French women are buying these four items for summer

If you’re looking for the most quintessentially Parisian store there is, then Sézane is it. So, if you’re also wondering how French women are styling themselves this summer, all you need to look at is what they’re buying here – and my sources there tell me there are four specific items that keep selling out. Literally within hours or days.

But first off, there’s on thing you need to know about French style: it’s not about following trends. Sézane founder Morgane explains, ‘We always want to create pieces that can be transmitted infinitely. Our collections can be worn every day but also for every occasion in life.. we will always favour quality over quantity and difference by creating many references each season, to dress all women.’

With that in mind, Parisian women are stocking up on simple denim shorts, plain t-shirts, embroidered shirts and a little white dress for summer.

Shop now: Paula short for £85 from Sézane

Shop now: Sergio t-shirt for £50 from Sézane

Shop now: Tomboy shirt for £80 from Sézane

Shop now: Grace dress for £130 from Sézane

In those four items, you’ve got your basic seasonal wardrobe covered, and all you need to do is mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

For extra sartorial points, Morgane recommends, ‘A pretty scarf tied in the hair, a nice basket to wear both in town and on the beach and a very comfortable linen dress with a vintage belt’. Sorted.

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Tales from the Wallet: Splurge Purchases on Basic Items

Pictured at top: t-shirt / lotion / sneaker / dress / jeans / purple shampoo

Sometimes I sit down to write a story (say, a roundup of weekend jersey dresses), and I bump up against preconceived notions in my head of how much things should cost. For example, weekend jersey dresses — particularly if they just look like a loose t-shirt, but longer — should not, in my opinion, cost more than $ 100. But maybe they’re fantastically thick, and will last you for years and years! Maybe they are ecofriendly and awesome in ways that the online description just . . . uh . . . doesn’t state! 

So instead of rounding up weekend jersey dresses, let’s discuss what inspires you to make splurge purchases on basic items. As far as basics like t-shirts, underwear, sneakers, and lotions go — what has inspired your splurge purchases, and was it worth it? What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a “basic” clothing item — and how did that work out for you?  Are you still wearing it years later? Are you a convert to fancy t-shirt dresses now? Some general categories to discuss:

Casual weekend dresses:







Lotion (hand, face, or body):

I’m sure you can think of other basic items that might inspire splurges or, say, most of the ones in your closet were bought for under $ 15 but when you saw one for $ 600 you just couldn’t resist. Some general thoughts from me on these categories of basic splurges:

Casual weekend dresses: If I’m going somewhere where I want to look cute, I’m probably pulling out Spanx, spending 30 minutes doing my makeup, and wearing more than a basic T-shirt dress — so this is more about the wash and go dress that is the alternative to shorts and a t-shirt for the day. I feel like I’ve gotten nice ones for under $ 25! I think the most I’ve spent is an Eileen Fisher dress I got on sale for around $ 125 for an “elevated Mom dress.” This $ 70 Boden dress is mightily tempting, though. (If it had pockets, it would be mine.)

T-shirts: I went through a phase where I really preferred James Perse and other t-shirts that were $ 50+ — but most of the ones I wear now are Everlane’s $ 18 t-shirts; I’ve also got a few from Amazon brand Daily Ritual that I wear to death. (The brand is regularly really affordable but Daily Ritual is on sale today — worth a look if you haven’t tried.)  

Denim: See, we all have our areas where we’ll splurge — one of my first projects as a college journalist interning in New York was to work on an encyclopedia of denim, so I kind of understand the price differences in Old Navy denim versus, say, Barney’s denim bar with the latest Japanese denim brands. I think the most I’ve paid for a pair of jeans is around the $ 200 mark, but I can easily understand (especially from a cost per wear perspective) how someone would want to spend more for a particular denim cut, wash, fit, or trend.

Underwear: This is probably TMI, but since I prefer cotton underwear my regular underwear is pretty affordable. Occasionally I’ll splurge on Hanky Panky or WinterSilks underwear (or I just bought a few Thinx in the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago), but for the most part underwear is not where I splurge. (Bras are a slightly different story — the most I’ve ever paid for a bra was $ 130, I think, but I’m a weird size.) 

Sneakers: You can get a pair of basic Chucks for under $ 60 — or you can spend $ 500+ on Golden Goose sneakers. I tend to be on the lower end of that scale; even my running shoes were only $ 150.

Lipstick: I actually just got a sample of a fancy lipstick and thought, “I hope I don’t like it — I need a $ 50 lipstick like I need a hole in the head.” I think the most I’ve ever spent on lipstick was $ 42 for a lipstick — but anything over $ 25 is a big splurge for me, especially since the lipstick I keep going back to is the $ 18 Clinique Chubby Stick.

Shampoo: I’m a big fan of drugstore shampoos, but I will happily spend $ 40+ on Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner — my hair never looks as shiny and healthy as it does after I wash with that shampoo. (Oooh, the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo is also, to me, worth the splurge.) 

Lotion (hand, face, or body): I have yet to get into the La Mer trend (my wallet thanks me!), and most of my preferred lotions are drugstore (CeraVe, Curél). For my dry skin, though, I do love the Bioelements moisturizer Really Rich Moisture for daily use in winter and occasional use in summer; a big tub is about $ 35. I also bought a big container of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion in the last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

How about you guys — what other basics (that COULD be really affordable) do you splurge on, or have you splurged on? What has inspired your splurge purchases, and was it worth it?

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Extra 25% off Sale Items at East Dane

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why.

EAST DANE: Extra 25% off Sale Items w/ SCORE19

East Dane doesn’t run a ton of sales, so, when they do it’s worth a look. But, and you’ve heard me say this before about retailers like East Dane, most of it is gonna be high end and/or a bit weird in terms of style. Doesn’t mean it’s still not fun to browse, and there might also be some classic wheelhouse stuff lurking in there. All now on double sale thanks to the code. And it all ships fast and free, especially fast if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. East Dane is an Amazon project, so, they’re fulfilling this stuff. Easy, fast shipping, easy, fast returns. And it doesn’t look like much if anything is final sale. Off we go with some picks.


Zespa ZSP4 Low Top Sneakers – $ 154.87 ($ 295)

Zespa ZSP4 Low Top Sneakers

They’re like Common Projects! Only, they’re not Common Projects. Foil stamp is on the heel accent/color bit. As well as the tongue. Made in Portugal. Available in multiple color accents, including a light blue as well as a yellow. Red and Black shown above. Not final sale either, so you can get your EU sizing dialed in. If you’re in-between sizes, they suggest sizing up.


Ted Baker Twill Document Bag – $ 143.40 ($ 239)

Ted Baker Twill Document Bag

Nice stripes. The description says the exterior is “twill”? Sure looks like saffiano leather to me.


Herschel Supply Co. Skaha Tote – $ 60 ($ 100)

Herschel Supply Co. Skaha Tote

Shut up Todd. Good grief I feel bad for your wife.


PUMA Select Suede Classic Sneakers – $ 34.12 ($ 65)

PUMA Select Suede Classic Sneakers

For those that are tired of the white sneaker thing (or have enough white sneakers to shod a marching band), but still could use some neutral, do-anything casual shoes.


Allen Edmonds Nomad Chukka Boots – $ 207.37 ($ 395)

Allen Edmonds Nomad Chukka Boots

Made in the USA goodness from AE. I really like the Nomad Collection. Still Goodyear Welted, still made with really nice materials, but they’ve done their best to keep things light and comfortable.


Tumi Alpha Slim Card Case in Grey Highlands or Blue – $ 26.25 ($ 50)

Tumi Alpha Slim Card Case

Camo or blue, up to you. Now almost half off. And this is where that free, fast shipping is really nice.


Billy Reid Heirloom Saddle Crew Sweater – $ 101.25 ($ 225)

Billy Reid Heirloom Saddle Crew Sweater

Billy Reid stuff isn’t cheap, but the quality sure is nice. And the balance between trend and timeless is well done. 60% wool/20% nylon/10% cashmere/10% silk. Elbow patches are leather.


Polo Ralph Lauren Merton Boat Shoes – $ 70.87 ($ 135)

Polo Ralph Lauren Merton Boat Shoes

Sometimes you just want a pair of deck shoes. And you want them to be cheap. And therefor you want them to be suede, because nothing will tear up your feet like crappy, stiff, smooth leather. So, you go with suede. And you were glad you did. So let it be written. So let it be done.


Ted Baker Nylon Document Bag in Black – $ 119.40 or Olive – $ 104.70 ($ 199)

Ted Baker Nylon Document Bag

Maybe not a lifetime commitment here, but not everyone wants to make that kind of commitment when they buy a bag or a pair of shoes or whatever. “Technical weave” nylon.


Sorel Caribou WL Boots – $ 101.25 ($ 180)

Sorel Caribou WL Boots

There’s out of season purchases, and then there’s buying a pair of Sorel Caribou’s in June.


Herschel Novel Duffel in Blue Camo – $ 60 ($ 100)

Herschel Novel Duffel in Blue Camo

Herschel’s famous Novel duffel, with the independent shoe compartment. Keepin’ your stinky kicks away from your clean shirts since 1994. Or, something. I don’t know when they came out with this design. Probably not 1994 though.


adidas x Football Copa 70 Year Sneakers – $ 67.50 ($ 150)

didas x Football Copa 70 Year Sneakers

Mesh/perforated sneakers from an era before mesh/performated sneakers were a big deal.


“Dads are the Original Hipsters”  – $ 2.93 FINAL ($ 13)

"Dads are the Original Hipsters"

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss. Father’s Day is this weekend. And what’s more “Dad” then spending less than three bucks on his present? I mean, they’re practically GIVING THE THING AWAY. Poof! You’re a burger!

Dappered Style Mail


Scouted: In Need of an Athleticwear Upgrade? Get Up to 70% Select Adidas Items

If there were ever a time to take stock of your athleticwear, right now would be it. Why is that, you ask? Oh, just a simple 80+ item Adidas sale on

This sale spans multiple categories, from running sneakers like the Men’s PrimeKnit for $ 60 (29% off) to everyday-wear like the $ 15 Women’s Winners Tee (35% off). You’re getting up to 70% off select Adidas styles across men’s and women’s, plus kids’ items as well. You could easily outfit the entire family in Adidas from head to toe.

Need a great pair of running shoes you could easily wear when you’re in the office, try the sleek Women’s Ultraboost x Clima Shoes, down to $ 80 (20% off). The Men’s Duramo Slides are $ 15 and are the kind of shoes you’ll want to keep by the front door in case you have to quickly run out of the house. This sale truly encompasses everything Adidas does well, and you can get a piece of it for up to 70% off from

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast Latest Articles

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At this charity car boot sale you can score amazing vintage designer items at a discount

Calling all style hunters…

car boot sale

Words by Bharti Dokal

As eco fashion and sustainability continues to shake up the industry, Women for Women International is holding its fourth #SheInspiresMe Car Boot Sale on Saturday 11th May 2019! Pencil this fashion extravaganza into your agendas as it promises to be a must-see event for bargain hunters and green fashionistas alike.

In the UK alone, 38 million items of new clothing are bought each week and 11 million go to landfill, can you believe it? But you can help combat this waste; in the best way we know how I must add. By joining VIP fashion designers and celebrities at one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar, where car boots are filled with past-season and pre-loved designer items at budget-friendly prices. Now, this is the kind of recycling we can totally get on board with.

You can lay your hands on beautiful designer samples and unique pieces from the likes of Alex Eagle, Noor Fares, Eugenie Niarchos, Maria Kastani, Charlotte Olympia, Hikari Yokoyama and Tiphaine De Lussy amongst many others.

car boot sale

As well as the clothes, accessories and shoes on offer, guests will have the opportunity to restore, personalise and upcycle pre-loved pieces. Oh, and it gets better. There will be a food and drink pop up from The Store – to rehydrate and refuel you throughout the day – and a makeup counter (glam session included!) by Charlotte Tilbury.

All proceeds from the #SheInspiresMe car boot sale go to Women for Women International, a charity which has helped almost half a million women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

With your help, women can graduate from the Women for Women International programme with the skills, knowledge and resources to become successful entrepreneurs. They will pass on their knowledge to their neighbours and children, creating a ripple effect.

Now, in true Monica Geller fashion let’s fish for that whistle, and go go go!

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

Spring and Summer collections are in full swing, and I’m happy to see longer length dresses, skirts with movement, and tops that don’t drown the wearer. Here are this week’s picks across an assortment of items, lifestyles and price points. 

  • 1901 Pleated Polo Midi Skirt: The most streamlined pleated skirt I’ve seen so far. It wowed me when a client combined it with an assortment of navy and white striped tops and white sneaks. SUPER cute and comfy.
  • 1901 Longline Cardigan: This long line cardigan has a uniquely voluminous back, and sharp white piping. Lovely fabric. Read the rave reviews.
  • ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Pull-On Silk Skirt: This skirt looks better in person, and works best on a curvier figure. It can be dressed up tor down, and looks luxe no matter what. Gorgeous fabric and length. Elegant in motion.
  • Rag & Bone Felix Stripe Silk Wrap Top: A fab blouse for a curvier figure with a larger bust, shorter waist, and shorter neck. Wear it over slim or flared bottoms. Runs big and is very lightweight. Comes in solids.
  • Rag & Bone ‘Boyfriend’ Leather Belt: Teal Belt Fabness.
  • 1901 Tie Front Poplin Shirt: A shirt that works well over flared or straight skirts, or bottoms with higher rises. Fluid yet structured, and forgiving on midsection bits. Suits a range of body types.
  • Zella Ella Satin Bomber Jacket: Sporty Bomber Fabness. Fun back ruched sleeve detailing, and comes in bone.
  • Boden Silk Shirt: I’ve been off silk blouses until I tried this one because it’s a cut above the rest. Gorgeously luxe fabric and fit. The armholes aren’t too low, and the shape is fluid but flowing in a way that I don’t look like I’m wearing a tent. The curved hemline helps too. I’m wearing this blouse OUT and untucked over tomato red jeans which is atypical. The vertical integrity of the colour blocking is striking, and makes all the difference. Comes in a few patterns, and the length is quite long.
  • Gentle Souls By Kenneth Cole Lavern: Extremely comfortable and on-trend slides for regular volume feet.
  • PIKOLINOS Mykonos W1G-0757CL: The Sporty Sandal trend is alive and well in this less athletic version. Chunky in a refined way on the foot. Very comfortable and works best on regular volume feet.
  • Dansko Susie Platform Sandal: A fab slip-on sandal for wider and higher volume feet. Lots of arch support. Comes in black and tan.
  • Dansko Adrianne Sneaker: Lilac sneakers fabness for those who like cushioning insoles with lots of arch support.
  • Dansko Lou Ankle Strap Sandal: Teal Ankle Strap Fabness. Comfy and lots of arch support. Works best on regular and higher volume feet.
  • Reiss Joanne Check Stretch Cotton Blend Pants: Fun pants to dress up or down for work or play. Gorgeous quality and fabric in an unusual earthy Spring/Summer check. Lightweight. Nice mid-rise. Crease-resistant, and fab with cream, black, navy and mustard. Luxe fabric.
  • Vince Satin Silk Tee: This blouse looks better in person and on a figure that can fill it out. Good on a shorter waist, and works well on a fuller bust. The front slit detailing creates an architectural integrity that does not come through in the photo. Comes in four colours. Lovely fabric. Excellent dressed up with ankle pants and accessories. Drapes like a dream. Luxe fabric.
  • Vince Tossed Poppy Pleated Blouse: This blouse looks better in person and on a figure that can fill it out. Good on a shorter waist, and works well on a fuller bust. Crease-resistant and architectural. Comes in cream.
  • Boss Ivala Stretch Silk Blouse: This looks less tent-y and better in person IF you can fill it out with broader shoulders and a larger bust. Good on a shorter neck too. Comes in ivory. Sleeves can easily be shortened.
  • Reiss Colleen Polo Pocket Sweater: Gorgeous crisp and pretty piece that is badly styled here. It’s quite long and has a substantial welt, so it looks GREAT worn over slimmer pants and jeans. It’s not supposed to be tucked! More cream in person, and might run a size small.

Go to the collection page if you would like to see the images alongside my descriptions.

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Wood Group FY18 Operating Profit Before Exceptional Items Rises 68%

Wood Group (John) plc (WDGJF.PK, WG.L) reported a loss of $ 7.6 million for the year to 31 December 2018 compared to a loss of $ 30.0 million, prior year. Loss per share was 1.3 cents compared to a loss of 7.4 cents. Operating profit before exceptional items increased by 68% to $ 357 million from 2017 proforma of $ 212 million. Profit before exceptional items was $ 175.2 million compared to $ 135.1 million. Adjusted EPS was 57.4 cents compared to 53.3 cents.
RTT – Earnings


Outfit Formula: Three Baggy Items

Wearing baggy over baggy and over baggy is awfully trendy, and somewhat arty and architectural. The baggy items can range from fluid to very oversized. Silhouettes are WIDE, and not at all tailored. 

It’s a challenge to feel good in a combination that lacks sufficient visual structure. It’s easy to feel unpolished, like the clothes are wearing you, and wider than you are. It can also feel fussy because there’s too much fabric flapping around your body.

That said, some of my clients adore wearing three baggy items at once, and their body types run the gamut. Some are tall, slim, and broad-shouldered with a small bust. Some are tall, curvy, and with a larger bust. Some are short, large in the bust, and apple-shaped. And others are regular rectangles, pears, and hourglasses. The only thing they have in common is that they enjoy wearing unstructured clothing layers because it’s comfortable, creative, arty and looks interesting. Some also enjoy how the vibe camouflages curves and extra bits.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find examples of the outfit vibe across a wide range of body types. But I could find these Spring visuals. Some items are baggier than others, and all of the outfits work to my eye.

1. Trench-Coated Volume

A pair of wide cropped pants is combined with a roomy untucked top and voluminous trench coat. The scrunched sleeves and open footwear create just enough structure, because skin equals structure. The open front of the trench coat creates a vertical line down the centre front of the body which streamlines the outfit. The V-neck further elongates the look and is great on a larger bust. Personally, I’d have preferred the wide crops a little shorter to showcase more of the ankle.

Modern Citizen Elettra Tie Front Trench Coat

2. Long ’90s Layers

This is the most unstructured combination of the four because all three items of clothing are very baggy and long. The open front of the jacket that creates vertical integrity, and the model’s naked feet in the sandals are the only bits giving the look a small bit of subtle structure.

Zara Buttoned Shirt Dress

3. Boxy Cubed

A boxy top is combined with boxy wide crops and a boxy jacket. The shorter lengths of the top and jacket add a little more structure right away. The low-contrast footwear lengthens the leg line, which make the wide crops look less stumpy. This is the least soft, pretty and ethereal rendition of the four.

COS Topstitched Shirt Jacket

4. Column of Beige

This is the most structured of the four renditions because the fluid top is tucked into a roomy midi to showcase the waistline. However, the structure that is created is somewhat hidden because a straight and roomy topper has been layered over the lot. Once again, the open topper draws the eye up and down which creates vertical integrity, and therefore some structure.

COS Pointelle-Detailed Knitted Top

I wouldn’t wear #1 or #2. Too baggy all over for my narrow shoulders and slight frame. I wear a version of #3, but with a fitted top, or fitted jacket so there’s more structure. I wear #4 but in the form of a fit-and-flare dress. Over to you. Would you wear three baggy items in one outfit, and what do you think of these outfits?



You can buy the most amazing designer items in this charity shop

If you love nothing more than trawling the charity shops to find a good bargain, then you might want to sit down for the news: Cancer Research UK has just opened a boutique store in Marylebone, entirely focusing on high-end fashion and homeware.

This means you’ll be able to shop a selection of designer and pre-loved pieces, which could well include vintage Chanel, Céline, Dior and more. Imagine that.

At the press preview, we spotted some lovely designer coats and suits, and don’t even get us started on the shoes and handbags. And obviously, the best bit is that all the money goes to charity, which you just can’t argue with.

Plus, you won’t need to work quite as hard to find something, as the concept is that of a high end boutique, which has been designed by Nadia Themistocleous.

The Marylebone store can be found at 24 Marylebone High Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 4PQ.

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

Here are items that have been winners on clients and forum members recently, or that simply caught my eye. There are hints of Spring in the mix to cheer up those in arctic and snowy weather.

Go to the collection page to see the items alongside my descriptions.

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Eight Responsible Ways to Pass on Wardrobe Items

When editing your wardrobe you’ll need to pass some items on. Instead of throwing them away and sending them to a landfill, give them a second life. Here are eight ways to do just that. 

1. Give Items to Friends & Family

Think about friends, acquaintances, and family members who would enjoy receiving some if not all of the items that you’re passing on. If the recipients live far away, take them along the next time you visit.

2. Have a Swap Party

Get a group of friends together who have wardrobe items to pass on. Turn up the music, provide snacks and libations, and begin to swap. Clothing sizes might differ between the participants, but remember that footwear and accessories can be easier to fit. This is also a very cost-effective way to refresh your style.

3. Consign or Resell on E-Bay and Poshmark

You can resell wardrobe items at consignment stores in your area. Or take photos of them and sell them on sites like eBay and Poshmark. Or collect the items for a Summer garage sale to have outside with a tall glass of lemonade.

4. Donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army

Items that are donated to Goodwill are resold for very low prices. Items passed on to the Salvation Army go to those who are less fortunate.

5. Donate to Dress for Success

Drop dressier items off at your nearest DFS where they’re used to dress women who are re-entering the workforce. Many DFS clients come from homeless shelters or are in temporary YWCA housing and desperately need an interview outfit and work-appropriate attire. DFS provides them with a mini workwear capsule for free to get them on their way. They are especially in need of sizes US12 to US20, and petites and talls across all sizes.

6. Upcycle

Convert T-shirts, clothing made of terry cloth, and sweats into wash rags and dust cloths for housecleaning and gardening chores. Or if you sew, enjoy DIY crafts, have a little time and are feeling creative, here are 100 ways to create new items out of old wardrobe items.

7. Send Clothing back to Retailers that Recycle

Retailers like H&M, Nike, Madewell and Patagonia will often take back items you bought from their store and recycle them for you. I’ve seen clothing bins at our flagship Nordstrom store in Seattle offering the same recycling service.

8. Drop items in USAgain and Planet Aid Bins

USAgain is a non-profit organization that collects textiles, and resells them so that they can be made into reusable and valuable products. Planet Aid does a similar thing of recycling and repurposing textiles. Worn clothes can be repurposed into products like athletic tracks, pillow stuffing, carpet padding, baseball filling, and home insulation.

I edit my wardrobe frequently, and collect items in a bin in our garage before taking them to their next home. Most of my items are donated to Dress for Success Seattle, where they are either used to dress DFS clients for interviews, or sold at their regular Closet Treasure sales. The money goes straight back into the non-profit that empowers women, which makes me feel very good about passing on my clothes to the organization. Some of my handbags are passed on to friends. Some items are dropped off at the Salvation Army, and the rest is dropped into USAgain bins in our neighbourhood. I’ve also attended the a few fun clothing-footwear-accessory swaps.

Over to you. How do you pass on your wardrobe items?



The most important items to take while traveling according to experts


Going on a trip can be described in very few words. Packing, packing and more packing. And then there’s the part where you forget to pack up something important and your entire minutely planned trip becomes a headache-causing nightmare. No matter how much caution you take, how many times you remind yourself, there are those times you overlook something important. Something that’s at most times even obvious.

The easiest way to avoid finding yourself in this kind of situation is making a checklist of all the things you need to take with you when you travel. A checklist of everything, no matter how obvious and non-forgettable something seems. Only after you place an item in your traveling bags should you check it off. Here, we’re going to look at five of the most important items to take while you travel according to experts. With these 5 items with you, there isn’t something you can leave behind that has the power of ruining your trip.

1. Luggage

Well, yes, as obvious as this might seem, this happens to be the most important item to take with you because this is where all your other important items will be kept safely. As such, it should be secure. Then lightweight while still being spacious enough. Your luggage shouldn’t feel like extra baggage that tires you out. You’ll get enough fatigue from long flights and drives. Wheeled luggage is very convenient if you’re traveling to places with paved paths. Versatile ones that can be carried and also rolled are great if you’ll be venturing into some rough terrain areas. A carry-on is ideal for keeping all your important documents close to you.

2. Travel documents

These are probably the first things that should go into your travel bags before anything else. Vital documents while you travel include your passport/Visa, ID, boarding passes, airline tickets and insurance cards. There will be many places you’ll need to identify yourself, especially in a foreign country. Maps and guide books should also be kept with this lot.

3. Technology devices

Staying at reach and in contact is important, especially when you’re traveling away from home. Your mobile, tablets or laptop should come with you. Never leave your chargers behind. Take along your camera to record those moments on your trip, and headphones, preferably the noise-cancelling ones to get you through noisy commuting.

4. Cash and credit cards

You’ll need money to get plenty much anything you want to get done on your trip, so keeping enough cash on you and carrying your credit cards is important. Make sure to keep it in a safe place, and notify your bank if you’re traveling abroad and will be using your credit card. Also, familiarize yourself with the currency rates of the country you’ll be visiting to avoid carrying too little cash.

5. Precautionary items

You can never be too cautious, and that’s why you should travel ready for anything. Personal prescriptions, fever and pain relievers along with a full first-aid kit are things you should take with you in case of any medical emergencies. Others include allergy medicines, multivitamins, antibacterial ointments, sunscreen and insect repellants. If you have a history of succumbing to motion sickness, take along pills. With all these in place, you’ll prevent the possibility of having your trip cut short by unexpected ailments or extreme reactions to new environments.


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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

There seems to be less party wear in brick-and-mortar stores this year, and I was wondering if you’d noticed that too. Online assortments, on the other hand, are as full, extended and diverse as they have ever been. There is so, so much more available online. 

Here are my top picks for this week across a range of items, price points, silhouettes, dress codes and colours.

Go to the collection page to see pictures of the items alongside my descriptions.

Finally, here’s a selection of statement socks that you can incorporate into outfits in a deliberate and fashionable way. I’ve bought a few neutral and non-neutral pairs to wear with boots and am enjoying the maximal vibe. The Hot Sox with the Yorkies on them had to be mine in the stone colourway.

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Weekly Roundup: Assorted Items

It’s midseason and it won’t be long before US retailers clear out regular Fall and Winter merchandise to make room for party wear. In the meantime, here’s a list of items that recently worked on my clients, or that simply caught my eye. Be sure to browse all the colour options, and check for extended sizes if you need them.

  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Teigan Moto Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A fairly refined pair of pewter moto boots that are lightweight and comfy. Might need to size up half a size for higher volume feet. Do the ’90s thing and wear these with skirts and dresses. Comes in dark camouflage and black.
  • Leith Leith Gillis Stretch Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A festive bootie for high heel wearers with lower volume feet. Moderately comfortable.
  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Tate Platform Chelsea Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: ’90s Chunky Bootie Fabness. Comfy, warm, lightweight, stompy, and best on a wider ankle and calf. Comes in black. Read the rave reviews.
  • Sheridan Mia Sheridan Mia Casey Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: A rather gracefully casual mid-calf bootie that is as nice in the muted red. Comfortable and fabulous with casual midi skirts and dresses. Works on an assortment of foot shapes.
  • Linea Paolo Linea Paolo Rhys Pointy Toe Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Sleek, dressy and festive. Can be paired with just about any outfit. Best on lower volume feet and narrower ankles. The gold leather is soft and pretty.
  • Rag & Bone rag & bone Aslen Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: Gorgeous quality, and with an excellent tailored high shaft for cropped jeans and pants. Soft and comfortable. Best on lower volume feet and narrower ankles.
  • Michael MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Ace’ Wedge Sneaker Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: This style is for Team Sporty. Fits a range of foot and ankle shapes because the sock style moulds to the foot. If you wear a lot of black, white and grey – try these. The 2018 way is to combine them with skirts, dresses, culottes, wide crops and dressier cropped pants.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Jeffrey Campbell Luzbel Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Dramatic ’90s Fabness, and comes in black. Makes your foot look extra long so you have to be okay with that. Comfy if you can manage the heel height. A stretchy style that moulds to the shape of the foot.
  • Miz Mooz Miz Mooz Lane Bootie (Women) | Nordstrom: Comfy, rugged, and a divine shade of distressed cognac. Might run a little short in the toe box.
  • TARYN ROSE Taryn Rose Bryanna Genuine Calf Hair Loafer (Women) | Nordstrom: A beautifully made loafer with arch support. Works on wider feet.
  • Boden Alicia Heeled Loafers: I haven’t seen these yet, but have the red on order as my new party shoes based on the rave reviews. They look more current and on-trend than red pumps, and are more stable too. Comes in black and leopard print. Will keep you posted.
  • Boden Boden Relaxed Colorblock Wool Cashmere Blend Sweater | Nordstrom: Fabulous fluid pullover that works on an assortment of body types, and especially on Team Tall. Gorgeous quality. Crisp, sporty, and polished. Runs a size big
  • J.Crew J.Crew Yuna Teddy Faux Fur Jacket | Nordstrom: Light Blue Teddy Bear Fabness. Avant-Garde, and will not date. Works over an assortment of body types. A fab, casual and cosy way to make a dramatic statement. Read the rave reviews.
  • Boden Boden Double Breasted Blazer | Nordstrom: STUNNING Modern Classic blazer. Impeccable quality, and fun lining too. It works extremely well on a larger bust and curvy body type. My client who wears a US12 wowed me in it. The button positioning creates a V-shape which visually narrows the waist and streamlines the silhouette. No need to fasten the double-breasted buttons in front.
  • SOREL Sorel Ainsley Conquest Waterproof Boot (Women) | Nordstrom: Casually fab weatherproof boots for snow and ice. Works well on higher volume feet because you can adjust the width with the laces. Unusual colour combination.
  • Cartonnier | Anthropologie Plaid Wrap Blazer: One of the best belted jackets of the season, and in on-trend earth tones too. A great fit and comfortable despite the structure. Soft and sharp in a RELAXED way. Does not look good unbelted so don’t try that. The navy lining looks nice turned back on the sleeves to create a cuff.
  • If By Sea | Anthropologie Kenton Surplice Top: It’s unfortunate that this was styled tucked in the photo because it’s best left UNtucked and worn over all sorts of bottoms. It’s quite soft as far as lurex fabrics go, and has a manageable blouson sleeve. It glides over the body in a fluid and dainty way. Works well on a shorter neck and larger bust. Might need a camisole. I did not find it short like the reviews suggest. A versatile party piece.
  • Maeve | Anthropologie Chevron Shine Skirt: Very fun sparkly ’70s midi. It’s long, but can be easily hemmed. The chevron stripe creates a visually streamlined effect because diagonal lines are magical that way. Fabulous in motion. Despite the elastic waist, tops look good semi-tucked. Can be worn with hosiery despite the knitted fabric.
  • Hinge Hinge Print Midi Dress | Nordstrom: A fabulous fit on a curvy hourglass or pear-shaped body type with a larger bust. Elegant, and comfortable. Can work well on petites and is hem-able.
  • J.Crew J.Crew Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat (Regular & Plus Size) | Nordstrom: AMAZING statement leopard print plush coat that runs TTS. It works over just about anything, and is easily pattern mixed. A versatile length, crease-resistant, and a good fit. LOVELY fabric, and available in plus sizes too. Works on most body types.
  • Jonathan Simkhai Rinsed Denim Cig Jeans: Avant-Garde Jeans Fabness. This one is for Team Gold because the hardware is gold and glitzy. They are dressy, dramatic, and can function as a party piece. The high rise is girdling and comfortable. The denim does not bag out, and is thick and substantial. If you want them to fit like the model, they run TTS. I wanted a snugger fit so I sized down. They remind me of ’80s Versace which makes me smile. Pricy, but will not date. A quality piece that oozes a luxe integrity. They earned a place in my wardrobe, and can work for holiday parties.
  • Madewell Pleat-Sleeve Sweatshirt in Leopard Dot: Super cute polished sweatshirt for Team Cinnamon. I LOVE the ’80s dropped shoulder seam with puffed sleeve and long cuff. Welt creates great structure.
  • Madewell Madewell The Delilah Mary Jane Pump (Women) | Nordstrom: Blush Glitter Rose Gold Retro Fabness. Very comfy on a low and regular volume foot. Excellent on those who like low heels and a secure pump. Beautifully made, and the glitter does not come off. The surface of the glitter is hard, but the inside of the shoes is very soft. Good with or without hose. Looks like a Jimmy Choo, but at a fraction of the price. More comfy too. They come in a warm brown suede. The pink glitter earned a place in my wardrobe. Dainty and delightful.
  • Madewell Madewell Starry Night Quilted Puffer Parka | Nordstrom: If you like astronomy, galactic patterns, and starry nights, try this fun puffer. It’s well made, unique, and works over most items these days. The interesting pattern gives it a dressier integrity.
  • Madewell Quilted Military Coat: Equestrian Fabness and best on Team Tall. It has a very straight and architectural fit that screams Tomboy. It can though, work well on a tall curvy person with a larger bust.
  • Madewell Sherpa Portland Jacket: This sherpa topper is a beautiful shade of toffee and not orange like the photo. Gorgeous quality, and fits like a bomber jacket. Straight and boyish so best on a boyish body type.
  • Madewell Northward Cropped Army Jacket in Cottontail Camo: Sherpa Edition: The back of this jacket is trapeze and fun. It billows out and creates a straight architectural drape. On-trend and interesting. Works on a range of body types as long as you like volume.

Go to the collection page to see pictures of the items alongside my descriptions.

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