Why you should stop tagging the locations of your nature photos

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone wants to share every aspect of their lives with their friends and followers on social media. There’s a high chance that you don’t need any prompting to post a photograph of your breakfast on Instagram, where you’re going on vacation in a Facebook status, or just a funny anecdote about your trip to the beach. However, you might want to think about what you put on your social media feeds next time you go somewhere, especially if you are tagging the locations of your nature photos. This is why you should stop doing it immediately.

Photo: Unsplash.com

A thing of beauty

We currently live in a world where we feel inclined to take photographs of beautiful things. Although many people will see this as a negative trait and something that simply enhances the idea that we are obsessed with our phones, there are others who see this as a way to capture this beauty on camera. After all, if you see a sunset that truly takes your breath away, you might not want to just enjoy it at that moment. You might also want to enjoy it months or even years later as you look back on your camera roll.

Tagging the location

As well as keeping these photos for your own enjoyment, many people also share them on social media for other people to peruse. In this case, some Instagram users also take advantage of the platform’s location option. They can tag where they took the photo, and where other people can see go to see the sunset for themselves. Yet, these people probably don’t recognize the impact they are having when they geotag their location. When you realize the impact you could have on the surrounding environment, you might want to think again about doing this.

Helping the destruction

Although you may feel as though you are doing your friends and followers a favor by introducing them to a beautiful new location, geotagging where you are for the whole internet to peruse could have a disastrous effect on the location itself. After all, if all of the people who see and interact with your photo then make their way to this space of natural wonder, it could help towards the destruction of it. As more people trample over the ground and bundle through the homes of the natural wildlife, you could set off a chain reaction that could destroy the beauty of it.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Losing the adventure

Alongside this, following a geotag could also remove the sense of adventure for other people. If they know where to find where the nature photo was taken, all they have to do is Google the location, pop the location into their GPS, and then follow the map. This takes away the fun and adventure of the journey and may leave them underwhelmed by the actual end destination. Instead of spoiling the surprise for other people, you can still post the photo, just without the geotag. This way, you can share your beauty without taking the “wow” moment away from others who want to witness it themselves.

If you are the kind of person that loves to share photographs on social media, then you definitely shouldn’t stop. Keep sharing them, and keep inspiring others to find natural beauty in the world! However, it might be an idea to stop tagging your location, for the sake of the ecosystems around you and the enjoyment of others.

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