Taylor Swift Unveils Her Shimmering Look for Date Night With Joe Alwyn at the 2019 Oscars After Parties

Taylor Swift, 2019 Golden Globe Awards, After PartyTaylor Swift is looking absolutely “Gorgeous” for the 2019 Oscars.
Her beau Joe Alwyn attended the 2019 Oscars with the rest of the cast for The Favourite and now it’s time to…

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Good Call! Claire Foy Brought Her Passport to Get Into Parties

Not This Time! Claire Foy Reveals All the Ways She Prepared to Not Get Rejected to Golden Globes 2019 After Parties
Claire Foy attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Claire Foy isn’t taking any chances! The Crown star wasn’t going to risk not getting into 2019 Golden Globes afterparties and revealed the measures she was taking to ensure it didn’t happen … again.

“I brought my passport, I’ve got everything I can possibly bring,” Foy, 34, quipped to E!’s Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton, referring to the slip-up at an 2018 Emmys afterparty following her win for playing Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix series.

The U.K.-born actress also joked that she has someone with her to vouch for her authenticity. “I brought my sister with me,” she said. Foy is nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture for her role in First Man, in which she plays Neil Armstrong’s wife Janet Shearon.

As for the mix-up at last year’s Emmys, Foy told Seacrest she “couldn’t” get in and explained, “I had the Emmy in my hand and they still wouldn’t let me in.”

Foy opened up about the mishap during an interview with Jimmy Fallon in October 2018. “I didn’t have trouble, I didn’t get in,” she said. “I was mortified. I was like, ‘Oh god!’ I was [holding my Emmy] and even then [they didn’t let me in].”

The Wolf Hall actress also dished that it was thanks to Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness that she was able to eventually pass security. “He was my knight in a white suit,” she explained. “When he got me in, I made it a point of principle. I was like, ‘Thank you, Jonathan, but I’m waiting until I’ve got the tickets and I’m going to do this properly,’ which is ridiculous.”

Foy looked gorgeous in a champagne-colored spaghetti strap gown with silver sparkles at the 2019 Golden Globes. She’s up against Amy Adams (Vice), Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk), Emma Stone (The Favourite) and Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture category.

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Cocktail Attire For Men – Dress Code Guide For Weddings, Parties & Events

When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may add a dress code such as Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional, Semi-Formal Attire or Formal Attire, but what exactly does that mean? 

Back in the day, things were simpler: the dress code was either Black Tie for less formal evening occasions or White Tie for more formal ones. Women’s dresses were chosen accordingly. Today, for many men the tuxedo is the most formal garment they will ever wear, and it is often rented. In the following, I want to explain what Cocktail Attire For Men is all about and what options you have for weddings, parties or events when you receive an invitation that asks for it.

Video – Cocktail Attire For Men

Want to look the part at the next cocktail party? Get our cocktail attire pocket guide for men here.

cocktail attire_900x400_2

The Basics of the Cocktail Attire Dress Code

Dress Codes Formality Scale
Dress Codes Formality Scale

How Formal is Cocktail Attire and When Should You Wear It?

On the scale of dress codes, cocktail attire is the middle, a step up from business casual but less formal than black tie. It is considered on par with business attire, so it is easy to use an outfit you would wear to your office or an interview to create a great cocktail attire ensemble. This dress code is most commonly found on invitations for parties, weddings, and professional events, which are formal events.

Dark Flannel Suit with Silk Tie & TV Fold Pocket Square
A Dark Flannel Suit with Silk Tie & TV Fold Pocket Square is perfect for Cocktail Attire

Even though times have changed and style is becoming ever more casual, if a dress code is called for, you should do your best to stick with it because dressing appropriately is a sign of respect for the host and the event. Cocktail attire is likely to be one of the more frequent dress codes most men encounter because it falls in the middle of casual and formal, but it is also one of the most convenient because it is made up of garments and accessories that most men likely already own. 

Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a DB flannel suit
Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a DB flannel suit that would work for cocktail attire

Cocktail attire is also versatile in that when in a pinch, you can wear a cocktail attire with a dark suit instead of a tuxedo when black tie is called for as the dress code. It’s also appropriate for funerals and other solemn occasions when formality is required. In this case, a solid dark navy or charcoal suit can be worn if you don’t own a black one, and your accessories should be muted, such as a black grenadine tie, black leather oxford dress shoes, and a solid white shirt. Even if you wear smart casual or jeans on a day to day basis, it pays to have at least one cocktail attire outfit ready in your closet for short notice events. 

What is Semi Formal and Formal Attire for Men?

Colin Firth in Kingsman wearing a classic British suit with padded shoulders that works for cocktail attire

If your invitation states a semi-formal or formal attire, these are vague and challenging dress codes to deal with today because they mean different things to different people. In the past, formal attire was a tuxedo, while semi-formal would be like cocktail attire. These days the ambiguity of these dress codes can make them frustrating for guests.

If the Invitation Asks for Cocktail Attire, Men Should Wear:

  1. A dark to mid-gray suit
  2. A button-down dress shirt in white or another muted color
  3. A necktie or bow tie in subtle patterns or plains
  4. A simple pocket square
  5. Black dress shoes with a leather sole, such as oxfords
  6. Over the calf socks that either match your trousers or pick up something in your outfit such as a color in your tie or bow tie
  7. Of course, make sure you are clean shaven and you have a recent haircut
Opt for a dark suit for a black tie optional event
Opt for a dark suit for a cocktail attire event

Cocktail Attire Don’ts: 

  • DON’T wear your tuxedo or white tie, as that would be too formal for this dress code 
  • DON’T wear a black suit – these should be reserved only for funerals
  • DON’T wear your pinstripe suit, bright colored ties, a bold paisley shirt, or flashy accessories at home to a wedding – the couple should be the center of attention, not you
  • DON’T wear casual clothes such as khakis, chinos, jeans, polo shirts, or a sports jacket; if it would work well for business casual, don’t wear it!
  • DON’T wear casual shoes such as loafers (or any shoes without laces)
  • DON’T go sockless – this may be a trend now but it is inappropriate for cocktail attire
  • DON’T forget to wear a tie or a bow tie- it’s too casual without one

Cocktail Attire For Men at a Wedding

Navy suit with burgundy grenadine tie
Navy suit with burgundy grenadine tie

Even though the above guidelines for cocktail attire may seem a bit subdued, they will be appropriate for the majority of weddings. The result of the cocktail attire dress code is that you will be elegantly and respectfully attired for the occasion without being flashy or otherwise drawing attention away from the focus of the day – the bride and groom. Unless you have information suggesting otherwise, such as a beach or barn location, you can’t go wrong with traditional cocktail attire at a wedding. 

 If the bridegroom is a flamboyant artist or someone who wears shorts and t-shirt, no matter what, try to adjust your outfit so you will not be completely out of place: For an artist wedding, go with more colorful accessories and for a completely informal wedding, skip the tie and just wear a combination with a dark jacket and lighter colored slacks – again, it is their day so you should try not to catch much attention with your outfit.

What Should Men Wear to a Cocktail Party?

Single-breasted suit
Single-breasted suit with a bold shirt is a good choice for a cocktail party

Interestingly, most women understand the attire required for such an event due to the aptly named cocktail dress (often black), whereas it is not as clear for men what attire they should wear to a cocktail party. Unfortuntanely, the cocktail party and cocktail attire do not go hand in hand, and you will need to make a judgement about the nature of the event before you decide what to wear. 

If the event suggests a dress code, then go with it.  If not, consider that cocktail parties are supposed to be relaxed occasions, and although not wrong per se, a classic dark suit such as navy or charcoal is probably a tad too formal. During the winter, you can wear flannel, with patterns, and maybe a bow tie. Be more daring than with your business wardrobe and pay attention to accessories such as cuff links, tie bars, pocket squares, boutonnieres… but don’t overdo it and only use two accents at the most.





Sven Raphael Schneider wearing a DB flannel suit


Madder Silk Bow Tie in Purple with Paisley


Cornflower Boutonniere


White Linen Pocket Square


Sunglasses are a must for an event outside. Click to find out what shape suits you best.

During the warmer months of the year, you can go with lighter colors, such as the light blue linen sport coat below.



Pink Two Tone Knit Tie Fort Belvedere


A knit tie in a two tone color is perfect because it is casual yet unusual.

Click to learn more about this tie.


A lapel flower boutonniere makes your outfit special & fun.

For a selection of boutonnieres, click here.

Traditional Cocktail Attire in the 1930s

Cocktail Party Suits
 Cocktail Party Suits

Fashion illustrations are a window into a bygone era when every man seemed to be dressed to the nines. The following fashion illustration is from 1936, the golden age of men’s classic style,  and shows us a nice mix of cocktail attire for men that would still work today. This illustration clearly shows the evolution of women’s dress since the 30’s, since these women are wearing hats and suits that were then considered everyday attire rather than business wear. If the party is during the day or in the afternoon, you can add more color and patterns to your outfit, although the basics mentioned in the list above apply here as well. In the evening, you can wear darker suits, fewer patterns, and more muted colors. 

The Stroller With Striped Trousers for Formal Day Event

Let’s start on the very left with the gentleman in the stroller. He leans by the fireplace, talking to the lady in red. Of course, this is an illustration, but note how neatly his coat fits around the collar, shoulders  and cuffs. There are neither gaps nor excess shirt cuff fabric to be seen. His stroller jacket is the typical single-breasted, peaked lapel style with two buttons and jetted pockets in a charcoal gray (this jacket is also found in black). Instead of a pocket square, he opted for a red carnation that goes well with his buff waistcoat, white shirt, and light blue tie. His trousers are striped but instead of the more common cashmere stripe, a special stripe for morning wear that does not really have anything to do with cashmere, he chose a wide stripe in black and white. Even though his shoes aren’t visible, they are probably black oxfords to match the colors in his outfit and the formality of this look. This cocktail outfit used to be particularly popular for wear on Sunday afternoons and was often seen at the smartest cocktail bars. Today, the stroller is definitely the most formal of all the cocktail suits yet different than another flannel blazer combination or a navy suit.

Windowpane Overplaid Sharkskin Suit – Great For Most Cocktail Parties

One of the highlights in this illustration is certainly the suit in the middle, featuring a large rust brown subdued windowpane overplaid on a grey sharkskin suit. Worn as a 3-piece suit with an ivory colored shirt and navy-red club tie,  the proportions of this suit are very moderate. It has a normal lapel width and gorge, round quarters and a fairly long jacket. In my opinion, windowpane suits are one of the most underrated outfits in menswear and hence, they are an ideal chance for you to differentiate yourself without being overly loud. As a general rule, you should keep in mind that the more patterns and colors (other than navy and grey) you have in your outfit, the less formal it will be. All of the suits shown here would be appropriate attire for 95% of cocktail parties.




Silk Boutonnieres that look like real flowers - they just never wilt & travel well


Blue Cornflower Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Silk Fort Belvedere


Orange Golden Fritillaria Silk Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Fort Belvedere


Edelweiss Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower Fort Belvedere

Wide Stripe Worsted Flannel Suit – An Option for Evening Events

On the very right, we have a gentleman in a suit with yet another large pattern: the wide-spaced colored stripe. The red stripes inspired the rest of his dress, choosing a red boutonniere and Bordeaux tie. This three-piece flannel suit with stripes benefits from the peaked lapels, which provide a little more formality. If the lady in blue were to step aside, you would see that the trousers of this suit are without cuffs, which raises the formality bar by another notch.

Striped Worsted Flannel
 Striped Worsted Flannel

In combination with a white crisp shirt collar, this outfit would be almost bank appropriate, expect for the wide colored stripes.

Nevertheless, I think it is a fantastic stripe and hence I wanted to provide you with a picture of an authentic cloth sample. As you can see, the stripe is more subdued than in the illustration, which makes it even more appropriate for a cocktail suit that is different yet elegant.


When cocktail attire is called for as the dress code at your next event, now you know what you need to wear to look and feel great. At a wedding, try to be properly dressed without being too flashy and always keep the bride and groom in mind. For cocktail parties and receptions, leave your business navies and grays in the closet and add a splash of color. If you have a vest – even a contrasting one – wear it if it pairs well with the suit. I hope I provided you with some food for thought for cocktail attire for your next reception – have fun and enjoy company and drinks!

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Walmart is holding parties in its stores on Thanksgiving, kicking off online deals earlier than ever

Walmart will hold new events in stores on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. with free coffee and cookies. It will also kick off Black Friday deals online earlier than it ever has before.


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Here’s how you should behave at those upcoming company holiday parties

Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. And there are a lot of folks right now planning their company party. So let me be the first of many to offer advice on holiday party behavior: First, don’t do or say anything that would make your 10-year-old snitch to mommy or daddy. (Pretend your kid is…
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Art Vandelay, Bachelorette Parties in Paris and More Fun Moments From Your PCAs Reality TV Star Finalists

Khloe KardashianReality stars have a special place in our hearts and for good reason. From their heartwarming moments to painful personal situations, we feel like we really get to know these celebrities and can…

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The Weekend Reset: The case for grown-up pumpkin carving parties

It’s Friday. Looking for something to switch up your weekend, or to give you an excuse to relax a little? That’s what the Weekend Reset is for. Each week contributor Tim Johnstone pulls together five things to get your weekend started. Could be something to read or watch, something to eat or listen to, or even something to do. Enjoy the weekend fellas.


PLAN: A pumpkin carving party is the best kind of fall gathering.

I had never been to a pumpkin carving party until my friend had a series of them over the past few years. Our group of friends enjoyed these parties so much. So much. Our friend went all out for these affairs (I am not even kidding). The food. The decor. The baked treats. And the warm adult beverages. You don’t need to go all out though. Find a good fall-friendly dish to serve (like, say, a Pork and Tomatillo stew), get yourself the warm beverage (yes, see below), and invite your pals. You’ll need bowls to collect the pumpkin seeds and garbage bags for everything else. You should get typical party supplies (cups, plates, napkins and cutlery). While you could ask people to bring their own candles (definitely have them bring their own carving tools), having some on hand is a good idea. We also had people vote on their favorites which seemed to be a hit.


PREP: Up your Jack-O-Lantern game.

There was a time when I was a pumpkin carving purist: you draw your own face and you carve it. And then I realized you can make some super fun jack-o-lanterns with templates. I have used one or two myself over the last few years. Whether you are hosting a pumpkin carving party or going to one, or just making your front door a little less egg-worthy, these make carving great pumpkins easier. You can find them in lots of stores this time of year (they’re often included in pumpkin carving kits), or all over the internet. Like here. Or here. And here. A google search for “halloween pumpkin templates” will keep you busy as well.


EAT: A simple one-pot dish that celebrates the season.

Pork and Tomatillo Stew from Food & Wine

Let’s face it. In the past this was the time of the year we were meant to be packing it on for the upcoming winter months. Wait. That’s bears. And squirrels. But for reals – this is when we can, without guilt, turn to comfort food and old favorites. It is also a great time to discover new favorites. That’s where this comes in. Pork and tomatillo stew. A hearty dish with vegetables and tomatillos with a seasoned pork that nearly shreds itself. Oh, and this is a perfect dish to serve at a pumpkin carving party. Just saying.


DRINK: It’s time for delicious warm adult beverages. Start here.

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch from Brown Eyed Baker

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch. This is as easy as it gets. Just as important, it’s an easy recipe to double. Or triple. Because people will drink this. And then go back for more. In this way, it is kind of dangerous, but moderation in all things, right? It tastes like fall, pumpkin-spice be damned. You can even make it with Honeycrisp Cider. Personally, I would add some cloves but that’s me. Finally, it is a perfect drink for a…wait for it…pumpkin carving party.


READ: A Ray Bradbury short story that will creep you out.

Or, if you prefer, listen. True story – I heard this read to me before reading it myself, when I was in high school. It has stayed with me since. It is not one of Bradbury’s best known stories, but it is one of his darkest. It’s a quick read that seems, as is the case with Bradbury, ahead of it’s time.

Tim Johnstone is Dappered’s music correspondent as well as our resident gatherer of all things interwebs related. He’s currently undergoing a Tim Improvement Project™ (Version 4.0). It’s not pretty.

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