Angelina Jolie Returns as ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ in First Trailer; Here’s Everything We Know

Angelina Jolie Returns as ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ in First Trailer; Here’s Everything We Know

Five years after the release of the hugely successful Maleficent, Disney’s live-action retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story from the villain’s point of view, a sequel is on the way. Angelina Jolie reprises her role as the titular fairy for the follow-up, which is called Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, as the misunderstood character’s origin story continues.

The first teaser reveals familiar allies and new adversaries for Maleficent many years since the events of the first…

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Kumail Nanjiani Joins Angelina Jolie for Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’; Here’s Everything We Know

Kumail Nanjiani Joins Angelina Jolie for Marvel's ‘The Eternals'; Here's Everything We Know

Less than a year ago, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told The Wrap that The Eternals was "one of many, many, many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate." Now, the possibility has become a reality and Eternals is moving forward to the next level. 

While there’s still no release date announced, The Eternals does have writers and a director in place…

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Here’s what Angelina Jolie said about running for President

Exciting much?

Angelina jolie instagram debut

Angelina Jolie is one of the most talked about people in the world, and from her Academy Award winning acting roles and her motherhood skills to her humanitarian work, Ange has truly proven that she can do it all.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that people were quick to throw her hat into the ring as a presidential candidate.

While Angelina didn’t bat the rumours away, reportedly telling People ‘never say never’, when asked if she was running for office, it unfortunately doesn’t look like it’s on her to-do list now.

‘Right now I am looking to others for leadership,’ the humanitarian explained.

Angelina Jolie


Why? She’s got her hands full.

‘If you look across the world, there are far too many women and girls who are not only not seeing progress, their rights are slipping away from them,’ Angelina continued to tell People. ‘One of the things we are putting forward now is a proposal for a permanent international body to investigate war crimes, including mass rape and other sexual and gender-based violence.’

This isn’t the first time Angelina has been rumoured to be running for President, with the actress asked back in 2014 in an interview with Good Morning America if she would ever consider it.

Ange’s response? ‘You know, if I thought I’d be effective, I would. But I’m not sure if I would ever be taken seriously in that way, and be able to be effective.’

Well as Angelina said, never say never!

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The Week in Movie News: Angelina Jolie Joins the MCU, Michael B. Jordan to Play 400-Year-Old Man and More

The Week in Movie News: Angelina Jolie Joins the MCU, Michael B. Jordan to Play 400-Year-Old Man and More

Need a quick recap of the past week in movie news? Here are the highlights:


Angelina Jolie to star in The Eternals: After being in the mix to direct Captain Marvel, megastar Angelina Jolie could finally join the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in front of the screen rather than behind the scenes. The actress is in talks to play an undisclosed character in The Eternals, a cosmic comic book adaptation that you can read all about here.

Michael B. Jordan to star…

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Angelina Jolie reportedly joining Marvel superhero universe


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie is in talks to appear in Marvel’s The Eternals. Though no official announcement has been made, the project was confirmed by studio president Kevin Feige last April. Read more…

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Brad Pitt ‘Bracing’ Himself For ‘Emotional’ Holiday Season As Custody Trial With Angelina Jolie Looms

The holidays are going to be a rough one for Brad Pitt, as he and ex Angelina Jolie are heading into a heated custody trial over their six kids. We’ve got details on how he’s bracing for the emotions ahead.

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Brad Pitt Is Sure That Angelina Jolie Is Going To Create Drama When It Comes To The Holidays

More than two years after they separated, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still in the middle of their nasty divorce and custody battle, and a new report claims it is going to be a drama-filled holiday season for the former couple. Could the strange move Jolie’s lawyers made this past week be an indication of unusual things to come?

According to Radar Online, one of Jolie’s lawyers, Joseph Mannis, took the odd step of filing a formal motion with the court to notify them that he will be out of town for a week at Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas.

Because of this, Mannis has requested that the court doesn’t have any hearings between Jolie and Pitt during those times.

“Brad’s lawyers are going to ignore something that comes up with the kids that needs immediate attention from the court just because Joe is on vacation?” asked an insider.

The source says that the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star is concerned that his ex will be ready “to stir up drama” during the holiday season and is going to continue her attempts to make Pitt look like the bad guy, especially if he needs to go to court while her attorney isn’t in town.

However, Pitt isn’t going to let Jolie’s antics keep him from spending time with their six children, says the insider.

Jolie recently made things even worse with Pitt when she threw out a bunch of items that he had left with the kids. The source says that Pitt left antiques, family heirlooms, and sentimental trinkets like old toys with the kids, and when Jolie found them, she threw them all out “without hesitation.”

Even though the divorce drags on, Pitt has moved on and is dating. However, the chances of him walking the red carpet with another celebrity are pretty small, says a pal. Friends do think that Pitt will marry again, but they think he will end up with a woman who has a lower profile.

Insiders say that these last two years have been a nightmare for the actor. And, after decades of relationships with women like Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Juliette Lewis, Pitt wants to keep things more private instead of having a public relationship.

Sources say that Pitt is enjoying hanging out with his friends and meeting women through people he trusts, but his top priorities at the moment are his children, his work, and getting some sense of normalcy. He is casually dating, but right now everything is about the kids.

Brad Pitt has stayed relatively quiet since his split from Angelina Jolie, making only two public statements. An insider says he is trying to do what is best for his kids, but he is hurt. Ultimately, his friends want him to find peace and love again.

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