Do You Avoid Office Housekeeping Tasks?

Here’s a question for today: do you get asked to do office housekeeping tasks — and do you associate being asked with being junior, or being female? Do you purposely avoid office housekeeping tasks — or have you found that they’re the kind of things that can move your career forward, either by making you more visible (planning the office party!), giving you access to VIPs (getting you in the room where it happens… even if you’re there to take notes), or general “team player” cred?

The Cut recently posted an advice column about pretending to be a bad assistant that outlined when women are asked to do extra work around the office:

Many women volunteer for office ‘housekeeping’ tasks — things like taking notes at meetings, straightening up the kitchen, planning team lunches, and so forth. They volunteer because they want to pitch in and be helpful — we’re supposed to be team players, after all, right? — and because they assume that others will also pitch in and do their fair share of work that benefits everyone. The problem, though, is that women tend to volunteer for this type of care-taking work at much higher rates than men do — which is no surprise, given the way we’re all socialized.

We’ve talked about this a bit before in discussions about being mistaken for a personal assistant as well as willfully becoming the office mom (the one who remembers Administrative Assistants’ Day! and gets the card! and flowers! and collects the money! and has the Advil and bandaids that everyone can steal!), but I thought this kind of office housekeeping tasks would be an interesting discussion for today. What have you been asked to do — what have you volunteered to do — and have you ever successfully moved your career forward with these tasks? On the flip side, do you avoid office housekeeping tasks — and if so, what scripts do you use? Do you re-delegate when work has been delegated to you, perhaps to someone more junior? Or just prove (as the writer into The Cut wondered) that you’re really, really lousy at these tasks? 

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Box Office: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to Triumph for Third Weekend Over ‘Detective Pikachu’

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are likely to live to reign another day at the box office. “Avengers: Endgame” is on its way to its third weekend at No. 1 with an estimated $ 62 million. The first real challenger to “Endgame’s” rule, Warner Bros. and Legendary’s “Detective Pikachu,” is heading for about $ 55 million from 4,202 locations […]



Viacom beats earning estimates on strong box office sales

Viacom, the owner of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, beat second-quarter earning estimates on strong box-office sales even as it saw revenue from shows decline on continued cord cutting. For the three months ended March 31, Viacom’s net income rose 41.4 percent to $ 376 million, or 93 cents a share. Excluding items, the company earned…
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Macy’s jumps on report it may add office tower to flagship New York City store

Shares of retailer Macy's rose 2% Wednesday, following a report by Bloomberg the retailer may build an office tower on top its flagship New York store. The reports are indication that the retailer may be further evaluating ways to make money off its expansive real estate portfolio. CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports.
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Do You Prefer to Stay Late at the Office — or Work From Home?

a woman in a red hoodie works in a dark office at a computer

Here’s an interesting little question for you: When do you stay late at work, and when do you choose to leave and work from home instead? How much of it is driven by office culture, by the kind of work in front of you (e.g., voluminous docs), or by a specific situation at work or at home (pet needs to get walked, kids won’t leave you in peace to work), and how much of it is just preference?

I’ve always preferred to stay late at work when possible, and I’ve written over at CorporetteMoms about how even now I struggle with the fact that family dinnertime bumps up against my naturally productive time. Even in my magazine journalism days, I was often the last one at work; the only reason I got paid at all at my first magazine internship in NYC was because I was working late and the publisher happened to notice I was still there. I also have distinct memories, when I was out of school and employed at Family Circle, of using the office typewriter (!) to type law school applications when the rest of the office was dark and quiet around me. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the smartest thing from a safety perspective, but at the time it felt totally safe.

{related: comfortable workwear for late nights}

At my BigLaw office, there was absolutely a culture where we were encouraged to stay late — frequent meetings at 5:00 p.m., or phone calls from the partner(s) or senior associates at 6:00 or 7:00 — but I suspect that because of my preference and availability I maybe got more of those calls and teammates than others. (Let’s also just say I was not a “show up at 7:00 a.m.” kind of employee, either.) I distinctly remember another associate my age and year who had kids in daycare and a wife who was a doctor — he was very vocal and clear to everyone about having firm deadlines to leave the office. That said, at the time and place I was practicing, there were often voluminous documents we had to go through and reference, sometimes corralled into binders, sometimes in boxes, and sometimes via proprietary software we had to use on site — so the work also lent itself to being physically in the office to do it. When I brought work home it was usually focused editing work for memos or briefs, and when I did work from home it tended to be in the wee hours of the morning, like 3:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m. (presumably after getting three or four hours of sleep after coming home late the night before).

{related: 5 tips for surviving the day after an all-nighter}

When I switched to my nonprofit, the culture was very different — everyone had some modicum of work-life balance, with commitments with friends and family, sometimes even making plans to meet when it was still light outside. Whoa. So “staying late” changed from “staying until you’re about to pass out at your desk but need to go home to shower and get a REM cycle anyway” became “staying until 7:00 unless something drastic and crazy is happening.” 

Readers, how about you — what is your preference when it comes to staying late at work, or coming into the office on the weekend or early in the morning? How has your preference changed through different jobs, offices, and general life position (e.g., 20s, 30s)? (Do you recognize a “naturally productive time”?)

{related: what clothes are too casual for a weekend in the office}

Stock photo via Stencil.

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Box Office: ‘Shazam!’ Grows to $53 Million Debut

The magic word at the box office this weekend was “Shazam!” Warner Bros.’ latest superhero adventure easily topped charts in North America, pocketing $ 53 million when it debuted in 4,217 venues. Buoyed by positive reviews, “Shazam!” arrived ahead of expectations, which anticipated a start around $ 40 million to $ 45 million. The film also earned $ 3 […]



Kim K. Shares Selfie With Kanye and Kids, Reveals Whether She’d Run for Office

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Morning ✨

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim Kardashian shared a sweet selfie with her husband, Kanye West, and their three kids on Saturday, March 30.

“Morning,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 38, captioned the Instagram photo that showed her eldest daughter, North, 5, in her lap, while son Saint, 3, grabbed onto her arm and youngest daughter Chicago, 14 months, snuggled with her daddy.

Her friend Jonathan Cheban commented on the photo, writing, “I’m ready to have kids..because of this pic!!” Model Winnie Harlow, meanwhile, volunteered to be the kids’ “designated babysitter.”

The photo showed the family enjoying some time together before they welcome a new baby via surrogate.

Us Weekly broke the news in January that the KKW Beauty founder and her rapper husband, 41, are expecting their fourth child — a boy — “in very early May.”

“Kim and Kanye have begun work on the nursery,” an insider told Us earlier this week. “North fully understands what’s going on and is so into it.”

“I’m frantically trying to get the room ready,” Kardashian told The New York Times in a story about the Kardashian-Jenner family’s multimillion-dollar businesses posted on Saturday. “It’s madness, but the best madness.”

Kardashian also talked about the products she endorses on social media, revealing that she turns down more offers than she accepts. She said that anyone who is in her position would also want to maximize their income.

“If there is work that is really easy that doesn’t take away from our kids, that’s like a huge priority,” she said. “If someone was faced with the same job opportunities, I think they would maybe consider.”

“You’re going to get backlash for almost everything,” she said of people who criticize her and her family for cashing in as they promote teeth-whitening kits and weight-loss teas, “so as long as you like it or believe in it or it’s worth it financially, whatever your decision may be, as long as you’re OK with that.”

Kardashian, who has used her fame to call for criminal justice reform and visited President Donald Trump at the White House, was also asked if she would consider running for office.

“No, I don’t think so,” she said. “It would be probably the most stressful job in the world, and I don’t think that’s for me.”

Us Weekly


‘Us’ Explained: The Twist Ending, the Hidden Meanings, the Box Office Milestones and a Possible Sequel – Spoilers!

‘Us’ Explained: The Twist Ending, the Hidden Meanings, the Box Office Milestones and a Possible Sequel - Spoilers!

If you went to see Jordan Peele’s sophomore feature, Us, over the weekend, congratulations: you’re part of the zeitgeist. If you haven’t seen the filmmaker’s follow-up to the pop culture phenomenon Get Out, then go check it out as soon as possible and then come back here when you have. This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS about the hit new movie.

Us debuted to critical acclaim (94% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a domestic gross of $ 71 million. But many of us left the theater a…

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Why “Stress Relief” is the quintessential episode of The Office

Why “Stress Relief” is the quintessential episode of The Office

Why “Stress Relief” is the quintessential episode of <em>The Office</em>

The Office premiered on March 24th, 2005.

The receptionist spots the smoke first. She splutters and points at the tendrils unfurling under the door as the panic-gripped staff scramble to escape their second story tinder box. They use a photocopier as a makeshift battering ram, smash windows to cry into an empty parking lot for help, and hoist bodies into the ceiling.

But they also loot vending machines and beg for their cats to be spared—it’s one of the most chaotic, beloved moments of television comedy.

Welcome to “Stress Relief,” arguably the greatest episode in The Office’s nine-season run. You know the one: overzealous safety officer Dwight K. Schrute holds a frenzied fire drill that gives Stanley a heart attack. When Michael realizes he’s stressing Stanley out big time and could further jeopardize his health, he decides a Comedy Central-style roast is the only way to relieve tension. Cue disaster (again).

But it’s not just the wacky plot that makes this super-sized episode a re-run darling; it’s the way it epitomizes everything we love about The Office.

For newbies, “Stress Relief” is the ideal introduction to Michael and co.’s specific brand of ridiculous, awkward humor.

“Kevin is breaking into the vending machine, Oscar falls through the ceiling and it’s so hysterical to watch,” 28-year-old Nina from California says of the episode’s cold open. And Nina’s an expert authority; she’s the genius behind @dundermifflinpaperco, an Office Instagram account boasting more than 220,000 followers. “Creed’s facial expressions and Michael screaming out the window…it’s almost hard to put into words how funny it is.”

19-year-old Caroline from Tennessee, who runs Instagram’s @michaelsmanymoods, agrees. “I think it’s one of the best episodes because it’s constantly spitting off humor to the audience. Most episodes don’t do that but ‘Stress Relief’ repeatedly does.”

She’s right. It isn’t just the classic cold open that makes this episode so hilarious. We’re also treated to a highly-memed CPR class involving a Bee Gees singalong and Dwight wearing a dummy’s sliced-off face a la Hannibal Lecter. And who could forget The Roast of Michael Scott? Not only do we get a giggle when an iPod Shuffle is used as a point of anatomical reference, but we also snag a peek inside the mind of one Michael Gary Scott.

“Michael is always one step away from total disaster and yet is one of the most upbeat characters on the show,” explains Eden, a 21-year-old student in Rhode Island. “And he maintains his hope even though he’s constantly proven wrong.”

22-year-old Casey from New Hampshire puts it more simply. “He’s a 12-year-old boy with authority.”

He’s selfish. He’s childish. He’s the source of countless offensive jokes (see: every single roast he delivers when he finally gets his turn)—but his deepest desire is to make the employees of a mid-range paper supply firm fear how much they love him. And you know what? When he takes a day off work to emotionally recover from his roast (by cinematically flinging slices of white bread at pigeons), he manages to weasel his way into not only their hearts, but ours too.

We can’t talk about matters of the heart without talking about PB and J. After years of watching Pam and Jim exchange giddy glances across the office and sway to a Travis song in a moonlit Pennsylvania parking lot, “Stress Relief” shows them navigating the confusing current of Pam’s parents’ separation. Jim and Pam worry, they disagree, and they miscommunicate—but they also deliver one of the episode’s sweetest moments. Pam, a shy smile tugging at her lips, tells the camera, “When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that”.

It’s the episode’s way of reminding us that ultimately, The Office is a cultural phenomenon exploring human connection.

“My family used to watch The Office every night after dinner; it was kinda like ‘our’ show,” says Eden. “Whenever I feel homesick or anything, I can rely on The Office to cheer me up because of that nostalgia… and because it’s hilarious.”

The Office was one of the ways that I stayed connected with my best friend from high school when we went to different states for college,” says Laura, 23, from Florida. “She had already seen the series, but I would keep her updated on my progress and send her my reactions as I watched along. It just made the long distance a little bit easier to bear and made our friendship that much stronger. It’s the power of Michael Scott!”

If there was ever a quintessential episode of The Office, “Stress Relief” would be it. Its secret recipe? Equal parts physical comedy and cringe-inducing jokes, a healthy dose of Michael being Michael, a peppering of Jim and Pam moments for the true romantics, and a dash of fuzzy feelings. Best served ROASTED.

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Want to Win March Madness? These 10 Players Could Lift Your Bracket to Office Pool Victory

Did Michigan State get a raw deal? Yeah. If the Spartans — who (along with Purdue) won the Big 10 regular season title and took the conference tournament — didn’t deserve a #1 seed, they definitely didn’t deserve a #2 seed. Especially because that puts Duke, the top overall team in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, right in Michigan State’s Final Four path. (If seeding holds, #1 Duke and #2 Michigan State would clash in the Elite Eight.)

Meanwhile, should the selection committee have granted St. John’s, who lost in the Big East tournament quarterfinals to Marquette by a cool 32 points, the last at-large bid? With apologies to the Red Storm faithful, you can make a strong argument that no, it shouldn’t have.

All bitter gripes about the brackets, however, should last about three seconds. You can’t change anything now. So grab your pencil, print out a piece of paper and get ready make your picks. (Seriously, just to mess with the IT honcho who runs your office pool, hand him paper brackets, we’re sure he’ll love it.)

To help you along with your NCAA basketball March Madness bracket, here are 10 standout players who could carry their teams to an upset or two, if not all the way to the Final Four in Minneapolis.

Zion Williamson, Duke

Duh, I know. But even hermits have been known to fill out brackets (presumably). And just in case you’re one of those folks who only tunes into college hoops this time of year: Duke freshman Zion Williamson is simply the most freakish player in the game. “There’s never been a player on any level like Zion Williamson,” says ESPN analyst Jay Bilas.

That doesn’t mean Williamson is the best player on the planet. It’s that no one with his build — chiseled 6’7″, 284 lb. linebacker — possesses his skill set. He can jump over the backboard. And Williamson — or just plain “Zion” at this point, ala Serena, LeBron and Neymar — is incredibly fundamental: he can dribble, pass, and owns an effective shooting touch around the rim. “He’s like a mack truck,” says Bilas, “playing lead in ballet.” Let’s just hope his shoes stay intact.

#1 Duke plays the winner of the #16 North Carolina Central/#16 North Dakota State game on Friday, March 22 at 7:10 PM ET on CBS.

Fletcher Magee, Wofford

Magee — “sounds like he should be somebody’s butler,” Bilas deadpans — might be the best shooter in the country. The 6’4″ senior has hit 502 career three-pointers for Wofford, the Southern Conference champs, two shy of the NCAA D-1 record. He shoots an efficient 43% from downtown, a pretty remarkable rate for a guy who hoists an arm-tiring 11 treys a game, and 91% from the foul line.

Magee grew up studying the shot of Philadelphia 76ers guard J.J. Redick, who used to play for the Magic in Magee’s hometown of Orlando; this season, Magee passed Redick on the career NCAA three-pointer list.

#7 Wofford — of Spartanburg, South Carolina — faces #10 Seton Hall on Thursday, March 21, at around 9:40 PM ET on CBS.

Anthony Lamb, Vermont

The player of the year in the America East Conference, Lamb, a 6’6″ junior, has an unusual style in today’s basketball world, which values spreading players across the floor and jacking threes. During Vermont’s America East Conference title game win over UMBC on Saturday, Vermont would dump the ball to Lamb around the foul line, and he’d often bully his way to the basket, a testament to his strength and skill. And Lamb can shoot: he hit 1.5 threes per game this season, nearly double his per-game production from a year ago.

Besides Lamb, who averaged 21.4 points per game this season, the Catamounts feature the Duncan brothers of Evansville, Indiana: fifth year senior Ernie, junior Everett, and freshman Robin. Vermont’s the fifth team in Division 1 history with a fraternal trio on the same squad.

Catch #13 Vermont against #4 Florida St. on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET on CBS.

Miye Oni, Yale

It’s been 24 years since the NBA drafted a player from the Ivy League. Yale’s Miye Oni could end that draught. A late bloomer who had committed to a Division 3 college in high school — and was spotted by a Yale assistant coach while scouting another player — NBA scouts have made regular visits to New Haven to check out Oni’s game. The 6’6″ guard won Ivy Player of the Year honors by doing a little bit of everything; Oni averaged 17.6 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game.

#13 Yale will play #4 LSU on Thursday at 12:40 PM ET on TruTV. Both schools are involved in embarrassing scandals: LSU coach Will Wade was placed on leave after he was caught potentially violating NCAA rules on wiretap. Yale’s embroiled in the college admissions scandal, as a family allegedly paid $ 1.2 million in bribes to get a fake soccer recruit into the school. Folks made jokes on the internet.

Ja Morant, Murray St.

Zion may be the top overall pick in this June’s NBA draft. But Morant, the explosive 6’3″ point guard from Murray St., is almost certainly going top 3. A Murray State assistant coach first spotted Morant, another unheralded recruit, while stopping by a gym concession stand to grab some chips. Best snack ever: Morant’s stewardship on the Murray St. offense is now appointment TV. Morant scores 24.6 points per game on 50% shooting, which is scarily efficient for a point guard, and dishes out 10 assists per game, tops in the country.

In the first round, Morant will duel with one of the country’s other top point guards, Markus Howard of #5 Marquette, around 4:30 PM ET on Thursday on TBS. Grab some more chips for that one.

Tacko Fall, University of Central Florida

Ja Morant, Fletcher Magee — this year’s tournament fields an impressive All-Name Team. Tacko Fall’s another name you won’t forget. The 7’6″ University of Central Florida center shot 75% from the field this season, and swatted away 2.5 shots per game for the Knights, who finished 23-8. That’s right: Fall’s 7’6″, with a 10-foot, 5-inch standing reach, meaning he need not jump to dunk the basketball.

In one of the season’s sweetest moments, Fall was reunited this season with his mother, whom he hadn’t seen in the seven years since he moved to the U.S. from Senegal.

#9 UCF takes on #8 VCU on Friday at around 9:40 ET PM on CBS. The winner most likely gets Duke in the second round.

Ethan Happ, Wisconsin

Ethan Happ, the 6’10” senior center, this season became the first Big 10 player in more than 35 years to score over 2,000 career points and grab over 1,000 rebounds. Don’t discount his passing — Happ has also assisted on 37% of his teammates’ field goals while he’s on the floor, a fantastic rate for a big man.

Happ’s a bit of a throwback, the rare tall pro prospect who doesn’t jack three-pointers — he finished his career 1-16 from downtown. Still, don’t discount the damage Happ, a second team All-American, and his Badgers can inflict on their opponents these next few weeks.

First test for #5 Wisconsin is #12 Oregon, the Pac-12 tournament champions, on Friday at 4:30 ET on TBS.

Eric Paschall, Villanova

One-and-done college players like Zion, who stay in college for a year before leaving for the NBA, rightfully steal most headlines. They tend to be phenomenal. But it’s nice to see players who stick around at college, like Happ and Villanova’s Eric Paschall, get their due. Remember the Wildcats, last year’s national champs? They lost four of their top six players to the NBA this season, but thanks in large part to Paschall — the relatively undersized senior 6’8″ power forward who memorably shot 10-11 from the field against Kansas in last year’s national semifinals — the Cats still won the Big East regular season and tournament championships.

‘Nova’s not a favorite to repeat as national champions. But beware of any team with a skilled bruiser like Paschall, who’s eager to prove that he’s ready to play at the next level, no matter his height.

#6 Villanova opens up its title defense against #11 St. Mary’s on Thursday at 7:20 ET on TBS.

Rui Hachimura, Gonzaga

Hachimura, a 6’8″ junior, is a projected NBA lottery pick: he’d be the first native of Japan ever selected in the draft. As a freshman at Gonzaga, for the 2016-2017 Zags team that reached the national championship game (before falling to North Carolina), he didn’t see much action. Hachimura missed practice time with his teammates to learn English in tutoring sessions (he also picked up the language through TV shows like The Vampire Diaries).

Since then, he’s blossomed. In one of the best regular season games of the season, in Hawaii back in November, Hachimura helped show that Duke — a team that some pundits were predicting would finish with a perfect record this season — could indeed be felled. In a thrilling 89-87 win for Gonzaga, Hachimura scored 20 points, with seven rebounds, five assists, and three blocked shots. Gonzaga could face Duke again in the national semifinals.

But first, on Thursday at 7:27 ET on TruTV, the #1 ‘Zags must advance past either #16 Farleigh Dickinson or #16 Prairie View A&M, who play in the “First Four” on Tuesday night in Dayton.

De’Andre Hunter, Virginia

A financial services firm called 361 Capital on Monday released a note —titled “The Psychology of Undermining March Madness Brackets” — applying behavioral research to tournament picks. (Makes sense: the firm’s clients surely want to win their bracket pool’s prize.) As one of its “behavioral biases that can bust a bracket,” the company pointed to “the gambler’s fallacy,” a misconception that an abnormal event is less likely to occur in the future because it just happened in the past. So, 361 Capital warns, don’t feel #1-seeded Virginia is immune to another historic upset at the hands of a #16 seed, just because UMBC crushed the Cavaliers a year ago.

With all due respect to the financial outfit, throw your psychological buzzwords off the court. Virginia’s not going to fall in the first round again, because this year, the Cavaliers have De’Andre Hunter. The 6’7″ sophomore swingman from Philly missed last year’s tournament game due to an injury. But this season, Hunter has emerged as Virginia’s best NBA prospect in the school’s resurgence under coach Tony Bennett over the last decade.

Virginia will try to move on from last year’s nightmare against Gardiner-Webb on Friday, at around 3:10 PM ET on TruTV. With Hunter, a third-team All-American, on the floor, they’re more than likely to avoid another disaster. That’s no fallacy, gambler’s or otherwise.

Sports – TIME


NZ suspect’s manifesto sent to PM’s office 9 minutes before attack

The New Zealand prime minister said the suspected gunman in the mosque shootings had sent an anti-immigrant manifesto to her office minutes before the attack.
Tech News – Latest Technology and Gadget News | Sky News


Up To 40% Off Select Women’s Styles – Plus Free Shipping On All Orders of $ 99+!

What Clothes Do You Keep at Your Office?

what clothes do you keep at your office 2019

Readers had an interesting threadjack about which women wear suits on a regular basis, and a lot of people noted that they kept an emergency suit (or blazer) in their office. It’s been ages since we talked about what clothes to keep at the office, so let’s revisit — what do you keep at your office for an emergency kit? When have you needed your “emergency” stash of clothes? (Instead of keeping clothes at the office, does anyone plan to make a lunchtime run to a nearby store in case of emergency? Which store?) 

For my $ .02, these are my lists…

Top 5 Clothes Items to Keep in a Business Casual Office

1. Black blazer — Throwing on a black blazer can be a great way to instantly make your look more authoritative. Good options include the reader favorite blazer pictured above or this comfortable knit blazer; if you know you won’t wear it often you can still find great blazers under $ 50. (We’ve also discussed what to look for in a blazer to keep at the office.)

2. An “elevated tee” in a dark, neutral color — great for when you accidentally spill something on your shirt or release belatedly you don’t like the neckline on the shirt you wore to work that day. If your backup shirt is dark you don’t need to worry about what color your bra is. The pretty boatneck tee we recently linked to at J.Crew Factory would be a good option; so would some of the scalloped t-shirts we linked to at Talbots.

3. Sneakers (and socks) — keep an old pair at the office in case of an emergency like a power blackout; they also come in handy if you manage to make it out for a quick walk.

4. A comfortable pair of pants — I’ve pulled these out for a lot of different reasons even in a business casual office, including wanting to be more comfortable for a late night at the office, having to help move office furniture, or suddenly needing to review so much paperwork that it was easier to put it on the floor and spread out. (Psst: if you know you’re going to be spending a late night at the office, we rounded up the most comfortable workwear to wear for long haul days.)

5. A wrap in your base color, probably black. We’ve talked a ton about the different uses for an office pashmina; but quickly: you can use it to hide a stain, as a lap blanket, an emergency pillow, and more.

Top 3 ADDITIONAL Clothes to Keep in a Conservative Office

1. A more conservative pair of shoes. There have been a ton of trends with boots, wedges, peep toes, and more — but sometimes if you want to make an outfit more conservative you have to start from the bottom up. For my $ .02, in this circumstance I would be more likely to sacrifice fashion for something that reads as “conservative” but is also walkable. (We just rounded up your best bets for comfortable heel brands; obviously neutral flats are also acceptable. If you can’t walk in heels in tights you may want to consider keeping a shoe with a strap at the office.)

2. A suit in a neutral color. Especially important if there’s a chance you may get called into court or other VIP meeting.

3. Pantyhose in a nude-for-you shade. Whether or not pantyhose is “required” wearing tends to be very regional, as well as office- and industry-specific… but if there’s even a 5% chance you’ll really, really need it, it’s better to just keep a box in your desk drawer.

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Hackers are targeting office gossip on Slack

Be careful what you chat about with your co-workers — it could be costly. Slack Technologies, the popular workplace messaging service, is moving forward with plans to go public after garnering a $ 7.1 billion valuation in August. But there’s one issue that experts say will be a major hurdle for the company, its users and…
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Today in Movie Culture: ‘Die Hard’ Meets ‘Tropic Thunder,’ ‘Office Space’ Trivia and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Die Hard' Meets 'Tropic Thunder,' 'Office Space' Trivia and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:  


Mashup of the Day:

Funny or Die has cut together scenes from Die Hard, Tropic Thunder and a few other extra movies to get Hans Gruber to chat with Len Grossman:


Movie Trivia of the Day:

This month is the 20th anniversary of the release of Office Space, so CineFix shares a bunch of trivia you might not know:


Movie Car of the Day:

How did the…

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How Often Do You Clean Your Office Cabinets? (Or Your Drawers? Or Your Freezer At Home? Or…)

How Often Do You Clean Your Office Cabinets

Here’s a random question for today: how often do you clean your office cabinets or desk drawers? How often do you move old files into storage, or send them to the shredder? On the home front, how often do you clean your cabinets, pantry, and freezer? How often do you wash your makeup brushes? How often do you clean your closet and actually get stuff out to be donated or recycled? How often do you throw away old tax documents? What other tasks like these things do you do — and how do you remember to do them? 

(We’ve talked in the past about how to organize your office, how to schedule repeating tasks, how to spring clean your office, and shared thoughts on decluttering, donating, and more.)

For my $ .02, I almost never do these things! Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to clean a cabinet here and there (filing cabinets, as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinets) and have been surprised how amazing it feels to throw away stuff that’s totally expired (for kitchen stuff) or irrelevant (office stuff). We just donated a ton of old kids’ clothes — I just cleaned my makeup brushes  — and I just set aside a ton of tax documents for shredding. It feels great! The funniest thing to me is how momentum is really a big part of the efficiency here — it’s so much easier to get rid of things when you’re doing it in a full sweep. Some of the stuff at the back of my bathroom cabinet was half-empty drugstore stuff from 10+ years ago — insane. (Yes, we’re recycling everything we can.)

How about you guys — what tasks like this do you do, how often do you do them, and how do you REMEMBER to do them? If you have assistants, do you ask your assistant to help you with the tasks or do you prefer to do it yourself?

Stock photo via Deposit Photos / imagedb_seller


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Box Office: ‘Glass’ Dominates MLK Weekend With $47 Million

M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” topped box office charts over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, collecting $ 40 million over the weekend for a four-day sum of $ 47 million. If estimates hold, “Glass” will come in behind “American Sniper” ($ 107 million) and “Ride Along” ($ 48 million) as the third-best showing for both January and MLK holiday […]



WATCH: World News 01/19/19: Special Counsel’s Office Says BuzzFeed Report ‘Not Accurate’

Trump offers protection for ‘dreamers’ in exchange for border wall; Arizona police release body camera video of deadly shooting of a 14-year-old boy
ABC News: World News Tonight

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Aquaman Swims Into Weekend Box Office Win. Mary Poppins Returns Comes in Second

(LOS ANGELES) — “Aquaman” is still leading the pack at the box office, but other films like “Mary Poppins Returns” and “The Mule” are enjoying post-Christmas bumps too.

Warner Bros. on Sunday says “Aquaman” has added an estimated $ 51.6 million in North American ticket sales over the weekend to take first place again. Down just 24 percent from its domestic debut, the DC Comics pic has grossed nearly $ 748.8 million worldwide.

Up 19 percent, “Mary Poppins Returns” took second place with $ 28 million, while “Bumblebee” settled in third with $ 20.5 million.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” got fourth with $ 18.3 million. And “The Mule,” up 24 percent, took fifth with $ 11.8 million.

The Dick Cheney movie “Vice” grossed $ 7.8 million from the weekend and $ 17.7 million since its Christmas opening.

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Box Office: ‘Aquaman’ Maintains Overseas Reign With $91 Million, ‘Spider-Verse’ Leads in China

“Aquaman” retained its reign at the international box office for the third consecutive weekend, generating another $ 91.3 million from 70 overseas territories. James Wan’s superhero adventure starring Jason Momoa has now amassed $ 482.8 million, with $ 410.7 million of that number coming from foreign markets. China accounted for $ 23.3 million of this weekend’s bounty, bringing “Aquaman’s” […]



Is ‘The Office’ the Most Popular Show on Netflix?

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Earlier this month, Netflix narrowly dodged a full-blown mutiny by renewing Friends, the celebrated NBC sitcom. And the sheer size of the deal—one-year, $ 100 million—for exclusive streaming rights to the show’s 10 seasons was an eye-opener. After all, treasured though it may be, Friends isn’t the most popular already-aired show available on Netflix.

That would be The Office.

“I believe it’s the No. 1 most-popular acquired show on Netflix… there are millions of streams of those episodes,” NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt told New York magazine in September. “I believe that Netflix has helped make The Office extraordinarily popular, and more popular than it was when it was on the network. And they pay us a lot of money for it. If we knew how popular it was going to be before they made the deal, we would have asked for more money from them!”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Is ‘The Office’ the Most Popular Show on Netflix?

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Earlier this month, Netflix narrowly dodged a full-blown mutiny by renewing Friends, the celebrated NBC sitcom. And the sheer size of the deal—one-year, $ 100 million—for exclusive streaming rights to the show’s 10 seasons was an eye-opener. After all, treasured though it may be, Friends isn’t the most popular already-aired show available on Netflix.

That would be The Office.

“I believe it’s the No. 1 most-popular acquired show on Netflix… there are millions of streams of those episodes,” NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt told New York magazine in September. “I believe that Netflix has helped make The Office extraordinarily popular, and more popular than it was when it was on the network. And they pay us a lot of money for it. If we knew how popular it was going to be before they made the deal, we would have asked for more money from them!”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Kaiser Permanente Opens New Beaverton Medical and Dental Office

PORTLAND, Ore. — Today, Kaiser Permanente opens its new Beaverton Medical and Dental Office. The new facility is our vision for the future of health care: person-centered care for body, mind and spirit, powered by innovation.

The three-floor, 90,000-square-foot facility replaces the current Beaverton facility that opened nearly 50 years ago, and is the first Kaiser Permanente facility outside of California that was built from the ground up to harness design, technology and workflow to create an intuitive and convenient experience for members and care teams.

This state-of-the-art care facility features a public square at its heart to educate, engage and inspire wellness, and appointment notification text alerts allowing patients to relax, enjoy something from the café, or take in the Northwest-created art displayed throughout the building. Larger exam rooms are designed to be less clinical and more conversational, and digital screens let providers share notes and display other medical information.

Medical and dental — together

One of the innovative ways that Kaiser Permanente is a national leader in care delivery is with medical and dental integration, which leads to improved health outcomes. For example, clinicians can look ahead at the dental patients on their schedule to see whether they’re due for any medical procedures, such as flu shots, immunizations or blood pressure checks, which can be taken care of during their visit. Because of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated medical record, a dental team provider can then, for example, send a message directly to the patient’s primary care doctor.

“Kaiser Permanente is unique in our movement toward integrated medical and dental care, and our new Beaverton office was built from the ground up to offer a convenient and highly personal total health experience,” said Curt Lemrick, DMD, the lead dentist at the new office. “Dental health can often give clues about a person’s overall health, and we strongly believe that the future state of medicine will be one where the two are integrated. We’re excited our Beaverton neighbors can now receive all of their medical and dental care in this state-of-the-art facility.”

Key Services

  • Primary care for adults and children
  • Dental care and dental hygiene services for adults and children
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Occupational Health
  • Nurse Treatment Center
  • Pharmacy
  • Urgent Care
  • Vision Essentials/Optometry

The new medical and dental office is adjacent to the old building at the corner of Western Avenue and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. (The old building will be razed in 2019.)

About Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future of health care. We are recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente has a mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. We currently serve more than 12.2 million members in eight states and the District of Columbia. Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal Permanente Medical Group physicians, specialists and team of caregivers. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery and world-class chronic disease management. Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education and the support of community health. For more information, go to

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Wins the Weekend Box Office for Third Straight Week

(NEW YORK) — On a quiet weekend at the box office, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” was No. 1 for the third straight week, while the upcoming DC Comics superhero film “Aquaman” made a huge splash in Chinese theaters.

With no new wide releases, Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet” again led in domestic ticket sales with an estimated $ 16.1 million. The animated sequel has grossed more than $ 140 million in three weeks.

Another holdover, “The Grinch,” trailed in second with $ 15.2 million in its fifth weekend.

But the weekend’s biggest new arrival was in China, where Warner Bros.’ “Aquaman” debuted with $ 93.6 million in ticket sales.

That marked a new record for a DC title in China and ranks fourth all-time for superhero films.

Entertainment – TIME


Here’s what you can safely talk about at this year’s office holiday party

The Post — like plenty of other companies — is having its holiday party in a couple of weeks. No, you aren’t invited. But since I am going, I thought it would be wise, given the current social climate, to make a list of the topics that are safe, or not, to discuss over a…
Business | New York Post


‘Venom’ just passed ‘Wonder Woman’ at the global box office


As if to prove there’s no justice in the real world, Venom is on track to overpower two previous superhero box office titans — and possibly become one of the most profitable movies of its ilk.

After reaching $ 822 million in total global earnings over the weekend, Venom has eclipsed both Wonder Woman‘s $ 821 million and Spider-Man‘s $ 821 million. 

This might be cause for confusion and concern among superhero movie fans, since Venom received quite, uh, “mixed reviews” from critics and audiences alike.

Yet it’s still projected to become one of the most profitable big budget superhero movies yet after accounting for both its production budget and its gross earnings, according to Forbes. Read more…

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Malaysia says former PM Najib’s office ordered changes to 1MDB audit report

The office of former Malaysian premier Najib Razak ordered changes to a 2016 audit report of scandal-plagued state fund 1MDB, including removing mention of financier Low Taek Jho’s presence at a board meeting, authorities said.

Reuters: Business News


Jos. A. Bank: Daily Deals From Jos. A. Bank – Get Up to 75% Off!

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel Falls Short of First Film’s Success, But Still Wins Weekend Box Office

(LOS ANGELES) — “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” crawled, slithered and flew its way to the top of the weekend box office with a $ 62.2 million opening in the U.S. and Canada, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The latest offering from the Harry Potter multiverse fell short of the opening of the first film in the Warner Bros. series, 2016’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which debuted with $ 74 million in a similar November release and went on to earn $ 234 million in the U.S. and Canada.

But all the Harry Potter films have had a broad international reach, and “Fantastic Beasts” had a hearty worldwide weekend gross of $ 253 million, according to the studio’s estimates.

“Clearly it’s a huge phenomenon globally,” said Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros.

Last week’s top film, “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch,” was second with $ 38.1 million, bringing its domestic tally to $ 126 million for Universal Pictures after two weekends.

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” 20th Century Fox’s Freddie Mercury biopic, is still rocking, taking third place with $ 15.7 million for a total of $ 127 million.

“Fantastic Beasts,” the second film in the series of Potter prequels written by J.K. Rowling and starring Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Jude Law, had a budget of $ 200 million. Its reviews were largely lackluster, with critics saying Rowling’s magical world is wearing thin after 10 films.

Globally the first nine films have earned $ 8.5 billion, a total that this one’s worldwide take will inflate.

“This is yet another example of a movie whose opening weekend skewed heavily into the international territories,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for Comscore. “This happens a lot with bigger franchise movies. For many of these blockbusters, it’s the international component that comes in and saves the day.”

In the U.S., Warner Bros. is hoping young devotees who are out of school will keep “Fantastic Beasts” in flight through Thanksgiving.

“It’s a big week coming up,” Goldstein said. “Friday is one of the biggest movie days of the year.”

It will have a major challenger in Disney’s “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” which opens Wednesday, as does “Creed II.”

“Fantastic Beasts” continues a year of high points and hits for Warner from a diverse string of movies, including “The Meg,” ”Crazy Rich Asians,” ”The Nun” and “A Star is Born.”

“Warner Bros. is on a roll that every studio would envy,” Dergarabedian said.

In this weekend’s smaller-budget openings, “Instant Family” starring Mark Wahlberg brought in $ 14.7 million for Paramount Pictures, and “Widows,” the latest from “12 Years a Slave” director Steve McQueen, earned $ 12.3 million for 20th Century Fox.

Overall, the weekend was down 14.5 percent from the same timeframe a year earlier, when “Justice League” made for a major pre-Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Comscore. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday also are included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” $ 62.2 million.

2. “Dr Seuss’ The Grinch,” $ 38.1 million.

3. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” $ 15.7 million.

4. “Instant Family,” $ 14.7 million.

5. “Widows,” $ 12.3 million.

6. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” $ 4.7 million.

7. “A Star Is Born,” $ 4.3 million.

8. “Overlord,” $ 3.8 million.

9. “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” $ 2.5 million.

10. “Burn The Stage: The Movie,” $ 2.3 million.

Entertainment – TIME


‘SNL’ Recap: Steve Carell and ‘The Office’ Cast Hash Out a Reboot

SNL 44x06 Recap
Steve Carell during ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos on November 13, 2018. Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Saturday Night Live host Steve Carell was joined by some familiar faces from The Office for a reunion and some reboot discussion during the Saturday, November 17, episode, which also featured musical guest Ella Mai.

Reboot, Please!

Right out of the gate, an audience member asked Carell during his monologue if he would ever reboot The Office. He quickly shot down the idea, but then his former castmates Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper showed up to encourage him. Even the actor’s wife, Nancy Carell, who played Michael’s girlfriend Carol on the sitcom, and his kids, Elisabeth and John, stopped by to tell him to do it. Carell finally brought his costars onstage to say, “I am proud to announce officially that … we have a great show tonight,” as the Office theme song played.


Pete Davidson and Chris Redd rapped about their love for Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the Supreme Court Justice broke three ribs. The pair repeated, “Live Ginsburg, ride for Ginsburg,” while Kate McKinnon break-danced as her beloved saucier version of the lawmaker.

Dad, Is That You?!

Carell appeared to a high school dropout as a “hunky angel” who sang his version of Grease‘s “Beauty School Dropout.” The catch? One of the girls at the sleepover was his daughter, played by Aidy Bryant. The young girl chided her father for leaving the family to give advice to teenage girls. Carell’s wacky commitment to the deadbeat dad and Bryant’s delivery of various scolds made for a surprisingly laughable sketch.

Big Baller

Kenan Thompson’s LaVar Ball brought his usual level of excitement to a “Weekend Update” segment. The father of Los Angeles Laker Lonzo Ball joked about everything from LeBron James having a restraining order against him to his other two sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, playing basketball in his Lithuanian league.

Space Slipup

Frozen monkeys, frozen people, cats without faces … it all sounds terrifying. But when it’s actually stuffed animals, McKinnon beating her head against a glass window repeatedly without breaking and Carell’s NASA astronaut spiraling, it’s pretty random and hilarious.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Us Weekly


Give Thanks For Coworkers and Clients With An Office Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has been picking up steam over the last few years as an alternative way to celebrate Thanksgiving, but it can also be a great way to show colleagues or clients your appreciation.

Throw an Office Friendsgiving with these tips from Michiel Perry, founder and editor-in-chief of Black Southern Belle:

Put Networking First


Use a serving bowl as a place for guests to drop their business cards. To encourage participation, feel free to raffle off a great bottle of winter wine.




Don’t Forget Branding


Looking to showcase a new product or your brand philosophy? Use simple place cards such as small office envelopes on paper clips. These envelopes can be a great place to give the name of dishes as well as some insight into what you are professionally thankful for to your clients this year.


Styling: Black Southern Belle; Photography: MercedeB Photography; Food: Hamby Catering; Florals: Lush Florals by Renee; Rentals: Gather Vintage Rentals


Keep Friendsgiving Food Light


Since most of your clients and/or employees will be having Thanksgiving with their family, try to keep your menu light with simple dishes such as turkey caesar salad or charcuterie boards of your favorite pickled fall vegetables. And, of course, a fall-inspired cocktail is always a good start to a fun client Friendsgiving.

Get Some Help


When you are pulling together a last-minute party, don’t be afraid to get help from a local caterer. Nothing better than supporting a small business while creating a new addition to your networking list—and even better if you can use a company that your clients enjoy utilizing. If you don’t have time find a caterer, the deli section of your local gourmet store has excellent pre-made options.

Or, for an easy Office Friendsgiving, put together an after-lunch dessert and coffee display. Find a local bakery to order a pastry assortment. And create a mocktail station, with pumpkin coffee, sparkling cider, and cranberry juice. This is perfect for office colleagues who prefer to abstain and also helps avoid some dietary restrictions such as dairy and meat.


Styling: Black Southern Belle; Photography: MercedeB Photography; Food: Hamby Catering; Florals: Lush Florals by Renee; Rentals: Gather Vintage Rentals


Add Festive Decor


Be sure to add a little decor to your office conference room to create a Friendsgiving that your clients will see as Instagram worthy. Grocery stores have small bundles of multi-colored pumpkins that make the perfect decorations. If you want to add even more flair, start by pulling some decor from your home such as candlesticks, champagne buckets, and various sets of drinkware.

Follow Up


An essential part of any client event is the follow-up. Be sure to send handwritten notes with a fall candy to your guests who attended to add another touchpoint for them to remember your company and the Friendsgiving.


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How to escape your wardrobe rut and look fabulous at the office

Given the changes sweeping the workplace these days, what’s a woman to wear? That depends. While some fields lend themselves to T-shirts and jeans, others demand a more conservative look. As Gramercy-based lawyer Shermin Lakha puts it: “There’s a certain image that comes to people’s minds when they think of a lawyer.” The Post tapped…
Fashion News, Photos, and Video | New York Post


Rules of Civility: Business Etiquette At The Office

In a 2011 survey publish at the blog, 71% of survey respondents found their coworker’s manners needing improvement or “downright rude.” More than one-quarter of respondents’ co-workers fell into this downright rude category. In this guide to business etiquette in the office, we will show you what your coworkers dislike, how you can improve your manners and you can approach coworkers about problems.

Do we save manners for our personal lives? And if we did, who can blame us? We have little choice at work with whom we work, to whom we report; how many hours we work; what to wear; where to eat; how long we may eat; and whether a company observes and complies with their own policies and procedures.

How Polite Are You & What Your Coworkers Hate The Most

How Polite Are You & What Your Coworkers Hate The Most

We spend more time with co-workers than we do our partners, spouses, family and friends. Permission to speak freely disappears at work. We often go along to get along, not wishing to antagonize an office or cubicle mate. At work, did French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre have it right? That hell is other people?

Bosses who don’t supervise but instead take hostages; the effluvium put forth by co-workers, whether the stale tang of the not-recently washed or a devotion to Axe body products; other co-workers grousing about the boss, their job, their kids, their body size, their love life, their lack of love life; the seemingly endless improvement programs promulgated by the herd of independent thinking reflected in upper management – decry all of it in the most florid, foulest and loudest terms possible and you will quickly find kindred spirits. Decry you might but at what cost to you? How much stress do we create for ourselves because of how we react to our co-workers?

How can etiquette matter in (American) work environments?

Etiquette at work now seems quaint, like a rotary telephone or manual typewriter. This quaintness may lead us to conclude that the decline of manners has befallen us (again!). But the protean nature of our existence – a relaxed, concerned behavior directed to loved ones and friends versus an uptight, sometimes seething personality at work, cannot hide this simple truth: How we do anything is how we do everything.

How we act at work influences how we act at home. A commitment to better relations at work will improve your love life. But how?

We can master ourselves, only. How we manage ourselves on the job can ensure greater self-confidence, a more relaxed attitude, and, indeed, even a promotion. We endeavor to create an aura of sociability and likeability. If we arrive to work late, we want to have others assume a favorable opinion about us despite the uncertainty of character our lateness suggests.

From the hell of our own co-workers, we may find that etiquette saves us. Whether you view manners as a mask or as a path to increasing enlightenment, acting with regard for others and ourselves will help to create a kinder and nicer office worker.

Business Etiquette Is All About Managing Oneself

Gossip is not appropriate

Gossip is not appropriate

1. Gossip

Gossip gets a bad rap, but gossip can keep us safe. A coworker may steal ideas or work or worse, haze new employees or harangue certain types of co-workers. Sharing these insights, if you think you can do so, can save another coworker from this bully’s actions.

The idle tittle-tattle, though? Proceed cautiously. Loose lips may sink your ship. Sharing facts about another coworker differs from whispered rumor. Both, however, may cause your boss to question you; but fact-based gossip possesses a kind of evenhandedness. Idle rumor seems like whining.

Always be respectful of other people's time

Always be respectful of other people’s time

2. Lateness

Timeliness suggests reliability. If you cannot arrive to work on time, what else can’t you do? We would all delight in a work-place where our co-workers accept all our failings. Better yet, they should make no assumptions about us when we do misstep. Something about pigs flying comes to mind here.

We control many variables in our lives. Timeliness tops the list.

Lateness also suggests you think your time more worthwhile than others. Lateness suggests a kind of time thievery. Perceptions of slackness and lack of attention to detail can also result from lateness.

Lateness practiced with diligence breeds resentment. When you find you legitimately need support from co-workers, less scrupulous co-workers may use the opportunity to expose you even further. Their long-standing resentment has now found an outlet. And thanks to your continued lateness, your boss may very well believe your co-worker. You’ve conditioned your boss to believe you aren’t reliable.

If you find yourself constantly late, determine why. Do you need to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier? Lay out your work clothes before retiring? Prepare your lunch after dinner?

Its important to take care of your nails

Its important to take care of your nails

3. Personal Grooming

Care about your appearance and bodily odors? Good. Your co-workers won’t notice your foul odor. They also won’t stare at the quarter-sized stain on your tie or shirt, either.

Personal grooming says I care enough about me to care about you. If you choose not to bathe, claims of snobbery don’t and won’t matter. Humans judge, constantly. And we judge harshly people who smell, have bad breath, open sores or bite /cut their fingernails at the office. Two men familiar to me refused the habit of regular bathing. Both lost lucrative job promotions to people who clearly had less skill.

Lorenzo Villoresi Colognes

Lorenzo Villoresi Colognes

Strong Colognes, Soaps, and Antiperspirants

We in the U.S. exhibit the doubly odd behavior of washing frequently only to swathe ourselves in a mixture of unnatural, “spring scent” body products.

As with liquor and clothing buy the very best cologne and bathing products you can afford. The better the ingredients, the better the smell. Cheap ingredients create smells that linger, cloy and in more extreme cases, cause eye-tearing and sneezing.

Consider spending more for these products and buy quality products

4. Generosity and Helpfulness

There exists a type of coworker who delights in making others, especially new co-workers, ask questions repeatedly; the kinds of questions that have you thinking, “why didn’t he tell me that when I asked the last question?” To which, if you were to ask, he would reply, “Because you did not ask.”

To be perceived as helpful, we must discern people’s foibles and anxieties and act in ways they find helpful. Have a boss that always forgets to create the agenda for the meeting? Send a reminder to her a week before the meeting. Is a coworker trying to finish up a big project before he leaves on vacation? Offer to take meeting minutes or make copies for the next meeting. After lunch meetings stick around to help clean up.

A willingness to help shows people no task is beneath you. Helpfulness becomes generosity when you offer assistance without another person asking.

5. Personal Disclosure

The Art of Conversation describes the function of small talk in American culture: We use it as a path to creating greater conversational intimacy. At work, however, our conversations rarely go beyond small talk, and with good reason.

Disclosing personal information at work puts us at risk with co-workers with less than noble characters. We cannot choose our co-workers. In our private lives, we choose our friends and life partners with care. Are they kind? Do they listen? Can they keep my confidence?

At work, whether or not your cubicle mate behaves kindly has no bearing on anything. You still must work with him, and work well, too, if you don’t want to hear from your boss. The long hours we spend at work tempt us to share of ourselves details we really ought to share only with significant others or close friends.

We are human. We crave connection and meaning from other humans. But the seemingly idle disclosure about the time you cheated at golf in high school, and even though you are now past 40, can explode in your face. Stories become twisted and misused. People want to behave correctly, but many people think very little of themselves, sadly, and so act accordingly.

Consider yourself lucky if you find a confidant at work. In the meantime, chat with co-workers, contribute to conversations and share of yourself information you feel comfortable sharing with anyone.

Save your humor for coworkers who will understand it for sure

Save your humor for coworkers who will understand it for sure

6. Humor

We can use humor to ease tense interactions, redirect criticism and avoid sounding defensive. We can also use humor to help co-workers to make light of an uncomfortable personal situation.

Sarcasm and irony, two cornerstones of American humor, can be easily misunderstood, even by speakers on of American English. Save that humor for like-minded co-workers. For everyone else, make jokes at your own expense and never make jokes at another’s expense for any reason, ever.

A messy desk

A messy desk


7. Messiness

You may live a minimalistic, neatnik life. Others may live maximally. If a coworker’s messiness impacts your job performance, say something. If you find the messiness offensive for aesthetic reasons, you have to address these feelings on your own.

If you can keep yourself organized, do so. We, in the U.S., tend to add a veneer of positive ethical behavior to people who keep their offices neat and tidy, regardless of the actual truth of that belief. As with personal grooming, neatness exudes order and morality. To the degree you can do this, others will think positively of you, too.

8. Patience

It seems we want endless patience from others yet struggle to extend such kindness to others. If we don’t like the person trying our patience, we lose our tempers more quickly. Losing our cool makes us look bad.

If you find yourself short of patience and want to have more of it, spend a week or two doing the following:

  1. Notice your triggers and what causes you to lose patience.
  2. Write down your triggers and determine patterns (time of day, behavior-specific, person-specific).
  3. Vow to change and accept that you may fail.
  4. Try again.
Be considerate of others when having lunch

Be considerate of others when having lunch

9. Eating

Food Smells and Eating at the Desk

According to a DailyMail study commissioned by a soup company, respondents ranked noisy eating as more bothersome than messy, habitually late or whiny co-workers. Sometimes people eat at their desk because they find no peace in the staff lunch room. Other times they do so because they may work for a company that really believes in working lunches.

Just don’t eat loudly.

Food smells also irritate co-workers. What we find tasty and nice smelling we know because of our cultural upbringing. Most Americans wax poetic about bacon; the Spanish feel similarly about olive oil. Microwaving fish in the staff kitchen can cause discord and set the gossip train to run.

Perhaps you can ask your boss to stagger your lunch break so that you won’t be around the offending smells. Or dive deep into yourself. Remind yourself we have no guarantees in life, least of all a life free of things we find stinky.

Consider going retro and actually take a lunch break. You know the one where you get up from your cubicle and leave the building? Might do wonders for both your nose and your stress!

10. Honesty

When might one lie at work reasonably? When does tact become inexpedient?

Some manners experts will tell you never to lie at work. Depending on your cultural context, you may have greater or lesser latitude to fib about people’s haircuts, clothes, family photos, cat videos and other questions you may be asked. In America, we lie constantly on the job. When asked by a coworker how we are, the social script dictates we answer positively. To answer negatively suggests we have a bad attitude. A certain amount of lying comes with working in America.

In more serious matters (financial improprieties, sexual harassment) honesty is probably the best course of action. Exposing a peer may seem easier than a superior. Having discussed such behaviors with the appropriate parties won’t always mean you win, though. Corporate ethics vary. If you work at an unethical company, you may need to polish your resume and seek employment elsewhere.

12. Friendships on the Job

Neither your superiors nor subordinates are your pals. Your boss can fire you, and you may have to fire people who report to you.
And peers, the ones you party with, may engage in unethical or illegal behavior that you will then need to report. They also may have seen you drunk and may use that information against you in the future.

Our relationships on the job remain economic ones. Money mediates all of them. Who can be hired, can be fired. By superior, subordinate or peer.

Romance at the Office - Don't Do It

Romance at the Office – Don’t Do It

13. Intimate Relationships with Co-Workers

Don’t do it. With a superior or subordinate, never. With a peer, what happens if he gets promoted over you and you break up? What if she decides to spread rumors about you to your co-workers, or worse, future employer? Unless you sell your body for a living, sex and work don’t mingle. Just ask those secret service agents about sex and work.

Approaching Co-workers About Problems (a Simple How-to Guide Based on the Principles of Non-violent Communication)

Sometimes we may need to have a difficult conversation with a coworker. We need not suffer in silence. Approach a coworker first to resolve a conflict, before going to your boss. Doing so will show that you have attempted to resolve the problem as professionally as possible.

Ask Yourself Why

As it pertains to other’s behavior, ask yourself why their behavior annoys you. Why, for example, does your co-worker’s messiness irritate you? If you judge her as a slob, then you have little room to discuss changing behaviors because you attack her.

If, however, her disorganization enrages you because it makes you late to meetings or causes you to miss important work deadlines, then you can ask her if she can change her behavior. You have a factual reason for wanting her to modify her behavior.

There are better ways to solve problems at the office - Don't imitate Mad Men

There are better ways to solve problems at the office – Don’t imitate Mad Men

The Mechanics of the Conversation

a. Make Factual Observations

Make factual observations that make you feel a need to speak now. (“Jane, our meeting is in ten minutes and we were supposed to have the agenda to Bob day before yesterday.”) You don’t make an evaluative statement (“That is way too late to get me these agenda items.”)

We value things differently (Jane may have higher priority projects on her list, or she doesn’t report to Bob) but by sharing your observations, you can find common ground with Jane.

b. State How the Observation Makes You Feel

“When you give me the agenda items ten minutes before the meeting and Bob wants them two days ago, I feel anxious. I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble, and I’m afraid my co-workers will think poorly of me.”

c. What Need is Not Being Met

We all have needs on the job, many in fact. For the purposes of this script, needs are always valid. In this particular scenario, you have a need to be seen as considerate and competent
(“I have a need for consideration and competence.”)

d. Ask a Request (Not Make a Request)

“Would you be willing to give me the agenda items a week before the meeting?” To make a genuine request, and not a demand, you must allow Jane to say no. If she does, then you might ask when she can get you those agenda items. If she replies ten minutes before the meeting, and you find you cannot tolerate such behavior, quietly approach Bob and inform him of your communication with Jane. He may decide to approach Jane or her boss (if she reports to someone else) or tell you it isn’t a problem or tell you tough, deal with it. At least you’ve asked respectfully.

Etiquette on the job can help us have better working relationships.

How have you handled difficult co-workers? What behavior at the office bothers you the most? Please reply in the comments below!

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A hit VR game offers humans a glimpse of office work in a world where the machines have taken over

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Morning Office Routines – What Do You Do As Soon As You Get to the Office?

morning office routines - what to do as soon as you get to the officeWe’ve talked a lot about morning routines from a health and sanity perspective — but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about everyone’s morning office routines — particularly about whether people have built any good habits for the morning routine at work, or how they ensure productivity as soon as they get to the office. Here are the questions about your morning office routine:

  1. What time do you aim to get to work?
  2. What is your commute like, and what do you do on your commute? Do you go straight to the office or stop somewhere (coffee shop, gym, daycare) along the way?
  3. What do you do as soon as you get to the office — talk with your assistant? Review a to-do list? Go to a meeting?
  4. Do you have any “first thing at work” habits have you purposely built to maximize productivity for yourself — and have you had to break yourself of any bad habits (like, say, surfing the Internet for far too long in the morning)? Examples of this might be listing THREE things (no more!) that you want to get done on a Post-it, or avoiding the computer for an hour to focus on a paper project…
  5. Bonus Q – if extra work needs to be done, do you prefer to do it in the morning or at night? Do you prefer/need to be in the office for the extra work, or can you usually take it home?

For my $ .02, these were some of my morning office routines:

1 – When I worked in offices, I tended to roll in on the later side — 9:30 was about the earliest I ever got to work, both in magazines and in BigLaw.

2 – I would walk whenever possible for my commute, both to get some exercise and because I’ve always hated the subway. (Be smart about your commuting shoes, ladies — I still blame a lot of my current foot problems on my decision to walk 1-3 miles daily in blocky 3″ Steve Madden shoes.)

3 – First order of business at work was usually to put lunch or breakfast in the fridge and grab another cup of coffee — but I am definitely prone (even now) to falling into the “let’s just check the news!” trap and looking up and realizing that I’ve spent 60 minutes (or more) futzing around the Internet.

4 – Good habits – In part to avoid falling into Internet rabbitholes, I’ve developed some good habits like using the Chrome browser app OneTab to quickly close any tabs I left open the night before, making the list of three things to accomplish, or working in a different place to help promote focus (I used to just go to the visitor’s side of my desk when I was in BigLaw). I’ve also used “night before” tricks like leaving sentences unfinished the night before, so when I come into work first thing I could pick up the train of thought I’d dropped the night before. Coming in to a clean desk is also helpful.

5 – When I’ve needed to get stuff done, I know my energy and focus is better in the morning — so where possible I prefer to work from home in the mornings — sometimes I’ve started as early as 3 AM. In the evenings, though, I’ve always preferred to stay at work to get stuff done — I have so many boundary rituals and so forth it’s hard for me to continue the work flow once I walk through the door.

How about you, ladies? What are your morning office routines — what do you as soon as you get to the office?


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With $ 174.5 million in tickets sold at U.S. and Canadian…

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