N.K. Jemisin Just Made History at The Hugo Awards—Here are 7 Facts About Her

If you don’t know who N.K. Jemisin is, now is the time to get familiar with her. She is the force that’s currently taking the science fiction world by storm, winning the genre’s most prestigious prize—the 2018 Hugo Award for best novel—for the third time in a row, this past Sunday. It’s only a matter of (a hopefully short) time before her Broken Earth trilogy of books hits the screen, propelling her to a household name as recognizable as J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien. She won the 2018 Best Novel Hugo Award for the third novel in her Broken Earth series, The Stone Sky.

When the term “science fiction author” is mentioned, images of white male writers most likely spring to mind, as they have traditionally dominated the genre. But the genre today is much more diverse with black authors gaining rapid ground and women authors claiming their place too. Just this year alone, several other women authors received Hugo awards for best short story, best novella, and best series. And another black science fiction author, Nnedi Okorafor, picked up a non-Hugo Award for the best young adult book for her novel, Akata Warrior and was nominated for the 2018 Hugo in the novella category. In 2016, Okorafor was the first Nigerian to win the Hugo Award for her novella, Binti.

Jemisin’s three-streak win is being hailed as a defiant triumph in the face of an alt-right extremist subculture within the science fiction fantasy world, which has a history of being proudly racist and reluctant to diversify the space. It can even be seen as a beacon of hope amid the nation’s current racial climate.

As Jemisin continues her reign, here are some fun facts that will get you up to speed on the powerhouse who says she’s not interested in living up to the racist and sexist status quo of the science fiction realm.

  • Nora K. Jemisin made history as the first writer ever to win the prestigious Hugo Award three times in a row with her Broken Earth trilogy of books.
  • She is the first black author to ever win the Hugo Award in the best novel category for The Fifth Season, a post-apocalyptic tale and commentary on society and race relations.
  • The Fifth Season is currently being developed as a TV drama series for the TNT network, with Leigh Dana Jackson penning the adaptation, according to Deadline.
  • Her Broken Earth trilogy series of books, as well as her other novels, draws on the human history of structural oppression, and her feelings about this moment in American history.
  • Her first novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, was published in 2010 to critical acclaim, garnering her nominations for a Hugo, a Nebula, and a World Fantasy Award that year.
  • She was born in Iowa but currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
  • In her 2018 acceptance speech, which is being called one of the best acceptance speeches in the history of the 65-year-old Hugo Awards, she stressed that she wrote the Broken Earth trilogy “to speak to that struggle, and what it takes to live, let alone thrive, in a world that seems determined to break you—a world of people who constantly question your competence, your relevance, your very existence.”

See Jemisin’s full acceptance speech, below.



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Hugo Boss Updates Michael Jackson’s White ‘Thriller’ Suit For His 60th B’day [Video]

Hugo Boss is celebrating what would be Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday this month by bringing back the white suit it designed for the cover of his 1982 iconic album, Thriller.

The updated work, part of the new Boss x Michael Jackson collection, is made from lightweight twill with a three-button cuff jacket in a slightly slimmer fit than the King of Pop’s version, worn in the height of the over-sized 1980s, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

The collection also includes three unisex tees, all of which will be released in Boss stores worldwide on the singer’s birthday, August 29.

One washed cotton jersey tee by Graham Dolphin features the Thriller album cover alongside messages from Jackson’s fans; another design shows a silhouette of his signature dance pose.

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Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin: Doubling Down on ‘Doom Eternal’

While Doom 2016 was near universally gushed over, the creators of the beloved reboot, id Software, weren’t 100 percent happy with how it turned out. In a recent roundtable discussion with executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin, the duo didn’t pull Glory Kill punches when it came to the shortcomings of the demon-slaying hit.

“One of our own criticisms of [Doom] 2016 was that the second half of the game really needed a shot of demon variety, so that’s really what we’re trying to address [in Doom Eternal],” says Stratton.

“One of the primary criticisms I had with [Doom] 2016 is there were only two main locations: Mars and Hell,” says Martin. “If you have an expanded universe, that means you’re going to different places, it means we’ll do more than just Mars and Hell, and that’s a promise.”

Doom Eternal environment Hell on Earth
There will be more environments than just Mars or Hell.

id also seems to be paying close attention to expanding the gameplay loop beyond dish out damage. Close the gap. Perform Glory Kill. Repeat. Doom Eternal will still embrace the patented “push-forward combat” philosophy, but not everything is about getting up close and personal.

“It depends on the enemy types,” explains Martin, when asked about whether Doom Eternal is constantly forcing you into close-quarters battles. “Like, can you sit there and long-range guys in Doom? It’s pretty hard because we have all different types that will push the player off their platform. The Imp, for example, the way we spawn enemy types, we’re very conscious of that.

“We don’t want you constantly going point blank, because that gets repetitive. Sometimes, opportunistically, hanging back, using the scope, and popping a head can add that kind of variety to the combat dance.

“We use our chess pieces to move the player around and get them off those ledges and don’t let them kite enemies. The way we design levels, we try to really avoid those type of spots where you can, throughout the entire combat encounter, just pick apart demons because you found this little corner in the level that they can’t get to. The AI helps with that tremendously.”

The Brutal Gameplay Escalation of ‘Doom Eternal’

This critical mindset also extends to the revamping of familiar things, like a retooled Plasma Rifle, what Martin calls “Praetor Suit 2.0,” and even the hellish hordes themselves. “Any of the originals [demons] that were in 2016 and are returning are completely updated,” says Martin. “There’s really nothing left untouched.”

Doom Eternal isn’t all about revamping the new-old, either; it’ll also reintroduce rebooted takes on the old-old. “We have some classics we’re bringing back to the fold, like the Arachnotron or the Pain Elemental,” says Stratton. “Then we have totally new ones, in fact quite a few that we haven’t talked about and haven’t even shown concept of.”

Doom Eternal enemy
The all-new Pain Elemental.

The new demon-destructibility system has tactical applications, too, in that id is toying around with disabling enemy weapons. “It’s not a hard and fast rule that you can do it to every guy,” says Martin. “But in what you saw in the heavies, for example, one of the destructible parts on the Arachnotron is the turret, which is his primary attack.

“If you put a sticky bomb or you use the scope and you blow that off, you will effectively disable his primary attack and he will have to resort to only his secondary attacks and his melee swipe.” According to Martin, that “sticky bomb” is one of the new mods for the Combat Shotgun.

It can be used against a variety of enemies, old and new, the latter of which includes Grunts armed with jetpacks to combat the Doom Slayer’s enhanced verticality. Stratton mentioned that id “jacked up the health” of the Grunts because they’re so fun to kill. They reportedly mutter among themselves and are part of demon in-fighting.

Doom Eternal Glory Kill grunt chainsaw
id Software has also promised a greater variety of Glory Kills.

This in-fighting peaks with the all-new Doom Hunter who’s reportedly from a demonic faction that his Beelzebub brothers loathe. The Doom Hunter presents a palpable threat, even in concept-art form. Imagine a cybernetically enhanced demon who’s on a fully armed rocket sled whose ordnance is more intended for a hellish Arnold Schwarzenegger than a demonic Saint Nick. The Doom Hunter’s AI is reportedly tough, too, but its horrific visage pales in comparison to the axe-swinging, Super Shotgun-firing Marauder.

This demonic dude is wearing armour that’s very reminiscent of Doom Slayer and Martin seems happy to tease a link between Marauder and Slayer. Perhaps this is where the Doom multiverse fan theory receives more evidence that it’s canon and the Marauder is a previous protagonist of a Doom game. Time will tell.

Doom Eternal Meat Hook Super Shotgun weapons
The Super Shotgun, now with all new Meat Hook.

There’s a chance that players will get to jump into the boots of the Marauder and Slayer as part of Doom Eternal’s Invasion mode. “As demons, you can team up and invade the Slayer’s game,” says Stratton. “We just teased it so that people knew that making Doom [Eternal] a social experience is important to us. We’re already developing it all internally, we also have a PvP component that we’re building.

“Those are really, really important factors. Once we start talking about that, people are going to be really excited about the mechanics of playing as a demon. It’s just a totally new way to play, but it is the experience you know.

Doom Eternal Invasion multiplayer pvp
Daisy invaded the wrong instance of Hell on Earth.

“When you jump into one of our demons, you’ll at least, even though there are other mechanics tied to it, know how that demon behaves. You’ll know his general mechanics and how he shoots and how he fires and all that kind of stuff. There’s not a lot of new stuff to learn. It’s new stuff to master, which is the fun part.

“You also know how the Slayer behaves because you spend a lot of time playing as the Slayer. You can predict what he’s doing now fighting against him. Again, that’s new stuff to master.”

With new multiplayer, greater demon variety, and new ways to slay them, Doom Eternal looks to be evolving the familiar formula in interesting and exciting ways.

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Streetwear, Techno and Wiz Khalifa Collide at Hugo Boss’s Berlin Homecoming

The German brand returned to its roots for the Hugo SS19 mens and womenswear show, held in an industrial warehouse and inspired by Berlin street style.

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New ‘Mortal Engines’ Trailer Reveals Evil Hugo Weaving

New 'Mortal Engines' Trailer Reveals Evil Hugo Weaving

Update: Hugo Weaving (The Matrix) is revealed to be a very evil character in a new trailer for Mortal Engines. He stars as a ruthless leader who wields far too much power for his own good, or for the benefit of anyone else, as heroic assassin Hera Hilmar and lower-class historian Robert Sheehan quickly discover to their dismay.

We've gathered all we know about the movie below, but right now, just sit back and let the amazing spectacle of Mortal Engines wash over you (again). …

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Brother Hugo and the Bear

Brother Hugo and the Bear

Brother Hugo needs to return a very important library book — another monastery’s copy of St. Augustine. But along the way, a hungry bear devours the precious book, and the Abbot tasks Hugo with replacing it. Letter by letter and line by line the hapless monk crafts a new book and sets off to return it. It turns out, though, that once a bear has a taste of letters, he’s rarely satisfied. With a hungry bear close on his heels, will Brother Hugo ever make it back with his fine parchment in one piece?Lavishly illustrated by S.D. Schindler, Brother Hugo and the Bear is loosely based on a note found in a twelfth-century manuscript — and largely on the creative imaginings of the author. This humorous tale is sure to delight readers who have acquired their own taste for books.

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