The foods in Italy you must eat


Fancy a vacation in Italy? The European country is famed for its historic sights and rich variety of artwork, but there’s something people love about Italy more than anything else – food. You’ve probably already heard of and tasted some of the best-known foods that the country has to offer. However, you’ve never truly sampled the cuisine until you’ve been to the place it originated from. From pizza to pasta and everything in between, this is what you should be ordering on your next Italian vacation.


It’s ideal to start off an Italian dining experience with a first course, and for that, we would suggest ribollita. This soup is delicious when the vegetables have recently been harvested. The mix of flavors will have you wondering how you ever managed with plain old tomato soup back home. The traditional dish is great for vegetarians because it uses bread rather than meat (unlike American versions of the soup). It’s amazing how much of an effect a change like that can have.


Follow that soup up with a plate of ossobuco. This dish is a piece of veal shank that’s simmered until it’s at just the right, soft texture. It’s not always easy to find in restaurants because of the long cooking time, so if you spot it on your Italian vacation, then you should take the opportunity to try it out. It’s unlikely you’ll have ever tasted meat quite as tender as this, and it goes great with a gremolata. This is a condiment that combines parsley, garlic, and lemon zest to give your meal a tangy twist. You’re best chance at finding this dish will be in the region of Lombardy, where these kinds of rustic dishes are created all the time.


There aren’t many places that serve truffles as a dish. The fungus is certainly a rarity around the world, and thus it’s a delicacy that many people want to try. Lucky for the Italians, then, that truffles grow in several areas across the country. Places like Umbria and Tuscany are no stranger to truffles, and if you visit during the fall, you can sample some of the best dishes they have to offer. You might be wise to start with a dish that is lightly sprinkled with truffles, so that you can get used to the smell and taste. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but if you take a shine to it, your palate will be very appreciative.


You’ll find carbonara served in many Italian restaurants across the States. Just like lasagna or spaghetti bolognese, it’s a fairly standard dish in Italy, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. Until you’ve visited Rome and tried one of their carbonaras, you’ll never know what true taste perfection is like. The best restaurants don’t thicken the carbonara sauce or use bacon, instead preferring to cook the simple ingredients in the most delectable combination possible. If there’s anything that’s served in the U.S. you should try in Italy, it’s this. Well, this and pizza. You can’t beat quality Italian pizza.


What’s a main course without dessert? Gelato is the sweet treat of choice in Italy, and it’s clear to see why. It contains less fat than ice cream and has more intense flavors too. So, it’s basically a dessert that’s good for you. Okay, maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but you don’t need to make excuses for yourself if you want to have a scoop or two. The only trouble you’ll have is trying to pick what to have. The variety of flavors on display, many of which are made with fresh fruit, are usually so diverse that you’ll struggle to make a decision. We could think of worse ways to spend your time.

Are you hungry now? These delicacies have certainly got our mouths watering, and we’re considering booking ourselves a vacation to Italy. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?


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Leros: the Greek island with just a touch of Italy

This Dodecanese gem has 20th-century Italian influences as well as the classic repertoire of secret beaches and laid-back tavernas

‘It is an unusual island,” said my friend Yannis, slightly self-consciously. “We are a bit different from our neighbours.”

Yannis, a cafe owner, is right: Leros is unusual, but in a good way. It is just a few miles from Turkey, but a million tourist miles from Kos and Rhodes, its Dodecanese siblings. It has mostly slipped under the holiday radar, which is a shame because it has everything we all want from a Greek island – beaches, fishing villages, tavernas, ruins – plus an extraordinary modern history. And for that we can thank Mussolini.

Continue reading…
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In a Pretty Little Hilltop Town in Italy, a Gruesome Murder and a Right Wing Shooter Gunning Down Refugees

Luca Train ANSA/AP

ROME—Luca Traini, 28, wrapped an Italian flag around his neck, grabbed his Glock and got into his black Alfa Romeo 147 with one apparent motive: to shoot African migrants.

He then drove street to street around the small town of Macerata, shooting five men and one woman, injuring two seriously, before police were able to stop the shooting spree in front of the town’s monument to fallen soldiers. There, he then got out of his car, gave the Fascist salute and admitted to the crime, say police.

Traini, a muscled-up sometime boxer who ran for a local political post under the banner of Italy’s far-right Northern League party in 2017, had told his friends at the gym a day earlier, “I have a pistol and I’m not afraid to use it,” according to local Italian media reports.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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A culinary trip in Italy


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is full of staggering monuments, breathtaking architecture, and, of course, unbeatable cuisine. If you are visiting Italy on vacation, you can’t possibly do so without making the most of all the delicious food that’s available here. We think Italy has some of the best cuisine in the world, and the best way of sampling it is to make sure you take a culinary trip.

There are so many amazing areas of Italy, and many of them are perfect for sampling mouth-watering food and drink. If you are a passionate foodie, someone who falls asleep dreaming of sensational dishes, this is certainly a place you have to go. Here are some of the best destinations for anyone planning to indulge in a culinary adventure of Italy.


One of the most famous and luxurious areas of Italy, Tuscany is a dream for all lovers of wonderful food and sensational surroundings. Rolling hills, sprawling grape vines, epic mountains, and the wild seas, Tuscany has some of the best cuisine in Italy. Florence and Pisa are two of the standout cities in this region, and places you can find a great deal of incredible food. Zesty soups, local salami meat, rustic bread, and prime Tuscan meat is here in abundance. And, you can wash it all down with some of the best vino in the country.


Veneto is one of the great lesser-known tourist destinations, and one of the real culinary gems of Italy. Not only is this arty region incredibly easy on the eyes, but, it has an epic food scene to match. The cities of Venice and Verona are the shining beacons of Veneto, and the ideal places to find unbelievable cuisine. Risotto, polenta, and chicken are just a few of the favorites for people in this region. Verona also has a pretty big seafood culture, so, if you love the taste of fresh fish, this is definitely somewhere you should visit.


This northern region of Italy is the place to come for some really opulent, decadent, complex cuisine. In fact, Piedmont is one of those places that prides itself on deliciously decadent dishes. They have some world-class chocolates here, as well as a lot of gnocchi, polenta, and some tasty truffles as well! This is also the home of fonduta – it’s like fondu, but with additional egg yolks and truffles added! If you really want to indulge yourself in a big way, Piedmont is certainly the right choice for you.


Sicilian food is some of the best in the world, and we feel like it could even rival Tuscany for the ideal culinary excellence. Sicily has a wonderful blend of Italian dishes and Mediterranean infusions, as well as influences from African and Arabic cuisine. Lots of seafood, peppers, and eggplant are eaten here, and there is a big emphasis on dessert – with a special focus on citrus fruits.

The thing we love the most about Italy is how much diverse cuisine they have on display. There are a lot of wonderful dishes, to choose from, and so many great areas with their own influences. If you want to enjoy one of the most diverse culinary experiences in the world, Italy is a no-brainer. Start looking into booking your Italian culinary adventure as soon as you can – awaken your palate right now!


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When is A Celebrity Taste Of Italy on tonight and who is in the cast? Meet Rula Lenska, Judith Chalmers, Ian Lavender and Diana Moran

NEW cooking show A Celebrity Taste of Italy continues TONIGHT.

But when is the show on Channel 5, who are the celebrities appearing and what is it all about?

A Celebrity Taste of Italy is airing on Channel 5 tonight

What time is A Celebrity Taste Of Italy on Channel 5?

Celebrity Taste of Italy continues TONIGHT (Friday, October 13) at 9pm on Channel 5.
Each episode lasts an hour and will continue on a weekly basis for one month.
Tonight’s episode is the third in the four-show series and goes up against Have I Got News For You on BBC One, Gardeners’ World on BBC Two, Cold Feet on ITV and Gogglebox on Channel 4.

What happens in the show?

Celebs Ian Lavender, Rula Lenska, Judith Chalmers, Johnny Ball and Diana Moran are packed off to stunning Tuscany to learn how to cook.
They will be staying in a shared villa and help to prepare a classic Italian lunch, featuring chicken liver pate, bread, cheese and vegetables.
The celebs will provide plenty of drama, as Rula flirts with the locals constantly and Johnny Ball confesses his lack of cooking ability.
There will be shopping trips, cooking lessons and exercise classes for the team to get through as they learn about the local culture and cuisine.

Rula Lenska is one of the celebrities on the show
PA:Press Association

Who are the celebrity guests?

Ian Lavender

English stage, film and television actor Ian Lavender is best known for his role as Private Pike in BBC comedy series Dad’s Army.
He has done his time on soap operas too, having played the role of Derek Harkinson on EastEnders.
After joining in 2001, he continued on the drama for four years before touring with The Rocky Horror Show musical as the Narrator.
He has done bits of other TV too, as he has also been seen on Casualty.

Ian Lavender will be in Tuscany trying his hand at cooking
Getty – Contributor

Rula Lenska

Rula has been in many popular TV series, such as Doctor Who, EastEnders and Minder, where she met her husband, actor Dennis Waterman.
She has also performed on stage, appearing in shows such as Seven Deadly Sins, Four Deadly Sinners and 84 Charing Cross Road.
You may also recognise her from intermittent appearances on Coronation Street between 2009 and 2011, where she played Claudia Colby, a ‘friend’ and rival of Audrey Roberts.

Rula Lenska will be on Channel 5 tonight
Splash News

Judith Chalmers

TV presenter Judith Chalmers is best known for presenting travel programme Wish You Were Here..? between 1974 and 2003.
During the 1980s, she was a regular host of the Miss World contest on ITV, and presented BBC Radio 2’s mid-morning show between 1990 and 1992, taking over from Ken Bruce.
Most recently, she has made appearances on chat show programmes such as This Morning and the Graham Norton show.

Judith Chalmers will be joining the other senior celebs
Rex Features

Johnny Ball

Children’s television presenter Johnny Ball was a regular fixture throughout the late 1970s and into the 1980s, hosting shows such as Think of a Number, Think Again and Johnny Ball Reveals All which aired on BBC and ITV.
In 2004, he was named in the Radio Times list of top 40 most eccentric TV presenters of all time.
His daughter is Zoe Ball, who is currently presenting Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.

Johnny Ball is father to Zoe Ball, who is currently presenting Strictly: It Takes Two
Rex Features

Diana Moran

Diana Moran will be in Tuscany with the other celebs
Getty Images – Getty

Fitness guru Diana Moran is most well known for hosting the popular exercise segment of BBC1’s Breakfast Time programme between 1983 and 1987.
She became known as The Green Goddess due to her trademark green leotard.
You may also know her from her appearances on the Overseas Property Channel, and she was a regular contributor to The Wright Stuff on Channel 5.

TV and Showbiz – latest celebrity news, gossip, photos, TV and film reviews | The Sun


5 places to make ice-cream in Italy


There is so much wonderful cuisine in Italy that you’re almost spoilt for choice with it. When you go to Italy, you’re going to want to spend plenty of time enjoy the delicious food they have to offer. Pasta, pizza, and wine are available in abundance, and you need to make sure you try some ice-cream as well. In Italy, they call it gelato, and Italians do some of the best gelato anywhere in the world. If you aren’t an ice-cream lover, that could all change!

One of the best things to do to really cap off your gelato-tasting adventure would be to actually make some yourself. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, you don’t know the first thing about making gelato, and you wouldn’t know where to begin, right? Well, that’s okay, because you don’t need to; there are plenty of gelato-making classes on offer that will walk you through it and help you make some tasty ice-cream all by yourself. Here are five incredible places in Italy where you can make your own ice-cream.

IC Bellagio, Turin

This place offers an extensive two-hour private class in the city center, with a focus on making gelato. The person who teaches the session is the head gelataio at this popular establishment, and you can understand the difference between ice-cream and gelataio. You can also sample more than 20 different flavors of gelato before starting out, including licorice! You can then use the machine to make your very favorite flavor of ice-cream.

Mama Isa’s Cooking School, Padua

Mama Isa is the owner here, and she definitely gives you your money’s worth when it comes to making gelato. You can take a four-hour class at her cooking school, that she takes herself at her home. This is an excellent way of getting a dose of classic Italian culture and hospitality, as well as making some delicious gelato. She teaches people her family recipes that include amazing seasonal flavors, and you’ll also get lunch provided as well. This is definitely worth the money for such a wonderful experience.

In Rome Cooking, Rome

Rome is considered one of the premier cities in Rome for getting great quality gelato, so it should come as no surprise that this place makes our list. This amazing cooking school offers a two-hour gelato class multiple times per week. You can make it by hand, or you can use one of the machines provided. The school uses locally and nationally sourced ingredients, perfect for a traditional taste of Italy. The best thing about this place is that the classes are incredibly affordable – just €60 per person!

Access Europe, Rome

Another Rome-based cooking school, Access Europe, offers an excellent two-hour gelato making session at Giolitti. This gelato shop has been open since 1900 and is one of the biggest gems in the city. You work with an expert to create your favorite flavor or blend of gelato. And, as a bonus twist, you can even go behind the counter and serve your gelato to actual paying customers! This is a cool and unique element to it and is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Florencetown, Florence

Florence might be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s also one of the best places to make gelato. Florencetown offers a two-hour private gelato class for paying customers. You get to visit four gelaterias for tastings, and then, in the fifth, you will learn how to make a relevant seasonal flavor. The cost will come in at around €75 per person, but bookings can only be made with a minimum of four people. Perfect for groups of friends or family members.

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Former White House Photographer Pete Souza Shares Anecdotes About Barack Obama, Italy & More

Since former United States President Barack Obama exited the White House at the beginning of this year, former Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza has taken on an unlikely sort of celebrity status among a wide swath of online enthusiasts. Last week, Souza headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for an extensive exchange with Adobe‘s Director of Photography Product Management Tom Hogarty. Sitting down in front of a packed NYC crowd, Souza used the intimate setting as an opportunity to open up about getting the perfect shot, social media, memes and more.

“The good thing was that, with President Obama, you never knew what was going to happen,” shares Souza, recalling his time spent with former President Barack Obama. “He might have a question about something, and instead of calling that person on the phone, he would walk down to the West Wing basement to their office – just walk in. So that sort of made it interesting, in the sense that you never knew what was going to happen.”

While Souza did indulge more technical questions, he was at his best when the time came to share stories from his dream-career. Most notably, the former White House Photographer had the following to say regarding a trip to Italy:

“I took the bus into Verona and spent the day taking street pictures with my iPhone in a square format in black and white. That was the way I thought. For like five hours, that’s what I did, was just trying to make square pictures. I was doing all kinds of funky stuff, I was doing pictures from the hip and kind of like grab shots. I was just having fun, trying to exercise my mind in that way, thinking in black and white, thinking square, thinking, ‘Okay, even though I have a regular camera around my shoulder, I’m mostly shooting with my iPhone.’ So, I’m trying to do those things when I can.”

Elsewhere, Souza entertained with an anecdote involving the opening night of Washington, D.C.’s African American museum:

“Im a span of 30 seconds, I made two pictures that I’m still proud of to this day. One was President Bush, who was also there, handed his smartphone to President Obama, and he’s like, ‘Hey, Barack, take a picture for me.’ So, it’s like a picture of President Obama with an iPhone taking a picture of President Bush and some other people. It’s kind of a funny picture. And then, 30 seconds later, Vice President Biden got down on his knees. There was a woman who was a descendant of a slave in a wheelchair who was honored in this event, and he had gotten down and was kneeling on the pavement and was like, right on her face talking to her, and it was a really nice picture. So, that happened, boom boom, so I wanted to call Kathy up and say, “Screw you.'”

Besides putting a human face to the man behind the lens of some of modern American history’s most significant shots, the 62-year-old former journalist revealed the following to sum up his time in The White House:

“I don’t think that I’m the best photographer in the world. I think I’m a competent photographer. But I think I was the right person to be Barack Obama’s photographer. We kind of have the same generation. I had established a professional relationship with him coming in. I spent a lot of time with him when he was a senator, so he got to know me and saw how I worked. He liked my pictures. He could see that I was truly trying to capture things as they happened, not do a hatchet job … I’m a stubborn individual. I knew the way the job should be done, and I was determined to do it that way. It also means knowing when to give him some space, especially when you’re being photographed all day long, every day … I think I tried to accurately portray what happened, what he was like. And I think ultimately, other people are going to have to judge how I did. Clearly, when you’re in that position, you’re not a photojournalist, but my background is as a photojournalist. I tried to approach documenting for history the same way.”

To experience some of Pete Souza’s tales for yourself, take a look at his unbelievably extensive photo archives.

Click here to view full gallery at



Just back from: Rome, Italy

Taking a selfie inside the Colosseum, Rome

Emily and her boyfriend snapping a Colosseum selfie © Emily Farthing

Emily Farthing, Trade Marketing Executive at Lonely Planet, recently returned from a visit to Rome.

Tell us more… My love for Italian food and history meant I was very excited for my first trip to the Italian capital with my boyfriend. We only had 48 hours to explore, so we didn’t want to waste a minute.

In a nutshell… Rome is amazing! There is beautiful history around every corner and it’s so easy to get around – you can walk most of the city, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. My best advice is to try not to fit too much into a day, you need time to wander, soak up the atmosphere of Rome, enjoy a leisurely gelato and appreciate what is going on around you in this bustling ancient city.

Walking to the Colosseum

Within minutes of walking Emily and her boyfriend had stumbled upon the impressive Colosseum © Emily Farthing

Defining moment? We arrived in Rome mega early, so my boyfriend and I decided to drop our bags at our guesthouse (Clemy in Rome) and go meet our guesthouse host, Cristiano. He was so hospitable; he helped us with directions and gave us some great recommendations. As soon as we had our bearings we went out for a walk and couldn’t believe that within a few minutes we were at the foot of the Colosseum – it was magical.

Good grub? Bruschetta for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner – need I say more? We used the Lonely Planet Guides app to find places to fuel up whilst we were out and about in the day and for somewhere to relax for dinner in the evening. Our favourite place was a small, inconspicuous roadside cafe called Art caffe cavour. Run by a local couple, it had the best atmosphere, tasty food, good prices and great hospitality.

Bruschetta in Rome

Bruschetta for breakfast? When in Rome… © Emily Farthing

You’d be a muppet to miss… the Roman Forum, a huge plaza of Roman ruins situated near the Colosseum. Entry to the Forum is included in your Colosseum ticket which is valid for two days after purchase (one entry per site), so you can spend a decent amount of time checking out each place. The sheer scale of the Forum made it easy to imagine what it would have been like as the centre of Roman life all those years ago.

Souvenirs? If you want to take a taste of Italy home with you (literally), head to the local supermarkets to stock up on food and wine. The supermarkets are a lot cheaper than the touristy shops in the city or at the airport. I picked up some colourful pasta and fresh olive oil.

Want more behind-the-scenes adventures? Check out where Key Account Manager Alex MacLeish has just got back from.

Lonely Planet blog


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Rome Travel Guide: The Ultimate Rome, Italy Tourist Trip Travel Guide

Rome Travel Guide: The Ultimate Rome, Italy Tourist Trip Travel Guide

Rome may not be built in a day, however one can unquestionably fall in love with the beauty of the city in a single day. The magnificence, glory, history, architecture will make the beholder travel through time and live in the era of greatness. The echoes of Roman Empire can still be heard in the city premises
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Suzy Gershman’s Born to Shop Italy: The Ultimate Guide for Traveler’s Who Love to Shop

Suzy Gershman’s Born to Shop Italy: The Ultimate Guide for Traveler’s Who Love to Shop

For nearly twenty years, Suzy Gershman has been leading savvy shoppers to the world’s best finds. Now "Born to Shop Italy" is easier to use and packed with more up-to-datelistings than ever before. It includes the best of the shopping scenes, from trendsetting boutiques in Milan and Rome to top factory outlets, colorful markets, and more; excellent values, from designer shoes and handbags to Venetian glass and lace; great gift ideas; and the best airfare, hotel, and dining values.
List Price:

Studies Of Travel: Italy…

Studies Of Travel: Italy…

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections

such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact,

or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections,

have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works

worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.


The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification:


<title> Studies Of Travel: Italy; Volume 2 Of Studies Of Travel; Edward Augustus Freeman<author> Edward Augustus Freeman<publisher> G. P. Putnam''s sons, 1893<subjects> History; Ancient; Rome; Greece; History / Ancient / Rome; Travel / Europe / Italy
List Price:

High Top Exotic Skin Sneakers for Men Made In Italy Designer Mauri Rosso Red Genuine All Over Baby Crocodile ~ Alligator Hand-Painted Burnished Sneakers

High Top Exotic Skin Sneakers for Men Made In Italy Designer Mauri Rosso Red Genuine All Over Baby Crocodile ~ Alligator Hand-Painted Burnished Sneakers

Color: Dark Brown
Material Upper : Genuine Baby Crocodile
Material Lining :Full Genuine Leather For Added Comfort And Durability
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Country Of Origin: Italy
List Price: $ 739.00
Price: $ 739.00

Vintage Flag of Italy on iPod Touch 5 Snap On Bumper Case by Fosmon

Vintage Flag of Italy on iPod Touch 5 Snap On Bumper Case by Fosmon

Show your national pride with this Vintage Flag of Italy design on your Coveroo. The design is laser engraved or printed using our HighColor process. Not a sticker or skin. Hand-customized by our team in San Francisco, CA This iPhone case is compatible with the iPod Touch 5.
List Price: $ 14.97
Price: $ 14.97

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Craftsmanship White Genuine Baby Crocodile / Nappa Leather / Mauri Fabric Sneakers

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Craftsmanship White Genuine Baby Crocodile / Nappa Leather / Mauri Fabric Sneakers

Color: White
Material Upper : Genuine Baby Crocodile/Nappa Leather
Material Lining :Full Genuine Leather For Added Comfort And Durability
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Country Of Origin: Italy
List Price: $ 579.00
Price: $ 579.00

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Arena White Genuine Baby Crocodile / Ostrich Leg Sneakers

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Arena White Genuine Baby Crocodile / Ostrich Leg Sneakers

Color: White
Material Upper : Genuine Baby Crocodile/Ostrich Leg
Material Lining :Full Genuine Leather For Added Comfort And Durability
Material Sole: Natural Rubber For Added Durability and Traction
Country Of Origin: Italy
List Price: $ 879.00
Price: $ 879.00

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Palio White Genuine Baby Crocodile Nappa Calf Shoes

Made In Italy Designer Mauri Palio White Genuine Baby Crocodile Nappa Calf Shoes

Color: White
Material Upper : Genuine Baby Crocodile, Nappa Calf
Material Lining :Full Genuine Leather For Added Comfort And Durability
Material Sole: Natural Rubber For Added Durability and Traction.
Country Of Origin: Italy
List Price: $ 359.00
Price: $ 359.00

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Might Marry In Italy, According To Latest Rumor

The countdown to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding date is underway, which means more sources are coming out of the woodwork offering information on the big day.

At this point, it’s commonly believed that the couple is planning to tie the knot in Paris on May 24, unless you believe “Entertainment Tonight’s” source who says the wedding will actually take place in Florence, Italy.

michelangelo david florence italy

Florence, huh? The next thing you’ll hear is that Kimye is planning on saying “I do” in front of Michelangelo’s David, right? (We’re not saying that’s happening for those of you who don’t understand sarcasm.) Well, according to “ET’s” source, Kimye’s guests can expect a pre-wedding dinner in Paris, but then the couple will fly their guests in private planes to Florence to the actual wedding ceremony, because they obviously want to bring new meaning to the term “destination wedding.”

With just nine days to go until their nuptials, you can be sure there will be many more wedding reports and rumors, and yes, it’s going to be exhausting.

But remember:

Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Italy Cool Sites 2014 Panoramic Wall Calendar: 9781582964584

Italy Cool Sites 2014 Panoramic Wall Calendar: 9781582964584

Panoramic photography featuring Italy fits perfectly in the office cubicle where standard wall calendars are too large. As a bonus you’ll find a travel resource directory with information on parks, gardens, annual events, museums, theatres and historic sites. The calendar is a terrific planning guide, travel memento or gift for anyone who loves all things from Italy.
List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 12.99

食べる指さし会話帳7 イタリア – Italy – Single Copy

食べる指さし会話帳7 イタリア – Italy – Single Copy

海外旅行使える旅行会話の元祖『旅の指さし会話帳』の姉妹編が電子書籍になって登場です! せっかくのイタリア旅行に来たのですから、いろんな場所で様々なおいしい食事をしたいものですね。本書籍は、イタリア語が分からなくても、簡単に目的の料理やメニューを注文できるようにデザインされています。また、イラストと写真が盛りだくさんなので、どんな料理か想像がつきやすく、注文がお店の人に伝わりやすいと大好評!! 指をさすだけで、現地での交流や食事 名物料理や食材の情報はもちろん、レストランの予約時やメニューの注文時に使うフレーズ、レストランでのマナーなども掲載しているので、イタリアで楽しい食体験ができます!現地の人だけが知っている特別な場所やイタリア料理を堪能頂くために、是非『指さし会話帳』をお役立てください! “YUBISASHI Point and Phrase Book” is the best seller book and series in Japan. YUBISASHI is for travelers who want to communicate freely, even though they are in foreign countries. We came up with various ideas to make this book more convenient. Why
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