‘It: Chapter Two’ Casts Bill Hader and James McAvoy; Here’s What We Know So Far

'It: Chapter Two' Casts Bill Hader and James McAvoy; Here's What We Know So Far

First the fans asked for Jessica Chastain, and they got her. Then they asked for Bill Hader, and now they've got him. Fans have been suggesting stars for It: Chapter Two ever since the release of It last fall (some have even made fake trailers to go with the suggestions), but that happens all the time with popular properties. Usually such picks go ignored. 

Just to prove they're not completely taking advice from the masses, though, Warner Bros. is going with…

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Hader: ‘Barry’ co-star Winkler worried about playing an ‘a–hole’

On HBO’s “Barry,” a disenchanted hit man (Bill Hader) thinks he has found salvation when he wanders into a Hollywood acting class while zeroing in on someone he’s been hired to kill. Barry is surprised to find a welcoming community of struggling artists looking for their big break. The acting teacher, Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler),…
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Fred Armisen Gets Back At Bill Hader For Impersonating Him On ‘Conan’


Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein appeared on “Conan” Monday night to promote the new season of “Portlandia,” but the most memorable part of their interview had more to do with Armisen’s former “Saturday Night Live” colleague, Bill Hader.

See, Hader did an impression of Armisen the last time he was on Conan’s show, and Fred wasn’t exactly thrilled. To get back at him, not only does Armisen do a weird impression of Hader, but he even gets Conan to compare the angel who gave us Stefon to Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”

Again, ouch. Your move, Hader!

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