Caroline Flack gets cosy with Love Island’s Wes Nelson as they party together in Ibiza

CAROLINE Flack was seen getting cosy with Love Island’s Wes Nelson as she partied with him in Ibiza.

The show host, 39, wrapped her arms around the 21-year-old hunk as they got close on the boozy day out.

Caroline Flack has been seen cosying up to Wes Nelson

Caroline was letting her hair done ahead of filming the next recoupling in the villa.

Despite there being 18 years between them, the pair looked to be getting on famously and stayed close together chatting and giggling.

Cougar Caroline is known for her age-gap relationships.

In 2011, the then 31-year-old dated Harry Styles when he was just 17 years old.

Caroline wrapped her hand around Wes’ neck
The 39-year-old giggled as the hunk said something in her ear
The pair chatted together as people partied around them
Caroline and Wes looked extremely cosy

Last year she was engaged to Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star Andrew Brady when he was 27.

After ending marriage plans with Andrew, Caroline was rumoured to have  had a fling with Strictly’s AJ Pritchard who is 24.

She’s also just ended a fleeting relationship with rugby ace Danny Cipriani, 31.

Speaking to The Sun earlier this month, Caroline described her dream man.

Caroline wrapped her arm around Wes’ neck at one point
The Love Island host was having the time of her life
Caroline and Wes were joined by her pal at one point
Caroline snapped pictures from the party
Caroline and Wes posed with Wayne Lineker for a photo

She said: “Just someone to have a laugh with, someone that doesn’t mind that I’m a really bad cook — so someone who can cook.

“It changes all the time, it’s a chemistry thing. I don’t have a complete type at all, no. You’ve got to try different flavours of crisps.”

Meanwhile Wes has enjoyed a series of flings since calling it quits with Megan Barton-Hanson.

Caroline let her hair down
The star was having a whale of a time

Back in the villa, fans have been calling for 28-year-old Maura Higgins to be kicked off the show for “sexually harassing” Tommy Fury, 20.

Last night she desperately tried to plant a kiss on the handsome boxer, 20, who rejected her advances.

Maura desperately tried to kiss Tommy last night, but he kept turning his cheek

The uncomfortable scene led fans to accuse Love Island bosses of “double standards” as they claimed Tommy would have been thrown out if it was the other around.

One said: “@LoveIsland should understand what Maura did last night to tommy was unacceptable. If it was the other way round Tommy probably would have been removed from, but what will happen to Maura? Nothing! Because she’s a women. DOUBLE F***ING STANDARDS at its finest #LoveIsland.”

Another added: “@LoveIsland why are you permitting Maura to sexually harass Tommy in this way? It’s creepy, & if it were the other way round you would have removed him from the Villa….#loveisland #doublestandards.”

One demanded: “Can you @LoveIsland remove Maura for sexual harassment #loveisland.”

Maura tried to get her own way but was knocked back countless times

Someone else added: “Is it just me who thinks this but the way Maura tried to push a kiss on tommy, if that was the other way round then more people would be kicking off ??? #loveisland.”

Another fan said: “Maura is like a bloody predator. Forcing herself on Tommy like that is wrong. If it was the other way round there would be hell. #DoubleStandards #loveisland.”

Someone added: “No lie if it was the other way round, Tommy, 28 while maura as a 20 year old then people would’ve called Tommy a pedophile cause of that 8 year age gap #LoveIsland.”

A fan said: “All good everyone shouting about talking about women’s rights and equal rights until Maura is basically sexual harassing Tommy but barely anyone blinks an eye, other way round they’d be guaranteed uproar #LoveIsland.”

Another ranted: “How is Maura all over tommy not sexual assault. If it were the other way round and he was trying to kiss her when she’s clearly saying no then it would have been a problem… #loveisland.”

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The reason you need to add the Galápagos Islands to your bucket list

There are so many amazing places to visit around the world, but seeing them all in your lifetime can be tricky. Money and free time are a luxury we can’t always afford, so sometimes you have to make sacrifices. However, when it comes to taking things off your bucket list, one place you shouldn’t touch is the Galápagos Islands. This is somewhere you absolutely must see while you still can, and there are so many reasons why.


Chilling on the beach

When it comes to summer vacations, a lot of people prioritize traveling somewhere on the coast. They want to spend their days chilling on the beach and topping up their tan. If you’re that kind of person, then the Galápagos Islands will probably speak to you. Miles of white sand form the tropical coastline where they meet the crystal waters of the equator. It truly is a paradise there. What’s more, a lot of the local wildlife like to spend their time on these beaches too, giving you plenty of opportunities to make new friends. Speaking of which…

Diving underwater

With the water of the Galápagos Islands being so clear, the coast here is an ideal place to go diving. You can see pretty far under the surface, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll spot some of the vibrant wildlife local to the area. Due to the tropical climate of the region, you can expect to encounter creatures like sea lions, orcas, and whale sharks, among many species of fish. There are so many animals here for you to marvel at, and most of them are friendly. Of course, it’s always best to keep your distance from them in case they become aggressive.

Visit the Wall of Tears

While the Galápagos Islands is known for its animal inhabitants, plenty of people live there too. Humans have left their mark on the area, and that’s never clearer than at the Wall of Tears. It’s probably one of the most unsettling landmarks that you’ll ever see, but that’s what makes it worth visiting. It was built by convicts in the ‘40s and ‘50s and was supposedly responsible for loss of life on a grand scale. It’s believed their souls now haunt the wall, with locals suggesting that they’ve heard unsettling cries coming from it.


Contribute to Post Office Bay

Perhaps one of the most fascinating places in the Galápagos Islands is Post Office Bay. Here, you can write postcards or letters to your loved ones and then leave them for other people to deliver. In return, you can sift through the mail that’s there and find something that you can deliver yourself by hand. It’s essentially a free postal system that’s been relying on the kindness of strangers for centuries now. It was first used by whalers and sailors who were out at sea for a long time, and it’s since become beloved by tourists visiting the area.

The Galápagos Islands is so much more than just another tropical destination. While the beaches are definitely worth visiting, they’re not the only place of interest in the area. There’s so much for you to see and do here that you can’t possibly get bored during your vacation, even if you were here for several weeks. So, isn’t it about time to you visit the Galápagos Islands and cross it off your list?

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Love Island’s Anton admits his mum shaves his BUM for him leaving viewers disgusted

LOVE Island’s Anton Danyluk admitted that his mum shaves his bum for him in an epic overshare on tonight’s launch episode.

Viewers were left disgusted by the frank confession from the smooth-talking Scottish gym boss, 24.

Anton admitted his mum usually shaves his bum
Rex Features

Anton coupled up with Amy after she stepped forward for him.

But after Amber made a comment about him shaving his legs, host Caroline Flack asked: “Do you shave your whole body?”

He admitted: “My mum usually shaves my bum for me, that’ll be Amy’s job now of course!”

And fans were freaked out by his overshare, taking to Twitter to share their disgust.

The Sun reported yesterday that Anton convinced Sherie Ann, 55, to de-fuzz his rear so he can look his best in raunchy scenes.

Anton Danyluk chose to couple up with Amy Hart
The gym chief is set to enter the villa
Rex Features

And he arranged a full beauty workout to impress the girls inside the reality show’s Spanish villa.

Anton, of West Lothian, Scotland, told The Scottish Sun: “I said to my mum my bum was hairy so she shaved it before I came out here. You go with an electric razor first and then with a normal razor. I had a manicure and pedicure and my eyebrows threaded before the show.”

Former naked butler Anton also hinted he could enlist a Love Island co-star to trim his hairy buttocks.

He said: “When I’m in a relationship, my girlfriend usually does it for me. I’ll probably ask a girl in the relationship in the first week.”

“When I don’t have a girlfriend, my mum does it.”

Sherie Ann revealed she was happy to help her lad prepare for his stint on the box.

And she shrugged off any awkwardness, insisting the pair are incredibly close and have no secrets.

She quipped: “Every mum can embarrass their son. I just miss him because we are so close.”

Anton asks his mum to shave his rear

Anton has joked he’s got a medical condition called wandering eye and says he’s never been loyal to any of his former lovers.

But the gym boss insisted he’s willing to change after his sleazy antics almost landed him in hot water.

He said: “One ex chased me with a butter knife. I told her I was getting back with an ex so she chased me with a knife. If someone comes at you with a knife, you run. It’s Scotland.

“Let’s say I have always been a bit of a lad, which I’m not proud of.

“I’ve always got away with it as well. With my last girlfriend I actually got caught and you see the hurt it causes, it’s a different story.”

Muscly Anton confessed to bonking older women in his teens — and said he’s lost count of the number of notches on his bedpost.

But he revealed he romped with six girls in his first five days as a naked butler — even indulging in a threesome.

He recalled: “When I was 19, I slept with someone who was 30. I’m not going to lie — the first five butler gigs I did, I slept with six girls.

“These two girls did all the games together and I just asked them.

“We were in a hotel so we had a threesome.

The show returns tonight

“Truthfully, I don’t actually know how many girls I’ve had sex with and it’s not because I’ve slept with a lot of girls. I’ve just never had to validate myself as a man to count.

“I have enjoyed being single, but I feel like I’m at that age where I’d like to settle.”

Despite his lothario reputation, Anton insisted he’s “not that adventurous” in the sack, with a hotel Jacuzzi ranking as the craziest place he’s ever had sex.

But he admitted he may struggle to stay faithful in the show’s villa surrounded by bikini-clad beauties.

Describing his cheating fears, Anton said: “One reason I want to do Love Island is I’m going in to find someone that I really, really like and the producers are putting in really beautiful girls, so what better test to see if I won’t cheat? I don’t back myself, I’m not going to lie.”

View this post on Instagram

16 week back transformation #backday💪

A post shared by ANTON DANYLUK (@anton_danyluk) on

Anton is adamant he doesn’t want to have sex on TV in case he finds The One and later has to face her family.

But despite his determination, he reckons his passionate Italian roots could be his downfall.

He said of a TV bonk: “I really, really don’t want to but I’m Italian, I’ve got a lot of hormones in my body, do you know what I mean?

“I don’t want to meet someone’s parents and the first thing they’ve seen is us having sex.

“It would be awkward. I’m going to put my foot down right now and say I’m not going to do it.”

Anton will enter the island on Monday night

Anton hopes his stint on Love Island will go better than his short-lived spell on Glow — the Towie-style Glasgow internet reality flop.

The exercise buff said the programme — which saw him date former Miss Scotland finalist Denise Wilkie, 26 — was “terrible” and doomed from the start.

We also revealed he is a mummy’s boy who dreams of settling down with a “homely” princess type like Belle from smash movie Beauty and the Beast, according to Sherie Ann.

She said: “I have every faith that it will happen one day.”

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Rebuilding After the Storm: The U.S Virgin Islands Are Open for Business

It’s been more than two and a half years since Hurricane Irma and Maria caused mass devastation in the Caribbean back in September 2017, but the remnants can still be seen throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands. The powerful category 5 hurricanes caused billions of dollars in destruction and left the islands without power, running water, or a reliable food supply for weeks. Today, many businesses are still closed while many homes remain covered with blue tarps in place of roofs.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped some locals from picking up the pieces of their lives affected by the storms. Although the infrastructure of the islands still needs a lot of attention, the spirit, beauty, and resilience of the people remain strong. More and more natives are reopening their stores, starting new businesses, and welcoming visitors to their homeland. After spending five days in St. Thomas and St. Croix, I’d recommend anyone looking to travel this summer to book a trip to the Virgin Islands. Here’s why.

You Don’t Need A Passport

U.S. Virgin Islands

Secret Harbour Beach on St. Thomas (Photo credit: U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism)

The U.S. Virgin Islands — which consists of the main islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas — are known for their white-sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and verdant hills. In addition, it may also be one of the most accessible and convenient Caribbean destinations since Americans don’t need a passport in order to visit.

“We’re U.S. Territory, but we’re still very much a Caribbean Island and we definitely have a very authentic feel,” Anquanette Gaspard, the founder of the Virgin Island Food Tours, told BLACK ENTERPRISE. Plus, “We don’t have typical touristy kind of events.”

A Taste of Wakanda

Many of us are still fantasizing about the idea of visiting Wakanda, a fictitious country featured in Marvel’s Black Panther where black folks were never enslaved and lived their best lives since the beginning of time. Well, if you want to experience a taste of a pre-colonial world, then consider paying a visit to St. Croix where Chef Digby Stridiron is helping to bring the fantasy into fruition. Last fall, he opened Braata, a rum bar and West Indian kitchen in Frederiksted that gives patrons a true taste of freedom.

What if “Africans came to the Americas on their own free will, with all of their beauty and their boats, and we just started cooking with the tribes that were [already] here?” said Stridiron, a proud Crucian who moved back to St. Croix after the hurricanes.

The cuisine at his newest eatery reimagines a world where colonialism didn’t exist, and instead of being invaded and colonized, Africans migrated to the land and co-existed peacefully with indigenous tribes. Braata’s menu is inspired by the indigenous tribes that inhabited the Virgin Islands for centuries before they were seized by Spaniards. The biggest influences “come from the Taino, a colonized tribe,” said Stridiron.

Many of the dishes he created include pastillas, red beans, and creole sauce. The menu, which is a creative culinary interpretation of Crucian cuisine from locally sourced farmers, also includes lots of rum and Caribbean-inspired cocktail. Digby added that most meals don’t include creams, bread, or dairy-based products. “All of the heavy pastas, the heavy gluten dishes, and bread with everything – all that stuff is out the door here.”

Meanwhile, Braata’s rustic and timeless ambiance is uplifted by Caribbean music playing in the background. “I wanted it to feel like an old world,” said Digby. “You can feel that vibe from the limewash paint. I did it myself,” he added.

View this post on Instagram

Feeling blessed today as I get ready to open @braatastx today. A little over a year ago I was put into an awkward position. My vision on food revolves around love, integrity and centers itself around sustaining our history and foodways. I remember how it felt. What I learned over time is life isn’t always about achieving the things you want but sometimes it’s about learning what you don’t want and not accepting it. Looking back at the last few months I couldn’t be prouder of my teams at @braatastx and @amacanebay and what we’ve been able to accomplish so far! Thank you to St. Croix for always supporting my goals and allowing me to showcase our culture to the world! What I took from this experience can be summed up by @sizzlakalonjimuzik “you can’t keep a good man down!” Happy Thursday Yal!: @meredithzimmerman_

A post shared by Digby Stridiron (@chefdigby) on

Digby is one of many natives who took a tragic loss in the aftermath of the hurricanes but remain committed to rebuilding the islands. “Irma changed my life,” he said. “I lost the most important person that I know, my grandma. [She] influenced everything that I did. She’s the reason why I cook.” His grandmother’s death was partly caused by the island’s lack of infrastructure since many of those who lost their homes had a hard time finding safe shelter in the aftermath. “She was elderly and she was being moved around, and through all of that moving around, from spot to spot…she passed.”

Nevertheless, the devastation and the loss of his grandmother has ultimately strengthened Digby’s love for his homeland. “I’m more committed to being here more so than I ever was in the past,” he said. “I don’t want to live anywhere else outside of the Virgin Islands. I want to be with my family every single moment so that I can be here with them so when they need me I can be that person. For my community, I want to be here so that I could be that person.”

Support Black Business Owners

St. Croix

Ramone Reid, founder of Cultured Naturals Body Care

Like many tropical islands in the region, the USVI are economically dependent on tourism — the industry’s continued contribution to GDP relies heavily on high levels of customer service. Fortunately, there are plenty of people and businesses that could use the support, like Ramone Reid. The registered nurse started making skin care products from natural ingredients after being diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and then losing her grandmother to the disease. Eventually, she turned the hobby into a business, launching her own product line called Cultured Naturals Body Care. Her business, however, took a hard hit from Irma. “I had just given up my business because of the physical destruction,” she said. “After the storm, everybody was in survival mode. A lot of people had lost their homes. I was [also] pregnant with my second baby. So it was just self-preservation at that point.”

At the time, she says she remembers thinking, “who would want to get body care products?” However, rather than completely giving up, she relaunched her brand with a new purpose: to serve the needs of her people following the storm.

“When I thought about it, we had an issue with mosquitoes, we had issues with the water and people were having skin issues. So, I decided to do a new twist on the business and create products that were beneficial …  like mosquito repellents and repellant candles. Products that helped with breakouts and itching from the water issues.”

In September, she took a leap of faith to expand her business by opening a store on Christiansted street.

“The Culinary Gateway to the Caribbean”

Anquanette Gaspard says she was inspired to launch a food tour company in St. Croix after traveling the world and realizing that the food in her homeland doesn’t compare to anyplace else. “I realized that St. Croix’s food culture has always been rich in comparison to the other Virgin Islands throughout the Caribbean. We’re considered to be the culinary gateway to the Caribbean, if you will, because you can get Dominican food, Dominiquican food, Antiguan, Trinidad. And then we also have our own local cuisine,” she said. In addition to giving tourists a taste of the Twin City, the Virgin Island Food Tours also preserves the history and culture of the island.

The Beauty of the Islands

St. John

Waterlemon Cay, St. John (Photo Credit: U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism)

Reid encourages people to visit the USVI to experience its beauty and glow first hand. “We offer a warmth and a love and we have rich talent and skills and services that we can still offer,” she said.

Stridion agrees. “Why should you come to St. Croix? It’s part of American culture [and] it’s beautiful,” he said. “The people are so vibrant,” he added.  “It’s the people, it’s the culture, it’s the vibes, it’s beautiful, it’s beaches. We offer so much.”

Gaspard, however, said the Virgin Islands can’t be summed up in words. “You have to feel St. Croix. It’s hard for me to describe it. It is definitely more of a feeling.”

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The Lonely Island’s surprise Netflix drop is hilarious for absolutely no reason


In case anyone was worried that any idea was too outlandish or weird for The Lonely Island to tackle in a musical/rap format, The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience is now on Netflix to disabuse them of that notion. 

The idea of a — just to get this straight — Lemonade-style visual album complete with spoken word poetry and rap tracks about Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco’s baseball careers in the late ’80s is obviously bonkers, but the fact that The Lonely Island did it on purpose is reason enough for the show’s existence.

Somewhere between the rap about Canseco cramming a broom up his ass surrounded by cardboard cutouts of Kathy Ireland and a bizarre, traumatic sequence wherein Maya Rudolph coerces the Bash Bros into “shaking their nasty butts” in an IHOP parking lot, it’s reasonable for the average viewer to dissociate while viewing TUBBE. “Yo,” a normal person may say to themselves, “what the fuck am I watching?”  Read more…

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10 great walks on Britain’s tiny islands

In this extract from her new book, Islandeering, Lisa Drewe braves the tides to walk around the cliffs, beaches and historic coastal trails of her favourite small isles

In a nutshell A rollercoaster route along the rocky dragon’s spine of one of the UK’s most exhilarating islands, full of natural wonders
Distance 7.8km
Walking time 2 hours
Difficulty/terrain Moderate/rocky foreshore, easy paths and steeper scrambles

Continue reading…
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Faroe Islands: closed for repairs but open about self-promotion

The Faroes will be closed to tourists – except 100 volunteers – for a weekend in April as part of a campaign to promote tourism and sustainability

In parts of the Faroe Islands it rains 300 days a year, a national dish is wind-dried fermented mutton and the population of 50,000 people is outnumbered by sheep. Transforming this archipelago between Shetland and Iceland into a mainstream tourism destination was never going to be easy. However, the Faroese pride themselves on inventiveness and practicality, qualities that have seen tourist numbers increasing 10% a year over the past five years. In part, it’s down to the work of Guðrið Hojgaard, director of the island’s tourist board, who has been selected by Politico as one of the 28 people most likely to “shape the world in 2019”.

Hojgaard is behind the idea that the Faroes “will be closed from 26-28 April”, except for the 100 tourist volunteers who will be given free board and lodging in return for helping with practical projects to improve facilities for the 60,000 visitors who now choose the Faroe Islands for a holiday. The idea (more information at is that tourists and locals collaborate on marking paths, creating signs and improving access to beauty spots that have become a success on Instagram. Lord of the Rings-style mountains, cute puffins and shaggy, shaggy sheep that come in dozens of different shades have made this a favourite destination for social media influencers. They fall for its quaintness: turf-roofed houses, dramatic waterfalls and misty Avalon-style landscapes.

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The Marshall Islands, a nation that fears it’s on the brink of extinction

ABC News

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Greece with kids: top family friendly islands you should visit


When it comes to booking your next family holiday, there is so much to think about – where it is, how long it will take to get there, what there is to do for the kids, what there is to do for the adults (when you need a stiff drink after looking after the kids for the whole day), how much it will cost, and what the place can offer you. It’s not easy. But luckily, Greece is made up of over 200 inhabited islands that make the perfect family destinations. Here are the five best Greek islands to visit if you have a family.


Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, and well away from the bright lights, bars, and clubs of many of the ‘party islands.’ This island offers 30-miles worth of white sandy beaches which are perfect for building sandcastles, glorious water which is perfect for splashing and learning how to swim, and some of the best all inclusive hotels in Greece. There are kids’ clubs, cafes, water sports and more to keep the kids entertained. And if you fancy taking in a few of the sights, Rhodes’ Old Town is full of cobbled streets, trinket shops, medieval architecture, and relics.


The island of Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and an incredibly popular vacation destination for families with children. With some of the best and longest beaches in Greece, you could spend hours playing and relaxing on the white sand and swimming in the ocean. Because the beaches are the island’s main attraction, there are so many activities – from horseback riding along the beach to water sports, and pedalo boats, you won’t get bored. If you want to tire the kids out, take them for a hike through the beautiful farms and villages throughout Naxos.


The island of Alonissos is located in a remote area of the Sporades and well away from the tourist traps of Greece. Alonissos is perfect for families with slightly older kids who don’t mind spending most of their day checking out what the island has to offer – but don’t worry, the beaches are still incredible. With the huge Alonissos National Marine Park to explore, you can take the kids out for a boat trip or Kayak to catch a glimpse of the rare seabirds and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, as well as dolphins.


If you want a mix of fun and the sun – then Corfu is the perfect option. Located in the Ionian Islands, Corfu is an eclectic mix of pebbled coves, luscious sandy beaches, UNESCO-listed Old Town, incredible rock formations and luscious green inland. As well as checking out all of the sights the island has to offer, you can also take the kids to the famous Aqualand Water Park, or take a trip to the open-air cinema.


Milos is one of the most unusual Greek Islands. Created by underwater volcanic rock formations, the coast of Milos is rife with smooth cliff edges, sea caves and little coves that are perfect for snorkeling and exploring. The longest beach in Milos consists of three different beaches merging together and merges yellow, pink and red pebbles. With warm underwater springs, the sea will always be the perfect temperature for your family holiday.


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Weird Japanese islands you need to visit


Japan is a diverse country that has just about anything for just about anyone. For adventurers who seek tranquility on unreachable lands, far away from metropolitans and media, there are a number of islands that seem like a small piece of Eden to those who look for it. This article will focus on the best islands for animal lovers, history lovers, and art lovers, inspiring you to go look for more on your own.

For animal lovers – Aoshima and Tashirojima

More than 120 cats live on these islands, outnumbering humans, which is great because you get to keep as many as you want for about a day. There are no hotels, shops, or kiosks however, so your trip should be planned to make the most of your day with the cats only.

For animal lovers – Okunoshima

If you’ve done your research, you know that this island used to be a chemical warfare testing site. Rabbits were shipped there for experimentation, but when the experiments ended, they were left to dominate the land. They’re all yours to cuddle now.

For history lovers – Hashima

An abandoned island rich in history and the set of a fair number of films, Hashima was once home to coal mines. Roaming around the deserted, almost eerie buildings, you’ll get a great feel of the spooky side of Japan. Almost every travel blog recommends this island – you just can’t miss it. It was used as the set for a number of films and documentaries, and it’s really worth seeing for yourself why the world takes so much interest in this small island off the coast of Nagasaki. As fun as it is, there are a lot of safety precautions and rules. Only the physically able can get through, and certainly no one who screams at the sound of a crumbling piece of concrete should make the journey.

For history lovers – Tomogashima

Loaded with historic sites and buildings, this island is sure to give you that time-travel feel as you roam and wander aimlessly around the small, quiet island, gazing around you at the endless ancient structures. It’s only about an hour or two away from Wakayama, so be sure to spend at least a day there.

For art lovers – Naoshima

This is basically an open art gallery for those who create under the stars and clouds. You’ll find imaginative, unique, and daring works sitting there as naturally as if they were a part of the island all along. If you can recognize them, here’s a few artist that gave their contributions to Naoshima: Yayoi Kusama, Tadao Ando, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yasumasa Morimura, Andy Warhol, and Richard Long.

For art lovers – Teshima

Teshima is another island, similar to Naoshima, that hosts the work of famous and undiscovered artists, and makes for an unforgettable journey with its luxurious tours and coffee shops. Only you can decide whether it’s worth your time, but with all its beauty modestly collected in a gallery and two museums, it might very well be worth the trip.


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