Give Thanks For Coworkers and Clients With An Office Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has been picking up steam over the last few years as an alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving, but it can also be a great way to show colleagues or clients your appreciation.

Throw an Office Friendsgiving with these tips from Michiel Perry, founder and editor-in-chief of Black Southern Belle:

Put Networking First


Use a serving bowl as a place for guests to drop their business cards. To encourage participation, feel free to raffle off a great bottle of winter wine.




Don’t Forget Branding


Looking to showcase a new product or your brand philosophy? Use simple place cards such as small office envelopes on paper clips. These envelopes can be a great place to give the name of dishes as well as some insight into what you are professionally thankful for to your clients this year.


Styling: Black Southern Belle; Photography: MercedeB Photography; Food: Hamby Catering; Florals: Lush Florals by Renee; Rentals: Gather Vintage Rentals


Keep Friendsgiving Food Light


Since most of your clients and/or employees will be having Thanksgiving with their family, try to keep your menu light with simple dishes such as turkey caesar salad or charcuterie boards of your favorite pickled fall vegetables. And, of course, a fall-inspired cocktail is always a good start to a fun client Friendsgiving.

Get Some Help


When you are pulling together a last-minute party, don’t be afraid to get help from a local caterer. Nothing better than supporting a small business while creating a new addition to your networking list—and even better if you can use a company that your clients enjoy utilizing. If you don’t have time find a caterer, the deli section of your local gourmet store has excellent pre-made options.

Or, for an easy Office Friendsgiving, put together an after-lunch dessert and coffee display. Find a local bakery to order a pastry assortment. And create a mocktail station, with pumpkin coffee, sparkling cider, and cranberry juice. This is perfect for office colleagues who prefer to abstain and also helps avoid some dietary restrictions such as dairy and meat.


Styling: Black Southern Belle; Photography: MercedeB Photography; Food: Hamby Catering; Florals: Lush Florals by Renee; Rentals: Gather Vintage Rentals


Add Festive Decor


Be sure to add a little decor to your office conference room to create a Friendsgiving that your clients will see as Instagram worthy. Grocery stores have small bundles of multi-colored pumpkins that make the perfect decorations. If you want to add even more flair, start by pulling some decor from your home such as candlesticks, champagne buckets, and various sets of drinkware.

Follow Up


An essential part of any client event is the follow-up. Be sure to send handwritten notes with a fall candy to your guests who attended to add another touchpoint for them to remember your company and the Friendsgiving.


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Ask any fashion enthusiast what their favorite thing about fall and/or winter is, and they’ll likely tell you that it’s the sartorial joy that comes along with ample opportunities for layering. Blouses under sweaters! A denim, fleece or leather jacket under a boxy coat! The possibilities are …

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Aunty Maxine Is Set To Give Big Banks the Business

Rep. Maxine Waters will continue to reclaim her time representing California in the House of Representatives for the next two years following her win in Tuesday’s Midterm Elections. In addition to being reelected, the Democrat is poised to take over the House Financial Services Committee, which would give her the power to take down big banks, fight against Wall Street corruption, and subpoena President Trump.


Affectionately known as “Aunty Maxine,” Waters has been the top Democrat on the banking panel since former congressman Barney Frank retired in 2013. Now that Democrats won control of the House, she is likely to become the chair of the powerful panel, which has control over financial regulation and housing finance reform. This will give Waters the ability to execute on her pledge to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and hold big banks accountable when their practices harm customers.

Throughout her 14-term tenure on The Hill, Waters has been a fierce critic of Wall Street and Trump, who is pushing a deregulatory agenda. Waters, on the other hand, has called for increased regulation of major financial institutions and even issued a report calling for Wells Fargo to shut down following a series of high-profile scandals. Waters later introduced the Megabank Accountability and Consequences Act, a bill that would require regulators to shut down a large bank for repeatedly violating consumer protection laws. She has also pledged to pass higher fines for major banks that break the law.

Furthermore, as chairwoman, Waters would be granted subpoena power to dig up dirt on other banks and target Deutsche Bank for its past dealings with Trump. With the committee gavel, Waters will also have the ability to issue subpoenas to Trump allies, like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, forcing him to provide documentation regarding the president’s alleged ties to Russia.

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Women who give birth to boys much more likely to have postnatal depression

A new study into postnatal depression (PND) found the odds of developing this condition increased by 79 percent when mothers had baby boys compared to baby girls. Overall the researchers identified that women who give birth to males are 71-79% more likely to develop PND. Furthermore, women whose births had complications were 174% more likely to experience PND compared to those women who had no complications.
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Kenya Moore Confirms Preeclampsia Diagnosis, Will Give Birth Early [Photo]

The tests are in and Kenya Moore does, in fact, have preeclampsia.

According to a note posted by the former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star she’ll have to deliver Baby Daly earlier than expected — although she didn’t specify when.

Earlier this week Kenya revealed that she gained 17 pounds in one week due to possible preeclampsia. She weighed 200 pounds in September.

According to Mayo Clinic, preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication “characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys.”

It typically develops suddenly in women who previously had normal blood pressure after the 20-week pregnancy mark. Besides the sudden weight gain and swelling, symptoms may include severe headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, upper abdominal pain, blurred vision, impaired liver and kidney function and decreased urine output.

We’re praying for a safe and healthy delivery.


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Amandla Stenberg – Portraying Code-Switching in “The Hate U Give” | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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The Vatican has failed to give answers on cardinal’s disgrace

The Catholic Church hierarchy has descended on Rome this month, and the theme of the gathering is youth. Pope Francis wants his bishops to figure out how to “help the church better accompany all young people in a joyful life.” That’s a worthy goal, but documents drafted by the bishops in the dense jargon of…
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Trump is reluctant to give up Saudi deals over Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance. So is Europe.

Britain, France and Germany issued a joint statement over the weekend in which they called for a “credible investigation.” Europe’s cautious response raises the stakes for any decision President Trump will ultimately have to make.


Common, Regina Hall, and Russell Hornsby Share Lessons from ‘The Hate U Give’

Based on the book by Angie Thomas, the new film The Hate U Give shares the perspective of a teenaged black girl torn between two worlds. The novel’s film adaption speaks to a wide range of audiences and experiences as it addresses the challenges of 16-year old Starr Carter. Starr’s problems cross boundaries and provide lessons that can be applied to our personal and professional lives as it relates to our diverse and often polarizing political environment.

The film addresses myriad topics such as code-switching, covering, discrimination, diversity, police brutality, gun violence, trauma, voting, and activism. Film director George Tillman and the cast addressed these issues at a recent forum sponsored by the 48th Annual Legislative ConferenceCongresswoman Val Demings of Florida’s 10th District, and the Multicultural Media Correspondents Association (MMCA). Actress Regina Hall, actor Russell Hornsby, and hip-hop artist/actor/activist Common also provided valuable insight around a plethora of timely themes found within the emotionally charged film.

The Hate U Give

Russell Hornsby, Regina Hall, and Common (Photo Credit: Patricia McDougall Photography)

Code-Switching in The Hate U Give 

Code-switching is the practice of switching between languages or dialects in conversation to suit the setting. Starr is continually switching between two worlds; the poor, predominantly black neighborhood where she lives and the wealthy, mostly white prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is soon shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend at the hands of a police officer. Facing pressure from all sides of the community, we witness Starr struggling with communication issues we often face in our daily work lives, as we determine the suitable language and vernacular to communicate with colleagues. Starr must find her voice and decide to stand up for what is right.

‘Covering’ and Other Themes 

Covering is the act of downplaying or hiding certain aspects of yourself so as not to appear different. The Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion report, Uncovering Talent, reveals that 61% of all employees “cover” their identities in some way by downplaying specific attributes, for fear of drawing unwanted attention or making others uncomfortable. Too often, covering does not provide the positive consequences we hope to achieve and is often detrimental to our self-esteem and performance. Taking cues from Starr, we understand covering is unhealthy and does not provide the results we hope for. Eventually, we remove the veil as the pressure to hide becomes unbearable and we show up as our authentic selves.

Starr encounters and manages blatant discrimination and negative treatment based on her race throughout the film. Many workplaces are plagued with discrimination and the lack of opportunities for people of color. In fact, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced 84,254 workplace discrimination charges were filed with the agency nationwide in 2017. By recognizing a lack of diversity in the workplace, we can aim to ensure people of color are in decision-making roles with decision-making power. Hornsby said it best when he stated, “the diverse stories we are able to tell from a black perspective are stories that are from opportunities. We show that we can do the work. We show that we are capable. We show that we are talented. We just need to have an opportunity.” Providing opportunities is a step toward combatting discrimination.

There is not one character in The Hate U Give exempt from some level of trauma based on events in the film. In the same way, we are not exempt from the trauma we experience directly or indirectly in daily life. According to studies, 66% of the general population has been traumatized at some point. Eighty percent of workers feel stressed on the job, and approximately 1 million workers are absent each day due to stress. It is essential to be aware that the incidents that occur in The Hate U Give are not limited to the movies but that we are encountering people who have these experiences in our professional lives on a daily basis. Empathy and sensitivity to the experience of others are needed more than ever in our professional and personal lives.


When discussing The Hate U Give, Hall eloquently explained how images reflect who we are, how we are perceived, and how we are received in the world: “Those images shape how the world is shaped and affects us when we apply for jobs.” When asked about diversity and his role in the film, Common explained how art gives us more insight into life. “Every time I get a new character, I start to understand human beings more. That’s why I want to play characters that are not like me, and that do not think like I think,” he expressed. Being exposed to people, experiences, and places that are not like us or that are different from our everyday lives is the key to diversity. Common and the cast agreed that when it comes to diversity we have a long way to go, but it is important to acknowledge the growth and recognize there are people on the front lines who are moving forward and being leaders in the area of diversity.

The Hate U Give reminds us that it is not only about diversity of color and gender, but also diversity in thought. As art imitates life, we continue to recognize that people come from all walks of life and that we are not monolithic as a people.  As Hornby expressed, “There is no right or wrong, there is only truth.”  As business owners and professionals, we must join efforts with organizations like the MMCA to ignite and sustain a call to truth and action that results in a significant increase in diverse representation in all areas of industry. At the same time, we must be keenly aware of the effect the lack of diversity and other factors have on our health and our productivity. The Hate U Give is a powerful tool that can be used to continue the dialogue and to challenge misconceptions that prevent progress.

The Hate U Give is in select theaters on Oct. 5 and everywhere on Oct. 19.




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‘The Hate U Give’ screenwriter dies day before film’s release at age of 58

The screenwriter behind the brand new film, “The Hate U Give” died following a years-long battle with cancer a day before the movie’s release. She was 58.

Audrey Wells succumbed to her illness on Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Over the last five and half years, Audrey fought valiantly…

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US moves ahead with plan to give Mexico $20M that it doesn’t want to deport migrants

The Trump administration is moving ahead with a plan to pay Mexico $ 20 million to deport migrants from that country and prevent them from reaching the U.S.
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