Next 3 Action Thrillers for Adults: ‘Shaft,’ ‘Anna,’ ‘The Kitchen’

Next 3 Action Thrillers for Adults: 'Shaft,' 'Anna,' 'The Kitchen'

Keanu Reeves returns in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as an indefatigable assassin who just wants to enjoy life with his canine companion. Before that can happen, though, he needs to avoid the hit men and women from around the world who want nothing more than to assassinate the master international assassin.

The spectacular action sequences in the thriller are designed especially for adults. Are there more thrillers for adults on the theatrical horizon? Yes! Here are three.


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12 Places in Your Kitchen Where Mold Could Be Hiding

Kitchens are supposed to be spaces for creating delicious meals and memories, not breeding grounds for mold. But because kitchens have a lot of moisture, they offer the perfect conditions for mold to grow—sometimes in surprising places. Here are 12 spots in your kitchen where mold could be lurking, and a few ideas for getting rid of it and keeping it away for good.
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Scouted: Today on Amazon: Save Hundreds on High End, Touchless Kitchen Faucets

In my journeys, I usually come across one of two distinct varieties of kitchen faucet: Metallic-styled and goose-necked masterpieces in big, similarly magnificent kitchens are on one end. On the other end is everything else. And today’s Moen faucets sale — saving you hundreds of dollars on best-selling units — is a chance for anyone on the prowl for a high-end faucet to more affordably level up.

The shining beacon of the sale is the Arbor Motionsense, which at $ 260 today is a 23% discount. And though the Arbor looks too aesthetically pleasing to also provide high function, it actually does: Two sensors let you wave your hand to activate the stream so you’re never leaving residue on it from soap, grease, a sneeze, or any other kind of schmutz in the kitchen. Its retractable hose is 68 inches long and designed to provide extra pressure to its stream while maintaining easy movement and secure docking — I’ve never met someone who isn’t irked when a retractable device docks off-kilter. And it’s easy to put together, the installation a mainstay focus in Moen’s design. Lastly, this faucet is the top best seller in the touchless faucet category.

But Moen is by no means the only notable faucet make out there. Here are a few other highly-rated and very attractive faucets to help you take your kitchen to the next level.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Modern Country Estate Kitchen Concept

A modern country estate was the inspiration for this kitchen concept by Designer Jillian Straky of Housewears. The room features high ceilings, white walls and black framed windows with fabulous views of green countryside. The warmth and practicality of natural oak herringbone floors, open shelving and painted graphite shaker cabinetry evokes a grand but relaxed feel.

Natural oak shelving flank a structured matte black range hood and brings casual ease to the design. Shelves are styled with ethnic inspired bowls, white tableware and sleek, modern pottery. The gorgeous white countertop and geometric mosaic backsplash add pattern and airiness to the dark millwork. Riobel’s new Azure Bridge faucet in matte black is a star in front of a farmhouse sink in matte gold, contrasting beautifully against the light countertop and backsplash. The geometry of the backsplash is mimicked in the Matteo pendant lights. Industrial pulls and bar stools in brushed gold are a warm complement to the rich grey cabinetry.

This sophisticated kitchen is refined yet effortlessly comfortable and we love the combination of the less formal, natural light wood paired with deep, rich charcoal. The look remains dramatic with white countertops and finishes in matte black and brushed gold.


The post Modern Country Estate Kitchen Concept appeared first on Home Trends Magazine.

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16 Simple Ways to Stop Wasting Food in Your Kitchen (and Save Money)

Have you ever really thought about the afterlife of your leftovers?

A once-edible meal lies defeated and unpurposed as it falls into the trash, never to be thought of again.

Those forgotten food remnants add up to some pretty alarming numbers.

In the U.S, an estimated 30% to 40% of food is thrown away.

Who’s thinking about a hunger crisis when there’s a bountiful food supply at the edge of your fingertips? Tossing a few scraps seems harmless, right?

How Bad Is the Food Waste Problem?

Food waste happens in such little bits here and there that people don’t even realize they’re doing it, according to Dana Gunders, a former senior scientist at the National Resource Defense Council and author of “Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook: A Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money By Wasting Less Food.”

Consumers waste more food, collectively, than restaurants or grocery stores,” Gunders said. “And the average household of four spends about $ 1,800 on food they never eat.”

A whopping one-third of ALL food grown for human consumption on Earth is lost or wasted.

“Growing food and getting it to our tables is a huge investment in resources,” Gunders said. “When you throw out one hamburger, it’s like taking a 90-minute shower in terms of the water it took to produce that hamburger.”

Really scary questions loom about feeding future generations, landfills and how common — and easy — it is to squander precious resources.

Can you imagine how much money and food everyone would save if they bought only the food they’d actually eat?

Gunders said that once people open their eyes to the problem, they naturally waste a little less.

“I find it interesting that people can be swayed by 5 or 10 cents when in the grocery store, but that math goes out the window when it comes to wasting food once they’re home,” she said.

There’s a lot we can’t control, but there’s a great deal we can control about our kitchens, plates and trash cans.

16 Tips for Reducing Food Waste

Before you take up dumpster diving to rescue forgotten-about food, consider some of these tips for how to reduce food waste at home.

1. Make a Grocery List and Stick to It

Overbuying leads to food waste. Planning your meals for the week, making a list and sticking to it can prevent impulse buys and limit the vegetable carcasses not even good intentions could revive.

Gunders suggests thinking double duty. If you need fresh cilantro for a meal, can you plan a second meal that will use it, too? This not only saves your budget, but it eliminates casual food waste.

2. Buy Frozen Instead of Fresh

A man shops in the frozen food section of a grocery store

The bright, beautiful colors of fresh fruits and veggies tempt me every week. Then I remember how quickly fresh produce can spoil.

Now, I’ve turned to stocking my freezer with produce. I call this the Too Many Avocados Left Behind Act. I don’t freeze my avocados, but I do buy most fruits and veggies frozen now. I can thaw them in a flash and count on having a random assortment of ingredients on a whim.

3. Plan for Surprises

It’s so easy to get tempted by the events of the week, from an unscheduled lunch to a surprise happy hour. Leftovers get abandoned as you nosh on an unplanned (and unbudgeted) meal out.

You can plan your meals for the week and allot some wiggle room for spontaneous outings.  By having a backup recipe or frozen meal you will always have on hand, you can accept a last-minute invitation and not fritter away a thing.

4. Rethink Expiration Dates

Yogurt containers with expiration dates

Sell-by, use-by and expiration dates all mean different things. Most often, the dates serve as a freshness, quality or display indicator, not a marker for when the food will actually go bad. Many people throw out perfectly good food because of date stamps. Use common sense, and research what the date on your packaged or canned food really means before you toss it.

5. Make Your Freezer Great Again

Good intentions can’t reverse rotten tomatoes or spoiled meat. That steak you meant to eat on Sunday looks questionable by Tuesday.

You can extend the life of your meats, bread and vegetables by freezing them.

Gunders said almost anything can be frozen: Milk, shredded cheese, sliced bread and even raw eggs (out of the shell) can go in the freezer.

It’ll all be there when you’re ready, thus, it will save you future cooking time, money and food waste. Don’t you feel better?

6. Store Items Where You Can See Them

Some produce slips into the crisper abyss. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep items where you can see them. You’re more likely to use items that you can physically see.

Additionally, learn how to store each type of vegetable. Some ripen faster and can speed up others nearby. Consider investing in special airtight containers that keep produce firm and fresh longer.

Washing the pieces of fruit or vegetables you plan on using will also keep the whole bag from going bad before you get a chance to enjoy their deliciousness.

7. Clean Your Fridge and Organize Your Pantry

Food in a refrigerator

Expired items hide, and mold lurks on the edges you can’t quite see. Having a tidy fridge helps you see exactly what you have and inspires you to use it.

Same goes for the pantry: Keeping it tidy allows you to see what you have at a glance and prevents items from getting lost behind the castles of steel cans.

8. Try Composting

Skip the landfill, and start composting. Everything from your coffee grounds to celery ends can find their way into your bin. In turn, you can eventually use it toward your next home gardening adventure.

9. Learn to Preserve or Can Foods

Pickle? Preserve? Can? They’re all options gaining popularity. But these practices have been around for centuries and have helped folks survive harsh winters and economic downturns.

With a little upfront investment of time and money, you can acquire the tools necessary to preserve your excess foods. This can prolong their shelf life and reduce food waste and costs.

10. Donate Extra Food

If you know your family won’t eat something, donate it. Many local pantries and food banks welcome donations, however, consider friends or families in your community who might appreciate a little extra food. There are restrictions and rules at some charities about what can be donated, so check before making any contributions.

11. Eat What You Have

Plan recipes around what’s been sitting around for a while or what needs to get used before it expires. Keeping your fridge and pantry clean and organized helps you see exactly what you have and what you should cook before adding more supplies to the mix.

12. Mix It Up

Leftovers you’re tired of eating can be repurposed into new recipes. Some fruits and vegetables that are a little too ripe can be baked or mashed into a casserole. Ripe bananas make great banana bread, and soft strawberries can be added to smoothies.

Other scraps can be made into stocks or added to a compost. I’ve put coffee grounds in my soil, and a friend of mine makes corn silk tea. There’s a practical use for almost any piece of food you might throw away.

13. Host a Potluck

I’m a picky eater, yet I love to cook. Sometimes I acquire ingredients for recipes that I don’t end up using again, or I try something and end up not liking it. So, I’ve hosted potlucks to use said ingredients. Invite friends over, and have leftover lunches for days. You’ll help everyone else also clean their cabinets. Win-win.

14. Get an App

A woman boils water on her stove while checking her cell phone

There are a few apps on the market that try to put a dent in the global food waste problem. Here are a few to consider:

  • The USDA FoodKeeper app aids in best practices of food and beverage storage to maximize quality and freshness.
  • Too Good to Go makes surplus restaurant food available for pickup before it gets thrown out.
  • Waste No Food helps food-based establishments, from farms to restaurants, to donate excess food to charities and and shelters.

15. Channel Bob Ross

Ever wish you could make art with your food outside of Instagram posts? Let the bright colors of your leftovers become the colors of your clothes or the paint on your canvas.

Yup, your peels and ends from scraps of everything from beets, spinach and lemons can be made into permanent fabric dye that could double as watercolor paint.

16. Life’s a Garden… Dig It!

Even the brownest thumbs can turn green. Try regrowing your food scraps, and see what happens. Put seeds in the backyard, or try sprouting them over a cup of water.

The Lesson: Waste Not, Want Not

It’s simple math: Buying less food means more money in your pocket.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

But with a few small adjustments and active intentions of how to better store, buy and cook food, you can start a ripple effect that will save time, money and food in the long run.

Who knows — maybe others will catch on. Look at Denmark. It reduced its food waste by 25% over a five-year period, and it didn’t happen without a real effort and cultural shift to address the problem.

Learn what works for you. Maybe you’ll grow a new habit if you just plant the seed.

Stephanie Bolling is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. Her cat never wastes any food.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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25 Illuminating Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen

There are so many decisions to make when you’re remodeling a kitchen—cabinetry, appliances, countertop material, faucets, backsplash—that it’s easy to shortchange the lighting. That would be a big mistake. Proper lighting is crucial to a kitchen’s functionality, and the lighting fixtures themselves can pack a real punch style-wise. Here, we’ve gathered 25 kitchen lighting ideas, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern, that can both brighten and enhance your kitchen.
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Trish’s Updated Classic Chef’s Kitchen

Inspired by the all black finish and clean lines of the new Riobel Mythic faucet, I wanted to create a kitchen suited to a busy home chef with an updated classic feel. A combination of white and dark wood cabinetry will create a neutral backdrop with plenty of contrast and warmth. Top this off with a stunning Silestone countertop that is both durable and easy to maintain for a dramatic yet elegant look.

A Ikon 33 apron sink in Anthracite is the perfect choice to compliment both the dark countertops and the matte black faucet. The black theme continues with a simple, modern pendant that draws the eye up and creates balance.

Of course, a home chef needs stunning, high quality appliances. The La Cornue range I chose is a showstopper in black and gold for a look that both looks and feels luxurious. And last but not least, every dream kitchen needs a steam oven and coffee centre to really make cooking a dream!


The post Trish’s Updated Classic Chef’s Kitchen appeared first on Home Trends Magazine.

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Grow your favorite herbs right in your kitchen — Mashable Deals


Never fuss again with the aching backs and pesky bugs associated with gardening. Now you can grow it in your own kitchen with the Click and Grow Smart Garden. Simply put in a pod, add some water and plug it in. You will have fresh and healthy plants in no time.

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Read more…

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Check your kitchen for these recalled foods

Be careful what you eat! A variety of foods, including curry powder, meats and poultry, have been recalled recently due to confirmed or possible contamination. – RSS Channel – Health


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