Women’s World Cup Players Earning Far Less From FIFA Than Their Male Counterparts

ALL IN A DAY’S WORK: For soccer fans, all eyes are on the field during the Women’s World Cup in France. But new research indicates that the pay gap between women’s elite players and their male counterparts could use some attention.
FIFA will pay $ 8.48 million to 198 women’s soccer league clubs that have players competing in the Women’s World Cup 2019. That payment is for the group stage, which ends June 20. The financial support is part of the “participation of clubs in the benefits of the FIFA Women’s World Cup,” according to a new study by the information platform Wettbasis. That breaks down to $ 453 per player per day with the player’s current club receives 50 percent of that sum and the clubs that trained each player up to the age of 22 getting 50 percent. The payments started May 24 and will continue until one day after the last match day, or in this case the last match of the group stage.
The women’s soccer clubs receive 5.5 percent of what FIFA awards to men’s clubs, according to the new study. At last year’s Men’s World Cup, FIFA paid approximately $ 8,530 per player, per day – more than 18

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Echoing Green Announces 2019 Black Male Achievement Fellowship Winners

There are black leaders making extremely powerful moves in their communities and Echoing Green, a prestigious fellowship program that helps transform their ideas into world-changing organizations, is here to recognize them. The organization recently announced 10 social entrepreneurs selected for its 2019 Black Male Achievement Fellowship.

This year’s Black Male Achievement Fellows include:

• Austin Martin, 24, Rhymes with Reason: Making it possible for teachers and students to use hip-hop lyrics as a teaching tool to strengthen vocabulary and literacy skills. (San Diego, California)

• Antoine Patton, 32, Photo Patch Foundation: Uses mobile technology to enable children to ship letters and pictures to parents in prison free of charge. (Fort Myers, Florida)

• Hadiyah Mujhid, 40, HBCUvc: Expanding access to capital to black entrepreneurs by training students attending historical black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in venture capital entrepreneurship. (San Francisco, California)

• Kristin Adair, 39, and Halim Flowers, 39, Unchained Media Collective: Change the narrative about mass incarceration and reimagine justice by training currently and formerly incarcerated people to use film and multimedia production to become advocates and tell their stories. (Washington, D.C.)

• Darius Ballinger, 28, Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group: Reduce the juvenile recidivism rate among young men of color in Cook County, Illinois, by providing transitional employment and individual support. (Chicago, Illinois)

• Tolulope Sonuyi, 38, and Raymond Winans, 41, Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE): Create pathways to health for youth who have been acutely injured by community violence by introducing innovative health-centered strategies for violence intervention and prevention. (Detroit, Michigan)

• William Evans, 42, Neighborhood Benches: Break the cycle of youth violence and incarceration of black boys and men by creating leadership and educational models for them to change behaviors, build community, and organize for positive change. (New York, New York)

• Tanay Tatum-Edwards, 29, FreeCap: Reduce racial and economic inequality for prisoners in the United States by divesting from companies that profit from prisons and investing in criminal justice reform initiatives. (Washington, D.C.)

Echoing Green

Echoing Green Fellow, Hadiyah Mujhid (Image: HBCUvc)

“I’m excited for myself and HBCUvc to be joining a network of social entrepreneurs making bold changes in their communities,” Hadiyah Mujhid told Black Enterprise in a statement. “Aside from the personal and professional growth that I expect to experience as part of the program, this will be transformative for HBCUvc as an organization. Connection and access to resources, in addition to the signaling that comes along with the fellowship will help us to amplify our mission.”

According to the organization’s website, they are dedicated to accelerating the growth of high-potential leaders whose organizations are tackling pressing issues like systemic racism, climate change, and gender inequality. The fellows will be provided seed funding of up to $ 90,000 and training and programmatic support for two years, as well as lifelong access into a global network of leading philanthropists, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Their community currently houses nearly 1,000 social innovators that include past fellows like First Lady, Michelle Obama, Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights founder, and CNN contributor Van Jones.

“After 30 years of supporting leaders around the globe, Echoing Green knows that the people closest to the problem are often closest to the solution,” said former Echoing Green Fellow and current President Cheryl L. Dorsey. “That’s why we are committed to supporting these impressive young leaders in realizing their visions for change. We are inspired by their passion for tackling problems in a fundamentally new way and by their ability to mobilize others to support their cause.”

The Echoing Green’s 2019 Fellowship class is funded by private contributions from Citi Foundation, U.S. African Development Foundation, Jerome L. Greene Foundation, and Fund II Foundation.

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The Male Nipple Is Free. The Female Nipple, Not So Much.

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

“Harry Styles Freed the Nipple on the Red Carpet,” a Vogue headline declared earlier this month after the singer stepped onto the night’s pink carpet in a transparent Gucci blouse, his pecs fully exposed.

Not to be outdone, beauty vlogger James Charles showed up in a chainmail Alexander Wang vest and black satin cargo pants. Seventeen wrote the makeup mogul also “proudly freed the nipple” in his see-through get-up.

Two weeks later, another male nip slip: American Horror Story’s Cody Fern slid into a limpid Maison Margiela mock neck. Vogue dubbed the get-up “subversive” and a fashion “risk” that paid off. The New York Post praised Fern’s “first chesty foray in support of the free the nipple movement,” and wondered “Who will be the next fashionable gent to bare all?”

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Ways Women Soften Their Behavior For Male Colleagues (And Shouldn’t)

being a woman in the workplace

Source: skynesher / Getty

I’m guilty of doing it myself: softening my behavior to make the people I work with feel more comfortable. It’s not like my true inclination is to be a raging b*tch or an overly assertive, bossy type. The way I really want to do and say things falls more in the firm but fair region. However, I believe that, for some reason (let’s say, centuries of misogyny) when a woman is just firm and straightforward, others can interpret that as her being mean. And, to give many of the progressive men in my life some credit, not everyone feels that way—but a lot of people do. I’ve experienced it too many times. A man I work with asks me a question, I give a simple, emotionless answer, and he asks, “Are you okay?” or “Is something wrong?” The mere fact that I didn’t add some nicety to my response—that I didn’t put some sugar on top—made the guy think something must be wrong. That’s why I adjust my behavior, even if I don’t want to. Maybe many of us do. Here are ways women soften their behavior to make male colleagues comfortable (but shouldn’t).



“If it’s not too much trouble”

Why do I say this? Why do I add this comment when giving an instruction or directive to someone? Whether or not it’s a lot of trouble shouldn’t concern me if it’s the person’s job. It’s not like, if he were to say, “It actually is too much trouble” that I’d say, “Oh okay. Then just don’t do it.”



John Singleton Speaks on the Importance of Strong Male Role Models | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN



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But Where are the Lederhosen? Mike Cernovich Models Male Fashion

Photo illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via Mike Cernovich

No one asked for fashion advice from Mike Cernovich, the prominent far-right internet troll. But then again, no one asked for Cernovich to push Pizzagate, write that “date rape does not exist,” or spread misinformation about Hillary Clinton’s health.

So here we are. The 41-year-old former lawyer and YouTube personality posted a sartorial manifesto on Tuesday in the form of a 25-tweet-long thread.

“I will start posting outfits for men to wear,” Cernovich began. Those with any self-preservation skills would have clicked away from the tweet so fast they risked bruising a finger; the rest of us scrolled on to see photos from ghosts of “Cernos” past.

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Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: College Admissions Scandal, Male Birth Control

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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A Black Man’s View: 5 Ways To Be A Better Male Ally In The Workplace

#MeToo, #TimesUp, and terminations of high-profile executives accused of sexual misconduct has spurned a conversation among some men asking, “How can we promote gender equity in the workplace?” Here are five ways we as men can make work environments safer and more inclusive for everyone. These tips can help a man be a better ally in the workplace.

5 Ways To Be A Better Male Ally In The Workplace

Don’t ask her out

At work we interact with many different people. We may have similar interests with some women — get along and become friends. As we socialize, feelings may grow and you could start viewing her romantically. Full stop. Most women do not come to work to get a date. This is not the bar. Don’t ask for her number. She is not there to be objectified. Keep it professional.

Do not talk over her

Many times in a meeting, a man will take over the conversation and interrupt a woman when she is speaking. Whether intentional or not, this is a malicious act which sends a message that her contributions are not important and hold little value. We need to stop doing this. Let her talk and finish her thought. You can wait.

Do not gaslight

A woman’s experience in the workplace will always be different than ours. From subtle microaggressions to blatant harassment, her existence in a business environment is full of challenges we cannot imagine. This is why it is important for men to believe our female coworkers when they say they have been victims of abuse. Believe her when she says someone has been harassing her. Do not downplay it and tell her it is something she imagined. In doing so, you create a distrustful work environment by not encouraging other women to come forward.

No foul language

One of the best things a man can do when he hears misogynistic and sexist remarks from other men is to push back. Gently, but firmly, tell them those type of comments are not OK. It creates a hostile work environment, which helps no one. We need to let our fellow male coworkers know this is not acceptable, nor is the workplace the setting for that kind of language.

Hire more women

In my time in IT, there has always been an overwhelmingly male environment. I would always wonder why aren’t their more women working in technology? The simple answer is because we are not hiring them. Evia, a virtual event solutions company conducted a poll and found that women hold only 20% of tech jobs. In order for us to make the work environment more balanced and different points of view found, we as men need to hire more women.

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Male gamer pretended to be female in failed ‘social experiment’

Was it sexism, or a social experiment? That’s the question buzzing around the gaming world this week, after a gender-bending experiment caused big problems for a major studio. It all started when a male player pretended to be a woman, but it didn’t spark the response he was hoping for. “Overwatch Contenders” is a farm…
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First Male Transgender Pro Boxer Wins Debut Fight

The first professional transgender male boxer in U.S. history made his pro debut on Saturday— with a decisive win.

Patricio Manuel, 33, defeated Mexican super-featherweight Hugo Aguilar in a bout at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reported. The judges unanimously ruled Manuel the victor.

Although the bout only lasted for 12 minutes, Manuel’s journey to the fight began years ago, the Times reported.

Manuel decided to transition to become a man a few months after he fought in the 2012 Olympic trials as a woman.

In addition to complex medical treatments, including surgery and hormone therapy, Manuel faced added challenges to preserve his boxing career. Besides working to get a new license, Manuel also lost his coach and his training facility, which were unwilling to work with him after his transition, the Times said.

Manuel told the Times that he was excited to be in the ring.

“I wouldn’t trade any of it. It was worth everything I went through to get to this point,” he said. “I’m a professional boxer now.”

Manuel told an interviewer after the bout that he is determined to keep moving forward.

“I’ve got some naysayers out there— I need to prove that I deserve to be in there as well. I’m not in here for one show, one fight— this is something I love. I’m not done with this sport and I’ll be back,” Manuel said.

Aguilar, who had learned that his opponent was transgender two days before the fight, reportedly handled his defeat with grace.

“For me it’s very respectable,” he told the Times in Spanish. “It doesn’t change anything for me. In the ring, he wants to win and I want to win too.”

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How the World’s First Male Supermodel Escaped an Abusive Doomsday Sex Cult

Chasing Beauty

Frederick Von Mierers, a deeply tanned cult leader with a shocking crown of platinum blond hair, spoke to his followers through their television sets. At two in the morning, Von Mierers would be beamed out into the universe courtesy of cable television. In clips from these extremely ’80s appearances, the former model shills mail-order cassettes and spouts new-age gibberish, his eyes getting impossibly larger and more urgent with each nonsense aphorism. It’s hard to imagine just how strange it would all seem without context, an insomniac flipping through the channels, stumbling upon this exaggeration of a man who claimed to be an alien from the star Arcturus.

Von Mierers believed in impending doom—that he and his fellow aliens had been sent here to help earthlings, an intergalactic team of emergency responders. As the leader of the group Eternal Values, it was Von Mierers’ responsibility to find the others, and teach them about their true origins and noble calling. Like so many cult leaders, he appealed to his followers’ vanity, telling them that they were special enough to literally save the world. Von Mierers, who believed in a “master race,” courted attractive young people. His Nantucket house guests recall being sent out to scour the beach for good-looking recruits, handing out invitations to the finest physical specimens they could find. John Richards Hoyt was 16 when the 30-something Von Mierers approached him at the beach. In a new documentary, Welcome to the Beyond, Hoyt recalls his introduction to the cult leader who would alter the course of his life. “Freddy said to me, you’re different,” Hoyt says, speaking directly to the camera. He and his friends would go to Freddy’s parties for the free beer; for a moment, at least, Hoyt was using him.

In Welcome to the Beyond, which premiered at Doc NYC on Tuesday, director Brent Huff deep-dives into Hoyt’s double life. It helps that Hoyt, or John as his family calls him throughout the film, was born into such a stereotypical American existence.

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