FEIT Footwear Is Hiring All Retail Positions For New San Francisco Location

In 2004 FEIT [fight] was born as a response—an evolution of consumerism and production that moves away from volume and excess, and towards quality and sustainability. FEIT footwear is built for longevity, from natural materials via human construction. All FEIT footwear is hand sewn and …

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WATCH: World News 02/06/19: Gas Line Rupture Believed To Be Cause Of San Francisco Blast

Virginia attorney general reveals he wore blackface in 1980s; Senator apologizes for her claims of an American Indian heritage
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This is where you can find absolutely the best Burgers in San Francisco


Everyone loves a good burger. They’re so versatile; whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a full on carnivore, there is a burger to suit your needs – and you can ram it with extra ingredients too, from lettuce and tomato to cheese and bacon, sauces and relishes to mustards and mayos. The list is almost endless. San Francisco is home to some great burger joints that will probably leave you a little stuck for choice. That’s where we step in because we’re here to help you out. Here are the 5 best burgers in San Francisco.

Americana Burger – Causwells restaurant

The Americana Burger may as well be renamed the King of Burgers. It is tremendous, practically unbeatable and utterly delicious. With two thick beef patties, the burger is loaded with cheese, lettuce, onions, relish and burger sauce, all crammed into a bun and served with thin cut curly fries, extra salty. While it might not have as many extras crammed in as some other burgers, in the case of the Americana, it’s quality, not quantity. The taste of this burger is incomparable to any other burger, and you’ll want to eat more and more and more of them. The whole thing is enough to send your cholesterol through the roof but is definitely worth it. Definitely.

House-Ground Marty Ranch Hamburger – Zuni Cafe

Zuni Cafe has one of the best burgers in San Francisco on offer; the House-Ground Marty Ranch Hamburger. Picture this; a fat, juicy hamburger, perfectly cooked, squashed into a brioche bun with onions, pickles, burger sauce and layers of cheese. This messy, salty and carb loaded burger is absolutely delicious, as well as versatile. While it’s good with all the extras, it’s just as good with just the meat – you can enjoy it just as much either way.

Hood Burger – Broken Record Bar

As the name might suggest, this burger is a little out of most people’s depths, not to mention hugely underrated because of this. The Hood Burger is for those who dare enjoy it. A juicy patty that isn’t a beef burger and isn’t a hamburger – instead, it’s a hybrid, a mixture of sausage meat and beef, molded into the perfect patty and then topped with rashers of bacon, a fried egg, and some onion before being loaded up inside of a lightly toasted bun. Doesn’t that sound like the most heavenly thing you’ll ever eat?

Mission Burger – Mission Bowling Club

The Mission Burger is aptly named because it really is a mission trying to work your way through it! Thick, chunky patties made up of a mixture of ribs, ground down and mixed in with beef to make the most satisfying burger you could think of, coated with layers of melted cheese slices. It sounds simple but it’s so filling, so bulky and so mouthwatering that you’ll struggle to eat this completely… you need to hold it with both hands. In fact, it might even be a knife and fork job!

The Tipsy Burger – The Tipsy Pig Restaurant

The Tipsy Burger is just as exciting as the name suggests, although we can’t guarantee that it will get you drunk. There are a couple of ways to customize the Tipsy Burger, but the best way to have it is covered in smoked cheddar, as opposed to normal cheddar, and served up with pretzel bites instead of chips, with a pilsner dip. Delicious. If you’re brave enough, put some of the pretzel bites and the dip inside of the burger. The fusion of flavors will cause an explosion in your mouth, and you’ll love every moment.


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San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Takes a Knee During National Anthem

An NFL cheerleader kneeled during the National Anthem before the San Francisco 49ers beat the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night.

NBC Bay Area’s Damian Trujillo reported on the moment at Levi’s Stadium and fans at home were quick to notice and capture the move.

The cheerleader for the 49ers – who was still unidentified as of Friday morning – was the only member of her squad to take a knee.

She also appears to be the first NFL cheerleader to kneel. And while she has not yet been vocal about her act, the stage she chose to make the statement is significant.

Athletes have a long history of taking political action, and kneeling was a part of the civil rights activism.

Kneeling during the “Star Spangled Banner” started in August 2016 when Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the 49ers, chose not to stand for the National Anthem. He said the action was meant to call attention to police brutality and racial inequality. Athletes across the country are still following in his lead.

This may be a first for NFL cheerleaders, but it’s not for cheerleaders in general. (Georgia Tech dancer Raianna Brown went viral in 2017 for kneeling and linking up her arms at Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, one of a number of cheerleaders at the college level to kneel.)

The NFL’s National Anthem policy, which would have required players to stand for the Anthem or stay in the locker room, is currently on hold as the league negotiates with players.

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Photo Flash: Audra McDonald and Renee Fleming Open the 2018- 2019 Season at Carnegie Hall with The San Francisco Symphony

Tonight, Carnegie Hall opened its 2018-2019 season with a sold out gala benefit concert featuring theSan Francisco Symphonyconducted by Music Director and Carnegie Hall Perspectives artistMichael Tilson Thomas.The programincluded Gershwin’sCuban OvertureandAn American in Parisas well as Liszt’sMephisto WaltzNo. 1. Mr. Tilson Thomas and the orchestra were joined on this celebratory occasion by renowned sopranosRenee FlemingandAudra McDonaldoffering vocal selections by Gershwin, Rodgers, Villa-Lobos, Stephen Sondheim, and others.
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