Will ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Follow Captain America’s Format?

Superhero films have become their own genre, with variations ranging from the noir tales of Batman to the lighthearted and humorous Thor: Ragnarok. Although Marvel and DC’s approach to the genre may differ on the surface, they share a common denominator — figures who become lost. Often their loss stems from either becoming too powerful or being given powers that separate them from the rest of humanity.

This shared DNA results in similarities that appear in various comic books and films, such as Wonder Woman and Captain America‘s similar backgrounds. In Captain America, we see Steve Rogers meet a girl, lose the girl, lose his best friend, and travel forward in time to become a hero. He then reunites with that girl, however briefly, and later with his best-friend-turned-villain, Bucky Barnes.

Knowing that and how comic books share themes, it’s worth considering if Wonder Woman 1984 will follow the Captain America: The Winter Soldier format. Let’s break down the DNA the two share, and how they may be following a very similar format.

The Man and Woman Out of Time

Wonder Woman undercover
Even with a disguise, Diana just doesn't fit in.

Both Captain America and Wonder Woman have a lot more in common than just being paragons of virtue. The sentinel of liberty and the princess of the Amazons are people out of time. Both have been separated from their loved ones and meet new ones in their new worlds only to lose them at the end of their first installment. Peggy Carter (Captain America) and Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman), the aforementioned lost loved ones, also share similarities. Both are soldiers willing to think outside the box and support newcomers instead of treating them with scorn.

Captain America on ice
Captain America remained on ice long enough to wake up in the future.

While Steve Roger’s story takes place 21 years after Diana’s, the two share remarkably common themes. Each is thrust into a conflict they don’t understand and face implacable, seemingly undefeatable evil. While they both succeed, each of their victories come at a considerable cost. Both even tie in magic, which Diana and Steve Rogers believe is simply science that human beings have yet to understand.

Despite their many similarities, there is an obvious difference between the two: Wonder Woman doesn’t have a “lost friend.” But that doesn’t mean we won’t see this story arc in Wonder Woman 1984. There are enough similarities between Captain America and Wonder Woman’s on-screen stories that they might hint at the events of Wonder Woman 1984 –and the relationship between Diana and the film’s antagonist, Cheetah.

Who Is Cheetah, and How Is She Like Bucky?

Cheetah from the comics
Cheetah is Wonder Woman’s latest adversary.

Everyone knows that Captain America’s story really took off with the introduction of Ed Brubaker’s take on Bucky Barnes. Captain America’s plucky sidekick, the Robin to his Batman, sacrificed himself to save America. In the films, Bucky also ended up sacrificing himself, seemingly falling to his death off a train and losing his arm in the process. Captain America’s best friend returns as an agent of HYDRA, brainwashed into doing the bidding of an organization that has wormed its way into the heart of American defenses thanks to corruption in the heart of the government.

Bucky Barnes before he became the Winter Soldier
Steve Rogers loses his best friend, Bucky Barnes in the first film.

Given the similarities between Diana and Steve Roger’s stories, it’s worth asking if Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah will face the same fate as James Buchanan Barnes. In the comics, Cheetah is a title shared by multiple characters. The cheetah god is a guardian of an ancient African tribe that inhabits people, conferring immortality and supernatural abilities while inhibiting the human form of those who host the spirit. The film will see the introduction of Barbara Ann Minerva, an archeologist played by Kristen Wiig, as Cheetah.

Fans have already gotten their first look at Cheetah, but could Cheetah and Wonder Woman have a deeper connection beyond just being archeological colleagues? Sites have reported that Barbara Ann and Diana will start the film as friends. It’s just a rumor, but if the rumor is true and Diana and Barbara Ann have a friendly relationship, is there more to Barbara Ann? Could she perhaps be a friend of Diana’s, or an Amazon herself? It’s something to think about.

The Case for an Amazonian Barbara Ann

Amazons from Wonder Woman
Barbara Ann could be an Amazon.

The biggest clue that Barbara may have some sort of connection with Diana that’s beyond just “friends” is buried in Cheetah’s origin story. The first Cheetah debuted in 1943, and their origin story of a white woman in an African tribe is problematic, to say the least. Wonder Woman has come under criticism for its portrayal of black women, and Patty Jenkins is no fool.  While in Hall H, Jenkins shared that she wanted to create a “different chapter” while telling a “different story.

“[Wonder Woman 1984 is] not a sequel, it’s a different chapter, it’s a whole new movie. I want to make great movies. I realized I have these characters that I love, this world that I love, and we can make this whole new movie about something pure and strong and unique as the first one, of course I want to do that,” Jenkins said.

The director is aware of her place in the lexicon of filmmaking and just how much Wonder Woman means to people. Yet, she still chose to cast a white actress as Cheetah. While her motivations aren’t entirely clear, a possible reason could be that Barbara has a deeper connection to Diana. The logical explanation would be that Diana isn’t the first Amazon to leave Thymescira. She’s the most famous Amazon to leave Thymescira, but she isn’t the only one.

Antiope is the biggest figure who has left Thymescira, according to the comic books. Knowing that along with Patty’s dedication to representation (and the lack of any black actresses cast in Wonder Woman 1984), it’s very possible that we might see a new story for Barbara Ann. Her new origin story might make her Wonder Woman’s Bucky Barnes and a very worthy foe for Diana and the Worlds of DC at large.

How Steve Trevor Might Be a Clue

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984
Steve Trevor in 'Wonder Woman 1984.'

One of the biggest mysteries of Wonder Woman 1984 is why Steve Trevor is back. Much like Peggy Carter, Steve has returned to provide support (however big or small) to Diana. News that Steve Trevor will be returning has led to a maelstrom of speculation about just what role he has to play in the sequel.

His presence might mean that a second God or another figure plays a role. It will be important to see how Diana reacts to Trevor because if she accepts his presence without question, what’s brought him back is something that she’s familiar with. If this entity plays a larger role in Diana’s story, it stands to reason it could also affect her friends and others close to her, including her colleague Barbara Ann.

By bringing back Steve Trevor, Jenkins and Warner Brothers have hinted that something is considerably off with Diana’s universe. Jenkins has begun shooting down popular fan theories about Trevor’s return. His appearance, however, indicates that there could be far larger forces at work that might affect Barbara. Unless Barbara’s caught in the crossfire, she might also know what’s going on with Trevor and Diana, which would have her fall into that very rare group of Amazons who have left Thymescira.

Captain America and Wonder Woman’s Common Ground


Wonder Woman promo shot
Wonder Woman and Captain America both strive for justice.

The similarities between Wonder Woman 1984 and Captain America: The First Avenger are far too glaring to ignore. Whether it’s Peggy Carter and Steve Trevor, the God of War and Red Skull, or Diana and Steve’s shared desire to do good — the two films share far too many threads to ignore.

The biggest difference between the two, however, is Diana’s lack of a friend. It’s more than possible that Barbara Ann could be human. But imagine if she were a former Amazon trapped in the world of men. It would add an extra level of pathos to her eventual transformation into such a powerful antagonist. Having Cheetah be a former Amazon, a darker version of Diana much as Bucky is to Steve Rogers, would set up a powerful storyline full of drama. It would also give us one of the few anti-heroines in a superhero film.

Making Barbara Ann more than just a second “human friend” would fix a number of problems with Cheetah’s origin. Furthermore, it would give Diana a powerful female antagonist and a great reason to continue to doubt the world of men. Wonder Woman’s Dr. Poison was more of a secondary player to Ares. Crafting a detailed character out of Barbara Ann would make Wonder Woman 1984 as powerful a middle story as Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Same Story, Different Lens

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor
Steve is Diana's Peggy Carter.

Doing so, however, would indicate that Wonder Woman is following Captain America’s format in terms of period pieces. Some might see that as a problem. But it’s actually an opportunity to apply a rarely recognized feminine lens to a story that’s been repeatedly.

The “man out of time” is an excellent story to tell, but a “woman out of time” who has a lot to lose stands to be a very special story to a lot of people. If there’s one moment where a film should follow a previous film’s format for success, it’s this one. Having Diana have her own Bucky Barnes by expanding the role of Cheetah in her first live-action appearance would be a great way to continue the Wonder Woman franchise. Much like the man out of time, it would help the woman out of time find her place in the world.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens November 1, 2019.

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This is the bedtime rule Meghan Markle has to follow when staying with the Queen

And it’s not what we expected

meghan markle difficulty

Being a royal, like most jobs, has both its advantages and drawbacks.

While having a royal title gives access, opportunity and of course the luxury of living in a palace, there is also a lot of duty that comes with the role.

There’s a hefty rulebook for the Windsors to follow, from wearing tights to not wearing black, with Meghan, now Duchess of Sussex, having to comply.

Now Meghan is taking princess lessons – brushing up on all royal rules and guidelines – put into practice mainly when the Queen is present.

No garlic, a shellfish ban when travelling and even if Meghan gets pregnant she can forget about wearing tracksuits.


This week we discovered another rule that the now Duchess of Sussex has to follow, and it’s to do with her bedtime.

Yes, really.

According to Sir William Heseltine, a former private secretary to the Queen, Meghan will now have to follow the family rule when it comes to bedtimes at the Queen’s residences – not going to bed before the Monarch herself.


That’s right. Apparently the members of the royal family are discouraged from going to bed before the Queen has absented herself – a rule that he explained was ‘agony’ for Princess Diana.

‘For Diana the long royal evenings were agony,’ he reportedly explained. ‘There’d be an hour or so in the sitting room of everyone sitting around making conversation, and nobody felt it right to go to bed before the Queen did. And Diana was driven to such extremes that she’d excuse herself and go to bed, which was thought to be rather bad form, going to bed before the Queen.’

Just another thing to add to the itinerary for Meghan’s princess lessons!

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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Whether it’s a rainy Monday morning and you’re lacking the motivation to get out of bed, or you’re browsing the internet during your lunch break, these are the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow when you’re searching for motivation and inspiration.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 13.9M

This is the official GoPro Instagram account, which ranks as #98 on Instagram’s Top 100 accounts, with over three million followers. GoPro is the world’s most versatile cameras– you can wear it anywhere. Whether you’re diving underwater, sky diving, or enjoying a ride at the amusement park, this camera won’t fall off and it will capture every minute of your experience. The pictures on this Instagram account are a definite adrenaline rush and will make you want to get up and going. They feature amazing scenes from all over the world that will make your jaw drop, and is at the top of the list for a reason.



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 13.1M

These pictures are taken from all over the world, and are stunningly beautiful and edited. With over 13 million followers, this account deserves a follow. Some of the pictures featured include a landscape in Santorini, Greece, a bird’s eye view of Niagara Falls, a winter sunset in Alaska, an underwater shot of a sea turtle swimming in Hawaii, and the huts in Bora Bora, among many others that will amaze you.



Instagram Accounts to Follow



Followers: 381k

These beautiful pictures of children in Africa who need clean drinking water will melt your heart and motivate you to help change the world and to be thankful for your life. Charity Water is a non-profit organization where the goal is to bring clean drinking water to every person in the world. The pictures are truly amazing, showing a young boy smiling with a cup of clean water, and other children in third world countries, happy to be getting help.



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 7.8M

This account is called Humans of New York and provides us with glimpses into everyday people in New York City. Each picture comes with a story. Brandon Stanton began Humans of New York in 2010 and his mission was to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and put the pictures on a map. Along the way, the journey changed. Brandon was receiving short stories and quotes from everyone he met. With almost 8 million followers on social media, now #HONY has a worldwide audience. It is also now a # bestselling book. Follow this account for miraculous stories that will change you and inspire you every day.



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 14.1M

“Your home for positive typographic quotes, spreading good vibes worldwide.” With over 14 million followers, @thegoodquote definitely is the account to follow for positive messages and quotes. One of the best quotes on the page is “Give what you want to receive. If you want happiness, make others happy.” Another quote is also inspiring, “Keep the faith, keep working hard, and great things will come.”



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 2.7M

“Exploring the planet one country at a time. With over 2,500 posts to scroll through, the images are astonishingly beautiful and will definitely inspire one to want to travel the world and chase your dreams. From a rooftop in Bali and Indonesia to the view from the world’s tallest building in the Burj Khalifa, this account never disappoints.



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 42.5k

This account promotes self love, soul inspiration, and spiritual health. 500 posts of short quotes and pictures will motivate you to grow, love yourself, and don’t be so hard on yourself. There are also delicious recipes featured.





Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers : 31.2k

This Instagram provides insight into the lives of homeless people. The purpose of this is to help them realize their dreams and make them a reality. Pachi Tamer would photograph hundreds of homeless people and befriend them. Not too long after, she started an online project and turned the project into a non-profit organization called One Dollar Dreams. This account is remarkable because the pictures aren’t just purely for entertainment, they are also to help a cause. Tamer encourages people to donate just one dollar.



Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 120k

“You gotta keep your head up.” The posts are all inspiring and often times funny, along with beautiful landscapes which are occasionally uploaded. Follow this account to add a dose of positivity to your day.





Instagram Accounts to Follow


Followers: 16,051

“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” This account has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and Self magazine. With over 424 posts,it targets those who want happy inspiration. “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.”

-Editor’s Note: This has been updated since its original publish date of November 7, 2014

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16 fashion bloggers you need to follow ASAP

And how to steal their style

Did you know that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? Well, not strictly true (actually, it probably is – we just don’t have the scientific evidence). But it seems like it, non? And don’t get us started on all the #ootd posts on the ‘gram.

Searching for online style inspiration, it’s easy to fall down the black hole of Insta-hell. When you finally look up from your phone, you realise you’ve spent two whole days scrolling through feeds in Korean – and you’re still in your dressing gown, with no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there). Which sort of defeats the point.

Well never fear, we’ve done the hard search for you. From our favourite UK influencers to the best missives from Milan and the coolest New Yorkers, read on for our definitive guide to the best fashion blogs (and more importantly, where to shop their looks).


Who? Monikh Dale, a super chic London-based influencer/model.

Why: Because Monikh has a knack for making even high street clothes look designer, and her fashionable finger is always on the pulse of discovering up-and-coming brands.

🎟 http://liketk.it/2wflk

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Freddie Harrel

Who: Freddie Harrel is a Parisian Brit who’s a big name in the London scene – and with good reason.

Why: Besides her super chic style and winning smile, Freddie’s a gal who’s won us over with her fun voice, honest depiction of motherhood and celebration of natural hair with her big hair no care beauty line. Whether she’s speaking at a panel or hav

ing a day out with her family, she’s always ready to serve a major look with a big grin on her face.

Steal her style: Handle with love t-shirt, £10 from Monki


Caro Daur

Who? German-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Caroline Daur is having one helluva moment. And by moment, we mean 1.2m followers on Insta and being hand-picked by new friend Stefano Gabbana to walk the D&G show at Milan Fashion Week.

Why? If you follow Caro on Instagram (@carodaur) you’ll know that she doesn’t have one specific style, she just has fun with fashion and dresses according to her mood. Which means she could be modelling anything from Elie Saab couture to Levi’s denim, and it’s always cool.

off to Rome now 🇮🇹🌹

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Steal her style: Valentino polka dot blouse, £1,100 at MatchesFashion.com

Katherine Ormerod, a.k.a. Work Work Work

Who? The entrepreneur behind fashion, life and career blog Work Work Work and a stylist and brand consultant. Instagram: @katherine_ormerod

Why? If you want to know about cool niche brands before anyone else, Katherine is your woman. We also love her everyday style, which instantly makes us want to shop!

Steal her style: Boden polka dot wrap dress, £77

Margaret Zhang

Who: Margaret Zhang, a Chinese-Australian photographer, director, stylist and writer based in New York. Instagram: @margaret_zhang

Why: Not your typical fashion blogger, this law graduate does everything from styling to taking her own pictures and consulting for major fashion and beauty brands. Her style is versatile to say the least, and she looks just as much at home in Saint Laurent boots and jeans as she does in a Molly Goddard gown.

Headlights. Deer. Paccheri.

A post shared by Margaret Zhang 章凝 (@margaret__zhang) on

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Jessica Wang a.k.a. NotJessFashion

Who: A stylish Chinese American fashion blogger based out of the Big Apple. Instagram: @notjessfashion

Why: Since stumbling across this gorgeous blog, our lives have been so much more colourful. Jess goes beyond the standard #OOTD posts and her site’s a sartorial treasure trove full of styling advice, galleries and even some tips for budding bloggers if you’re thinking of making this list some day. Her masterfully saturated and unique photography is what sets her apart from the rest of the pack and we still can’t stop thinking about her guide to wearing colour this spring

She says, ‘I originally set up NotJessFashion with the intention of building an audience for a potential online shop but it turned into a daily destination for fresh and fun outfit inspiration. My aim is to empower others to be daring and confident in pursuing a fulfilling and fashionable life.’

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Lesego Legobane, a.k.a Thickleeyonce

Who: A South African plus size blogger and photographer. Instagram: @thickleeyonce

Why: While Lesego doesn’t have a blog per se, she does have a very active Instagram full of gorgeous photography and thoughtful captions (she occasionally dabbles in vlogging too). Be it the latest fashion trends, amazing lingerie or even those tricky to style narrow sunglasses, she’s a deft hand at styling and out to destroy any preconceptions of what a curvy girl can and can’t wear.

Camera shy & unbothered 🚀 Coat available from @lee_bex

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Pernille Teisbaek

Who: Lithesome, Danish, street style regular Pernille Teisbaek. Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

Why: Born in Copenhagen, Pernille Teisbæk is the epitome of sleek, Scandi, style perfection. After launching her cult blog, Look De Pernille, in 2012 her pared-back but trend-savvy formula of raw hemmed jeans and Gucci loafers exploded across our social feeds. Check in for regular updates on what will be the next-big-thing in street style trends.

“Hello weekend, is that you?”👀☀

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Helena Bordon

Who: Incredibly fabulous Brazilian blogger Helena Bordon. Instagram: @helenabordon

Why: Hailing from Sao Paulo, Helena Bordon is one of Brazil’s most influential style bloggers. She started her fashion education from a young age courtesy of her mother, Donata Meirelles, the style director of Vogue Brazil. When Helena was just 7 years old, she’d join her mum at all the top fashion shows and eventually interned at Valentino. Now, Helena is co-founder of Brazilian high street fashion chain 284, as well as finding the time to run her eponymous blog, helenabordon.com, which offers Helena’s insider style, travel and beauty tips. Disclaimer: expect holiday envy.

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Man Repeller

Who: Fiercely funny New Yorker Leandra Medine. Instagram: @manrepeller

Why: Of Turkish/Iranian Jewish descent, Medine kicked off her career with a blog called Boogers + Bagels. Her ironic fashion-addict asides soon had her readers rolling in the aisles, and she decided to focus on the topic full-time after a joky conversation while out shopping with a friend about how ‘man-repelling’ all the fashion-forward outfits they loved were. It’s now a male-scaring empire, providing in-depth intel: ‘The difference between Mom Jeans and Dad Jeans’, the fabulous ‘Manstagram’ – all the best fash items du jour – and fun features and style news aplenty.

She says: ‘I really see Man Repeller as an attitude and fashion as a language that we use to connect with other women.’

Socializing in PJs today

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Kavita Donkersley, a.k.a. SheWearsFashion

Who: A fashionable Sheffield gal living in London, who cavorts around the world with the best wardrobe ever. Instagram: @shewearsfashion

Why: Kavita’s been blogging for several years now and it’s been amazing to watch her star rise, from her #OOTD shots as a sixteen year old through to a Coachella VIP frolicking with celebrities. Her bold colourful looks are a great blend of both high street and luxury, though she’s got a soft spot for a Gucci bag – a girl after our own heart, basically.

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Natasha Ndlovu, a.k.a. Bisous Natasha

Who: A London-based blogger and model who’s been recognised the world over in various publications. Instagram: @natashandlovu

Why: Natasha’s a master at pulling together chic yet effortless-looking outfits, whether she’s opting for an edgy sportswear look or floating along in a dreamy gown. She’s got a box of designer bags that we’d give our left kidney to rummage round in and she also occasionally shares her beauty tips both on Instagram and her beautiful blog.

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Camille Charriere, a.k.a. Over the Rainbow

Who: Parisienne expat Camille Charriere, now based in London. Instagram: @camillecharriere

Why: The leggy blonde provides a tres chic mix of outfit inspiration – her personal style definitely has that insouciant French vibe – and trend and brand lowdowns. The ‘boutique’ section of her site is a one-stop shop for the pieces she loves – and we also like the fact she has regular wardrobe clearouts via Vestiaire so true Camille-alikes can snap up her actual clothes…

She says: “COTR is a destination for a mixture of emerging and luxury fashion, with a particular emphasis on Scandinavian labels.”

Fishing for compliments @mango #mangogirls #mango

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Steal her style: MANGO polka dot sandals, £39.99

Allison Graham, a.k.a. SheDoesHim

Who: Allison Graham is a Jamaican menswear blogger based in Brooklyn. Instagram: @shedoeshim

Why: Allison’s a breath of fresh air in the fashion blogger space with no time for your fashion gender binaries. She does menswear better than most guys in the game, whether she’s pattern mixing like a pro in a dapper suit or taking casual wear to a whole new level.

Steal her style: Converse trainers, £60 at John Lewis

Danielle Bernstein, a.k.a. We Wore What

Who: New Yorker Danielle Bernstein. Instagram: @weworewhat

Why: Cool, clean outfit inspiration and handy get-the-look items to click through and buy for each.

She says: ‘WeWoreWhat is a fashion blog I created to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner of NYC. I highlight my everyday outfits as well as my experience in this city that never sleeps. What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day (getting dressed in the morning) is sometimes the hardest – and that’s why I blog.’

Off to my next destination like 🛫… (throwback pic)

A post shared by Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) on

Steal her style: STAUD Moreau bucket bag, £310 at MatchesFashion.com

Pandora Sykes

Who: Writer, stylist and ex-Fashion Features Editor at The Sunday Times Style. Instagram: @pandorasykes

Why: Sharp as a tack with the looks and fashion sense of Diane Kruger, we’re hooked on Sykes’ killer combo of great outfits – vintage florals and patent biker, anyone? – and vay funny ‘social commentary’. Recent winners include a love letter to Jilly Cooper and why Sykes will never join Snapchat.

She says: ‘Style should be fun and fashion is not a lone Endeavour. You can be interested in shoes and still care about world politics. My blog aims to be fun but thoughtful – and give people a new way to look at things.’

Steal her style: Uterque polka dot swimsuit, £79

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27 Top Black YouTube Stars From Around the World You Need to Follow

When it comes to the most viewed and popular content, it doesn’t matter how many photos or clever memes you choose to share, video reigns supreme, and many love the options that video-streaming provides. Many of us like to see things live and in action, and the stats don’t lie: According to Google, black millennials “have more than doubled their mobile watch time on YouTube in the last two years,” and they watch “73% more YouTube on mobile per person than the general population of the same age.”

The platform has diversified since its inception in 2005, but the issue of diversity on the platform, as with other popular media, remains a challenge. According to the same Google statistics, users of color want more inclusive ads and want to see themselves represented, and more would like to see brands better represent diversity in their ads. Here’s a list of 27 black YouTube stars, some on the come-up and others already bankable.

27 Top Black YouTube Stars 


Nyma Tang

Oftentimes you see beauty tutorials that feature lighter complexions for trying out the latest trends, but Ms. Tang changes the game for chocolate sistas who want to know how to use the latest products for their skin tone.


Petite-Sue TV

Sue-Ann Gordon is a down-to-earth Jamaican beauty who starts all her vlogs with the most passion-pumping motivational moments along with beauty and fashion looks to inspire young girls of the Caribbean. And you’ll love checking in to vlogs that offer peeks into family and yard life on the island that endear you to a more balanced view than the stereotypical news and entertainment blurbs.

Jackie Aina

A YouTube superstar, Aina had humble beginnings and continues to share her love and life experiences via keep-it-real beauty and conversational vlogs. She also incorporates her Nigerian heritage, one of which she is proud.

The Cut Life

If you’ve always loved short hair, this is the channel for you. From interviews with beauty industry leaders to celebrity features to how-to inspirations for your next new cut, you’ll love what these women have to offer.

Tiarra Monet

This young boss used to shoot videos on her phone before YouTube became the money-making platform it is today. Now she’s grown into a full brand, with more than 600,000 subscribers and an in-demand hair line and beauty salon. Her wigs look majorly realistic, so much so that she’s often booked months in advance, and she’s been a featured influencer on E! and with Revlon.


Notorious KIA

She knows how to make a thrift-store find look chic, and has a simple, clean aesthetic. Her vlogs don’t bombard you with endorsements and trendy clichés, and her candid style when describing her fashion picks will make you think she’s your real-life shopping bestie.


It can be hard to find consistent, real-woman fashion content on YouTube if you’re not a baby, teen, or millennial. Karen Blanchard’s channel offers something for the woman of style who knows Fashion Nova or Forever 21 are not her cup of tea and likes to add designer and luxury finds to boost her wardrobe.


Bright, bubbly, and explorative, this Haitian beauty loves to share her hair, fashion, and travel experiences with a wide smile and a sophisticated style inspired by her Caribbean roots.

Patricia Bright

A Nigerian Brit, she’s another young woman who went from smartphone YouTube faux pas in the early days to superstardom, with more than 2 million subscribers today, influencer deals with brands including Diet Coke, and she even landed the cover of British Glamour this year.

Chanel Ambrose

A curvy fashionista, Ambrose redefines what plus-sized fashion has to be. Her vlogs are positive, classy, and sleek, offering curvy sistas options to put together looks that slay.


Oneika the Traveller

Oneika gives you a fun, diverse adventure in her vlogs. She’s traveled to almost 90 countries on six continents, according to her channel, and her vlogs don’t skimp on the tips, the details, and the advice for world treks. She includes content that informs while entertains, so you won’t find just landscapes, photo shoots and selfie videos set to music on this channel.

The Blog Abroad by Gloria Atanmo

A self-professed “adventure junkie,” Atanmo gives honest insights on traveling while black to countries including Germany and Bangkok, and she also offers budgeting tips for aspiring nomads and production tips for those who want to document their journeys on YouTube.

Kellee Edwards

This channel is run by a scuba diver and pilot who hosted her own travel segment on YouTube called “Kellee Set Go” and has now become a correspondent with the Travel Channel. She shares content from her latest adventures on the show and features travel tips for individuals and families.

Charly Cheer

She’s a full-time traveler and teacher who offers vlogs off the beaten path of the usual Caribbean, Middle Eastern, or African leisure locales common among African American vacationers. She gives a real look into life in Asia for a woman of color.


Nia the Light

Once known for her larger-than-life natural curls, she recently took a major brand leap, doing a big chop and refocusing her efforts on self-exploration, spirituality, and travel. The name definitely fits the bill: Each breath-of-fresh-air vlog is filled with positivity and exploration.

Magda Civil Fitness

This channel, hosted by a personal trainer and coach, features workouts and honest conversations about women’s health issues, including miscarriage, fitness while pregnant, and weight loss.

Fit Men Cook

Operating on the adage that “Bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym,” this channel offers yummy, healthy dishes and lifestyle content for women and men who want to live at their best. It also helps that the host is motivated by his own journey into living a healthy, fuller life.

Black Men’s Beard

For beard enthusiasts, this channel is like having your own personal barber. You can find tutorials, tips on products and men’s grooming, and even some style features.

At Home with Nikki

If you love interior decor or just need some ideas for your next home makeover, check out Nikki. She gives you Martha Stewart with a dash of Oprah-esque Black Girl Magic in offering tips on organization and design.



This vlogger’s been offering her spunky and eloquent take on African American culture before it was popular on YouTube. She continues to inspire and make you think with her vlogs, offering fresh, fun, and smart prospectives.

Shameless Maya

She’s fun, energetic, and raw, giving viewers a sense that she’s the girl next door who everyone loves for her take on a variety of subjects from love to investing (bitcoin, anyone?), style, and everyday life hacks.

Desus and Mero

This duo, who had their own show on Vice and Complex TV, offers hilarious banter and engaging dialogue on the latest news in politics, sports, and entertainment.

Kat Blaque

Whether it’s explaining what modern-day anarchy is or the military ban on transgenders, this vlogger doesn’t pull any punches, offering opinions that will have you thinking or at least Googling to expand your understanding.


The Budgetnista

Tiffany Aliche provides doable tips and offers budget plans for anyone wanting to find financial freedom. Her receipts: She overcame a home foreclosure and an investment that cost her tens of thousands of dollars to boost her credit score and become an entrepreneur and home owner in her own right.

Roberto Blake

If you want to know how to become a creative entrepreneur or how to create content that will help your business progress, this is a great channel to tap into. Blake talks salesmanship, business plans, building a social media following, and much more.

Trials N Tresses

This channel’s “Millennial in Debt” series is entertaining and relatable. You can also find tips on how to pay off your student loan. (She’s done that to the tune of $ 85,000.)

His & Her Money

For all the married couples out there, get your financial fitness fix here. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and they share money tips that will make you want to invite them to the next marriage ministry potluck.



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All My Travel Outfits Follow This Rule

One perk of my job is that I travel a lot. This means I’ve had a lot of time to master the art of packing a carry-on, figure out the fastest way to get to the airport (which actually isn’t all that fast in New York), and most importantly learned exactly what—and what not—to wear. All it takes is one red-eye pretzeled in an exit-aisle seat to know your outfit choice can make a pretty big difference.

My first key bit of advice: slip-on sneakers. This TSA-approved footwear choice not only makes navigating security a breeze, but it’s also ideal for subtly sliding under your seat without the fear of having to fumble with shoelaces or fitting swollen post-flight feet into anything remotely high-top. Second, the clothes I choose my outfit using the stretch test. Doing a few quick lunges and an arm reach, I always calibrate: Does my bra ride up? Do my pants squeeze? Does my jacket constrict? If the answer to any of the above is a yes, I immediately abandon my choices for something comfier.

If I can get away with it, the stretch test means that the majority of my travel outfits are basically a lesson in head-to-toe athleisure. Sweats, a sports bra, and a cozy sweatshirt are all designed with comfort in mind, which can make a world of difference seven hours into a transatlantic flight. If I need to look a little more polished post-flight, I’ll make sure to have a cool jacket handy and to wear jeans that I know are stretch enough to keep me happy. Below, I’ve highlighted a few styles that will pass the stretch test with flying colors so you can make your next flight just that little bit less miserable.

Before you leave the house and head for the airport, take a minute to do a few lunges, arm swings, and other stretches to ensure your travel ensemble won’t cause any problems.

Your favorite yoga gear is just as great for trying to fold your way into your airplane seat. Available in sizes 1X to 4X.
A hood is a great way to avoid awkward eye contact.  Available in sizes XXS to XL. 
No awkward shoe-lacing issues here. Available in sizes 8 to 12. 
A long-sleeve tee is ideal for when it gets chilly mid-flight.  Available in sizes XL to 4XL. 
Head-to-toe black looks sleek while being awfully comfy. Available in sizes X to 4X. 
If you’re forced to run through the airport, you’ll be just fine in these. Available in sizes 1X to 3X. 
Should you need a more polished piece, this coat does the trick. Available in sizes X to 4X.
These jeans are surprisingly comfortable. Available in sizes 23 to 32. 
A sweatshirt is a key layering piece. Available in sizes XXS to L. 
Slip-on sneakers with a fashion-forward bent. Available in sizes 5 to 11. 
Sporty and oh so cool. Available in size XS. 
Two words: cashmere pants. Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Who says a sweatshirt has to be boring? Available in sizes M to XL. 
We love a good sports bra. Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Hot tip: Try velour. Available in sizes XS to L. 
Sweats that are actually chic. Available in sizes XS to L. 
A tee that can handle even the longest day of flying. Available in sizes XS to L.  Now you’re all set to travel in style.

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com


Up to 50% Off Original Price @ BCBGeneration.com!

The NBA Just Took Its First Big Step on the E-Sports Stage. But Will the Crowds Follow?

The Dallas Mavericks nabbed the top overall player in an NBA draft Wednesday afternoon in New York City. Mavs owner Mark Cuban gave him a congratulatory phone call, before NBA commissioner Adam Silver called his name as the number one pick. Wearing a snazzy purple bow tie, he ascended the stage at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, shook Silver’s hand, donned a Mavs hat, and posed for the cameras. He compares his game to two future Hall of Famers, calling himself a mix of Kyrie Irving — he can explode to the basket like the Boston Celtics star — and Chris Paul, since he distributes the ball like the Houston Rockets point guard. After all, he once dished out 55 assists in a single game.

Mavs fans, meet Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd, the first-ever draft pick for the NBA’s new e-sports enterprise, the NBA 2K League, which pits the world’s best players in the popular NBA 2K video game against each other over a four-month season starting in May. “Dimez” (pronounced “dimes”) is Boyd’s gaming handle; his avatar is an unstoppable 6’5″ point guard on the screen. (Boyd himself stands 6-feet tall.)

Seventeen of the NBA’s 30 franchises are fielding 2K League teams. In June’s 2018 NBA Draft, Dallas — which owns one of the worst records in the NBA — hopes to select the top overall traditional basketball player, to help turn the team’s fortunes around. But for now Dimez, the pixilated point guard for the Mavs Gaming squad, will have to do. After his selection, Boyd had a message for Cuban. “Hey, Mark, man, let’s go get this ring,” says Boyd, 23. “Let’s go get this championship.”

The NBA, like many other professional investors, is betting on the e-sports boom. Competitive video gaming was a $ 655 million global industry in 2017, according to research company Newzoo, a 32% increase over 2016. Newzoo forecasts the e-sports economy to grow to $ 1.4 billion by 2020. Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the company that makes NBA 2K, says 200 million people around the world consider themselves avid viewers of competitive gaming. NBA owners are pouring money into e-sports enterprises; Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber, for example, has invested in Team Liquid, an e-sports organization that competes in popular battle and strategy games like StarCraft II and League of Legends. The Warriors started a League of Legends team in October.

Given all the excitement about e-sports, the NBA is looking to push its own product — basketball — in the video game space. Before the inaugural draft, more than 70,000 gamers tried to qualify for the league. Ultimately the 17 NBA 2K League teams each selected just six players, from a draft pool of 102 gamers.

Read more: Watching the NBA in Virtual Reality Is Surprisingly Good

Teams will square off in five-on-five NBA 2K hoops games, with each gamer controlling the player he’s created. (No women qualified for the final draft pool, which Silver admits is a concern.) The players will live and train in their team’s market; so Dimez, who’s from Cleveland, is headed for Texas. The league pays for housing, and the players selected in the first round will make $ 35,000 over six months. Everyone else earns a $ 32,000 salary.

Silver, who first witnessed the e-sports hysteria up close a few summers ago when he saw fans rollicking a sold-out Madison Square Garden at a League of Legends event, is taking 2K seriously. The first round of the 2K League draft was broadcast on NBA TV Wednesday afternoon. Silver says the NBA is in discussions with Twitch.tv, the video game streaming company Amazon bought for nearly $ 1 billion four years ago, to stream the 2K League games.

The commissioner already has the NBA flagship, the WNBA and the developmental G-League under his umbrella. Add 2K to the mix. “From the NBA’s standpoint,” says Silver, “this is our fourth league.”

But the question is whether fans will watch. E-sports grew on the backs of battle games, like League of Legends, which sell out arenas and draw millions of viewers around the world, especially in China and South Korea. Do these hardcore battle game fans have a desire to watch video game basketball? And do basketball fans want to watch pixels instead of the Indiana Pacers? The NBA already offers a premium product, so why would basketball fans tune into a LeBron James-like character on their computer screens, when the real LeBron already does it all?

Read more: Competitive Video Gaming Could Be The Newest Olympic Sport. Here’s What It Would Look Like

The NBA points to a 2K tournament it sponsored in 2017 as evidence of its e-sports potential. The league says that event drew 1.6 million viewers for the finals. “It’s certainly not blind optimism,” says Brendan Donahue, managing director of the NBA 2K League. “When we have done this, we have had success.” The NBA hopes all the young people playing NBA 2K will want to see the best gamers in action, just like, say, golfers love watching Tiger Woods on a Sunday. The NBA’s marketing muscle should also help its e-sports league get off the ground. Silver believes the NBA’s social media community, which he puts at 1.4 billion globally, is “fascinated with everything around this game.” That allows the NBA to develop the gamers “as unique personalities with their own following.”

Silver touts the 2K gamers as “a new generation of athletes, of NBA players,” but before you scoff at the notion of Dimez — as impressive as he is at the controller — as an NBA athlete, hear Silver out. “I see them as athletes, because I think it requires a unique combination of physical and mental skills to excel,” he says. Silver points to video game training regiments — some players practice 16 hours a day — as a sign of their dedication.

“I feel e-sport athletes definitely have bigger grinds, mentally, just staring at the screen for hours,” says Mitchell “Mootyy” Franklin, selected fourth overall by Sacramento’s e-sports franchise, Kings Guard Gaming. “The mental drain is more immense than an actual athlete.”

Johnathon “Fresh Prince JT” Fields, whom the Washington Wizards 2K team, Wizards District Gaming, selected 12th, urges skeptics to check out the competition. “Just like in any other sport, you win and you lose,” says Fields. “You look at that passion, we would have that passion in a real sport. It’s not fake passion. When I lose, I cry. In real life, when players lose, they cry. It’s a real thing.”

At the draft, the NBA certainly treated these gamers like big-time prospects. Stylists outfitted the gamers for their big moment. Dayne “OneWildWalnut” Downey brought a boring suit to New York from Southern California; when Blazer5 Gaming, the Portland team, selected him with the sixth pick, he took the stage in a polkadot shirt and socks, with Gucci shoes. “I feel more confident in this than my other suit for sure,” says Downey.

The NBA gamers might be brasher than the NBA players. “Oh, we’re making the playoffs, easily. You can put it in sharpie, ” says Franklin, the Kings selection. Dimez, the top pick, goes one better. He promises to win more titles than Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, owner of six championship rings.

Dimez has spoken. Dallas may never be the same.

Sports – TIME


Mortgage rates are rising — Kevin O’Leary says follow these tips to buy a home that will appreciate

Use these tricks to buy a house that will go up in value.
Top News & Analysis


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Several Arrests Follow UW Patriot Prayer Rally

Associated Press


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Work Zen of The Week: Why Follow Your Passion is Overrated Career Advice

While “follow your passion” is a popular career catchphrase, take note. If you’re looking to advance at your job or make money in your business—people don’t pay for your passion they pay you to solve their problems. Another thing to understand is your passion doesn’t always feel good. There will be days when you’ll feel frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed simply because every career comes with its own series of headaches. So, how bad do you want it? If you want to excel in pursuing your passion, you’ll need to understand a few things:

Define your passion 

What’s the industry that your passion falls under? What’s the lifestyle, expectations, and work standards? Find a few people who work in the industry and ask them about a typical day, challenges, and outlook for the field. What strengths are required? How do you want to feel every day? Who are the ideal people that you’d like to surround yourself with? Answering these questions can help you develop realistic expectations for your career journey? If your passion is not tied to a specific role within a career, focus on surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are fearlessly creating their own opportunities or trying out new things.

Focus on a problem or underserved need

To convince people that they should hire you for your “passion,” you’ll have to sell your passion in such a way that people think you’re the perfect person to delight them, alleviate stress, or save them time and money.

Focus on being of service and putting people at the core of what you do

Sure, it’s your career, but it’s really not about you. Someone once said the fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed. These are true words to live by as success is often measured by how you’ve contributed to other people’s lives—whether it’s business or personal.

Commit to a daily process and master it

Nowadays social media makes success look way too easy. But if you’ve followed Black Enterprise for some time, you’d know that behind every successful professional is one incredible story of determination and grit. So keep your eyes more on the process instead of the results.


The post Work Zen of The Week: Why Follow Your Passion is Overrated Career Advice appeared first on Black Enterprise.

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Meghan Markle Broke A Major Royal Style Taboo But Will Kate Follow The Trend? | PeopleTV



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Follow the ‘Minute Rule’ to make exercise a daily habit

At the start of the year, you can’t flip through the TV channels without seeing commercials for gyms, diet programs and weight loss drugs that promise to whip you into the best shape of your life.

Companies are making billions of dollars a year from people who set New Year’s resolutions that have to do with their health.

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Make exercise a daily habit with the Minute Rule

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds in 2018 — or just get healthier in general — money expert Clark Howard wants you to know that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

In fact, Clark says the “Minute Rule” helped him lose weight as a teenager without even signing up for a gym membership.

“The first day I got out and ran one minute. The next day I ran two minutes. I ran every day, rain or shine. The next day three minutes, then four and five. Within a year, I was doing long-distance running,” Clark said.

He built up endurance and a habit one minute at a time — and his only cost was a pair of running shoes.

Years later, Clark goes to the YMCA to lift weights and uses equipment at home for cardio. He also weighs himself on a scale daily to avoid falling back into old habits that weren’t so good for his health.

If running outdoors isn’t for you, give the 7-Minute Workout app a try. It’s a free option that you can do from anywhere!

There are actually several apps and YouTube videos to choose from, but they all take you through 12 exercises in about seven minutes — think jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, squats and planks — no fancy equipment necessary.

Many people will do the workout three times — for a total of 21 minutes — as they build up their strength over time.

For those who prefer to join a traditional gym, Clark says you should look for one that bills month-to-month. The last thing you want is to get locked in to a long-term contract.

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Listen to Clark talk about his workout routine on The Clark Howard Show Podcast



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9 New Year’s Resolutions to Follow in 2018

The New Year is finally here and marks a fresh start in many ways. While making New Year’s resolutions may be a tired tradition of yesteryear, here at Who What Wear HQ, we revisited the practice to make specific style-minded goals for ourselves as we embark on the New Year. So instead of the same old song of hitting the gym, flossing, and drinking more water, we’ve spilled the sartorial intentions we’re setting for 2018—from KonMari-ing our closets to taking style risks at work and beyond. In other words, here are our proposals for making 2018 your most stylish year yet.

Keep scrolling to discover the New Year’s resolutions Who What Wear editors are making for 2018.

“As cliché as it sounds, my style goal for the upcoming year is to take more risks with what I wear. It’s so easy for me to get into a routine of reaching for the same jeans and the same T-shirt every day, so I’m going to try to break out of that cycle (and out of my sartorial comfort zone) by trying more creative and unconventional outfits.”
“I want to wear more color! It’s too easy for me to fall back on wearing black, but in the New Year, I vow to go for something a little brighter, maybe even head-to-toe!”
“Every time I take a trip, I end up buying things to wear on the trip that I don’t actually need in life and sometimes don’t even end up wearing again post-trip. I’m going to really try to cut back on that in 2018 and find fresh, ways to wear the pieces I already have when I travel so that I can save my money for things I’ll actually wear on repeat.”
“This year I am vowing to try out and inventive outfit ideas. In 2017, whenever I went out on a limb and wore something a tad out of the box for me, I not only received compliments on the look but also felt more confident than I expected to.”
“In 2018, I’ve resolved to only buy things I really love.”
“I plan to find more of an office outfit uniform I can wear on repeat so I can get dressed in the morning without having to stress about what to wear.”
“In 2018, I resolve to clean out my closet so that I can actually see—and thus wear—all the things I’ve bought in 2017! I’ve found myself just reaching for the easiest or closest thing quite often when getting ready this year and would love to go for the fun, stylish choice instead while also getting more use out of my purchases.”
“My fashion resolution is to pick out my work outfit the night before. I end up wasting too much time in the mornings deciding what to wear, making me stressed about being late for work! It sounds so simple, but I think it will make my mornings a lot less rushed.”
“This year I want to pare back my wardrobe to only high-quality essentials—plus pieces I truly love. I have a bit of a shopping habit so have accumulated many things over the years, including a laundry list of redundant articles I could do without. Moving into 2018, I’m going to resist fast-fashion purchases and event-specific indulgences and rely instead on the wardrobe I’ve already built.” What’s your fashion New Year’s resolution you’re making for 2018? Share it with us in the comments. Opening Image: Collage Vintage

Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com


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Monique Insists That Her Daughter Follow in Her Footsteps | Checked Inn | Oprah Winfrey Network



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6 Simple Budget Tips to Follow When You Become Self-Employed


Taking the leap and becoming self-employed can be both exciting and scary. After you’ve prepared financially to become self-employed, you’ll need to maintain control over your finances and possibly tweak your spending plan to ensure you’ll have enough to meet your expenses each month.

Here are 6 simple budget tips that will help contribute to your success.


1. View It as a Spending Plan


The word ‘budget’ can make people feel tense. Budgeting can seem limiting and no fun which is why you don’t have to commit to a strict monthly budget even when you become self-employed and have a fluctuating income.

If it’s easier for you to loosely plan out your spending, you can still stay on track take care of your necessities without running short.


2. Estimate Your Monthly Earnings


Sometimes counting your chickens before they’ve hatched isn’t always a bad thing. Even though your self-employment income may vary, there’s nothing wrong with estimating your monthly earnings as long as you aren’t spending money before you actually receive it.

Determine how much you need to earn each month and how much work you have lined up. If have contracts established for client work, you can easily estimate how much you will earn each month. That way, you’ll have an idea of how much you can spend and what you may need to do in order to hit your monthly projections.


3. Separate Business and Personal Expenses


It’s imperative that you keep business and personal expenses separate once you start working for yourself. Determine how much you need to spend on your business each month and deposit the money into a business checking account. Then, keep the rest of your income in your personal bank account.

This will help things run smoother during tax time, and allow you to get a clearer view of how much money you have to use each month.


4. Set Aside Enough Money for Taxes


Paying taxes will be your sole responsibility when you become self-employed. With that being said, be sure to talk to your accountant or a CPA to determine what your tax rate is and how much you should set aside each month for taxes.

You should also keep a record of what you pay in quarterly taxes and keep track of all your expenses as well.


5. Make Savings Contributions a Fixed Expense


It’s important to get into the habit of saving a portion of your earnings if you haven’t already. While self-employment provides lots of freedom and opportunity, it also can create many income risks.

If you lose a client or source of income, you want to have enough emergency savings lined up to fall back on. This is why you should choose a fixed amount of money to transfer to your savings account each month.

Include the savings contribution in your monthly spending plan just like you would for your rent or mortgage.


6. Create a Bare Bones Budget as a Backup


The first few months of self-employment may seem like the scariest as you start to notice that your money is being dragged in all these different places whether it’s business expenses, savings, taxes, etc.

This is why you should develop a bare bones budget early on which lists out just the basic expenses you need to meet to survive. During slower months, you may need to start using your bare bones budget in order to make ends meet.

During profitable months, you should be saving extra if you can but your bare bones budget should always be there to use as a last resort. The basic budget you create will help eliminate financial stress as you work through the feast or famine seasons of self-employment.


Summary: Secure Your Financial Situation Step-By-Step


All of these money management tips are very important to consider when you become self-employed and they are simple to implement. Don’t let income and budgeting hold you back from launching a more profitable career and running your dream business.

Realize that you can develop better money management habits to eliminate financial stress by implementing each of these tips step-by-step.




Choncé Maddox is a professional writer who recently left her job in the web design industry to produce killer content and manage her own writing business full time. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs be more productive and create a life they love by doing fulfilling work. On the side, she runs a podcast and blogs about getting out of debt at MyDebtEpiphany.com.

Due is a payments, eCash, online invoicing, time tracking, global payments, and digital wallet solution for freelancers, small business owners, and companies of all sizes.

Money – Black Enterprise


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Who Do You Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium?

Who are your favorite LinkedIn Influencers?Our recent post asking for recommendations for the best podcasts for professionals brought tons of reader comments, so now we’re wondering: Who do you follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium (and other platforms), for professional reasons and otherwise? Whose thoughts, advice, and analysis do you appreciate most? Is there anyone whose writing you’ve added to your daily or weekly reading list specifically because that person’s experiences and/or views are very different from your own? Or (no matter what your political leanings are) do you fear you’ve created a virtual echo chamber where everyone more or less shares your views? (See SNL’s sketch from last year, “The Bubble.”)

(Corporette isn’t super active on any of the platforms, but you can follow us here: Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.)

Psst: We’ve also discussed the best TED talks for working women and must-read business books and other resources for how to become a leader

We’d love to hear your recommendations for the viewpoints you enjoy reading — and to start the conversation, here are a few wide-ranging suggestions for people and publications for professionals to follow on Medium:

Readers, who do you follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium? Do you write on Medium or LinkedIn yourself? How do you find the people and publications that you think are worth following? Do you tend to look at one site for one kind of commentary (e.g., this recent joke that Facebook = essential oils, Snapchat = I’m a bunny, and Twitter = THIS COUNTRY IS BURNING TO THE GROUND).the best people to follow on social media if you're a professional woman

Picture via Stencil.


The post Who Do You Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium? appeared first on Corporette.com.

posts – Corporette.com


Should Women Try to Follow Tom Brady’s TB12 “Peak Performance” Diet?

Should Women Try to Follow Tom Brady’s TB12 “Peak Performance” Diet?

New England Patriot’s Tom Brady is the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowl championships. Having just turned 40 years old in August 2017, he continues to be at the top of his game, and hasn’t missed a start due to injury since 2001. He’s stated that he wants to continue playing for six or seven more years, which could put him in the running to become the oldest quarterback in…

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Free the Clutter, the Rest Will Follow

A few months after Gretchen Gavacs-Squier quit her job, she began de-cluttering her house. She finds herself doing major purges every six months or so, when she gets overwhelmed with papers and her kids’ things. “After purging, it’s like a weight has been lifted!” she says. “It’s liberating!”

Clearly, cluttered environments can affect physical and emotional health. How, and what are some practical steps to reduce clutter?

A common problem

A Storage & Moving Study by Wakefield Research for SpareFoot – a marketplace for storage – found that more than half of Americans describe their home as cluttered. Guilt is a major factor, as 91 percent of Americans have kept an item because they feel bad getting rid of it. Top items include gifts, a family heirloom, rarely worn clothing, and greeting cards.

It’s not just a space issue, as we spend time looking for misplaced items. The September 2016 issue of Redbook polled 1,000 women about organization. Eight out of 10 consider themselves to be organized; yet 72 percent still spend at least five minutes – and some up to 20 – looking for misplaced items daily. Hmm.

Eight out of 10 consider themselves to be organized; yet 72 percent still spend at least five minutes – and some up to 20 – looking for misplaced items daily. Hmm.

Financial costs are also incurred, as being disorganized can cause bills to be late (this happens to 45 percent of women in Redbook’s poll) and appointments and meetings to be missed. Clutter affects relationships, and sometimes it’s caused by these relationships. The SpareFoot study found, for example, that 56 percent of men in a relationship said they frequently stop their significant other from throwing out an item they want to keep.

How can clutter affect health?

Looking for things all the time and often feeling crunched for time in doing so can cause stress, says Dr. Susan Bartell. The psychologist focuses on all aspects of life-balance and also consulted on the SpareFoot study. Clutter can be emotionally draining for some people, she says, who can feel overwhelmed by the piles and how daunting it is to try and clean up. For others, however, clutter can be comforting and the idea of getting rid of things can actually cause more stress.”

Clutter can be emotionally draining for some people, she says, who can feel overwhelmed by the piles and how daunting it is to try and clean up. For others, however, clutter can be comforting and the idea of getting rid of things can actually cause more stress.

“Clutter can actually erode your self-esteem and body image if we hold onto clothing that is too small for us,” says Dr. Bartell. “It’s never incentivizing, only demoralizing.

The SpareFoot study found that in addition to guilt, 51 percent of people keep items for sentimental reasons. Keeping things you don’t need or use causes stress and anxiety, making it difficult to have the emotional resources to make healthy choices, says Dr. Bartell.

Other research on clutter has found that a cluttered kitchen leads to overeating, clutter can make it hard to focus, giving up one’s stuff can actually feel like pain to your brain, and clutter not only causes stress but reduces creativity. Whew.

Women and clutter

Dr. Bartell feels that clutter isn’t a gender issue but rather depends on personality and how one was raised. If you grew up with a lot of clutter, you might find it comforting, or maybe you hated it and now strive for the opposite. Learning disabilities, depression, and anxiety can also interfere with someone’s ability to successfully manage clutter.

Leslie Gail, M. Ed., owner of Declare Order Professional Organizing and Professional Development Director for NAPO-Chicago, says both women and men are pretty equal when it comes to clutter. “Husbands and wives ‘throw each other under the bus’ at a pretty equal rate,” she says, with 90 percent of Americans in a relationship admitting that if they knew there wouldn’t be consequences, they’d get rid of some of their significant other’s possessions.

Women make more connections, see more categories, and involve more sensory information. As a result, their organizational systems become more complex.

In Gail’s experience, husbands are more likely to go through and throw things away (or threaten to) as a way of “dealing” with their wives’ clutter, while wives are more likely to come up with systems, which they then try to encourage their husbands to follow. “What both are really doing is imposing their way of processing and organizing on their spouses, rather than finding a compromise,” Gail says.

This is because men are more likely to single focus, so they organize the same way, by keeping surfaces clear or making piles, Gail says, without much in between. Women make more connections, see more categories, and involve more sensory information. As a result, their organizational systems become more complex.

Practical tips to reduce clutter

The most practical thing women can do to reduce clutter is to consider how it’s getting there in the first place, says Gail. Is it due to delayed decisions, guilt, or not having the time and energy to keep up?

At home, stuff tends to pile up because more is purchased than people have the time or energy to deal with once it comes through the door, says Gail, who has some tips for the home environment:

  • Spend a few minutes reorganizing the refrigerator and pantry shelves BEFORE grocery shopping to get a better idea of what’s on hand, resulting in less waste and more conscious shopping habits.
  • Ask how your clothes got there; are they all the right size? Is guilt piling up about expensive items not being worn? Were items purchased in haste that don’t really fit properly?
  • As with food, keep closets and drawers organized by type, with clothes in the proper sizes stored front and center to be more aware of what’s on hand, resulting in fewer impulse purchases and clothing that’s easier to locate and care for.

Thoughtful use of storage is also important, Gail adds.

At work, clutter comes in the form of email overload, scattered or piled paper, and hectic schedules, says Gail, who has tips for the work environment:

  • Don’t look at your email until there’s adequate time to respond; constant dipping into email or receiving push notifications creates distractions and reduces focus.
  • Use analog rather than digital time – it’s the most practical way to organize a hectic schedule. Digital time is more precise whereas analog timekeeping allows for a greater awareness of time and lessens stress. Allowing space in a workday schedule for time to be more fluid is a way to be more realistic about how much work gets accomplished.

If all this is overwhelming, just start small. Figure out what items you really need right now and do just one box a day or week, suggests Dr. Bartell. Getting clutter out of your house is the best option if you can’t part with stuff. Look for a storage unit or at least place items in a garage, basement or attic that’s away from your every day flow, she advises.

Gavacs-Squier heeds the advice of a friend who told her, “If you haven’t used it in the past two years, throw it away.” Knowing everything is in order has improved her healthy journey; now not only is her house better organized, but now she has no excuse to avoid exercise.

De-cluttering pays dividends all around. “Clutter feels chaotic and makes me anxious,” says Gavacs-Squier. “When everything is in its place, there’s a sense of peace.”


Originally published August 25, 2016


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Many of us spend a lot of time scrolling through, double-clicking, and constantly sharing content on social media. Hey, who doesn’t love a good cat frolic, viral Trump meme, food photo, or makeup tutorial? Why not add a few money motivators—some driven by experience and self-education and others by finance backgrounds and Wall Street boss moves—to your “I Need to Get My $ Up” list on Twitter? We know Facebook and Instagram are the big dogs on the social media block, but with Twitter, the knowledge nuggets are short, sweet, diverse, and clickable. Here are a few money experts to get you started:

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Tai and Talaat McNeely
Marriage and Marriage Experts

There’s hope in the love department for some of us who ran up one—or five—too many credit card bills in college and have faced the cringe-worthy experience of explaining financial snafus to the future beau-for-life. One McNeely was great with money and the other wasn’t. Their tweets include a mixture of financial fitness humor, love, and money advice via video, and inspirational success stories of others.

Tarra Jackson
Economic Empowerment Educator & Consultant

Jackson brings her experience working in financial services, with positions ranging from bank training manager to vice president of lending, to interim president and CEO and mixes it with a nice curation of shared content on investing, debt reduction, and her #CashChat recaps detailing personal finance conversations with other money motivators.

Tonya Rapley
Personal Finance Influencer, Founder of My Fab Finance

You won’t just find general finger-wagging tips on the ideal path to financial freedom with this one. Rapley gets into specifics like saving on your health insurance or building up savings while in debt. She also includes a nice mix of pick-me-up quips to help soothe the aches of money mistakes, daily financial obligations, and that hard, but well worth it journey up the wealth-building mountain.

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It’s Whitney Houston’s birthday and you love muffins know the day could NOT go by without some foolishness involving Brandy and Monica.

Thankfully, they aren’t arguing about which one was Whitney’s true goddaughter.

It started out with Monica wishing Ms. Houston a happy birthday on Instagram.

Not too long after, Brandy followed-up with a post of her own — making sure to let us all know that Whitney passed her the torch (whatever that means).

…and then Brandy gave us another one.

… and then another one.

Because of their history, fans of both Brandy and Monica were quick to accuse Brandy of being petty with her posts & word choice.

She had time today, because she clapped back at her critics (and threw a little more shade at Monica in the process).

‘Oh girl’? Hm.

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The Advice I Follow: ‘Conquer by Continuing’

By James Smith
UCF Forum columnist

Even though they have the best of intentions, about this time of year many people start setting aside their New Year’s resolutions – if they haven’t already.

Do you have any left or have they all been abandoned for another try in 2018?

For me, there are the usual resolutions of losing weight, eating better, spending more time with the family, helping others more, cleaning out the garage, landscaping around the house, renovating the kitchen, etc.

To help me try to be successful and accomplish my goals, I keep in mind a simple quote by Scottish minister and hymnist George Matheson: “We conquer by continuing.” This direct approach by Matheson, who lived from 1842 to 1906, can be an encouragement for each of us.

This year, I decided to follow through with two resolutions that have eluded me for years.

On the health front, I want to lose weight and start eating better. To accomplish this, I have purchased a wearable device that tracks my activities and have started the logging process of exercise and daily life, including my food intake.

The other resolution is to learn a new language. The Hebrew and Greek languages have long fascinated me, so this year I am resolved to learn a Greek word every day with the help of a desktop calendar that focuses on Greek word studies. My goal is to learn enough Greek to start reading more of the original Greek texts from the early Christian church and expand my overall understanding of that particular period of time.

There are other benefits of keeping resolutions.

I hope to develop new habits for daily reading, study and other routines. Working on better time management can have a positive effect on other areas of your life that you may not realize. And eating better leads to exercise, which then leads to wanting to get more/better sleep.

If you feel better and have more energy, those long-lost “honey do” list projects seem achievable. Can I complete my “honey do” list in 2017? Only time will tell.

As we move deeper into 2017, I hope your resolutions are still intact and you are making progress on accomplishing the goals you have set for the year.

Keep George Matheson’s quote about perseverance in mind.

The Scotsman attended Glasgow Academy and the University of Glasgow, where he graduated first in classics, logic and philosophy. Then at age 20, he became blind, but persevered to enter the ministry. He dedicated the remainder of his life to theological and historical studies.

So, whatever you have resolved to accomplish, just like Matheson you can conquer by continuing.

Jim Smith is assistant director of the UCF Valencia Osceola Campus. He can be reached at Jim.Smith@ucf.edu.

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