The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

The brand that is famous for its high-tech makeup brushes is getting into the brow game

Sigma Beauty is beloved for their cult favorite makeup brushes, used by everyone from celebrity makeup artists to beauty lovers across the globe. Of course, the brand also offers makeup products like highlighters and eyeshadow palettes, but Sigma Beauty’s brushes are what really put them on the map.

So, you can imagine our excitement when we learned that the brand was launching an entire brow collection! A relatively untouched category for the brand (they had released a couple of powders in the past), Sigma has done a little bit more than just dip their toes into the brow category.

Instead, Sigma Beauty has officially entered the brow game with a bang, by launching not one, not two, but six (!) new products: a pomade, powder, gel, pencil, wax, and crayon. Starting today, February 19th, you can get the Sigma Beauty brow products at

Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty

The best part? Every single item in the collection (which the brand calls “fierce and functional”) retails for less than $ 20. Below, we’ve highlighted some standout products from the Sigma Beauty brow line.

Sigma Beauty Fill & Blend Brow Pencil

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 19

The long-wearing, short-tipped pencil comes in three shades, and is pretty much foolproof.

Sigma Beauty Define & Pose Brow Pomade

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 17

A creamy pomade that’s actually smudge-proof and water-resistant? The dream.

Sigma Beauty Color & Shape Brow Powder Duo

Sigma Beauty brows
Sigma Beauty
Sigma Beauty | $ 19

Two shades, so you can create your own custom-blended perfect shade match.

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One of the key features of the newest kinds of skimmers is that they use Bluetooth technology and cell signals to transmit your card data via text messages.

That means the criminals operating these things can be miles away; across the country even!

“They never even have to come back to the gas station [to get the data],” one academic who studies skimmers told the newspaper.

Florida in particular is having trouble with the new high-tech approach to crime. Nearly 700 skimmers have been found on gas pumps in the Sunshine State during just the first 10 months of 2018 — more than in all of 2017.

Some chain gas stations have come up with new ways to try to thwart the criminals. But it’s unclear how well those solutions work against the new technologies being used by crooks.

And unfortunately, this problem isn’t local to the Sunshine State. It could happen anywhere.

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