Ben Foden moves on from wife Una Healy with another Irish beauty as he flies glamorous gym-goer Miriam Murphy to New York

LOVE rat Ben Foden has moved on from ex-wife Una Healy with another Irish beauty, The Sun can reveal.

The England ace, 33, who admitted to cheating on Una, is now dating glamorous gym-goer Miriam Murphy and has even flown her to New York to watch his rugby matches.

Ben Foden has moved on from ex-wife Una Healy with Irish beauty Miriam Murphy

Ben announced his divorce from Una on dating app Bumble last August where he stated in his bio he was “heading stateside” and “If you’re uptight and bossy I’m not for you.”

A source revealed: “Ben and Miriam have grown very close after meeting through mutual friends.

“They have been able to get to know each other in New York away from prying eyes and have enjoyed going to bars, playing beer pong and doing workouts together at the gym.

“Miriam even cheered Ben on at one of his rugby matches.

The rugby ace has flown glamorous gym-goer Miriam to New York to watch his rugby matches
Miriam, who’s an Irish city worker, bears resemblance to his ex Una – who’s also had both red and blonde hair
The beauty has posted a string of revealing gym snaps on her Instagram profile

“Ben has always said he wanted to have a bit of fun after his divorce and he’s definitely been doing that in New York.”

The father-of-two confessed to being unfaithful during an interview in February saying: “I was the one who committed adultery.”

He continued: “But at the same time, it wasn’t the only reason for our divorce to go through. It’s not ideal but we’re very amicable, we’re getting through it.

“We’re not the first people in the world to get divorced. We’ve got two little kids we adore.”

Ben left his marriage and rugby career in England to play for Ruby United New York, where he’s since become acquainted with new love interest Miriam.

The former couple ended their marriage last August after Una confronted Ben over his cheating
He confessed to being unfaithful in February months after he was accused of having an affair with PR girl Becky Milne

Saturdays singer Una dumped Ben after discovering he had a fling with PR girl Becky Milne – and bedded her just days after she had their second child.

She has since told of her pain in a heartbreak track, singing: “You made me feel like I was going crazy, believing all those lies that you fed me.

“Every word you said to me was empty, broken every promise that you made me, no, we can’t save this.”

The star has moved on with former Irish hurler David Breen.

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