This is what inspired Rihanna’s Fenty fashion collection

Rihanna made history as her Fenty clothing line finally dropped this week, as she is the first woman of colour to ever head a luxury fashion brand.

Her clothing line was launched in partnership with LVMH, the behemoth behind the likes of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Loewe, Celine and Christian Dior amongst many others.

The designs, most of which are already sold out on the Fenty website, are a reflection of Rihanna’s sharp yet edgy style. Think perfectly tailored pieces with unexpected twists such as corset detailing and bold colours, and a hi-lo mix of sparkling jewels, bum bags, denim skirts and neon heels.

This first drop is called 5-19, and in a conversation with Vogue, the singer explained that her collection was actually inspired by the Black is Beautiful movement in the 1950s and 60s, which was pioneered by Brooklyn-based photographer Kwame Brathwaite’s work showcasing the African-American community in Harlem.

He was also the first to create a pageant solely featuring black models, which led to the phrase ‘black is beautiful’. The singer got in touch Kwame, who granted her permission to use his photographs in her campaign.

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She said, ‘When I was coming up with the concept for this release, we were just digging and digging and we came up with these images. They made me feel they were relevant to what we are doing right now.’

Rihanna was also praised for using a diverse cast of models, including 68-year-old JoAni Johnson.

But that’s not all of it, the entrepreneur wants to revolutionise the world of luxury fashion by regularly providing new pieces that her customers can shop directly online, proving she knows how to keep up with millennial demands.

If her beauty and lingerie successes are anything to go by, we think she’ll do just fine.

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Bathing Suit Season Is Here! Get Inspired This Summer Thanks to Lili Reinhart, Demi Lovato, Gabrielle Union & More

2019 Bathing Suits, Bikinis, Demi LovatoSummer is here y’all and we hope it never ends!
OK, technically today, Memorial Day, is the unofficial start of summer, but we will take it. For months we’ve been counting down…

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Travel destinations inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of those special shows that rarely comes around that captures everyone’s imaginations. The show transported us all back to a seemingly simpler time, where warriors fought with swords and politics people lived in castles. There were some stunning scenes in the show, and the actors were flown all over the world to film them. People loved the scenery so much their travel destinations were inspired by Game of Thrones.


If you wondered where the Game of Thrones showrunners shot the majority of their scenes for King’s Landing, then wonder no more. The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia was where all of the plotting, scheming, and fighting came to the fore, and it’s become a hugely popular travel destination. Studies have shown that whenever Game of Thrones is on air, bookings to Croatia increase.

It’s not just a trip of nostalgia for fans though, and the European city is one of beauty. There is a walled castle overlooking the Adriatic Sea plus there’s all of the medieval history you’d expect from such an old city. People can take a cable car ride and overlook the city, just like Daenerys did on the back of her dragon.


Northern Ireland

The scenes for Winterfell were shot at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, and tourists can head there to see what it feels like to be a Stark. Then there are the iconic Dark Hedges, which are a must-see for any Game of Thrones fan on their trip to Northern Ireland.

Cast members spent months on location in Northern Ireland as the country’s cool temperature was perfect for replicating the North and Winterfell. There are even Game of Thrones tours you can take that will bring you to most of the major settings from the hit HBO show.


When Jon Snow and his band of men went north of the wall, the viewers were amazed by the scenery they were surrounded by. Iceland became the home of the wildlings and White Walkers thanks to its stunning scenes and cold climate. There wasn’t much need for CGI when Jon and co. were roaming the tundras beyond the wall as Iceland’s environment was already perfect for the job.

While the outdoor environment is what brings people to Iceland on a Game of Thrones tour, you can also explore caves like the one Jon and Ygritte found themselves in. The average number of bookings to Iceland more than doubles when Game of Thrones is on the air, so the Icelandic tourist board will probably hope there are some spin-offs.



Europe was the main destination for the scenes shot in Game of Thrones, and Spain played a big part in how things developed over the years. The Water Gardens in Dorne was one of the most memorable locations in the show, even if the storyline was forgettable.

The Real Alcazar in Seville is where the Water Gardens came to life, but it’s not the only Spanish destination for Game of Thrones fans. Those steps in Dragonstone when Jon first sees a dragon overhead are in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, while you’ll find Highgarden in Cordoba. Finally, for those Lannister fans, head to Castillo de Trujillo in Caceres to take in Casterly Rock.

Game of Thrones has inspired many fans to see more of the world thanks to the amazing locations it was shot in. These spots are the biggest attractions for fans of the show, and if you’re doing a Game of Thrones vacation, they’ll need to be on your list.

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The curse that plagued the family who inspired ‘The Philadelphia Story’

Helen Hope Montgomery was perfectly suited to a life of excess. She regularly made the best-dressed lists beside Babe Paley and once sang a naughty song to the Duke of Windsor. She won a Charleston contest judged by Josephine Baker. A legendary bon vivant, she would become the inspiration for Katharine Hepburn’s character Tracy Lord…
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Today in Movie Culture: The Women Who Inspired ‘Poms,’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ Director Commentary and More

Today in Movie Culture: The Women Who Inspired ‘Poms,’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ Director Commentary and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


True Story of the Day:

Poms, a new comedy starring Diane Keaton as woman who starts a cheerleading squad in her new retirement community, is now in theaters. It’s also based on a true story. Meet the real ladies of Sun City Poms, a squad from Sun City, Arizona, in this brief report from Inside Edition:


Director Commentary of the Day:

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is now…

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Starbucks’ New Liquid Lip S’mores Sip Kit Is Inspired by Frappuccinos

Starbucks just announced the return of its best-selling S’mores Frappuccino, and with it, a contest that gives customers the chance to win the brand’s limited-edition S’morecessories, including its own liquid lip set dubbed the S’mores Sip Kit. It comes with four liquid lip shades, all inspired by the brand’s epic beverage. Read more about the contest and how you can score the coveted lip set, here.


Easter Inspired Planting Ideas

To honor both the Easter holidays and the onset of springtime, we’ve rounded up some buds and blooms that are perfect to decorate your brunch table with, to give out as favors to your guests or to use as decor. 


Plant-able Confetti 

This innovative idea makes for adorable place settings when sprinkled on your Easter brunch table, and creative party favours for guests to take home afterwards. Each piece of biodegradable confetti is embedded with seeds, so your guests can plant their pieces later and reap the rewards all spring and summer.   

Photo Source:

Click here for more details and instructions.


An Eggshell Herb Garden 

Green thumb or not, this mini herb garden is simple to start even for the most amateur of gardeners. Eggshell halves provide the perfect pot to tuck your soil and seedlings into and so long as the shells are crack-free, you can be sure that no moisture will seep through onto your countertop.  

Photo Source:

Click here for more details and instructions.


A Teacup Succulent  

These itty bitty succulents in itty bitty teacups will bring more than itty bitty joy to whoever sees them. Make them into place card holders by sticking tiny flags with names on them into the soil and distributing them on your table.  

Photo Source:

Click here for more details and instructions.


Bunny Succulents 

While we’re on the topic of succulents, how about these bunny rabbit succulents?

Photo Source:


Plant them in little wine corks for the perfect, pocket-sized party favour to send home with your guests.  

Photo Source:

Click here for more details and instructions.

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Lil Nas X’s Viral Hit Single “Old Town Road” Gets A ‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Remix

The Ringer Drops 'Game of Thrones' Remix of "Old Town Road"

Source: Tim P. Whitby / Getty

Tired of Lil Nas X’s number one song in the country “Old Town Road” yet? Well if you are we have some bad news for you cause this song will have legs for a while. Already spawning remixes from Billy Ray Cyrus and Young Thug, The Ringer under it’s Ringer Records imprint dropped a Game of Thrones inspired version of the song.

With the mega-popular HBO original show’s final season set to premiere this Sunday (Apr.14) the song appropriately titled “Old Kingsroad” is right on time. The remix ditches Lil Nas X replacing him with Game of Throne’s zombie antagonist the Night King and replacing the lyrics with content inspired from the show like:

“Wall down, no crown. Livin’ like a Maester. Spent on a lot of money on my brand-new Kingsguard. Baby’s got a habit, Dragonglass, and Dornish textiles. Ridin’ down the Highroad with my Melisandre smoke child.”

Can’t front that’s actually pretty clever and catchy. “Old Town Road” is currently the talk of the internet and has propelled Lil Nas X to fame, broke records and even earned him a record deal. So don’t expect the song to go away no time soon cause there is more than likely more remixes down the pipeline.

So mount up on your horse or dragon and check out the new spin on viral hit “Old Kings Road” below to get yourself hyped for Game of Throne’s final season below.

Photo: Tim P. Whitby / Getty

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Today in Movie Culture: ‘Missing Link’ Music Video, ‘Shazam!’ Easter Eggs, the Real Places That Inspired ‘Pet Sematary’ and More

Today in Movie Culture: ‘Missing Link’ Music Video, ‘Shazam!’ Easter Eggs, the Real Places That Inspired ‘Pet Sematary’ and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Music Video of the Day:

Laika’s latest stop-motion animated feature, Missing Link, arrives in theaters this Friday, but you can listen to a single off its soundtrack now. Actually, you can also watch the music video for the song, a cover of Walter Martin’s “Do-Dilly-Do (A Friend Like You)” performed by Sofia Reyes, courtesy of Warner Music here:


Easter Eggs of…

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Candace Owens Laughs Off Reports She Inspired New Zealand Mosque Shooter

Conservative grifter Candace Owens responded to reports that she allegedly inspired the gunman who opened fire on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, killing 49 people in slaughter that in part was streamed on Facebook Live.

In addition to those killed, 20 were seriously injured. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s prime minister, called it “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”

The shooter, Brenton Tarrant, mentioned Owens in his white supremacist manifesto before carrying out the mass shooting.

In a series of tweets on Friday morning, Owens argued that she has never created content about the 2nd Amendment or Islam. In her first tweet, she wrote,“LOL! FACT: I’ve never created any content espousing my views on the 2nd Amendment or Islam. The Left pretending I inspired a mosque massacre in…New Zealand because I believe black America can do it without government hand outs is the reachiest reach of all reaches!! LOL!”

But several of her critics were quick to call BS on her claim and provided receipts in the form of her own tweets about Muslims and the NRA, which Candance considers a civil rights group.

“in addition to being an awful human being you are a liar,” wrote one Twitter user who posted the following to remind Owens of how she really feels:

And then there’s this…

In a second tweet, Candace wrote, “To be clear: We played the ‘Candace is Hitler’ game. We played the ‘Candace is anti-rape victims’ game. If the media attempts this ‘Candace inspired a mosque shooting in New Zealand’ bit—they better all lawyer the f*ck up. I will go full Covington Catholic lawsuit. Try me.”

Owens is reportedly mentioned in Tarrant’s manifesto once, where he writes, “The person who has influenced me above all is Candace Owens. Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights and her own views helped me push further and further into the belief of violence over meekness. However I will have to disavow some of her believes, the extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes.”

However, as reported by, many believe Tarrant wrote that for the purpose of trolling American media. He goes on to allege that the video game “Spyro” taught him ethno-nationalism.

A number of experts on the alt-right have warned people not to take his words too seriously with regards to Owens.

NBC’s Ben Collins tweeted, “There are a couple of things in there that ring obvious bells. No joke, call somebody fluent in YouTube or alt-right garbage before writing up your pieces on this. Or just ignore it. Some of these thoughts are clearly authentic, others clear traps. It’s the nature of the chans.”

Tech columnist Kevin Roose also tweeted, “Media: be careful with the NZ shooter’s apparent manifesto. It’s thick with irony and meta-text and very easy to misinterpret if you’re not steeped in this stuff all the time (and even if you are).”

Roose added, “Seriously, this entire thing is a minefield. I am Very Online and I don’t feel 100% certain about what’s genuine and what’s just trolling/posting/media-baiting. Please be careful.”

Police said three people were in custody including 28-year-old Australian-born Brenton Tarrant, who has been charged with murder. He will appear in court on Saturday.

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Next 3 Incredible Real-Life Stories That Inspired Movies: ‘Tolkien,’ ‘Rocketman,’ ‘Ford vs. Ferrari’

Next 3 Incredible Real-Life Stories That Inspired Movies: 'Tolkien,' 'Rocketman,' 'Ford vs. Ferrari'

The true story behind Fighting With My Family is as surprising as it is compelling. Raised in a wrestling family, Saraya "Paige" Bevis (Florence Pugh) left behind her family and friends in England so she could gain big-time success in America.

The film opened in limited release over the weekend and will expand into more theaters later this week. Here are three more incredible real-life stories that inspired upcoming movies.


As a young man, writer J.R.R….

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These tube socks are inspired by iconic MTA subway tiles

Wearing public transit can be way more delightful than riding it. Pals and artists Abraham El Makawy and Michael Saunders — who are also fifth-generation Brooklynites — have been making transportation-themed merch under the brand name AINT WET since 2012. “What I love about the trains is that they’re ultimately the grand equalizer,” El Makawy,…
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Vetements’ Fall 2019 Show Was Inspired by Teenage Dirtbags and our Addiction to Smartphones

Despite having told numerous fashion outlets in 2017 that Vetements would be abandoning fashion shows because “shows have nothing to do with clothes anymore,” Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia is still sending fashion down the runway. On Thursday in Paris, the label presented its Fall 2019 …

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Places to travel that are inspired by famous books


We’re going to be honest; we’re complete bookworms! Because of, this, many of the books often inspire us to travel far and wide in search of these magical fictional places – and there are so many places we’d go. We’d start off at Hogwarts to hang out with Dumbledore in the castle; we’d then take a trip to the Shire to have a second breakfast with Pippin and Merry, and then pop on through the wardrobe to don our fur coats and explore Narnia. Of course, these places aren’t real (sob), but some are! Here are five places you can actually travel to that are inspired by famous books.

Snæfellsjökull Volcano, Iceland – Journey to the Center of the Earth

Okay, so visiting a volcano isn’t exactly the most common travel destination in the world – but it is so worth it. This volcano is Iceland was the inspiration for Jules Verne’s famous Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was published in 1864. The Snæfellsjökull Volcano is a whopping 700,000 years old – and even has a glacier on the top of it! According to Verne and his awesome novel, the entrance to the center of the Earth is through the volcano. Although, we don’t suggest you try this out for yourself. An average tourist isn’t allowed to climb to the top of the volcano, but you can take a tour around the Snæfellsjökull National Park which will give you amazing views of this novel inspiration.

Whitby, United Kingdom – Dracula

Even if you haven’t read the incredible book that is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, you’ll probably still know the story of the evil vampire, Count Dracula, who moves from Transylvania to England and resides in his castle. Well, that castle still exists today. In the book, Count Dracula moves to Whitby, in the UK, and the castle was based on Whitby Abbey – a 16th-century monastery which is still standing (although it is missing a roof). In fact, Bram Stoker first got the idea for Dracula while he was walking around the Abbey, and he first read about his muse, Vlad Dracul, in the local library in Whitby. So why not take a trip to Whitby, walk in Bram Stoker’s shoes and try to write your own vampire story?

Big Sur, United States of America – Big Sur

We don’t need to give you two guesses on which book was based on Big Sur. Of course, it’s Jack Kerouac’s 1962 masterpiece, Big Sur! This novel follows the life of Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti as they settle down for three months in a cabin, located in the Bixby Canyon in Big Sur, California. Although the novel isn’t exactly happy-go-lucky with flowers and marshmallows, the description of the location is beyond belief, and you just have to see it for yourself! You could even stay in a cabin, just like Kerouac.

Hathersage, United Kingdom – Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is one of the most iconic books of all time – and it’s believed that Bronte got most of her inspiration from the village of Hathersage, in Derbyshire, UK. This little village is steeped in rolling hills and green forests, with tiny little cottages and manor houses. Bronte visited Hathersage in 1985, drawing on the location and North Lees Hall to create her own story and Thornfield Hall. So grab your copy of Jane Eyre, take a stroll through the grounds of North Lees Hall and the Peak District National Park and have a read within the midst of the inspiration.

Prince Edward Island, Canada – Anne of the Green Gables

Hopefully, you’ve all read Anne of the Green Gables – if not, you need to get on that ASAP! Lucy Maud Montgomery published her first book in 1908 which was based on the Green Gables Farm she often visited as a child. Nowadays, the area is called the Green Gables National Park and is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. If you visit, you can check out the surrounding woods and buildings that inspired her ‘Lover’s Lane,’ ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Balsam Hollow.’ What could be better?

Are you looking for your next travel destination? Are you a book lover? We think you’ve found your answer. Books are great at conjuring up beautiful scenes, epic castles and intricate village life in our heads, but how great would it be to go see your favorite locations in real life?


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A Series of Surreal Wave Prints Inspired By Jonathan Wilson’s Dreams

It might seem odd, growing up in Wisconsin and having rarely lived less than a few hours from the ocean that I should dream of waves, but there they are: a regular companion to my sleep.  I often think of them as my “frustrated surfing dreams” as usually, I find myself in front of some waves, but almost always something gets in the way of actually going out to surf: usually the lack of a board or the waves disappear, or I get distracted as the dream takes me off in another direction. A psychologist would probably have a field day with the meaning of these dreams, but for me, the more significant aspect is the waves and ocean themselves. Often the sense of place is so vivid and charged that these places and waves exist as a feeling in my body that I can recall days, weeks, even years later. And often the situations are surreal in unlikely ways: waves breaking in a narrow canal in a suburban neighborhood, on top of and down the side of a cliff of a large caldera, on top of a small set of bleachers in a field. A few weeks ago I found myself trying to surf inside a small living room filled with water. Usually, I never make it into the water, and if I do I rarely have a board, and if I do end up with a board it might end up being a floppy mess, or a rug, or piece of cardboard. I can count on one hand (missing a few fingers) the number of times I have actually found myself properly surfing in a dream and those dreams lived up to the lightness and grace one would expect from surfing without a physical body.


Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"
Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”


Despite its overuse, I feel that Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa remains as one of the truly incredible images to grace humanity, and is a continuing inspiration to me as an artist, surfer, and lover of the ocean. Part of my motivation to create these images is to attempt to convey the power and grace of waves as Hokusai did. Considering the number of surfers and lovers of the ocean, I am sometimes surprised at the lack of good wave art. Also, surf art tends toward turquoise tubes and pink sunsets, which is one beautiful face of the ocean…

…but there is also the dark, moody side which deserves to be seen and learned from:  the mysterious energy of the ocean that comes to us at night like a living being, the element of water, the astral plane, la luna and the stirrings of our emotional being, the unstoppable tide of the feminine way.


Wave Dream #1
Wave Dream #1


With these dreams as my inspiration, I am undertaking a series of images to capture (if not the specifics of my dreams) the impact of the energy of the ocean in the astral plane: rolling, flowing, and surging in surreal and magnificent waves.

About the Prints

I am planning on creating a series of 10 images, two of which I have already completed.  I have chosen the medium of linoleum block printing with its bold, graphic darks and lights and elegant lines to conveys the power, grace, and mystery of the ocean.

These prints are all completely original and unique images inspired by my dreams.  I hand-carve the linoleum blocks and then hand-print them on Japanese mulberry washi paper.  Each image will be printed in a limited edition series of 200 prints, so that is all that will ever be printed.  They will be hand signed, editioned and stamped by me.  The image size is 8” x 10”, mat size: 13” x 15”, and outer frame dimensions about 14” x 16”.


Wave Dream #2
Wave Dream #2


Why Kickstarter?

At the basic level, my project will not be very difficult to accomplish—just some paper, ink, time, and elbow grease. What I really need is a little indication that the world might wants these images to come into being: to feel out if the surfing and larger wave-loving communities find enough pleasure in my surreal imaginings to support my efforts. I have set a modest goal of $ 700 which will 1) convince me that there is enough interest in my images to go through with the project and 2) provide me the startup cash needed to make the prints and either make or order custom-made frames.

And, as it turns out I will be moving back to Korea very soon, so it will be more difficult and expensive to make, sell, and ship these prints in the U.S., which makes this KickStarter test all the more important to convince me to go through with the full print series.

Thank you for visiting and considering my Kickstarter campaign.  I hope you enjoy my images.  I look forward to meeting you and trying to delight you with future images in this series.  Please share my campaign with anyone you know who loves the ocean and its waves.


Jonathan Wilson

Risks and challenges

The only real challenge to completing this project is the fact that I will be moving to Korea mid-December. Getting them all printed before then will not be a problem, but framing and sending them out will be a bit more challenging. However, I have a few willing family members who can help me take care of that, so I don’t anticipate any real issue.

The other issue is that I was really hoping to get this campaign going in time for the holiday season for people that might want to give the gift of wave art to their favorite surfing loved-ones. I’m getting started quite late, but I still want to try to get them shipped out to supporters before Christmas. This is why I am running the campaign for a slightly short 21 days. However, it still might be difficult to get them to you by Christmas. Then the main issue will be that I plan to order custom-made frames and mats which may not arrive in time. But worst case scenario, you won’t have them by Christmas. Note: for orders outside the United States, I definitely won’t be able to get them to you before Christmas.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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Yandy’s Meghan Markle Halloween Costume Inspired By Royal Wedding Dress

In case you want to showcase your love of the royal family this Halloween in a very unusual way, Yandy created what appears to be a sexy Meghan Markle costume. It’s a Halloween costume inspired by the Givenchy wedding dress Meghan Markle wore to her wedding to Prince Harry, though quite a bit shorter.


How one veteran’s Vietnam horrors inspired ‘This Is Us’

Last season’s “This Is Us” featured a few scenes of Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) 1971 tour of duty in Vietnam. Tuesday night’s episode will focus entirely on Jack’s time in Southeast Asia. Entitled “Vietnam,” the episode is based on the experiences of novelist Tim O’Brien, whose 1990 story collection “The Things They Carried” chronicled his…
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