The emails were exchanged ahead of the President’s recent Japan visit, two Navy officials say

The White House Military Office and lower-level US Navy officials exchanged emails about moving the Navy warship the USS John McCain ahead of President Donald Trump’s recent Japan visit, according to two Navy officials. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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UPDATE 3-Venezuela navy confronts Exxon oil ship in Guyana border dispute

Venezuela’s navy
“intercepted” a ship exploring for oil on behalf of Exxon Mobil
Corp in Guyanese waters over the weekend, Guyana’s
foreign ministry said in a statement, while neighboring
Venezuela said the incident occurred within its territory.

Reuters: Company News


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So Sad: Black Navy Sailor Attempting to Help ‘Stranded Motorist’ Shot and Killed [Video]

21-year-old Curtis Adams, an active duty Navy sailor, was driving in Mountain View, Calif., Saturday morning when he saw a man near a vehicle that he believed the man needed help with.

Curtis, along with his girlfriend, pulled over to offer his assistance. He was unaware the man was actually trying to steal the car.

The car thief pulled out a gun and shot Curtis before his girlfriend called 9-1-1. He was transported to UC San Diego Medical Center where he died.

via The Root:

According to NBC San Diego, the suspect, who was caught Sunday, was also involved in another shooting minutes before he shot Adams. The accused shooter has been identified as 21-year-old Brandon Acuna.

Acuna, who has a long criminal history, “was booked into San Diego County Central Jail on charges of first-degree murder and second-degree burglary and held with no bail,” NBC San Diego reports. 

The police are still investigating the motive behind both shootings. 

So sad.

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In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer

Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Sportcoat – $ 328

NOTE: Ryan N. is 5’9”, 155 and is wearing a slim fit 36R in this post. These sportcoats / blazers are available in either a slim or contemporary fit.

You know the old joke. How do you get to good fall outerwear? Texture, texture, texture.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

Okay, that’s enough of that. But if texture is what you’re looking for, meet your new best friend. The Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer (so named for the luxury fabric’s source) is Spier & Mackay’s first triple-patch-pocket sportcoat, and boy, is it a heck of a first swing. To quote the item’s description, “the texture creates great visual depth while the deep navy colour allows it to remain versatile with both denim and trousers.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, but why not expand on everything noted?

Under the Hood

While many fall-ready sportcoats end up a bit weighty, Spier & Mackay went for a three-season 320gsm weight that’s 99% merino wool with a 1% stretch. A 1/4-butterfly, Cupro lining pairs up with the usual list of great features comprising a Spier sportcoat: half-canvas construction, genuine horn buttons (as well as the always appreciated tailoring-ready sleeve buttons), and the unpadded Spalla Camicia “shirt-style” shoulders, which this reviewer found very comfortable. As a result, it feels light but far from flimsy when you put it on, and drapes wonderfully. They really like to nail the details.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

Partially lined in the back. Half canvas construction. Natural shoulders.

Oooooh, That Texture

Can’t really say enough about it – this texture oozes autumn (I’m pretty sure “texture” is kind of the dapper version of “basic”) and feels great to the touch. Lots of visual interest, but without being loud and in-your-face. It’s chunky without being heavy, and they aren’t kidding when they say the navy color goes with denim as well as trousers.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

99% Merino Wool/1% Stretch waffle fabric. Chunky and textured without being heavy.

Pairing It Up

Thankfully, it’s starting to look a bit more like fall around here, and I donned a few different styles for the shoot. Up top of the post is a mashup of more casual blues, and below is a more formal collar/sweater getup, as well one of my favorite pink button-down polos. This can handle a light layer like it’s nothing, while still feeling just fine with a thin polo.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

Patch Pockets

Well, you don’t see this every day… these are some of the most flush-sewn patch pockets I’ve ever worn. I mean, usually patch pockets are popping off the jacket, making their presence very known. A subtle transition from pocket to jacket is a breath of fresh air, and an especially well-thought-out choice when dealing with an already chunky texture. It makes the jacket drape that much nicer. Kudos!

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

Fit, Feel, and Final Notes

No negatives to really speak of here. I mean, there’s the chance those little nooks and crannies can catch some crumbs, but maybe hold over your plate, eh?

Shoulders hug nicely, button stance is perfect, the 3.5” lapels are nice and balanced, and no collar gap – my biggest qualm with off-the-rack suiting. Waist tapers nicely with room for a light layer underneath, but doesn’t feel floaty without one, either. Arms were ever-so-slightly long on me, but the non-functional sleeve buttons make that an easy fix. Three inner pockets (one on each side, plus a pen pocket) join the three sewn-shut patch pockets on the outside.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

Being new to Spier, I had obviously heard a lot of good things, but couldn’t know for sure until I had one in my hands. Once you have a feel for your size, you can often know whether a jacket will be too big, too small, or just right as soon as you put your first arm in. My first thought was, “Well, I know where I’m getting my next suit.”

About the Author: Ryan N. is a professional web developer for (and alum from) the University of Delaware, who keeps a close shave as to not be confused with his strongly-bearded twin brother. He plays guitar and drums, loves going to concerts with his wife, and loves being a dad.

In Review: The Spier & Mackay Navy Luigi Botto Waffle Texture Blazer |

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