Why Meteora, Greece should be your next destination


People love to travel, and there is barely a stone left unturned on this Earth. Most of the hidden gems in the world have been discovered, but there might just be one place left that is the complete package and isn’t filled with tourists, yet. Meteora in Greece is largely unknown to the masses, but it should be. Here’s why it should be your next holiday destination.

An alien landscape

With large rock erupting from the ground, green forests, and golden lakes, Meteora can seem completely foreign to people who visit it. It is almost so perfect it looks fake. There are countless rock formations with many of them topped with monasteries. You can explore this landscape by walking, biking, or even climbing.

Adventure paradise

Meteora is actually an adventurer’s paradise as there are endless climbing and hiking opportunities. You can wander off by yourself (or in a group) and discover the land at your own pace. Many tours will give you the tools required to scale the giant rock formations, taking in the Greek destination at a new angle. Besides climbing and hiking, there are also white water rafting opportunities. The Ionas River flows nearby and offers thrillseekers the perfect opportunity to get their adrenaline pumping.

The food

As with pretty much anywhere in Greece, you won’t go hungry as the food is exceptional. Olive lovers rejoice as you’re going to get some of the best varieties produced anywhere in the world. There are plenty of tavernas which offers local cuisines, including moussaka, and there’s loads of halloumi cheese on offer. Grilled meat is a Greek staple, and you’ll be leaving Meteora at least one size larger than when you arrived.

Explore history

The monasteries placed on top of the rocks can be explored, you just need to climb your way to the tops of the giant boulders to see them. You can trace back through time as the monasteries open their doors to the public and there are several folk museums littered around too. The architecture found is a piece of history as these buildings have been crafted from sandstone over hundreds of years. They sit well above sea level and are perfectly preserved for you to get a glimpse of life from centuries ago.

Get low

The attraction of Meteora is not just reaching up to the sky, there are also places to discover below the ground. The Theopetra Cave has shown signs of human life residing inside from at least 100,000 years ago. Archaeologists even found a stone wall built inside that dates back 23,000 years, making it the oldest example of a structure made by man. There is so much history hidden in this Greek location, all you have to do is look and you will discover it.

Meteora is a pretty well-kept secret for now, but the cat’s out of the bag and soon everyone will be checking it out. Make sure it’s your next destination to get ahead of the game.


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Greece with kids: top family friendly islands you should visit


When it comes to booking your next family holiday, there is so much to think about – where it is, how long it will take to get there, what there is to do for the kids, what there is to do for the adults (when you need a stiff drink after looking after the kids for the whole day), how much it will cost, and what the place can offer you. It’s not easy. But luckily, Greece is made up of over 200 inhabited islands that make the perfect family destinations. Here are the five best Greek islands to visit if you have a family.


Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, and well away from the bright lights, bars, and clubs of many of the ‘party islands.’ This island offers 30-miles worth of white sandy beaches which are perfect for building sandcastles, glorious water which is perfect for splashing and learning how to swim, and some of the best all inclusive hotels in Greece. There are kids’ clubs, cafes, water sports and more to keep the kids entertained. And if you fancy taking in a few of the sights, Rhodes’ Old Town is full of cobbled streets, trinket shops, medieval architecture, and relics.


The island of Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and an incredibly popular vacation destination for families with children. With some of the best and longest beaches in Greece, you could spend hours playing and relaxing on the white sand and swimming in the ocean. Because the beaches are the island’s main attraction, there are so many activities – from horseback riding along the beach to water sports, and pedalo boats, you won’t get bored. If you want to tire the kids out, take them for a hike through the beautiful farms and villages throughout Naxos.


The island of Alonissos is located in a remote area of the Sporades and well away from the tourist traps of Greece. Alonissos is perfect for families with slightly older kids who don’t mind spending most of their day checking out what the island has to offer – but don’t worry, the beaches are still incredible. With the huge Alonissos National Marine Park to explore, you can take the kids out for a boat trip or Kayak to catch a glimpse of the rare seabirds and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, as well as dolphins.


If you want a mix of fun and the sun – then Corfu is the perfect option. Located in the Ionian Islands, Corfu is an eclectic mix of pebbled coves, luscious sandy beaches, UNESCO-listed Old Town, incredible rock formations and luscious green inland. As well as checking out all of the sights the island has to offer, you can also take the kids to the famous Aqualand Water Park, or take a trip to the open-air cinema.


Milos is one of the most unusual Greek Islands. Created by underwater volcanic rock formations, the coast of Milos is rife with smooth cliff edges, sea caves and little coves that are perfect for snorkeling and exploring. The longest beach in Milos consists of three different beaches merging together and merges yellow, pink and red pebbles. With warm underwater springs, the sea will always be the perfect temperature for your family holiday.


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