Sealed With A Kiss: Sara Pope’s exclusive artrepublic giveaway

Want to win a very special original from the artist’s forthcoming showcase? Read on…

The eyes get a lot of credit when it comes to expressing emotion; they are the windows to the soul, could kill with just a look and sometimes they even go a little starry. But what about the part the rest of the face plays in showing, or even hiding, our feelings? One person who’s long considered this is artist Sara Pope, whose portraits don’t usually take in the whole face; instead, they focus specifically on a subject’s lips as they move through various emotions.

These glossy, glittery and highly saturated pouts, mimicking the slick finish of advertising and often named for the shade of lipstick worn by her models, have become Pope’s trademark. They’ve been applied to canvases, silk screened onto paper and also used to customise shoes. And she hasn’t remotely finished exploring this seductive subject, as you’ll see at her first full showcase at artrepublic Brighton this November.

Expect a series of originals that have never been shown in the UK, a brand-new lenticular print release and a very special homage to Pope’s work in fashion – a one-of-a-kind hand-painted leather jacket. This unique piece isn’t merely part of the showcase; it’s the starting point of an exciting event in its own right. Want to know why?

Sara Pope Jacket

We can now reveal that this original piece of Pope’s handiwork will be up for grabs at artrepublic. Not to buy though, and not through an auction, but via a good old-fashioned raffle! Albeit one with a twist. Because rather than throwing your name in the hat by purchasing a few rows of numbered paper tickets a la the local village fair, this exclusive tombola will only contain the names of those who buy one of Pope’s limited edition prints at the artrepublic gallery in Brighton before the showcase opens on 15 November 2018.

A fan of Pope’s work? Then read our lips: you don’t want to miss out on this massive event.

To find out more about Sara Pope’s showcase, the exclusive fashion-forward raffle and to discover more about the limited edition prints we have in the gallery, speak to one of our personal art advisors – just stop by artrepublic Brighton or give us ring on 01273 724829.


Sara Pope Prize Draw Terms and Conditions (see section 18)


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