Sun, Patio or Life Room?

What is the difference between a sunroom, patio room and liferoom?

SUNROOM Essentially a sunroom is a room with lots of windows and a solid roof. It can be a seasonal sunroom or a year round heated sunroom.

PATIO ROOM This is a seasonal room generally used in summer or spring. These tend to be out of the box type kits, built on existing decks or patios and have single glazed windows or plastic glazing, limited design options and limited usability. They tend to become storage spaces in the fall and winter.


LIFEROOM Essentially this is a patio cover or screen room on steroids. It has motorized screens that keep bugs and pollen out of your patio space. It comes with a misting system that makes it feel like an ocean breeze, it’s an outdoor entertainment space and can be designed with a projector to host all sorts of outdoor parties and even sporting events. Finally, it comes with mood lighting and optional radiant heating. – Matt Jacewicz,

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