Waste less food for a healthy planet

If you want to do a good turn for the health of your community and your planet, consider the issue of food waste.

The National Resources Defense Council reports that up to 40% of food in the United States is never eaten, and the largest source of waste is people throwing out food at home. Wasted food is a significant contributor to climate change because greenhouse gasses are produced in the growing, processing, packaging, and transporting of wasted food, and more gasses are released as wasted food deteriorates in landfills.

How hospitals are helping

Hospitals often end up with extra food because patient meals are typically ordered the day before they’re needed, but patients can be discharged early, or needs can change. Kaiser Permanente hospitals have a history of reducing food waste by working to ensure that patient meal projections are as accurate as possible. But when there’s excess food, we partner with nonprofits to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste.

Nearly every Kaiser Permanente hospital in California works with a nonprofit partner or partners to rescue unserved perishable food and give it to people in need. By 2020, all California hospitals will be required by state law to make significant reductions in organic waste, including food waste.

At the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center last year, nearly 14,000 pounds of unserved food was picked up by Meals on Wheels on weekdays and No Time to Waste on weekends. Elizabeth Bailey, director of Food and Nutrition for the hospital, described the program as a point of pride for the whole department.

“We all feel good that the food is going to great causes and we’re keeping it out of the trash and landfill,” she said.

Fighting food insecurity

The California Association of Food Banks estimates that 1 in 8 Californians struggle with food insecurity — which means they don’t have regular access to the food they need to be healthy and active.

Jan Villarante, director, Kaiser Permanente National Nutrition Service, said the hospital food redistribution programs are helping.

 “The meals we redistribute in the community are of excellent nutritional quality with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Plus, much of our produce is locally sourced, so that helps local growers and the environment, too.”

Last year, Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Southern California donated more than 72,000 pounds of recovered food to local nonprofit groups. John Yamamoto, who serves as vice president for Community Health in Southern California, said the donations are another significant way the organization works to improve health and equity in the community.

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Simon Cowell mocked for being less likeable than David Williams as Britain’s Got Talent judges compete in Weird Crushes game behind the scenes

SIMON Cowell will learn a harsh truth that he’s not as likeable as co-star David Walliams during tonight’s Britain’s Got More Talent.

The BGT judges take a break from filming more show-stopping auditions to play the popular Weird Crushes card game, which features both Simon and David.

The Britain’s Got Talent judges are in hysterics as they play card game, Weird Crushes

The game ranks different male celebrities on their charisma, likeability, sex appeal, style, and fame.

While Simon outranks David on charisma by one point, he is defeated by a large margin on the likeability category.

Initially trying to bluff his way out of it by lying about his score, Simon reluctantly admits he was scored just two points, while David landed a much stronger four.

Co-stars Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon laughed hysterically as the boys tried to prove who was king of the panel.

Simon is ranked at ‘2’ on the likeability scale, while David quadruples that score
Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon can’t contain their laughter at the quirky game

Tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent will see a knife-throwing act take aim at Simon Cowell, leaving judge Amanda Holden, 48, and the auditions audience gasping in shock.

Andrei admitted: “This was high stakes. It was more dangerous because I didn’t know what Simon would do.

“I know my partner. She knows not to be scared and not to move.

“But I didn’t know if Simon might move. I worried I might leave him seriously injured.

“I had small nerves. I’m a professional, I must be ready and keep my focus.”

Tonight’s episode sees a knife-throwing act take aim at Simon Cowell
Tom Dymond

Explaining why he took up the challenge Simon, 59, said: “I wanted to feel what it’s like. It is terrifying.”

Judge David Walliams, 47, told Andrei: “You could’ve killed him when you had the chance.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns tonight on ITV at 8pm.

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Cheaper and less touristy options to jet off to

There appears to be a trend when it comes to travel destinations, with people following the typically trodden paths without deviating from what’s safe and known. However, many travelers want to discover a country’s culture by immersing themselves and finding true authenticity as opposed to traveling the tourist track. Of course, there is no right or wrong way, and many have their preferences, for example, it’s likely safer sticking to prearranged excursions, so it’s each traveler to their own. So, where are the cheaper, less tourist-oriented areas that would be amazing to see?


Many travelers have hailed Albania, expressing that so many people miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country merely because they never thought of it. Places in Alania include Theth National park, Himara beach, and Berat. It has also been revered for its incredible affordability. The national park is home to some fantastic animals including the golden eagle and European wildcat. Overall, it has beautiful weather, stunning landscapes and mesmerizing architecture. It’s definitely one for the ‘to do’ list.

Photo: Unsplash.com


Like most far-eastern countries, Laos is steeped in an equally impressive and dark history. When people visit far-eastern countries, Laos is not generally first, or even second on their list, which is great because it has retained so much authenticity, rather than creating tourist attractions. Laos has beautifully lush landscapes, and they also have stunning caves as well as an impressive national park. Due to these places being quiet in terms of regular tourists, it means there aren’t massive premiums on these experiences. This is a great place to discover the far-eastern culture, but you should always research the differences first, so nothing takes you too off guard.

Belize, Mexico

As with many countries, it’s where you go. Mexico has glorious weather and amazing things to discover. The hotels on the coast have low prices along with more affordable food and drink. There is always the option to spend a little money, but instead of falling prey to the money-spinners, go find the extraordinary caves, or look for the ancient Mayan ruins. There is so much to be found on a budget; all you need is the willingness to discover!


While most Americans want to jet off to London, that can cost a fortune. Wales is renowned in Britain for their phenomenal rolling hills and mountains, their strange language and the vast quantities of sheep! Prices are amazing in Wales, particularly on the coastal towns, if you stay in Llandudno, then you’re a short drive from beautiful waterfalls and the incredible Snowdon trek. If you’re really desperate to say you’ve been to England, then all you need to do is cross their famous bridge which is only a couple of hours away, and voila, you’ve done two in one. That will cost a bit more in travel, but the choice is yours.

Photo: Unsplash.com

There are some breathtaking sights that you would never have dreamed of, and sometimes they’re not the most traveled places, which is incredible because it means going there will be that bit cheaper you can beat everyone to it! Of course, don’t tell your friends because they might catch on!

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12 Companies That Are Making It Easier to Produce Less Trash

It’s official: The world has a trash problem. Landfills are filling up, recycling is becoming more expensive and less attractive to municipalities, and a lot of trash is finding its way into our parks, rivers, oceans—even our drinking water. When trash is dumped in the landfill, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, and when trash is incinerated it emits carbon and toxins that cause health problems. Many regions are running out of space to store all their trash, so they’re shipping it to far-off locations around the country and around the world. That method of trash disposal has worked relatively well for the regions dumping their trash, but it’s caused problems for the people who live where the trash ends up. Yes, whichever way you slice it, that ever mounting pile of trash will keep causing problems if we don’t take charge of the situation. For decades, municipal ordinances and business practices have made it difficult for ordinary consumers to effectively and easily reduce the amount of waste they generate. Convenience products and tempting time-savers have flooded the market and it’s understandable why they’ve become popular fixtures in the average American home. Unfortunately for the health of humans, animals, and plants, those convenience items come at an environmental cost. But the tides are turning: More than ever, consumers are eager to simplify their lives and explore sustainable living that brings health, balance, and cost-savings to their lives, while at the same time minimizing waste. And there are a number of companies making it easier than ever to live a sustainable life. Scroll through to learn how several companies are helping ordinary people make healthy choices for their home, their family, and their planet.
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Men are having a lot less sex and dating apps are to blame

Evan Pipta is 28, single and looks pretty good on paper: He has a job as a software developer, likes rock climbing and electronic music and lives in trendy Greenpoint. He also hasn’t had sex in a year — and “even that was a one-night stand,” says Pipta. So, what’s wrong with him? Nothing, according…
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The $26 Aukey Bluetooth headphones everyone loves are somehow less than $16 today

Bluetooth Earbuds Sale On Amazon

There are so many reasons that the AUKEY Latitude Lite Bluetooth Headphones are so popular with our readers. They offer great sound quality and solid battery life at a surprisingly affordable price, and they’re sweat-resistant so they’re great for workouts. If you thought they were affordable before though, just wait until you see the sale Amazon is running today. Use the coupon code DSIO6DSB at checkout and you’ll get these terrific $ 26 earbuds for just $ 15.85. That’s an all-time low, and it won’t last long.

Wireless Earbuds, AUKEY Latitude Lite Bluetooth Headphones with HiFi Sound, Sweat-Resistant, 8-…: $ 15.85 (use code DSIO6DSB)

Here’s more info from the product page:

  • Wireless music enjoyment in new dimensions: Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 and Upgraded 8mm drivers you will hear deep and rich bass, which will give you more motivation in sports
  • Dependable Design: Sealed casing and internal nano coating protect against sweat and rain (IPX4 certified), so you can depend on these earbuds during tough workouts at the gym or outside in all conditions
  • Impressive Playtime: 8 hours of music (about 120 songs) on a single 1.5-hour charge. A single 15 minute charge for 1 hour playback. Always ready for your activities
  • Secure & Comfortable Fit: Noise isolation earbuds with three sizes of ear-tips and in-ear ear-hooks for a reliable, customized fit
  • Package Contents: AUKEY EP-B40s Wireless Earbuds, Micro-USB Cable, Three Pairs of Ear-Tips, Three Pairs of In-Ear Ear-hooks, Carrying Pouch, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty

Wireless Earbuds, AUKEY Latitude Lite Bluetooth Headphones with HiFi Sound, Sweat-Resistant, 8-…: $ 15.85 (use code DSIO6DSB)

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  1. The $ 26 Aukey Bluetooth headphones everyone loves are somehow less than $ 16 today

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You Could Be Paying Less in Taxes With These 7 Strategies

They say it because it’s true: The only certain things in life are death and taxes.

While we’re still working on the whole immortality thing, we have found some ways to reduce that pesky bill from Uncle Sam each April.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about tax evasion. Throwing some bones to the government is a way better alternative than going to jail. (And besides, who doesn’t like roads and public libraries?)

But there are some totally aboveboard ways to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket.

Here are some ways to save money on taxes that won’t get you in trouble with Uncle Sam.

1. Reduce Your Taxable Income

One surefire way to not pay income tax: don’t earn any income!

Of course, for most of us, that plan won’t work. Unless you’re independently wealthy (or Bear Grylls-ing it in the woods somewhere), you need money to live on.

But there are ways to reduce your taxable income while still earning a living — and doing them might put you in a lower tax bracket. (To review: the amount you pay in income tax depends on how much of that income you earn, with higher earners being required, sensibly, to pay a higher percentage.)

The easiest way to reduce your taxable income — without throwing in the towel at work, of course — is to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement savings vehicle, like your company’s 401(k) plan.

Wages you defer to a 401(k) don’t count toward your taxable income for the year you make the contribution, though they will be taxed when you make withdrawals later.

Depending on how much you earn and how much you put away, you might be able to edge yourself down into a lower tax bracket… all while feeding your growing nest egg and setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Smart finances all around!

Which leads us to our second suggestion…

2. Contribute to a Traditional IRA

Woman managing the debt

Even if you already have a retirement savings account at work, like a 401(k) or a 457(b), you can still open and contribute to a traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Account) — you just need to have earned taxable income and not yet have reached age 70 ½.

What Is a Traditional IRA?

Just like that company-sponsored retirement plan we were talking about, the funds you contribute to your IRA don’t count toward your taxable income.

The exception: a Roth IRA, in which contributions are taxed today but then grow tax-free thereafter.

How Much Can You Contribute?

For 2018, you can contribute up to $ 5,500 to an IRA, or $ 6,500 if you’re over the age of 50. (Looking ahead to the future? 2019’s contribution caps have been raised to $ 6,000 and $ 7,000, respectively.)

Keep in mind that you have until tax day to max out your contribution for the previous calendar year.

An important caveat: If you’re a relatively high roller (i.e., you earn more than $ 100,000), you may not be able to deduct your full IRA contribution or any contribution at all.

Your specific eligibility will depend on whether you’re filing singly or jointly and whether or not you’re covered by a retirement plan at work; head to the IRS website for full details on these phase-out limits.

3. Consider a Health Savings Account

While IRAs are widely available and applicable to almost everyone, quite a few other investment accounts can get you this same kind of tax break.

What Is a Health Savings Account?

A Health Savings Account (HSA), is a tax-exempt option if your healthcare plan has a high deductible. Not only are your contributions deductible, but withdrawals aren’t taxed, either, as long as they’re used for qualified medical expenses.

How Much Can You Contribute?

In 2019, you can contribute up to $ 3,500 to an HSA if you have individual coverage, and up to $ 7,000 if your high-deductible health care plan (HDHP) covers a family.

And you don’t have to spend it all, either — you can leave funds in your HSA indefinitely since they’re not subject to required minimum distributions. (And if you’re like most of us, you’ll have more health care-related costs as you get older, anyway.)

However, do keep in mind that if you receive Medicare coverage, you might not be eligible to make HSA contributions, since you’ll have coverage outside of your HDHP.

4. Put Your Kids Through College

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’re already gritting your teeth just thinking about paying for college — even if you’re not planning on paying for all of it.

According to U.S. News & World Report, average costs range from $ 9,716 to $ 35,676 for a single year of education, so it’s important to get ahead of that bill now.

What Is a 529 Plan?

A 529 plan is an investment vehicle specifically built for educational savings. You can use it to pay for your kids’ college tuition — or even to send yourself or your spouse to school. The exact tax benefits vary by state, and the contributions aren’t deductible on your federal return.

But more than 30 states offer full or partial tax deduction or credits on 529 contributions, and the funds are allowed to grow tax-free. They won’t be taxed on withdrawal, either, so long as they’re used for qualified educational expenses.

What Expenses Qualify for the 529 Plan?

What qualifies, you ask? College tuition, fees, books and computers all count, and in some cases, it’ll cover room and board.  You can also take out up to $ 10,000 per year to pay for tuition at private or religious K-12 schools. (That’s $ 10,000 per beneficiary.)

But if you try to take the money out to pay for red Solo cups, you’ll be subject to regular income tax on the withdrawal, as well as an additional 10% penalty. So keep those noses in the books if you want to keep your own books nice and tidy!

5. Give It Away

Woman sorting through clothes in her home.

Looking for a way to save money on taxes… and get that warm, fuzzy feeling? Charitable donations are tax-deductible, and they can be a great way to lower your overall tax liability.

The easiest way to go about this strategy might be to just write a check to your favorite charity. But if you’re KonMari-ing your life, you can also itemize those trash-bagged Goodwill donations as deductions. (Of course, you will need to say “yes” when the attendant asks if you want a receipt, should you want to do so.)

But Keep the Books

Of course, doing so does mean keeping track of the estimated value of each of those old t-shirts and coffee makers. But lots of tax software includes tools to help you.

For instance, TurboTax’s ItsDeductible module will keep a running tally of your donations year-round, and help you make those value estimations in the first place.

The cans you drop off at the local food bank count, too, as do certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred by volunteering, such as gas and mileage.

You’ll save money while serving your community — what more could you ask of a tax-reduction strategy?

6. Know Your Deductions

You may already know that certain expenses are tax-deductible. But which ones, exactly?

Major medical bills: If you’ve spent more than 7.5% of your AGI (adjusted gross income) on qualified medical expenses, you may be able to write them off.

Student loan debt interest: Deductible up to $ 2,500

Mortgage interest and local property taxes: These may both be eligible for partial deductions — and if you’re a first-time buyer, you may be able to make penalty-free withdrawals from that IRA we were talking about earlier.

Charitable donations: These have a tax-deductible status, as mentioned above.

Business-related deductions: If you’re a freelancer or you work from home, you should also look into business-related deductions, like the cost of your home office space.

You might also be able to deduct certain supplies, travel expenses, and even meals and entertainment. Here are the full deets on freelancing deductions.

Itemizing your deductions does take time, however, and not everyone has enough to supersede the standard deduction — which is a fairly hefty $ 12,000 for single filers and $ 24,000 for joint filers in 2018.

So if you haven’t footed any of the expenses we mentioned, consider skipping this strategy.

7. Take Advantage of Tax Credits

In certain scenarios, the IRS extends credits to eligible taxpayers — for instance, those pursuing continued education or returning to school.

American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Credits: Depending on your enrollment status, AGI, and how you’ve paid for educational expenses, you may be entitled to the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Credits, along with tuition and fee deductions. (Check out this quick quiz from the IRS, which will tell you if you’re qualified in just 10 minutes.)

Earned Income Tax Credit: If you’re not quite making fat stacks, you might be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, a benefit the IRS extends to low-to-moderate earners.

Your credit depends on your exact level of income as well as your marital status and number of dependents. For details, check out the IRS’ Earned Income Tax Credit fact sheet.

The cool thing about tax credits is that they don’t just reduce the amount you’ll pay in income taxes. Rather, they count as an actual reduction of your total tax bill.

So, for instance, if you would have owed $ 500 and claim $ 1,000 in tax credits, not only will your payment be waived — you’ll also receive a $ 500 return.

3 Ways to Save Money on Taxes Today and Tomorrow

A young couple going through their paperwork together at home

While the strategies above are great ways to get ahead of a nasty tax bill this year, taking a proactive approach can help you pay less in taxes every year hereafter. Here are our suggestions.

1. Adjust Your Withholdings.

If you work for an employer, you’ve filed a W-4 — which is the document where you specify how much of your wages should be withheld for taxes.

It might seem intuitive to keep your withholdings as low as possible so you keep more of your paycheck in your pocket. But if you found you owed money in April, you might want to go in and tweak it so you don’t run into the same problem next year.

2. Automate Your Contributions to Those Tax-Deferred Accounts.

Chances are your employer automatically deposits your deferrals into your 401(k). But if you open an IRA, HSA or 529, you’ll have to make contributions manually… and it’s all too easy to forget to do so (or, let’s be honest, spend the money on something else.)

Most account providers will allow you to set up automatic contributions on a regular basis, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. That way, you’ll be sure to add enough funds to the account to significantly lower your tax bill while boosting the savings you’ll use for those qualified expenses down the line.

3. Work for Yourself? Don’t Forget to Pay Your Quarterlies!

Freelancers get a lot of autonomy, but it does come with a substantial drawback: Nobody’s withholding your taxes for you, so you’ve got to pay them yourself.

And if you don’t keep up with your estimated quarterly tax payments — or if you forget about self-employment tax, which adds an additional 15% to the usual 20% — you could be facing a downright scary situation come April.

So funnel about a third of every paycheck you make into a separate account, and label it “PROPERTY OF UNCLE SAM: DO NOT TOUCH.”

It can be painful to see how much of your hard-earned hustle money has to be shipped off to the government… but not nearly as painful as having to cut a five-figure check come springtime.

Jamie Cattanach’s work has been featured at Fodor’s, Yahoo, SELF, The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool, Roads & Kingdoms and other outlets. Learn more at www.jamiecattanach.com.

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Most teens report using marijuana less often after legalization

Only one group of teenagers used marijuana more often after retail sales were legalized in Washington than they did before — high school seniors who work 11 or more hours per week, according to new research led by a WSU College of Nursing professor.
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Calvin Klein Learns a Harsh, Expensive Lesson: Less High Fashion, More Underwear

Angela Weiss/Getty

It was as if the mannequins at Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, the label’s Madison Avenue flagship, knew its higher-ups had just announced the shuttering of its runway collection. Scattered throughout the store, the gray figures slouched and hunched somberly, one in a sequin dress sitting on a table like a bedazzled version of Rodin’s Thinker.

Hours after Page Six reported that Calvin Klein Collection would cease operations, the flagship was empty, save for a few employees. The store’s loud, taxi cab-yellow walls punctuated just how quiet it was inside.

From the street, a woman stopped to take a photo of the 34-foot display window, which featured a pants-less mannequin wearing a t-shirt tucked into a pair of boy short underwear.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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How Much Do You Really Make? It Might Be Less Than You Think

Have you ever looked at what you really make? By that, I mean after the expenses of generating that income and after you’ve paid taxes on it?

After all, even jobs have some expenses, like commuting and clothing, and you don’t get to spend what the taxman takes.

Doing this math is the only way to understand and honestly compare your options. The results might surprise you, especially if you work long hours for a set salary.

A $ 40,000-per-year job requiring $ 100 in weekly commuting costs, an annual tax bill of $ 6,000, and 50 hours of total time each week works out to a rate of just $ 11.77 per hour in spendable income.

A few years ago, I worked briefly for a temp agency doing construction work. I tallied up the time the job required one week, then deducted commuting expenses and taxes, and it turned out I made just $ 2.71 per hour. I quit that job quickly.

How to Calculate Your Paycheck

If you’ve ever considered getting a new job, doing freelance work, buying a business or doing anything else to generate income, knowing the real income potential might help you make the right decision. So let’s get started.

Calculate Your Total Work Time

A 40-hour paycheck can involve vastly different amounts of time from one employer to the next.

My experience with that temp agency made this very clear. Like many day-labor outfits, they require employees to show up early and wait for work, which sometimes never comes. You could easily be “at work” for 20 hours to get paid for 10 hours of actual work.

When you think of your unpaid work hours, you might consider only lunch breaks off the clock, but I go further than that. I count every minute from the moment I leave the house. Time is the ultimate currency of life, so I want a true accounting of the hours.

Include all required hours when comparing your income sources. A job next door is not the same as one requiring five hours of commuting per week, even if they pay the same.

Google Maps can provide a good estimate of commuting time to your current or potential workplace. But start the clock when you will actually leave the house, taking into account your good habit of arriving early. Then count all time until you expect to arrive at home again.

Freelancers who work from home might be the most prone to underestimating the total time spent earning their money.

For example, I have no commuting time, but the two or three hours I spend on the first draft of an article is just the start. I also spend time editing second and third drafts, emailing clients, invoicing and writing articles that never sell.

You might easily forget some of these activities. Make sure you include all of the time that is related to your source of income.

Calculate Your Net Pay

To determine how much money you actually take home, deduct expenses. In the case of a business you probably do this already, but jobs have expenses too. They include:

  • Commuting costs
  • Clothing you wouldn’t otherwise buy
  • Childcare
  • Ongoing training or educational costs
  • Income taxes
  • Any other expenditures required to keep the income coming in

The IRS allows a business expense deduction of 53.5 cents per mile for a vehicle, but if you buy used cars and get decent gas mileage, it’s probably less than that. I figure 35 cents per mile for commuting, but make your best guess for your car, and exclude costs you would pay whether you worked or not, like licensing and insurance. Google Maps will also help you calculate the miles to and from work.

Childcare costs can vary greatly, but a 2018 Penny Hoarder survey found that about 82% of parents said they spent $ 500 or more on monthly child care expenses.

Exclude educational expenses you’ve already incurred. Economists say sunk costs like these are irrelevant to future-based calculations. But include any ongoing educational expenses needed to get or keep a job or business (like annual education required by law for real estate agents).

Income taxes are dependent upon where you live. With a job in Florida you pay no state income tax, but in California you pay a rate as high as 12.3%.

On your federal return, you pay half of your payroll taxes (the employer pays the other half) if you have a job. If you’re self-employed, you pay the whole amount minus deductions (here are 11 deductions for work-from-home freelancers). In either case, you pay income tax at varying rates.

It’s easiest to add up income-related expenses by the year. Then subtract that figure from what you expect to make for the year. Repeat this process for each job, business or other income source you are considering. Then calculate what you get for your time.

Calculating Your Real Hourly Wage Is Just a Start

Here is a simple formula for figuring the spendable income you get for your time:

(Total Income – Total Expenses) ÷ Total Hours Needed to Produce the Income

That gives you an hourly rate — an easy measure by which to compare the job you have with another. You can also compare benefits packages to get a more accurate comparison.

It is just a start, of course. For one thing, it completely ignores whether you like the work. Your hourly pay is just good information, not the whole story. I would happily take a job I loved (there’s no such thing, but just saying) for far less pay than one I hated.

Also, you do have to pay the bills. So you may need to take a $ 15-per-hour job that’s full time rather than one that pays $ 20 per hour but is only two days per week.

Still, your time is all you have in the end, so try to get paid more for it. Knowing what you actually make is a good start.

Steve Gillman is the author of “101 Weird Ways to Make Money” and creator of EveryWayToMakeMoney.com. He’s been a repo-man, walking stick carver, search engine evaluator, house flipper, tram driver, process server, mock juror, and roulette croupier, but of more than 100 ways he has made money, writing is his favorite (so far).

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Want to start your own business? These entrepreneurs will teach you how for less than $20.


The term entrepreneur tends to evoke images of a tech bro who spends way too much time on LinkedIn, where he brags about being “CEO at Self-Employed” and writes quasi-philosophical posts about the #hustle. (See the Twitter account @StateofLinkedIn for real-life examples, if you dare.) 

That stereotype applies to a handful of self-starters, to be sure, but you probably won’t find them among Silicon Valley’s success stories. The entrepreneurs whose innovations and ideas have actually changed lives are too busy trying new things and dreaming big to spout vapid humblebrags on social media. If you somehow found a way to connect with them, you’d probably get some legitimately helpful tips on how to establish your own business.  Read more…

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Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save up to 80% off of your medicine!


Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Derick Brassard to Avalanche, his second trade in less than a month

Hopefully, Derick Brassard didn’t unpack all of his bags yet. The Florida Panthers traded the center to the Colorado Avalanche along with a conditional 2020 sixth-round draft pick for a third-round pick in 2020 at the NHL trade deadline, a few short weeks after acquiring him from the Pittsburgh Penguins. Brassard posted four points in…
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Teens living in US states allowing medical marijuana smoke less cannabis

According to a large-scale study of American high school students, legalizing medicinal marijuana has actually led to a drop in cannabis use among teenagers. The study used the results of an anonymous survey given to more than 800,000 high school students across 45 states to calculate the number of teens who smoke cannabis.
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Whole Foods is raising prices less than two years after Amazon’s acquisition

Whole Foods raising prices

Depending on who you ask, Whole Foods is continuing to live up to the unfortunate nickname — “Whole Paycheck” — that cost-conscious shoppers bestowed on it. We’re referring in this case to a leaked email obtained by The Wall Street Journal, which showed that even with Amazon’s deep pockets, Whole Foods is apparently quietly rising prices on many items. The reason being — well, even Whole Foods is not immune to challenges facing its industry peers, with the leaked email noting that the grocer feels the need to keep hiking prices to cover rising costs.

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Insulin pill might one day make treating diabetes a little less painful

The pill is about the size of a blueberry and it has worked in animals.
ABC News: Health


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LESS Taiwan & ZAMECHACER Tear Apart Vintage Military Gear for “ANTI AGGRESSION”

Taiwan’s LESS joins up with “independent experimental organization” ZAMECHACER for a unique collaboration centering around vintage World War II military garments. After sourcing authentic, untouched goods across Asia, the duo tore them apart, retrofitting vintage backpacks, parkas, liner jacets and fatigue shirts with a variety of upgraded textiles. Cordura shells, waterproof Tyvek and vegetable-tanned leather accents appear throughout, joining the worlds of technical garments and handmade craftmanship. For the final touch, ZAMECHACER hand-dipped each garment in a traditional black dye, yielding a variety of distinctive discolorations.

Keep an eye on LESS’s web store and social media for more information on the extremely limited goods, reportedly dropping towards the end of February in an edition of 10.

For more repurposed vintage, check out the latest creations from Dr. Romanelli’s GUESS x Places+Faces drop.

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About Face: One woman’s Quest To Make AI Less Biased | Better | NBC News

NBC News


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Business Travel Survival Guide: Do more and stress less with these tips from a successful millennial CEO


Ad Content from Hyatt House Hotels

“Behind every great woman, are great women.” As founder and CEO of the wildly popular networking platform Create & Cultivate, Jacyln Johnson practices what she preaches. With two successful businesses and recognition from Adweek, Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur under her belt by the age of 30, Johnson doesn’t just have a career—she creates them

Recognizing a missing resource for accomplished millennial women, Johnson launched Create & Cultivate to empower women to achieve their career goals and become their own bosses. She started small, with a gathering of 50 entrepreneurs in Palm Springs. In response, Johnson received hundreds of emails from women eager for the next conference.“That’s when I realized there was real momentum around this idea,” said Johnson. “It feels like a dream job.” Read more…

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Fashion to Fintech, OnApproval Makes Luxury Shopping Less Cryptic

From fashion to fintech, American fashion designer Alvin Valley partners with HauteLook cofounder Carlota Espinosa and Oracle-acquired InstantService.com founder Damion Hankejh to integrate OnApproval — the “first luxury payment service system” with Uphold in early January.
Having launched in 2015, Uphold serves more than 184 countries to deliver 30-plus currency types including traditional forms and cryptocurrency. Since its launch, it has powered more than $ 4 billion in U.S. transactions while offering “frictionless foreign exchange for merchants and members around the world.”
The partnership anticipates the formal launch of OnApproval, and it allows its members to “pull goods before paying — providing an in-store shopping experience at home” — by partnering as the alpha merchant with Uphold, the “Internet bank of money,” to onboard 1 million OnApproval members.
According to Hankejh, e-commerce is “ripe for remodeling.” In a separate interview with WWD, Espinosa offered that OnApproval “drives loyalty by reducing payment friction and eliminating the “shopping cart” paradigm, triggering in-store behavior in the home wrapped in personalized customer experience.”
Sometimes noted as the “king of pants” for his extensive design reign in the product category, Valley is in good company with his fellow cofounders of OnApproval. Espinosa is cofounder and vice president of the Nordstrom-acquired HauteLook and Hankejh is a chief

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

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Less than half of U.S. youth discuss sensitive topics with their doctors

Fewer than half of young people in the United States are having discussions of sensitive topics with their regular healthcare providers, according to a new study. The research suggests that modifying healthcare delivery practices may improve discussions between youth and their healthcare providers.
Teen Health News — ScienceDaily


The Average American Spends $798/Month on Their Car. 3 Ways to Pay Less

You love your car. It’s your ride. It fits your needs as well as your style.

But have you thought about how much you actually spend to have it? According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s report on Consumer Expenditures in 2017 (released in September of 2018), the average cost to own a vehicle — including purchase, insurance, gas and other expenditures — is $ 9,576 annually.

That’s $ 798 per month, folks.

If you spend nearly $ 800 on your monthly car expenses, you’d probably like to shave that number down a bit. You’re in luck. Use these three tips to save some of that money for the drive-thru window.

1. Get a Better Loan

When you bought your car, you probably got a loan to do it. No problem.

But you probably didn’t get the best interest rate, either. That means you’re paying more in interest that you should. That’s a problem.

With auto refinancing, the biggest hurdle is the process of re-titling your vehicle, which involves dealing with your local DMV. And, oh my god, who wants to mess with that?

Never fear — MotoRefi’s digital platform handles all that technical stuff so you don’t have to. In a matter of minutes, you could qualify for a lower monthly payment, lower interest rate or both.

MotoRefi partners with lenders — like community and regional banks — that can offer you the best rates. Once you choose a lender, MotoRefi handles all the paperwork, including the cumbersome re-titling process.

MotoRefi says it’s saving the average customer $ 100 per month or more. Checking for potential savings won’t impact your credit score.

MotoRefi is available in California, Connecticut and Michigan.

2. Kick Your Overpriced Insurance Premium to the Curb

If you have a car, you probably need insurance, right? Right. But that bill takes a big chunk out of your bank account each month.

For many, car insurance is just one of those things where we cave in and pay. Because, just like the electric bill and phone service, we need it, right?

Yes. There’s no getting around car insurance, unfortunately. But one way you could save money is by shopping around and comparing rates at least once a year. Less than 50% of us do that, according to this survey from The Zebra, though 81% of us report wanting lower rates.

So, just like you compare the prices of flights, shoes and laptops before purchasing, why not compare car insurance?

The Zebra, an online car insurance search engine that offers “insurance in black and white,” compares your options from 204 providers in less than 60 seconds.

Here’s how it works:

1. Head over to The Zebra’s search platform. Enter your car’s year, make and model, and your zip code. Continue on to answer questions about your driving habits, your car and your life.

On the right sidebar, you’ll watch rates increase or decrease based on your answers. For example, if you’ve gotten into an accident — that was your fault — in the past three years, your rates will kick up. It’s interesting to see what effect your answers might have.

2. After answering some questions, it’s time to compare. The Zebra gives you an “Insurability Score,” which is similar to your credit score except it’s for car insurance, and it  teaches you how to get better rates. The site also gives you different options for coverage.

Seriously, it only takes 60 seconds and you could save up to 50% on your premiums. If you’re paying that average of $ 118 per month, that’s $ 59 back in your pocket. Nice.

3. Pump the Brakes on High Gas Prices

If you’re a savvy saver, you probably already use GasBuddy to help you find the cheapest gas station in town. It’s an easy — and free — way to avoid overpaying.

But once you pull up to the pump, here’s something else you can do: Get a discount card from GasBuddy to automatically save 10 cents per gallon on your first purchase (and 5 cents per gallon after that).

The free discount card is tied directly to your checking account. It works at 95% of gas stations throughout the country, so you don’t have to drive around town just to find “your” station. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a rebate — it’s immediate savings.

Simply and securely sign up through GasBuddy. Connect your bank account, enter your address, and GasBuddy will put a card in the mail.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal on your monthly car savings. Step on it!

Tyler Omoth is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder who loves soaking up the sun and finding creative ways to help others. Catch him on Twitter at @Tyomoth.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Why Are Older Women Less Healthier Than Older Men?

Why Are Older Women Less Healthier Than Older Men?

Genes that act late in life could explain why women have poorer health than men in older age, according to new research.

Scientists have long wondered why older women are less healthy than older men, given that men at any given age are more likely to die than women (a puzzle known as the “male-female, health-survival paradox”).

The answer, according to University of Exeter scientists, is…

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White House: Trump would accept less money for border wall

The White House said it presented an offer to Democrats over the weekend.
ABC News: Top Stories


http://www.acrx.org -As millions of Americans strive to deal with the economic downturn,loss of jobs,foreclosures,high cost of gas,and the rising cost of prescription drug cost. Charles Myrick ,the President of American Consultants Rx, announced the re-release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consist of millions of free discount prescription cards being donated to thousands of not for profits,hospitals,schools,churches,etc. in an effort to assist the uninsured,under insured,and seniors deal with the high cost of prescription drugs.-American Consultants Rx -Pharmacy Discount Network News


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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Celebrate More, Stress Less

For many people, the holidays are a time of joy and celebration. It’s a time when we focus on visiting with family and friends, sharing meals, and bundling up to enjoy winter activities. But for some, winter and the holiday season can bring increased stress — and too much stress can take a toll on both mind and body.

Here are 4 tips to help you stay ahead of seasonal stress:

  1. Don’t try to do it all. Going from event to event can be exhausting. Focus on traditions, people, and activities that truly bring you joy — and give yourself permission to skip the rest. Think quality, not quantity.
  1. Spend time and money wisely. Create a budget and stick to it. Consider asking people what they want instead of feeling like you have to spend hours searching for the perfect gifts.
  1. Let go of perfection. It’s okay if your house isn’t spotless and that things aren’t made from scratch. Give yourself a break — and ask for help often.
  1. Give yourself the gift of self-care. Prioritize workouts, healthy eating and getting enough rest. Maintain your routine and do things that make you happy.

Other self-care strategies, tools, resources and activities for a healthy state of mind are available on the Wellness Resources page on kp.org/mentalhealth.

And remember, sometimes holiday stress can trigger more serious issues — or make existing mental health conditions such as depression worse. Many people need extra support this time of year. If you need help, it is important to discuss any concerns with your primary care physician or a mental health specialist.

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#Over40 – How To Stress Less This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with family and friends and to anticipate the joy of family at Christmas and Kwanzaa due to your efforts. But it can also be the most stressful time of the year as many of us are cooking, cleaning, making travel plans for ourselves and others, and sometimes being forced to be around people for extended periods of time that we either have difficulty getting along with or unresolved issues with.

How can you keep the happy in Happy Holidays and truly enjoy your loved ones? Here’s our guide to how to make the holidays stress-free.



Instagram Photo


Is this your idea of the perfect Christmas family? But your family can barely be in one room together, never mind coordinate a whole photo shoot? Don’t let social media dictate how you enjoy your holidays. Yes, celebrities, reality TV stars and your irritating perfect neighbors with the annual Christmas light display look great…from the outside.

You don’t know their reality or what it took to get to that place. Don’t stress yourself if your family doesn’t wear matching pajamas or you don’t have a nuclear family unit. Just try to do your best to have a holiday you enjoy. If you’re alone, use the time to detox from social media and catch up on reading or rest. Or volunteer, which will go a long way towards lifting your spirits. If you’re facing a loss or other family crisis, don’t try to do too much, and focus your holiday on healing and uplifting each other, instead of going crazy buying gifts no one is in the mood to enjoy.


Instagram Photo


The holiday hustle can be taxing, but it’s still important to take time for self. If that means just shutting the bathroom door, turning off the phone and indulging in a good soak, a few hours at the golf course or getting a mani/pedi, make sure you schedule in that time. Once the holiday are in full swing, it will be harder to get that time so make sure you literally add it into your schedule.


Instagram Photo


It’s likely the last thing on your mind but exercise can help clear your head and reduce your holiday stress. If you already have a fitness regimen, try to add an extra session or do something different – a yoga or Pilates class or something else relaxing. Many cities and fitness places also offer meditation classes and sometimes they are free.


Instagram Photo


If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. While you’re running around worrying about what to buy your kids, the lesson you might be teaching them is that material things are more important than love or family. If you know you can’t get every item on their list, pick one and encourage your children to do something as a family – maybe volunteer, or do something free – many cities have a schedule of Kwanzaa events that are low to no-cost.

Also, most cities have blocks that decorate their homes or light shows or similar events, that are also free. Remember that there is a reason for the season, and that reason is not just money, shopping and material things.


Instagram Photo


Sometimes despite your best efforts, you can’t be with family during the holiday or they can’t be with you. That’s where Facebook Live, Instagram, group text and group Facetime comes in handy, along with newer options like Echo and Alexa, and Facebook’s new video chatting device, Portal. If you can’t all sit down to dinner, you can at least share some family time via these devices. You can also share photos with family via the Cloud if you have an iPhone or via Amazon Photo sharing. 

You can also post video on Instagram and on stories and tag each other to e-share the holiday.


Instagram Photo


No matter how stressed you get, make some time, if you have a significant other, to bond with that person, even if its just a Starbucks date. It will get you some alone time that doesn’t involve shopping, running errands or figuring out how to pay for the holidays. If you can’t get away together, try a staycation at a local hotel.

Or let your family have the house and you go to a hotel nearby. The important thing is to catch up and bond so you can share some of the stress. If you’re fortunate enough to have a good partner, enjoy him/her and don’t let that go no matter how busy the holiday gets.

PHOTO: ThinkStock




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Love documentaries? Get 2 years of CuriosityStream for less than $26.


This holiday season, you can journey to Himalayan forests, ancient Mesopotamia, or even Mars without ever leaving your living room. Is it the work of some cHrIsTmAs MaGiC? Nope — just that of CuriosityStream, an on-demand streaming service for nonfiction programming.

Created by the guy who founded the Discovery Channel, John Hendricks, this so-called “Netflix for nonfiction” lets you watch more than 2,000 science, technology, history, and nature documentaries from anywhere, and on multiple devices. 

Take your pick from some of CuriosityStream’s expertly curated collections of features, series, and award-winning originals, or sign up for personalized recommendations tailored to your unique interests. No matter the title you select, you can expect riveting commentary from experts like Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough, gorgeous visuals, and inimitable storytelling that helps you gain a better understanding of all the wonders of our world (and beyond) from the comfort of your couch. Read more…

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Places that are much less impressive in real life


When it comes to finding your next holiday destination, you often look online to find the best attractions that country or city has to offer. When you type in the city name, your search will probably come up with some of the most famous, or some of the most iconic places in that area. And that’s what you want, right? You want to see the best of the best. But sometimes, the places that make an area famous are much less impressive in real life….

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Ahhhh, Hollywood. Where all of your favorite celebrities walk the streets, and you bump into your favorite singer while buying your morning coffee. Sounds great. Unfortunately, this rarely ever happens. Most visitors who travel to Hollywood always want to see one thing before they leave – the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This walkway is one of the only places in the world where the best names from stage and screen come together, and it’s iconic. But is it really that impressive in real life? The simple answer is no. This 1.3-mile walkway will definitely tire you out, and for what? The celebrities don’t stand by their stars waiting for tourists to pass by. In reality, it really is just a bunch of stones.


Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England is genuinely one of the most breathtaking historical monuments when you see it on television, or when someone takes an incredible picture at dawn. And it’s true. The whole concept behind Stonehenge is extraordinary, with scientists believing the 6 ft and 25-ton stones to have been placed there by hand around 3000 BC. However, there are still so many questions surrounding the heritage site, that researchers are still baffled by the use and the construction of Stonehenge. It is definitely a must-see at some point in your life, but don’t rush. As much as the site is beautiful, it has become a tourist trap. Nowadays, tourists have to stay put on a designated walkway (that is not at all close) around the stones – that’s if you can move through the crowds of people that rock up each day.

Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument marks the intersections between four states – New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah and is the only place in the United States that offers this intersection. So it must feel pretty awesome to stand in four states at once, right? Well, for about two seconds it does. The Four Corners Monument is in the middle of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation, and as you can guess from the name, it’s not exactly next to your local Mcdonald’s. Instead, it is in the middle of nowhere. The monument is around 30 miles away from anything else significant, and you’ll feel pretty silly once you turn up to a parking lot (where the monument is located), wait in line to take a picture with your feet on the monument, only to realize historians had made a mistake and that the actual intersection is around 1,807 feet west of the fake intersection.

Statue of the Little Mermaid

The Statue of the Little Mermaid is one of the most iconic monuments in Copenhagen, and people travel from across the world to view the statue based on the famous Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. The Mermaid sculpture, which was unveiled in 1913, sits on top of a rock by the water along the Langelinie Promenade, and it really is quite spectacular to look at – especially if you’ve seen the photos. However, save your money and avoid visiting it, because it isn’t even the original sculpture! The original monument was damaged so many times by vandals and political activists that the sculpture was replaced by a replica many years ago. As if that wasn’t enough to dissuade people, you’ll have to fight your way through hoards of people to get a good look-see.


When you think of Paris, you think of the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, the Louvre and all things beautiful. Including the Champs-Élysées. As the most famous street and road in Paris, thousands of tourists flock to this 1.2-mile long street to check out the theaters, the cafés, the beautiful gardens, the impressive monuments and the pièce de résistance at the end… the Arc de Triomphe. Ahhhh, it must be so quiet and majestic, right? Wrong. As one of the busiest roads in Paris, Champs-Élysées is full of cars and traffic at all hours of the day – and they even drive straight through the Arc de Triomphe! If you wanted to get stuck in a traffic jam, you could have stayed at home.

So next time you’re tempted to check out some of these places, think about all of the other people who have the same idea as you. Instead, try and find some more unusual and less famous alternatives.


The post Places that are much less impressive in real life appeared first on Worldation.



The hot new Fire TV Stick 4K costs less than the original with this Black Friday deal

Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon’s wildly popular Fire TV Stick is on sale for Black Friday for just $ 25, but it normally retails for $ 40. Meanwhile, the brand new Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote normally sells for $ 50, with is a killer value considering you get 4K, HDR support, Dolby Atmos support, and Amazon’s new next-gen Alexa voice remote. As you might have surmised though, the new 4K model is also on sale for Black Friday 2018, and the price is down to just $ 34.99. That’s $ 5 less than the old Fire TV Stick’s normal retail price, and you don’t have much longer to take advantage.

Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player: $ 34.99

Here are the bullet points from the product page:

  • The most powerful 4K streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi antenna design optimized for 4K Ultra HD streaming, with more storage for apps and games than any other 4K streaming media stick.
  • Launch and control all your favorite movies and TV shows with the next-gen Alexa Voice Remote. New power, volume, and mute buttons to control your TV, sound bar, and receiver.
  • Enjoy brilliant picture and immersive sound with access to 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos.
  • Choose from 500,000 movies and TV episodes. Watch favorites from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, and others.
  • Experience tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills, plus millions of websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit.
  • Alexa on Fire TV provides the most comprehensive voice experience of any streaming media player—view live camera feeds, check the weather, dim the lights, and stream music.
  • Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes, plus ad-free listening to millions of songs with Prime Music.
  • No cable or satellite? No problem. Watch live TV and sports with subscriptions to Hulu and PlayStation Vue.

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  3. The Galaxy S10 might do something the iPhone and Pixel can’t

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Consumer sentiment slides in November as Americans expect less future income

Consumer sentiment for November fell more than anticipated in the final reading of the month, although the index remained near record highs.


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Improve your vocabulary for less than $20


Does the mere thought of having your vocabulary skills tested make you kakorrhaphiophobic? Follow-up question: Do you even know what “kakorrhaphiophobic” means? Didn’t think so. 

Well, fear not: You can easily improve your command of the English language — not to mention your self-esteem and your job prospects — with the Award-Winning Vocabulary Builder Bundle, a set of two programs designed to improve your communication skills.

You’ll begin your training with Vocab1, a software program that aims to double your vocabulary through contextual learning in the form of fun games. It includes access to a database of over 520 million words, which you can pick and choose from to build customized word lists. Those lists can then be printed out in the form of worksheets and flashcards for convenient, on-the-go vocabulary drills.  Read more…

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Please help American Consultants Rx achieve it’s biggest goal yet of donating over 30 million discount prescription cards to over 50k organizations in an effort to assist millions of Americans in need. Please click here to donate today!

Wealthier people do less in the struggle against climate change

A collective-risk dilemma experiment with members of the public in Barcelona has shown that people are more or less likely to contribute money to fighting climate change depending on their how wealthy they are. And the results indicate that participants with fewer resources were prepared to contribute significantly more to the public good than wealthier people, sometimes up to twice as much.
Consumer Behavior News — ScienceDaily


Early risers ‘less likely to develop breast cancer’

Women who are considered morning people are less likely to develop breast cancer than those who have more energy in the evenings, according to researchers.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


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Hate Erika Nardini? You’re not alone, and she couldn’t care less

Erika Nardini is the most controversial woman in sports media. As the CEO of Barstool Sports, she is the mama bear of a wildly popular comedy and sports Web site that prides itself on aggressively bucking political correctness — with a tone some have called ­misogynistic. Much of that swirls around the site’s founder, Dave…
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Trump’s ‘opportunity zones’ are popular with investors, but they might offer less benefit to voters

The Trump administration announced new tax rules to help spur investment in economically distressed neighborhoods. While investors can expect immediate tax breaks, the benefits to voters in targeted neighborhoods are harder to measure.
Real Estate


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How to Iron Your Clothes Less

How to Iron Your Clothes Less - Tips to Avoid Ironing Your WorkwearEven if your least favorite chore is washing dishes or cleaning the house, it’s a good bet that you’d also love to iron your clothes less. (Or maybe ironing is your least favorite chore!) It’s been years since we’ve talked about this — although we’ve more recently discussed how to keep white blouses white, how to wash “dry clean only” clothes, and how to care for your bras — so today we’re sharing reader advice on how to iron your clothes less. Buying shirts marketed as “no-iron” is always an option, of course, but we’ll go beyond that today (and with their safety issues in mind, those shirts probably warrant their own post — what do you think?). What are your favorite ways to avoid ironing? Do you buy non-iron blouses for work? (And as winter clothes finally start to come out of storage, do you think there are bigger gaffes for workwear than wrinkled clothes, such as creases from folds in sweaters, or a cedar scent?)

Here’s advice from readers on how to iron your clothes less (mostly from our last discussion on how to avoid ironing, many moons ago):

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  1. Hang up your clothes immediately after taking them out of the dryer. Another reader pointed out that after you wash clothes made from fabrics you can’t tumble dry, you should flap them around a bit before putting them on a drying rack. Related: Do you strictly follow label directions that advise “lay flat to dry” vs. “hang dry,” or just put everything on drying racks?
  2. Get a clothes steamer. One reader who bought a steamer on Amazon says it allows her to avoid ironing knits and other workwear items, although she doesn’t advise using it on tailored button-front shirts. (This $ 26 steamer looks great!) Another said that she uses one on her suits (and notes that she always hangs up her suits after wearing). Wirecutter recently shared their picks for the best steamers, and two recommendations from readers are the Esteam Personal Hand Held Steamer ($ 75) and Steamfast SF-407 ($ 50) [affiliate links].
  3. Try throwing wrinkled clothes in the dryer for a few minutes. One reader says that a 10-minute spin in the dryer works well for smoothing out t-shirts, sweaters, dress pants, and non-iron shirts. She adds a wet towel as needed, while a reader who replied said that she uses a handful of water. (Another said this trick removes pet hair, too.) My dryer even has a “Freshen Up” setting that I assume is designed for this, although I haven’t tried it.
  4. Use Downy Wrinkle Releaser (or a similar product). Amazon sells a 2-pack of 33.8-oz. sprayer bottles (almost 1,000 reviews) for $ 13.24 and also has a pack of 3 travel-size bottles for $ 7.97 [affiliate links]. One reader recommended a cheaper and more natural option: Put the item of clothing on a hanger and use a spray bottle filled with water.
  5. Make sure to use fabric softener when you wash clothes. But according to Good Housekeeping, don’t use it on microfiber, sportswear, towels, water-repellent clothing, or flame-resistant clothing. (Fortunately, your workwear wardrobe probably doesn’t include those things — and if it does, you must have a really interesting job.)
  6. Hang your suit, dress, etc., in the bathroom while you shower. Now if you brush your teeth in the shower too, you’ll really be multitasking! (No, don’t do that. Who wants to rinse their mouth out with warm water?)
  7. Be a clothes-folding minimalist. One reader said that she reduces the creases in her shirts by only folding them once — in half vertically, down the middle of the shirt.

What are your tips on how to iron your clothes less? Do you use a clothing steamer, and if so, would you recommend the one you have? How much do you base your clothes-buying decisions on whether something is likely to wrinkle easily (linen, 100% cotton, and so on) or whether it requires dry cleaning?

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Nobody likes ironing - but it can seem inevitable if you've got a ton of fancy workwear. Well, readers have shared their best tips on how to iron your clothes less, including some favorite laundry steamers, as well as how to release wrinkles. Avoiding ironing = winning, right?