Someone Dyed Their Hair to Look Like a Vomiting Emoji and It’s Going Viral on Instagram

Melbourne-based hair artist Michael O’Halloran dyed a client’s hair to look like a vomiting emoji, and it’s now going viral on Instagram. Learn more about the epic hair-color look, exactly how he created it, and what fans are saying, here.


Much More Than a Blow-Dry: Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Their Hair

Courtesy Rohina Hoffman

Neurologist-turned-photographer Rohina Hoffman knows the power of a hairdo.

At 7, her hair was chopped to a short “boy’s haircut,” and she was devastated. “The trauma of losing control of my identity has stayed with me my entire life,” Hoffman writes in the introduction to her book, Hair Stories.

In photographing and interviewing dozens of women about their own experiences with their hair, Hoffman discovered the seemingly endless roles hair plays—as a cloak of comfort, a statement of creativity, a link to faith, or a badge of honor.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Former Banker Finds Success in Synthetic Hair Extensions Business

Tiffini Gatlin—a former corporate bank executive—turned her 20-year side hustle of braiding and protective styling hair into a beauty brand by creating the first pre-curled and looped synthetic crochet hair. With a successful sale of her first synthetic hair brand, Curlkalon Hair Collection, Gatlin expanded her vision for creating safe and affordable synthetic hair extensions with the launch of her second brand, Latched and Hooked Beauty.

Her products are a staple in the synthetic hair industry, catching the attention of celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and mainstream media outlets including Allure, which named her brand one of the best for women of color.

In this interview, Gatlin expands on her career pivot and future plans.

Black Enterprise: Tell us about how you got started in the industry and what was your inspiration?

Gatlin: I actually started in the beauty industry when I was 16-years-old. Ms. Gloria, a popular braider in my neighborhood, asked me if I was interested in learning how to braid and told me how much money I could make, so I decided to give it a try. For a few months on the weekends, I’d walk almost a mile to her home, and she’d teach me different techniques and even allowed me to practice on her clients. Several months later, I started building my own clientele. I used my friend Naima and other popular girls in my high school as models to display my work and attract clients strictly by word of mouth.

I didn’t pick braiding back up as a side hustle until I became an entrepreneur in 2010. I used the money earned from braiding hair to fund my entrepreneurial goals. In 2014, I took notice of girls on Instagram using a century-old method called crochet braiding to create voluminous curls, and I thought the style was amazing and the perfect style hack for girls who were transitioning, unable to grasp the “perfect rod set” or just wanted to switch up her look for a few weeks. I started trying the style on my clients and although I loved the results I hated the process which consisted of using boiling water to form the synthetic hair into a curl. Because synthetic hair is nothing more than a polymer (plastic), the use of hot water makes the style “set” and voila, you have perfect curls for weeks without any additional maintenance.

You created and manufactured a new product overseas. Can you share what that process was like?

As a natural creative, I became interested in how to make the process safer so that women would not be subjected to hot water burns and professional hairstylist would not have to bear the thought of liabilities due to the method. Not to mention, the time commitment was gruesome and unappealing to a stylist who worked to get more bodies in their chair. After searching in beauty supply stores, I realized there were no unwefted, pre-curled, and looped options. From that moment I became inspired to embark on a journey to design and manufacture the first pre-curled and looped crochet hair that matched the texture of black women’s unprocessed hair. In 2015, I launched my first beauty company, Curlkalon Hair Collection, which was acquired in 2018. Since then, I have expanded my vision of offering quality beauty convenience with the launch of Latched and Hooked Beauty.

Creating a product overseas actually wasn’t overly complicated. We found a few candidates, and I interviewed four prospects via Skype and eventually hired a woman based on her experience with locating factories that specialized in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) development. After signing an NDA with her, we developed a short term contract that outlined her engagement with our business, which included being a liaison and helping us negotiate pricing and finding a factory that could design the prototype and help us break through the language barrier. Once we began production with the factory we chose, we worked directly with the factory, and the liaison relationship ended. I’d say the most challenging part was trusting that what we agreed to would actually show up and not being there in person to observe the process from beginning to end made me feel uneasy.

If someone was interested in inventing a new product, what three things are a must to ensure success and why?

If you are interested in inventing a new product I would recommend these three steps:

  • Research your target market – How do you know your target market needs this product? Have you done a focus group? Have you identified a problem? Just because everyone else is doing it and you may have seen someone else become successful doesn’t make it a good idea.
  • Create a prototype – Creating a prototype can help you determine how to approach the build-out of your product, you can quickly rule out the approaches that don’t work to focus on the ones that do work.
  • Evaluate the manufacturing process for your invention – Can you manufacture in the U.S. or do you need to locate a manufacturer overseas? Knowing your options will help you put costs associated with MOQ’s (minimum order quantity) into perspective as well as give you an idea of how long the process will take to deliver the final goods to your consumer.

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Spring clean your scalp with these hair detox treatments

Your hair needs a deep clean too! If you’re plagued with post-winter dullness and dryness try one of these revitalizing treatments once a week. Christophe Robin One of the iconic Parisian brand’s Holy Grail best sellers is this soothing and purifying scrub, which leaves oily and sensitive scalps feeling fresh for days. They’ve also just…
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Link Love: Hair Accessories Make a Comeback

From headbands to barrettes to hair slides, Fashionista reports that the humble hair accessory is making a comeback.

 Refinery29 found us “27 barrettes that’ve come a long way from ’90s butterfly hair clips.”

The Guardian gives us satin headbands, silk bows, and beaded clips.

Did you see the return of hair bows coming?

Ever since Kate Middleton started wearing them, more and more headbands have popped up in stores. Here’s some visual inspiration if you’re not sure how to pull it off yourself.

Fab Links from Our Members

La Pedestrienne found this article on the changing landscape of work-appropriate attire interesting: “If there’s one thing the fashion industry loves more than uncomfortable shoes, it’s a bit of drama.”

April wanted to share this round-up of long-sleeved swimsuits.

Laura (rhubarbgirl) directs us to this article about ASOS’s new return policy, and about the environmental impact of returns in general.

Shevia thought this was an interesting reminder of how the other half lives.

JAileen enjoyed this article about the woman who designed for Barbie for 36 years. The pictures are wonderful.

Joy liked the ideas in this YouTube tutorial for tying a shirt.

Angie thinks this new fat-positive TV series staring Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live looks very interesting.

Runcarla loves Katie Sturino and her blog, the12ishstyle: “This young woman is fabulous and funny! She is relentless at doing brilliant copycat outfits of celebrities for real-life bodies in the 12-18 size range. She calls them SSTLS — Super Size The Looks. As she says ‘get your confidence on!’”



Sarah Hyland Talks Hair Loss, Regrowth, and Her Newfound Curls: Interview

Olay teamed up with Sarah Hyland and five other influencers to celebrate its #SkinTransformed campaign in its first-ever waterproof photography bath book, which highlights their transformation stories and encourages people to slow down and enjoy bathtime. Allure talked to Hyland ahead of the campaign reveal to learn more about her journey — here’s what she had to say.


Best Hair Products For Men & More

The difficulty in finding a hair product that is best for your hair is the sheer flood products on the market. You can find anything from one dollar products to others that cost several hundred dollars but just because one thing is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it is automatically better for you. Secondly, just because a hair product works well for your friend, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you simply because you may have very thick greasy hair when your friend has thin and dry hair.

How To Choose The Right Hair Product For Your Hair Type

Sven Raphael Schneider's unstyled hair
Sven Raphael Schneider’s unstyled hair

Analyze Your Hair Type

Hair types can be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky, all of which can be thin or thick. For example, I have coarse, thick, and voluminous hair that is quite dry so I need a product that tames my hair without drying it out. As a kid, I had curls and if I let my hair grow, it definitely becomes more wavy. For me, I always use hair products with an extreme hold, otherwise, my hair just does whatever it wants. On the other hand, if you have thin, sparse, or straight hair, you do not want a product without a hold, otherwise, it’s weighing your hair down. 

Frankly, it’s best to talk to your barber or to your hairstylist because they have more experience and they can tell you what kind of hair you got.

James Dean's signature hairstyle.
James Dean’s signature hairstyle.

Decide On The Style You Want

Basically, that means what do you want your hair to look like. Do you want to have beach hair that is wavy and stands up? Do you want something that I have that is relatively stiff and very neat and gentlemanly? Do you want your hair to be flexible or loose or just very much in place? do you want a matte and textured look? or do you want a smooth and shiny look? Should be obvious or should be subtle? These are all questions that you have to answer for yourself. Again, it pays to talk to your stylist and look at different photos and see what you like and dislike.

Take A Stylist’s Advice With A Grain Of Salt

As I mentioned before, a stylist knows your hair, they have a good comparison, they’ve tried different things, and they know what works for a certain type of hair and what doesn’t. On the flip side, they have a serious conflict of interest simply because if you think about your haircut right, doing your haircut takes them 30, 40, or 50 minutes. Now, by selling you a product, they can make twice as much or maybe even more money just by selling that product in an additional two minutes. Therefore, stylists aren’t really objective about what they’re selling you. Chances are they want to sell you something that is ideal for your hair that they have right there at the store.

In some salons and barbershops, they are trying to tell you that the products they have from a certain brand are different than if you buy them at Costco for example, however, there is no evidence that suggests that the J. Crew product you buy at your barbershop is any different than the one you buy at your drugstore.

Your regular stylist can help you out when it comes to your hair
Your regular stylist can help you out when it comes to your hair

In general, anything related to hair is a very high margin product so always keep it in mind when you buy something. Also, don’t be afraid to question and ask your stylist about specifics. The sales pitch may go like this, “This product has much higher quality ingredients that are much more concentrated without any filler materials, also it only uses essential oils and leaves out all the bad chemicals”. Good questions to ask are:

  • Why is this product the better quality?
  • Why is this one ingredient better than the others?
  • Which chemicals exactly are left out?
  • What is the concentration in this product?

If they can’t answer those questions or if they are not willing to tell you to answer them later and do some research, it’s nothing more but an empty sales pitch.

Assorted Hair Products For Men
Assorted Hair Products For Men

Different Types Of Hair Products

Pomade, gel, wax, styling cream, putty, clay, sea salt spray, paste, and last but not least, hair spray. So the big question is what do they do and what are they best for? Here is where the problem begins.

These are not trademarked or defined terms and every brand may use them slightly differently. So for one brand, pomade is kind of a wax based product with fat that you smear in your hair; for others, it’s completely waxless, water soluble, and just different altogether. Because of that, it’s very difficult for you, as a consumer, to do an apples-to-apples comparison simply based on the type of product you have. Yes, a spray is a spray but some may be aerosol sprays, others may be a pump spray which can be hugely different in their effect on your hair.

So what should you do instead? I suggest you look at the characteristics of each hair product which is hold, body, and shine. Every hair product will have different strengths in different areas and this is what matters most to your hair. With hold, I mean, how long does a specific product hold that hairstyle throughout the day no matter it’s really sunny, windy, or rainy? With body, I mean how much volume does a hair product add to your hair? By shine, I mean how reflective is your hair going to be in terms of light? Do you want it to sparkle or do you want it to be very matte? Now, even though I just said every hair product type is slightly different, we still try to create an infographic that fits 95% of the hair products out there and you can find it on our website here.

Evaluate The Ingredients Of Hair Products

As with pretty much anything, as a consumer, you have to be educated so you can cut through the marketing speech and make sure you get the best value product for your hair. Now you may wonder how do I do that? I have no clue about hair, where do I start making an informed decision? Honestly, the best place for information on hair products that I found is the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Yes, that is a mouthful but guess what? This wasn’t made by marketers but by scientists hence the tongue breaker name. Even though the name suggests, it just covers cosmetics, it covers hair products as well and has overall more than 70,000 products that were analyzed in detail. All you have to do is type in your product brand and the product name and then it will show you if it contains any hazardous materials, what the composition is, and also if there are other products that are may be related but better.

Personally to me, it was reveling even just typing in big brands like Jack Black, or J Crew, Paul Mitchell, or Redken and realizing that these brands that are always praised as something really special are maybe not quite as good as you thought they were. Overall, it gave me a much better idea of what kind of stuff I put in my hair whether it makes sense for the hair type I have and the style I’m going for and what other products are out there that are much better.

Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Experiment With Different Hair Products

I really urge you to experiment with different hair products. Yes, the database can really help you to narrow things down to a certain group of products but and ultimately, you still have to wear it in your hair and decide if it’s something you want or if the look is just not right. No matter if you buy online or the retail store, chances are you’ll just have to invest some money to get some of the products. Very rarely are you allowed to return products that you’ve already used but it may make sense to ask beforehand what the return policy is with specific retailers. Of course, if they allow you to return things, chances are their prices are gonna be a little higher because they have to beat that cost. Now, if you buy a product from your stylist, you have the chance to just try it out in your hair maybe after a haircut without having to buy it so that’s a great opportunity to test things out without having to spend extra money.

Our Favorite Hair Products

göt2b Spiking Gel for Thick, Textured Hair

side view, Sven Raphael Schneider's styled disconnected udnercut
Sven Raphael Schneider’s styled disconnected undercut with göt2b Spiking Glue hair gel

Gentleman’s Gazette founder Sven Raphael Schneider, tried pomade for a while until he realized he suffered from pomade acne. However, he has very thick, stubborn hair and so he was looking for an alternative product that allowed him to create a nice look with a part that would keep his hair in place.

After experimenting for over 6 months, it turned out that the water-soluble spiking glue gel from göt2b was the only gel strong enough to keep his hair in place. Interestingly, other göt2b products did not work for him at all. He has been using the gel in the yellow tube for nearly 10 years, and his hair looks great. Even better, göt2b Spiking Glue is cheap and since it is made by Henkel, it should be available around the globe.

Groom & Clean for Thin, Straight Hair

Preston Wearing Groom & Clean
Preston Wearing Groom & Clean

Though not as well known as Brylcreem, Groom & Clean is a classic product from the 1950’s that is still a great product for men today, and it’s the favorite of GG Producer Preston Schleuter. Unlike it’s more famous cousins, pomade and Brylcreem, it contains no wax and is therefore easy to wash out in a single washing. Groom & Clean is an emulsion of water and mineral oil that also contains lanolin, a naturally derived oil, for moisture and hold. It has a pleasant but minimal scent fades quickly after application. developed in the late 50’s; easily touched up with a wet comb

It feels like a slightly tacky lotion and with a small amount, it will provide you with a light hold that is pliable all day long, or with larger amounts will result in a high shine with a medium to strong hold. It’s extremely versatile and is easily washed out without any sweat or tears. Long hair or short, Groom & Clean is well worth trying – and it’s inexpensive to boot.


I urge you to check out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. That is really the first step and if you go down that path, you’ll have to invest a few hours but you’ll be armed with more information and you know exactly what’s good for your hair and what is not.

Gentleman’s Gazette


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How to Grow Facial Hair & Beards

In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to grow thicker facial hair faster and how to fix a patchy beard.

A common issue for men growing a beard
A common issue for men growing a beard

The beard has long been associated as a symbol of virility and masculinity. Although leaders are often clean shaven in the contemporary world, it is now becoming commonplace to see perfectly manscaped beards take center stage as an extension of a modern man’s style.

The Benefits of the Beard

  • It is a sign of maturity.
  • It is a sign of fertility.
  • Beards are often associated with wisdom and leadership.
  • It can make men with baby faces look older, and older men look younger.

If you’re wondering how to properly grow a beard, be sure to check out our in-depth guide.

If your beard isn’t coming in the way you would like it to, keep reading.

Dalton Gullo, 21, is growing out his beard as part of No Shave November.
Dalton Gullo, 21, is growing out his beard as part of No Shave November.

Your Beard is Not “Patchy” – It’s just growing

Most men cut their growth short when they start noticing that parts of the beard are coming in thicker, or if parts are just patchy or not growing in at all. Believe it or not, this is completely normal. Your beard isn’t patchy. It’s just growing.

Beards take some time to grow in. If you’re not quick to grow a consistent beard, it’s best to start growing it just before going on vacation, when you can justify not shaving for a while. You may even decide to take a “beardcation” just to help grow out the beard without looking awkward at the office. If you have holidays coming up, stop shaving a day or two beforehand; hopefully by the time you return to work, the beard will be distinguishable as a beard, and it won’t look like you were too lazy to shave.

The First Month of Not Shaving

For most men, beards only start to fully connect without glaring patches after a full month of growth. That’s the average, though for some it may take longer.

This is why a beard is a commitment. Growing it out takes patience and some work. You’ll be dealing with a few issues:

  1. Patchy and unkempt facial hair that looks like you just forgot to shave.
  2. Itchiness.
  3. Coarse hair your significant other may dislike.
  4. Having to deal with people commenting or staring because you look a little rough around the edges.

As soon as you start growing your beard, there are a couple of things you should consider doing to keep it healthy:

  1. Wash it regularly. Keep it hydrated, but don’t over-wash the beard. Just like your hair, it doesn’t need to be washed daily, or you run the risk of drying it out.
  2. Immediately begin applying beard oil to keep it soft, prevent excessive itching and keep it healthy.
Growing a beard takes commitment and will grow out eventually
Growing a beard takes commitment and will grow out eventually

After the first month has passed, you have two options. Either commit to growing a beard that might land you on Duck Dynasty or start grooming the beard to look more polished. Grooming can be done from the start, but the risk of starting too early is that you won’t have the chance to see how your beard falls along its natural lines. This can be problematic for some men who misjudge how their beard will grow, and then have to grow out an area they have trimmed or shaved.

If after the first month, you still notice glaring patches or a lack of density in certain areas, you may need to give it a bit of extra help. There is good news, however. If you have trouble growing a full beard easily, chances are you don’t have to worry about going bald. Studies have shown that most men who easily grow beards from a young age are more prone to male pattern baldness than men who have difficulty growing a beard.

How to Help Your Beard Grow

So, how does one grow a beard that’s giving you a hard time?

Let’s debunk some myths.

It is a process to get it to a comfortable length
It is a process to get it to a comfortable length

Your Beard is Not Growing Slowly

Your beard actually grows at the same rate as every other man, unless you have some kind of skin condition.

The Patches Are Caused By Thickness, Not Length

There are a couple of attributes that cause some beards to look denser and others to look patchy.

  • If you have lighter hair, it will almost always appear thinner than someone with dark hair.
  • Like the hair on your head, facial hair can be thick or thin, and thicker facial hair always appears fuller.

Fact: You cannot make your beard grow faster, but you can make the hair appear or even grow thicker.

Start trimming after about four weeks
Start trimming after about four weeks

Here are a few tricks and tips:

Don’t Shave It

Shaving a beard does not cause it to grow back thicker or faster. The only way to grow a majestic beard is by actually making the commitment to let it grow. You’ll get there.


Exercising and losing weight increases testosterone and blood circulation which both have a huge effect on facial hair growth. Short, but intense workouts will cause testosterone to increase faster and will also prevent it from declining. Testosterone and beard growth go hand in hand, so head to the gym and break a sweat to see thicker beard growth.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

In order to remain healthy, we require sleep. The old saying “maybe you’ll feel better in the morning” is like saying “maybe if you turn it off and back on again, it will work.” One study in 2011 by the Journal of the American Medical Association said that if you sleep for 5 hours or less, your testosterone levels will decrease by as much as 15 percent. In other words, go to bed!

Patchy beards are part of growing it out but it doesnt have to be this bad
Patchy beards are part of growing it out but it doesn’t have to be this bad

Minimize Stress and Anxiety

Stress has been shown to constrict blood vessels and some evidence even points to cortisol reducing testosterone levels. The same way you can lose hair due to stress, it can also prevent you from growing your beard out.

Eat Well

A healthy and well-balanced diet is key to growing facial hair. Vitamin, protein, and mineral rich diets are a great way to grower thicker hair.

You may look unkempt at the office for awhile its just part of the process
You may look unkempt at the office for awhile its just part of the process

Consider Taking Some Vitamins

Taking supplements like iron; vitamin B, D, and E; magnesium; zinc and copper can all increase hair thickness. Check with your doctor before taking any over the counter supplements. There are even some out there that are designed specifically for beard growth, but since supplements are a highly unregulated industry, be prepared that they might not work.

Give Yourself a Break

We all know a big part of how fast our beard grows in is caused by simple genetics, but unlike some aspects such as your height, your beard will keep growing. It may take a little bit of time, but if you make the commitment, you will be rewarded with a lush and majestic beard.

If for whatever reason, you aren’t growing any facial hair, that’s a whole other issue, and you make require medical treatment to fix it.

Trimming your beard to match the lowest patch can help but lengthens the process
Trimming your beard to match the lowest patch can help but lengthens the process

Fixing Glaring Patches

If you can’t justify waiting for all the hair to grow out, and you need to fix glaring patches, the only quick way is to trim the entire beard down to the length of the lowest patch. It will prevent your beard from growing out quickly, but it will help to improve the hair growth consistency and density.

Make sure you outline the beard so it looks like you didnt forget to shave
Make sure you outline the beard so it looks like you didn’t forget to shave

Recommended Products

Recommended Products Brand Price
VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin Do Vitamins $
Beard Grow XL Delta Genesis $
Premium Beard Oil and Conditioner Beardsmen Spirit $
Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve Huntsman Beard $


Probably the most renowned supplement for growing facial hair, VitaBeard is well known as an OTC assistant if you need some extra help.

Get VitaBeard here.

Beard Grow XL

The next best thing, Beard Grow XL maintains an impressive four and a half stars on Amazon out of more than 900 reviews. There aren’t many supplements that can make that claim.

Click to get Beard Grow XL here.

Huntsman Beard Co. Beard Comb and Pouch

We really like this beard comb because one side of it has teeth perfect for coarse facial hair, whereas the other side is intended for thinner facial hair. If you’re new to growing a beard, and unsure of how your beard will grow in, a comb like this will ensure that regardless of your facial hair, you’ll have a product that will work. The comb is slightly thicker than most, but for us that just says it’s durable. It also comes with a sleeve so it won’t snag in your pocket when you’re out on the town. The only thing that may be an issue for some, is that it has a sandalwood scent. For those who are sensitive to scents, this may be a problem since your beard is right under the nose.

Buy the Huntsman beard comb here.


If you find you have a patchy beard or are having trouble growing it out, rest assured it will come. It may take one, two or even three months, but it will come with time and patience. In the meantime, start imagining how great it will look fully grown. What beard issues do you face? Any tips or tricks?

Gentleman’s Gazette


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California Is Next Up To Take On Hair Discrimination With The “Crown Act”

Beautiful woman with curly hair smiling

Source: Jacqueline Veissid / Getty

California lawmakers are in the beginning process of ending discrimination against persons who wear their hair in traditional natural styles, such as afros, braids and dreadlocks.

A new bill titled the “Crown-Act” or SB188, would make it illegal for employers to participate or enforce workplace policies which determine how Black employees and employees of color, choose to wear their hair, according to KABC-TV.

The bill is supported by California Sen. Holly Mitchell who sports sisterlocks, a natural style derived from dreadlocks but separated in smaller portions. Mitchell represents the 30th Senate District, which includes Culver City, Ladera Heights, Westmont, Crenshaw, Downtown, and Florence, well-known Black neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Mitchell has served in her role for almost six years.

“There are any number of court cases that we’ll talk about in judiciary committee that will suggest it is a problem for employees across this country and across the state,” Mitchell said.

The bill follows a recent surge in lawmakers taking a vested interest in hair discrimination, as the laws disproportionately affect Black people. In February, New York City introduced guidelines which would give legal discourse to those who have been either harassed, punished, or terminated from their positions by wearing natural hair styles.

As we know in recent national cases surrounding the issue, Black employees and military service members have been discriminated against the way they chose to wear their hair, which in many times is the way it grows out of their head.

Workplace practices have long determined respectability based on European beauty standards. And unfortunately the shame and practice of hair discrimination starts even before the workplace, and is not limited to gender.

In January, a New Jersey teen was forced to cut his dreadlocks before he was allowed to participate at a wrestling event. Video of the incident went viral and sparked discussions regarding the pervasiveness of hair discrimination.




Life & Style – Black America Web


Sony Pictures Picks Up ‘Hair Love’ Film About Black Father Doing Daughter’s Hair

Mom and Daughter in a Home

Source: RichLegg / Getty

After raising money for two years, retired NFL player Matthew Cherry’s short-film Hair Love has been picked up by Sony Pictures, Deadline reports. The animated short film shows a black father who is learning how to do his daughter’s head of thick curls for the first time.

Cherry’s Kickstarter fundraising goal for the film was set at $ 75,000 and he went well over his goal, raising $ 284,058.

“In the past year, it has been very clear that audiences have been yearning to see fresh stories that are universal and culturally authentic,” Sony Animation President Kristine Belson said. “Hair Love is a wonderful father-daughter story and we are proud to nurture talented young filmmakers like Matthew who are breaking new ground.”

Cherry, who also executive-produced Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, is happy to see his film come into fruition to help increase representation of African-American characters in animated films.

“It was important to get this story out there and we are so grateful to Sony Pictures Animation for their generous support in helping us make that happen,” Cherry said. “They have championed it from its early stages and we cannot wait to share the project with the world.”

Hair Love will be released later this year. There will also be an accompanying children’s book that will be released May 14th and is available for pre-order.



Hair Wars: Hollywood Actresses Want Black Hairstylists

Model Olivia Anakwe sparked and discussion on Instagram about on set hair styling; venting that hair stylists at shoots generally are clueless when it comes to working with Black hair/natural hair.

Anakwe expressed her frustration with “texture discrimination” in Hollywood after she was booked to wear cornrows during a Paris Fashion Week show but there wasn’t a hairstylist backstage with knowledge of styling textured hair, Vice reported.

Several black actors, including “Insecure’s” Natasha Rothwell, Gabrielle Union, and Yvette Nicole Brown, shared their own experiences and noted how they often bring their own hair and makeup supplies to set because stylists aren’t prepared for black actors.

“Black models are still asking for just one hairstylist on every team no matter where your team is from to care for afro hair,” wrote Anakwe.  Peep her lengthy IG post below.

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This message is to spread awareness & hopefully reach anyone in the hair field to expand their range of skills. Black models are still asking for just one hairstylist on every team no matter where your team is from to care for afro hair. I was asked to get out of an empty chair followed by having hairstylists blatantly turning their backs to me when I would walk up to them, to get my hair done. If I am asked to wear my natural hair to a show, the team should prepare the style just as they practice the look and demo for non-afro hair. I arrived backstage where they planned to do cornrows, but not one person on the team knew how to do them without admitting so. After one lady attempted and pulled my edges relentlessly, I stood up to find a model who could possibly do it. After asking two models and then the lead/only nail stylist, she was then taken away from her job to do my hair. This is not okay. This will never be okay. This needs to change. No matter how small your team is, make sure you have one person that is competent at doing afro texture hair care OR just hire a black hairstylist! Black hairstylists are required to know how to do everyone’s hair, why does the same not apply to others? It does not matter if you don’t specialize in afro hair, as a continuous learner in your field you should be open to what you have yet to accomplish; take a class. I was ignored, I was forgotten, and I felt that. Unfortunately I’m not alone, black models with afro texture hair continuously face these similar unfair and disheartening circumstances. It’s 2019, it’s time to do better. || #NaturalHair #ModelsofColor #BlackHairCare #HairCare #Message #Hair #Hairstyling #Backstage #BTS #AfroTexturedHair #Afro #POC #Braids #Message #Spreadtheword #Speak #Awareness #Growth #WorkingTogether #BlackGirlMagic #Melanin

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Putting their tresses in the hands of untrained hair stylists could lead to permanent hair damage, as Union pointed out.

“The pressure to just be happy they picked you & you got a job, don’t ask for the SAME things every other actor/model gets on GP,” she wrote on Twitter. “Listen, if u stay quiet, u WILL have bald spots, hair damage, look NUTS (tho they will tell u its cuuuuuuuuute).”



But using your own stylist often isn’t permitted on unionized projects and Gabby stressed that point, writing on Twitter, “getting [stylists that can do black hair] in [the union] has NEVER been easy or smooth.”

“What alot [sic] of non-industry folks don’t realize is that u can’t just use [your] normal hairstylists/barbers/makeup artists on a union job (most jobs are union) Those artists HAVE to be IN THE UNION & getting them in has NEVER been easy or smooth. Ever. Like never,” she shared.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen, who played Black Manta in “Aquaman,” shared how she has been “ignored” and “forgotten” by hairstylists and how “too often [hair stylists] begin to ‘figure it out’ the second we sit in the chair.”

Actress De’Adre Aziza summed up the convo with a tweet noting that a “[Hair stylists are] out there, Hollywood simply had to care enough to hire them.”

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The Guy Who Dyes Kanye West’s Hair Explains Himself [Photos]

Kanye West

Source: Splash / Splash News

Kanye West has been experimenting with his hair color lately. So of course, someone tracked down the hairstylist responsible for the Skittles bag-worthy hues Yeezy has been coloring his hair.

Page Six tracked down Daniel Moon, owner of HAIR Salon, where West goes to color his non-wavy ceasar.

“This time, I was allowed to be more detailed, which made me super happy because with more time I can create a more original, multi-dimensional piece,” said Moon of Yeezy’s latest, rainbow-flavor dye job. “Making [it] look real and believable from every direction of the head can be a challenge, but we accomplished that really nicely. The energy in the room was vibrating.”

Was it now? More details on the inspiration:

Moon was inspired to create the splatter-painted style after visiting LA art fairs the weekend before, and wanting “to push the prior two styles that we had collaborated on and take them to the next level. Knowing how inspired Kanye is by color and light and artists like James Turrell helps guide the collaborations.”

It all clicked, he continued, “[once] we found that lava red, which we started using with the last time we worked together. [It] felt like a spirit color for him. When you have your spirit color it tends to ignite something inside, and that’s when the magic happens.”

“Personally, I really enjoyed the final outcome and felt like Kanye did too, so I think everybody is pretty stoked,” he added.

See some angles of West’s look below.

Y’all feeling this? See more photos on the flip.

Kanye West

Source: Splash / Splash News

Photos: Splash News

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