Joyous Colour In Germany

Marta Dahlhoff (45) lives in Germany and documents her outfits on Instagram. She mixes Modern Classic with lots of trendy pieces, and her Instagram feed is an explosion of joyous colour. Marta is an adventurous dresser who likes to experiment with different styles and silhouettes, and doesn’t shy away from pattern-mixing.

“My style has changed slightly since my 40th birthday. Before that, I was more of a ‘gray mouse’ and did not want to attract attention. Today I love color and it’s a pleasure to be seen. Between the ages of 30 and 40, I was very busy with the children’s education, job, family and only had limited time for myself. Everything changed from 40 onwards. I started to get into fashion again. My style is sporty – chic, colorful and not too playful. I love clean lines. I wear high-quality accessories but fast fashion, and I always give my gently-worn items to the many friends I still have in the Czech Republic.”

Marta Dahlhoff - 6

A cosy coat in a happy colour is a great way to light up the dreariest Winter day. Here, Marta is sporting an oversized bright green coat with blue jeans. The coat is straight through the back and torso, but structured on the shoulders which helps rein in the volume. Marta’s blue jeans with bleached patches casualize the look, while the white buckle booties add crispness and soft edge.Opting for mid-blue accessories makes the emerald coat pop even more. The white pattern on Marta’s large scarf bookend her footwear. The crossbody with gold chain strap matches the scarf beautifully and almost looks like denim, which adds textural interest.

Marta Dahlhoff - 4

Wearing a shirt dress open over trousers or jeans increases the versatility of the garment. Marta has tucked a simple scoop neck tee into dark wash skinny jeans that are cropped short enough to show off her white pointy-toe booties. These lengthen the leg line and bookend our blogger’s white T-shirt. Her greyish-blue belt doesn’t match but works great with Marta’s structured two-toned satchel. A floral print shirt dress with bright green and orange accents is worn open as a lightweight coat, adding drama and lots of visual interest. A dainty necklace, stud earrings and raspberry lipstick finish off the look.

Marta Dahlhoff - 1

Pink, burgundy and shades of red come together beautifully in this elegant, modern outfit. Marta is sporting a flouncy midi skirt with a striking pink and red floral print. Combining the calf-length skirt with fitted pointy-toe booties and a fitted top streamlines the look. The suede cranberry booties add textural interest. Our blogger’s burgundy turtleneck tee is slightly cropped which lengthens the leg line from the hips upward. A sharp fuschia blazer adds playful strictness and delightful extra colour. Marta completes this tonal look with a structured burgundy satchel and her trusted stud earrings.

Marta Dahlhoff - 3

Preppy in pink. This is a wonderful example of Angie’s Gingham Top Ensemble. Marta is wearing tailored cropped trousers with an eye-catching pastel and gold floral pattern. She is as adventurous with patterns as she is with colours, and here’s she’s pattern-mixing the trousers with a bright pink gingham shirt. The crisp shirt all buttoned up amps up the dressiness factor of this polished casual look. Tucking the shirt showcases Marta’s striking gold with beige belt that picks up the gold in the trousers. Tasseled gold loafers echo the other gold accents, and her light taupe bag cleverly complements Marta’s belt.

Marta Dahlhoff - 5

Another striking colour combo from our colour expert. The warm, rich mustard looks amazing with the tomato red! Marta is wearing cropped black skinny jeans with an oversized chunky sweater. Faux tucking the sweater and pairing it with skinny jeans tames the volume. The faux tuck also reveals a fun, bright red belt that complements her fab patent pointy-toe booties and the red accents in her scarf and bag. The pushed up sweater sleeves reveal an animal print top in shades of brown that look great with the mustard. Such a playful detail! The animal print is then picked up again in Marta’s artfully tied scarf. A classic satchel with not-so-classic bright red trim is the perfect finishing touch.

Marta Dahlhoff - 2

Our blonde-haired blogger really rocks all shades of red. Marta has tucked a bright red turtleneck sweater into black cropped skinnies. This lengthens the leg line and shows off her matching red belt. A pair of showstopper stiletto booties feature snakeskin print accents on the toe and heel. A fun man coat in a pinky-red plaid pattern adds playful pizzazz. The thigh length and structured fit on the shoulders make it just tailored enough. Marta accessorizes with a red satchel that works well with the rest of the colour palette, pink-red lippie and mirrored sunnies.

Let us know what you think of Marta’s colourful outfits, and be sure to browse the rest of her looks on Instagram.



Germany to extend electric company car tax incentives: paper

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz plans to extend tax incentives for electric company cars, he told a newspaper on Saturday, the government’s latest attempt to boost demand for clean vehicles.

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Self-shredding Banksy painting goes on display in Germany

“Love is in the Bin”, the work by graffiti artist Banksy that shredded itself live after it was sold at auction last year, went on display at a German museum – after officials had made sure its shredding mechanism was no longer working.

Reuters: Arts


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Events across Germany mark a century of Bauhaus architecture and design

Hundreds of events across Germany this year will celebrate the 100th birthday of the Bauhaus movement, whose “form follows function” aesthetic spread around the world, shaping modern architecture and design.

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With eye on China, Germany tightens foreign investment rules

Germany agreed new rules on Wednesday to lower the threshold for screening and even blocking purchases of stakes in German firms by non-Europeans, in a move to fend off unwanted takeovers by Chinese investors in strategic areas.

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What you should absolutely never do when visiting Germany


Have a German vacation planned sometime soon? It’s a beautiful country in Europe, and there are plenty of amazing sights to see. However, before you jet off across the world ready to test your foreign language skills, there are some things you ought to be aware of first. Germany has a strict set of rules that you must abide by if you want to avoid upsetting the locals, or much worse. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t wear shoes inside

Unless given explicit instructions, you should always ask whether someone wants you to take your shoes off when in there home. Most people in Germany don’t wear their shoes inside, so to go ahead and do it could be considered extremely rude. If you feel weird asking, remove them anyway when you go inside to be on the safe side. The last thing you want to is upset someone that’s invited you into their home.

Don’t waste recyclables

Did you know that you’ll be charged extra for buying drinks in bottles or cans when you’re in Germany? It’s part of the country’s initiative to encourage people to recycle and not waste the materials. You’re expected to return the bottles and cans to a shop, although they’re not fussy about which shop you chose. All establishments are required to accept your recyclable waste, whether or not they were the place you bought them from initially.


Don’t be late

One thing you can rarely accuse Germans of not being is punctual. They’re almost always on time, and they expect the same of anyone they’re meeting with. To show up late would be considered rude and a waste of someone else’s time. So, if you make any appointments during your German vacation, make sure that you show up to them on time.

Don’t address people incorrectly

Learning another country’s language is confusing, especially when they have an entirely different set of grammatical rules that you’re not used to. When it comes to greeting people in Germany, there are two different ways to do it. You can either say Sie or du, depending on how well you know the person. Sie is the more formal choice, so it’s what you’re expected to use in something like a business setting. Du, on the other hand, is reserved for more informal conversations. If you’re not sure which to use, you can always ask.

Don’t disturb the peace

If you’re a bit of a party animal at night, then you might struggle during your trip to Germany. The country has a set of laws which prevent you from making too much noise at certain times of the day. You can’t do things like play loud music or vacuum between 10 pm and 7 am, or the entirety of Sunday. That might sound pretty restrictive, but it stops residents from being disturbed at inappropriate times. If you don’t follow these rules, people can complain, and you’ll find yourself face to face with one of the public order officers. You didn’t go to Germany to get in trouble with the law, so try to keep it down at night.

very country is different, and you should never visit somewhere new without first checking what rules are in place. They might not always make sense to you, but it’s important to respect them when you’re abroad. After all, you don’t want to get arrested.


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Germany Exports Unexpectedly Decline For Second Month

German exports declined for a second straight month in August, defying expectations for an increase, preliminary data from the statsitical office Destatis showed on Tuesday. Merchandise exports fell a calendar and seasonally-adjusted 0.1 percent from July, when they decreased 0.8 percent. Economists had expected a 0.4 percent increase.
RTT – Economic News


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