Five common myths about cervical screening busted by an OBGYN

Because attending your smear test is seriously important, and nothing to worry about

cervical screening

Getting your cervical screening might not feel like a walk in the park, but it’s nowhere near the ordeal that you may be freaking out about.

But smear tests are SO important and it’s absolutely essential that you know your stuff and – most importantly – attend your appointment.

The number of women going to their cervical smear test is at a 20 year low, with 25% of women not attending their appointment. However, Treatwell noticed that bookings for intimate waxes was up by 84% year on year.

This year they’ve launched the ‘Life Saving Wax’ campaign in partnership with Public Health England, an initiative encouraging beauty therapists to open up the conversation around smear tests and ultimately get more women to attend their appointment.

With this in mind, we turned Dr Christine Ekechi, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, to clear the fog and break down the most popular myths about cervical screening. Here’s what you need to know…

Myth 1: Cervical screening detects the presence of cancer

A smear test doesn’t actually test for cervical cancer, but pre-cancerous cells known as cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). ‘I frequently get asked by women whether cervical screening detects the presence of cancer so, if you are one of these people, then I assure you that you are not alone, says Dr Christine. ‘As a matter of fact, it appears that many women of all ages are confused as to the purpose of cervical screening, which in some cases may lead them to delay or not attend. But this needn’t be the case.

‘Cervical screening is a test to check the health of the cells of the cervix, which involves taking a small sample of cells from just within the cervix to do so. Most women’s test results show that everything is normal, but for around 1 in 20 women, the test shows some abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix. Most of these changes won’t lead to cervical cancer and the cells may go back to normal on their own. But in some cases, the abnormal cells need to be removed so they can’t become cancerous.

‘In this way, regular screening, which only takes a few minutes, can help stop cervical cancer before it starts, as the test identifies potentially harmful cells before they become cancerous and ensures women get the right treatment as soon as possible. In a similar way, some women believe a cervical screen is the correct test for abnormal vaginal bleeding to rule out the presence of cancer. A cervical screen is unhelpful in this situation and any abnormal bleeding must be investigated by a doctor.’

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Hello everyone! I’ve finally decided to listen to the calls of friends, family and patients to create a space on IG for health and well-being information for black and ethnic minority women (BAME) 😁 ………………………………………………… Who am I? I am a London based Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and a women’s health advocate. My job involves helping women manage their health concerns from young adulthood through pregnancy and the amazing years beyond that! ………………………………………………… Why am I doing this? The health statistics for BAME women are still appalling. Working with government, charities and other organisations I want to address this issue. What better way than direct education and discussion here? I am a black woman. I am a doctor. I am a patient. What affects you affects me so let’s rewrite the narrative. Let’s own our narrative. All are welcome to follow including our men! So let’s get started…..

A post shared by Dr Christine Ekechi (@dr_christine_ekechi) on

Myth 2: Smear tests are always extremely painful

One of the main reasons women cite for not attending their smear is that they’re too scared that it will be painful. ‘Everyone’s experience of cervical screening is different, some women find it painful, some find it uncomfortable and some may just experience a small scratch,’ the doctor explains.

‘However, it is important to remember that the nurses are trained to work with their patients and put them at ease and the test should only take 5 minutes. There are also many things that you can do to put yourself at ease or make the experience more comfortable, which many people are unaware of. For instance:

  • Talk to your nurse during the test and remember you are in control and can stop the test whenever you want to
  • Ask for a smaller speculum
  • Ask to lie in a different position
  • Take someone you trust to the appointment like a friend or family member
  • Ask your nurse about breathing exercises, as these can help
  • Take in music or a podcast to distract you.’

Myth 3: If you’ve had the HPV vaccine, you don’t need to go for your smear test

‘This is another common myth I get asked frequently. Although the HPV vaccine protects against 7 out of 10 (70%) cases of cervical cancer, a woman may still contract a type of high-risk HPV which the vaccine does not protect against. Therefore it is still important to attend routine screening when invited as this will help to detect early whether one of the other high-risk HPV infections have been contracted or whether there are any changes to cells (abnormalities).’

Myth 4: Only heterosexual, sexually active women need cervical screening

‘This is most definitely not true. Everyone with a cervix should take up their cervical screening invitation, regardless of their sexual orientation or what gender they define themselves as. Most changes to the cells of the cervix (abnormalities) are caused by persistent infection with HPV. As HPV can be passed on through skin-to-skin contact in the genital area, sexually active lesbian and bisexual people are still at risk. This is also true for transgender women who still have a cervix, and women.

‘Sadly, due to the lack of awareness around this, the uptake rates of cervical screening is significantly lower for lesbian, bisexual women and trans women, as they may believe that they don’t need screening because they don’t have sex with men. But, as mentioned earlier, HPV can be passed on through simple skin-to-skin contact in the genital area.’

Myth 5: An abnormal smear = you have cancer

Many women understandably worry about the results of their test, but one crucial thing to always bear in mind is that having an ‘abnormal’ smear does not mean you have cancer. Cervical screening isn’t a test for cancer, instead it can stop cancer before it starts by checking the health of your cervix and identifying any abnormal cells that could develop into cancer in the future.

Dr Christine Ekechi is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at NHS Imperial College Healthcare, specialising in early pregnancy and acute gynaecology. You can follow her on Instagram at @dr_christine_ekechi

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Five Warning Signs of Serious Plumbing Concerns

As a homeowner, you’ve probably handled your
share of inconvenient plumbing messes. From cleaning toys of the toilet
to waking up to a cold shower, there are plenty of situations that an
experienced repair person can resolve on their own. However, there are
several situations that should lead you to call in an expert. It isn’t
always the work that’s complicated but the potential for hidden dangers
that is the difference between DIY and professional repairs.

1. Slow-Moving Drains

These early warning signs could be an indication of a simple clog to
pipes that are full of buildup. There may even be trouble with the
grading of the drainage system. Don’t underestimate the amount of
trouble that could be hiding within your plumbing system. Worn pipes,
deeply buried clogs, tree roots, and similar situations could become
very expensive if they aren’t spotted in their early stages.

2. Frequently-Occurring Clogs

There are several drains throughout the home that are easily clogged
when hair, pasta, and inappropriate items are washed into the pipes. You
can avoid a lot of trouble by monitoring what goes into the drains and with consistent maintenance.
If, however, you are constantly working on a clogged drain in the
shower, it’s time to call a professional. It may be that you just aren’t
getting the entire clog, or maybe there is trouble further down the

3. Multiple Drains Clogged at Once

If, one day, you realize that the kitchen sink is clogged and so are
the sinks and tubs in the bathroom, don’t waste any time in contacting a
plumber. These clogs indicate that something is going on deep within
the drain system. Neither plungers nor chemicals can reach that far, and
chemical drain cleaners may actually cause further damage.

4. Bad Smells

The unpleasant odors associated with sewer systems should never come
from any of the drains in your home. If you do notice any of these
smells, there may be debris and pollutants built up causing the stink,
or there could be broken sewer pipes. In a worst-case scenario, there
may be problems forcing sewage back into your home.

5. Overflows and Flooding

These are probably some of the worst situations you can face with
your plumbing system. Whether there’s standing water in the basement
near a floor drain or water gushing from a toilet, the potential for
damages is high. Act quickly to avoid contact with contaminated water.
First, turn off the main water supply to the home. Second, contact a
professional who is qualified to provide drain repair services.

There are plumbing situations you can probably handle on your own.
When you recognize early warning signs of trouble, don’t take chances.
Calling a professional at the right moment could help you prevent much
more expensive cleanup and repairs.

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Major study finds one in five children have mental health problems

One in five Ontario children and youth suffer from a mental disorder, but less than one-third have had contact with a mental health care provider. A new study included 10,802 children and youth aged four to 17 in 6,537 families. It replicated and expanded on the landmark 1983 Ontario Child Health Study of 3,290 children in 1,869 families.
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How to see five UK national parks by public transport

For National Parks Fortnight we pick ways walkers can dodge the traffic and explore these areas in a more eco-friendly way

Jewelled by emerald islands, fringed by beautiful wooded shores and surrounded by grand hills and mountains, Loch Lomond – where the Scottish Highlands “begin” – often feels much further from civilisation than it actually is. Balloch, on the southern shores of the loch, is just a 50-minute train ride from Glasgow Queen Street. From there, a network of waterbuses links a constellation of points across Loch Lomond and its neighbour in the Trossachs, Loch Katrine, and they make getting around a joyful novelty.

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2013, 2019, 2024: Where Did You Think You’d Be By Now? Where Do You Want to Be in Five Years?

stock photo of yellow traffic sign showing one path with two arrows forking out

A little more than 5 years ago, we had a post about career plans where basically we asked everyone to look into their crystal balls and tell us where they wanted to be five years from that date (November 2013) — and I promised to revisit the post in 5 years and give everyone the option to update us. (Today I’ll be emailing everyone who originally gave me their email address and permission to email them, asking them to come back and comment as well!) If you commented on the original post — please copy and paste your original comment into this thread — and then update it. If you didn’t comment on the original post, please comment below — have the past five years gone according to plan? (If not, what derailed you or propelled you onto a different path?) Where do you want to be in the next five years (2024)? Please leave your email address and I’ll contact you if/when we do this in 2024!   

Here was the original ask, inspired by a New York Times documentary that looked up women originally profiled in a 2001 article, back when they were all junior associates at a BigLaw firm.  The more recent article/documentary looked up several of the women profiled and found that many had not accomplished their original goals, many pondering whether the gender gap had an impact on them. The thrust of the article was that women were underestimating the extent to which gender issues would affect their careers. Here was my ask of the readers, back in 2013:

I’m going to ask you guys to scroll forward in YOUR Palm Pilots* (tee hee) and tell me: where do you want/think you’ll be in five years — and in ten years? What do you think the major challenges are that you’ll encounter? How much do you think gender issues will play into your success or failure? I’d love to ask that everyone comment with an email address in the address field — I’ll keep your emails private but I’d love to be able to come back to this post in five years (or ten years, God willing) and email a few of you to see where you are, how it shook out. (This is the ambitious part!) (Of course all email addresses will be held in confidence, in keeping with The Corporette® Privacy Policy.)

I can’t wait to hear what people say (and hear how everyone’s 5-year plan went, and how their 10-year plan is going)…

For my own $ .02, this was my answer back in 2013 for my own five-year career plan:

I’m so far off the path right now that this doesn’t seem even fair to myself for me to say.  In five years, I hope I’ll still be running this site as my profession, of course; if not I have confidence that one of my many Plan Bs will work out.  I’m not sure it’s fair to call them “gender issues,” but I suppose that’s what they are — I struggle daily with life/work balance, needing to devote more time to my business, wanting to devote more time (and quality, high energy time at that) to my family — and I struggle with finding time to be the “cruise director” to our lives (e.g., planning educational, age-appropriate weekend outings and vacations, managing our financial investments as well as clothing/food purchases, making family photo albums, etc, etc).  I outsource/assign what I can to my husband, VA, or my mother (my Christmas list this year is a series of thinly veiled research projects!) but I think this “Cruise Director” Syndrome is a uniquely female goal — the goal to manage everything for your family on TOP of killing it in business.

Ooof. Yeah. So: not much has changed with my struggles — I still have not figured out life/work balance, as I’ve written about a ton over at CorporetteMoms, including things like why I’m frustrated that family dinner time bumps up against my naturally productive period of the day, why I aggressively delegate or “nope” certain motherhood tasks entirely, and in general all the ways I try to share parenting duties with my spouse. In terms of unforeseen challenges, I definitely did underestimate the effect of motherhood, and we’ve had some family issues come up over the past five years that were totally unanticipated, and without getting into private matters, I will say that the amount of energy, brain power, research, worry, and more has been a huge drain for me, to the detriment of the business; I’ve definitely felt for long periods like I’m treading water and trying not to drown in the middle of a huge ocean. That said, 2017 and 2018 were our two highest years ever for most blog stats that I track (money, traffic), so I am still hopeful that I’ll be running this blog in another five years or that the skills I’ve learned while building the blog will have useful to some other new endeavor. 

Readers, how about you — if you had answered the original question in 2013, where did you THINK you’d be by now? What got in your way or propelled you further? Looking forward to 2024, where do you want to be in terms of career, personal life, and more? What do you think are realistic five-year career goals, and what do you think are stretch goals?

Stock photo via Shutterstock / Kunal Mehta.stock photo of yellow traffic sign showing one path with two arrows forking out

* Riiiiight. Palm Pilots were an early handheld device that helped you organize notes, phone numbers, to-do lists, and more. They eventually morphed into phones. I was a little bit obsessed with them as the keeper of all my favorite lists.


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New report shares early details about Apple’s first five original TV shows

Apple streaming service

We’re exactly one week away from Apple’s “show time” event at the Steve Jobs Theater, and although the company has yet to share any details about the event, the expectation is that the veil will be lifted on Apple’s streaming service. And now, thanks to a report from The New York Times, we know that five original series are already done filming, and will presumably be ready in time for the launch of the service later this year.

According to the report, five series have wrapped, with “around a half dozen more” on the verge of completion. But the people behind those shows reportedly have not been told when they can expect their shows to debut. All they’ve been told is that their shows will stream on the Apple service “later this year, probably fall.” This has, understandably, given some of the talent cause for concern, especially with a big reveal event just days away.

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Bigger Paydays, Famous Friends and a Little Heartbreak: All the Ways Life Has Changed for Queer Eye’s Fab Five in Only a Year

Queer Eye Season 3All things just keep getting better.
At least, that’s been the case for Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness–aka your new Fab Five–ever since…

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Cramer: Five ‘perils’ of investing in individual stocks

Jim Cramer takes a look at some of the biggest headlines of the week that have rocked stocks on the market.
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Five Most Memorable Oscar Moments: 2019 Edition

Five Most Memorable Oscar Moments: 2019 Edition

The 91st Academy Awards show was filled to the brim with touching, unique and startling highlights. Here are the five most memorable Oscar moments from last night's show.

After Queen rocked the house to start the show, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, and Amy Poehler presented the first award of the evening, in hilarious fashion.


An early highlight arrived when Ruth E. Carter received her Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Black Panther thus became the first Marvel…

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Five Days After a Crash, Lindsey Vonn Wins Bronze Medal in Final Race of Her Career

(ARE, Sweden) — Lindsey Vonn walked off with her career haul of medals in her right hand, the gold, silver and bronze clinking together almost weighing her down.

Or was it the bulging knee braces and metal support rods inside her vast array of broken bones?

Whatever it was, the sound was a reminder of what Vonn has come to symbolize — an athlete who battled back from one major injury after another throughout her career to win more ski races than any other woman.

Add one more — final — comeback to the list.

Five days after crashing in super-G — a fall that knocked the wind out of her and left her with a black eye and a bruised rib — and three months after tearing a ligament in her left knee, Vonn won the bronze medal in the world championship downhill Sunday in the final race of her career.

She’s shed so many tears that there are none left — just like she no longer has any cartilage in her knees.

“I’m literally tapped out, I can’t cry anymore,” Vonn said. “I want to cry but it’s dry. … It’s not an easy thing to feel your bones hitting together and continue to push through it.

“Of course I’m sore. Even before the crash I was sore. So I’m just sore on top of sore. My neck is killing me,” Vonn said. “But at the end of the day no one cares if my neck hurts; they only care if I win. … I knew that I was capable of pushing through the pain one last time and I did that. … Every athlete has their own obstacles and I faced mine head on today and I conquered them.”

Vonn had been planning on retiring in December but she recently moved up her plans due to persistent pain in both of her surgically repaired knees. Then came the super-G crash, when she straddled a gate in midair, flew face first down the mountain and slammed into the safety nets.

“She has been business as usual this whole week, saying I’m racing to win,” said Karin Kildow, Vonn’s sister. “I was like, ‘Just maybe make it down and maybe stand up.’ But she was like, ‘No, I’m going full out’. She was definitely in the mindset to push it and she really did.”

It’s a medal that brings Vonn full circle: the American’s two silvers at the 2007 worlds on the same course in Are were the first two major championship medals of her career.

“I was weighing in my mind the risk of putting it all out there, crashing and getting injured again, as opposed to finishing where I wanted to,” Vonn said. “It was an internal battle.”

As soon as she exited the finish area, Vonn embraced Swedish great Ingemar Stenmark, the only skier to win more World Cup races than she did — 86 to 82.

“I basically begged him to come here via text, in all caps, many exclamation points,” Vonn said. “He’s an icon and a legend in our sport and he doesn’t really like the spotlight but he deserves to have it. I was just so grateful that he was there. Honestly, it’s a perfect ending to my career.”

The third skier on the course, Vonn had a big smile on her face when she came down with the fastest run to that point. She waved and bowed to the crowd.

Eventually, Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia beat Vonn and took gold, defending her title from the 2017 worlds. Stuhec finished 0.23 seconds ahead of silver medalist Corinne Suter of Switzerland and 0.49 ahead of Vonn.

“Not many were counting on (Vonn) to get the medal in her last race, which makes it even more special,” Stuhec said. “She has won everything.”

Vonn became the first female skier to win medals at six different world championships. It’s also her fifth downhill medal at a worlds, matching the record established by Annemarie Moser-Proell and Christel Cranz.

“Thank You Lindsey: Forever A Star,” read one sign positioned by the side of the course.

Four U.S. flags were in the grandstand when Vonn came down and there were quite a few cheers when she started her run wearing a suit with blue-and-yellow trim — Sweden’s colors — to honor Stenmark.

“She really deserves this sendoff from her great career,” said Eleanor Bodin, a 21-year-old fan from Sweden who was holding up a sign saying “Thank You Lindsey.”

“She has been my favorite skier since 2008 when I saw her winning on television,” Bodin said. “I was a little girl sitting on the sofa. I just thought what a great skier and inspiration.”

At 34, Vonn eclipsed her own record from two years ago for oldest woman to win a medal at a worlds.

Fog and wind forced organizers to shorten the course to the second reserve start, which favored Vonn because it reduced the strain on her knees.

Now she can finally let her body heel and move onto the next phase of her life — possibly acting, having children, starting a business .

“I’m looking forward to just chilling out a bit and recovering everything, including my mind,” Vonn said. “It’s been a lot to process.

“The nice thing is that, in the real world I’m actually pretty young. I have felt really old for a long time, because I’m racing with girls that are like 15 years younger than me. So now, in the real world, I’m normal. Thirty is the new 20 so I’m super young. I’ve got a lot to look forward to.”

Sports – TIME


Six strings and no five hole: How music helps Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby

“It takes your mind off things,” Holtby said. “That’s kind of why I feel it helps me on game days. To play a little bit, you kind of forget about all that. Whether you’re in a good or bad mood, it doesn’t matter; you kind of come back to square one.”


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December pending home sales drop to lowest point in five years, despite much lower interest rates

House hunters signed 2.2 percent fewer contracts to buy existing homes in December, according to the National Association of Realtors. These so-called pending sales are a future indicator of closings in one to two months.
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Five myths about flight attendants


If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you’ll know that this social media platform is full of flight attendants who are quite literally living their best lives. Sure, they have to work unsociable and odd hours for their job, but they also get to travel the world, meet new people, see new places and spend their days off drinking cocktails on the beach. It seems as though they have it made. However, it seems as though we often have a few misconceptions about flight attendants. These myths now need to be dispelled.

They only work for the free travel

It’s no secret that flight attendants often fly for free when there are seats available, but this is becoming less and less common. Because billions of people use airlines every year, finding a spare seat on fully-packed or often overbooked flights is almost impossible. Like other customers, they normally have to book their own flights and pay for them on their own.

They have to help you with your bags

With new rules and regulations in terms of hold luggage, more and more people are filling up their carry-on cases. This means more and more people are struggling to stow them in the overhead compartments. Because of this, many people look to flight attendants to help them out. However, these men and women aren’t’ technically allowed to help you with your bags, because their insurance with the airline does not cover them. If they do help you, it’s out of the kindness of their hearts.

They are just waiting staff in the sky

Flight attendants just hand out drinks and snacks, right? Wrong! While they do bestow food and drink to their flying passengers, these flight attendants are also there to ensure the flight runs as smoothly and safely as possible. They are in charge of countless lives onboard the aircraft, and that’s something that requires a huge amount of training.

You should always tip a flight attendant

Although we live in a world of tip-culture, flight attendants aren’t actually allowed to accept tips from customers. While most men and woman will appreciate the offer, many of them will have to respectfully decline because of airline policy. So, just keep your money in your wallet and offer them a smile and “thank you” instead!

Layovers are a whole load of fun

When people think of flight attendants, they often think of layovers. This is where the flight attendants have to stay in a different country for a night, a few days, or even a few weeks before grabbing their connecting flight. The common misconception is that flight attendants party the night away and live the high life in these fancy hotels. In reality, they mostly catch up on sleep and recuperate from the long flight.

We have flight attendants to thank for many things in our lives, but it’s about time we stopped believing these myths about them. Perhaps that Instagrammer flight attendant isn’t telling you the whole story after all…


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Five Saudi Students Accused of Rape, Murder, Hit and Runs, Have Fled Oregon Before Trial

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department

New legislation introduced by Oregon senators aims to punish Saudi Arabia following shocking allegations that the kingdom has whisked as many as five young men facing criminal charges ranging from rape to murder out of the country from that state alone.

Speaking publicly for the first time on Thursday, the parents of Fallon Smart, a 15-year-old victim of a hit and run by Saudi student Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah in 2016, said they were horrified to learn their daughter’s alleged assailant had disappeared two weeks before his trial with the help of the Saudi government. Noorah was charged with manslaughter, felony hit-and-run, and reckless driving in the teen’s death. He faced a minimum prison sentence of ten years.

Federal investigators confirmed to the Oregonian/Oregon Live that a private lawyer hired by the Saudi consulate posted $ 100,000 of a $ 1 million bail for the 21-year-old and apparently arranged for a dark SUV to pick him up shortly after he left jail. His severed electronic bracelet was found at a nearby gravel yard. Authorities believe he was given a forged passport, since his was sequestered by Oregon authorities, and flown back to Saudi Arabia on a private jet. He was seen back in his home country a week after he disappeared.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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Healthy holidays and a sunscreen rethink: top five travel trends for 2019

Rising eco-awareness, wellness breaks and a farewell to passports … we look at changes in the world of travel for the year ahead

Last October, Club 18-30 holidays staggered off into the sunset, aged 50. To the relief of Mediterranean resorts that had spent decades dealing with the carnage caused by epic drinking challenges, it appears that buckets of warm sangria – or worse – have lost their appeal. We have entered the era of the healthy holiday, driven by young people who want to be sober enough to take a flattering selfie. The rise of ‘ego travel’ was cited by Thomas Cook when it retired the Club 18-30 brand, turning its focus on its Casa Cook and Cook’s Club brands, design-conscious hotels with gyms, tasting menus, upmarket cocktails and yoga.

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The five places you have to see before you get old


People fear growing up because old age prevents them from doing the things they enjoy. Even the most sprightly senior citizen has some difficulty getting from A to B, meaning traveling long distances is often out of the question. If you’re afraid getting old will stop you from seeing the world, these are the places you need to check out while you still can.

The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

One reason you need to see the Great Barrier Reef before you get old is that it might not be around in a few decades. Poor treatment of the environment has put the reef in danger, leading part of the ecosystem to suffer irreversible damage. It’s a shame considering the area is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from exotic fish to colorful coral. Be sure to check this out while you still can.

Darvaza gas crater (Turkmenistan)

A place that’s commonly known as the “Door to Hell” has to be worth a visit, right? Located in Turkmenistan, this blazing pit of fire has been around since 1971. The vast deposits of methane gas here concerned geologists so they set it ablaze, not expecting that the flames would still be going almost 50 years later. This brilliant burning pit is quite a sight to see, but don’t stand too close to the edge. You don’t want to get burned.

The Great Wall of China (China)

Considering the Great Wall of China stands at 13,000 miles, you’ll want to visit it sooner rather than later. Though you’ll probably never be able to walk the whole thing, you’ll have a better chance of traversing it while you’re still young and fit. It’s definitely a trip worth making while you still can, especially considering all there is to see from the wall. Plus, it will give you the chance to marvel at a creation that was made by hand alone.

Machu Picchu (Peru)

Speaking of walking, you’ll need to do plenty of that if you want to see Machu Picchu with your own eyes. The Incan citadel is quite a way from civilization, but all that hiking is worth the effort. Surrounded by mountains and located in the middle of nowhere, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time here. A trip to Machu Picchu is a history lesson in itself and recommended for anyone looking to see every corner of the world before they grow old.

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (China)

One glance at this place might give you the feeling you’ve fallen into a painting. However, everything about the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park is completely real. The erosion of the precipitous rocks has exposed different layers of mineral deposits, leading to the colorful masterpiece that greets you here in China. If you need proof that the world can still be surprising, this is probably it.

The world has so much to offer, and you probably won’t get to see it all before you grow old. However, at least now you know the places to put at the top of your bucket list.


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Five Revelations From ‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman’s New York Times Interview

Almost 10 years after she made headlines for giving birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman is speaking out about her life today and the mistakes she made in her past.

The woman known as Octomom, 43, spoke to The New York Times on Saturday, December 15, a few weeks before the six boys and two girls, conceived via in vitro fertilization, turn 10 in January. “They’re the only surviving eight octuplets in the history of mankind,” she said proudly.

Suleman, who has six other children, also through IVF, told the newspaper that she is writing a book that she has been working on for 13 years. “That’s why I want to do this interview,” she explained. “I’ve been writing this manuscript since graduate school.”

Read on for five revelations from her interview.

She and her 14 kids live in a three-bedroom townhouse in California.

The Times reports that the octuplets, who are small for their age, are polite, and like their mom are vegan. Like their siblings, they help out with the cooking and because there are so many in the household, they eat in shifts, while some sleep on the couch.

She has been left with painful injuries from the pregnancy.

“I was misled by my doctor,” she told the paper of being implanted with so many embryos by Dr. Kamrava, who has since lost his medical license in the U.S. and left the country. Suleman, who stated that she turned to IVF because she couldn’t conceive naturally, said she didn’t know she was carrying so many babies and had only wanted twins. The pregnancy took a heavy toll on her body, stretching her belly out so much that it broke her ribs. “My back is broken because of the last pregnancy,” she said, admitting that the injury was made worse by years of running half-marathons. “I have irreparable sacral damage. And I have peripheral neuropathy. I haven’t felt my toes on my foot on the right side for many years, and my fingers are numb all the time every day. The pregnancy caused it.”

She is honest with her kids about her past, which includes drug abuse and a sex tape.

Suleman, who battled an addiction to alcohol and Xanax for two years, spent time in rehab in 2012. “When you’re pretending to be something you’re not, at least for me, you end up falling on your face,” she said of her sudden fame, which saw her appear in a 2012 sex tape, Octomom Home Alone. She claimed to The Times that her manager forced her to do the video by threatening to report her to welfare for fraud. “We talk about everything,” she said of discussing her past with her brood. “They know, they went through it with me. It’s a huge weight lifted off of all of them when I went back to who I was. We were struggling financially, but it was such a blessing to be able to be free from that. Those were chains.”

She doesn’t date.

The full-time counselor, who told the newspaper that she relies on government assistance and “international photo shoots,” insisted that she “never wanted the attention” that came with her record-breaking pregnancy. She revealed that she isn’t seeing anyone and doesn’t have contact with the men who fathered her children. One man was the sperm donor for the octuplets and she said that “maybe the kids will meet him at 18.”

She doesn’t often go out with all 14 kids.

The family’s day begins at 6:20 a.m. with her driving the kids to school in a Ford E-350 Super Duty van. After school there’s cleaning and chores, with the kids helping out with cooking, and then the clan is in bed by 8:30 p.m. On Saturdays they have family fun nights with vegan junk food in front of the TV. Her eldest daughter, Amerah, 16, told The Times that the 15 of them seldom step out together. “She’ll get anxiety, everyone staring, so she’ll take whoever’s behaving the best. There’s ups and downs.”

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The Ms. Pink Friday Gift Guide: Five Feminist Gifts on Sale NOW in the Feminist Store!

It’s Pink Friday in the Feminist Store! (It’s like Black Friday, only you don’t have to leave your house, wait in line or support a massive corporation in order to finish all of your shopping.)

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Not sure where to start? Here are five great buys for everyone on your list this season.

#1: Ms. Memberships

Ms. memberships are a total two-for-one: Your friend gets a feminist gift that never stops giving, and Ms. is all the stronger for it because of your support. Keep us reporting, rebelling and truth-telling—and keep your fellow activists informed, empowered and mobilized—with print, digital or combination Ms. memberships. Through the holiday season, gift memberships will even come with a FREE downloadable and custom-designed greeting card!

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#3: Feminist Tees, Tanks and Onesies

The next Women’s March is right around the corner—and our radical raspberry gear will help you stand out in the crowd. (And find your friends in it, too!) With dozens of styles and statements to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect fit—and all merch is union-made in the USA.

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#4: Feminist Finger Puppets

Whether the young feminists in your life are budding revolutionaries or baby poets, they’ll love getting to know the women who paved their way toward their dreams. Hand off the stories of their feminist foremothers this holiday season with a feminist finger puppet of Frida Kahlo, Zora Neale Hurston, Jane Austen, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Eleanor Roosevelt or other revolutionaries and boundary-breakers.

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Carmen Rios is the Digital Editor at Ms., co-host of TRIGGER HAPPY on Binge Networks and co-founder of Argot Magazine; her work has also been published by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Mic, MEL, Everyday Feminism and Autostraddle. Like everyone else in LA, Carmen once had a podcast; unlike everyone else, she stays pretty zen in traffic. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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Five days of fury: Inside Trump’s Paris temper, election woes and staff upheaval

The president’s post-election outbursts during his Paris trip include a testy call with the British prime minister and threats to fire aides.

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The top five documentaries about traveling


Every holiday season, you may find yourself wondering where to take a vacation, waffling between one location and another. You may be trying to look for some incredible tips or inspiration on where to go for your escape. But did you know you can push your wanderlust aside right from the comfort of your own couch? You can do this by watching these incredible documentaries about traveling that can transport you to foreign landscapes, epic views, and far off places while still providing some light hearted comedy. Here are the most incredible travel documentaries to inspire your traveling.

#5: Frozen Planet

If you are dreaming of going to colder climates to experience snowy weather, then this is an excellent documentary to watch. The beauty of this film is that you get to experience the dramatic, magical, and mysterious landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic, which you may never see in real life. In addition to enjoying the soothing voice of the narrator, Sir David Attenborough, you will learn how you can survive in the polar regions of the planet and how snowflakes form.

#4: Human Planet

You can experience some of humankind’s most interesting survival techniques by watching this incredible documentary. In Human Planet, John Hurt shows how people make their homes in some of the most extreme environments such as the snowy Arctic and deep inside dense rainforests. There are a number of amazing survival tips in this breathtaking documentary, and we learn how people have even constructed houses on top of trees in some tropical rainforests.

#3: Further

This documentary, starring Jeremy Jones and his team, is one of the greatest inspirations for mountain climbers and hikers. These guys explore and snowboard down what many call the wildest mountains and forests on our planet. Their aim is to enjoy the ride down the mountain on their snowboards. This adventure either leaves you happy that you are just watching or gives you the confidence to leave your couch and head to the mountain to experience the adrenaline rush for yourself.

#2: Baraka

This incredible documentary involves an adventure in 25 countries on six continents. Right from the beginning, in which you almost feel like you are touching the matted fur of snow monkeys through the screen, you experience the diverse happenings on this planet, which many don’t know about. Since there is no narrative, you’re left wondering, “Why haven’t I gone to such places?”

#1: Around the World in 80 Days

Featuring 17 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, this travel documentary is written and presented by Michael Palin as part of the BBC travel series. Palin draws the story from the popular adventure novel by Jules Verne, which bears the same name. The film, which is broadcast in seven episodes, features some refreshing lands and locations where the stars travel using all means of transport except for air travel. That is what makes the documentary so incredible.

You don’t have to keep going to the same travel destination every summer or holiday; explore your options a little by watching the above documentaries. You just need to open your eyes wide and behold the chronicles of travelers; both their perilous challenges and their euphoric victories, in order to get inspired to try something new.


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Five out of five? Study reveals psychological influences in online reviews

A new study reveals how psychological factors affect the ratings people provide and how they describe their experiences when posting online reviews. Researchers found the length of time between product or service consumption and posting affects the review given.
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Five high-ranking Saudi officials were dismissed and 18 other Saudis have been detained

Saudi Arabia has confirmed the death of missing Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in an announcement on Saudi state TV. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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The five most important numbers from today’s jobs report

These are the five most important numbers from the September nonfarm payrolls report released Friday.


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Thrifting 101: Five Quick Rules + What to Look For

About the Author: Oral Blankson is an early 30-something whose hobbies include menswear, restaurant critique, public speaking, making new friends, and striving to be a better, more intentional man.

Thrifting as defined by Urban Dictionary: “When one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items.”

80% of my wardrobe is thrifted. Suits. Dress shirts. Ties. Slacks. Shoes. You name it – I’ve thrifted. Thrifting is great way to build or supplement any wardrobe with good clothing for cheap. Below, some hard & fast thrifting rules, and items which are usually a hit.


  1. Check stores often, as donations are made daily. Hop on the interwebs and find local thrift stores. Goodwill, Salvation Army, or mom-and-pop stores. Be diligent, persistent, patient, and prepared to dig for gold!
  2. Check garments thoroughly. Sometimes holes, stains, or damages are beyond repair. Thrifting only works when a garment requires little-to-no work after purchase.
  3. The dressing room is your friend. I’ve lost money by not trying something on, later realizing it doesn’t fit. ALL SALES FINAL.
  4. Thrift in affluent areas. Better area = better selection. I’ve even found clothes donated from local cleaners, or brand new donations from Target.
  5. Shop sales. Thrift stores will run “50% off Tuesdays” or senior citizen discounts. I wasn’t afraid to have my parents buy clothes for me – like the 20 cent slacks below!

Stick to those five rules and you should become a seasoned, successful thrifter. But some categories of clothes can be mined more than others. Here are what I consider to be the safer/more successful bets when it comes to the racks at thrift shops, with examples of my own personal finds:


SLACKS: Producer Pant by Express – $ .20 ($ 69.90 – $ 98)

Producer Pant by Express |

Average Cost: $ 4.99

Slacks are my #1 draft pick. There’s usually a pair of grey, brown, navy, or tan slacks to be found. Get the correct waist size – sometimes taking in the waist/seat compromises overall fit. Leg width and hem are easily altered (you might find some 70’s bell bottoms!).

These pants were purchased within a 5/$ 1.00 deal, so these were actually 20 cents!


SHIRTS: Polo by Ralph Lauren French Cuff Dress Shirt – $ 4.99 ($ 145)

Polo by Ralph Lauren French Cuff Dress Shirt

Average Cost: $ 4.99-$ 6.99

You’ll usually find a white/pale blue dress shirt, or causal button-downs in stripes, ginghams, etc. Make sure neck size and sleeve length fit. You’ll find slim fits, but a tailor can reduce side billow inexpensively.


SHOES: Alden Loafers – $ 14.99 ($ 543)

Thrifted Alden Loafers

Average Cost: $ 4.99-$ 19.99

If your thrifted shoes look like they’ve seen better days, all you need is some elbow grease. Take a Sunday afternoon, play your favorite record, crack a beer, and follow these steps to restoring the look of your shoes. Soles need restoration? A cobbler can help. Thrifted shoes, including repairs, are still cheaper than buying new. The loafers above were never polished, showcasing excellent purchase condition. Sometimes I’ve even found brand new shoes.


TIES: Various ties for $ 18 ($ 500ish)

Thrift store ties

Average Cost: $ 2.00-$ 6.00

I exclusively thrift ties. Most expensive? $ 6.00. Cheapest? 29 cents! The usual suspects: Stripes, repeating/neat patterns, and old school 80’s patterns (i.e. The Wolf of Wall Street). Great way to create or augment a tie collection, and you don’t need as many ties as you think.

Ties from Left to Right: Robert Talbott, Brooks Brothers, Paul Fredrick, Jos. A. Bank., Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

Dappered Style Mail