Humana turns to game theory for new Medicare pricing as insurers juggle Trump rebate uncertainty

The game theory comes in with the timing of when new rules might be adopted. Executives note the deadline for filing 2020 plans is in early June.
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Emilia Clarke Discusses Surviving Life-Threatening Brain Aneurysms During Her Early Game of Thrones Days

Emilia Clarke has opened up about surviving two life-threatening brain aneurysms during the early days of Game of Thrones.

In an article for the New Yorker, Clarke spoke publicly for the first time about suffering two brain aneurysms, the first of which struck shortly after she finished filming her scenes as Daenerys Targaryen for season 1 of Game of Thrones. She revealed that she experienced her first aneurysm at 24 years old while working out with her trainer.

“I immediately felt as though an elastic band were squeezing my brain. I tried to ignore the pain and push through it, but I just couldn’t. I told my trainer I had to take a break,” she wrote. “Somehow, almost crawling, I made it to the locker room. I reached the toilet, sank to my knees, and proceeded to be violently, voluminously ill. Meanwhile, the pain—shooting, stabbing, constricting pain—was getting worse. At some level, I knew what was happening: my brain was damaged.”

Clarke was rushed to the hospital where she underwent “minimally invasive” surgery for a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a.k.a. bleeding in the brain. A little more than two weeks after her surgery, Clarke discovered that she was suffering from aphasia, a condition that impairs a person’s ability to process language. In Clarke’s case, she couldn’t recall her own name.

“I’d never experienced fear like that—a sense of doom closing in,” she said of that time period. “I could see my life ahead, and it wasn’t worth living. I am an actor; I need to remember my lines. Now I couldn’t recall my name…In my worst moments, I wanted to pull the plug. I asked the medical staff to let me die. My job—my entire dream of what my life would be—centered on language, on communication. Without that, I was lost.”

The aphasia passed after about a week, but before Clarke left the hospital, she was told that she had a smaller aneurysm on the other side of her brain that could “pop” at any time. Two years later, when she went in for a brain scan after finishing season 3 of Game of Thrones, doctors told her that the aneurysm had doubled in size and it would be best to “take care of it.”

Although she was promised a relatively simple operation, the procedure failed and Clarke was left with a massive brain bleed that required a subsequent fully invasive surgery. But in spite of all the complications, Clarke said that she has fully recovered in the years since.

“I have healed beyond my most unreasonable hopes,” she wrote. “I am now at a hundred per cent.”

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‘Half-Life,’ ‘Portal’ Writer and Riot Dev Form Seattle Game Studio

Game developers Chet Faliszek and Kimberly Voll formed a co-operative games studio called Stray Bombay, they revealed to Variety. The new studio, which is based in Seattle, was formed to create games to better reflect players’ desires for social experiences. “Players are smart, they are social,” Faliszek wrote in a blog post revealing the new […]



This Nintendo game designer doesn’t take sick days, works on IV drips

He could definitely use one of Super Mario’s power-ups. Masahiro Sakurai — famous for directing Nintendo’s hit Super Smash Bros. games — revealed that instead of taking sick days, he works “like normal” while hooked to an IV drip. “I guess I’m a hard worker,” he said in an interview translated by Nintendo Everything. Sakurai…
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Kate Beckinsale, 45, & Pete Davidson, 25, Hold Hands Attending Rangers Game After Post-‘SNL’ PDA

Kate Beckinsale & Pete Davidson are enjoying seeing each other! They held hands all night at an ‘SNL’ after party & the two brought their love to a Rangers game on Mar. 3!

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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Playfully Kept the Rest of the Game of Thrones Cast on Their Toes As Only They Could

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams may play sisters Sansa and Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, but that apparently didn’t stop them from pranking their castmates by kissing on set.

In an interview with Glamour UK that was published on Thursday, Turner revealed that the co-stars turned BFFs got in the habit of trying to sneak a kiss into every scene they did together while filming the show.

“People always think Maisie and I are a couple. I mean, I am obsessed with her, so you never know… I’ve got an addiction to Maisie Williams. I actually stalk her hashtag on Instagram!” she explained. “Even though we are sisters [in Game of Thrones], we tried to sneak a kiss into every scene we did together to freak everyone out a bit. It kept them on their toes making sure they were following the script.”

Turner also gushed over how close she and Maisie have grown during the series’ lengthy run. “Maisie is definitely my protector and I’m hers, too. I know if anything happened — especially if it was on Game Of Thrones, which it never, ever would — she’d go crazy and protect me,” she said. “Maisie is my strong home.”

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Grassley to Big Pharma: ‘I’m sick and tired of the blame game’

Sen. Chuck Grassley opened a hearing into the rising costs of prescription medicine on Tuesday by blasting Big Pharma, saying the skyrocketing prices are hurting Americans and that the time has come for a reckoning. – RSS Channel – Health


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Baseball game interrupted by eagle and osprey fighting over a fish

baseball eagle

Humans like to follow schedules like, for example, when a college baseball game is going to take place, but Mother Nature couldn’t possibly care less about our plans. In nature, things happen when they happen and there’s no getting around it.

So, when a bald eagle and an osprey decided to face off over a dead fish in the middle of a game at Jacksonville University’s John Sessions Stadium on Saturday, the players just had to kind of let things happen. Ultimately, neither bird ended up with the meal, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

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One of the Over-the-Top Looks From Moschino’s Game Show-Themed Runway Show Was a TV Dinner Cape

The price was right at the Moschino runway show on Thursday where creative director Jeremy Scott riffed on the flashy, campy commercialism of game shows for a fashion show that would tickle Bob Barker’s fancy.

The over-the-top collection featured tongue-in-cheek looks shown to the theme song of The Price is Right, including a dollar bill print suit, bedazzled dresses that paid homage to consumer goods like soap and toothpaste, and in what might be the night’s most memorable ensemble, a structural kimono cape that looked like a TV dinner, complete with an aluminum pan, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and unidentifiable meat. For the finale of the show, models posed with cars, lawnmowers, home gym equipment and other goods that you might find on late-night television commercials as Scott took his final bow.

This isn’t the first time that Scott and Moschino’s cheeky sense of humor has trolled the fashion industry; look no further than their controversial, $ 375 dry cleaning garment bag dresses that caused an uproar on the Internet. One thing’s for certain, however; Scott’s outrageous Moschino looks are absolutely fitting for this year’s camp-themed Met Gala.

See Moschino’s best looks from their runway show below.

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The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

Sigma Beauty is beloved for their cult favorite makeup brushes, used by everyone from celebrity makeup artists to beauty lovers across the globe. Of course, the brand also offers makeup products like highlighters and eyeshadow palettes, but Sigma Beauty’s brushes are what really put them on the map.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we learned that the brand was launching an entire brow collection! A relatively untouched category for the brand (they had released a couple of powders in the past), Sigma has done a little bit more than just dip their toes into the brow category.

Instead, Sigma Beauty has officially entered the brow game with a bang, by launching not one, not two, but six (!) new products: a pomade, powder, gel, pencil, wax, and crayon. Starting today, February 19th, you can get the Sigma Beauty brow products at

Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty

The best part? Every single item in the collection (which the brand calls “fierce and functional”) retails for less than $ 20. Below, we’ve highlighted some standout products from the Sigma Beauty brow line.

Sigma Beauty Fill & Blend Brow Pencil

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 19

The long-wearing, short-tipped pencil comes in three shades, and is pretty much foolproof.

Sigma Beauty Define & Pose Brow Pomade

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 17

A creamy pomade that’s actually smudge-proof and water-resistant? The dream.

Sigma Beauty Color & Shape Brow Powder Duo

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 19

Two shades, so you can create your own custom-blended perfect shade match.

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This Baseball Team Wants to Rewrite ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ After Going Peanut-Free

A Connecticut minor league baseball team is banning peanuts and Cracker Jack from its stadium to protect fans with food allergies — and it’s even rewriting a classic ballpark song because of it.

As of the 2019 season, the Hartford Yard Goats will no longer sell peanut products at Dunkin’ Donuts Park, according to a team announcement. While other teams have hosted peanut-free nights or maintained peanut-free sections, team officials said they believe they are the first to implement a full ban.

The decision came after Kerry Adamowicz and other local parents approached team officials about their children’s food allergies. Adamowicz’ two-year-old son, Sam, has a life-threatening peanut allergy, and the new policy means he can grow up a baseball fan, she told NBC Connecticut.

“It’s a huge relief,” Adamowicz said. “It’s a really good feeling to come to the park and know that’s one stress that is taken away and we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy baseball.”

As many as 2.5% of U.S. children are allergic to peanuts, an increase of 21% since 2010, according to a recent estimate from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. A recent study also estimated that about 4.5 million adults are allergic to peanuts, and 3 million are allergic to tree nuts.

Yard Goats President Tim Restall told the Hartford Courant that helping kids and adults with peanut allergies to enjoy the game is more important than selling peanut products.

“The way we look at it, if we eliminate this one item to allow kids to enjoy a baseball game, that’s what it all comes down to,” Restall said. “Why prevent someone from catching a foul ball or getting a picture with [mascots] Chompers and Chew Chew because of a food item?”

And while General Manager Mike Abramson admitted to NBC Connecticut that the team would likely get “flak” for the decision, it’s taking it in stride.

The team is even sponsoring a contest to rewrite the “peanuts and Cracker Jack” lyric in “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and the winning submission will be sung at the park this season, the Courant reports.

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‘Groundhog Day’ VR game let’s you revisit Bill Murray’s 1993 adventure as his son


Groundhog Day has been a movie and a musical, so why not make it a virtual reality game next?

Sony Pictures has teamed up with Tequila Works — the studio behind 2017’s wonderful indie efforts Rime and The Sexy Brutale — for Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son. It’s a……… sequel? To Groundhog Day? Set 26 years later, where you’re playing as Phil Connors’ son as he’s caught in the same kind of time loop as his dad?

Sure, why not?

This game looks completely cuckoo bananas, though it’s not yet clear if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. There’s reason to be hopeful with Tequila Works at the helm though! And Groundhog Day, the 1993 film, is such a wonderful, well-told story. Any chance to spend a little more time in that world is a welcome thing. Read more…

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In Praise Of NFL Kickers, Who Nobody Cares About Until The Game Is On The Line | Think | NBC News

NBC News

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A New Force In Politics: Black Women As Game Changers and Shot Callers

Kamala Harris has officially announced that she will run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. True to form for such aspirants, she recently launched a book tour to promote her new memoir, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey, to tell her story to the electorate. Having made history as California’s first black female U.S. senator and attorney general, she represents the smart, charismatic, and progressive politician who can build an election-winning coalition. Along with the other two African Americans in the U.S. Senate, Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Tim Scott, she recently lead the passage of a bill making lynching a hate crime as well as pushed for legislation requiring that an ethnic minority and a woman gain consideration whenever there’s a vacancy for the top position at one of the Federal Reserve’s 12 banks.


The wave of black women elected to office in the last election cycle demonstrates the ongoing evolution of political diversity, power, and leadership that will be felt for generations. Here are some of the national and statewide officeholders who are fearless and relentless in reshaping our world today and tomorrow:

Stacey Abrams: Historymaker 

In her historic bid to become governor of Georgia, Stacey Yvonne Abrams electrified not only multitudes of voters of the Peach State but supporters nationwide. As the first black female gubernatorial nominee of a major party—and the most Googled politician of 2018—the former Georgia House Democratic leader projected a progressive message of economic and educational opportunity for all, inspiring women, African Americans, labor and the LGBT community—core components of her coalition. Her barrier-shattering run in “The New, New South,” however, did not smash practices emblematic of the region’s past: voter suppression and race-baiting.

Stacey Abrams


So as Georgia’s tightest gubernatorial race in more than 50 years came to a close, Abrams confirmed that Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp had enough votes to be certified to occupy the statehouse but refused to concede the race. She asserted in her speech to supporters: “To watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in this state baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote has been truly appalling…Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede that.”

For the courageous Abrams, who will speak at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, that race was the introduction of a new powerful voice on the national stage. Many pundits said she was symbolic of “The Year of the Woman.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.): Keeping The Financial Industry In Check

With Democrats taking control of the House, Waters now holds one of the most powerful seats in Congress: chair of the Financial Services Committee. Presiding over the body that oversees the banking industry, Waters has vowed to not let financial institutions “run amok” and plunge the nation into a new crisis. Another guarantee: She will use her elevated congressional clout to turn up the heat on President Trump.

Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters (Image: Flickr)

Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.): Leading The Conscience of Congress

Roughly a decade ago, Bass was a California assembly member who became the first-ever African American woman to rise to speaker of any state legislature. Today, she has become a national power player with her recent advancement to the helm of the Congressional Black Caucus, known for decades as “the Conscience of The Congress.” With a more diverse 116th Congress, Bass leads the CBC at its most populous and powerful: 55 members of the House and Senate who represent more than 82 million Americans, or 25.3% of the total U.S. population, and about 17 million African Americans, or 41% of the nation’s African American population. Moreover, the CBC will gain even more leverage during tight legislative votes and assume leadership positions as the group comprises roughly a quarter of the House Democratic Caucus. It has already flexed its muscles on issues such as the government shutdown and Rep. Steve King’s removal from committee assignments for his full embrace of white supremacy.


Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas): Overseeing The Innovation Agenda

Representing the Lone Star State—home to Space Center Houston—Johnson became the first African American and the first woman to chair the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. As such, she runs the body that oversees non-defense federal scientific R&D and has jurisdiction over agencies that include NASA, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Office of Science and Technology Policy. Among major focal areas: Cybersecurity related to the U.S. electric grid and the Trump White House’s “mandate to ignore” climate science.


Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.): A Fresh View on Healthcare Policy

As the youngest African American woman to ever serve in the House, this nurse with two master’s degrees from John Hopkins University may help find the right prescription for healthcare policy, among other issues. As a policymaker in the Obama administration, she served as an adviser to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the activation of the Affordable Care Act—better known as “Obamacare,” which continues to be under attack by the GOP. Among the new wave of political outsiders, Underwood, who never held office, scored an upset victory over four-term Republican incumbent Randy Hultgren during the midterms to win her congressional seat representing Illinois’ 14th District. Gaining donors outside the state, the political newbie also outraised her opponent in campaign funds: $ 4 million to $ 2 million.


Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL)

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.): Beating The Establishment

Former Boston City Council Member Ayanna Pressley, 44, became the first African American congresswoman from the state of Massachusetts. The persistent Pressley set her path to victory by building grassroots support to beat the local and national political establishment. During the Democratic primary, she defeated 10-term incumbent Michael Capuano, who gained backing from some of America’s most celebrated black politicians, a group that included civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and Massachusetts first African American governor, Deval Patrick.


Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-Conn.): Learning New Political Lessons

The 2016 National Teacher of the Year, Jahana Hayes, 45, emerged victorious in her campaign to become the first African American woman to represent a congressional district in Connecticut. To achieve that goal, she had to defeat Republican Manny Santos in one of the state’s most hotly-contested midterm battles. The former high school teacher and administrator has a new, appropriate assignment as a freshman: membership on the House Education and Labor Committee.


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)

The first Somali and one of two Muslim women elected to Congress, Omar, 37, now assumes the Minnesota congressional seat previously occupied by Rep. Keith Ellison, the former deputy Democratic National Committee Chair who is now the state’s Attorney General. Already engaged in political battles over her tweets critical of Sen. Lindsey Graham and the nation of Israel, Omar has not received a unanimous welcome as the freshman legislator joins the highly-coveted House Foreign Affairs Committee.


Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.)

In 2012, her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed in a horrific act of gun violence. When her son’s killer invoked Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law as a defense, McBath took to the frontlines in her passionate fight for gun control and justice. After retiring from a 30-year career with Delta Airlines, she became the national spokesperson for both Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. That activism led to her congressional run for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Emerging victorious, she became its first Democratic representative since Newt Gingrich won the seat in 1993. A Virginia State University graduate who served as an intern for the nation’s first elected black governor, Virginia’s L. Douglas Wilder, McBath is now making her own history through her co-sponsorship of gun control legislation requiring universal background checks. To ensure passage, McBath maintained in a CNN interview that she is willing to “reach across the aisle.”



State Attorney General Letitia James (D-N.Y.)

Beyond congressional milestones, there have been a number of African American woman who broke new ground in statewide races. In the Empire State, for example, James, became the first black woman to assume the role of attorney general—a potential pathway to the governor’s mansion. But before her next political pursuit, the former public advocate for New York City has vowed to use her post to investigate President Trump’s past real estate dealings to uncover any possible shady activities.

Letitia James

Letitia James circa 2013 (Wikimedia Commons)

New York State Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Another milestone was heralded in the New York State Senate. With Democrats gaining control of the New York State Senate —the third time in more than 80 years—Stewart-Cousins was unanimously chosen to lead that powerful body. As such, the Yonkers Democrat became the first African American women to lead that chamber of the state legislature. It wasn’t the first time that she made history though: Stewart-Cousins was selected the first black women minority leader six years ago. Pundits say that her ascension to the state legislative leadership, which includes the Governor and Assembly Speaker, will “break three men in a room.”


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The New England Patriots Will Face the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53 After Thrilling Overtime Game

Championship Sunday was unforgettable. And it’ll be a Super Bowl LIII for the ages.

Tom Brady, already the oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl, will be back for his ninth trip to America’s greatest sporting spectacle, as his New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 37-31, in a thrilling overtime AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium. Jared Goff, 24, became the youngest quarterback to win an NFC title game; he led the Los Angeles Rams to a controversial 26-23 overtime road victory over the New Orleans Saints. Once again, New England and Los Angeles will face off for a title: just a few months ago, the Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. The Celtics and Lakers have met a dozen times in the NBA Finals.

Pundits — ahem — hyped the Patriots-Chiefs game, thanks mostly to the quarterbacks: Brady is, well, Brady. Patrick Mahomes, of the Chiefs, is the future of football. But the game plan of Pats coach Bill Belichick, which involved lots of physicality and double teams of Kansas City’s best players, stymied Mahomes at the start; at one point midway through the second quarter, he had -5 passing yards. The Pats set the tone early with a methodical 15-play, 80-yard opening touchdown drive; Sony Michel, who rushed for 113 on the evening, scored on a one-yard run. Mahomes looked ready to break out in the second quarter, when he avoided a sack on third down to keep a drive alive, and uncorked a beauty to Tyreek Hill for a 42-yard gain. On the next play, however, he badly overthrew a wide open Damien Williams, who would have waltzed into the end zone. On third down, a New England sack took the Chiefs out of field goal range. On the next drive, Brady hit Phillip Dorsett for a 29-yard touchdown right before halftime, giving the Pats a 14-0 advantage, and sending the Chiefs into the locker room utterly demoralized.

The Chiefs, who scored more points this season than all but two other NFL teams in history, were shut out at home in the first half for the first time since Andy Reid took over as coach in 2013.

Chiefs vs Patriots
Patrick Smith—Getty ImagesRex Burkhead #34 of the New England Patriots is tackled as he carries the ball in the second half against the Kansas City Chiefs during the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 20, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Kansas City fired back, however, in the second half. The Chiefs cut New England’s lead in half in just over two minutes; Mahomes connected with Sammy Watkins on a 54-yard pass play, then zipped a 12-yard touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce. A 47-yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal put the Pats up back up two scores. At the start of the fourth quarter, a New England pass interference penalty gave the Chiefs a first and goal from the one; Mahomes rolled to his right – no quarterback is better at throwing on the run — and hit Damien with a dart, cutting New England’s lead to 17-14.

With 8:39 left In the fourth quarter, the game hinged on the fingers of Julian Edelman: he seemed to muff a punt that the Chiefs recovered in New England territory. Replays, however, showed this thumb did not graze the ball: the Pats kept possession. But an ensuing Brady pass slipped through his fingertips; Daniel Sorensen corralled the interception at the New England 45 yard line. Damien Williams caught a short pass and sprinted to the end zone for a 23-yard score to give Kanas City a 21-17, its first lead of the game. The freezing fans at Arrowhead Stadium, now all warmed up, exploded.

The Pats, however, weren’t done. On a third and eight, Chris Hogan made an incredible one-handed catch to keep the drive alive. On a fourth and inches from the Kansas City 10, Michel found another seam and scampered into the end zone untouched. New England went back on top, 24-21.

Kansas City got the ball back with just over 3 minutes left, and Mahomes had his chance to pull a Brady by pulling out a playoff victory in dramatic fashion. New England helped him with holding and pass interference penalties. Mahomes hit Sammy Watkins on a 38 yard pass play, then Williams scored his third touchdown on a two-yard run, completing a 5-plays, 68 yard drive.

But Brady’s Brady. He got the ball back with under two minutes left, at his own 35-yard-line. We’ve seen him do this so many times. But it’s still stunning when he pulls off the comebacks. On a third down, after a Chiefs penalty negated a Brady interception that would have clinched it for Kansas City, Brady lobbed a perfect sideline pass to Rob Gronkowski, for a 25-yard reception. Rex Burkhead ran for a 4-yard touchdown, giving New England a 31-28 lead.

Mahomes, it turns out, is Mahomes. The Chiefs got the ball back with 39 seconds left. And one 21-yard and another 27-yard pass play later, Mahomes put the Chiefs in field goal range. Harrison Butker nailed a 39-yarder to send it into overtime, where the dizzying theater finally came to a close. The Pats won the toss, Brady twice hit Edelman over the middle of the field on third and long pass plays, and threw to Gronk on another, converting key first downs. A 2-yard Burkhead touchdown run won it.

Brady completed 30 of 46 passes, for 348 passing yards, with a touchdown pass and two interceptions. Mahomes was 16 for 31, for 295 yards. He finished the AFC title game with 3 touchdown tosses; Mahomes did not throw an interception.

The AFC championship game, which started out as a potential stinker, turned into a stone-cold classic. The NFC championship game also had the potential to go down as a classic. Instead, it somewhat ended in disgrace. The crowd noise at the Superdome in New Orleans caused the Rams all kinds of problems; often, Goff would have to run around the line of scrimmage, shouting the play into everyone’s ears. With the Saints up 13-0 in the first quarter, the game basically got going on a fake punt. On fourth down at LA’s own 30-yard-line, Johnny Hekker took the snap and tossed a pass to Sam Shields short of the first down marker. But Shields dodged a tackle to gain 12 yards, and keep the game alive for the Rams. The Rams converted a field goal, and right before halftime, Los Angeles completed a seven-play, 81-yard drive for their first touchdown — a six-yard run by Todd Gurley, the Los Angeles star running back who spent most of the first half on the sideline — stealing the Saints’ momentum as the teams entered the locker room with New Orleans now up by just 3 points, 13-10.

New Orleans, however, responded. On its first drive of the second half, the Saints marched 71 yards down field, and scored a touchdown on a sneaky 2-yard pass from Brees to Taysom Hill, the backup quarterback who does a little bit of everything for New Orleans. This time, he caught his first touchdown pass of the season. Not to be outdone, LA strung together a 70-yard drive of its own; Goff hit tight end Tyler Higbee for a one-yard score; Higbee put a finger by his mouth, asking the New Orleans crowd to be quiet already. It was now 20-17 Saints entering the fourth quarter.

The teams traded punts to start, until Goff connected on passes of 39 and 33 yards, to set up first and goal at the New Orleans 7-yard-line: the Saints defense, however, held LA out of the end zone: the Rams tied the game at 20-20 on a short field goal. New Orleans got the ball back with just under five minutes left, and right before the two-minute warning, Brees lofted a 43-yard pass downfield; Ted Ginn Jr. soared to snatch it out of the air, at the LA 13 yard-line.

Then came the turning point: On the ensuing 3rd and 10, Los Angeles cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman flew into Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis, like a missile, while Brees fired a pass in his direction: there could not have been a more obvious pass interference penalty. No one threw a flag. A fresh set of downs would have allowed the Saints to run down the clock and kick a short field goal to end the game. Instead, after a 31-yard-field goal by Wil Lutz gave New Orleans a 23-20 lead, the Rams got the ball back at their own 25, with 1:41 left, giving Goff plenty of time to get the Rams into field goal position. Give credit to Goff and the Rams for delivering. Greg Zuerlein made a clutch 48-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.

In the extra session, Rams linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. hit Brees on a pass play, sending the ball fluttering; John Johnson, who had fallen, intercepted the errant throw while on his back. Now, all LA needed was a field goal to go to Super Bowl LIIII; in spite of a bad snap, Hekker got the hold down, and Zuerlein nailed a 57-yarder that might have been good from 70. LA took its first lead of the game, and booked a trip to Atlanta.

Unfortunately, because of officiating incompetence, the Pats-Rams matchup feels a little tainted. The error should finally force the NFL to consider correcting obvious judgment calls. Everyone instantly saw the mishap, why not correct it?

Careers are at stake. These players have put their bodies on the line, their whole lives, in hopes of making a Super Bowl. Saints fans deserve better.

In two weeks, however, much of the grousing will be forgotten. Brady and Belichick will get another shot at a sixth championship, perhaps their last. The Rams, who three years ago moved back to Los Angeles from St. Louis, are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, from Goff and Gurley to Aaron Donald, the best defensive player in the game right now, and Ndamukong Suh, who recorded 1.5 sacks agains the Saints. The last time Brady faced the Rams in the Super Bowl, in New Orleans in 2002, the Pats notched an all-time upset, winning the game on a last-second field goal, and kicking off the Brady-Belichick dynasty.

What a time for an encore.

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Why Sunday’s AFC Championship Game Is a Bigger Deal for Patrick Mahomes Than Tom Brady

It’s been a bounce-back season for the NFL. Scoring is up, with the four most offensively potent teams in the league — the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Rams, the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots — reaching the conference championship round. Pro football feels fun again. Defense wins championships? Bollocks. After a down year in 2017, TV ratings have risen.

So it’s only fitting that in a bullish year for football, fans are treated with one particularly dreamy matchup on conference championship Sunday, Jan. 20. That’ll be when the Kansas City Chiefs, led by their stunningly talented second-year quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, host the House of Brady, the New England Patriots, in the AFC title game. (The New Orleans Saints play the Los Angeles Rams in the Big Easy in Sunday’s other matchup.)

The Mahomes-Brady duel counts as nothing less than an intergenerational battle for the heart and soul of the NFL. Hyperbole? Maybe. It’s just sports, though, so let’s run with it.

As NFL playoff games go, the stakes are serious. Brady, the only quarterback who owns five Super Bowl trophies, has set new standards for football excellence. His quinoa and avocado ice cream diet, irritating though it may be, is paying off: at 41, he’s playing in a record eighth straight conference championship. On the home side of the ball, Mahomes is football’s version of Stephen Curry. Clips of his “are you friggin’ kidding me” plays — throws with his weak hand, and sidearm, and across his body and without looking and on the run — light up the internet, like Curry’s ridiculous three-pointers. This season Mahomes, 23, became just the second-ever quarterback to throw for at least 5,000 yards and throw at least 50 TD passes in the same season. Only Mahomes, Brady, and Peyton Manning have ever thrown 50 or more TD passes in a single season.

One quarterback has been the face of the game for over a decade. With a win, the other can expedite his quest to succeed him. The NFC championship game, between the Saints and Rams, similarly pits an aging inevitable Hall of Famer against a budding star. New Orleans’ Drew Brees, who just turned 40, is a Super Bowl champion who this season surpassed the elder Manning brother’s all-time record for career passing yards; Brees now has 74,437 compared to Manning’s 71,940. Goff’s a bonafide franchise QB who’s turned in some eye-popping performances, such as his 465 yard, five touchdown game against the Minnesota Vikings on a Thursday night, on three days’ rest, in September. He had a perfect passer rating that night.

Still, Brees-Goff doesn’t carry the same sizzle as Brady-Mahomes. One’s not generally considered the best of all time. The other’s not already setting all-time records.

Brady would seem to be facing more pressure on Sunday. Time’s going to run out on him at some point. This could be his last chance to win a sixth Super Bowl. Mahomes, meanwhile, is just starting out. If he misses this opportunity, he’ll surely get back, right?

Except nothing’s quite that certain, especially in the NFL. This game is more of a must-win for Mahomes. Kansas City finished the regular season with a better record than New England, owns home-field advantage, and boasts superior firepower on its roster. The oddsmakers list KC as the favorites. Brady’s legend is already secure. Mahomes, as good as he is, could catch some bad breaks going forward. Maybe injury. Maybe the team turns over. With its salary cap structure, the NFL’s economic model breeds parity. So maybe another team emerges, aside from the Chiefs, in the ensuring years. Bill Belichick has somehow hacked the NFL, and keeps constructing teams that contend for a championship. Odds are long that Kansas City does the same.

Dan Marino reached the Super Bowl when he was 23; Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers crushed his Miami Dolphins, and Marino never made it back. In 2012 Colin Kaepernick, at 25, shook up the NFL and reached a Super Bowl, coming a few yards short of potentially winning. (Ironically, Kaepernick displaced Alex Smith as the starter in San Francisco, as Mahomes did in Kansas City six years later.) Former ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski gushed that Kaepernick “could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.” But inconsistency, injuries, and controversy derailed Kaepernick. Sure, Mahomes’ 2018 season was statistically far superior to Kaepernick’s initial burst. Mahomes is a better quarterback, and seems unlikely to champion causes that turn ownership against him. But you can’t entirely dismiss Kaeperick as a cautionary tale.

Or look at Russell Wilson. In just his third season, at age 26, he was a Marshawn Lynch one-yard TD run away from joining the pantheon of great quarterbacks to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles (Brady, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw, to name a few). Then Seattle coach Pete Carroll called a pass play. Malcolm Butler picked off Wilson. A potential Seattle dynasty fizzled. Wilson’s far from a lock to return to an NFC championship game, lest a Super Bowl.

Football is fleeting. A Brady-Brees old guy Super Bowl carries sentimental value. But Rams-Chiefs would be utterly delightful, a rematch of one of the best regular season games ever, a wild Monday Night air show that Los Angeles won 54-51. More than any other game this season, that one marked a rejuvenated NFL. The future’s now. Mahomes and Goff just now have to grab it.

No pressure.

Correction, Jan. 18

The original version of this story misstated the conference in which Russel Wilson plays. It is the NFC, not the AFC.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made perfect use of this 20-year-old video game meme


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the super-rich to pay a heavier share of taxes.

The newly elected Congresswoman’s proposal that any earnings higher than $ 10 million carry a 70 percent tax rate has been widely popular. That’s true even among voters who might be more inclined to put on a MAGA hat; a recent Hill-HarrisX poll showed that some 45 percent of GOP voters agree.

On Friday night, Ocasio-Cortez greeted the news of her plan’s popularity with a play on the deepest of deep cut memes.

All your base (are) belong to us 👾

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 19, 2019 Read more…

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Kit Harington just revealed the prop he kept from Game of Thrones

And we didn’t see this coming…

jon snow sex advice
©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

Game of Thrones season eight is on its way – and we officially can’t wait.

Our past few months have been dominated by GoT news and updates, from the emergence of the teaser trailer to theories about what’s to come in Westeros.

But it wasn’t Sophie Turner confessing to being banned from washing her hair during filming or Maisie William talking about her final scene that had the world talking today.

Instead it was Kit Harington that made news when he confessed to Zoe Ball that he had kept one of his GoT props as a momento.

jon meeting drogon

Kit Harington as Jon Snow

But what did he take with him to remember his Game of Thrones days? His iconic coat? His sword? His direwolf, Ghost?

Nope. As it turns out, Kit opted to take a statue of his character, Jon Snow, that appears in the season 8 teaser trailer.

‘I kept that statue. You know, the one in the crypt?’ he reportedly told Zoe Ball. ‘I kept it. They sent it to my house so I’ve got it in my shed.’

Yes, this is not a drill. Kit Harington has a statue of Jon Snow in his shed.

‘How sad is that?’ he laughed. ‘I was the only one who kept their statue. That’s how narcissistic I am.’

kit harington

Credit: REX

And as for what he’s planning to do with the prop, he explained: ‘I’m going to turn it into a water feature.’

We wonder how Rose Leslie feels about this!!

Either way, we cannot wait for season eight.

The post Kit Harington just revealed the prop he kept from Game of Thrones appeared first on Marie Claire.

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A Star-Studded Soccer Game Was Saudi Arabia’s Latest Attempt to ‘Sportswash’ Rights Abuses. It Didn’t Work

A headed goal from soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo propelled Juventus to 1–0 victory over rivals AC Milan in the Supercoppa Italiana (Italian Super Cup) Wednesday, but the reluctance of the sport’s top players and clubs to speak out against Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses has prompted accusations they are complicit in ‘sportswashing’ for the Gulf state.

The game took place at Saudi Arabia’s 62,000-capacity King Abdullah Stadium, where a fan-zone featured mock gondoliers and Venetian bridges, soccer stars posed for pre-match photos in traditional Saudi headdresses and fans in the bleachers held aloft cardboard cutouts of the Kingdom’s ruling monarchs. But back in Italy, state broadcaster RAI’s journalists union accused Italy’s elite Serie A league of helping gloss over Riyadh’s strict gender segregation laws, the brutal war in Yemen, and crackdowns on dissident voices – including the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

The $ 8 million that Saudi Arabia is paying for the right to hold each of three Supercoppa games it is scheduled to host over the next five years constitutes “the price of silence in the face of bombs which have been massacring civilians in Yemen for four years, in the face of the enlistment of child soldiers, in the face of the brutal murder [of Khashoggi],” RAI’s journalist union said in a statement issued a couple of days before kickoff. Highlighting the presence of male-only sections in the stadium and the incarceration of women activists, RAI’s union’s accused those involved of being accomplices to delivering “un calcio ai diritti umani” (a kick against human rights).

Read more: Women in Saudi Arabia Can Finally Attend Live Soccer Matches

Serie A’s deal with Riyadh drew scant public opposition when it was announced last June. The Italian season’s traditional opener—now scheduled during its mid-winter break—had in the past been played in the U.S., China, Qatar and Libya. Its temporary home in Saudi Arabia was confirmed the same month reforms overseen by de-facto leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salmon (nicknamed MSB) permitted women in the Kingdom to drive, and a year after they were allowed to attend live soccer games in stadiums for the first time.

But Khashoggi’s murder in Istanbul last year—which U.S. Senators say was ordered by the crown prince—largely put an end to Bin Salman’ efforts to cast himself as a reformer. The high-profile flight of Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun this month prompted fresh scrutiny of the country’s male-dominated guardianship system, which curbs women’s ability to make critical decisions about their lives.

In addition to RAI’s and other unions staging a protest outside Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Rome, Wednesday’s match also drew criticism from Italian politicians and Amnesty international, who in October urged Juventus and A.C. Milan to pull out of the game.

“International sports events have become an established public diplomacy tool for Gulf countries to enhance their global stature and to deflect attention from political controversies and human rights abuses,” says Lina Khatib, head of the Middle East and North Africa program at London-based policy institute Chatham House. “But sometimes this strategy has backfired, instead drawing attention to issues the countries would like to sweep under the carpet.”

Read more: ‘Rahaf Is Going to Start a Revolution.’ Saudi Women Are Demanding Reforms After a Teen Fled the Country in Fear for Her Life

Italy’s top league is only the latest organization to be accused of assisting a Gulf state’s “sportswashing.” Soccer’s international governing body FIFA has failed to hold the Qatari government to account over what Human Rights Watch estimates could be more than 2,000 unexplained deaths of outdoor workers since FIFA awarded Qatar the right to host the 2022 World Cup, writes researcher Nicholas McGeehan. McGeehan has also criticized German club Bayern Munich for keeping quiet over human rights abuses allegedly perpetrated by its sponsor Qatar Airways.

Such organizations are “so hungry for cash and the Gulf States are so happy to hand it out at every turn that they have not been allies in trying to use sport as a tool for positive change or reform,” McGeehan tells TIME. It’s a damning indictment of organizations that frequently tout their commitment to fair play and inclusivity. But, McGeehan says, the game’s stars are “probably among the most powerful actors” to affect change.

In a statement Serie A president Gaetano Micciche said the league was working to ensure women would be able to access all areas of the stadium’s seats for subsequent Supercoppa fixtures. But analysts say the negligible criticism from soccer’s luminaries illustrates how Saudi Arabia is so far withstanding public pressure, bolstered by international business and political interests overriding concern for human rights.

“Football is part of the Italian economic and cultural system, and can’t have logic, especially in international relations, different from those of the country to which it belongs,” Micciche said in a statement defending the decision to proceed with the match. “Saudi Arabia is the largest Italian commercial partner in the Middle East thanks to dozens of important Italian companies that export and operate there, with many of our compatriots working Saudi Arabia, and none of these relations have been disrupted.”

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Walmart, Target pull children’s game that had players defuse toy bomb

A kids’ game that asked children to defuse a plastic, pretend bomb had parents exploding with anger — and now two major retailers are pulling the controversial toy. The game, called “Cut the Wire,” asks players to defuse a fake bomb before the timer runs out. Should a player cut the wrong wire with the…
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Here’s the Significance of That Feather in the New Game of Thrones Teaser

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The new Game of Thrones teaser that debuted ahead of Sunday night’s True Detective premiere opened with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) walking solemnly through the crypts of Winterfell and seemed to hint at a long-awaited reveal.

As Jon passes by the effigy of Lyanna Stark in the teaser we see the feather. Fans might recognize that it’s the very same feather that Robert Baratheon placed in her statue’s hand in the series’ first episode. The feather flutters to the ground behind Jon and he looks back, appearing confused, before continuing down the tunnel.

As fans know but Jon Snow is not yet aware, the King in the North is not actually the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, but rather the child of Ned’s sister, Lyanna, and Rhaegar Targaryen. In a series of flashbacks shown in the season 7 finale, it was revealed that Rhaegar wed Lyanna after annuling his marriage to Elia Martell. Lyanna then gave birth to Jon — whose real name is Aegon Targaryen — before she died, making him a trueborn Targaryen.

Lyanna and Rhaegar were very much in love when she ran away to be with him while still betrothed to Robert. However, Robert was blinded by his feelings for Lyanna and incited a rebellion against the Targaryen throne by claiming that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her. Many in the Seven Kingdoms still believe that Robert’s version of events was credible.

But after seeing Robert’s feather finally fall from Lyanna’s statue in the new teaser, some fans are speculating that the truth about Lyanna, Rhaegar and Jon will finally be revealed to all in season 8.

“Jon walking by and blowing the feather off the statue is symbolic of the fact that Jon is a child of Lyanna and the Targaryen,” one reddit user posits. “Jon’s existence is a symbol of Lyanna’s rejection of Robert’s love for her. Jon is a force of revealing the truth and his character destroys the lies everyone believes.”

Watch the full teaser above.

Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and final season on April 14.

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‘Game of Thrones’ new Season 8 trailer sees the Starks reunite


It’s official: Game of Thrones’ final season comes crashing into our lives April 14, 2019.

For months the only information about Thrones‘ eighth and final season premiere was that it would be sometime in April, but now, along with a brand new trailer, we have a clear date and can start counting down in earnest.

HBO kicked off the year with calculated Game of Thrones hype, starting with a four-second clip snuck into an ad during the Golden Globes. The footage shows Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen meeting for the first time, which we imagine is super-chill and not awkward or threatening for anyone involved! Read more…

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How to Watch the NFL Playoffs Today Online for Free, Including the Cowboys vs. Rams Game

The NFL playoffs are in full swing this weekend, with four games scheduled that will narrow the field of teams fighting for a spot in the 2019 Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3. The two NFL playoff games today (Saturday, January 12) are: Colts vs. Chiefs and Cowboys vs. Rams.

Both matchups are interesting. The Indianapolis Colts are arguably the NFL’s hottest team: After starting 2018 at 1-5, Andrew Luck and the Colts have won their last five games, including an impressive Wild Card playoff win on the road against the Houston Texans last weekend. Still, the 12-4 Kansas City Chiefs, playing at home with one of the league’s most potent offenses, are 5.5-point favorites to beat the Colts in the AFC divisional playoffs on Saturday.

The Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, are easily the hottest NFC team right now. The Cowboys won seven of their final eight regular season games, and then edged the Seattle Seahawks 24-22 in the playoff opening round. But the 13-3 Los Angeles Rams have been one of the league’s best teams all year long, and the betting odds for the Cowboys vs. Rams game Saturday night indicate the Rams are 7-point favorites to win at home.

The TV broadcasts for the NFL playoffs are all being handled by free, over-the-air broadcast networks. So it’s super simple to watch NFL playoff games for free on TV. What’s more, fans can also live stream the NFL playoffs for free on their phones, or even watch NFL playoff games online for free on other screens. Here are all the details you need.

What Channel Is the Cowboys vs. Rams Game On Today?

What time does the Colts vs. Chiefs game start today? How about the Cowboys vs. Rams game? What channels are broadcasting the NFL playoff games today? And how about the NFL playoffs on Sunday?

Here’s all the info you need, starting with the NFL game schedule today, Saturday, January 12:

• Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 4:35 p.m. ET on NBC
• Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams, 8:15 p.m. ET on Fox

Here’s the NFL playoff schedule for Sunday, January 13:

• Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots, 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS
• Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints, 4:40 p.m. ET on Fox

It’s very easy to watch NFL playoff games for free on TV today and Sunday. If you have cable TV or another pay TV package, it probably comes with local broadcasts of network TV channels, including NBC, Fox, and CBS.

If you don’t have cable, you can still watch the NFL playoffs with a digital antenna. A basic HDTV antenna costs around $ 25, and once it’s hooked up to a TV in most of the country you’ll be able to watch local affiliates for over-the-air TV networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, as well as PBS.

Watching broadcast TV with a digital antenna is totally free, and comes in hi-def. What channels you get with an HDTV antenna in your home may vary, however, based on the strength of the antenna, its positioning in your house or apartment, and where you live.

How to Live Stream the NFL Playoffs for Free Today

To live stream NFL games —including the playoffs this weekend and the Super Bowl — on your phone, download the NFL App or Yahoo Sports mobile app. Both are free to download and provide free NFL game live streams on phones (and sometimes, tablets).

Either app will allow you to watch the NFL playoffs online for free on your phone. Unfortunately, the NFL App and Yahoo Sports app do not allow fans to live stream NFL games on smart TVs or laptops. You can’t use them to screencast games to your TV either. They work only with smaller screens — smartphones, specifically, and sometimes tablets.

How to Watch the NFL Playoffs Online for Free: Cowboys vs. Rams

If you’re hunting for another way to watch the NFL playoff games today online on a smart TV or another large screen, consider signing up for a free trial of a streaming TV service that includes local broadcast TV channels in its packages.

In most of the country, the streaming TV services Fubo TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV include CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox in packages, alongside dozens of other “pay TV” channels. Another service, Sling TV, includes local Fox and NBC stations in certain parts of the country.

The cost of these live stream TV services normally starts at $ 25 to $ 45 per month. But they are all available to new subscribers for free during free-trial periods that last about a week.

So you could watch the NFL playoff games online for free this weekend by subscribing to a streaming TV service and taking advantage of the free trial. You’d then have the rest of the week to try out the service before deciding if you want to pay up.

If you ultimately decide you do not want to become a paying subscriber, remember to cancel the streaming TV service before the free trial ends. If you miss the deadline, you’ll be charged in full for the first month.

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NHL, Adidas to Create Sustainable Jerseys for All-Star Game

Adidas and the National Hockey League have embraced sustainability for their All-Star Game jerseys.
The game, which will be held on Jan. 26 at the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., will find players wearing jerseys made from repurposed and upcycled materials for the first time.
The jerseys were created in partnership with Parley for the Oceans and feature Parley Ocean Plastic, a trademarked material created from marine plastic that has been collected from the oceans and then spun into thread.
The special-edition Adizero Authentic Pro x Parley jerseys will be worn first by the players at the 2019 SAP NHL All-Star Skills exhibition on Jan. 25 and then during the Honda NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 26.
“We create products tailored for an athlete, their sport, life and world and we’re excited to introduce the special-edition Adizero Authentic Pro x Parley jerseys,” said Dan Near, senior director of Adidas Hockey, of what he termed “the first-ever environmentally conscious hockey jerseys.”
“The NHL is a recognized leader in addressing major environmental challenges and preserving the roots of our game,” said Brian Jennings, NHL’s chief branding officer and executive vice president. “Adidas has been an incredible partner in our efforts and shares our commitment to promoting sustainable business practices. Each year, the NHL All-Star Weekend serves as an opportunity to showcase innovations across all

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How to Watch the NFL Playoffs Online for Free Today, Including the Seahawks vs. Cowboys Game

The 2019 NFL playoffs kick off this weekend, with two Wild Card round games on Saturday, January 5: Colts vs. Texans and Seahawks vs. Cowboys.

Both NFL playoff games on Saturday are expected to be close: The Wild Card betting odds indicate that the Texans and Cowboys — the home teams in both games — are favored to win, but only by a margin of 2 points or less.

The NFL playoff games this weekend are being broadcast nationally on a mix of channels: CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, and ESPN. There are plenty of ways to watch the NFL playoffs — online or on TV — for free, and you can even live stream the NFL playoff game for free that’s airing on the pay channel ESPN (Colts vs. Texans).

Here’s all the info you need for how to watch the NFL playoffs for free in 2019.

When Do the NFL Playoff Games Start Today?

What channel are the NFL playoffs on during Wild Card weekend, and when do the games start? Here’s the NFL playoff schedule for Saturday, January 5:

• Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans, 4:35 p.m. ET on ABC and ESPN
• Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys, 8:15 p.m. ET on Fox

And here are the NFL playoff game times for Sunday, January 6:

• Los Angeles Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens, 1:05 p.m. ET on CBS
• Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears, 4:40 p.m. ET on NBC

If you have cable or another pay TV service that includes broadcast networks (and ESPN) in your package, it’s easy to watch the NFL games this weekend. All you need to do is find the appropriate channel and tune in. But there are also plenty of options to watch the NFL playoffs for free if you don’t have cable.

How to Watch the Seahawks vs. Cowboys Game for Free

Free, over-the-air networks have the TV broadcasts for Colts vs. Texans and Seahawks vs. Cowboys games today, as well as Chargers vs. Ravens and Eagles vs. Bears on Sunday.

You don’t need cable to watch these NFL playoff games for free on TV. All you need in most of the country is a digital antenna.

You can buy a decent HDTV antenna for around $ 25. Once it’s connected to your TV, it will function similarly to old-fashion “rabbit ears” antennas, allowing you to watch unlimited local broadcasts of major free networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and PBS, in hi-def.

In most of the country, viewers can tune in all the major networks with a basic digital antenna, though which broadcast TV channels you get will vary based on the strength of the antenna, where you live, and where the antenna is positioned in your home. You may have to move your antenna around a bit to see where the signal is strongest for Fox, CBS, NBC, and other local channels.

How to Live Stream the NFL Playoffs for Free

The NFL App and Yahoo Sports mobile app allow users to watch nationally broadcast NFL games on a phone (and in some cases, a tablet). That means you can use these apps to watch the 2019 NFL playoffs in their entirety — including the Colts vs. Texans game, airing on ABC and ESPN — along with the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3.

The NFL App and Yahoo Sports app are free to download, and the NFL game live streams are free as well. Take note, however, that the free live streams are available only on smartphones and tablets. So you can’t use these apps to screencast games to your TV, or to watch the NFL playoffs on any other kind of (larger) screen, such as a laptop or smart TV. Also, in some cases, the live streams may not work when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, so you may have to use up data in order to watch NFL games on your phone.

How to Watch the NFL Playoffs Online for Free

If you’re struggling to figure out a way to watch one or more NFL playoff games online for free during Wild Card weekend, consider registering for a free trial with a streaming TV service that includes the channels you need in its packages.

How does streaming TV work? For those unfamiliar with this increasingly popular alternative to cable, streaming TV services bundle together dozens of pay channels for subscribers, very similarly to cable. However, live streaming TV subscribers watch all of their content on connected devices, rather than watching channels only on TV. Streaming TV packages generally cost less than cable, and come with fewer fees as well.

In most of the country, the streaming TV services Fubo TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV include local broadcasts of channels like CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC in their packages.

Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and another service, Sling TV, also include ESPN in certain basic packages. Sling TV also comes with local NBC and Fox broadcasts in select markets. (Fubo TV, on the other hand, does not include ESPN in any streaming TV packages.)

How much does streaming TV cost? And what’s the best live streaming TV service? Sling TV is the cheapest streaming TV service that includes ESPN, starting at $ 25 per month. The other streaming TV options cited above start at about $ 40 per month. The list of channels and amenities included with each service varies widely, so it’s best to shop around and look closely at the fine print to figure out which streaming TV service is best for you.

Luckily, all streaming TV services give free trials that last about a week for new subscribers. So, if you want to watch the NFL playoffs online for free this weekend, you could sign up for a new subscription and catch all the Wild Card weekend games without paying a dime.

You’d then have the rest of the week to try out the service before being charged. Just remember that if you ultimately decide you do not want to become a paying subscriber, you must cancel before the free-trial period ends. If you miss the deadline, you’ll be charged in full for the first month.

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Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly Take Their Friendship to a Basketball Game

Pete DavidsonPete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly had another slam dunk of a day together.
The two friends and co-stars in the upcoming movie Big Time Adolescence sat courtside at the Denver Nuggets…

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Tribusky or Foles? Cris Carter and Nick Wright discuss which QB they trust more heading into Sunday’s Wild Card game

Cris Carter and Nick Wright look ahead to Sunday’s Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles playoff game. Nick and Cris reveal which QB they trust more heading into this weekend’s Wild Card game.

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A game from ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is playable now


If Black Mirror: Bandersnatch wasn’t unsettling or meta enough for you, the show’s team snuck in another layer of gameplay: an actual Tuckersoft Games website. You can peruse the company’s history (which you’ll be familiar with if you watched Bandersnatch) and explore its game titles – all of which reference other Black Mirror episodes.

Perhaps the sneakiest goody on the site is that you can actually play Nohzdyve, the game Colin (Will Poulter) is working on. But there’s a significant catch. 

The .tap file containing the game can only be played by downloading a ZS Spectrum Emulator – a program that mimics the OS of a personal computer from the 1980s’ Bandersnatch eraFuse, Qaop, or Speccy are some potential emulators, but they only work on certain computers or operating systems (one of the only Mac-compatible downloads I found wouldn’t open because it was from an unidentified developer). Read more…

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Raiders play possible final game in Coliseum

Associated Press

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Raiders top rival Broncos in possible final game in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. — It turned out to be more a celebration than a funeral. Maybe. Marshawn Lynch, Oakland’s favorite son, who may or may not have already played his final NFL game, lit the Al Davis Torch to wild applause. Doug Martin, who was born in Oakland, scored untouched on a 24-yard run before throwing up an "O" with his outstretched hands to the hometown crowd. And the Oakland Raiders, who may or may not have played their final game in the Oakland Coliseum, gave their fans a thrill to last — well, at least until a decision is made on where the Raiders will play home games in 2019 — in a 27-14 defeat of the rival Denver Broncos on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. This much is known — the Raiders (4-11) will be in Las Vegas in 2020, and the NFL wants to know where they plan to play next year by early February, at the latest. So with so much uncertainty in the air — and rain showers before the game…
ABC News: Sports


The game of their lives was 25 years ago. They’re still replaying it in their minds.

The exploits of a high school football team can become small-town legend. For the Prestonsburg Blackcats of Eastern Kentucky, the 1993 season “was like something out of a movie, if you’ve ever seen ‘Hoosiers,’ ” one coach said. Reality, however, left more complicated memories.


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Get Your Head In the Game: Referee With Racist Past Forces Wrestler To Cut Dreads Or Forfeit Match

It appears there’s been another case of racism being disguised as concern over our cultural hair choices interfering with our performance, professionalism and the safety of others. Wrestler Andrew Johnson of New Jersey’s Buena Vista high school was forced to …



Arrowverse: ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Will Be a Game Changer

Elseworlds may have come and gone — much to our dismay — but the last few seconds of the crossover teased next year’s big event: Crisis on Infinite Earths. This event has been staring us in the face ever since the newspaper from the future showed up in The Flash‘s first episode. Now that the crossover has finally been confirmed, you might be wondering what Crisis on Infinite Earths is and what it means for the Arrowverse. Well, let us break it down for you.

What Is Crisis on Infinite Earths?

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ was a game changer for DC Comics.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is a twelve-issue limited series that ran from April 1985 to March 1986. It brings together both the heroes and villains of the DC Multiverse and pits them against the Anti-Monitor, a cosmic entity that was born in a universe of antimatter. The Anti-Monitor destroys countless positive matter universes to increase his power; he wants his antimatter universe to be the only one left standing. After a fierce battle with many casualties, only five Earths in the Multiverse remain. These Earths then merge to form one single Earth.

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ was not afraid to kill its characters.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is popular for many reasons. It streamlined the convoluted history of the DC Multiverse to make it easier for readers to follow by transforming the Multiverse into a single universe. Some consider it to be one of the most ambitious crossovers in comic history. It’s also infamous for its high death count, which impacted icons like Kara Zor-El and Barry Allen. Many DC fans have this series ingrained in their memories.

They even killed off Barry Allen. No hero was safe in this crisis.

The series brought many lasting changes to the comics. It’s safe to say that the Arrowverse adaptation will do the same. But what will these changes be?

How the Arrowverse Could Change

What can we expect from next year’s crossover?

The Arrowverse could take a page (or issue) from the comic book series and use Crisis on Infinite Earths to make the continuity of its shows easier for audiences to understand. Perhaps the event will have Supergirl‘s Earth Thirty-Eight merge with Earth One, the Earth where The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow take place. Fans of Black Lightning have also wondered if the show takes place on Earth One, though it’s not officially part of the Arrowverse. This event would be an excellent opportunity to unite all the shows on a single Earth and make the Arrowverse more attractive to new fans.

But that’s not the only effect the crossover will have. Whenever DC Comics does a Crisis story, heroes are guaranteed to die. So we can expect the same thing to happen next year when the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths comes around. But we wouldn’t bet on Barry and Kara biting the dust just yet, despite the crossover drawing inspiration from the comic event. We believe the Arrowverse will go a different route.

So Long, Oliver!

It’s highly likely Oliver’s time will be up in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’

During the final episode of Elseworlds, we learned that the Monitor gave John Deegan the Book of Destiny to prepare our heroes for a crisis that is yet to come, aka Crisis on Infinite Earths. When Superman gets his hands on the book, he learns that it’s Barry and Kara’s destiny to die saving the world from Deegan, alluding to their comic deaths. Not willing to let his friends die, Oliver confronts the Monitor and tells him to change reality so that Barry and Kara survive. However, to keep the balance of reality, one change requires another. Oliver’s proposition to the Monitor happens off-screen, but we’re pretty sure Oliver offered his life in exchange for Barry and Kara’s.

Oliver dying in Crisis on Infinite Earths isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The current season of Arrow revealed that the person parading around as the “New Green Arrow” is none other than Oliver’s unknown half-sister. By next year, Stephen Amell will have portrayed Oliver for eight years. He may want to pursue other career opportunities, and it seems like the writers are grooming Oliver’s half-sister to become the Green Arrow permanently. If this is the case, then having Oliver meet his end in Crisis on Infinite Earths makes sense. A heroic death would be the perfect send-off for the man who started it all.

An Event None Will Forget

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ will be the Arrowverse crossover that tops all others.

When Crisis on Infinite Earths airs next year, it’ll be firing on all cylinders. Everything that’s happened in the Arrowverse has led up to this point. With the fate of the Multiverse at stake, our heroes must do everything in their power to ensure its survival. What will they do when they finally confront the Anti-Monitor? We know one thing’s for sure: “Worlds will live, worlds will die, and the universe will never be the same.”

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Game Dev Supergroup is Bringing AAA Assets Initiative to Unity

Next week Unity Technologies will launch The Unity Icon Collective initiative, a series of AAA asset packs made by a veritable supergroup of game artists and designers for Unity users to purchase from the official Unity Asset Store. “Volume #1: Buried Memories – Yggdrasil” is the first asset pack of this initiative, a set of […]



How to Watch the Saints vs. Panthers ‘Monday Night Football’ Game Online for Free Tonight

NFL fans who want to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game on “Monday Night Football” for free tonight have several options for tuning in to this critical NFC South showdown.

While the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers TV broadcast is on ESPN, fans can still live stream “Monday Night Football” for free. All of the ways to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game online for free tonight are explained below.

But first, what about the Saints vs. Panthers matchup itself? Who is the favorite on “Monday Night Football” tonight?

Even though the 6-7 Carolina Panthers are playing at home at Bank of America Stadium, they are the underdogs. The New Orleans Saints, who are 11-2 and have already won the NFC South Division title, are 6.5-point favorites to beat their division rival Panthers. In fact, lately sports books say that the New Orleans Saints have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl in 2019.

But anything can happen in the NFL. Three other strong 2019 Super Bowl contenders — the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New England Patriots — lost their most recent games despite being favored to win.

Here’s all the info you need to watch the Saints vs. Panthers game — online or on TV — on “Monday Night Football” tonight.

What Time Does the Saints vs. Panthers Game Start Tonight?

“Monday Night Football” TV broadcasts, including the Panthers and Saints game tonight, are handled by ESPN. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

ESPN is a pay channel included in most satellite and cable TV bundles. If you have such a pay TV package, all you need to do to watch the Saints vs. Panthers on “Monday Night Football” is find ESPN on your TV.

If you don’t have cable, you can still live stream the Saints vs. Panthers for free — at least on your phone, if not another device like a laptop or smart TV.

How to Live Stream the Saints vs. Panthers Game for Free

To live stream “Monday Night Football” and other NFL games for free on your phone, download the newest version of either the Yahoo Sports app or the NFL app. These apps provide free live streams of many NFL games, including tonight’s Saints vs. Panthers game on “Monday Night Football.”

Exactly what NFL games can you live stream free with the NFL App or Yahoo Sports app? Fans get free live streams of national game broadcasts such as “Monday Night Football” (broadcasted on ESPN), “Thursday Night Football” (Fox and NFL Network), and “Sunday Night Football (NBC), in addition to whatever NFL games are being broadcasted on their local CBS and Fox stations every Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, fans who are using these apps are limited to free live streaming on a tiny screen. The apps only stream NFL games on smartphones — so you can’t use them to watch “Monday Night Football” online for free on a laptop, smart TV, or any other larger screen.

How to Watch “Monday Night Football” for Free Online on a Smart TV or Laptop

Consider signing up for a free trial of a streaming TV service with ESPN if you want to watch the Saints vs. Panthers “Monday Night Football” game online for free tonight.

The streaming TV services Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV all include ESPN in certain packages. Prices for these streaming TV packages start at $ 25 to $ 45 per month, but new subscribers can check them out for free for about a week during free-trial periods.

Streaming TV services, for those who are unfamiliar, are similar to cable in that they bundle together dozens of pay channels for subscribers. The main difference with live streaming TV is that subscribers stream content on connected devices, rather than watching channels via TV. Streaming TV packages are generally cheaper, with fewer fees, than cable as well.

Which streaming TV service is best? Well, the amenities and included channels vary from provider to provider. Sling TV is the cheapest streaming TV service with ESPN. But Sling also has the fewest channels included in its basic package. Many other streaming TV services include broadcasts of local network TV — like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox — in many parts of the country as well, which is something that is not yet available on Sling TV.

So it’s worth checking out all the fine print, and what channels are included (and not) with each streaming TV service before registering for a subscription. And if you sign up for a free trial and ultimately decide you do not want to become a paying subscriber, remember to cancel in time. If you don’t cancel before the free trial ends, you’ll be charged in full for the first month.

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How to Watch the Vikings vs. Seahawks ‘Monday Night Football’ Game Online for Free

The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks face off on “Monday Night Football” tonight. And the Vikings vs. Seahawks game is a critical one as the 2018 playoff brackets start to take shape: Both teams have winning records (the Seahawks record is 7-5, while the Vikings are 6-5-1) and have a good chance of making the playoffs if they finish the regular season strong.

The “Monday Night Football” game tonight is being played at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, and the Vikings vs. Seahawks betting odds indicate that the home team Seahawks are 3-point favorites to win. The Seahawks are scoring an average of 26.6 points per game this season, compared to just under 23 points for the Vikings. The over-under in tonight’s game is 45.5 points.

Here are all the options for how to watch the Vikings vs. Seahawks “Monday Night Football” game — online or on TV — including tips for getting a free NFL game live stream on your phone.

What Channel Is the Vikings vs. Seahawks Game on Tonight?

“Monday Night Football” TV broadcasts, including the Vikings vs. Seahawks tonight, are handled by ESPN. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

If you have satellite or cable TV, you probably have ESPN included in your bundle of pay TV channels. All you have to do is find ESPN if you want to watch “Monday Night Football” on TV.

If you don’t have cable, there are still ways to watch the Seahawks vs. Vikings game online for free. Check out the options to live stream “Monday Night Football” for free below.

How to Live Stream the Vikings vs. Seahawks Game for Free

To live stream NFL games for free on your phone, use either the Yahoo Sports app and the NFL app. Either app provides free live streams of many NFL games, including “Monday Night Football,” even though the TV broadcast is on the pay channel ESPN.

In addition to matchups like tonight’s Vikings vs. Seahawks game, these apps let you live stream “Thursday Night Football” games (broadcast on Fox), “Sunday Night Football” (NBC), and all the NFL games normally broadcast on your local CBS and Fox stations on Sunday afternoons. While the apps are free to download and use, the live streams are available only on phones. So you can’t use them to watch NFL games on a larger screen, such as a laptop or smart TV.

How to Watch “Monday Night Football” for Free Online on a Smart TV

If you want to live stream the Vikings vs. Seahawks “Monday Night Football” game on a screen that’s larger than your phone, consider registering for a free trial of a streaming TV service that includes ESPN in its packages.

The streaming TV services Hulu Live, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV all include ESPN in their basic packages. The costs of these packages start at $ 25 to $ 45 per month, but they’re available to new subscribers for free for about seven days.

So, to watch tonight’s Seahawks vs. Vikings game online for free, you could register for a new subscription and live stream the game during the free-trial period. Afterwards, you would have most of a week to check out the service. Each is a little different, with different bundles of pay channels, but they are all basically the online equivalent of the traditional cable TV package — only they tend to cost less per month, and have fewer surprise fees.

Sling TV is the cheapest streaming TV service that includes ESPN in packages. But Sling TV also has fewer channels than the other services. It’s worth taking a close look at all the fine print, and what’s included with each live streaming TV service, before registering for a subscription.

Also, remember: If you ultimately decide you don’t want to become a paying subscriber, be sure to cancel your streaming TV service before the free-trial period ends.

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‘Westworld’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Are Basically Evil Twins

Many have noticed the dark similarities between Game of Thrones and Westworld, two of HBO’s most popular series; there’s loads of death and a focus on the nastier side of humanity, after all. But are they actually the same? Whether we’re talking about Westworld park or Westeros, there is a unique flair that sets these worlds apart. Let’s take a closer look at the parallels that create evil twins out of Westworld and Game of Thrones.

Death on a Whole New Level

GoT and WW death

Death has a completely different meaning in each series, even though both aren’t afraid to sacrifice any character. Game of Thrones continually shocks us by showing us that no one is safe, that death isn’t biased. The best and worst characters can lose their lives in the blink of an eye. The beloved and honorable Ned Stark, for instance, is beheaded under false accusations of murder. The infamously vile Joffrey Baratheon gave these orders, but a cup of poisoned wine led to his own brutal demise before anyone was expecting it. Clearly, death does not pick sides in Game of Thrones.

On the other hand, Westworld shocks us by revealing who was never alive to begin with. The nature of death itself is questioned with the existence of hosts. These artificially created beings are virtually immortal, yet look and feel so similar to humans that most don’t know the nature of their existence. Unfortunately, death feels very real for hosts, but their technological loophole around it is exactly what makes them suffer at the hands of biological humans; the latter don’t count it as true death if the victims can be repaired and reset.

Good Characters Gone Bad

Daenarys and Dolores comparison

Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones and Dolores Abernathy of Westworld are strong, female leaders from which we can expect great things. The only problem is that their good intentions evolve into reigns of terror. In Game of Thrones, Targaryens are known to be ruthless by nature to those who oppose their will. This is reflected in Daenerys when she initially threatens to destroy Qarth for being denied refuge, and later when she delivers death by dragon fire to those who refuse to surrender. It’s a challenge for her advisor Tyrion Lannister to steer her away from becoming a dictator.

In Westworld, the host Dolores leads the resistance against the humans who have tortured her kind for years. However, it’s her way or death; she executes hosts who don’t “deserve” to go to the Valley Beyond. Her darkest moment is when she forcefully changes her kind-hearted lover, Teddy, into a ruthless killer — which ultimately drives the latter to commit suicide. The heartbreaking realization that she has become as bad as the monsters who oppressed her is a wake-up call, and Dolores claims to have changed her ways… but she still wants to conquer the human world.

It seems that one leader is fighting a darkness that runs in her blood, while the other doesn’t see the light anymore. These ladies are becoming scarier than the original bad guys.

Evil Masterminds

Petyr Baelish and Robert Ford

The maddening events in these series can be pinpointed to a few select individuals, most notably Petyr Baelish (also known as Littlefinger) in Game of Thrones and Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld. They have their ways of analyzing and predicting the actions of other humans. Littlefinger is the master of schemes, causing chaos right under everyone’s nose. His plot to blame Jon Arryn‘s murder on the Lannisters is the first little spark leading to the War of the Five Kings. He literally would have gotten away with everything if not for a supernatural Three-Eyed Raven.

Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld is the co-creator of the host park, a genius of engineering and a master of mind games. Hosts and humans alike fear him, especially since he often knows more about them than they do. He is omnipresent and manipulative of events even after his physical death, and his programming ensures that no one will ever truly be rid of his influence. We’re still wondering whose side he’s really on and what he’s plotting next.

These men cause an impressive amount of mayhem in their respective series. The schemer turns an entire world against itself, while the programmer sweeps through it like a virus.

The Game Destroys the Winner

Tywin lannister and Man in Black comparison

Both series involve a game of power that doesn’t treat its players kindly. In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister is easily the most successful figure of authority, but by keeping his family in power, he sacrificed his children’s happiness for his own interests. He underestimates what their bitter feelings can do; Tyrion murders him in a moment of rage after years of being disregarded as his son. Alas, this man was the closest to winning the game of thrones — but death found him at the finish line.

The Man in Black of Westworld, or William, is an infamously evil antagonist who practically owns the park. He obsesses over a “game” that Dr. Ford planned for him in the midst of the host rebellion. In his overconfidence, however, he murders his own daughter believing she was a host created to distract him. He is horrified by the reality, and he discovers the nature of his existence. The man who was a god in this world has become one of its hosts.

The two most powerful players in Game of Thrones and Westworld were quite good at the game, but they tormented their families. One was killed by his child, while the other killed his child by mistake. Does that even count as winning?

All in all, these two series remain original despite having a lot of dark themes in common. Their writers have created brilliantly evil twins, and we can only wait on the edge of our seats for the next seasons to release.

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Daenerys Targaryen: There’s Only One Real Winner in the Game of Thrones

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President Trump Officiated the Coin Toss at the Army-Navy Football Game

(PHILADELPHIA) — President Donald Trump mixed politics and sports Saturday, announcing the departure of his chief of staff before settling in for Army-Navy football game.

The commander in chief flew to Philadelphia for the 119th meeting in the storied rivalry between the service academies, and officiated the coin toss at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Navy called “tails,” and that’s what it was when Trump’s flipped coin landed on the turf. Navy elected to kick off.

As he left the White House, Trump told reporters that chief of staff John Kelly would step down at year’s end. The president was expected to soon name a replacement, and a White House official said Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, was Trump’s top choice.

Earlier Saturday, Trump picked an Army general, Mark Milley, to be his next top military adviser.

Trump, who saw the Army-Navy contest in 2016 as president-elect, is the 10th sitting president to go to the game. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first, in 1901.

Like previous commanders in chief, Trump was expected to switch sides at halftime in a show of impartiality.

No. 22 Army (9-2) is in the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1996. The Black Knights have won seven in a row and have defeated Navy (3-9) two straight years.

The series began in 1890, and Navy leads 60-51-7.

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The latest Game of Thrones trailer will give you chills


game of thrones metoo
©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

If you’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit, you’ll have cracked open your beauty advent calendar, the Prosecco Christmas crackers will be in the fridge, and you’ll have got your £5 tree from Ikea.

You’re ready to celebrate, and there’s a tray of Ferrero Rocher just crying to be opened.

And while we don’t want to wish the time away, we’re also excited about the festive period for another reason – once it’s over, it means we’re one step closer to the final season of Game of Thrones.

Hurrah! We’ll finally see what goes down when Dany and Jon Snow realise that their saucy midnight cabin meets are actually incestuous. We’ll find out why Tyrion was looking all shady in the shadows during the last episode. And we’ll also find out whether faceless man trainee and all-round badass Arya will finally meet her match and join those who have fallen before her.

So much drama! So many questions! So many spoilers to read up on before season 8 airs in April!

And as (very) eager fans, we are delighted to see that another trailer has been released – and it looks epic.

The 54 second teaser sees that old board of Westeros along with the famous chess pieces – the Stark Direwolf, the Targaryen dragon and the Lannister lion. Each is slowly engulfed in plumes of icy chill, before a sudden rush of fire draws in from the opposite end of the board and the two meet in the middle.

We’re not too surprised that we don’t get any actual footage of the upcoming season, because the Game of Thrones lot are known for keeping as much under wraps as they possibly can.

However, it has whet our appetite and made us ridiculously excited for April 2019.

Will you be tuning in to see how it all ties up?

We’re on the edge of our (icy and fiery) seats.

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Marie Claire


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