FCC chairman opposes China Mobile bid to provide U.S. services

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai said on Wednesday he opposes China Mobile Ltd’s bid to provide U.S. telecommunications services and that the commission will vote on whether to deny the application in May.

Reuters: Technology News


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John Oliver and Janet From The Good Place Warn About Mobile Homes on Last Week Tonight

“Mobile homes were perfected by humans, but invented by snails,” explained John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. And because 20 million Americans live in mobile homes he focused Sunday night’s episode on them.

Mobile homes cost significantly less than conventional homes, making them one of the last few affordable housing options around. “It can be hard to tell the difference between mobile homes and manufactured homes,” Oliver said. “Just like it’s hard to tell the difference between Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. The difference is, like a mobile home, Bryce Dallas Howard is assembled off-site, then placed on wheels and moved to her permanent location.”

Also like Howard and Chastain, mobile homes are popular—so popular that they have become a target for private equity firms, who have started purchasing mobile home sites. As Oliver put it: “The homes of some the poorest people in America are being snapped up by some of the richest people in America.” Mobile home parks have earned a lot of money for the Carlyle Group and Warren Buffett, who owns Clayton mobile homes, which made $ 911 million pre-tax dollars last year. Those unlikely bedfellows have led to conflict in the form of rising rents and fees that have left already impoverished Americans with even fewer options.

For mobile homes owners, the “cars you live in” are reportedly an investment that always go down in value. They are an even worse investment if you don’t own the land that the mobile home is parked on, because “mobile homes are mobile about as much king crabs are actually kings,” said Oliver.

That lack of mobility of tenants is attractive to investors, because they quite literally have a captive audience. As Frank Rolfe, a mobile home investor, put it, buying a mobile home park is like owning “a Waffle House where everyone is chained to the booths,” which Oliver suggested was a good idea for Jordan Peele’s next horror movie.

To warn people about the risks of investing in a mobile home, Oliver and The Good Place’s D’Arcy Carden made an honest ad for potential home buyers.

Entertainment – TIME


New type of mobile tracking link shoppers’ physical movements, buying choices

A new study used a targeting strategy that tracks where, when, and for how long consumers are in a shopping mall to determine how shoppers’ physical movements affect their economic choices. The study found that targeting potential customers in this way can significantly improve advertising via mobile phones.
Consumer Behavior News — ScienceDaily


Amazon is bringing video ads to its mobile app

Amazon video ads

Amazon shoppers, get ready to start being hit with video ads, as the company has apparently decided they represent a potentially lucrative new revenue opportunity.

Amazon is said to be getting ready to start rolling out video spots within its mobile app, something the company has been beta testing for several months now. That’s according to a new Bloomberg report, which went on to note that this rollout is coming to both the iOS and Android versions of Amazon’s mobile app, with the brief video clips playing in response to search queries generated by users within the app.

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Mobile devices don’t reduce shared family time

The first study of the impact of digital mobile devices on different aspects of family time in the UK has found that children are spending more time at home with their parents rather than less — but not in shared activities such as watching TV and eating. The increase is in what is called ‘alone-together’ time, when children are at home with their parents but say they are alone.
Child Development News — ScienceDaily


Rakuten’s all-cloud mobile network goes down a storm in Barcelona

Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten plans to become Japan’s fourth mobile operator this year with what its says is the world’s first fully cloud-based mobile network, creating a potential template for international expansion.

Reuters: Technology News


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Foldable phones, 5G and ‘ethical A.I.’ will dominate tech event Mobile World Congress next week

Tech giants will launch some of their latest mobile products this weekend ahead of the event, while discussions about 5G technology and artificial intelligence (AI) amid trade tensions between the U.S. and China will take center stage.
Europe News


NBC News Retools ‘Today’ Mobile App, Readies 7 New Digital Series

NBC News will continue its efforts to augment its flagship “Today” with digital-video series and other mobile extensions, the latest signal that TV’s morning-news wars are also being waged online. NBC News Digital is set to add seven new digital-video series featuring “Today” hosts and contributors to a larger roster of online programming built around […]



Earth’s earliest mobile organisms lived 2.1 billion years ago

Scientists have discovered in 2.1-billion-year-old black shale from a quarry in Gabon the earliest evidence of a revolutionary development in the history of life on Earth, the ability of organisms to move from one place to another on their own.

Reuters: Science News


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Exclusive: Mobile network operator’s body GSMA considers crisis meeting over Huawei

Mobile communications industry body GSMA has proposed its members discuss the possibility that Chinese network vendor Huawei [HWT.UL] is excluded from key markets, amid concerns such a development could set operators back by years.

Reuters: Technology News


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GameStop Might Re-Invest in Core Gaming after $700 Million Spring Mobile Sale

GameStop will use proceeds from the recent $ 700 million sale of its Spring Mobile business to reduce outstanding debt, repurchase shares, or re-invest in the core gaming and collectibles business. The company announced the completion of the sale for the mobile company, which owns and operates 1,289 AT&T wireless stores, on Wednesday. Spring Mobile was […]



Affordable mobile internet is driving e-commerce and ride-hailing in Southeast Asia, report finds

The six Southeast Asian countries that the report focused on have about 350 million internet users today compared to only 260 million in 2015, Rajan Anandan, vice president for India and Southeast Asia at Google, told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday.


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10.24.18 Where to buy toys for Christmas; Mobile check deposit rules; Prescription drug price disclosure

With Toys R Us having gone bankrupt, Clark discusses how to approach toy shopping for Christmas; Mobile check depositing is a gift from above. But some folks are abusing this gift and new rules about how you can deposit mobile checks are coming to a banking app near you; Prescription drug companies might have to disclose their drug prices on TV ads in the near future.

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