Ex-NBA Player Jason Maxiell Admits To Cheating On His Wife Their Entire Relationship And Sleeping With 341 Women [Video]

If you watched Basketball Wives, you’re familiar with the struggles Brandi and Jason Maxiell have been through in their marriage. Brandi talked about her husband cheating on her on the show but no one knew the extent until the couple aired out all of their dirty laundry with life coach Iyanla Vanzant recently, not even Brandi.

In the scene above, Jason admits to cheating on Brandi throughout their entire 17-year relationship. Brandi was aware of that, but what she didn’t know is that Jason has slept with over 50 different women during their eight year marriage.

Jason has slept with 341 women in his life, but denies that he is a sex addict.

Brandi is understandably shaken up by the revelation of 50 women. She thought that number was closer to eight women and Jason appeared emotionless as his wife held back tears.

Iyanla asked Brandi why she would stay with a man with such reckless disregard for their union. Brandi quickly answers it’s because she said “I do.”

Will Jason and Brandi be able to save their marriage? Should they even try? Let us know in the comments.

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First Look at “Basketball Lies: Brandi and Jason Maxiell” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN



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Jason Wu Celebrates Fragrance Anniversary With Scented Doll

Jason Wu is going back to his roots to celebrate his year-old namesake fragrance.
Launching today exclusively at Net-a-porter, the designer is releasing his first scented doll. While he has designed dolls for his brand in the past and worked as a doll designer with Integrity Toys before launching his line, this limited-edition doll is his first scented product, taking inspiration from the fragrance itself and the dress he designed for model Lily Aldridge, who serves as the face of the fragrance, for the 2017 CFDA Awards.
“I started my career designing dolls about 15 years ago and it was my first career before fashion,” Wu said. “[The scented doll] is a nice way to combine that with what I’ve been doing in fashion and fragrance, which is relatively new to me. It’s combining three facets of my career.”
Manufactured with Wu’s longtime partner Integrity Toys, the doll comes wearing a miniature version of the dress Wu designed for Aldridge, which is a pinkish nude tulle dress embroidered with Swarovski crystals, complete with matching heels, earrings and a miniature version of the fragrance bottle. Three hundred units will be created for the doll, which will be sold with a 3-oz. bottle of the

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Jason Scott Lee Joins Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’; Here’s Everything We Know

Jason Scott Lee Joins Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan'; Here's Everything We Know

Jason Scott Lee has joined the cast of Disney's live-action Mulan. He will be playing a villainous role, according to THR. Let's recap all we know about the upcoming action-adventure.

What's the latest news?

Jason Scott Lee broke out when he starred in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (above) back in 1993. He followed that up with lead roles in Rapa Nui and The Jungle Book. More recently, he appeared in Seventh Son and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

Who is…

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GOP Lawmaker Jason Spencer Strips Down, Screams ‘N-Word’ on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’


This past week, Jason Spencer, a Republican state representative from Georgia, revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen had tricked him into shouting “provocative language” during what he thought was a real anti-terrorism training video. Now we know that “provocative language” was the N-word.

The shouting of racial slurs by Spencer, who was recently defeated in a GOP primary after serving four controversial terms, was just one of several unnerving moments from the most outrageous segment in the second episode of Showtime’s Who Is America? Week two of this news-making show also featured former Vice President Dick Cheney signing a “waterboard kit,” Ted Koppel arguing about the size of Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd and The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios gamely pretending that she helped clean up the Ebola crisis in Africa.

In last week’s premiere, we saw some pretty gullible gun rights advocates fall for Baron Cohen’s deception. But even arguing that toddlers should be armed with guns is nothing compared to the behavior the comedian elicited from Spencer, admittedly a far less prominent and powerful figure than people like Cheney or Bernie Sanders.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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VIDEO: Frances Ruffelle Sings STILL HURTING by Jason Robert Brown

Tony Award winner Frances Ruffelle is back in town with her stunning solo performance ‘Frances Ruffelle LiveS in New York’ an intimate evening of song that whispers seductive secrets, lays bare the naked truth and explodes with the one of a kind bottle rocket charisma that’s kept ‘Frankie’s’ ardent fans coming back for more since she created the iconic role of ‘Eponine’ in ‘Les Miserables’ and turned ‘On My Own’ into one of Broadway’s most beloved standards. ‘Frances Ruffelle LiveS in New York’ is a wildly entertaining ride straight through the core of the most tender heart, fiery passion and loose comic confidence of a seasoned performer at the height of her game.
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Ready to dive in?We have an exclusive first look at Jason…

Ready to dive in?

We have an exclusive first look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman! Go inside the ambitious attempt to bring a former pop culture punchline to the big screen.

You can pick up the Jason Momoa cover on newsstands starting 6/15, and the group cover exclusively at Barnes & Noble starting 6/19. 
📷: © 2018 WBEI/TM & © DC Comics

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John Lithgow Joins Jason Clarke in ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake; Here’s Everything We Know

John Lithgow Joins Jason Clarke in 'Pet Sematary' Remake; Here's Everything We Know

Update 2: John Lithgow (above with Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home 2) has joined Pet Sematary. In the new version, based on Stephen King's novel, Lithgow will portray Jud Crandall, described as "a kindly neighbor," per THR. 

The role was played by Fred Gwyne in the original film; he introduced his new neighbors to the titular memorial park and explained how things worked. We'll have to wait to see if the new version takes a different path with the character. It's…

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Talking to Jason Jules about John Simons, Patron Saint of…

Talking to Jason Jules about John Simons, Patron Saint of English Ivy

In an age where everyone buys almost everything off the internet, sometimes from far-flung warehouses located in other countries, it’s easy to forget the important role certain brick-and-mortars played in shaping regional taste. These retailers, who were often small and independent haberdasheries, were the original tastemakers. Fred Seagal, for example, was once thought of as the gateway into the Los Angeles fashion market; Louis Boston introduced many to the comfort of Italian tailoring. In fact, Luciano Barbera got his start in marketing tailored clothing because of a suggestion from Murray Pearlstein, Louis Boston’s late proprietor. The two worked together to develop a line of ready-to-wear Italian suits and sport coats, which was initially aimed at the New England market.  

John Simons is considered by some to be the patron saint of English Ivy for the same reasons. For the last sixty years, he’s been a steadfast evangelist for the same kind of clothes – J. Keydge natural-shouldered jackets, Florsheim Imperial brogues, Bass penny loafers, button-down shirts, and other things Ivy. He introduced the look to English shores in the 1950s and has stuck with it ever since, proving there’s such a thing as classic style. 

More importantly, he’s played an important role in shaping British taste. For almost three generations, mods, suedeheads, and skinheads (a term for a section of working class youths before the name became associated with racists) have gone to John Simons to look street-smart and well-heeled. John Simons was also the one who gave Harrington jackets their name. Originally referred to as golf jackets, Simons remembers the time when he climbed into his shop window to write on the buff-colored card attached to a store display jacket: “The Rodney Harrington Style.” It was reference to how Rodney Harrington in Peyton Place wore the same model. Now the name is everywhere. 

This Monday, Mono Media is releasing a film about John Simons by Jason Jules. Some readers may recognize Jason as the face of Drake’s, but he’s also a vet in the London arts scene, having worked as a club promoter, PR rep, and fashion industry consultant. His film, titled A Modernist, is about a shop he loves, the clothing inside, and the store’s connection to culture. We sat down with Jason to talk about his film, Ivy Style, and other topics. 


How did this project start?

I’ve known John’s shop since I was a kid. When it comes to Ivy Style, jazz, and modernism, John was Wikipedia before Wikipedia. Discovering his shop was a real eye opener for me. I was already into beat poetry and jazz at the time, but his shop pulled everything together. It has authenticity; it’s a place I can trust. I know if I go there with my eyes closed, pick up something from a rail in my size, it’ll always be the right thing. There’s not a single questionable item in the store.

Later, when I started making short films, it occurred to me that I should do something on John Simons. I put it off for a while, and then I heard a rumor John passed away. Thankfully, that turned out to be untrue, but the rumor kicked me into gear. What was originally supposed to be a five-minute nod to important influences in my life eventually grew into this hour-long feature on the shop and its clothes, as well the cultural attendants that came with them.

You mentioned trust. When I was a kid, I remember certain stores having an incredible amount of influence. If something was carried there, it was considered good. Do you think that’s still possible with the internet? Stores are so untethered by geography nowadays, people are constantly comparison shopping online. Loyalty seems like it’s at an all-time low.

I do, partly because I think certain stores offer a curational experience. I can walk past an art gallery, for example, and look at the work through the window. But that’s not the same as going inside and walking through the gallery, talking with the curator, and learning more about the pieces. Stores that give you a similar experience are the ones that will flourish. Think of shops such as Supreme or John Simons. Even if you go in there and get nothing but a conversation, you’ll walk out with something. You’re being exposed to a set of inherent values and taste markers that are almost too nuanced to grasp if you purely shop online.  


John Simons has also historically sat in the middle of some important cultural movements – his influence on mods, skinheads, suedeheads, etc.

John has a deep understanding of clothing, and he loves sharing it with people, regardless of their background. That’s one reason why there was, and still is, such diversity among his customers. He sold to kids who were into reggae and ska, just as he sold to advertising executives. He treated everyone equally.

That wasn’t always true elsewhere. There were some stores in Mayfair or tailors on Savile Row where, if you didn’t fit a certain archetype, you may have been met with a level of resistance or snobbery. John never did that; he welcomed everyone. He was never a mod or skinhead himself, but his clothes appealed to all those people. And he had a knack for putting his store in forward facing areas. At one point, he had a shop in the Soho area of London, just as the place was becoming an advertising hub. There were film companies and advertising agencies up one way, then music venues down the other. Right in the middle was John Simons’ Squire shop, so you got business people and music fans coming into the same store, buying the same clothes.


What do you think drew mods and skinheads to these clothes?

I think the clothes meant different things to different people. I imagine skinheads and suedeheads were reacting against the hippie movement at the time. There was a sort of neatness about the look that appealed to their working class roots, but the clothes also embodied a certain aspirational element. It was looking a bit more accomplished than what your wage packet might suggest. The early mods, on the other hand, often had good jobs and they liked dressing a certain way. But the appeal was still essentially aspirational – looking a bit outward at the time, as opposed to the more insular mindset of the previous generation of kids just coming out of the war.

That kind of sounds like the story of the ‘Lo Heads.

There are some parallels. I think the thing that makes it different is that John’s shop somewhat tempered what people wore. For example, as a kid, if I went into Ralph Lauren or Harrod’s, I knew I would be followed. It was a given, regardless of what I wore. Whereas if I went to John’s shop, I knew I would be welcomed. So for me, and I’m sure a lot of people, going to alternative sources to buy something wasn’t an attractive option. John shop was always the primary source in that way. That meant you interacted with the shop as more than just a retail outlet.


I remember in the ‘80s, I went into John’s shop to buy two Baracuta jackets. I wanted them a size too big, because that was my “look” then, and John told me the fit wasn’t right. I didn’t listen to him at the time because I was young and still finding my way with clothes, but his advice still stuck with me. The service made for a different kind of experience.  

Many luxury companies back then worried about working-class people – often ethnic minorities – wearing their clothes because they feared the association devalued their name. What made John different?

It was just the kind of people who worked in the shop. It was always about the clothes and culture. If someone showed an interest in the clothes and culture, they were eager to share their knowledge. And in many ways, they were also “outsiders.” John is a working class Jewish kid from East London. He has an outsider perspective. Some brands are protectionist, but John is an ambassador. Burberry used to vilify people who wore their check head-to-toe, but now they style their clothes the same way on the runway.  

Or look at what’s happened with Dapper Dan!

Dapper Dan was public enemy number one for Gucci at one point, and now he’s hailed as the patron saint. There’s a new generation of marketing people, creative directors, and designers inside brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Gucci that recognize the value of those outsider perspectives. John, on the other hand, has always been aware of this, so his door was always open to everyone.


In his book Ametora, David Marx wrote about how Ivy Style became its own thing in Japan. People wore things because their cultural heroes in Japan were wearing them, not because they were trying to imitate students at Harvard or Yale. Do you feel that happened with Ivy Style in the UK?

I think that a lot of people were into it in a purely contextual and insular way. After the first wave of modernists, the style was increasingly adopted by kids who wanted to emulate a mod look, and not because they were trying to be Italians. They wore those clothes because their mates were doing it. It becomes very peer-centric, very self-referencing in that way.  

For example, I was asked a few years ago how long I’ve been into Ivy. I hadn’t even realized I was into Ivy! I was into button-down shirts and loafers and flat-front trousers. I was into patch pockets and cord jackets. I was into The Graduate and Steve McQueen. I was into Blue Note Records and modern jazz. I liked a certain look that could be defined as Ivy, but for me, it had a different meaning as a kid growing up in London.

Is there still that connection between clothing and culture? The Guardian had an article about how, fifty years ago, you could tell if someone was a mod, punk, hippie, goth, or soulboy from the way they dressed, but that’s harder now since so many people follow the same trends. Are there still youth subcultures that can be identified by the way they dress?   

I think there are, but things move so quickly now, it’s hard to recognize something as peripheral. Like, Palace Skateboards used to be super niche five or six years ago. It was just a group of kids making t-shirts and crazy skateboard videos. Now they’re all over the place, and it’s easy to forget they came out of an incredibly small subculture.


Or look at Tyler the Creator and his line, Golf Wang. That originally came out of a subculture and the mainstream didn’t mess with it because they considered the line too obscure, too wild, too odd. Now they’re embraced like latter-day rockstars. It’s just that this transition happens so quickly now, it feels like things can become mainstream almost overnight. But the people behind these things were part of a subculture at one point.

Another brand like this is Trapstar. They started as kids who liked A Bathing Ape, but wanted something more local. They were West London kids who threw parties in other people’s shops and made incredibly high-spec’d t-shirts. They’re very authentic to London streetwear culture, but now their product is being sold internationally and sported by mainstream stars such as Rihanna.

Do you think the internet has homogenized or diversified culture?

I think it’s done both. It’s allowed people to find their own voice and realize there’s a community somewhere that will respond to them without any filter. But there’s also a lot of people who want to be part of a homogenous, mainstream culture. The internet allows for both of those things. I also think we all have both these elements in us. I like pop music, but also weird jazz. I watch Netflix, but also obscure films. The internet allows us to explore both these sides of ourselves, so they can happily co-exist.

Heritage clothing was really big five or six years ago, and now it feels like things have moved on. Is it harder to market this type of film now?

There was a point in the heritage movement where people thought there was a genuine shift in consciousness, that people would always buy less, buy better. Heritage turned out to be a trend, but it was an important trend. I’m not sure what happened, but like you say there was a palpable move away from what was essentially a style of clothing built around nostalgia. What remains of the trend, however, is a heightened appreciation of quality and craft, as well as a new kind of language, which we can apply to everything.


If you look at people who are into sportswear right now, they still talk about how things are made – the weight of the fabric on a t-shirt, how the print is applied. It’s no longer weird to talk about how denim was woven. Even sales assistants in high-street stores want to tell you how a pair of jeans was made.

So, in some ways, it’s become easier to talk about a clothing style that’s been around for more than fifty years. Mainstream journalists don’t look at you funny anymore if you describe your clothes as “Ivy.” At the same time, the social network for this stuff is a little more diffuse, but the people who really appreciate classic clothing will always appreciate it.

Do you think Ivy is ever going to come back in the way it did ten years ago?

I don’t know, but it’s like when the heritage thing was in full swing. Someone asked if I was pissed because all these people were dressing like me. “You’re looking like a trendy!,” they said. I said it’s fine because their interest in Ivy and Americana is a passing thing, for the majority of them, while I’m stuck in this. There will always be enough of us to have a community. This film isn’t for everyone, just as John’s shop isn’t. They’re for people who get it. For me, Ivy never went.

When I look at John Simons’ shop, it strikes me how the same clothes can look different in the UK than they do in the US. You mentioned the diversity among John’s customers, his acceptance and even embracement of others. At the same time, here in the US, Ivy style has lost some of its charm.

Part of that is because some members of the alt-right have picked up Ivy. The other part is how it’s become harder to ignore the uglier associations with the style. My co-writer Pete put it well a few years ago when he said “prep implies privilege and inherited money; some of prep’s charm comes from the unquestioning self confidence bestowed only by independent wealth.” The 1950s boarding schools and universities that originally made Ivy appealing are also the same places that discriminated against minorities around the same period.


Yet, in the UK, these clothes don’t feel like they have that baggage – at least in the way they’re presented at John Simons. They have a different feel, much more modern and even democratic. 

I know what you mean. For me, wearing these clothes, I always felt like I was in the process of subverting something. Even if it was just what it means to be a black kid growing up in London, being the only kid in the classroom wearing a button-down shirt. It was about subverting something that’s not supposed to be for you. But in some places, the look has been recast as the uniform of a social and economic elite. It’s harder to ignore how some people are not just taking advantage of their privilege, but even flaunting it.

Sometimes I think the heritage movement is partly connected to where we are now. I remember looking at a really important blog during that period, and they had a list of American-made products, authentic American brands. There were fifty to a hundred brands on that list, everyone from Pendleton to Woolrich, but none of them were Native American. I remember thinking it was so strange. We’re buying into something inclusive and liberating, but there’s also something nebulous around the edges. When Trump won, my girlfriend said, “you know Jason, part of what you’re into is responsible for this.”

[Laughing] A reader once emailed me saying that! He said my writing on clothing was partly responsible for the rise of the alt-right.

I think in recent years, I’ve become more aware of how my interest in Ivy differs from others. I’m purely into a look, whereas some people are into what a look symbolizes – a sort of sanitized version of 1950s America. When I connect the clothes to culture, I connect them to personal heroes, who were often jazz musicians. Or things happening today, so it’s very contemporary for me. I don’t use these clothes to be wistful about the past.

One of the things that appealed to me is how people such as Muhammad Ali, Sidney Poitier, and Miles Davis wore the style. They looked great in Ivy. Fundamentally the style has always had a racial and socio-economic element, but today – just as how Ali, Poitier, and Davis wore it – what’s most important is how you interpret the clothes and how you wear them.  

Thanks for your time, Jason!

Readers can purchase DVD copies of A Modernist through Mono Media (the film’s official release is Monday, April 23rd, but pre-orders are available now). Jason is also working on a new book about sneakers, which is slated for release sometime next year. He tells us it’s about where sneaker culture is going, as well as how it impacts the rest of culture – social media, identity, luxury, consumerism, etc. You can keep up with John Simons and Jason Jules through Instagram. 


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Jason Clarke Touted for ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake; Here’s Everything We Know

Jason Clarke Touted for 'Pet Sematary' Remake; Here's Everything We Know

UPDATE: Jason Clarke (above) is now in talks in star in the new version of Pet Sematary, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If things work out, he will play the lead role, a doctor who has moved his family out of the city into a more rural area. Tragically, his son is killed in an accident, prompting the doctor to take extreme measures.

(What follows is our original article, with many more details, first published on October 31, 2017.)


Paramount Pictures has been developing…

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Jason George is Obsessed with This Kendrick Lamar Song From the Black Panther Movie Soundtrack

It’s “One Last Thing” with Jason George 

Come back every weekday at 8:30 a.m. EST to watch People Now streaming live from the Meredith offices in New York City, and rebroadcast at 11:30 a.m. EST. Get the absolute latest in celebrity news, real-life people stories & the best of fashion and food.

Want even more? Watch clips from yesterday’s People Now.


Fashion Deals Update:

BWW Interview: Everything’s Alright in Rehearsals for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIVE! Checking in with Norm Lewis, Jason Tam & More

March is halfway over, which means we’re just two weeks away from watching Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert on April 1st The cast and creative team havebeen hard at work in rehearsals, with the supporting cast having just joined the process. Though they’ve only been in rehearsals for a few days, they’ve got a lot to say
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Jax Taylor No More? Vanderpump Rules Star Asks to Be Called Jason in Emotional Therapy Session: “I’m Over This Person”

Vanderpump Rules, JaxA reality star by any other name…
Let’s just be honest: season six of Vanderpump Rules has not been Jax Taylor’s finest ours of reality television. The Bravo reality hit started…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Jason Momoa earns his hunk status in camp thriller ‘Braven’

Ever since he made a splash as a Dothraki warlord on “Game of Thrones,” Jason Momoa has been a force of nature on screens large and small. The hulking actor favors parts where he’s literally in the wild: DC’s Aquaman; a Canadian fur trader in the Netflix series “Frontier”; a desert-dwelling cannibal in last year’s…
Entertainment | New York Post


Jason Blum Discusses Possibility of an Insidious & Sinister Crossover

Jason Blum Discusses Possibility of an Insidious & Sinister Crossover

SINISTER, Michael Hall D'Addario, 2012. ©Summit Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection


King Kong vs. Godzilla, Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator, Sadako vs. Kayako… Horror fans have seen their favorite monsters and killers face off to varying results over the years. Matchmaking between two established horror franchises is always a possibility; some would even say an inevitability. A crossover between Insidious and Sinister could be the next horror…

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Jason Kennedy’s Wife Defends Him Following News of Catt Sadler’s Exit Over Pay Gap: He’s ‘Unfairly Publicly Shamed’

Jason Kennedy and his wife have broken their silence following news that Catt Sadler left E! News due to pay gap disputes.

Lauren Scruggs defended Kennedy, 36, in a post shared on her social media and blog Thursday to give “insight to the last 48 hours,” saying that her husband has received negative comments after Sadler, 43, publicly revealed on Tuesday the drastic pay disparity between herself and her former co-host.

Sadler said she left the network after she found out Kennedy was making “double” her salary for “several years” despite both of them coming up the ranks at E! News around the same time.

“I believe in female empowerment and gender equality, but it’s heartbreaking that a network is being deemed sexist when that is simply not true,” Scruggs, 29, wrote.

“At one time my husband had a female co-anchor on E! News who made 3 times his salary,” she said, alluding to Giuliana Rancic, whom PEOPLE revealed was paid “significantly more” Kennedy before she left the network in 2015.

“Women are paid accordingly on this network, and the difference in his salary versus hers did not affect Jason. He knows there are always more components to consider when determining one’s salary than gender alone,” said Scruggs, who married Kennedy in December 2014.

“Since Jason was named the permanent anchor of E! News over two years ago, he has had various co-hosts that rotate throughout the week. A permanent co-host has never been named since the last one left 6 months ago,” she said.

In a statement to PEOPLE, an E! spokesperson said on behalf of the network and Kennedy, “E! compensates employees fairly and appropriately based on their roles, regardless of gender. We appreciate Catt Sadler’s many contributions at E! News and wish her all the best following her decision to leave the network.”

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Scruggs further defended her husband by explaining that “there are two sides to every story” and how her post was to tell Kennedy’s side. “Everyone deserves to know before jumping to conclusions about a place he has called home for the last twelve years,” she said.

“If he ever heard that gender inequality was occurring at his workplace, he would take action. Instead, it’s the contrary, and the numerous phone calls we have had these past two days from both current and former female employees at E! only support what he has seen in his time there. These women have assured us that they never felt gender inequality was at play at any time,” she explained.


Sadler told PEOPLE how she discovered she was being paid half of what Kennedy earns.

This year, the single mother of two’s contract was coming to an end and was notified by E! executives that they wanted to extend her deal. However around the same time that was happening, Sadler said she was “informed and made aware that who I started with the same year and have come up with doing essentially similar jobs, if not the same job, wasn’t just making a little bit more than me but was making double my salary and has been for several years.”

Sadler started at E! in 2006 when she landed the job as host of The Daily 10 and was named host of E! News in 2010, additionally hosting Live from E! and E!’s Daily Pop. Kennedy joined E! in 2005 as a weekend anchor and hosted The Daily 10 before becoming a host of E! News and Live from E! in 2012.

Upon learning Kennedy’s salary, Sadler said she attempted to renegotiate her new contract. “Not only did refuse to pay me as much as my male counterpart, but they didn’t come close — nowhere close, not even remotely close,” she recalled.

WATCH: E! News Alum Giuliana Rancic Was Paid ‘Significantly More’ than Jason Kennedy: Source

Meanwhile, Scruggs concluded her post by detailing her husband’s character.

“Jason is the most tender-hearted & respectful person and it’s so sad to see him unfairly publicly shamed. His name has been dragged through the mud regarding nothing he did, except be a great friend & colleague,” she said.

“It absolutely breaks my heart to watch, & it is devastating & frustrating to see how this all played out. I will always stand on truth, & I cannot stand by and be silent when the foundation of a story that affects my family is not based on that. I am so proud of & inspired by my husband for constantly being prayerful, surrounding himself w/ wisdom, & being the definition of a class act even in unfortunate circumstances. Love u, Jase, I am honored to be by your side.”

Scruggs shared a majority of the same paragraphs on social media, only leaving out the sentence she included on her blog commending Sadler.

“I do, though, want to thank Catt for defending and supporting Jase even though this narrative brought insurmountable amounts of hate towards him on social media,” she wrote.

Kennedy thanked his wife in his own post on Instagram and Twitter Thursday, writing, “I love you @laurenscruggs thank you for what you just posted.”


Sadler told PEOPLE on Wednesday that she does not blame Kennedy for the pay disparity.

“Jason Kennedy is one of my best friends in the whole wide world. He is like a brother to me. And in no way do I want this to reflect poorly on him. This is not his fault,” said Sadler, who is a parent to sons Arion Boyd, 12, and Austin Boyd, 16.

“He’s devastated, I think, and I think he believes that this is a great loss for the network. He does not want to see me go. Jason is a class act. … But it’s important that people don’t vilify him because he isn’t the problem — the system’s the problem, the structure’s the problem. And I really do mean that. Because that’s been a hard part of this whole thing because I love him dearly,” she shared. “And to be honest, he has been such a champion for me in every sense. But it’s not his decision.”


Fashion Deals Update:

Watch Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams in First ‘Game Night’ Trailer

Watch Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams in First 'Game Night' Trailer

This week sees the release of a genuine, old-fashioned murder mystery with the Agatha Christie adaptation Murder on the Orient Express. Not far behind, naturally, is the latest comedic take on the genre, Game Night.

Set in the present (unlike examples such as Clue and Murder by Death), the movie seems to be inspired by classic interactive dinner theater experiences where you take part in a fake murder mystery scenario, maybe aboard a river cruise or in a creepy mansion. But…

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‘Justice League’ Buzz: Jason Momoa Teases Post-Credits Scene and More

'Justice League' Buzz: Jason Momoa Teases Post-Credits Scene and More

In just ten days, a handful of DC superheroes will come together on the big screen for the first time. Justice League, which unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash (plus Superman eventually), will finally arrive in theaters. But we're still learning bits and pieces about the team-up ahead of its release. Here's the latest:


There will be a post-credits scene

Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC movies don't always have mid-credits or…

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Jason Ritter: My new show will give you the feels

Associated Press


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Jason Momoa Has Apologized for His Game of Thrones Rape Joke

Jason Momoa has something to say about that 2011 Comic-Con joke.

The Game of Thrones actor had his words come back to haunt him after a video from the show’s San Diego panel recently started making headlines in the wake of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and, closer to home, his Justice League costar Ben Affleck apologizing for a 2003 groping incident.

“As far as sci-fi and fantasy, I love that genre because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and rape beautiful women,” said the actor to some crowd laughter about his barbarian warrior character Khal Drogo.

Now Momoa is opening up about the incident in a statement on Instagram.

“I awoke in Australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke I made years ago in Hall H for which I am sorry,” Momoa said. “I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day. I know my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends.”

He continued: “I made a truly tasteless comment. It is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize with a heavy heart for the words I said.”


A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

The actor is introduced as Aquaman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero mashup while Affleck reprises his role as Batman.

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

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See Jason Aldean Address Las Vegas Shooting, Cover Tom Petty on ‘SNL’

Jason Aldean was an unannounced special guest on Saturday Night Live, delivering a moving speech about the Las Vegas mass shooting before performing Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" during the sketch show's cold open. Aldean was onstage at the Route 91 Harvest festival when a gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing 58 and wounding more than 500.

"This week we witnessed one of the

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Jason Aldean Address Las Vegas Shooting, Cover Tom Petty on ‘SNL’

Rolling Stone Latest TV and Sports and Music and Movies and Politics and Culture and RS Country and glixel and Glixel News


Jason Aldean Ran from Stage When Las Vegas Gunman Opened Fire: ‘Tonight Has Been Beyond Horrific’

Video footage shows the harrowing moments country singer Jason Aldean ran from the stage during his Las Vegas show on Sunday after a gunman opened fire, killing 20 people and injuring at least 100.

A clip uploaded to Twitter by an attendant showed the 40-year-old singer performing as gunfire broke out at the country music festival. Soon, the music comes to an abrupt halt and Aldean is seen fleeing the stage.

“Tonight has been beyond horrific. I still dont know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that Me and my Crew are safe,” Aldean wrote in an Instagram post in the wake of the incident.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. It hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. #heartbroken#stopthehate.”

The shooting began just as Aldean kicked off his show on the final day of the three-day Route 91 Harvest Festival, the Washington Post reports.

Witnesses reported that a gunman opened fire – reportedly with a fully automatic weapon – from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino. Police later engaged the shooter and killed him, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said, according to NBC News.

Shortly after the shooting, Aldean’s wife, Brittany, reassured fans in an Instagram post, writing, “We are safe … our angels were definitely watching over us tonight. No words for what happened … Just horrific. Praying for everyone.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced Sunday night that an active shooter has been reported near the casino and advised people to avoid the area.

Authorities shut down the south end of the strip as well as freeway traffic on the I-15 from Tropicana to Russell Road. Some flights destined for McCarran Airport were also diverted due to the reported shooting, according to the airport.

A video posted by a Twitter user showed a crowd of people fleeing from a nearby music festival after the shots were reported. Police said they believe the shooting to be “a solo act” done by “a lone wolf attacker,” according to the Los Angeles Times.


Fashion Deals Update:

Jason Gotay to Play Title Role in ALADDIN AND HIS WINTER WISH at Laguna Playhouse; Cast Announced!

Laguna Playhouse Artistic Director Ann E. Wareham, Executive Director Ellen Richard and Lythgoe Family Panto LFP have announced that Kira Kosarin three-time Kid’s Choice Award-nominee of Nickelodeon’s hit show ‘The Thundermans’, Jason Gotay World Premiere of Stephen Schwartz’s The Prince Of Egypt, title role of Broadway’s Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Barry Pearl ‘Grease’ and Josh Adamson Big Fish, Taboo are set to star in Lythgoe Family Panto’s ALADDIN AND HIS WINTER WISH.
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How To Keep Up With The Jason Stockley Protest

Ex St. Louis officer Jason Stockley has been acquitted in the killing and death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith. Since the verdict, the city of St. Louis reacted in a series of protest all across the city.

If you want to stay connected with the protest, we suggest following these main Twitter accounts:

  1. @ShaunKing is a journalist whose research and hard-hitting articles keeps people in the know about any current situations. It can be anything from police brutality, corruption or Medicare. Shaun is always ready to show the truth. He is a regular guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show where he provides powerful commentary.
  2. @WesleyLowery is a journalist for the Washington Post and author of the popular book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement. Like Shaun King Lowery is also in the know and can provide the necessary updates and commentary on any issue, especially the Jason Stockley verdict, and protest.
  3. @SenatorNasheed is the Missouri state senator for the 5th district of the state. She formerly served in the Missouri House of Representatives. She is another source for updates on the verdict and protest of the Jason Stockley trial.
  4. @stlpublicradio is a St.Louis public radio station that like are three other sources are good for updates on the protest and staying connected with local news.

Here are some hashtags to search for during the protest to catch everything you can on it.







Here are some tweets from the protest so far.


(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

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See Jason Aldean Honor Troy Gentry With Montgomery Gentry Cover

The country world is still reeling from the shocking loss of Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry, who died September 8th in a helicopter crash in New Jersey. Singer Jason Aldean found a way to pay his respects the following night at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, covering

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Jason Aldean Honor Troy Gentry With Montgomery Gentry Cover

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Lady Gaga, Margot Robbie, Jason Sudeikis and More Spotted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival

Margot Robbie, 2017 Toronto International Film FestivalThe 2017 Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing.
The festival just started on Sept. 7 and runs until Sept. 17, but there have already been several celebrity…

E! Online (US) – Red Carpet Blog


Every Look From Jason Wu’s Spring 2018 Collection

Jason Wu presented his latest collection at New York Fashion Week on Friday afternoon at the Fulton Market Building in South Street Seaport. A lush, tropical flower arrangement provided the backdrop to the runway, which opened with a pink-striped-clad Bella Hadid. The cast of models who followed …

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Halley Feiffer, Jason Butler Harner to Lead ‘A FUNNY THING…’ at Geffen Playhouse

The Geffen Playhouse today announced the full cast for the first play in its 2017 2018 season, Halley Feiffer’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York City.
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See Jason Isbell’s Stirring Acoustic ‘Chaos and Clothes’

Jason Isbell can be a real goofball. You might not realize it, given the serious, probing nature of his songwriting. But the Grammy winner's sense of humor was on full display on the latest episode of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, where he and his band, the 400 Unit, showed up to play a few songs off their new LP, The Nashville Sound.

The ensemble's trio of songs – "Chaos

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Jason Isbell’s Stirring Acoustic ‘Chaos and Clothes’

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See Jason Isbell’s Gorgeous, Animated ‘If We Were Vampires’ Video

Now more than ever, Jason Isbell is living like he's a part of a unit. Literally, in the case of his band the 400 Unit, but figuratively as well. Isbell's new LP The Nashville Sound represents that as well as anything, as his songwriting is filtered through the perspective of a happy husband and first-time father. That perspective may come into the sharpest focus on the touching love

This article originally appeared on www.rollingstone.com: See Jason Isbell’s Gorgeous, Animated ‘If We Were Vampires’ Video

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‘Valencia’s cathedral is home to the holy grail’: novelist Jason Webster

Once the ugly sister of Spanish cities, Valencia has blossomed, with outstanding food and architecture. And for five days a year, it’s a city that doesn’t sleep

Valencia is a jewel that foreigners are only beginning to discover. For years it was Spain’s unloved sister: in 1970, critic Kenneth Tynan dubbed it “the world capital of anti-tourism”. To be in Valencia “is to be permanently 20 minutes this side of suicide”, one visitor told him. All that, thankfully, has changed, with a thorough face wash and big building projects. The gothic architecture is world class, and the Mercado Central knocks the socks off Barcelona’s La Boqueria market.

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The TSA Loves to Get Handsy with Jason Mantzoukas

It doesn’t stop at the “full-blown touch-my-dick pat down.”

Lifestyle – Esquire


Baby on the Way for Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr Aldean

Jason Aldean is about to “Take a Little Ride” into fatherhood once again.

The country singer, 40, and his wife of two years, 28-year-old former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr Aldean, are set to welcome their first child together, they announced on social media Monday.

“SURPRISE!!! WE ARE PREGNANT!!! This was the hardest secret we’ve ever had to keep,” Kerr captioned her post. “This journey for us has been full of many happy times & also many tears… The biggest rollercoaster we have ever been on, without a doubt! All of the moments of heartache were followed by the biggest blessing in the entire world!! We will never take one moment for granted & can’t wait to meet you, sweet baby!!!”

Added Aldean, “Been hard to keep this secret but we couldn’t be happier to add to our family. This year just gets better and better. #bunintheoven”

Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter.

RELATED VIDEO: Jason Aldean Opens Up about His Personal Life


The new baby will join Aldean’s two daughters from his previous relationship with Jessica Ussery, whom he split from in April 2013 after 12 years of marriage: Kendyl, 9, and Keeley, 14.

The musician and mom-to-be began dating in March 2014, tying the knot a year later in Mexico. For the beachfront nuptials, the bride wore a long-sleeved lace gown and carried a bouquet of yellow, red and purple flowers.

“My heart has never been more full of happiness and love,” Kerr posted on Instagram following the couple’s September 2014 engagement announcement. “Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. So many blessings and memories are in our future and SO thankful I get to share them with him.”


FROM COINAGE: Wedding Etiquette Isn’t Hard, But Just in Case, Here Are Eight Tips


Aldean spoke to PEOPLE in October about dealing with negative comments surrounding his relationship, saying, “People are very opinionated about things they’re not really aware of.”

“But at the same time I’m not going to spend all my time defending myself. I am what I am,” added the “Burnin’ It Down” singer. “People that know me or know my situation, they actually know.”

One positive ingredient? The message behind Aldean’s latest album They Don’t Know, which highlights the happiness he is feeling in his life.

“On this album, instead of focusing on all that other stuff that was going on for so long, everything is good and it made a world of difference for me,” he said of the project. “Anytime you’re in a place where you can relax and when you’re happy, that’s going to make everything else better.”

RELATED STORY: Jason Aldean Marries Brittany Kerr

“I know she would like to have at least one kid,” Aldean added in October of his wife. “And I’m down for that. I love kids and being a dad is one of the best things in the world for me. If it’s meant to happen, it will. Only time will tell.”

And what about his daughters — are they ready for a new little sibling?

“Keeley’s always been a mother hen type with babies, so we’d have a built-in babysitter!” he shared. “And Kendyl has always been the little sister, so for her to be the big sister, I think she’d be pretty stoked.”


Fashion Deals Update:

Jason Derulo Says His Split With Jordin Sparks Is Behind Him

Jason Derulo is back to ridin’ solo. The “Wiggle” singer, 25, spoke about the single life and his messy 2014 breakup from Jordin Sparks in a new cover story interview with Billboard magazine, saying he doesn’t expect to be coupled-up again anytime soon.

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Jason Lee Says ‘Mallrats’ Was His ‘Biggest Letdown’

In 1995, Jason Lee was known more for being a professional skateboarder than making America laugh. Then “Mallrats,” a cult classic, came along, and Lee was never the same. And, despite its cultural status today, the box-office flop almost turned Lee off acting right when his career had just begun.

“Back then, I was coming up on 25 and feeling like maybe I’m done with [skateboarding],” Lee told host Ricky Camilleri in a HuffPost Live interview Thursday. “I had done ‘Mallrats’ and I thought maybe I would try to sort of gracefully get out of skating and overstay my welcome and try to do this movie thing. And then, lo and behold, when ‘Mallrats’ came out, three people saw it. It absolutely bombed.”

Lee, however, never went back. He went on to star in another beloved movie, “Chasing Amy,” and then onto the blockbuster “Enemy of the State” in 1998. The well-traveled actor might be most known for his role as title character in “My Name Is Earl,” which aired for four seasons from 2005 to 2009 on NBC.

Twenty years after that first role in “Mallrats,” Lee looks back fondly on those times. He remembers how excited he was to be a part of the movie and the naive confidence he had that the movie would be a smash hit. He wasn’t the only one hurt, either, when the movie didn’t make money; director Kevin Smith even changed his answering machine recording to properly reflect his feelings.

“‘Mallrats’ was the biggest letdown, though. It was, ‘Mom, I’m in a movie, can you believe it? Do you know how many people are going to see this and laugh and have so much fun?’ [And then] crickets,” Lee said with a laugh. “I think Kevin left an outgoing message on the production office’s answering machine after ‘Mallrats’ came out and bombed. ‘Hey, this is Kevin. We can’t get to the phone right now. We’re too busy licking our wounds.'”

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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Jason Momoa’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition Tape Is Better Than You’d Imagine

Khal Drogo is no doubt a beast of a man, so it would only make sense that Jason Momoa’s “Game of Thrones” audition tape would take that to the max.

In the audition tape, which was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2012, but has since gained more traction, the actor doesn’t brood or speak Drogo’s native tongue, Dothraki. Instead, Momoa breaks out into a Haka, or an ancestral war cry or dance of the Māori people of New Zealand that was typically performed before battle. The dance is incredibly intense and a bit terrifying — this guy would definitely give you a golden crown if you messed with him.

Back in August when Momoa stopped by AOL, the actor said he was originally given a Drogo scene to read for his audition that consisted of the character menacingly saying “no” over and over (not very exciting). After a suggestion from an actor friend, Momoa decided to try out the Haka for this audition. The aggressive dance, which Momoa described as “not a scene you do before a love scene,” impressed D. B. Weiss and David Benioff so much that they had him come back and perform it for a second time, which is what the above video shows.

Momoa is such a pro at the Haka (he even did it on a beach in 2013) that we wonder if he’ll incorporate it into his Aquaman.

H/T Time
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Try Fitness First” (Book) by Jason Conviser and Jenny H. Conviser

Try Fitness First” (Book) by Jason Conviser and Jenny H. Conviser

A great introduction to health for beginners. Provides readers with the information they need to make health-conscious decisions about every aspect of their lives. Contains easy-to-understand chapters on such important topics as: Establishing fitness goals, understanding risk factors, developing cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, sensible weight loss, choosing the right exercises, women’s issues, exercise and aging, and much, much more. 2003, 134 pages. Features the NCAA Northwestern Wildcats.
List Price: 17.87

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