Flooring Trends for 2019

Design today is all about creating low-maintenance, bright and open spaces that bring together traditional ideas with a modern twist.

Dark wood floors are slowly losing their appeal. While they offer a beautiful, dramatic punch of color, they are also known to be more high maintenance and darken a room. Lighter blonde or beige flooring is becoming a popular choice as homeowners look for lower maintenance options that will brighten up a space. These lighter colors also tend to be more versatile, working with a wider variety of décor and color schemes.

While wide plank options are still king, another popular trend is the return to traditional flooring patterns like Chevron and Herringbone. Homeowners
are choosing wide plank flooring and having it installed in these traditional patterns. The wide plank gives the pattern a more modern look and feel, creating the perfect blend of styles. – Zain Peerani, www.peeranisflooring.com

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Using Flooring in Unexpected Ways

Photo by Stephani Buchman

When it comes to flooring, there are many options to choose from and wood is still a timeless, luxurious look we all love. Today, you can create that look using hardwood, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate and more. The wonderful thing about the variety of choices available is the endless creative possibilities of using flooring in unexpected ways.

FEATURE WALL Using an engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl plank on a wall is a great way to create a feature wall in any room of the house. It adds a natural warmth, texture and authenticity to your space. You can use the same planks you would use on your floor or go for a three dimensional look with a 3D wall product!

FIFTH WALL Interior designers know the importance of considering the ceiling a fifth wall in the room. Applying flooring to a ceiling is an innovative way to add texture and style to the room. Natural wood tones added to a ceiling is quite common but painting it white and adding beams in a contrasting color can also be quite striking.

BACKSPLASH Engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank and laminate products all offer properties that hold up well to moisture making them both a functional and stylish way to create a unique backsplash for a basement bar area.

MIXING WOOD AND TILE I love the idea of integrating tile with wood for a look that is both stunning and practical. Entryways and bathrooms seem to be the most popular places to use this combination. Tile is placed by an outside door or surrounding a freestanding bathtub where moisture may be an issues and then hardwood is used to bring warmth into the space. Cutting the wood planks to meet the shape of the tile creates a natural, seamless effect with a very designer touch. – Text by Christine Da Costa, www.decorbychristine.com

The post Using Flooring in Unexpected Ways appeared first on Home Trends Magazine.

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