Luxury App The List Partners BitBay Pay To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Dubai-based luxury fashion mobile platform THE LIST is partnering crypto payment processor BitBay Pay to facilitate payment using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This will also help customers to conveniently shop without having to enter any card information for online payments. Customers of THE LIST App can shop for luxury products and pay directly with Bitcoins only initially.
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Butterflies look for themselves when picking partners

Love is a strange thing. Everyone can come up with at least a brief list of things they find attractive in a mate, but sometimes we find ourselves drawn to people for totally unexplainable reasons. But the same isn’t necessarily true for other members of the animal kingdom, and butterflies, for example, seem to have…
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Community Partners Award Honors Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Community Partners recently presented an Albert R. Rodriguez Civic Legacy Honor in Los Angeles to Kaiser Permanente Southern California in recognition of its strong partnership and community health work with the organization. Inspired by Community Partners’ late co-founder, the award acknowledges spirited dedication to ethical integrity, public accountability, and fiscal prudence.

Community Partners offers expert guidance and essential services to help launch and grow creative solutions to community challenges in Southern California. Kaiser Permanente has proudly collaborated with the nonprofit for the past decade on various projects, including:

Roberta Tinajero, community health manager, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, accepted the award for Kaiser Permanente at Community Partners’ annual holiday event in December 2018. Tinajero praised the support and guidance of Community Partners’ staff, emphasizing that “Community Partners has taught us what true resident and youth involvement is all about.”

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Refinery29 Partners With IMG in Multiyear Deal to Roll Out 29Rooms in New Locations, Explore New Territory

Through a multiyear partnership with IMG, Refinery29’s 29Rooms are about to be built in new locales.
With the support of IMG, the media and entertainment company plans to operate and expand the experiential 29Rooms to four markets, including domestic and international ones. The plan is to ramp up the consumer experience in existing locations as well.
Introduced in 2015, 29Rooms showcases culture and creativity through the participation of artists, visionaries and partners who introduce new and socially relevant ideas with interactive installations, performances and activities. Their efforts and interpretations are all about storytelling and self-expression. With the help of Janelle Monáe, Demi Lovato, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kesha, Lena Waithe, Kali Uchis, Rupi Kaur, Jill Soloway, Alexa Meade, Shantell Martin, Petra Collins, Cleo Wade, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, GLAAD, Snapchat, Google, Facebook and other past participants, 29Rooms has welcomed visitors from 47 states and 24 countries.
Fashion’s fascination with all things experiential is ever-fastening. Tommy Hilfiger is finessing plans for a yet-to-be-disclosed experiential show for the first Tommy x Zendaya collaborative collection in Paris. Last fall, unveiled 5 Carlos Place, a five-story, 7,000-square-foot experiential town house in the tony Mayfair section of London. Around that same time, Eileen Fisher opened Making Space, her first experiential store and

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Starbucks partners with Uber Eats to expand coffee delivery

Starbucks is expanding its delivery service and aims to offer it at nearly one-fourth of its U.S. company-operated coffee shops. The company said it is launching the service Tuesday in San Francisco and will expand to some stores in New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles in coming weeks. It tested the idea in…
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Black Enterprise Partners with TD Jakes In SOAR Empowerment Series

Black Enterprise President and CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. and TDJ Enterprises CEO T.D. Jakes announced a partnership between the two prominent black-owned media and event companies, to present its inaugural SOAR! Empowerment Series of events, which will kick off in Atlanta on April 6, 2019. Inspired by The New York Times best-selling book SOAR! Build Your Vision From The Ground Up by T. D. Jakes, SOAR, a one-day liftoff event series, is the perfect opportunity for those focused on maximizing their earning power, gaining optimal health, and spiritual well-being while creating multi-generational wealth.

“SOAR Empowerment event programming was specifically designed to equip participants with a vision for their health and prosperity, and a flight plan to reach their destinations,” said Graves Jr. “These events are for those who are ready to take immediate action to get their dreams off the ground to create multi-generational wealth.”

TD Jakes

“Deciding to partner with the only media company aimed at accelerating black business development, career advancement, wealth creation, and economic empowerment was a no-brainer,” said Jakes, CEO of TDJ Enterprises, a for-profit entity engaged in inspirational media, entertainment, digital products, and large-scale live events. “The SOAR! Empowerment events provide the synergistic uplift that equips our respective audiences with the practical insights and economic principles to give flight to their dreams as outlined in my best-selling book of the same name.”

T.D. Jakes, known widely as a pastor is also a prodigious entrepreneur with ventures spanning from bestselling books to box office hits, such as “Heaven is for Real,” “Jumping the Broom,” “Sparkle” and “Miracles from Heaven,” a self-titled TV talk show, to music production, and live events to real estate development.

SOAR attendees will leave the event with:

  • An action plan for acquiring assets, building personal and household net worth, and building real, measurable wealth
  • A lifestyle strategy to optimize health in order to minimize healthcare costs and maximize their capacity to earn and accumulate wealth
  • Exposure to career and business opportunities with high earning potential that can fuel long-term wealth creation
  • Inspiration from the nation’s most successful and accomplished wealth creators, including Black Enterprise President & CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. and TDJ Enterprises L.L.P. Founder and CEO T.D. Jakes
  • A personal network energized by new connections with hundreds of like-minded, success-oriented people focused on wealth creation

And much more!

To register and find out more information, visit


Editor’s Note: This article was revised Oct. 16, 2018, to update the date and location of SOAR’s kickoff.

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Master and Dynamic Partners With Johnny Dowell

Johnny “King Nerd” Dowell has teamed with Master and Dynamic.
The London-based artist, who graduated from Central Saint Martins, has hand-engraved 10 MH40 Over-Ear headphones.
Dowell, who spent 15 years engraving at James Purdey and Sons, a British gunmaker, is known for working with some leading watch brands but had more room to play with this partnership.
“The sleek and modern designs of Master and Dynamic headphones combined with the premium quality and materials have always stood out to me as a product with engraving potential and here we are,” said Dowell. “For this particular project I was inspired by a traditional scrolling style, which starts with a nice curve and features ornate details that flow back and forth between the patterns, juxtaposing classic techniques with contemporary product.”
The headphones, which retail for $ 999, are available to purchase now. Master and Dynamic has previously worked with filmmaker Sam Kolder and architect David Adjaye.

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Helping People, and the Planet: Nordstrom Partners with Operation Warm

MORE THAN A COAT: This year, Nordstrom employees join a list of other retail partners, such as Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Hollister Co. and TJX Cos. Inc. in volunteering their time in partnership with Operation Warm to provide coats to children in need — and also help the planet.
Marking 20 years in helping the unfortunate, Operation Warm is on track to achieve three million coats distributed with the aid of corporate partnerships and the corporate employee volunteer program, which is in its third year. Other avenues of assistance come directly through community groups, firefighters and schools for where the help is most needed.
Through its inaugural partnership with Nordstrom, “the green guardian” coat gives back. Each coat is designed and manufactured by Operation Warm and made out of 32 recycled plastic bottles.
Mutually excited in their partnership, Nordstrom and Operation Warm believe the mission is in line with company core values as well as demonstrated need.
As the holidays warrant a pleasure in giving, “This holiday season, Nordstrom is excited to be partnering with Operation Warm to outfit 1,500 children in New York City with new winter coats,” said Chris Wanlass, vice president and general manager of Nordstrom Manhattan.
Similarly, Dick Sanford, chief executive

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Why your number of romantic partners mirrors your mother

A new national study shows that people whose mothers had more partners — married or cohabiting — often follow the same path. Results suggest that mothers may pass on personality traits and relationship skills that make their children more or less likely to form stable relationships.
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Are You The Breadwinner? Have You Seen Issues When Women Out Earn Their Partners?

When women out earn their partnerWomen breadwinners are more common than ever, and there have been several recent(ish) articles and studies about the issues that crop up when women outearn their male partners. So let’s discuss, ladies — are YOU the breadwinner in your relationship? What issues have you noticed when you out earn your male partner? (For those of you in same-sex relationships, have you noticed conflict or just general noise over who earns more, maybe where chores or parenting duties are concerned?) We haven’t talked about breadwinners in a few years, so let’s discuss!

To jump-start our discussion, here’s an overview of those recent articles and studies about the issues that come up when women out earn their male partners:

  • A 2018 study by the U.S. Census Bureau reported that women who out-earn their male partners are likely to downplay their salaries, or their male partners are over-reporting their own incomes, or both. The paper about the study described this as “manning up and womaning down.”
  • The New York Times recently reported on this study: “Women are now much more likely to have an education and a career. Yet across most marriages, they still do much more child care and housework than their husbands, and men still feel strong pressure to be the family breadwinner. Today, women earn more than men in almost a quarter of couples, according to the new study and previous research, up from 18 percent in the 1980s. Yet 71 percent of people say that to be a good husband, men should be able to financially support a family, a Pew Research Center survey found last year. Only one-third said that about women.”
  • Reporting on the same study, Slate added: “This study echoes others that show women earning more has far-reaching societal costs. In 2013, researchers at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, also using census data, found that marriage rates decline when a woman has the potential to out-earn her husband. When a woman makes more than her husband, the likelihood of divorce increases by 50 percent.

The rise in woman breadwinners is partly because we are are more likely than men to extend our education into graduate school and beyond in many subject areas, including more women than ever enrolling in law school — and a higher level of education often means a higher salary. However, whether women with the same education and experience make the same as their male counterparts is a different matter. Also, since the early 1980s, women have had a lower unemployment rate than men, so even if the husband is capable and qualified to earn more, the jobs might not be there, or they might pay less than before.

To readers in relationships: Are you the breadwinner, or does your partner earn more? Either way, has it affected how you relate to each other? Have you ever felt the need to bend the truth about your salary, whether to a potential date or even friends and family members who may think your partner is earning more than you? Or would you proudly say you earned your high salary, and too bad if anyone doesn’t like it? With regard to chores — is there any link in your relationship to who does more chores and who earns more money? 

Psst: in the past we shared an excerpt from the book When She Makes More, as well as offered advice for dating a guy who makes significantly less money, as well as talked about different married money management strategies.

Further reading:

  • When Women Earn More Than Men [Psych Central]
  • Millennial Women Are ‘Worried,’ ‘Ashamed’ Of Out-Earning Boyfriends And Husbands [CNBC Money]
  • 7 Ways To Make It Work If Your Spouse Earns Less Than You [Huffington Post]
  • Women Earned Majority Of Doctoral Degrees In 2016 For 8th Straight Year And Outnumber Men In Grad School 135 To 100 [American Enterprise Institute]

Images via Stencil.

When women out earn their partners or husbands, YES, there can be relationship issues and power struggles, even in 2018. We took a look at some fun studies (including one called "manning up and womaning down") and asked the readers if THEY'RE the breadwinners in their relationship -- and if so, how their earning power has affected their marriage or partnership...


Talbots Partners With the ‘Christmas Spectacular’ Starring the Radio City Rockettes

HOLIDAY CHEER: In one of the more unexpected branding coups, Talbots has partnered with the “Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes,” and will be the official women’s fashion and footwear partner.
In addition to being a sponsor with presenting sponsor Chase, the Massachusetts-based chain of boutiques will have a replica storefront in the department store scene during this year’s “Christmas Spectacular” production at Radio City Music Hall. That scenario centers on two brothers who are on the hunt for the ideal Christmas gift for their sister and they wind up on a wintry adventure to discover the magic behind Santa Claus.
The Talbots-Rockettes connection will not only be on the historic hardwood stage at Rockefeller Center. The high-kicking dancers will be featured in Talbots’ holiday campaign, which will encompass the holiday catalogue and the retailer’s site. For the crucial fourth-quarter selling season, Talbots has recruited the Rockettes to field their share of meet-and-greets and to make cameos at select customer events at the Talbots Madison Avenue flagship.
Set to bow Nov. 9, this year’s production will feature a more technologically advanced “Christmas Lights” finale, combining innovation — futuristic digital projections with more traditional aspects that will extend the show beyond the stage.

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Natalie Bloomingdale’s The SIL Partners With The Beverly Hills Hotel

Natalie Bloomingdale’s e-commerce site The SIL (which stands for “stuff I love”), a platform for exclusive offerings by independent designers, has teamed with The Beverly Hills Hotel to unveil a holiday capsule collection next month inspired by the landmark property. Launching in one of the redesigned bungalows, the collection will feature ready-to-wear pieces and accessories designed by SIL Shop designers from Paris to San Antonio, Tex.
“For more than a century, The Beverly Hills Hotel has remained a symbol of Hollywood’s Golden Age and Los Angeles’ celebrated lifestyle, with a signature aesthetic that has become recognized around the world,” said Edward Mady, the hotel’s regional director and general manager. “Its iconic design elements serve as inspiration for artists and designers, and this inaugural capsule collection with The SIL is an example of the influence this beloved property continues to have in the fashion world.”
Founded by Bloomingdale last year, The SIL’s own branding was very much inspired by the color palette of The Beverly Hills Hotel, her favorite Los Angeles haunt and that of her late grandmother-in-law, society doyenne Betsy Bloomingdale. A frequent patron of the Polo Lounge, the hotel’s legendary restaurant and bar, the younger Bloomingdale channeled the green and white

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