White Milano Trade Show Continues to Highlight Sustainable Fashion

MILAN — Sustainability was a key theme at the press conference held on Wednesday here to present the White Milano trade show running Feb. 22 to 25.
“White has in its DNA the vocation to experiment, anticipating and grasping the changes of the fashion system”, said White Milano founder Massimiliano Bizzi, announcing a new project in collaboration with a finalist of the 2018 edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Matteo Ward, as the creative director of “GIVE A FOK-us — Focus on the Unfocused.”
The project will allow communication with the younger generations, who are “more and more attentive to the traceability of fashion products. We believe it’s also a chance for buyers to renew their retail offer in a conscious way.”
“We are living in a moment of revolution of the fashion system, where we must run to realign the focus of our activities with the real needs of an exhausted planet, an exploited society and of individual people,” said Ward, pointing to a need to follow the example of other industries such as food and automotive, and “make sustainability fashionable. This path can give us a competitive advantage over the fast-fashion brands, which, by the way, are the most

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