Photo Flash: COME FROM AWAY, BE MORE CHILL, FROZEN, and More Participate in the 2019 Easter Bonnet Competition

The 2019 Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Competition was held earlier this week. The Easter Bonnet Competition broadwaybonnets is the culmination celebration of six weeks of fundraising by Broadway, Off-Broadway and national touring companies. Featured Content


Are You Ready For Patti Labelle Frozen Chinese Food?

Patti LaBelle is reportedly set to expand her culinary empire by launching a new line of frozen Chinese food.

After the success of her hugely popular pie collection, the legendary singer has partnered with restaurateur Stratis Morfogen on the new food items, which will be sold in supermarkets across the country, Page Six reports.

Earlier this week, the duo were spotted celebrating the venture at Morfogen’s Brooklyn eatery, Chop House, along with their business partners, including LaBelle’s son Zuri Edwards, Alex Thompson and Charles Suitt.

“Love when my friend @mspattilabelle @suittnyc now my new partners in BCH GROCERS LLC comes’ to @brooklynchophouse for a surprise celebratory dinner on our new Co!” Morfogen captioned a photo of himself and the two-time Grammy winner. “Did someone in the frozen gourmet food section say “French Onion Soup, Pastrami, Bacon Cheeseburger & Lamb Gyro Dumplings?”

Details on when the frozen food will hit stores have not yet been announced.

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Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Save You Money and Are as Healthy as Fresh

Dear Celery,

I meant well. I swear I did. I bought you with the best of intentions from the produce section and even cut you up for snacking. That was the last we saw of each other, until I found you again weeks later, white and sad.

You’ve probably seen the television ad where the lady puts her strawberries in the fridge, eats a few and then forgets all about them. (Don’t get me started on their use of the “Married Life” song from Disney-Pixar’s “Up.” Carl lost Ellie — spoiler alert! — during that song, not some berries.)

It’s a common tale. We’re taught to shop the outside aisles of the grocery store, because fresh products are healthier than their alternatives.

It now seems that concept is slightly flawed, and more of us are catching on by shopping for produce in the freezer aisle.

How to Save Money on Produce (Hint: Buy Frozen)

Simply put, frozen produce retains almost all of the health benefits of fresh produce, but with far less waste.

Most fresh produce has a refrigerator life of a few days at best. For frozen produce, that window can be extended up to one year, with little to no significant difference in nutritional value.

And frozen produce is cheaper to ship and store than fresh fruits (pretty but pricy displays in the supermarket require paying employees to maintain — and think how fast those fresh veggies wilt), which makes buying a bag easier on your wallet.

For fans of The Penny Hoarder, this shouldn’t be big news. We’ve been promoting the frozen food aisle as a great way to reduce waste in your kitchen. Less wasted food means less wasted money, right?

A study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that peas, carrots and corn actually had higher levels of vitamin E than their fresh counterparts.

This is great news for savvy shoppers. You can eat healthily, save money and waste less food. Just keep your eyes on the frozen produce section, and avoid turning toward those beckoning frozen pizzas and ice-cream treats closeby.

Tyler Omoth is a former senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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‘Bachelor’ Couple Colton Underwood And Cassie Randolph Brave The Cold At FROZEN!

Earlier this week, ‘The Bachelor,’ Colton Underwood, and his girlfriend Cassie Randolph announced they had chosenFrozenon Broadway as their first official date, and that they would attend the hit Broadway show tonight, Thursday, March 14. Featured Content


Photo Coverage: Joe Carroll, Ryann Redmond & Noah J. Ricketts Take First Bows in FROZEN

New cast members come to Arendelle Frozen has brought in Joe Carroll and Ryann Redmond as Hans and Olaf, respectively. Noah J. Ricketts has assumed the role of Kristoff. The three actors began performances Tuesday, February 19, 2019. Featured Content


The First ‘Frozen II’ Teaser Has Us Ready for Fall; Here’s Everything We Know

The First 'Frozen II' Teaser Has Us Ready for Fall; Here's Everything We Know

Six years after everything changed for Disney and for families all around the world, the phenomenon of Frozen is back. One of the most anticipated sequels ever, Frozen II finally arrives in theaters this fall. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf are ready to return to the big screen for another feature-length adventure. What's in store for the gang from Arendelle? We only have a short while to find out.

For now, we've got our first look at the Frozen…

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The Week in Movie News: First ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer; New ‘Terminator’ Title and More

The Week in Movie News: First ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer; New ‘Terminator’ Title and More

Need a quick recap of the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:


Terminator 6 has a new name: The next installment in the Terminator franchise, a retconning reboot that will bring back Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a new working title: Terminator: Dark Fate. Find out everything else we know about the sequel here.



The Favourite leads the BAFTA winners: Awards season continued last weekend with the…

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Frozen 2 trailer reignites fan frenzy with hints of new songs, messages about climate change and maybe Disney’s first gay princess

FANS of the £1billion Disney blockbuster Frozen are ready to Let It Go again.

In case you somehow missed the global frenzy the first time round in 2013, the musical tale of Snow Queen Elsa and her fearless sister Anna became one of the highest grossing animated movies ever.

Fans of Disney's Frozen are excited for the sequel after the release of the new trailer

Fans of Disney’s Frozen are excited for the sequel after the release of the new trailer[/caption]

This week saw the release of the first two-minute trailer for the sequel, which notched up more than 116million views in 24 hours.

Frozen 2 will not be out until November, yet social media is buzzing with speculation.

Kate Jackson takes a look at the frosty phenomenon and what to expect from the sequel . . .

The £1billion phenomenon

NOT since Star Wars has a movie dominated the toy market in the way Frozen has, with Elsa dolls out-selling Barbie.

Disney is estimated to have been shifting a billion dollars-worth of Frozen related products in both 2014 and 2015.

In the US there has been £430million worth of Frozen dolls sold
In the US there has been £430million worth of Frozen dolls sold

Elsa doll sales, like the soft toy below, were worth £430million in the US alone.

And the blue evening dress worn by Elsa as she sings power ballad Let It Go is Disney’s all-time best-selling costume — with Anna’s outfit in second place.

Children were named after the tormented ice queen, merchandise spun out of control and Let It Go was belted out in homes and playgrounds across the world.

In Britain, 1.45million DVDs were sold in the first three weeks after the film’s release in 2013 and the Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll became the most popular Christmas toy.

The original movie cost £117million to make and Disney is estimated to have shifted over a billion dollars worth of merchandise

The original movie cost £117million to make and Disney is estimated to have shifted over a billion dollars worth of merchandise[/caption]

It didn’t stop there, a year later merchandise continued to increase tenfold, and was still going strong in 2016.

Fans could buy everything from Frozen chairs to ride-on toys cars, board games and backpacks.

And it was Elsa and Olaf, the naive snowman, who were shifting the goods, rather than the film’s heroine Anna.

On top of that, the icy tale proved to be the biggest-selling DVD of this decade, shifting more than three million copies in 2014 alone.

Fans could buy everything from Frozen chairs to bikes and backpacks 
Fans could buy everything from Frozen chairs to bikes and backpacks

The original Disney movie cost £117million to make and went on to be the highest grossing animated film of all time, taking $ 1.287billion. It won two Oscars — Best Animated film and Best Original Song — plus a Golden Globe and a Bafta.

However, Spencer Lacey Ganus — who played teenage Elsa — earned just £600 for her one-day of work. She ended up with ten times that from royalties.

New viewers (if there are any) start here

INSPIRED by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, Frozen is a fairy tale for the modern era, with fierce princesses Elsa and Anna as the heroines.

In the original movie the kingdom of Arendelle is trapped in an eternal winter after princess Elsa’s incredible powers are unleashed following her coronation as Queen.

Frozen looks at the relationship between sisters Elsa and Anna, as well as the friends they meet along the way like snowman Olaf

Frozen looks at the relationship between sisters Elsa and Anna, as well as the friends they meet along the way such as snowman Olaf[/caption]

Elsa flees, and her sister Anna, her new friend Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and naive snowman Olaf set off to persuade her to end her self-imposed isolation and save her homeland.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Weselton schemes to take control of Arendelle by getting rid of both Elsa and Anna.

Elsa is able to conquer all – but only by letting go of her fear.

Where STAR they now?

KRISTEN Bell: Anna

Before voicing heroic princess Anna, Kristen, 38, had appeared in US comedies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat.

The mum of two, who is married to actor Dax Shepard, had dreamed of being in a Disney animation since she was four.

She said of the movie’s success: “When we were making it, there was a part of me thinking, ‘This is really, really special’.”

Idina Menzel: Elsa

As Frozen brought global fame, Glee actress Idina was dealing with a divorce.

The New Yorker, 47, was balancing the glamour with going to “mediation with my ex, figuring out which days he was visiting our son and the sadness and regret.”

When asked a couple of years ago if her son, now nine, was excited about Frozen 2, she admitted: “He doesn’t give a s***.”

Jonathan Groff: Kristoff

While voicing Kristoff the Broadway actor was also filming the American TV series Looking, in which he got to have raunchy scenes with History Boys actor Russell Tovey.

On stage in 2015 he played King George III in Hamilton, which earned him a Tony Award nomination.

Jonathan, who stars in Netflix crime drama Mindhunter, describes Frozen as “like crack for children”.

Josh Glad: Olaf

The voice of the world’s most famous snowman grew up in sunny Florida and didn’t see snow until he was 15.

Prior to Frozen, the 37-year-old played tech icon Steve Wozniak in the film Jobs and more recent movies include Murder On The Orient Express and Beauty And The Beast.

The dad of two said: “If I had to be remembered for one character, Olaf would be fine.”

The trailer clues

THE teaser has a dark, fearful tone, starting with Elsa running across a rampaging sea, which many fans have interpreted as her being trapped on a mystical island.

The girls are wearing new combat-style outfits and Anna is wielding a sword, which some have likened to a superhero movie.


Many fans think that the new film will have underlying messages about climate change after Elsa is seen trying to freeze an ocean[/caption]

And rather than winter, it seems to be autumn — although this may not be in their native Arendelle.

Writer and director Jennifer Lee said it will be “bigger, more epic” than Frozen, adding: “They’re going to go far out of Arendelle.”

While most fans have been poring over the trailer, they should be paying more attention to the poster.

Josh Gad, the voice of snowman Olaf, tweeted: “If you look hard enough, this teaser poster will reveal quite a few surprises (like how pretty a snowflake is up close).”

There is speculation that it is set in a different land as we can see an autumnal forest rather than the snowy scenes of Arendelle
There is speculation that it is set in a different land as we can see an autumnal forest rather than the snowy vistas of Arendelle

There has also been speculation that Frozen 2 could send a message about climate change.

In the trailer, Elsa is either trying to reduce the temperature of the sea as she crosses it or she may simply be freezing it so she is able to walk across it.

It could, though, simply be that this story takes place during a different season or that the characters are in a different land.

The other problem with the climate change theory is that Frozen is clearly set before the industrial revolution, so any rise in the Earth’s temperature is unlikely to have been made by humans.

The new songs

THERE were two versions of mega-hit song Let It Go in the original movie – the empowering one sung by Elsa as she refuses to hide her secret powers any more, and a pop version by Demi Lovato at the end credits.

The song Let It Go won a Grammy and an Oscar, and sold more than ten million copies in 2014, making it the year’s fifth best-selling song.

AP:Associated Press

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have promised at least seven new songs for Frozen 2[/caption]

Husband and wife team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez have promised at least seven new songs.

Director Jennifer Lee reckons one could rival Let It Go’s success. She said in November: “We have a new song that I think is an evolution. It’s our own song. Bobby and Kristen just delivered it three weeks ago. We’ve been working with them for two years and this song just came and I love it.”

The snowflake

THERE is just one bold image on the new movie’s official poster – this snowflake-like formation with four diamonds.

Each diamond contains a different symbol inside it, and fans have speculated that they might stand for the four elements of earth, water, air and fire. Or perhaps, for the four seasons.

Others suspect the four diamonds might stand for four kingdoms, and that the snowflake’s eight points might hint at more princesses.

The new characters: could we have Disney’s first gay princess?

BLINK and you’ll miss them but two new characters are glimpsed in the Frozen 2 teaser — a redhead female and a blonde figure, who is blown upwards in a pile of leaves.

Some fans reckon they could be Anna and Kristoff’s children, even though the pair haven’t aged.

Some think that the film could break new ground and feature Disney’s first ever gay princess after many fans campaigned for Elsa to have a girlfriend

Could these be voiced by the new cast members, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood and Black Panther actor Sterling K Brown?

Not even respected movie website IMDB knows what their characters names will be in Frozen 2 — yet.

An alternative theory is the sequel will glow under the LGBT rainbow.

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a scene with an unknown character being blown upwards in a pile of leaves

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a scene with an unknown character being blown upwards in a pile of leaves[/caption]

There is a twitter campaign titled #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, where lesbian fans have pleaded with the writer to have the heroine fall in love with a woman.

Idina Menzel, who plays Elsa, gave the idea her support, saying: “It would be a great thing.”

Writer Jennifer Lee was also very aware of the drive and said: “We have tons of conversations about it and we’re really conscientious about these things.”

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