Don Cheadle Has Some Top Notch Tips on Shooting Hoops with Barack Obama

Just in case your next visit to the court puts you up against Barack Obama, Don Cheadle has some inside intel on how to shoot some hoops with the former president. Hint: “He’s a leftie, so it’s tricky to get the timing right on the shot,” the actor shared with comedy pair Desus Nice and The Kid Mero in a segment from their evening talk show, Desus & Mero.

Cheadle recalled playing a game of basketball against Obama — and being underwhelmed by the weak defense one of his teammates was putting up, because apparently there was some hesitation to truly press the president. “I was like, listen: foul him. Foul him!” Cheadle insisted. Because even when you’re playing against the leader of the free world, all bets are off when you’re on the court in heated competition.

Cheadle, who’s been promoting his latest show on Showtime, Black Monday, has been making subtle political statements on his publicity circuit of late. While hosting Saturday Night Live in February, he made his feelings about President Donald Trump known by wearing a Soviet Union hockey jersey with Trump’s name on it.

Looks like his loyalty still lies with Obama, even if the former president was not the easiest basketball opponent to beat.

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