So Cute! 7-Year-Old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja Wows the Crowd With Her Rendition of the National Anthem at the LA Galaxy Soccer Match [Video]

A 7-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja belted out the national anthem before Sunday’s match between the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders and she sang her little heart out!

There’s not much for us to say — but take a look at the video below!

For those wondering where such a tiny tot got such big pipes, her father Arman Tjandrawidjaja told All the Moms that she’s been taking singing lessons since the age of 3.

“She’s been singing forever. Basically before she could speak. Always singing,” he said, adding that she sings in the shower or while doing homework without even knowing it. “Sometimes we have to tell her to be quiet.”

So cute!

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U. S. Open Match Stopped Because Player’s ‘Excessive Sweating’ Made the Court Slippery

It looks like the sun may have been the fiercest competitor to beat at the 2018 U.S. Open again.

Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic won Wednesday night’s quarter-final match against John Millman 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 at the U.S. Open in New York City, but not without another heat-related delay.

Djokovic was tied 2-2 with Millman when Millman had to tell the chair umpire he was just way too sweaty to continue without a break.

The temperature clocked in at 92 degrees.

During the second set, Australia’s Millman assessed the perspiration dripping off of his body and realized he was drenching the court in the process, making it too slick to play without fear of slipping.

And so he “approached the chair umpire to note his excessive sweating and the moisture it was leaving on the court,” according to the USTA.

Thanks to the United States Tennis Association’s Equipment Out of Adjustment regulation, the sweat-related court conditions were treacherous enough that Millman was cleared to leave to change out of his sweat-soaked getup without consequences.

The game resumed after roughly 6 minutes, but Millman’s break didn’t remedy the situation.

“You don’t stop sweating, though. You go to this little holding room just off the court, and there’s a tiny, probably, like, 3-by-3 room, even less, and you’re just dripping. The sweating doesn’t stop,” Millman explained, according to ESPN.

As his Australian rival left to change into something dry, Serbia’s Djokovic took his shirt off and enjoyed one of his noteworthy courtside breaks.

Julian Finney—Getty ImagesNovak Djokovic of Serbia and John Millman of Australia argue in the second set during their men’s singles quarter-final match on Day Ten of the 2018 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 5, 2018 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Djokovic said the sweat affected both players.

“I personally have never sweat as much as I have here. Incredible. I mean, I have to take at least 10 shirts for every match. It’s literally after two games you’re soaking,” he said.

To help players cope with the heat that has plagued the event, the U.S. Open instituted 10-minute breaks between sets for the first time this year.

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Messi gets face-saving Kazan mural to match Ronaldo’s

Kazan artists worked through the night on Friday painting a mural of Argentina’s Lionel Messi to match one of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo on a building opposite, saving the blushes of the World Cup host city.

Reuters: Arts


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Nadal-Djokovic Match Suspended at Wimbledon After Third Set

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were sent home after the third set on Friday with Djokovic leading 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (9). The match will resume at 1 p.m. local time on Saturday. 

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Messi gets face-saving Kazan mural to match Ronaldo’s

KAZAN, Russia (Reuters) – Kazan artists worked through the night on Friday painting a mural of Argentina’s Lionel Messi to match one of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo on a building opposite, saving the blushes of the World Cup host city.

Reuters: Arts


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This less-known DNA testing company is offering a way to match immigrant parents, children

Consumer DNA testing companies are rushing in to help immigrant parents reunite with detained children at the border, but there are privacy risks and questions about DNA ownership.
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How to Watch the 2018 World Cup Germany vs. Mexico Match Today Online for Free

There are three World Cup games today, and while every match in the World Cup 2018 schedule draws passionate fans, one showdown stands out: Germany vs. Mexico.

Not only do both countries have extremely diehard fan bases, but Germany is the reigning World Cup champion, after beating Argentina in the 2014 Finals in Brazil. Some are even saying that the 2018 German team is better than the squad that won the championship four years ago.

When is the Germany vs. Mexico game today? Germany and Mexico are scheduled to play starting at 11 a.m. ET on Sunday, June 17. Here are all the other details you need to tune in.

What Channel Is the World Cup 2018 Germany vs. Mexico Game On?

Mexico vs. Germany is being broadcast in English on FS1, and in Spanish on Telemundo. If you have a standard satellite or cable TV package, your bundle probably includes these channels. Simply find Telemundo or FS1 to watch the Germany vs. Mexico game.

If you don’t have a pay TV package, you should still be able to watch Germany and Mexico in the 2018 World Cup for free today on Telemundo with a digital antenna. You can buy a basic digital antenna for around $ 30. When you hook up a digital antenna to a TV in most of the country, you can watch over-the-air broadcast networks like Fox, ABC, and, yes, Telemundo totally for free.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule for Sunday, June 17

What’s the 2018 World Cup schedule today?

• Costa Rica vs. Serbia, 8 a.m. ET, on Fox and Telemundo
• Germany vs. Mexico, 11 a.m. ET, on FS1 and Telemundo
• Brazil vs. Switzerland, 2 p.m. ET, on FS1 and Telemundo

Even if you don’t have cable, you should still be able to watch Germany and Mexico play for free today—either on TV (check out Telemundo) or by live streaming the game.

How to Live Stream the World Cup Germany vs. Mexico Game for Free

FS1 is a pay TV network, and the traditional way to get that channel on TV is by paying for a monthly cable or satellite TV package. But there are other options. In our previous how to watch the World Cup guide, we covered the basics for how to live stream World Cup 2018 games for free, including some strategies for getting FS1. Here are the details:

Every World Cup game can be streamed in English with the Fox Sports Go app. There is no charge for downloading and watching via the app, but you must log in with an appropriate pay TV provider account to get access.

To get the Spanish broadcasts, you can stream World Cup games in any browser at, or with the Telemundo Deportes En Vivo or NBC Sports apps. Telemundo says that anyone can watch the World Cup online for free without a pay TV subscription until June 25. After that, you may be prompted to log in online with a pay TV account.

Most live-streaming TV services will also let you watch the World Cup online. Services including Hulu Live, Fubo TV, DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, Sling TV, and YouTube TV all have packages available with some or all of the channels broadcasting 2018 World Cup matches.

Each of these services has a free trial period, allowing you to watch at no charge for roughly one week. Just remember to cancel the service if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, which will cost $ 20 and up.

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Russia’s ‘Psychic’ Cat Achilles Predicts the World Cup 2018 Opening Match Winner

A cat said to have psychic powers has predicted the winner of the first game in the 2018 World Cup, set to kick off on June 14.

Achilles, a deaf Russian cat that lives at the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, was given two plates of cat food to determine the opening match’s winner. One plate was marked with a Russian flag, while the other had a Saudi flag.

After a moment of hesitation, Achilles chose the Russian plate, the Associated Press reports. Following the choice, the cat was dressed in a Russian uniform for a photoshoot.

Hermitage veterinarian Anna Kondratyeva said Achilles “loves his motherland and couldn’t vote otherwise.”

Achilles became known for having psychic abilities after correctly guessing the winners of multiple matches during the Confederations Cup last year in Russia.

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Match shares plummet after Facebook reveals dating feature

Facebook is getting into the dating game. CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new dating feature at the social network’s annual F8 conference on Tuesday — a surprise announcement that sent shares of Match, the company that owns Tinder and OkCupid, plunging more than 17 percent. “This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships…
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This Week in Women: Trump’s Military Budget is No Match for Women Peacemakers

This Week in Women is part of a series produced in partnership between Ms. and the Fuller Project for International Reporting. This column is also part of a newsletter; sign up here to receive it regularly.

Copyright Melanie Chapman

Last Friday, Trump approved the largest U.S. military budget in history—authorizing nearly $ 700 billion dollars in 2018, and another $ 716 billion next year. Since the media coverage was muted, here’s a few details about what’s on the Pentagon’s shopping list: missile defense programs ($ 4 billion), an aircraft carrier ($ 4.5 billion) and two nuclear powered attack submarines ($ 5.5 billion).

Russia is also amping things up: This article Wednesday in Defense One reported how Russia will pour money into drones and robotics as well as information warfare. Even attacking “non-military targets” is now fair game, said Russian Army Gen. Valery Gerasimov.

In other frightening signs that we’re marching toward war, Trump appointed John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser—even though he was terribly wrong about the more than trillion-dollar, failed Iraq war. And diplomats are disappearing: 27 countries, as well as NATO, ousted at least 151 Russian diplomats this week over the poisoning scandal in the UK; Russia on Thursday began expelling U.S. diplomats. As we know, Trump has spent the last year gutting the U.S. State Department.

On April 11th at The New York Times building, there will be a day-long seminar encouraging journalists to report on peace and reconciliation as fervently as they report on conflict. I’ll be speaking, along with Sebastian Junger, Lynsey Addario, Zainab Salbi, Fuller Project board member and veteran journalist Laurie Hays and Fuller Project advisor and longtime editor Robert Rosenthal. Click here to attend.

Part of this reporting needs to include those who are resisting war and conflict, upholding civil society and opposing authoritarianism. Yet, as The Fuller Project wrote this week at Ms., women anti-war activists have a long history of being dismissed as less serious, and considered not central to the “real issues” of conflict and war.

Not true. Right now, Russian women are risking their lives in opposition to Putin; Turkish women are opposing Erdogan; and there is an international coalition working for a peaceful reconciliation with North Korea. Meanwhile, there is an active behind-the-scenes movement on Capitol Hill to implement more fully legislation that ensures women always have a voice in reducing conflict.

These stories rarely get told. (Fuller Project correspondent Sophia Jones and photographer Andrea DiCenzo are in Iraq, traveling across the country reporting on how women are faring in post-ISIS times. Watch out for theirs.)

Meanwhile, the exclusive all-women’s club, The Wing, is under investigation over whether its female-only policy violates anti-discrimination laws. And on Twitter, feminist Jessica Valenti has led a very vocal chorus in opposition to the Atlantic magazine’s recent hiring of a right-wing columnist who called for women who’ve had abortions to be hanged.

In other news this week, the national backlog of untested rape kits may be eased soon. Sources told The Fuller Project this week that Massachusetts is about to vote on legislation that would: mandate an annual statewide inventory of rape kits, require the timely testing of newly collected rape kits, require the submission and testing of all backlogged kits; establish a statewide rape kit tracking system and grants victims the right to know the status of their kits. It’d make Massachusetts one of the most advanced states in the country in addressing the backlog of untested rape kits. We’re standing by to report on this big story.

Christina Asquith is the founder and editor in chief at The Fuller Project for International Reporting. 

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‘A Way Out’ Review: Perfectly Paced Cinematic Action Without The Script to Match

Dreamed up by award-winning indie film director turned award-winning indie game developer Josef Fares, A Way Out is a unique cinematic offering relishes in transporting players from lavish set piece to even more lavish set piece.

Despite looking just as polished as your average Naughty Dog adventure, this narrative-led epic is actually the first game to attempt a cinematic, story-driven co-op experience. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it was made by a team of just 15 people.

Ever since its reveal at E3 2017 then, it’s been clear that A Way Out is an incredibly ambitious undertaking. But now that it’s finally here, has Fares and his tiny team managed to deliver upon that promise of a cinema-quality co-op experience?

The answer is both yes and no.

On the one hand, EA’s second foray into indie publishing offers up a perfectly paced and surprisingly varied experience that’s quite unlike anything else, pitting players against everything from deadly crime bosses to unforgiving rapids and a seriously intense game of Connect 4.

Yet, despite consistently being a blast to play, unfortunately, a woefully lacklustre script prevents A Way Out from reaching the giddy heights some may have expected it to.

Leo hangs out in the rec area in prison
Fares and his brother performed all the motion capture for the game, delivering slick animations on a shoe string budget.

Tiny Teams and Big Ambitions

As our thirst to explore sprawling and immersive worlds grows, so do the teams that make them.

Where back in the low polygon PS2 era 40-50 person teams brought us the latest best-selling RPG, now, pulling off a modern cinematic experience like Uncharted 4 requires hundreds of extremely skilled developers. It’s been worth it though, with the latest interactive entertainment giving Hollywood blockbusters a run for their money.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to rapidly rising production costs — and with them many talented mid-tier game studios shutting their doors for good. Sometimes though, it takes a fresh pair of eyes and a hungry creator in order to see (and do) things a little differently.

That’s where A Way Out comes in. It’s a different take — though despite its makers’ filmmaking background, it excels in areas that might surprise you.

Well Scripted action, bad script

Trying to escape jeeps while on motorbikes
From high-speed vehicle chases to white water rafting, A Way Out offers up some pretty spectacular set pieces over the course of its 7 hour run time.

While Fares’ cinematic expertise is immediately evident as the camera swoops seamlessly from one expertly paced action scene to another, whenever the two protagonists open their mouths, we find ourselves immediately yanked out of the experience.

Despite Fares’ making his name in Hollywood and coming from a scriptwriting background, bafflingly, much of the dialogue in A Way Out feels shockingly ham-fisted. The opening hours are especially guilty of this – offering up more halfbaked exchanges and genre clichés than you can shake a Van Damme VHS at.

In other words, for a game selling itself as an engaging cinematic experience, the dialogue often feels disappointingly amateur. Thankfully, this became less of a problem as the story unfolded, but we’re not entirely sure whether that’s because the writing genuinely improved as their journey unfolded, or we simply got Stockholm syndrome.

Still, at least A Way Outs‘ premise sounds Hollywood enough on paper. Taking control of two very different convicts whose paths cross behind bars, one player is put in the shoes of tough guy Leo while the other sees the world through the eyes of the more wary and thoughtful Vincent. With both men desperately seeking their freedom after being framed for different crimes, the two reluctantly agree to work together to find – you guessed it – a way out.

Convicts and Conflicts

Leo and Vincent in prison yard fights
While they’re both embarking on the same story, each player can find themselves experiencing the game’s world very differently.

Where most co-op games see each player experiencing the same story from an identical perspective, interestingly, A Way Out allows both of you to explore your surroundings in your own way. As each character leaves their cell and makes their way towards the rec area in the middle of the heavily guarded penitentiary, players are free to go their own way, taking in the sights as they see fit and talking to whichever guards and inmates they please.

This means that Fares’ latest offers the rarest of things in gaming — something that’s never been done before. Finally being given the freedom to explore a game world as two individuals — rather than just tied together at the hip — makes for a remarkably refreshing and novel co-op experience.

It helps of course, that Leo and Vincent are two very different characters. While most multiplayer games offer up an AI friend, A Way Out is an experience that is only playable with a human partner in tow — and it’s all the better for it. As our two protagonists learned to slowly trust each other and work in sync, the bond between ourselves and our partner quickly mirrored that of our on-screen avatars.

Except with more swearing, and slightly less wooden conversations.

Despite Fares’ insistence that you go on this journey with another human being, he’s aware that time is a precious commodity for most adults and has made one small concession — the implementation of online co-op.  While this is undoubtedly an experience that is enriched by yelling at the person next to you as you leap off of a virtual ravine, getting a friend over to play a seven hour game with you may not be the most practical thing.

Thoughtfully then, buying A Way Out allows you to gift a digital copy to one of your friends.

Swapping Violence for Variety

A game of Connect 4 between Leo and Vincent
Whether its scaling prison walls or enjoying a quiet game of Connect 4, A Way Out is a wonderfully varied experience.

Refreshingly though, this is a narrative-driven game that doesn’t just task you with killing people. Where Uncharted’s cutscenes depicting protagonist Nathan Drake as a loveable goofball feel bafflingly at odds with much of the series’ murderous gameplay, A Way Out ’s two relatable leads rarely take a life over the course of its seven-hour playtime.

More crucially, when they do it’s only because they’re in mortal danger. This may sound like an eye-rolling-ly simple thing, but it’s this kind of thoughtful convergence of narrative and game design that helps make (most) scenes feeling so grounded — even if the dialogue can be pretty ropey.

It’s what you’d expect from convicts on the run. Escaping is their number one priority – not slaughtering cops who are merely doing their jobs.

Yet, it’s not just how combat is used here that should be applauded, but also how sparingly virtual violence is implemented. While there’s certainly fun to be found in mowing down polygonal baddies with a friend at your side, playing a co-op game where combat only made up a small part of the overall experience was a refreshing change of pace.

Is ‘A Way Out’ Any Good?

Each player with a musical intrument
Whether its jamming together on random instruments or hauling each other over prison fences, the fun each player shares together helps to counteract the dodgy dialogue.

Whether its one player keeping a lookout for patrolling prison guards as the other burrows out of their cell, or simply playing basketball with Leo’s son, great care has been taken in order to make sure that no two sections of A Way Out ever feel the same.

Where cinematic gaming experiences usually favour gunplay over character building, it’s great to see Fares and the team at Hazelight make the effort to double down on more original types of gameplay — and one that’s made all the better by an interesting narrative shift that creeps up on you later on in the journey.

Where many game makers struggle to marry their storytelling vision with the unpredictable actions of a single player, the fact that this cinematic-driven interactive opus works as well as it does is a huge achievement. Ropey dialogue may keep this from being a must-play experience, but if you’re looking to embark on a compelling and surprising co-op adventure with a friend, A Way Out is more than worth the price of entry.

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Striking a Match: Many Years Later, Physician Provides Life-Saving Donation

As a college student at Columbia University in the 1990s, Yung-Mee Park, MD, was walking through campus when she noticed a table with information about someone who was looking for a bone marrow donor. What struck her most vividly was learning about the particular need for registered donors from minority communities. What she didn’t know then is how that one moment would change her life years later.

At the time, people who wanted to register to be bone marrow donors were asked to provide a blood sample. Yung-Mee gladly complied, listed her parents’ phone number on the contact form, and went on her way. She graduated from college, was a practicing family physician, had married and was raising two sons when she was surprised with an opportunity to save a young boy’s life.

In 2011, someone from Be The Match, the national marrow donor program, called her parent’s house to see if Yung-Mee was still interested in potentially being a donor, fifteen years after she joined the registry.

“I was really excited,” remarks Yung-Mee. “Being a physician, I feel like I contribute to the well-being of patients and am there to comfort them, but physicians do that by prescribing medicine or through encouragement. This was an amazing opportunity to give a part of myself to help save a life.”

The donation process

After agreeing to move forward with the donation process, Be The Match requires potential donors to undergo blood tests to ensure they are healthy and a good match for the recipient. When Yung-Mee received a box of vials, she scheduled an appointment with a local phlebotomist at a partnering facility.

Five months later, she received a call back, informing her that there was a 15-year-old boy in need of an immediate transplant.

For five days, Yung-Mee injected herself with a stimulant that helps the body make more of the products needed for a blood stem cell transplant. “I experienced bone pain, but not to the extent where I couldn’t work and see patients,” remembers Yung-Mee. “It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. It would not stop me from donating again.” (Nowadays, most donors donate blood stem cells and not actual bone marrow.) She was admitted to a Southern California hospital to complete the donation. She had a PICC line inserted in both arms and laid in bed for a couple of hours, sleeping and watching TV during that time. She recovered quickly and returned to work two days later.

After going through the process, Yung-Me says the procedures created only small amounts of discomfort. “The emotional satisfaction I get from having been able to do that is so rewarding,” she said.

Grateful family

Yung-Mee Park and family

Yung-Mee Park, MD and family.

Following the one-year anniversary of the transplant, donors and recipients have the option to connect with each other. Yung-Mee and her teenage blood stem cell recipient, Kevin, began emailing and sending Christmas cards to one another.

By the beginning of 2017, Yung-Mee had just completed a battle of her own with breast cancer and had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, where Kevin and his family live.

“After going through my own life-altering cancer diagnosis, I really wanted to connect with Kevin in person,” she reflected. “My husband and two sons were with me, and I just expected to meet Kevin and his mother, but his father, brother and grandmother also came to enjoy a delicious lunch. His mom did most of the talking and constantly offered me food. At the end of our meeting, Kevin’s grandmother hugged me tightly with a tear in her eye. I realized that three generations were grateful to have Kevin still in their lives. I feel blessed to have been his match.”

‘Like a gold mine’

One of Yung-Mee’s colleagues was searching for a match in 2016 and eventually had a transplant in December 2016. While recovering, he and Yung-Mee worked together to create a national Kaiser Permanente marrow program and began partnering with Will You Marrow Me, Marketing and other groups within the organization. After the transplant, Yung-Mee’s colleague lived an additional seven months before succumbing to complications from his treatment.

The loss of her colleague, her own cancer diagnosis and her experience donating to and meeting Kevin drives Yung-Mee and her work — and gives her a full-scope view — both as a physician and a bone marrow donor advocate.

“Everybody has the ability to save another human being,” she said. “To me, it’s like a gold mine. If we’re all healthier because of our passion to help others, this would be the ultimate way to do that. This is a lifetime project.”

How you can get involved

  • Register to become a potential blood stem cell or bone marrow donor at an event or online.
  • Please note: Ideal donors are between the ages of 18 and 44 because research shows that cells from younger donors provide the greatest chance for a successful transplant. Those who register remain on the registry until age 61.
  • Encourage those who are unable to become part of the registry to donate financially to the cause.
  • Host a drive at your local school or community center. Partner with official Be The Match recruitment centers, which provide all needed supplies.
  • Share this article with family and friends, to raise awareness and encourage people to register.

For more information about blood stem cell and bone marrow registration, donation and transplants, please visit:

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National Obamacare enrollment could match prior season’s tally despite strong headwinds

Enrollment on the federal Obamacare marketplace was surprisingly strong, with 8.8 million sign-ups.
Health Care


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Chris Jericho Challenges Kenny Omega to Match at Wrestle Kingdom

After going back and forth on Twitter in recent weeks, Chris Jericho put his money where his mouth is over the weekend by challenging Kenny Omega to a match at Wrestle

This article originally appeared on Chris Jericho Challenges Kenny Omega to Match at Wrestle Kingdom

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The High Art Wilson-Nabokov Cage Match

I’ve rarely come across a book as entertaining as this one, or as hugely sad. In The Feud, Alex Beam walks us with good sense through one of the great literary quarrels of the 20th century. Its subtitle says it all: Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the End of a Beautiful Friendship.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Stadium seats collapse, injuring 18 at French soccer match

Officials said 18 soccer fans were injured when a barrier separating them from the field collapsed during a French club match, sending rows of people tumbling.
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Anticipated Alvarez Vs. Golovkin Boxing Match Ends in Stunning Draw

The sport of boxing is having one of its biggest and best years in recent memory. However, the result of Saturday's anticipated showdown between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Gennady "GGG" Golovkin proved the sport still has all kinds of problems.

Touted as one of the most meaningful boxing matches of the past several years, "Canelo" vs. "GGG" ended in a controversial split draw. The

This article originally appeared on Anticipated Alvarez Vs. Golovkin Boxing Match Ends in Stunning Draw

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Review: Slick and Entertaining, It Can’t Match the Horror of Stephen King’s Classic

The best or at least the most memorable movie adaptations of Stephen King novels—like Carrie or The Shining—create a vivid universe unto themselves while channeling King’s fearlessness in exploring the dark side of human nature. King’s novels, with their seemingly infinite layers of detail and meandering, entertaining asides, are difficult to adapt. But whatever you do, locking into King’s tone is essential. For all his willingness to stare down the darkest horrors and put them on the page, he’s also blazingly sympathetic to human insecurities and flaws. He doesn’t just show us a bunch of scary stuff. He challenges us to confront why we find that stuff scary in the first place.

Director Andy Muschietti’s It, adapted from King’s disquieting 1986 epic of the same name, doesn’t cut very deep and isn’t very scary. At its best, it’s a sometimes-entertaining evocation of the way kids think and talk within their little cliques, and of the way they protect one another with fierce loyalty. Rob Reiner’s 1986 Stand By Me is the obvious comparison point. It’s the end of the 1988 school year in the small Maine town of Derry, and a bunch of the nerdier, less-popular kids are looking forward to a summer of being picked on by the town bullies. There’s asthmatic mother’s boy Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer), gangly Jewish kid Stanley Uris (Wyatt Olef), whose religion puts him in the minority in small-town Maine, and wiseguy comedian Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard). Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher) is one of the quieter, more thoughtful members of the gang; he has a stutter he can’t control, and he’s still reeling from a recent family tragedy. His six-year-old brother, Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott), disappeared earlier in the year—the event is dramatized with chilling precision in the movie’s opening sequence.

The boys’ chief nemesis is teenage bad apple Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), and he’s not your average harmless misguided delinquent. At one point he attempts to carve his name into the stomach of another local kid, Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor). Ben is saved by Bill and the others, and two more kids end up joining the group: Mike (Chosen Jacobs) lives on a nearby sheep farm, where his chores include some of the more challenging work farmers need to do. He is also black, and so, like Stan, he’s another small-town Maine rarity. Beverly (Sophia Lillis), the only girl in the group, is slightly older, and she’s living a secret nightmare life at home. At school, she’s been branded “fast,” though there’s no truth to that accusation. She’s just a smart, considerate girl who tends to keep to herself.

Muschietti, who directed the effective 2013 horror thriller Mama, starring Jessica Chastain, does a fine job of sketching each of these kids as individuals, a challenge that even more experienced directors sometimes fail to meet. The problem is that the plot escalates in its ridiculousness, and Muschietti can’t control it. The kids learn that their town is in the grip of an evil force—the It of the title—who emerges every 27 years to feast on the locals, particularly the children. This It generally takes the form of Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård), an old-school circus clown with menacing eyes who lives in the town’s sewers and whose presence is sometimes announced by an ominous, free-floating red balloon.

Once the kids realize what It is up to, they want to stop It once and for all. Pennywise is one scary clown, a creature with red greasepaint stripes that trail from his eyes to his leering lips like bloody tears. The first time you see him—in the movie’s genuinely unnerving but also poetic opening, which hews closely to King’s beautifully written first chapter—he’s so scary you wonder if you might be in for a masterpiece. But by the tenth or twelfth—or perhaps twentieth?—time he shows up, the novelty has worn off. Muschietti relies too much on your garden-variety jump scares and now-standard special effects, things like ghoulish limbs twisting every which-way and innocent figures shape-shifting into malevolent ones. As always, the horrors you get a close look at are much less terrifying than those that remain unseen.

And that’s the chief problem with adapting any Stephen King novel: Nothing ever looks as scary on-screen as it does in our minds, when we’re sitting alone with a book. With It, seeing isn’t the same as believing.

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Maria Sharapova Wins Her First Grand Slam Match Since Her Drug Ban

Maria Sharapova’s trademark grunt was back at the U.S. Open on Monday night, as was her signature style — for her first round match, she appeared in a black outfit by designer Riccardo Tisci and Nike. Her shot-making and swagger were back too. Sharapova, the five-time Grand Slam champion, former world number one, and the most controversial player in her sport, won her first Grand Slam tournament match since serving a 15-month drug ban, beating world No. 2 Simona Halep, of Romania in three sets, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3.

Though the New York crowd offered Halep more vocal support when the players arrived on the court, if anyone booed Sharapova, it was barely audible. Americans have shown a willingness to forgive athletes who’ve taken performance-enhancing drugs. The fans in Arthur Ashe stadium were no different.

Sharapova entered the match with a 6-0 career record against Halep, and this match showed why. Sharapova served heavy, hit all the angles, and covered more ground than her opponent. Halep would not go quietly; she won four straight games in the second set to force a decisive third. But Sharapova refused to beat herself up for losing the lead: she promptly went up 3-0 in the final set before holding on.

With Serena Williams sidelined, and the women’s field unusually wide open, a redemptive run to a second U.S. Open title for Sharpova — who received a wild card invite to the tournament, she’s ranked so low — is far from out of the question.

If Sharapova pulls that off, she’d have risen from the very depths of her once storied career. In June of 2016, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) banned Sharapova for two years after she tested positive for meldonium, a heart medication that has been shown to have potential performance-enhancing benefits. Sharapova has said she’d taken meldonium since 2006, but the drug wasn’t added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substance list until the fall of 2015 (the ban took effect on January 1, 2016).

She tested positive for the drug at the 2016 Australian Open, the last Grand Slam tournament she played in since before this one. She claimed she hadn’t realized that WADA banished the drug; an ITF tribunal concluded that Sharapova had not intentionally doped, but “she does bear sole responsibility” for “failing to take any steps to check whether the continued use of this medicine was permissible.” On appeal, her two-year ban was shortened to 15 months.

So Sharapova returned to the court in April. Her ranking was too low for her to automatically qualify for the French Open, or Wimbledon; the organizers of neither tournament extended her a Wild Card invite. (She did not request one for Wimbledon, and missed the qualifying rounds because of injury). U.S. Open officials, however, welcomed Sharapova, now ranked No. 146, to New York for this year’s event.

Some players have criticized Sharapova’s return. Canadian star Eugenie Bouchard labeled her a “cheater,” and said she should be banned for life. Bouchard, 23, said that before she played Sharapova at the Madrid Open in May, players she normally didn’t talk to privately wished her luck.

“I’m not oblivious,” Sharapova wrote in a first-person essay published on the Players’ Tribune in July. “I’m aware of what many of my peers have said about me, and how critical of me some of them have been in the press. If you’re a human being with a normal, beating heart, you know … I don’t think that sort of thing will ever fully be possible to ignore. And I don’t think it will ever not be weird or hurtful to go through.”

After winning match point, she fell to the ground, and held a hand to her mouth, a clear gesture of disbelief. She also blew kisses to an enthusiastic crowd. Yes, Sharapova will likely never win back the trust of some players and fans. But a second act is now firmly in her hands. And it got off to a magnificent start in New York.

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The High Art Wilson-Nabokov Cage Match

I’ve rarely come across a book as entertaining as this one, or as hugely sad. In The Feud, Alex Beam walks us with good sense through one of the great literary quarrels of the 20th century. Its subtitle says it all: Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the End of a Beautiful Friendship.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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If feeding my baby were a sport I’d forfeit the match


Becky Vieira

posted in Parenting

I look at the clock and think to myself “Is it really that time, again.”  I sigh and begin to mentally prepare myself. It’s nothing I want to do. But it must be done, and I’m the one who has to do it.

I’m talking, of course, about feeding my infant. Because let’s be honest… sometimes it can be the most stressful part of your day.

Before my son was born I assumed I’d offer him his food and he’d eat it. Sure, I expected there would be some rejection, or that we’d have a little mess from time to time. But overall I thought I’d put food in front of him and that would be that.

Excuse me while I take a moment to laugh at my “before kids” naiveté!

Feeding my son is like a sport. It takes physical strength, dexterity, mental awareness and patience. Oh, so much patience. Not to mention the cleaning products…gallons and buckets of (baby safe) cleaning products.

two photos of baby with food over face

It usually begins with the timing. My son has acid reflux and takes probiotics, which must be given (roughly) no sooner than 39.8 minutes before his meal and at least 126.5 minutes before bed. Okay, I’m exaggerating here but it sometimes feels that challenging. I’m always looking at the clock and calculating when he ate last and then holding him off before he eats again.

Next is the highchair. Once I get him in he bangs — loudly — on the tray like a heavy metal band’s offbeat drummer. It’s his way of letting us now he’s ready to eat. Now!

Then comes the food. He does one of two things. He either tries to put every morsel into his mouth at once, prompting me to chant, “chew, chew, chew!” Or he scrunches his nose up in disgust while turning his head from side to side to further emphasize his rejection.

On those days I feel like a short order cook for the world’s cutest food critic. One night I served him six different food options before he agreed to eat anything. He’s a baby, so I can’t exactly have a conversation with him about his tastes and preferences. Which change daily, I might add.

I worry with each bite. Did I cut the pieces too big? Or too small? Am I stopping him from learning how to chew? Or making him gag? You can drive yourself mad with the questions.

By the time he’s finally full we both need to be hosed off. Not only is he covered in food, I end up with bits of it in my hair and on my clothes. I even had to scoop a dollop of hummus out of my ear once. As for my kitchen? Well, if I had the option I’d choose to torch it most nights instead of cleaning it. But arson is illegal and I like our kitchen table, so I clean.

Eventually I’d had enough. This can’t be my life for the next several years, I whine to my mom friends. The look they gave me confirmed that it just might be. So I went to my pediatrician because I wasn’t ready to give up hope that mealtime didn’t have to be a burden.
And we finally got some good news.

Baby sits in highchair and is fed YoBaby yogurt

She recommended we try substituting his drops with a food containing probiotics to help avoid that juggling act with the timing. And since he was 6 months old when we had this particular visit she suggested Stonyfield’s YoBaby yogurt, which not only contains live active cultures, but also has an added probiotic — Bifidobacterium animalis lactis BB-12®*, to be specific. (Learn more about probiotics for babies and children here.) What’s more, it’s the only organic yogurt made especially for babies. (Wondering if your baby is ready for YoBaby yogurt? You’ll want to read this!)

He loves it. It’s made with whole milk, so I know he’s getting calcium, vitamin D and protein. If he tosses everything else I offer him on the floor I know he’s at least getting all that. Believe me, I did plenty of my own research on what yogurt to serve him. And knowing that Stonyfield’s YoBaby yogurt is the number one pediatrician recommended brand** really helped ease my mealtime anxiety.

As for the mess, that sadly hasn’t changed. He is a baby after all. But, with the other stresses removed, I’ve found it doesn’t really bother me as much anymore.

It’s a win-win for all of us. He loves the taste and is happy to end every meal with his “dessert,” and we know that what we are feeding him is organic, non-GMO, free of pesticides and artificial flavors. Oh, and did I mention it’s good for him? Phew. Finally something about mealtime I can get excited about.

And as an added bonus, I don’t have to worry about cutting it into appropriate sized bites!

Does your baby’s mealtime exhaust you? What tips and tricks can you share?


This post is sponsored by Stonyfield. All opinions are truthful and my own.

*YoBaby contains the probiotic Bifidobacterium animalis lactis BB-12(R) that has been shown to have a digestive health benefit when consumed regularly as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. BB-12(R) is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen.
**Stonyfield YoBaby is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended for babies 6 months – 2 years among refrigerated yogurts (IMS Health ProVoice Survey, 12/01/15-09/30/16)

Images by Becky Vieira

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Nothing Beets ‘The Office’ Prank This Woman Pulled On A Tinder Match

Fact: Even Jim Halpert would be proud of a prank this masterful. 

Over the weekend, a woman named Caroline from Cleveland, Ohio, tweeted out a very special conversation she had with a guy she met on Tinder. 

“Yesterday I convinced a boy that I am a beet farmer by using quotes from ‘The Office,’” the Kent State University freshman wrote on Twitter.

Caroline mined material from Dwight Schrute, everyone’s favorite Scranton-based, beet-loving paper salesman:

Nate was intrigued… (And clearly a good sport for engaging with a Tinder match this beet obsessed.)

From there, Caroline took it to the next level: 

As of now, Caroline’s tweet has racked up over 18,000 retweets and spurred on some equally hilarious responses: 

The good news is, no one’s feelings were hurt here. Caroline told BuzzFeed that once the tweet went viral, she messaged Nate to let him know she was not, in fact, a beet farmer. 

“It was all in good fun,” she said. “He thought it was hilarious and that it was cool that it was getting so many retweets.”

Hey, we think she’d have Jim’s approval on this one. 

The Huffington Post reached out to Caroline for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication. 

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Ricky Gervais And Jimmy Fallon Desperately Try To Match Kids’ Funny Faces

First things first, you can forget about Jimmy Fallon imitating celebs like Iggy Azalea because his latest impression is the realest.

After challenging kids to send in a videos of their themselves making funny faces, Fallon decided to take on Ricky Gervais in a “Funny Face Off.” The two tested their impression limits by trying to recreate the best of the best. There was face scrunching, eyes crossing and all kinds of hideous looks. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

The good news is they totally nailed it. The better news is that their faces didn’t freeze that way.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.
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Your Perfect Dog: The Ultimate Breed-By-Breed Guide to Choosing a Dog That’s Your Ideal Match

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Popular dating Web sites use innovative profiling to help people find their ideal matches. In “Your Perfect Dog,” a similar approach is used to help prospective dog owners find the best canine for their homes and lifestyles. After all, a pet is a long-term companion that will essentially become a member of the family. It makes sense to ensure that owner and pet personalities are compatible. Renowned canine expert, David Alderton, uses 20 simple human profiles that analyze potential owners by age, work situation, housing, family size, hobbies, fitness, and more. He then profiles 175 dog breeds–from sporting dogs and terriers to herders and hunting dogs–with plenty of details on each dog’s physical attributes, likes and dislikes, specific requirements, and more. For each dog, the 20 human profiles are graded on a scale from 1 to 10. A perfect 10 indicates a perfect match A fun and straightforward way to select a beloved new pet. Includes a glossary of terms and more than 200 color photos.

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