Black Folks In D.C. Are Fighting Back Against Gentrification With #Moechella


Gentrifiers have been trying to whitewash Black communities all over the country for decades now. However, one store in Washington, D.C., has unwittingly caused an uprising and now residents in the nation’s capital are fighting back in the best way ever. The Save Chocolate City Protest took place at the historic northwest Washington intersection of 14th and U streets Tuesday night and reportedly had more than 3,000 people in attendance.

Dubbed Moechella — a name that combined the Coachella music festival with “Moe,” a pronoun for a friend exclusively used in D.C. — the gathering invited people to demonstrate against gentrifiers who have been fighting the city’s native go-go music. D.C.’s paling population was most recently exemplified by a tone-deaf white man who wondered aloud on live TV why Howard University couldn’t just relocate to make room for other people who look like him.

Situations like that united Black D.C. Tuesday night for Moechella.

In case you missed it, a Metro PCS store in the historically Black Shaw neighborhood has been playing go-go music without any complaint for nearly a quarter of a century. But that all changed in March when T-Mobile, Metro PCS’ parent company, ordered an end to the musical tradition.

An online petition to keep the store playing its go-go-music was nearing its goal of 10,000 signatures.

That complaint silenced the music for several days. The hashtag #Don’tMuteDC went viral and there were protests with some local lawmakers joining. Council member Brianne K. Nadeau, who represents Shaw, wrote a letter to T-Mobile’s senior vice president for government affairs outlining the city’s history and go-go’s place in it, the Post said. Mayor Muriel Bowser added her voice to the protest.

By April 10, T-Mobile yielded to the increasing pressure and authorized the Metro PCS store to turn the music back on, the Washington Post reported.

John Legere, chief executive of T-Mobile U.S., tweeted his support for the longstanding tradition to continue.

Go-go music, typically described as funky percussion-based instrumentation, is many times compared to a junkyard band (in fact, one of the top go-go groups is called Junk Yard Band). Protesters feared that the muting of the speakers outside the mobile phone store was just a first step in a larger attack on their culture.

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Tichina Arnold Gets Dragged For Insinuating That Black Folks Shouldn’t Turn Their Backs On Black Men Like R. Kelly

2016 ESSENCE Festival Presented By Coca-Cola Ernest N. Morial Convention Center - Day 2

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Another day, another one of our favorite “aunties” having a hard time holding famous Black men like R. Kelly accountable.

Last time it was Taraji P. Henson and Erykah Badu and now it’s Tichina Arnold’s turn to get dragged.

See on Thursday morning, the “Martin” actress got some serious side-eye for suggesting that it’s important for Black people to uphold one another up, regardless of their guilt or actions.

“*Its disturbing to watch black ppl pounce on other black ppl when they are already down..guilty or not, but when it comes to holding others races accountable for their horrific actions, I hear crickets,” the actress and singer wrote on Twitter.

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Operate through love & compassion.”

While she never mentioned the Pied Piper by name, it can be assumed given all the media coverage he’s received lately along with his 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving three minors, that the actress is talking about him.

Whatever the case, this way of thinking is what’s truly “disturbing.” Miss me with this love, intention and honestly when you have none for his victims and their families. Most importantly, it’s hard to forgive and want healing for men who refuse to admit their guilt and continue to act a damn fool in public.

Honestly, it’s heartbreaking to continue to watch Black folks, especially Black women, continue to push this narrative that holding a Black man that harms Black women and girls accountable is somehow anti-Black. It’s manipulative, harmful and counterproductive.

So is this idea that until we persecute white men like Harvey Weinstein or institutions like the Catholic Church first (which has already been done), we shouldn’t focus so much on the predators within our community.

This exact thinking, this protect “Black men by any means of necessary” mantra, is what continues to perpetuate rape culture in Black America and helps cover and protect predators. It also send the message to Black women and girls that their lives and bodies don’t matter, especially if their abusers are Black men.

Enough is enough!

Thankfully, I’m alone on this one. Black Twitter clapped back and had some choice words for Ms. Pam.

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‘Bad Lip Reading’ folks hilariously spoof an Apple keynote

Bad Lip Reading

It’s hard to believe, but the folks over at Bad Lip Reading have been at it for 7 years now. To give you a sense of how long they’ve been around, their first video was a parody of Rebecca Black’s Friday. Since then, the BLR YouTube channel has pumped out a steady stream of funny videos that dub comical soundbites over otherwise serious or mundane clips.

While the BLR YouTube channel usually focuses on politics or sports — their NFL videos are some of the funniest and most widely viewed clips they have — they recently decided to focus their comedic talents on Apple. In effect, they took a few regular Apple keynotes, stitched them together, and replaced the audio with all sorts of tomfoolery that’s well worth watching.

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