Women are posting photos of their underwear online in response to this shocking Irish rape trial



Words by Niamh McCollum

Activists in Ireland have taken to social media to post photos of their underwear after attention was drawn to a female complainant’s thong during a rape trial in Cork, Ireland.

In the female defence barrister’s closing speech, she asked the jury to consider the 17 year old’s choice of underwear during their final determination. She stated: ‘You have to look at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a thong with a lace front.’

The accused was subsequently acquitted.

The events of this trial have led to outcry across Ireland, with many women engaging in a viral social media campaign, surfacing on Twitter and Instagram.

Under the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent, women have been posting photographs of their own underwear in all shapes, colours and materials.

The campaign is to protest the use of such a technique in court, which allows for victims’ underwear to be passed around as evidence.

Here are some of the most powerful images we’ve seen from this vibrant campaign…

The hashtag was created by a Facebook group called Mna na hEireann (Women of Ireland).

Attention was also drawn to the issue by Irish politician Ruth Coppinger, who held up a lace thong in the Irish Parliament during Leader’s Questions yesterday.

While holding the blue lacy underwear, she said: ‘It might seem embarrassing to show a pair of thongs here…how do you think a rape victim or a woman feels at the incongruous setting of her underwear being shown in a court?’

Since when did the shape or material of a woman’s underwear determine the issue of consent?!

Fiery females of Ireland, roar louder!

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Milkman is Anna’s third full-length novel, and Booker Prize is her first major award.

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The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey

The War of the Spanish Succession. The War of the Quadruple Alliance. The War of Jenkins’ Ear. The War of the Austrian Succession. The Jacobite Rebellion. The Seven Years’ War (A.K.A. the French and Indian War). The American War of Independence. The French Revolutionary Wars.

The King of England fought a hell of a lot of wars in the 1700s, from the beginning of the century right up to the very end. In the process, Britain gained various islands in the Caribbean, saved its North American colonies, lost its North American colonies, and engineered a permanent split between Scotch and Irish whiskies—in the process giving us that uniquely delightful spirit known, since 2012, as “Irish single pot still whiskey.” (Before that, it was “pure pot still,” and before that—way before that—it was “old still,” which we’ll get to later.)

Just to be clear, the whiskey in question is the uniquely Irish style that is double- or (usually) triple-distilled in copper pot stills from a mix of malted and unmalted barley (neither can drop below 30-percent of the total mix of grains) and up to 5-percent other grains, if desired, and barrel-aged for at least three years. The large whack of unmalted barley gives the whiskey a subtle funk, often described as “musky” or “mossy,” that sets it apart it from a 100-percent malt whiskey and makes it interesting, much like a tiny hit of peat-smoke does to a Speyside Scotch malt whiskey.

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