Michael B. Jordan Announced As The First Global Face Of Coach Men’s Wear [Video]

NEW YORK — Coach has announced that actor and producer Michael B. Jordan has been chosen as the first global face of the Coach menswear business. Jordan’s partnership with Coach will include global advertising campaigns for men’s ready-to-wear, accessories and fragrance, beginning with the Spring 2019 season. The partnership will also include special design projects with Creative Director Stuart Vevers and philanthropic endeavors with the Coach Foundation.

Founded in New York more than 75 years ago, Coach began as a men’s accessories brand and has built its reputation on leather innovation and craftsmanship. Today, it is a global fashion brand defined by a free-spirited attitude rooted in New York City. Jordan, a star who is redefining Hollywood standards as a leading man and producer, creating opportunity and empowering the careers of others, is also a long-time friend of the brand and shares Coach’s belief in the modern American Dream and values of optimism and inclusivity.

“I’m honored to be joining the Coach family and have so much respect for Stuart Vevers’ vision,” said Jordan. “I’m looking forward to jumping into the creative process and exploring fashion through a different lens.”

“Michael is cool and authentic, and he really embodies the Coach guy,” said Vevers. “I’ve had the chance to get to know Michael over the last couple of years. He always looks great in Coach, so it felt really natural to build our relationship.”

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Millennial Moves: Calvin Quallis On Building Men’s Grooming Brand, Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a New Jersey-based men’s grooming brand and part of the #beardgang culture. The company is the brainchild of millennial founder Calvin Quallis who took his idea from the barbershop to the shelves and online after noticing his clientele’s need for products that catered to their hair type.

Named after his favorite liquor (Scotch) and favorite jazz singer (Gregory Porter) Quallis created the brand with the everyday man in mind. What began as a targeted brand has expanded beyond products solely for the beard and face. Last fall, the company launched “Fresh Meat” masculine wipes and now the Mineral Enriched Body Collection comprised of a botanically-enriched body bar, exfoliating body scrub, body wash, and hydro-defense body lotion.

We interviewed Quallis and Aleesha Smalls-Worthington, Scotch Porter’s senior marketing manager, to discuss the business of grooming, building a brand, and tips every millennial needs for success.

Black Enterprise: You have created a grooming trifecta: face, hair, and body. What was the importance of positioning Scotch Porter as a one-stop-shop for men? 

Calvin Quallis: With Scotch Porter, I wanted to create a platform that catered to today’s busy man by offering a full selection of quality products conveniently at one destination. Also, we’re more than just a grooming brand, we’re selling more than what’s in a bottle or jar. We’re creating a lifestyle and providing our customers with something that they feel they can aspire to be.
How does your brand manage to stay on narrative in a culture of ever-changing trends?
Quallis: Our brand stays the course by focusing on delivering on the needs of our customers. By keeping a two-way dialogue at the forefront of our product development, we listen to what he wants and needs. Based on how those preferences align with SP’s mission, we release products and messaging that provides a solution. While a trend is key when it comes to certain products and services, our collections will continue to be rooted in pushing our customers to be great.
men's grooming
Marketing and social media have been paramount for most brands on the market. How has this style of branding aided in reaching your target audience?
Smalls-Worthington: When it comes to marketing, our approach is multi-touch. It’s critical to meet “him”— where he consumes content—and deliver on his needs through product and information. No matter the medium, we focus on educating and entertaining men. Whether it’s talking about the benefits of using our products or highlighting interesting lifestyle hacks, our goal is for Scotch Porter to be a touch point in his life that makes him look, feel, and smell his best.
How has the barbershop; the church played a part in helping to build Scotch Porter?
Quallis: The barbershop is why Scotch Porter exists. Before the launch of Scotch Porter, I owned a barbershop called Center Stage Cuts. My mom also owned a barbershop/salon when I was a kid. Scotch Porter was born out of a barbershop that served predominately black and Hispanic men. Two months after opening the shop I noticed this recurring grooming issue that many of our customers had: very dry, damaged frizzy beards and hair. I put my problem solver hat on and from home, I researched natural products, ingredients and their effectiveness to treat my customer’s concerns. With feedback from our customers over the course of one-and-a-half years, I developed Scotch Porter’s first line of products with botanical infusions. 
What are 5 core values every entrepreneur should follow to build a business in a millennial society?
Quallis: [1] Every entrepreneur must be a great problem solver. It’s almost impossible to build a great business if you’re not a good problem solver. There are big and small problems that arise daily when building a business
[2] Being resilient is another one. There’s some days where you’ll feel completely defeated, tired, and at the point where you want to give up, but on the other side of all of those dark thoughts is success. When I feel overwhelmed or defeated, I always remind myself that the bigger the goal that I’m trying to accomplish, and the greater the impact I want to have, the more resistance and frustration I’m going to face, but I owe it to myself and my loved ones to keep going. You have to keep going.
[3] You have to be passionate about this thing that you’re building. You might have no idea how to monetize whatever this thing is that you love to do, but passion will drive you to figure it out. When you’re exhausted, broke, and utterly frustrated, passion will make you jump out of the bed and work late into the evening, because no dream can become a reality until it becomes an obsession.
[4] Figure out your true “Why.” There’s so many reasons to quit or not start a business. Business is risky and has so many unknowns. You could destroy your credibility. You could get punished by debt. You could even lose everything. However, your “why” is much more powerful than every reason to quit or not to start, and it’s what you need to go back to when you start feeling lost.
[5] Every entrepreneur must have a vision. Vision helps you with the process of planning, understanding the opportunity, and establishing goals for the business. It also permits you to see past where you are currently and ahead of your limited resources.
What is the future of men’s grooming?
Quallis: Men over the past 3 to 5 years have become much more interested in personal care and grooming. More men are now comfortably exploring products and services that were traditionally seen as more female-oriented. As we, and others in the industry, continue to educate men on the importance of grooming and how it can impact their appearance and how they feel about themselves, I think we’ll see a lot more new product offerings for men and growth in the men’s personal care space.

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Gustav von Aschenbach Men’s Spring 2019

In its third season, Robert Geller’s Gustav von Aschenbach seems to be finally developing its own identity.
Although a younger and more fun offshoot of the designer’s main line, the collection still has Geller’s signature, with its traditional boxy silhouettes, washed cotton fabrics and saturated tones.
But G.V.A., as the line is now being called, has more of a streetwear edge. The use of logos, slogans and appliquéd photographs spoke to Geller’s love of Swiss graphic design and typography — as evidenced by the word Basel used on garments throughout.
“The G.V.A. kid is evolving into a young artist, who expresses himself through individualistic, self-confident clothes,” Geller said.
Some of this artistic expression shone through in a creative casting mix of models and New York street dancers that added a jolt of energy and fun to the show.
Among the highlights was an array of light outerwear, from trenchcoats and cropped field jackets to utility varsities. Embellished with the graphic details, these became one-of-a-kind pieces.
Geller’s ability to create a younger alter-ego allows him to channel trendier and more of-the-now pieces. But coupled with his more romantic and mature Robert Geller collection, these two sides of his personality seem perfectly aligned.

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Nick Graham Men’s Spring 2019

Nick Graham’s space odyssey continued for spring with a collection titled “1969.” He called it “one of the most transformational years in our history, a year that had both the first landing on the moon by Apollo 11 and also Woodstock, both of which were pretty transformative events in our culture.”
A rocket-shaped 1959 Cadillac Cyclone concept car — the only one made and dispatched from the company’s archives in Detroit — was parked on the runway and served as the perfect backdrop for the zesty show.
It opened with a troupe of boys dancing in “Martian in Training” T-shirts, followed by a parade of traditional sartorial clothing that was super fitted to the body with cropped blazers and tapered pants. Metallic bomber jackets with NASA logos set the tone for an array of intergalactic references that included alien faces printed on shirts and atomic symbols on the breast pockets of suit jackets.
In addition to the suits— which were offered in colorful, shiny solids and exaggerated men’s wear classic patterns — Graham introduced a lot more casualwear, including logo hoodies and sweat pants.
Although Graham’s obsession with space travel is nothing new, it continues to provide a fun story line and an uplifting

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Games-Japan’s scandal-hit men’s basketball team out of Asian Games

Japan’s turbulent Asian Games basketball tournament, which saw four players sent home in disgrace, came to an end on Monday when they were beaten 93-67 by Iran in the quarter-finals.

Reuters: Sports News


Check out the Sales Outlet with prices starting as low as $ 19.99!

Nihl Men’s Spring 2019

In his New York show, Neil Grotzinger of Nihl, the LVMH Prize finalist, broke traditional rules of masculinity with a collection that centered around bending the rules of those in authority.
He took police officers, football players and Wall Street brokers and turned their wardrobes on their head by “exploring the qualities of borderline ephemerality and downright queerness,” according to the liner notes.

A clear example was a pair of football pants made from fine white silk he paired with a handmade chain mail tank top. An authentic crinkled painter’s tarp — black on one side, green on the other with drawstrings included — was reinterpreted as pants and a top.

Grotzinger’s use of elaborate embroidery techniques appeared as embellishments on several pieces, including the sleeves of sheer tops and a sliced-open basketball short.

The use of revealing cutouts and jock straps throughout the collection added a level of eroticism while enhancing the masculinity of the offering.

“The concepts of masculinity can be very restrictive and I like to break the conformity of that,” Grotzinger said.

In this debut, Grotzinger gained a lot of attention by breaking the rules — in the right way.

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Flagpole Enters Men’s Swim

Megan Balch and Jaime Barker, who cofounded Flagpole in 2013, are known for their sporty, brightly colored women’s swimwear sold at retailers including Shopbop and Barneys New York, but they always had the men’s category in mind.
“Flagpole is the name of the beach we grew up on,” said Balch. “But before we even had sketches or drawings, we always knew we wanted to have a unisex name to accommodate for men’s.”
According to Balch, they’ve spent two years working on the men’s collection, which includes two silhouettes: the Luke short, a hybrid swim and travel short; and the Dave trunk, a classic swimsuit. The Luke short is made from a quick-drying fabric with pockets and an interior adjustable drawstring. They retail for $ 225. The Dave trunk has a slim fit and is also made from a quick-drying fabric but has an elastic waistband. It retails for $ 185.
“Since our launch, a lot of men have reached out saying that they resonate with our clean, modern and functional aesthetic,” said Balch. “What they wanted boiled down to two things: a classic cut and ultimate comfort.”
They are opting for a direct-to-consumer distribution with men’s in order to get feedback from consumers.
“It’s hard to get

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Jahnkoy Men’s Spring 2019

Maria Jahnkoy, whose real name is Maria Kazakova, is Siberian and studied at Central Saint Martins and Parsons, has received a lot of support from the industry with her brand narrative, which is centered on preserving traditional craftsmanship and reworking it for a new generation.
She was shortlisted for the 2017 LVMH Prize and has found fans in consultant Julie Gilhart and Bruce Pask, the men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Kazakova also has the support of Puma, Swarovski and the CFDA’s Elaine Gold Launch Pad program.
Her goal has always been to connect larger companies with local artisans, but with the extra help she’s been able to expand on that and bring more makers from Brooklyn and India into the mix. The show, which was more like a theatrical art project, was a collective effort as well. Titled “Deceived: No More,” the performance explored how the fashion industry impacts cultural identity. The presentation, which was choreographed by Nathan Trice, was broken up into three parts: chaos, unification and order. Much like her previous presentations, she made the runway mimic a chaotic city street that was dotted with orange cones and caution signs — one read “Separation is No

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Movers and Shakers in the Men’s E-commerce Space

Don’t tell these companies that men don’t shop online.
There are now a slew of men’s wear-focused e-tailers offering everything from designer clothing to socks, underwear to streetwear. While some of these businesses have become household names and others are still flying under the radar, all of them have managed to make their mark. They’ve also attracted some big bucks from outside investors, a key indicator that they’re doing something right.
Here, a closer look at some of the major players and their businesses.
Black Tux
Primary business: Tuxedo and suit rentals
Backstory: The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2013 by longtime friends Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, who saw an opportunity to improve the traditional tuxedo and suit rental process. Often referred to as the Rent the Runway for guys, the Black Tux has raised $ 60 million in funding since it started, the most recent round coming in March when TZP Group — along with Stripes Group, Menlo Ventures and Raine Ventures — came through with $ 30 million the company said it would use to add more warehouse space. A facility opened in Pennsylvania earlier this year.
Reach: In addition to its own e-commerce site and six of its own showrooms, the company

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N. Hoolywood Men’s Spring 2019

This season, the N. Hoolywood designer Daisuke Obana delivered a lineup inspired by Native American artist T.C. Cannon, whose work he discovered during a recent trip to Arizona.
“The lines and the bold colors in the artist’s paintings were what drew me to them,” he said backstage, pointing to an array of blanket-like pieces, often paired with matching oversize shorts. This graphic inspiration was seen in everything from cropped bomber jackets and knitwear with fringe across the chest to oversize pants.
An added surprise was Obana’s collaboration with sportswear brand Umbro. It spanned logo T-shirts, long-sleeved soccer jerseys and elongated coats adorned with oversize Umbro logos done up in bright colors with vertical lines that tied back to Cannon’s paintings.
With their mix of deconstruction and surprising proportions, Obana’s Japanese silhouettes seamlessly blended the worlds of artisanal and active sport.

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Abasi Rosborough Men’s Spring 2019

In their sophomore showing during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough explored a desert phantom theme that referenced a variety of vanishing cultures and tribes.
The design duo paraded a diverse range, from kimono-inspired jackets and coats and fitted cargo pants to Navajo-printed parkas. The color palette included deep burgundies and burnt orange that brought an Eastern sensibility to the forefront, while a flowing white section telegraphed the desert inspiration. “We even looked at ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’” Rosborough noted.
A wrinkled cotton hybrid poncho with matching head scarf and an ethereal topcoat in the same fabric also drove the desert theme home. Likewise, a Tencel linen that was frayed to look old — employed for bomber jackets and coats — reinforced that worn-in traveler vibe.
With this effort, Abasi Rosborough continues to make its mark in men’s fashion. “We’ve seen an exodus of big designers this week, but we look at it as an opportunity for new designers to step forward,” Rosborough said.

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Men’s Continues to Gain Ground as Sales Increase

LAS VEGAS — Men’s wear represents 40 percent of the global apparel market and continues to grow both in popularity and penetration for most retailers. With that experience as the backdrop, merchants shopping the shows here earlier this week were in upbeat spirits as they scoured the aisles for the latest trend-right product to fuel that men’s wear momentum heading into next year.
Christine Wu, senior trend analyst for the Doneger Group, said the men’s wear market is projected to increase to $ 33 billion in sales by 2020, up 14 percent from $ 29 billion in 2015, the most recent figure available from Euromonitor International. Among the most popular categories are activewear-inspired pieces that offer performance and technology attributes, as well as streetwear, both at the designer and more democratically priced level.
Patty Leto, senior vice president of merchandising for Doneger, said that in order to sustain the strong showing, retailers have to reach men on their own terms and provide a “targeted and more personal approach to the assortment.” This will require a “necessary recalibration” of the business.
But because men’s wear doesn’t move that quickly, that recalibration will boil down to subtle updates of the current trends, notably nostalgia, outdoor lifestyle and

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Head of State Men’s Spring 2019

For his first runway show, Nigerian-born designer Taofeek Abijako, took inspiration from Afrofuturism and paraded a lineup with a distinct Seventies feel. 
Cue an array of high-waisted cropped and flared pants, fitted sweatshirts and message T-shirts.
The standouts were the flared pants, worn with matching boots, which gave it a New York Seventies vibe. 
Head of State is now part of Groupe, a distribution umbrella formed by James and Gwendolyn Jurney of Seize sur Vingt, which manages and nurtures independent designers and brands. Abijako was the first brand chosen, allowing him to focus strictly on creating the collection while Groupe provides the funding for samples and production.     

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Low-calorie diets affect men’s and women’s bodies differently, study shows

The study looked at the different effects on weight, metabolism and body areas.
ABC News: Health


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Nordy Anniv. best of what’s left, J. Crew’s New Athletic Jackets, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Nordstrom: Anniversary Sale Ends SUNDAY!


To quote one J. Bauer: YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. And shouting isn’t gonna help. Now or never fellas. Prices go back up on Monday. Some stuff has sold out but there’s still plenty to pick from. And as always, everything ships and returns for free. Full picks are here in case you want to take one more spin through them.


J. Crew: New Rewards Program + New “Classic” Fit Jackets & Pants

J. Crew

Two non-sale related items worth passing along here. For the dudes who can’t fit into a Ludlow cut, know that it looks like J. Crew has done away with most of their “Crosby” fit stuff, but have moved on to a “Classic” fit. And they’re using the word “athletic” in the descriptions. Especially welcome is that new fit in their unconstructed “unsuit” style sportcoats (and pants). Check out the lapels too. Those ain’t Ludlow slim. Now… if they could just go on sale. Also worth noting is their new rewards program. No, you don’t need to sign up for a credit card to participate.


Massdrop: Orient Symphony Auto – $ 99.99 FINAL | Seiko SKX Auto – $ 169.99 FINAL

Orient & Seiko

Two wheelhouse watches. One dress, one tough, casual s.o.b. Both final sale of course since it’s Massdrop. And remember, the SKX series can often be found on Amazon or Jomashop for $ 179 – $ 199. No waiting over at those two other shops. And you can return the thing if it shows up and you’re not happy with it.


Ledbury: Extra 30% off Clearance w/ TUBULAR


Feels pretty picked over, but there’s a few gems in there with still some sizes left. Watch out for final sale items. There’s a few of those lurking about in there.


Huckberry: New Timex Shop (including some Todd Snyder Models)


Hat tip to reader Jean T. for sending in the heads up about this. Looks like Huckberry just opened up a new Timex shop and there’s a bunch of Todd Snyder models in there. Not all of them are on discount though, but one of them that is is the Marlin. Depending on what sort of coupon code you got (or didn’t get) in your paper catalog, it might be cheaper to buy through Todd Snyder… BUT… Huckberry has been known to run sales. So it’s worth keeping an eye on for sure.


Also worth a mention:

  • Best Made Co: Free Shipping through Sunday 8/5.
  • Sierra Trading Post: They’re running a big summer clearance event right now. Sizes and selection feel super scattered.
  • Domestic Domestic: They’ve got a bunch of items on sale including Wolverines and some Red Wings. It’s all final sale though.
  • J. Crew Factory:  20% off 2+ items, 30% off 3+ items, 40% off 4+ items w/ TOOCOOL
  • Spier & Mackay: Extra 20% off sale items w/ SALE20

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Huckberry’s big Summer Sale, Italian Made Boots, a Moonphase Watch, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Huckberry: Big ol’ Summer Sale


It’s mid season clearance time people. Now that we’re all sweating balls, what better time to buy some boots, eh? It actually is a good time, considering the prices. They want to get this stuff out of their warehouse to make room for the new fall stuff on the way. So this old stuff from last fall has gotta go. Still can’t believe those Astorflex boots are kickin’ about at ninety bucks. Also. Levi moon sale? Awwww yeeeeeeeah. Big thanks to Brandon D. for the tip!


Brooks Brothers: Summer Online Sale + Clearance

Brooks Brothers

This is a weird one because they’re advertising a summer clearance AND a summer sale… yet most prices don’t look like they’ve moved much if at all? Beats me. I thought the Allen Edmonds for Brooks Brothers shoes were long gone. But it doesn’t appear that way. Some people insist that these aren’t AEs, but… the Park Avenue style (the plain oxford cap toes) are still labeled as AEs. And if they aren’t from Allen Edmonds… who’s making them? Made in the USA and Goodyear welted. Boots are obviously Red Wings.


Spier & Mackay: New Items Added to Sale + 2 for $ 40 Polos (reg. $ 30 each)

Spier & Mackay

Sizes are scattered (it’s Spier & Mackay after all) but there are still some solid deals to be found in their sale section right now. And it’s not just suits and sportcoats. Trousers, sweaters, ties… etc. But if you are going for something more dressed up/tailored, head here for a review of their slim fit suits, and head here for a review of their more generous contemporary fit. Meanwhile, for those who are a fan of their polos, they’re doing a two for $ 40 deal through 7/15. That’s a savings of $ 10 each when you buy two or more.


Massdrop: Allen Edmonds Chukkas Still Available – $ 249.99 FINAL

Massdrop X Allen Edmonds

Looks like the chocolate brown is sold out, but the other colors are still fair game. I’m wondering if the timetable is just too long this time. It’s the middle of summer, and you’re asking guys to lay down a quarter of a grand on shoes they won’t see until the very end of October (the estimated ship date). That’s a lonnnnnnnnnnng time. AND you can’t return them if they don’t work out? That’s a big ask.


Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Early Access Starts NOW


And we’re off. If you’re a cardmember. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until Friday July 20th. And yes, we’ll have a full run down of picks then when the doors are thrown open to the general public.


BONUS  Massdrop: Glycine Moonphase – $ 399 FINAL 


Oddly easy to dress up or down for a moonphase. Swiss made automatic with a true moonphase cutout (it’s not some AM/PM indicator). Final sale of course, being that once again this is Massdrop.

Also worth a mention:

  • Club Monaco: Extra 30% off sale styles. No code needed.
  • J. Crew: Extra 30% off sale styles w/ SHOPNOW
  • GAP: Up to 50% off everything, + an extra 20% off everything w/ MORE

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Represent Men’s Health: Cook Up A Tasty, Nutritious Peanut Butter Chicken Stir-Fry


Urban One urges you to REPRESENT Men’s Health. And to help you help your man take better care of himself, we’ve got a recipe that any guy would love. (Unless of course, they are allergic to peanuts, so keep that in mind!) This delicious chicken stir-fry gets its main flavoring from peanut butter, which aside from being a tasty treat also contains magnesium, a mineral that is essential to overall health.

Watch Chef Jernard Wells‘ take on stir-fry chicken and if you feel so inspired, whip some up for a man you love! Or if you’re the man who enjoys cooking, well, then you can combine flavor and nutrition in one healthy dish. Bon appetit!







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Men’s Rings & My Pinky Ring Collection

Have you ever thought about wearing rings as a decorative way for men to stand out from the crowd? 

While rings are normal for the ladies of the world, all the men don’t really think about rings unless it’s their wedding band. First of all, why should you wear a ring as a man, isn’t it too effeminate? Initially, I wouldn’t wear rings for a long time because I simply didn’t think about them, however, when going through my archive of menswear pictures and watching old movies, I always saw elegant gentlemen with pinky rings or rings in the ring finger that was either signet rings that sometimes had precious stones or semi-precious stones and I got much more interested in them. At the end of the day, as a man, apart from your cufflinks or your collar pin or your tie bar, there’s really not a whole lot of jewelry you can wear. Obviously, a ring serves no practical purpose other than the fact that it’s simply beautiful.


My Pinky Ring Collection

Sterling silver malachite ring

Sterling silver malachite ring

So the first ring, I actually bought at a flea market in Berlin. It was sterling silver malachite ring and it cost me around 15 euros which is around 20 bucks. It was very inexpensive but I liked it and it fit on my finger and that was my first purchase. I still have it in my collection because it is a little bolder, it goes well with the malachite and silver cufflinks that we have from Fort Belvedere, and overall, it’s a ring I enjoy wearing and I’m not afraid of losing it or scratching it because it didn’t cost much in the first place. Once I had that first ring, I was hooked and I looked at older photographs to find more about those rings.

Antique show in Brimfield

Antique show in Brimfield

I noticed that most modern rings and jewelers were something I really didn’t like and so I had to go to vintage stores, flea markets, look on eBay, and other vintage platforms to find a style that I liked. I bought the most rings when we went to an antique show in Brimfield which is huge and can be quite overwhelming and you really have to walk all day to go to different vendors but I found quite a few rings that I actually liked and it didn’t break the bank either.

Sterling silver vermeil rose gold ring

Sterling silver vermeil rose gold ring

For example, there’s this sterling silver vermeil rose gold ring that has kind of a long oval shape of a blue stone. I don’t quite know what stone it is but it was nice, I liked it, and it was different.

Yellow or greenish gold ring with a bloodstone

Yellow or greenish gold ring with a bloodstone

The other ring I found in Brimfield was this yellow or greenish gold ring with a bloodstone with cut corners so it was octagonal and I really liked the ring, it’s different, it has a slight decoration, and I actually had it resized at the jeweler, and it cost about 50, 60, 70 bucks but it’s essential because chances that you find something in your ring finger or pinky finger size are rather slim.

Dark blue lapis lazuli in a sterling silver ring

Dark blue lapis lazuli in a sterling silver ring

At the same show, I bought this ring in a dark blue lapis lazuli in a sterling silver. I like the lapis and it wasn’t something I already had in my collection so I bought it. Honestly, it’s not my favorite ring, it’s very simple and I think a different shape would be advantageous so I’m still looking for them but again, it’s really hard to find them. What I like about lapis is that it goes well again with all blue tones, it’s a deeper blue than the other ring I had and I like to wear it in combination with my lapis cufflinks from Fort Belvedere.

Carnelian stone ring

Carnelian stone ring

This next ring I bought in London, England. It is a typical signet ring shape and it has a carnelian stone, it could be engraved with either my initials, symbols, monograms, or even a family crest but frankly, I’m not really into that stuff and I just enjoy a plain stone and a silver look and I don’t need any degree of personalization. I bought I think for like 40 pounds.

14 karat rose gold ring with an oval Onyx

14 karat rose gold ring with an oval Onyx

This next ring is a 14 karat rose gold ring with an oval onyx. It’s a very typical men’s ring shape that could be again a signet ring or have my monogram on it. Onyx is just a very classic stone and I just wanted to have a black stone in my collection. Again, I bought it at a vintage store, I think at the current price at the time.

Bloodstone ring

Bloodstone ring

At the same store, I bought a very similar ring in terms of shape but again, it had a bloodstone and even though I already had the other bloodstone in my collection, I added it because I like to wear green and the dark green and red actually works with quite a few things such as business suits, as well as tweed jackets and sport coats.

Vintage carnelian ring

Vintage carnelian ring

Here is another carnelian ring. It has a much more vintage look, in my opinion. It’s kind of a cushion that’s almost rectangular or square with rounded corners. I don’t wear it very often but it’s a different shape than all my other rings and because of that, I like it. It’s probably not my favorite shape. The carnelian works well with a classic business suit in navy or in charcoal, but you can also wear it with brown tones and I just like having different shapes in my collections so if the mood strikes, I always have something handy. I found this one I think at a flea market in Hamburg for 20 or 30 bucks.

Gold tiger's eye ring

Gold tiger’s eye ring

This one is gold with a tiger’s eye and it has this nice effect in the light when you move, it changes the look of it which is why it got its name, tiger’s eye because it’s like the eye of a tiger. I like to pair this ring with our gold and tiger’s eye eagle claw cufflinks. They really work well together and it’s just beautiful.

Flat stone tiger's eye ring

Flat stone tiger’s eye ring

The next tiger’s eye ring is very different. It’s cut differently, it’s a flat top stone, it’s much larger, it comes in silver, and as you can see, if I move it, it really has a dramatic effect in the way it looks which is why I like it. Personally, for my taste, this stone is quite big but I simply like the look of the tiger’s eye and so I couldn’t leave it behind. I think I also got it in Brimfield and it was rather inexpensive. Obviously, some rings are much thinner and lighter in weight than others and that has a huge effect on the price especially if they’re made out of gold.

Citrine ring

Citrine ring

That being said, this next ring is quite heavy. It’s solid gold and so are the others but you can just tell it’s a much more massive and solid quality. It has a large citrine and it fits my ring finger perfectly. I really like the ring because it’s warm and it goes well with outfits where I have yellow tones and it just ties it all perfectly together. Again, I got this ring used but I think it cost me about $ 400. If I’d bought this ring new, it would probably cost me two to two and a half thousand dollars.

Silver malachite ring

Silver malachite ring

Next up is another silver malachite ring. It’s a very solid sterling silver quality and while most rings have the inside of the ring where the stone is exposed, this one is just solidly closed up and frankly, I really like this construction. It makes the ring a little heavier but it also prevents any dirt from getting in the area below the stone and if I had a choice, all of my rings would be finished like that. You may notice that this ring is a little looser than some other rings and once I started collecting and wearing rings, I realized that the size of my hand changes with the seasons. So during the summer, I actually have slightly thicker fingers than during the winter and the same ring sometimes will feel loose during the winter and tight during the summer. So it pays to have slightly different ring sizes in your collection, that way, you can always find a ring that works at any given point in time.

Dark star sapphire ring

Dark star sapphire ring

The next ring is quite unusual. It is a dark star sapphire ring. There’s a strong light source which means when you actually move around in the sunlight, for example, you can see a star on the ring that moves. Personally, I find it quite cool. It also has nice decorative elements on the side, they’re quite unique. If you like star sapphires new, they are very expensive and it can easily cost two to three thousand dollars as a ring. This was a vintage piece and I paid like five hundred dollars for it.

Dark green domed tourmaline

Dark green domed tourmaline

Next up is one of my favorite rings. It’s a dark green domed tourmaline. It’s solid gold and the surface was carefully treated by hand to give it a certain texture that almost makes it look like leather. It’s not hammered but it looks like there are slight scratches.

Ring with an unidentified orange stone

Ring with an unidentified orange stoneNext up is a ring with an orange stone. Honestly, I don’t quite know what it is. I suppose it’s agate because it comes in many different colors and I like it because it’s the only orange ring that I have in my collection right now and I value having different colors to match with different outfits. Whenever there’s orange in my pocket square, my tie, or my shirt, I like to wear this ring because it’s warm, it’s summery, and it’s different. It’s also set as a rectangle with rounded corners and has slight decorations. I think it’s sterling silver that is heavily gold plated.

Star sapphire ring with diamonds

Star sapphire ring with diamonds

Last but not least, here’s a ring that I just added to my collection but I really like it. It has a star sapphire and here, you can really see the effect of a light source so it’s really cool. It has two little diamonds on the right and on the left side of the ring and then it has a kind of scratched surface. It’s 14-karat white gold and it just makes it overall look matte and not as shiny which I think is quite sophisticated. I was really lucky, I think I just paid a hundred and fifty-five dollars for this ring. New, this would probably cost two to three thousand dollars.

Good News!

Now obviously, I built my collection of rings entirely based on used and vintage rings not necessarily because I wanted to but because I really couldn’t find new rings that were in line with my taste. I know chances for you to find rings like these are close to zero and because of that, we decided to start designing rings.



Do you wear pinky rings? What are your personal favorites?

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Allen Edmonds Shoebank Tent Sale, BOGO Shorts, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Allen Edmonds Shoebank: Major Tent Sale Reductions


  • Carlyle Oxford – $ 170
  • Cornwallis Oxford – $ 199
  • Fifth Avenue – $ 170
  • Higgins Mill – $ 199
  • Liverpool Chelseas – $ 199
  • Mackenzie Medallion Toe Wholecut – $ 199
  • Maclennan Wholecut – $ 199
  • McAllister Wingtip Oxford – $ 199
  • Nomad Chukkas – $ 199
  • Cordovan Park Avenue Oxfords – $ 399
  • St. John’s Double Monk – $ 199

Good grief this one is a monster. It’s old school too. The e-commerce site for their factory 2nds on AllenEdmonds.com is NOT reflecting this tent sale. You have to go to the old shoebank site, and order over the phone. No links above because sizes and colors are scattered depending on the model, but I tested some common sizes and widths and that’s what I got for some common styles. $ 170 for Carlyles AND Fifth Avenues is very impressive. But remember, these are 2nds quality. And they’re still gonna nail you with a $ 25 restocking fee if you send them back.


Banana Republic: Additional 50% off Sale Items

Banana Republic

And I do believe it’s fair to say that the sale section is stacked. At least for now, at post time. Those suede wingtips are back to a dirt cheap price (full review here), and that lightweight Italian merino crew could be perfect to dig out post sundown to wear with shorts.


 J. Crew Factory: Buy one get one free shorts w/ FREESHORTS

J. Crew Factory Shorts

If you spent the colder months not skipping legs day at the gym, then it might be time to stock up on some new shorts (or, if all of your shorts are old ratty cargos, it’s also time to stock up on new shorts). Lots of styles and inseam lengths to pick from, but 9″ should work for most guys. But hop to it. Code expires today, 6/21. Happy solstice and what not.


Lands’ End: 40% off full-price suits w/ SUIT & 1489

Lands' End

Seems like LE has been getting a bit tight-fisted with their codes as of late. Yes, there was a 50% off one item deal running yesterday, but 40% off seems to be not too bad. Full disclosure: I haven’t ever tried their new-ish year-rounder suit separates. But for under $ 200 (for Australian merino wool), in a bunch of different fits? Might be worth a real shot. Couple of seasonal options as well. And as is standard with LE, you can get the pants hemmed before they ship. Sizes for the jackets and pants can be a bit scattered depending on the fabric, fit, and color that you’re gunning for.


Massdrop: Woodlore Cedar Shoe Valet Starter Kit II – $ 54.99 FINAL ($ 79.95)

Massdrop: Woodlore Cedar Shoe Valet Starter Kit II

That’s a lot of shoe-care goodness for under $ 55. Yes, it’s final sale, but it’s not like this thing isn’t gonna “fit.” Great for the guy just getting into style, or, the guy who’s into style but doesn’t have a good place to store his shoe care stuff quite yet. You get the cedar shoe valet/stand, plus: Black carnauba shoe wax, Burgundy carnauba shoe wax, Brown carnauba shoe wax, Neutral carnauba shoe wax, 4 cloth applicators, 2 polish daubers, and 2 small horsehair shine brushes.


BONUS  Brooks Brothers: Semi Annual Sale Expires SUNDAY

Brooks Brothers

Last call guys. The thing about the Semi Annual sale as opposed to other Brooks Brothers sales, is that this one includes their most popular styles. Where as a shirt deal or a suit deal might exclude the basics like white and light blue dress shirts, or navy or gray suits, that’s not the case here. Is the stuff still kinda expensive? Yes. But those suits are made in the USA from Italian Fabric. They’ve got a lot going for them. Good for the crowd who’s in a suit and tie during the work week. Full picks from the sale can be found here.


BONUS II  J. Crew: 30% off Select w/ SHOPSUMMER

J. Crew

AGAIN? I mean, thank you J. Crew. But I was convinced that these things weren’t gonna go on sale for the longest of time. Now it seems like they’re usually kicking about around 20% – 30% off. No, you don’t need to buy the entire suit to get the savings. Just want a sportcoat? Totally fine. Looking for a pair of slim lightweight pants for summer, but don’t need the jacket? You can do that too. Head here for a full review of these suits. Note that their new stand-alone unconstructed white cotton-linen sportcoat is also getting this cut.


Also worth a mention:

Dappered Style Mail


Spier Suits for $275, Free Shirt Deal at TheTieBar, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Spier & Mackay: Save $ 107 when you buy 2 Suits

Spier & Mackay

Suits that are regularly $ 328 – $ 398 per, now drop to $ 275 – $ 344.50 per. Yes, it’s a kinda funky discount, but it applies to both their regular Australian wool suits (drops them to $ 275 per) or their fancier Italian wool suits (drops those to $ 344.50 per). Not bad considering they’re ALL half canvas construction and available in slim or contemporary fits. It is Spier & Mackay though, so expect sizes to be scattered. And yes, it does work if you mix and match an Aussie wool suit with one of their Italian wool suits.


Massdrop: AE Chukka 2nds – $ 179.99 FINAL | Loake Pimlico Chukka – $ 204.99 FINAL

AE & Loake Chukkas

It’s a gall-darned chukka party over at Massdrop right now. The issue… is that they’re both final sale. No returns. It’s a pre-order model, so, they’re not keen on taking stock back. So there’s a real risk there with shoes. Especially if they’re 2nds like the AEs. Made in the USA for the Allen Edmonds and make in the UK for the Loakes.


Todd Snyder: 30% off Select Items 

Todd Snyder

This is a weird one, because some of the items are 30% off, some are a little MORE than 30% off, and some are a little less. Beats me. But hey, it’s nice to see at least a little mid-season discounting from Todd Snyder. Sizes are scattered on the suits. They’re made in Canada from Italian fabrics though, so if you land one, lucky you.


Allen Edmonds: Warehouse Sale in their Clearance Section

Hat tip to Eric J. for the heads up on this. I haven’t seen prices like this on AEs in a good long while. Yes, there’s some funky designs in there, but suede strands? Just in time for the warm weather? Yes please.


TheTieBar: Free Dress Shirt w/ Purchase of $ 150+ w/ BREEZY

The Tie Bar

The Combo Pick: THREE Dress Shirts for $ 140 + Knit Silk Pointed Tip in Navy  = $ 165 AND you get a free fourth shirt

Doubling up the discount here. Confirmed that this should work from the good folks at TheTieBar. If you want to stock up, grab three of their pretty darn good dress shirts for $ 140 (usually it’s $ 55 per, or, the bulk deal is 3 / $ 140). Then add something small, like one of their new-ish pointed tip silk knit ties. Perfect for summer. That trips the $ 150 balance and you end up with a free shirt. You’ll have to manually add that 4th shirt to your cart, since at checkout they just drop $ 55 off your bill once you nip past $ 150. So if you don’t want a tie, by all means, just go for four shirts.


BONUS  J. Crew: 30% off Select w/ SHOPTOIT

J. Crew Unsuit

The Pick: J. Crew’s Un-Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $ 175.60 ($ 266)

Last day for this. Full range of picks over here, including some wheelhouse wool suits. No, you don’t need to buy the entire suit to get the savings. Just want a sportcoat? Totally fine. Looking for a pair of slim lightweight pants for summer, but don’t need the jacket? You can do that too. Head here for a full review of these suits.


Also worth a mention:

Dappered Style Mail


Fashion Nova Introduces Men’s Line

(Fashion Nova via AP)

Fast-fashion darling Fashion Nova has launched its first menswear collection.

The line, called simply Fashion Nova MEN, includes both streetwear and statement pieces. The company said via email Monday that means everything from athleisure looks and distressed denim to palm tree print T-shirts and silk embroidered bomber jackets. Prices range from $ 9.99 to $ 49.99. And sizes go up to 3X.

(Fashion Nova)

The company that counts Cardi B and various Kardashians among its fans hasn’t left out the accessories, with sunglasses jewelry and footwear. In all, the line launched early Tuesday includes 500 pieces.

It’s the second brand expansion of the year for Fashion Nova. Earlier, the collaboration Cardi B x Fashion Nova was announced. The 100-piece collection with the rap star will debut in November.



Life & Style – Black America Web


Using Three or More Colors for Sophisticated Men’s Style

Even those who are new to classic men’s style can look sharp by relying on fundamental two-color pairings like navy and grey or blue and brown, with a suit in one solid color and a tie in another. But, once you develop an interest in the nuances of dressing well, you’ll be looking for ways to add greater richness and complexity to your outfits. One way to achieve this is by working three or more colors into a single outfit. In this article, we’ll show you how to carry off multiple colors without looking like a peacock.

How to Use Three or More Colors Successfully in an Outfit

As a wardrobe develops, it’s easy to go for a solid worsted wool suit and a solid silk tie: it’s simple and straightforward, requiring little thought, and it looks good. Simply add a white shirt and brown or black oxfords, and you have a smart outfit that fits most professional workplaces and urban settings. However, the same few colors can get boring over time! So, here are six tips to add more color to your tailored style, some that involve boosting your overall color use and others on how to bring in multiple colors quickly with a single item.

Increase Your Overall Use of Color

1. Change Up the White Shirt

While a white shirt can serve as a standard backdrop to your tie and jacket, it is just that–very standard. To go beyond basic, try a light blue shirt with a navy suit or a pink shirt with gray. You’re immediately adding a third color that also reduces the stark contrast that a white shirt can create.

A light blue linen dress shirt

A light blue linen dress shirt

To take it a step further, look for shirts in other pastel colors such a lavender, salmon, and pale green. They make excellent backdrops for the brighter versions of their colors – purple with lavender, orange with salmon, and hunter green with pale green. This subtle addition of color will help you tie together your other accessories.

Tweed jacket with yellow orange dress shirt and Houndstooth Silk Bourette Bow Tie Burgundy Cream - Fort Belvedere

Pairing a tweed jacket with a pale yellow-orange dress shirt helps add subtle color that helps tie together the houndstooth bourette bow tie and a wool pocket square

2. Add a Vest or Waistcoat in a Bright Solid

Another easy way to add a even more color to a suit is to put on a waistcoat or vest in a different, brighter color.  Odd vests are expected to pop–even highly formal morning dress accommodates robin’s egg blue and buff waistcoats–so go bold with orange, red, royal blue or yellow. For casual cool or cold weather wear, colorful knits are easy to find. In the image below, imagine the same sage green suit with a white shirt and no vest. The purple tie would still show some panache, but the outfit would not have the same richness without the blue shirt and orange knitted vest.

Beutiful green suit with orange knit vest and purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by beforeeesunrise.com

Beautiful green suit with an orange knit vest and a bold purple knit tie, brown hat and gloves as seen by beforeeesunrise.com

Your vest can also act like a dividing line, which lets you wear a tie that is the same color as your jacket without it looking boring, and if your tie and jacket color are slightly off from one another, the vest tricks the eye into not noticing the difference.

Layering with a simple alternation of two colors.

A bright yellow knit vest acts as a divider between tie and suit jacket

3. Trade the Suit for a Sport Coat and Trousers

Part of the ease of a suit is its uniformity: you don’t need to worry about coordinating top and bottom. Yet, many men, myself included, prefer an odd jacket and trousers to a suit in part because it opens the door to more color combination. In summer, you can go all out and try bright chinos or go-to-hell pants and in winter, colorful corduroys.

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

A taste of the Chino and Corduroy Colors at Cordings

On the other hand, the added variable of different colored pants can create the temptation to over-match by trying to match a solid tie to one’s pants. This can be done, provided the tie is very nearly or exactly the same color, or if the items are similar enough in color but different in texture (like a grenadine tie with worsted wool trousers); however, it’s not particularly creative and can make you look like you’re trying. Therefore, you might prioritize wearing a tie of a third color: a maroon tie with a navy sport coat and gray pants, for example.

 4. Don’t Forget Your Feet

Colored shoelaces are an overlooked means of adding a single pop of color that ticks all the boxes: it’s quick, cheap and unique. For around $ 10, which is cheaper than any other menswear accessory you can think of, you can increase the colors you wear. Just make sure you know how to lace your shoes.

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton - Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

Close up Red Shoelaces Round Waxed Cotton – Made in Italy by Fort Belvedere

5. Add a Boutonniere

The hole in your jacket lapel is meant to be filled, and a boutonniere flower is a perfect choice to do that while adding a spot of new color. If you’re wearing a navy suit with a soft yellow tie, why not introduce a lilac or light blue flower?

Madder Print Silk Tie in Buff 9cm width with Red Pattern , Field Scabious Boutonniere Buttonhole & Classic White Pocket Square

In this classic navy and yellow combination, the Purple Field Scabious Boutonniere adds a pop of color to the muted tie, shirt, and jacket

Add Several Colors at Once with Patterns

The next step is to add multiple colors at the same time using one article of clothing, which augments the richness of what you’re wearing more than relying purely on solids.

1. Necktie

A foolproof method to do this is to replace a plain tie with one that contains stripes or a repeating geometric motif. The elements that make up the pattern have to be a different color in order to be visible and often include multiple tones. The beauty of a patterned tie is that it can act as a bridge between the other pieces you are wearing. In the image below of Sven Raphael Schneider, the red tone of his tie works with his trousers, while the lighter stripe pattern coordinates with his gray jacket. The presence of a pattern also breaks up the ground color and therefore de-emphasizes any variation between the main color of the tie and something else you’re wearing, such as trousers. Therefore, an exact or precise color match matters less for coordination.

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a striped tie with a gray checked sport coat and Nantucket red pants

It’s equally possible when wearing a patterned tie to use the pattern to introduce an additional color. The base tone of the tie can match your jacket while the geometric motif adds one or more colors you don’t yet have on. A classic example is the classic maroon, navy and gray striped tie. You could wear this with a gray suit and add two new colors or with a navy blazer and gray pants, making maroon your added color.
Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Blue, Burgundy, Light Grey Stripe - Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie by Fort Belvedere

Small repeating geometric patterns on a tie are also fantastic because they often include multiple accent colors. The one below from Fort Belvedere contains purple, white, light pink, teal, and yellow, so you’d be adding touches of up to five colors with just one tie.

If you want a more casual tie that provides an infusion of several colors at once, try a two-tone changeant silk knit. This is made up of two different colored yarns, such as brown and gold or blue and light blue, knitted in such a way that the tone looks like it’s changing depending on the light and viewing angle (thus the French term “changeant“). Mottled knits are a variation on this, mixing two colors. Lastly, you can find slubby shantungs that display secondary shadow colors, giving you multiple subtle tones in one tie.

Pink Two Tone Knit Tie Fort Belvedere

Pink Two-Tone Knitted Tie from Fort Belvedere

2. Pocket Square

Accessories as a whole are a safe way to add multiple colors at once because you only get them in tiny doses. While you can add just a single new color with a pocket square, one with a pattern will give you the most bang for your buck, packing more color than any other item you can wear. In the images below a paisley pocket square contains at least eight different tones, yet, despite this, it never overwhelms. Moreover, even if a hankie contains a complex paisley pattern made up of a dozen different colors, you can manipulate it in your breast pocket, turning it this way or that, to determine which colors you want to show. In one photo, it’s worn in a puff fold to emphasize pink, and in the other, orange.

Pocket squares afford even greater freedom than ties when you want to add color because they are expected to differ from the rest of your outfit. Beginners to men’s style often commit the faux pas of buying matching pocket square and tie sets, but the true connoisseur knows that the handkerchief is the place to introduce an additional hue; it should never be too “matchy.” Sure, there could (or should) be a bit of your tie, shirt, pants or jacket color represented in your pocket square, but beyond that nearly anything goes. In the image below, the pocket square actually repeats the red and gold of the bow tie motif and the red of the jacket’s windowpane grid but highlights gold more than any other part of the outfit.

A yellow wool challis pocket square provides an opportunity to introduce an additional color.

3. Scarf

Scarves and pocket squares have a lot in common, and the former can be considered, in some ways, larger versions of the latter. However, with a scarf, whether silk with a printed pattern or solid cashmere, you’re getting a stronger effect, so consider it an accent and surround the scarf with subdued colors or solids.

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

Camel overcoat with printed silk scarf

4. Shirt

Going beyond accessories, my favorite underappreciated technique for adding multiple colors at once is a tattersall shirt.  The tattersall pattern is made up of two or more different complementary colors. Some possibilities are blue and black, green and blue, red and blue, or orange and blue to name just a few. In the example below from Cordings in the UK, there are actually four different colors–pink, purple, blue, and black–skillfully combined. The tattersall is versatile enough to wear in most business settings, providing an understated but clearly apparent injection of color. You can find multi-colored striped shirts too, but they can risk being too loud and look more casual than a fine grid.

A tattersall shirt from Cordings that makes use of four colors.

5. Patterned Waistcoat

We’ve mentioned solid waistcoats above, with an emphasis on knits, but the traditional odd waistcoat is supposed to be one that displays a strong pattern. If you have a solid shirt on, you could make your vest the tattersall. Another thing layering this way with a waistcoat achieves is that it gives you more opportunities to play with colors. Your waistcoat can act like a bridge because it can coordinate with a color in your tie, in your jacket, or both!

Chester by Chester Barrie - Plaid sportscoat, tattersall vest & red pants

This patterned waistcoat by Chester by Chester Barrie pulls coordinates all the colors in this bold ensemble

6. Tailored Jacket

For your jacket layer, an overcheck is your friend. This is a windowpane grid in one color laid over another plaid pattern. The most famous is the Prince of Wales check, which, by definition includes a glen check in one color over which there is a grid of another hue. For instance, you might find a grey Prince of Wales with an overcheck in sky blue. Just like that, by wearing one of the classic menswear patterns, you have an additional accent color. You can then coordinate accordingly with the colors of your tie and perhaps a vest.

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

Burgundy Prince of Wales jacket with green overcheck; knit tie and pocket square from Fort Belvedere

7. Socks

The crazy socks trend seems to have reached a peak a few years back, and it’s not one we’ve really gotten behind, but this doesn’t mean that you should only  stick with boring solid black. You can wear socks in various accent colors, and especially ones that show some pattern, to amp up the number of colors you’re wearing in one step. It’s not just a trendy move either as you can find a variety of colored and patterned dress socks in vintage apparel arts illustrations from the 20th century.

Vintage fashion illustration showing socks with shadow stripes and clock patterns.

One option to instantly incorporate two colors is shadow-stripe socks, which have one main color along with a second “shadow” color in the ribbing stripes. If you want even more subtlety, try socks with clocks (the name for the pattern running down the side) such as a conservative charcoal socks with burgundy and white clocks.


No matter what the season, it’s always the right time to work more color into your outfits. Sometimes, the assumption is that if you use a lot of colors in an outfit you will end up looking like a clown (or a Pitti Peacock).

Colorful outfit

Pitti Peacock “Il Bisonte” showing the extreme use of color that characterizes his personal style. Photo by guerrisms.

However, adding one other yet unrepresented hue is easy and shows your stylistic expertise. Of course, restraint and careful consideration should always be part of a gentleman’s sartorial game. Pick and choose where you want to add your colors and how far you want to go. It’s not likely that you’ll wear colored shoelaces, bright socks, go-to-hell pants and an orange knit vest at the same time. Think of the ideas in this article as a buffet of options for you to choose from. Just don’t overload your plate! Accessories enable you tho experiment without fear on a small scale. Meanwhile, tattersalls, Prince of Wales checks, and bright knit vests let you up your color quotient while remaining firmly within established tailoring tradition. Lastly, remember as a rule of thumb that if you are wearing colors that read primarily as neutral (brown, beige, grey, navy, khaki, black), almost any other color can be added freely.

This gun club check reads as a neutral, so other colors can easily be introduced without overwhelming the outfit

How do you wear multiple colors? What are your favorite combinations? Let us know in the comments.

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Nurse Alice: Men’s Health Month Tips for the Ladies

Ladies, do you have #teamus #usagainsttheworld #forever #relationshipgoals? If so, know that June is Men’s Health Awareness Month and whether we like to admit it or not, nine out of 10 times we’re the ones who are nudging (or nagging) our men to go to the doctor. So really, it’s an awareness month for us to remind them. Getting your favorite guy to visit the physician for an annual checkup is a simple and essential step to keeping him healthy. I know he may work your nerves from time to time but whether you’re dating, in a situation-ship, engaged, or married, I know you want him to stick around for a while. So use Men’s Health Month as a reason for him to get checked out. Still need help getting him there? 

Try these tips to get your man/bae/boo to the doctor’s office. 

Make the appointment for him. 

This may make you feel like their mom, but it helps a lot. Half of the time, men just don’t want to find a doctor who is in their insurance network, wait on hold to make an appointment, and look at their calendar. If you do the dirty work for them, then you’ve won half the battle.

Go with him.

You may as well schedule your physical at the same time. Even if you don’t need one, you could always go along and get a flu shot or have your blood pressure measured. There is comfort in company.

Look into his father’s health history.  

Men often identify strongly with their father’s medical history. If you determine that your partner’s father and grandfather all struggled with similar conditions, this may be enough evidence that your partner should go to the doctor.

Bring up the kids. 

Whether you already have children or are planning on having children, remind him that he will probably want to be around for his child’s high school graduation, college graduation, wedding, and more.

Tell him he’s a role model. 

If you do have children, then you can remind your partner that your kids take their cues from him. If he won’t go to the doctor, then why should they?

Give him something he wants.  

Look, men can be like kids when it comes to going to the doctor. Maybe you should just let him buy the wet bar he wants for the kitchen or the video game that just came out. Honestly, that’s a small price to pay if it means he’ll go in for his physical.

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