Wendy Williams Lets The N-Word Slip During Taping Of Show [VIDEO]


Wendy Williams 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' Winter PETA Campaign Launch

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Talk show host Wendy Williams is back on her daytime talk show throne after a brief hiatus due to health complications.

The storied entertainment journalist is already back on the hot seat, recently using some “in-group” language in front of her audience OOPS!

As always, Wendy was giving her audience the day’s drama, pouring some hot tea about Blac Chyna and her ex fling YBN Almighty Jay. The teen was allegedly assaulted and wounded during a recent trip to New York City’s iconic Fifth Avenue, the shopping Mecca of the world.

While telling the story, Wendy got so cozy she let the n-word slip.

“I just love Fifth Avenue shopping. It’s unbelievable, you n***as.”

There was an awkward pause from the audience accompanied with some awkward laughter.

“I get very comfortable talking to you,” she said after a beat.

You can watch below:

This hilarious slip up doesn’t take away from all the amazing things Wendy has been up to since her return to TV. She recently launched a drug addition hotline to help those in need.

The hotline, 1-888-5HUNTER (1-888-548-6837), is run through The Hunter Foundation in partnership with T.R.U.S.T,  the national resource hotline dedicated to those suffering from substance abuse. The hotline will be open 24 hours a day.

“We must all come together to respond to this crisis of addiction and substance abuse. Everyone is at risk from the inner cities to more affluent communities,” Williams said in a statement to the press. Williams has remained transparent about her struggle with crack and cocaine usage ten years ago.

“My family and I are very proud to partner with T.R.U.S.T. to get people the help that they so desperately need, especially if they or their families have given up hope. There is hope.”


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Chinese Rapper China Mac Makes Argument To Use N-Word

Brooklyn-born rapper China Mac, born Raymond Yu, recently shared his views on the usage of n-word on the Flip Da Script Podcast with comedian QueenzFlip and Dj Gmoney.

The 30-minute show was uploaded on YouTube on December 31, during which host QueenzFlip explained why the racial slur should only be reserved for use by Black folks.

“Me, I feel that a person that’s not from Black descent regardless if they are from the hood or if they are in the hood they should not say the n-word. That’s me,” he said. “’Cause I feel like that’s where I come from. I’m African. I’m Black. I feel I’m a Black guy, I’m a ‘n-gga.’ I feel like I grew up around and I went through that.”

He also believes “We took a bad word, n-gger, and we turned into a good word. We turned it into a word of endearment amongst the African American community. I’ve watched, as a kid, I’ve watched Puerto Ricans that said ‘n-gga’ that didn’t consider themselves Black and laughed at Black people.”

“I feel that a lot of people can’t relate to what we go through. I’m not saying that you can’t relate but I just don’t feel like another race should use a word that was considered a word that was disrespecting Black people,” he added.

China Mac added that the way the n-word is used now no longer means disrespect.

“I’m with you every day and you’d be like ‘Yo, that’s my n-gga China Mac bro,’ and you say that. Then it’s always thrown around me and sh*t. You cannot expect me not to say that word because we f**k with each other. And you’re using it towards me, using it around me. You can’t expect me not to say the word. And then now, once this one says it to that level, the disrespect is no longer there. It’s not about disrespect.”

“That word, the connotation of that word, doesn’t come with disrespect. You’re the same, saying that you guys took the disrespect out but then you want to put the disrespect sometimes. Like, it’s not disrespectful here, but it’s disrespectful here.”

He further noted that the n-word is now “part of the culture.”

“It’s in the music, it’s in everything, it’s part of the culture. And culture is not color. Culture is the environment. Culture is how you were raised. Culture was the people around you.

“So now, when we say that word, when other Asian people say that word, they don’t mean it by disrespect. It’s different in the 50s, in the 60s.”

QueenzFlip believes the term remains a trigger topic for many Blacks, and for this reason, China Mac stopped using the n-word in his songs and social media.

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Hulk Hogan returns to WWE ring for first time since N-word scandal

Hulk Hogan is back, brother, ready or not.

The professional wrestler returned to the WWE ring Friday for the first time since a tape emerged of him repeatedly using the N-word in a 2015 scandal.

Hogan hosted a “Crown Jewel” pay-per-view wresting event in Saudi Arabia and appeared to be embraced…

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Omarosa Calls Out Bill Maher for Dropping the N-Word

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

If Bill Maher had some trouble besting Steve Bannon in a political debate last week, he was faced with a less formidable opponent this Friday night in Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

The author of Unhinged was the top of the show guest on Real Time and from the moment she sat down across from Maher, she seemed more at ease than she has been in previous interviews. For the most part, it was a surprisingly congenial interview.

Omarosa laughed as Maher suggested that “the swamp has moved into the White House” with Donald Trump. She was flattered as the host called her a “one-name star” like Cher. But things took a turn when Maher brought up one of her most infamous comments about the president during the 2016 campaign.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Bette Midler apologizes after calling women the ‘N-word of the world’ in controversial tweet

Not even hocus pocus can erase this choice of words.

Bette Midler expressed regret Thursday after calling women the “N-word of the world” in a controversial tweet — and prompting social media backlash.

“Angrily I tweeted w/o thinking my choice of words would be enraging to black women who doubly…

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Oh No Ma’am! Bette Midler Says ‘Women are the N-Word of the World’

Bette Midler tried to make a point in the fight for gender equality and misfired — horribly.

via TMZ:

Bette tweeted Thursday — in the midst of protests in D.C. by women who strongly oppose the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh — “Women, are the n-word of the world.”

She added to her point by saying women are … “Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years.”

Midler ends her tweet by saying women “are the most disrespected creatures on earth.”

In 2 hours, her tweet has elicited almost 7 thousand replies, many of which are blasting her for minimizing racism while at the same time hurting the feminist movement. 

Others are pissed that Midler, a rich white woman, is comparing the plight of women to the history of mistreatment of black people.

We hope Bette issues a clarification and an apology rather quickly [apology below] — it’s October and we already planned on watching ‘Hocus Pocus’ at least twice before Halloween. We can’t have Bette out here getting canceled.


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