A Mini Washing Machine for Makeup Sponges Is Going Viral on Instagram

Beauty vlogger Tiffany Lynette Davis ordered a washing machine for her dollhouse, turned it into a beauty blender washing machine, and fans of the YouTuber are going crazy hoping to try it themselves. Found on Amazon for only $ 11, this could be a makeup sponge-cleaning hack worth the experiment.


How Several Mini Walks A Day Can Change Your Life

benefits of walking a lot

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I don’t go to the gym and am pretty open about that. When I tell people that, they always ask, “So how do you stay so slender?!” (And, yes, it does make me blush—so what?) I’m not going to lie and say that I heat junk food all day and live a stationary lifestyle. That just isn’t true, and would be an irresponsible lie. I’ve always been big on walking. I go for three to four 15 or 20-minute walks a day. I can’t be without my walks. If life gets really hectic and I skip my strolls, I feel the negative effects quickly. If the boring old gym routine of pounding away on a treadmill has been getting you down, or you’ve just been looking for a new way to spend your lunch breaks, I can’t recommends taking up more walking enough. Here are ways taking several mini walks a day can change your life.

benefits of walking a lot

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You’ll clear your head

Have you ever noticed that, after going for a walk, you see things more clearly? Maybe that issue you’ve been mulling over for days seems much easier to tackle. Maybe you come up with a more diplomatic way to address that issue with a coworker (you know, the one you were just going to yell at). Walking has a way of removing the cobwebs from our minds, dispersing frustration and anger, and helping us see things clearly.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke away from tour for a mini moon

These two!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set off on their royal tour this month, with the couple currently on the New Zealand leg of their trip, having already visited Australia, Fiji and the kingdom of Tonga.

But with a jam-packed schedule of official events and appearances, it’s hardly surprising that Harry and Meghan haven’t had much downtime – something they surely need, especially following the news of their future baby, expected in Spring 2019.

It has recently emerged however that the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex did actually escape for a mini moon on their tour and we didn’t even notice.

The royal couple reportedly took some time away during their royal tour of Fiji, escaping for a ‘mini moon’ at the Vatuvara Private Islands Resort on Kaibu Island, before returning to royal duties in Tonga.

Meghan has opened about her pregnancy during the tour, explaining how it has made her feel jet lagged, so here’s hoping she managed to catch up on some sleep!

Luckily, it looks like the mini moon did the trick, with the royal couple seeming relaxed and restored when they arrived in Tonga.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in New Zealand – and people are talking about them more than ever, especially after Harry let his nickname for his future baby slip!

These two!

Here’s hoping they get to have another mini moon soon!

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