World Health Organization issues new tips for fighting dementia

fighting dementia

As our bodies age, we have to accept new limitations. We lose muscle, joints can become painful or need replacement, and our brains can experience similar declines. Dementia, a cognitive decline often associated with age, has been linked to certain genetic quirks, but a family history of dementia doesn’t mean there’s nothing a person can do to fight it off.

New guidance from the World Health Organization focuses on lifestyle changes that researchers believe can help delay the onset of dementia symptoms even in people who may be genetically prone. It also addresses some popular myths related to supplements that people may be using in an effort to combat the condition.

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World Health Organization joins fight against lax genetic editing standards

human genome editing

It’s now been several months since Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed that he had successfully edited the genes of human embryos, which were then carried to term, resulting in the first genetically modified humans. His work was quickly shunned by all corners of the scientific community, and his fate remains unknown.

Last week, a large group of geneticists and researchers called for a moratorium on genetic editing until a robust regulatory framework could be established. Now, the World Health Organization is weighing in, and while it stops short of suggesting a prohibition on current genetics work, the group makes it clear that it supports regulations and oversight in genome editing.

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  1. World Health Organization joins fight against lax genetic editing standards

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The Briefing Room: Border negotiations, Trump organization workers, Venezuela, Foxconn

ABC News

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Yara Shahidi Honored By Youth Organization In Los Angeles [WATCH]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Yara Shahidi brought the crowd to its feet at the GLSEN Respect Awards as she warned against an “identity blind narrative” in the struggle for acceptance of all.

“We should all feel deserved and supported in expressing our right to being our whole selves, limited by nothing regardless of ethnicity, gender, identity, sexuality, ability, religion or any other identity that we choose,” the 18-year-old “grown-ish” actress said Friday at a ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. “More than that, the common spaces we must maneuver through should be safe spaces in which our presence and existence are inherently valued.”

In promoting equity, she said, “it is dangerous to promote an identity blind narrative.”

Shahidi explained: “To say that in order to be respected we must be stripped of everything that makes us unique is faulty in its very premise.”

She was honored with the Gamechanger Award from the youth-focused Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network for her work on behalf of girls’ education, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. The nonprofit was founded in 1990 to fight against LGBTQ bullying and advocate for those communities of young people on other issues as well in schools.

Communities, Shahidi said, must not separate themselves but celebrate differences, including those of race, religion and gender. That includes schools. Educators, she said, should promote a more inclusive history and greater respect for all nuances and identities.

“We must not separate ourselves from each community. We must be one,” Shahidi said, taking a jab at the administration of President Donald Trump.

She quoted James Baldwin in urging schoolchildren to take hold of the world as their own and thanked her “Papa,” photographer Afshin Shahidi, for showing her “a fight to help one person belong is a fight that belongs to all of us.”


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