Introducing: Modernize Appointments

It’s time to let homeowners come to you.

We’re thrilled to announce Modernize Appointments to our stack of products aimed help contractors succeed. You can now receive real-time appointment requests via email, and choose the times that work for your schedule. Interested to see how it works? Watch the video below!

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Mary Jane Swim Introducing CBD to Fashion With Nine Capsule Collections

FIRED UP: Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized adult recreational marijuana use, but a walk down many city streets might indicate higher numbers.
As more states are trying to follow similar paths, two CBD-supporting fashion executives are forging their own inroads with Mary Jane Swim. Cofounders Diane Walker and Stacey Demar borrowed from the street name for pot for their own company’s name.
They needed only three months to pull together their company, having started Sweenie Manufacturing in 2008 to produce swimwear and manufacturing for other brands. After discovering and trying CBD, the non-psychoactive property of cannabis, 18 months ago, they said they found it to be life changing in alleviating arthritis back pain, bulging discs and other sports injuries.
A portion of sales will benefit Athletes for Care, an organization started by former professional athletes who advocate for research, education and compassion in relation to health issues. “They’re pro-cannabis but they’re also looking after the health issues that former athletes are facing as well as the general public with the opioid crisis. We’re both active and this is against the stoner culture, which a lot of people see cannabis based in. It hasn’t really crossed over into fashion yet.

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Hueman Connection: introducing artrepublic’s newest artist

As North Californian graffiti artist and painter Hueman’s colourful figurative and abstract mash-ups arrive in artrepublic’s Brighton gallery – in the form of an exclusive print – we dig into her creative backstory.

Street art aficionados may be familiar with the work of Allison Torneros, who paints under the name Hueman. Even if you haven’t seen her massive, energetically colourful works in person, sprayed on walls in the US or Europe, you may have unwittingly witnessed her designs running around the basketball courts of the Rio Olympics – Hueman designed the US Women’s basketball team’s shoes with Nike – or on a custom-designed colourful X-Box collaboration with Microsoft.

Since graduating from UCLA in 2008 with a degree in Design and Media Arts, Hueman has been building a following – especially since taking her work from the studio to the streets, scaling up her paintings to bring art to urban environments and audiences. Working on a much bigger scale than she was used to gave the artist new energy. In an interview with Juxtapoz magazine, she said: ‘it was like a light switch turned on […] I was using my entire body to paint, I was talking to people, I was collaborating, I was in the sun. I felt alive again. I literally felt human. That’s where the name Hueman comes from.’

Hueman’s work is absolutely saturated with that sense of being alive. This is drawn from a perfect balance of the artist’s choice of bold bright colours, her subject matter and her image-making process. You might wonder how the artist achieves that fluid-looking finish? Starting with a freestyle series of paints splashes, drips and sprays – a la Jackson Pollock(?) – she builds her refined, highly stylised images, which draw on the theme of the human condition. As a a result, Hueman’s work is packed with motion. It’s dynamic.

And that is exactly the word we would use to describe the artist’s exclusive piece for artrepublic. A limited edition of 25, each individually hand-finished by Hueman, Silent Power does what its title promises. It makes you stand to attention in front of it, without needing to be told. The female figure at its centre is strong and confident – holding her ground and fixing her sideways gaze as energetic lines and textures swirl around her, creating movement and energy.

The longer you look at this print, the more structures, finishes and colours emerge – you begin to really appreciate the complexity of Hueman’s creative process. Imagine this scaled up on the side of a building – even at this size, it packs a punch. Looking downwards, offering out an extended arm towards you, the position of power of the woman at its heart is emphasised. There is nothing passive about this print. It’s filled with vibrant life.

Draw on Hueman’s experience of painting outdoors and bring one of her powerful pieces into your collection – it will make you, and your space, come to life.

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Introducing our Lonely Planet Trailblazers


A selection of Lonely Planet Trailblazers and staff in the London office

Since the Lonely Planet Pathfinders programme launched in late 2014, we’ve watched the travel influencer community grow and evolve rapidly. The Pathfinders initiative is designed to be inclusive for all who have a passion for sharing their travel tips and tales, while also inviting the most dedicated, talented storytellers to work with us on exciting projects and collaborations.

Over the years, a handful of Pathfinders have risen through the ranks, and today we are pleased to reveal our first set of Lonely Planet Trailblazers! These Pathfinders have graduated to become fully-fledged ambassadors for Lonely Planet – so you can expect to see a lot more of them on and beyond from now on.

Meet the team


Abi from

Abi has travelled to Japan, Oslo and Scotland on assignment for Lonely Planet. From feature articles to Facebook live streaming, she’s a culture hunter with a knack for sniffing out an interesting event or story.


Chloe from

Chloe is a voracious foodie, having hunted down delicious meals in New OrleansSeville and Sicily for Lonely Planet. She’s also an Instagram story queen and – as we recently discovered – a whizz in the kitchen!


Dan from

Dan is a solo traveller who loves to connect with locals on the road – and one of the most popular faces on Lonely Planet’s Snapchat! His assignments for Lonely Planet so far have included trips to Peru, Australia and England’s Peak District.


Dan and Audrey from

Dan and Audrey are storytellers with a focus on responsible travel. They have written feature articles for, as well as starring in a collaboration with Ford for our Weekend Wanderlust campaign.


Kia and Peter from

Outdoorsy travel bloggers Kia and Peter have reported from Myanmar and the Mekong for Lonely Planet, have hosted two #LPChats and are accomplished writers and photographers.


Kristen and Siya from

Kristen and Siya are a vlogging dream team who’ve covered Greenland and Toronto on Lonely Planet assignments. They’ve also shared their thoughts on Disney as a form of travel inspiration and revealed their video tips for


Macca from

Blogger and photographer Macca has been to Turkey and Iceland to present for Lonely Planet’s in-house video team, as well as producing tonnes of video content himself for our YouTube channel.

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See the world with Virgin Atlantic – Over 30 Destinations Worldwide

Introducing Wonki Ware! An artisanal collection from South…

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Introducing Wonki Ware! An artisanal collection from South Africa that provides work and resources to the community. A beautiful way to give to that part of the world! #wonkiware #southafrica


Welcome to our world: Introducing Nesting Story’s mom-life video series


Joanna Venditti

posted in Parenting

Sharing my life through blogging is not only exciting, it’s a privilege. I love sharing my ups, downs, and triumphs with so many other parents who may be going through something similar, or just want a glimpse into what parenthood’s really like.

So I’m excited to announce the launch of a new video series starring me and my family, on BabyCenter’s YouTube channel starting Thursday, October 12, with new videos each Thursday. Join me, my husband Mike, and our four kids on some of our family’s routines, like laundry, morning, bedtime, dinner, and even an outing.

Here’s the first chapter.

We hope the series is not only entertaining, but full of tips and tricks we’ve engineered along the way, including laundry hacks, how we’ve created great sleepers, and how we deal with our picky eaters.

Why would you be interested in getting a look into my life? Here is my story.

Before actually becoming a mom, I was consumed with the idea of it.

As a child I would stuff pillows under my shirt and pretend I was pregnant. I would mimic my mother breastfeeding my little sister, holding my doll up to my chest. I would turn tissue boxes into little cribs for the tiny baby dolls my mother would buy me.

For me, motherhood was the end game.

It didn’t matter that I had a big-city interior design career, or that I would paint in my spare time. It didn’t matter that I had dynamic friendships, a sense of purpose, or a uniquely defined identity. I would give it all up for motherhood.

And I did.

Becoming a mother might not have been the end game for me, but it was definitely a game changer.

mother and baby

Photo: Blue Bird Creative

The first few years of motherhood with my son were exciting, but also dark. I lost myself as I tried to live up to the standards I had set, and struggled through a language delay and sensory issues with our son Holden. During that time we had our second child, Beau.

mother and newborn in hospital

Photo: Joanna Venditti

Although Beau was a bright light in the darkness and Holden was starting to blossom and enjoy life, I was fading away.

I was struggling with the fact that my intense version of motherhood made me miserable. It took a while to find my own path, and just because mine looked different than my mother’s, or some of my friends, it didn’t mean I had failed.

So I went back to work part-time, and found myself again. Or I should say, found a new version of myself. I was thriving, loving motherhood, and still investing in my marriage and myself.

mother and son baking cookies

Photo: Joanna Venditti

A couple years later, another curveball was thrown our way…I found out I was pregnant with spontaneous twins!

twin ultrasound

Photo: Joanna Venditti

During my twin pregnancy, work had to stop, and I was an incubator. I lay there on my sofa for days on end, trying to parent my older kids as best I could. I felt an intense loneliness. I just wanted to connect with other moms who understood how I felt.

pregnant with twins

Photo: Joanna Venditti

I could see that I was losing myself again, but this time I made myself a promise. After my twins were born, I would live fearlessly. I would love intensely. I would be whatever I wanted to be without worrying what anyone thought. I would share my story, my experience, and my honest feelings, in hopes of connecting to other moms going through something similar.

So I started my blog Nesting Story, where I was able to connect with parents all over the world, and find my voice.

family of six

Photo: Sarah Martin Photography


Photo: Joanna Venditti

Eventually there were a couple more detailed stories I wanted to tell, and I decided that telling those stories through video would bring them to life. So, I picked up a camera and haven’t turned back since, growing a community on my YouTube channel, Nesting Story.


Photo: Joanna Venditti

My hope is that my family can connect with moms who are trying to find themselves again, who wonder if it’s okay if she takes her own path. Dads who are finding their journey very different and a little more terrifying than they anticipated. Parents who are lonely and just want to feel a little more normal. Moms who are lying on their sofas, growing life inside them, not knowing what is about to become.

Welcome to our home, and see you soon!

Nesting Story family

Photo: Sarah Martin Photography and Ooh Ooh Darling Photography

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Katy Perry Dodges Introducing Taylor Swift’s Music Video Premiere at VMAs

Katy Perry dodged a Taylor Swift bullet at the VMAs — even though she’s hosting the show — ’cause she was nowhere to be seen during the premiere of T. Swift’s new music video. Katy successfully ducked out of introducing Taylor’s video premiere of…


Introducing The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper: The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Help Your Baby Talk: Introducing the Shared Communication Methold to Jump Start Language and Have A S

Help Your Baby Talk: Introducing the Shared Communication Methold to Jump Start Language and Have A S

Dr. Bob Owens teaches new parents how to interpret their child’s gurgles and coos-and the best ways to respond to build confidence in their babies. With illustrations and examples, he shares the proven techniques that have made him a leader in the field-enjoyable baby-parent "conversations" and games that lead to happier, brighter, more well-adjusted children. "Help Your Baby Talk" includes: a 15 easy-to-follow strategies for having educational "conversations" with babies a A Month-by-Month Baby Development and Activity Guide for the first two years-more than 200 age-appropriate exercises, play songs, and games that grow in complexity to match the baby’s development a Advice on how to turn ordinary situations and parental tasks-like feedings and diaper changes-into fun learning opportunities a Watchlists-to help parents know what to expect from their baby at each stage
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Help Your Baby Talk: Introducing The Shared Communication Methold To Jump Start Language And Have A S

Help Your Baby Talk: Introducing The Shared Communication Methold To Jump Start Language And Have A S

Help Your Baby Talk includes:* 15 easy-to-follow strategies for having educational conversations with babies* A Month-by-Month Baby Development and Activity Guide for the first two years-more than 200 age-appropriate exercises, play songs, and games that grow in complexity to match the baby''s development* Advice on how to turn ordinary situations and parental tasks-like feedings and diaper changes-into fun learning opportunities* Watchlists-to help parents know what to expect from their baby at each stage
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