Millennial Moves: Calvin Quallis On Building Men’s Grooming Brand, Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a New Jersey-based men’s grooming brand and part of the #beardgang culture. The company is the brainchild of millennial founder Calvin Quallis who took his idea from the barbershop to the shelves and online after noticing his clientele’s need for products that catered to their hair type.

Named after his favorite liquor (Scotch) and favorite jazz singer (Gregory Porter) Quallis created the brand with the everyday man in mind. What began as a targeted brand has expanded beyond products solely for the beard and face. Last fall, the company launched “Fresh Meat” masculine wipes and now the Mineral Enriched Body Collection comprised of a botanically-enriched body bar, exfoliating body scrub, body wash, and hydro-defense body lotion.

We interviewed Quallis and Aleesha Smalls-Worthington, Scotch Porter’s senior marketing manager, to discuss the business of grooming, building a brand, and tips every millennial needs for success.

Black Enterprise: You have created a grooming trifecta: face, hair, and body. What was the importance of positioning Scotch Porter as a one-stop-shop for men? 

Calvin Quallis: With Scotch Porter, I wanted to create a platform that catered to today’s busy man by offering a full selection of quality products conveniently at one destination. Also, we’re more than just a grooming brand, we’re selling more than what’s in a bottle or jar. We’re creating a lifestyle and providing our customers with something that they feel they can aspire to be.
How does your brand manage to stay on narrative in a culture of ever-changing trends?
Quallis: Our brand stays the course by focusing on delivering on the needs of our customers. By keeping a two-way dialogue at the forefront of our product development, we listen to what he wants and needs. Based on how those preferences align with SP’s mission, we release products and messaging that provides a solution. While a trend is key when it comes to certain products and services, our collections will continue to be rooted in pushing our customers to be great.
men's grooming
Marketing and social media have been paramount for most brands on the market. How has this style of branding aided in reaching your target audience?
Smalls-Worthington: When it comes to marketing, our approach is multi-touch. It’s critical to meet “him”— where he consumes content—and deliver on his needs through product and information. No matter the medium, we focus on educating and entertaining men. Whether it’s talking about the benefits of using our products or highlighting interesting lifestyle hacks, our goal is for Scotch Porter to be a touch point in his life that makes him look, feel, and smell his best.
How has the barbershop; the church played a part in helping to build Scotch Porter?
Quallis: The barbershop is why Scotch Porter exists. Before the launch of Scotch Porter, I owned a barbershop called Center Stage Cuts. My mom also owned a barbershop/salon when I was a kid. Scotch Porter was born out of a barbershop that served predominately black and Hispanic men. Two months after opening the shop I noticed this recurring grooming issue that many of our customers had: very dry, damaged frizzy beards and hair. I put my problem solver hat on and from home, I researched natural products, ingredients and their effectiveness to treat my customer’s concerns. With feedback from our customers over the course of one-and-a-half years, I developed Scotch Porter’s first line of products with botanical infusions. 
What are 5 core values every entrepreneur should follow to build a business in a millennial society?
Quallis: [1] Every entrepreneur must be a great problem solver. It’s almost impossible to build a great business if you’re not a good problem solver. There are big and small problems that arise daily when building a business
[2] Being resilient is another one. There’s some days where you’ll feel completely defeated, tired, and at the point where you want to give up, but on the other side of all of those dark thoughts is success. When I feel overwhelmed or defeated, I always remind myself that the bigger the goal that I’m trying to accomplish, and the greater the impact I want to have, the more resistance and frustration I’m going to face, but I owe it to myself and my loved ones to keep going. You have to keep going.
[3] You have to be passionate about this thing that you’re building. You might have no idea how to monetize whatever this thing is that you love to do, but passion will drive you to figure it out. When you’re exhausted, broke, and utterly frustrated, passion will make you jump out of the bed and work late into the evening, because no dream can become a reality until it becomes an obsession.
[4] Figure out your true “Why.” There’s so many reasons to quit or not start a business. Business is risky and has so many unknowns. You could destroy your credibility. You could get punished by debt. You could even lose everything. However, your “why” is much more powerful than every reason to quit or not to start, and it’s what you need to go back to when you start feeling lost.
[5] Every entrepreneur must have a vision. Vision helps you with the process of planning, understanding the opportunity, and establishing goals for the business. It also permits you to see past where you are currently and ahead of your limited resources.
What is the future of men’s grooming?
Quallis: Men over the past 3 to 5 years have become much more interested in personal care and grooming. More men are now comfortably exploring products and services that were traditionally seen as more female-oriented. As we, and others in the industry, continue to educate men on the importance of grooming and how it can impact their appearance and how they feel about themselves, I think we’ll see a lot more new product offerings for men and growth in the men’s personal care space.

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Baseball Player Shaves Mustache Off During the Game Because Grooming Decisions Wait For No One

Houston Astros baseball player Alex Bregman showed off his excellent multitasking skills on Sunday night when he made a game time decision to shave his mustache during a game against the Kansas City Royals.

During the game, it appeared that the third baseman decided to make a major grooming change between the 2nd inning, where he appeared with a mustache and the 4th inning, where he was clean-shaven.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Bregman was fairly laconic when it came to talking about his surprise facial hair switch-up during the game, merely stating that “I just shaved it.”

See Bregman’s before and after photos below.

Sometimes you just need to switch things up. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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Your Hair Grooming Regimen

Hair grooming regimens differ based on the texture of your hair, the way it’s styled, how long it takes to style, the time you have available to style it, your workout routine, and whether your hair is a statement component of your look. 

I view my “pixie and specs” combination as an important part of my style. So I have it cut and highlighted every six weeks, and invest time in styling it every day. When my hair feels off, my outfit feels off, so it’s worth the investment to me. 

My hair is fine, wispy, soft and wavy. It looks best when it’s very clean. It is easiest to style when it’s just been washed, so I shampoo and condition my hair daily. It’s especially necessary because I do hot yoga regularly. There’s no way my hair could look fab unwashed on the morning after an evening yoga class. Another reason to wash daily is that I use styling products, and I don’t like the look or feel of day-old-product in my hair. It’s also harder to style.

My hair is in good condition because it’s cut regularly, and I use salon shampoo and conditioner that is gentle and moisturizing. 

I wear my pixie straight, wavy, or slicked back. I blow and straighten my hair for the straight and slicked-back looks, but leave it to dry naturally with product for the wavy look. Although I wash and style my hair every day, this is quick thanks to a good cut, and willing hair that is easy to style and quick to dry.

Greg has gorgeous salt and pepper hair that’s very different to mine. It’s also an integral part of his look with a pair of statement specs. His hair is extremely thick and quite curly. It’s coarser and drier than my hair, and absorbs product much better. It grows fast and he has it cut every four to five weeks. It works well for him to shampoo his hair twice a week and use conditioner one of those times. He does wet and style it with product daily to keep it looking neat and polished. Greg’s hair air dries, never looks dirty, and is always in place. The curls work beautifully with the cut and moisturizing product, and he never has a bad hair day. When his hair gets wet in the Seattle rain, it flounces perfectly back into place as it dries. I want to patent Greg’s hair.

Greg and I both have very short statement hair, but our hair washing frequency and grooming regimens are different. Over to you. What’s your hair washing frequency and is your hairstyle an integral part of your look? Do you put in the time to style it every day?



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Mother Grooming Her Daughter For Healthiest Baby Contest Held at All African American Fair

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Still Not Sure What to Get Dad for Father’s Day? You Can’t Go Wrong With These Winning Grooming Gifts


This article was written by Ahmed Zambarakji and was originally published on AskMen.

Still waiting on that nod of validation from your dad? You could be waiting a long time… but with Father’s Day around the corner, there are countless ways to bribe him into bonding with you again with these great father’s day gift ideas. Express your gratitude with a luxury shaving set, a fine fragrance or one of the other straightforward, upmarket and dad-friendly grooming options we’ve picked out.

Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator by Molton Brown


Molton Brown’s guy-friendly — and, crucially, age-appropriate — bestseller gets a rethink in time for Father’s Day. The Bai Ji moisturizer now comes in three different versions (an ultra-light cream, an extra-rich cream and a as an anti-fatigue eye gel), all formulated without parabens. Better yet, go the extra mile and get one of the beautifully packaged gift sets for men.

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Incense & Cedrat Cologne by Jo Malone


Jo Malone juxtaposes smoky incense with a luminous citrus accord to striking effect in this new release. Elegant and deeply sensual, this fragrance has an oriental air to it that won’t go unnoticed. In order to protect the Boswellia Sacra (Frankincense) tree, which has been harvested for incense for thousands of years, the brand employed a new technology called NaturePrint to capture the scent without harming the environment.

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Oliver Peoples Box Set by Byredo


Cooler (potentially younger) dads will already know about niche fragrance house Byredo and optical enthusiasts Oliver Peoples. The two brands have collaborated in a “synesthetic” project that demonstrates the influence of color on smell.

The new Oliver Peoples box set includes a pair of limited edition specs along with a bottle of Byredo’s new eau de parfum (also named Oliver Peoples — natch). The specs are available in three different photochromic lens colors including Indigo, Champagne and Green; the bottle will match the lens color you chose. The idea here is that the color you pick out will invariably have an effect on what you smell most in the multi-faceted fragrance. Weird but true. You may pick out anything from the juniper berries and Californian Lemon in the top of the fragrance to the musks, warm sand and patchouli that are deeper in the mix. And if the sensory illusion is completely lost on you, you can always buy the fragrance separately — it smells just as good without tinted specs.

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Collezione Barbiere by Acqua di Parma


Instantly upgrade his shaving ritual with Acqua di Parma’s Collezione Barbiere range, which now includes three new products. In addition to the existing creams and soaps is a lightly scented airless shaving gel, a revitalizing face serum and a hand-made razor that takes Gillette Proglide blades.

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Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shaving Set by Czech & Speake


One for traditional dads and/or Anglophiles, this set from London institution Czech & Speake contains a travel-sized shaving brush, shaving soap and aftershave, scented with the brand’s signature lavender fragrance.

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Eau Sauvage Cologne by Christian Dior


Dior’s legendary fragrance for men is reinvented in cologne form for 2015. Fans of the 60s original will recognize the signature accord nestled at the core of a modernized composition that now features Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit and Vetiver. Not a radical departure from the original so much as a 21st century update.

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Still unsure which grooming products are worth the investment? Sign him up for Birchbox, a personalized grooming service that delivers samples (plus one full-size product) of the latest and most popular grooming unguents straight to his door for a mere $ 20 per month. All the top men’s brands from Anthony to Zirh are on board, so you’re unlikely to ever lose out.

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Mother Grooming Her Daughter For Healthiest Baby Contest Held at All African American Fair

Mother Grooming Her Daughter For Healthiest Baby Contest Held at All African American Fair

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Chevron Hanging Cosmetic Bag Includes Grooming Set

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Travel just got a whole lot simpler with our Chevron Hanging Cosmetic Bag & Grooming Set. Featuring an outer snap closure and exterior zippered pouch – housing the included manicure and grooming supplies, this on-the-go essential also warehouses three interior zippered pouches – two clear and one covered – for maximum organization and travel management. Features and Facts: Color(s): Black and White Chevron Materials:Microfiber Details:The Chevron Hanging Cosmetic Bag may be embroidered with a name (max of 15 characters) in lowercase lettering or block monogram in red, bright pink, orange, apple green, Kelly green, aqua, royal blue, navy blue, lavender, white, brown or black thread at No Additional Cost. Grooming Kit includes: Pocket comb includes Nail scissors, Cuticle groomer, Nail file, Tweezers, and ClippersDimensions: Measures 9.75 inches wide by 24 inches long when opened.Selling Unit:1Minimum Quantity W/O Personalization: N/AMinimum Quantity With Personalization: 1Assembly Required: No
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