and the Citi Foundation, was started four years ago to also spur economic development activities and create jobs in communities with a high number of low-income residents. Participating cities have procurement programs in place or desire to boost their spending with diverse vendors.

At the same time, a growing number of cities are placing a higher priority on procurement reform. And the ante is high for potential suppliers, with annual procurement spending by cities across America estimated at $ 1.6 trillion. Another prospect is that these cities will inspire local companies to do more business with those vendors.

Though the cities will of course decide what type of diverse businesses they might hire, some observers contend that they could range from suppliers and service companies that can do everything from local infrastructure work to those providing retail services.

“These cities are taking a hard look at how they purchase goods and services for their communities,” Ed Skyler, Citi’s executive vice president for global public affairs and chairman of the Citi Foundation, stated in a press release. “They recognize that there is an opportunity to strengthen their procurement practices—and cities overall—by connecting directly with the diverse businesses and ideas within their communities.” Skyler is also a former deputy mayor of New York City.

Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities, agrees. “These five cities were asked to lead the way, and we are excited to lift up their work as examples of how we can create a new urban practice dedicated to getting dramatically better results for low-income people faster.”

(Image: Living Cities)




New Approaches to Do More Business with Suppliers


In North Carolina, Charlotte is making progress after a 2014 study ranked it last in economic mobility among the 50 largest cities. “The City of Charlotte is committed to providing equal access and opportunities for all businesses to grow, especially businesses owned by people of color,” Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, stated in a press release. “Through the City’s Charlotte Business Inclusion Policy, we have made significant strides, achieving $ 41 million in spending with local minority, women, small business enterprises in fiscal year 2016.”

Another city, Milwaukee, intends to ramp up its procurement activity with diverse vendors. The Governing.com blog reports the city spends over $ 200 million on contracted services a year, spanning from construction to copier maintenance. It has a population of slightly more than 600,000 people.

Referred to as a “minority-majority” city, only 30% of Milwaukee’s businesses are owned by people of color. A city ordinance prevents the city from directing efforts toward increasing the number of minority or women-owned small business owners. But it appears that the city is hoping to change that.

“We have long emphasized connecting our work on the city with jobs and businesses in the city,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett stated in a press release. “Working with the City Accelerator on our procurement strategies will help connect us to more city businesses, and support business growth throughout Milwaukee.”

The five newest cities will also get coaching and technical help to apply new strategies to enhance their procurement practices in addition to the grants.

Other cities have worked on programs beyond just improving procurement activity.


Ongoing Programs to Enhance to Local Economic Development Efforts


Since 2013, City Accelerator has worked with 12 U.S. municipalities to test new ways to drive sustainable growth while boosting opportunity for residents with small income.

In Philadelphia, the city tested the use of various messages and attention-grabbing mailings to ensure that low-income seniors were signing up for subsidies offering a 25% reduction in their water bills.

In San Francisco, the city is using its City Accelerator support to develop a financing plan to reinforce the city’s coastal seawall, which protects vital public transportation assets and land designated for affordable housing on land adjacent to the Port of San Francisco.


Small Business – Black Enterprise


Five Towns Neurology Receive Tribute & Medicine Discount Cards by Charles Myrick of ACRX

ACRX Recognition Gallery: American Consultants Rx
http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.

The American Consultants Rx discount prescription cards are to be given free to anyone in need of help curbing the high cost of prescription drugs.

Due to the rising costs, unstable economics, and the mounting cost of prescriptions, American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACRX) a.k.a (ACIRX) an Atlanta based company was born in 2004. The ACRX discount prescription card program was created and over 25 million discount prescription cards were donated to over 18k organizations across the country to be distributed to those in need of prescription assistance free of charge since 2004.

The ACRX cards will offer discounts of name brand drugs of up to 40% off and up to 60% off of generic drugs. They also possess no eligibility requirements, no forms to fill out, or expiration date as well .One card will take care of a whole family. Also note that the ACRX cards will come to your organization already pre-activated .The cards are good at over 50k stores from Walgreen, Wal mart, Eckerd”s, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, and many more. Any one can use these cards but ACRX is focusing on those who are uninsured, underinsured, or on Medicare. The ACRX cards are now in Spanish as well.

American Consultants Rx made arrangements online for the ACRX card to be available at http://www.acrxcards.com where it can also be downloaded. This arrangement has been made to allow organizations an avenue to continue assisting their clients in the community until they receive their orders of the ACRX cards. ACRX made it possible for cards to be requested from online for individuals and organizations free of charge. Request for the ACRX cards can also be made by mailing a request to : ACRX, P.O.Box 161336,Atlanta,GA 30321, faxing a written request to 404-305-9539,or calling the office at 404-767-1072. Please include name (if organization please include organization and contact name),mailing address,designate Spanish or English,amount of cards requested,and telephone number.

American Consultants Rx is working diligently to assist as many people and organizations as possible. It should be noted that while many other organizations and companies place a cost on their money saving cards, American Consultants Rx does not believe a cost should be applied, just to assist our fellow Americans. American Consultants Rx states that it will continue to strive to assist those in need.

Hen & Rooster Knives I026 Five Piece Kitchen Set

Hen & Rooster Knives I026 Five Piece Kitchen Set

Hen & Rooster – Five Piece Kitchen Set. Model HRI026. Knives feature high carbon forged stainless blades with contoured POM handles. Full tang. Includes one each of 8″ overall paring knife with 3 3/8″ blade, 9 3/8″ overall utility knife with 4 3/4″ blade, 11 1/4″ overall boning knife with 6″ blade, 13 3/8″ overall slicer with 8 1/8″ blade and 13 1/2″ overall Santoku with 8″ blade. Also includes a clear acrylic block that holds all knives.
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Peppy Five Organic Wood Sorting Toy by Baby Baazaar

Peppy Five Organic Wood Sorting Toy by Baby Baazaar

The Peppy Five Organic Wood Sorting Toy by Baby Bazaar is a wooden toy that includes five colorful stem stackers. It encourages children to learn counting and understand number concepts. While playing, the child learns about color matching and increasing and decreasing quantities. Baby Bazaar is a non-profit company and a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Completely hand-crafted in India.
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Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf (Hardcover) A timeless classic with nearly one million copies in print, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons outlines the building blocks of winning golf from one of the all-time masters of the sport-fully illustrated with drawings and diagrams to improve your game instantly.
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Chronicle Books High Five Pop-Up Notecards Camp Stationery

Chronicle Books High Five Pop-Up Notecards Camp Stationery

The Chronicle Books High Five Pop-Up Notecards are an awesome way to say congrats, thanks, or hello, these notecards feature pop-ups of ridiculously cute animals high-fiving one another. High fives all around! Includes:Assorted animals10 Pop-up Notecards & Envelopes 4 1/2 x 6 1/2″
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Kayla Itsines’s “Army” Just Broke *Five* World Records At Once

Kayla Itsines’s “Army” just broke five world records proving this Instagram fitness star knows how to get people moving.
Drew Barrymore goes makeup-free to honor the special women in her life, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz.
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Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf (Hardcover) A timeless classic with nearly one million copies in print, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons outlines the building blocks of winning golf from one of the all-time masters of the sport-fully illustrated with drawings and diagrams to improve your game instantly.
List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 24.99

Wholesale antique antique manuscripts and old book bindings books classics drawing geographical five tactics rice paper roll 7

Wholesale antique antique manuscripts and old book bindings books classics drawing geographical five tactics rice paper roll 7

Antique books Drawing mansion three to (3pcs) Feng Shui books wire-bound rice paper handwritten Hardcover classics
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Wild Wedding Sex: Five Bride Erotica Stories (Unabridged)

Wild Wedding Sex: Five Bride Erotica Stories (Unabridged)

Nobody does rough and reluctant bride sex like bestselling erotica author Kitty Lee, and this collection of five rough wedding sex erotica stories show why! Whether you’re looking for hard lesbian bondage, stranger sex, double team sex, or even a humiliating wedding night gangbang, this is your bundle!

1. Punished For Wedding Day Jitters: A Bride BDSM Erotica Story

Holly just can’t go through with it. She loves Luke, but she’s just not sure she can ever be the woman he needs. She hasn’t even lived! Won’t she be condemning him to a life of boredom? She’s alone at her house in her wedding dress when her wedding planner, Kayla, shows up. Kayla’s not taking no for an answer, and Holly discovers soon enough that she’s going to have to say “I do” to a whole lot more than her groom. She’s going to have her first lesbian experience, and she’s going to have it while she submits to domination, humiliation, and rough punishment!

2. The Bride’s Reluctant Honeymoon Threesome: A Rough Bondage Erotica Story

Laura feels good to be Mrs. Logan, but Mr. Logan is ready to help her push boundaries. The Honeymoon Suite is beautiful with candles, flowers, champagne… and a massage table. Karl Logan isn’t about to leave the massage to chance, though. He’ll get help from a beautiful girl, and Mrs. Logan is about to hurtle right past her comfort zone in a red hot menage a trois filled with ropes, gags, handcuffs, and her first lesbian sex experience!

3. Rough Stranger Sex on My Wedding Night: A Honeymoon Bondage First Anal Sex Short

I knew I looked good on my wedding night, but I couldn’t figure out why my new husband was being so secretive. I sure found out, though, because right there in the honeymoon suite while I was taking a lovely bath he’d prepared, a stranger showed up! Before I knew it, I was handcuffed and gagged. This stranger decided he was going to take everything he could… whether I offered it or not, and that included my first …
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Women’s Blue loofah denim Five fingers Boots Comfortable Sports shoes for Hiking/climbing/jogging/fitness training/yoga/pilates foot shaped

Women’s Blue loofah denim Five fingers Boots Comfortable Sports shoes for Hiking/climbing/jogging/fitness training/yoga/pilates foot shaped

Direct from factory; Brand new shoes; Color as the photo; You can mix any colors and any sizes in one order;Any question pls feel free to contact us.Thanks.
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Khloe Kardashian Blasts Liposuction Rumors, Says ‘I Bust My Ass’ In The Gym Five Days A Week

If you follow Khloe Kardashian on Instagram, you know she spends a lot of time in the gym. The 30-year-old is seriously proud of all the hard work that has gone into her body transformation, which is why you can’t blame the woman for being sick and tired of rumors saying she cut corners to get her fab figure.

On Tuesday, Kardashian took to Twitter to blast haters spreading rumors that she’d gotten liposuction.

Back in February, Kardashian celebrated the emergence of what she called her “baby abs” and wrote about her ongoing relationship with the gym:

My fitness journey will be a life long journey. Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be. I’m not where I want to be and who knows if I ever will be,”she wrote.But I am healthier than ever and due to my consistent workouts, I am slowly seeing results. Hi baby abs !! I see you!!! I hope to meet your other ab friends soon (yes I’m talking to my muscles. I’ve never met most of them before).

Looking back at pictures of myself I didn’t realize at the time how unhealthy my lifestyle actually was. People love to call me the fat one but as weird as it sounds I still don’t think I would consider myself fat back then. Definitely overweight and unhealthy, yes. About two years ago I decided to turn to fitness as a form of therapy and as a stress reliever. I started slow and eventually I started working out 4 to 5 days a week. We all have to start somewhere and doing something is better than nothing at all. Start small so you don’t get discouraged and give up. Remember it is all about consistency. There are no quick fixes if you want long-term results. Working out is a huge part of my life now. I genuinely enjoy sweating out my frustrations and living a healthier life. My workouts are not all about vanity. They are about clarity for my mind and soul. We all have different journeys in life, make sure your journey is for you and you alone. Remember in the end the turtle won the race. Slow and steady. dedication and tenacity.

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

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Style – The Huffington Post
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How to Let Go of Your Fears in Five Steps

Why is it so difficult to let go of our fears? How much easier life would be if we dared to go ahead and we would not worry about everything. You should let go of your fears, not stick to them. It is difficult to know what belongs to you, as you often do not even realize that you have adopted something, and at the same time you consider things as your reality which have nothing to do with reality. Notice what does not belong to you, that is holding you back and eliminate it from your life; do not let it slow you down. The following tasks help me each and every time I would like to conquer my fears.


1. Write down your fears

If you have the courage to write them down, you are halfway there. Lot of fears are eating us from the inside, and we are so used to them that we don’t even realize they exist. They are hidden in our words and in our beliefs. We have made them part of our lives, but remember: you shouldn’t stick to your fears, you should let them go.

2. Go into details

Write down the main areas of your life and make lists of your blockages. This task will help you dig even deeper into your fears. I know, you still say that this task is not for you, but if you follow the five steps, you will soon realize it is only your ego tricking you. From your job to you career and to your relationships, take a look at the things that might hold you back. Think of the reasons why you are not taking certain steps.

Don’t forget:
your circumstances keep changing all the time, don’t camp in the past. Just because something could not happen last year, it might happen this year.

3. Analyze

Now that you have a list of your fears, deal with them one by one. Why are you afraid of it? Because if you don’t succeed, it’s a failure? Why are you afraid of failure? What kind of image do you have of failure? How were you treated in the past when you failed?

The attitude and the experience you associate with the specific events are important. If in your case it is negative, you only have to change that. The following stories will help you with that.

I know people who have been competing a lot since they were kids, and when they didn’t win, their parents praised them anyhow and told them that it was also a part of the journey. If you want to be very good, you have to make a lot of mistakes; it is only the cowards that don’t try. It is a myth that you are good only if you do everything perfectly. I think it works this way: you accept that you make mistakes, but you learn, because you WANT to grow.

The second story: a boy told me once that when he accidentally broke a glass as a child, his mother would start to scream her lungs out and say “how clumsy you are, son!” All through his childhood, this boy convinced himself that he is clumsy, because his mother said so, and he has been afraid he might break a glass ever since. Is it a realistic fear? No. Nevertheless, he hates eating out, since he is afraid it will happen again. I asked him to talk about this with his mother. It turned out that her mother simply got a heart attack every time, because when she was a child a wall collapsed behind her back, and since then if anything breaks around her, her reaction is like that. It also turned out that she was also worried that her son might get hurt.
You see how much depends on whether you communicate with others in a clear way? But for this, you need to know your fears and to know how the events of your past influence the present.

4. Change your viewpoint

Face them! Now that you have elaborated on the exact causes of your fears, think about it: is it a realistic fear? What will happen if you fail? Nothing – but if you don’t even try, you will think about it for the rest of your life, WHAT IF? I wouldn’t wish this kind of life on anyone. Once your attitude is changed, here comes the next step: you should face your fear.

E.g. “I’m afraid I won’t be enough.”
– Why do you think so?
E.g. “My mother always told me no-one would want me,” “My ex-partner told me I would never find anyone better than him,” etc.
– Is my fear real? What do I think?

Write down your opinion honestly, why you think you are not enough. If you always write “I’m unlucky in this”, “every man is an asshole”, “I’ll be fooled again, no matter what” and the like, than look a bit further: what happens if you don’t succeed the first or second time? Nothing. Is every man really an asshole? Surely not. If you know only one who isn’t, you should hope that there are more. This can’t be your attitude, since you will get what is in your head. And finally: why would you be fooled again? Just because you failed an exam once, you won’t fail again. Just because you got lost in a city once, you won’t necessarily get lost again. Think about it. We always learn and grow.

Why isn’t your attitude like this: the more times you are fooled and the more negative experience you have, the easier it will be in the long run to see who can stay and who should go. After a while you will be able to spot the people you have nothing to do with you in no time, and you will be able to save many weeks, months, years and great disappointments. Let things happen the way they are supposed to happen, and don’t rule out the possibility that something might turn out good at the end of the day. I know it is difficult to believe that you deserve good things, but it is worth a try.