10 Outdoor Spots in Need of Spring Cleaning

Spring has (almost) sprung, which means that warmer days, blooming flowers, and singing birds are just around the corner. It also means that the ravages left behind by winter are on full display, and that mud, leaves, and other debris have turned the exterior of your home into an unsightly mess. So, as you get started on spring cleaning, don’t forget to tend to the outside of your house too. Here are 10 outdoor spots that could use some special attention now that the worst of winter is behind us.
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7 of the best outdoor security cameras on Amazon


Home security cameras used to be only for the rich and/or famous, but thanks to the democratization of technology and consumer demand, keeping your home safe by spying on it has become affordable for more and more people without Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, or yachts to speak of. 

But with so many options on the market, how do you decide which home security camera is right for you? You read this guide, that’s how. We’ve dug through Amazon reviews and compared features to help you decide on a home security camera system that will help you keep your home and stuff safe. Read more…

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Image: Swann

The Good

4K recording • Night vision, motion detection, thermal detection • Eight cameras with a 2TB HDD

The Bad

Very involved setup

The Bottom Line

If you want top-of-the-line security for your home, the Swann 16 system is definitely near the top.

1. Swann 16 Channel Security System

When it comes to security, it pays to be prepared, and the Swann 16 system is one of the best.

  • Number of cameras:
  • Wired/Wireless:
  • Night vision:
  • Motion sensor:
Imagine an old-school system with new-school tech under the hood, and you have the Swann 16 Channel Security System.
The system comes with eight cameras that you can set up all around the outside of your house, with each covering 150 to 200 ft., depending on available light. With eight cameras covering that much area individually, you should be able to catch anyone cutting across your yard. All recordings will come in crystal clear, too, with the cameras recording in 4K. And with motion detection, night vision, and even thermal pickups, nothing will escape its sight.
The setup also includes a 2TB hard drive for storage.

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