After the Netanyahu Fail, What Is Trump’s Israel-Palestine Solution? Let Others Pick Up the Pieces

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TEL AVIV — Israel is now headed to an unprecedented repeat election just weeks after the last poll, and this just as one rather significant foreign visitor, Jared Kushner, arrives in Jerusalem.

While Kushner’s Israel sojourn was scheduled before this most recent domestic political crisis, his decision to go through with the trip was likely meant to send a signal, however implausible, that the Trump administration may still push ahead with the planned release of its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan next month, starting with a regional economic conference in Bahrain.

The so-called “deal of the century” has been termed “dead on arrival” by the Palestinian Authority after a slew of U.S. diplomatic and financial decisions it views as sanctions against it (and benefiting Israel). Palestinian officials intend to boycott the conference, in line with the wider rupturing of their relationship with Washington.

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Towanda Finally Reveals The Man Who’s Been Blowing Her Braxton Back To Pieces

Celebrities Visit Hallmark's 'Home & Family'

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The self-proclaimed “responsible one” in the Braxton clan just revealed who her mystery boyfriend is. While many of the other sisters have brought their new men into the fold, Towanda has kept him pretty much hidden off of camera until recently.

On the most recent episode of We TV’s Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton finds out that her sister’s man was actually right under the family’s nose the whole time.

In one scene Tamar sits down with producer Sean Hall, cousin of fellow producer, Tricky Stewart, and ties it all together. As Tamar talks with Sean, she slowly realizes that he’s the man her sister has been spending all her time with. The sisters worked with Sean on the 1996 debut album featuring Trina Braxton, Tamar and Towanda, titled, So Many Ways.

The reveal was also under our nose the whole time as Towanda herself posted a photo of her and her bae to Instagram on the same day that the episode aired.

She captioned the photo, “@kingladybug #funcouple #bfv #goodness #cool #happy #peaceful #beautiful.”

Sean also posted a photo of his own of the two enjoying the ski slopes and posted a blog of their good time to YouTube.

Towanda has pretty much kept her new love life under wraps after the public demise of her marriage to Andre Carter. Towanda filed for divorce in 2016, after 12 years of marriage. The divorce was settled in 2017, along with a custody agreement involving the former couple’s children Brooke and Braxton.

We’re happy to see her bask in the glow of love and since the secret is out, maybe we’ll catch more glimpses of the relationship as the season continues.



Tyson recalling nearly 70,000 pounds of chicken strips after a report of metal pieces

Tyson Foods is recalling over 69,000 pounds of its ready-to-eat chicken strips after two consumers complained of finding metal in their meals, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.


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Louis Vuitton Pulls All Michael Jackson-Themed Pieces From It’s Fall Menswear Collection

Michael Jackson en concert à Rotterdam en 1988

Source: GARCIA / Getty

Virgil Abloh paid homage to Michael Jackson during his second Louis Vuitton runway show this past January. It was clear the Abloh, like many others, was influenced by Jackson’s style, music, and overall presence. Since the premiere of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, a slew companies have removed the pop icon’s songs, music videos and memorabilia from their respective platforms to show their solidarity with the alleged victims. Abloh and Louis Vuitton have decided to join the movement by pulling all Michael Jackson-themed clothing from their fall menswear collection.

In a statement to WWD, Abloh said, “I am aware that in light of this documentary the show has caused emotional reactions. I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights.” In paying homage to Jackson in the collection, he said his “intention for this show was to refer to Michael Jackson as a pop culture artist. It referred only to his public life that we all know and to his legacy that has influenced a whole generation of artists and designers.

This is a bold move considering the entire collection was inspired by the artists. From the show invitations to the background music, it was clear that Jackson was a huge inspiration to the designer. If you’re not familiar with the F/W 2019 collection, take a look at some of the looks that hit the runway.



5 Workwear Pieces You Need to Get Rid of ASAP


A while ago, I saw a fun piece on Well + Good called 5 Activewear Pieces You Need to Get Rid of ASAP, and I thought it was interesting enough that we should do our own take on it. These are my best suggestions for the five kinds of workwear pieces you need to get rid of ASAP — what are yours? In general, how do you know when to throw out workwear?

(Throughout this post, I’ve tried to sprinkle suggestions for recycling rather than trashing, as well as adding to the Further Reading section below, but stay tuned: We’ll do a separate post on the best ways to recycle your workwear, because there’s a lot of info. In general, note that each location of Dress for Success has its own guidelines for what they’ll accept; H&M will always accept old clothes for recycling from any brand in any condition in exchange for a coupon; and some cities have special options for recycling clothing. See, for example, this post on the partnership between NYC’s Department of Sanitation and Housing Works, or this piece on clothing recycling in North Carolina — both will hopefully give you a good idea of what to Google in your city.)

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

1. Workwear Pieces to Get Rid of ASAP: Anything That Can’t Be De-Pilled.

Take a good look at your pieces made of ponte, tweed, and other knits. On dresses, you may see pilling on the armpits and seat; on pants, you may notice it along the inner thighs as well as the seat. A de-pilling device like this or even this (affiliate link) can work wonders — but if not, it’s probably time to throw the piece away.

2. Anything That Came Back Yucky From the Dry Cleaners

When older suits made of triacetate start coming back “shiny” in spots (particularly at the seams), that can be a sign the garment has seen better days. We’ve talked about how to deal when your clothes smell and drycleaning just doesn’t help, as well, with a lot of great reader suggestions in that post.

3. Anything with Stains That Don’t Come Out

Oil/grease stains, printer ink stains, bleach stains — sometimes you just can’t save an item. Depending on where the stain is, however, you (or some savvy thrift store shopper) may be able to repurpose the piece.

4. Undergarments That You’re Not Wearing Anymore

This one may be a stretch for workwear, but if you have a big division in your lingerie drawer between “daytime/office lingerie” and “date night/bedroom lingerie,” it may be worth assessing separately. Note that sometimes you can donate old bras — Soma often offers a percentage off if you bring in an old bra for donation and is actually holding a donation drive right now. Otherwise, eye them with suspicion and get them out of your closet — even if you’ve kept stuff in hopes of changing sizes, because unfortunately, items with elastics and a high component of stretch in the fabric do not hold up well over time. (Update: It looks like H&M and other clothing recycling programs will even accept old (clean) underwear, so… yay!)

5. “Fast Fashion” Shoes and Bags That Are Falling Apart

We’ve rounded up vegan shoe brands in the past, and there are shoe care products designed for these kinds of shoes — but if you’ve bought ultra-budget shoes from Payless or other fast fashion brands (I’m thinking Zara, Topshop, H&M, Mango, etc.), then a scuff, rip, or other minor damage could be fatal to the shoe and render it unwearable for anyone. Do check out Soles for Souls, though, and see if there’s a donation spot nearby. (I’m curious if anyone’s company has a drive for these kinds of things so that you can make donations en masse!)

Over to you guys: What are your best tips on how to know when to throw out workwear? When you donate old workwear, where do you donate it? When you recycle old workwear and other clothes and textiles, where do you recycle?

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