Slay! Michelle Obama Gave Us Life In This Baby Pink Suit


Source: MARTIN SYLVEST / Getty

We’ve always known that Former First Lady Michelle Obama has an impeccable sense of style, but baybeeeee, since she left the White House, it feels as if her fashion game has elevated even higher!

Case in point: Take a look at this $ 2000 petal pink pants suit bedazzled with crystal appliques she rocked on Tuesday at the first leg of her European “Becoming” book tour in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Mrs. Obama wore a local designer, “which also just happens to be one of the coolest up-and-coming brands, Stine Goya.”

'Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama' Tour In Stockholm

Source: Michael Campanella / Getty

On Wednesday, she kept the suit trend going as she wore  a custom Acne Studios pale mint suit during her conversation at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, Entertainment Tonight noted.

On Instagram, our #ForeverFLOTUS wrote, “I’m so thrilled to be in Europe this week! We kicked off our trip in Copenhagen, tonight we’re in Stockholm, and we’ll also make our way to Oslo, London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I’m so excited to visit these beautiful cities and can’t wait to hear the inspiring stories from so many new faces. And I want to keep hearing from all of you! What questions do you have? Share in the comments below.👇🏾#IAmBecoming.”

As we previously reported, not only was Obama’s memoir Becoming the best-selling book of 2018 in the U.S, but it’s very close to becoming the most successful memoir of all-time. It’s being reported that she’s sold nearly 10 million copies around the world since its November debut.

“We believe this could be the most successful memoir in history,” Thomas Rabe, head of one of Penguin Random House’s parent companies, said Tuesday according to the Wall Street Journal.

Penguin’s chief executive, Markus Dohle co-signed on Rabe’s sentiments.

“I’m not aware, in my personal experience with Penguin Random House, that we ever sold 10 million units of a memoir,” he said.

The Hill reported that a Penguin Random House spokeswoman confirmed the numbers, saying on Tuesday that, in the United States and Canada alone, “Becoming” has “sold more than 6.2 million units across print, digital, and audio formats since its publication.”

Apparently, book sales aren’t routinely tracked in other countries outside of North America.

We love to see our First Lady living her best life.

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Outfit Formula: Pale Pink Coat

Pale pink clothing is an acquired taste. Personally, pale pink is one of favourite pastels, along with light blue. I find it very versatile, and quite “neutral”. It works with sour brights, earth tones, jewel tones, dark neutrals and light neutrals, so take your pick. Pale pink is soft, sensual and pretty visually, and can work beautifully in a hard edged look too. That’s why pale pink makes sense as a coat. Years ago, I had a classic pale pink wool coat that I wore into the ground. I’m on the look out for another because I’d wear it into the ground again.

There are countless ways to incorporate a pale pink coat into outfits, and you don’t need to wait till Spring to sport it. Wear a pale pink coat in Autumn and Winter because why the heck not! Here are four easy ways to wear a pale pink coat to get you started.

1. Casual and Comfy Grace

Combine a pair of blue jeans with a burgundy printed or solid blouse or sweater. Add white sneakers or another type of casual shoe, and top it off with a pale pink coat. Feel free to wear burgundy, tan or blush footwear instead of white.

RACHEL Rachel Roy Wubby Jacket 1

2. Trendy Hard Edge

Combine cropped black pants or jeans with a top in a shade of white. Add trendy black boots or oxfords, and top things off with a pale pink coat. The black bag picks up the black in the rest of the outfit, and adds the hard edge. The white adds a crisp touch. Perhaps you’d like to wear a column of black under the pink coat, and add statement jewellery or belt hardware for textural interest. Personally, I’d throw in white boots and bag that match the white top.

NANUSHKA Alamo Robe Coat

3. Frocked and Sneaked

This is the easiest outfit formula of the four. Throw a pale pink coat over a dress and add sneakers or other footwear that works with the outfit. In this case, the dress is a burgundy floral, but you can wear any colour or pattern that you think works with pale pink. Add hosiery for warmth.

RACHEL Rachel Roy Wubby Jacket

4. Business Casual

Combine a black skirt with a grey top. Finish off the look with black footwear, a pale pink coat, and a bag that works with the palette of the outfit. This is my favourite of the four combinations because it’s dressy, pretty, and exudes a retro, modern and relaxed elegance. The grey pullover is a comfy and casual pairing with the voluminous midi. The pale pink coat screams dressy glam. I love that the model was styled with dressy black flats instead of heels. Feel free to add sheer black or nude-for-you hose for warmth. Add jewellery, eyewear, head gear and watch as desired.

Kate Spade Faux Fur Trim Coat



Ever Hear of the Pink Tax? If Not, You Might Be Paying it Unknowingly

March 8 is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter, and its focus is on forging a more gender-balanced world..

Today and throughout the year, there are many ways people can work to improve the landscape for women, including helping to fight inequities that put women at a financial disadvantage.

For instance, many people in the U.S pay a “pink tax” on some personal hygiene and toiletry products, like razors and shaving cream.

The term “pink tax” refers to products with pink or flowery packaging that brands believe will appeal to women.

The product inside is often identical to the company’s product designed for men, but it costs more.

The pink tax also extends to products designed for managing menstruation. Although the FDA considers tampons and pads medical devices, some states classify them as a luxury item rather than a tax-exempt necessity (10 states and the District of Columbia do not currently tax menstrual products).

Up close photo of woman shaves her leg.

There’s not much you can do if your state taxes these personal-hygiene products but, there is another way to avoid the pink tax on other items.

Next time you’re stocking up on razors, deodorant and other toiletries, shop by price, not packaging.

We did a little comparison shopping to learn which brands sell products to men for at a far lower price point than products for women.

Suave shampoos were priced about the same, but Dove’s Men + Care line cost less than the same products for women.

The price disparity isn’t always in favor of men, though. We found that a men’s razor was almost $ 14 more than the women’s version.

The bottom line? It pays to shop around no matter what your gender.

Lisa McGreevy is a former staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

The Penny Hoarder Promise: We provide accurate, reliable information. Here’s why you can trust us and how we make money.

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Team Red or Team Pink

After almost 13 years of YLF, I can’t believe we haven’t run this poll, so let’s do it for Valentine’s Day. Do you prefer red or pink? Note that any shade of red or pink counts. From the darkest burgundy, wine and Bordeaux to a cool fire engine, cherry and fuchsia. From the brightest tomato red, shocking pink, neon pink, bubblegum pink and watermelon, to pale ice pink, ballet pink, mauve, dusty pink, antique pink and blush.

I LOVE both red and pink, and have since I was a little girl. I’ve had a red coat or jacket and a pink something or other in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Our home decor in Seattle is full of red and pink accents. Tomato red and shocking pink are amongst my favourite colours, but I like and wear other shades of red and pink too. I like wearing red and pink together. I like wearing red and pink both as statements or as accents. I like patterns that combine red and pink. I like wearing tonal shades of red or pink from head-to-toe in one outfit.

I find tomato red and blush pink very versatile, and that’s why they can function like “a neutral” in my wardrobe. To my eye, a bright shade of tomato red works with any colour, giving it life and verve. Blush pink in footwear is nude-for-me, and has therefore become an essential. I also find burgundy versatile, but it doesn’t make me as happy as its tomato red or watermelon cousin.

I wear a lot of red, and wear it more than pink. My new pair of specs are watermelon, so these days I wear red every day. Currently, these are the red and pink items in my wardrobe, and I’ll happily add more because I don’t tire of the colours.

Although I love both red and pink, my affection for red runs deeper. What I like most about red is its intensity. My senses are exhilarated when I see it. I find it soothing, happy, energizing and exciting. The front and back doors of our house are “ladybug red.” I wore a red outfit on the most important day of my life — the day I met hubby Greg — and would wear a red gown if I went to the Academy Awards. I also chose red as my colour of the year. I bat for Team Red.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Red or Team Pink? Tell us why and no battering for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to hang out on the bench where I’m serving spicy sweet potato wedges, fried Brussels sprouts, kale quinoa, and stuffed eggplant. Sumo oranges for dessert.

Eloquii Puff Sleeve Sweater

Eloquii Two Tone Sequin Pencil Skirt

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The Duchess of Cambridge Is Pretty in Pink Wearing Gucci

Ever since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, we’ve spent a lot of time covering the fashion worn by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex — in fact, we dedicated a whole series to tracking her outfits. At the same time, we backed down from tracking Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, …

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Kylie Jenner, Camila Cabello and More Stars Prove Pink Is Very Much on Trend at the 2019 Grammys

Kylie Jenner, 2019 Grammys, 2019 Grammy Awards, Red Carpet FashionsThink pink!
Celebrities dazzled in an array of pink ensembles at the 2019 Grammys. From flamingo pink, to cotton candy pink, to highlighter-pink, music’s biggest stars brought the…

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Scientists discover that flying squirrels glow bright pink under UV light

flying squirrel glow

If you’ve ever seen a flying squirrel in the wild you know that they’re neat little critters. They’re not particularly bothersome, and aside from mastering the age-old art of raiding bird feeders they’re rather pleasant creatures. Pleasant creatures that, as it turns out, glow bright pink when hit with ultraviolet light.

In an incredibly interesting study that was born out of mere happenstance, researchers in Wisconsin discovered that the furry little fliers are imbued something that makes them glow, but they’re not entirely certain what it is.

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How the pink diamond became the world’s hottest gemstone

In a gilded ballroom at the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva last month, the world’s wealthiest collectors and their envoys gathered to bid on the final and most anticipated lot: a nearly 19-carat cotton-candy colored diamond called the Pink Legacy. As the stunning rectangular-cut gem, set in a ring with two white diamond side stones,…
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Solar system’s most distant object is ‘Farout’ pink dwarf planet

Scientists have discovered the most distant object known in our solar system, so remote and unusual they chose the nickname “Farout” for the slow-moving, icy, pinkish dwarf planet about 120 to 130 times further from the sun than Earth.

Reuters: Science News

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Harry Winston jeweler buys ‘Pink Legacy’ diamond for record $50 million: Christie’s

The “Pink Legacy”, a diamond weighing just under 19 carats, fetched a record 50.375 million Swiss francs ($ 50 million), purchased by U.S.-based luxury jeweler Harry Winston, Christie’s said on Tuesday.

Reuters: Arts


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Watching Pink and Daughter Willow Sing Together Is the Greatest Show You’ll See Today

Pink, Willow Sage Hart She definitely got it from her mama!
It’s no secret that Pink has a voice that has captivated music fans of many genres. As for her daughter Willow Sage Hart, it’s becoming more…

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How to Wear Pink in Menswear

Thanks to corporate marketing initiatives in the mid-20th century, pink is entrenched in the minds of most Americans as a distinctly feminine color. So how can men best wear it?

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls is a common perception around the globe. However, pink is a supremely versatile color and should receive more play in the masculine wardrobe. In this article from our series on wearing different colors in menswear, we’ll discuss the history of pink in menswear, and when, where, what and how to wear pink successfully.

Pink Patterns - Photo by fabriziodipaoloph

A dandyish outfit comprised of three pink-based patterns – Photo by fabriziodipaoloph

A Brief History of Pink in Men’s Fashion

For a long time in the history of the West, pink was not associated with one particular sex or gender. Opinions on whether to dress a newborn in blue, pink or some other color varied by region or country. However, coding by color began to take hold in the mid-20th century when American companies began marketing pink items for girl children and blue for boys.

Until last century, boys wore dress-like garments in their early years. Pink was also a color associated for a long time with male children.

Until the last century, pink was also a color associated with male children, like the boy above, who also wore dress-like garments until they reached a certain age.

Within a few decades, the equivalence of pink with women was established, so that even now, articles on pink for men are always bound up with considerations of gender. Sure, during “Pinktober” men in the US, including players from the National Football League, that most macho of sports, wear a lot of pink to spread breast cancer awareness. Perhaps not coincidentally, this is followed by “Movember,” which re-establishes masculinity by promoting the growth of facial hair for the whole month! Indeed, men’s brands often market pink items variously as red, crimson,  and other names rather than calling them pink for fear that they won’t sell otherwise.

Light Pink summer blazer

Light pink summer blazer

Meanwhile, The Independent proclaims that “menswear is borrowing from the girls” in its use of pink while an article in The Telegraph asks “Are you man enough to wear pink?” Inevitably these articles tout that you are actually more manly if you wear pink because it shows you are secure enough in your masculinity to do so. A recent scientific study also shows that women actually do prefer pink but because of this, they also love men who wear pink and find them more attractive. Whatever makes you feel confident wearing it, I guess, though for me, choosing pink is, first of all, an aesthetic decision: it simply looks good with certain colors.

Pink Double Breasted Seersucker with Boater Hat via Dandy Portraits

Dr. Andre Chruchwell in a Pink Double Breasted Seersucker with Boater Hat via Dandy Portraits

In any case, gender associations surrounding pink exist mainly in North America. In India, men wear pink all the time. In the UK, you’re likely to see pink shirts more widely represented with suits and ties among bankers and other businessmen. There, men who wear pink area have been found to earn £1000 more a year than those who don’t.

Shahrukh Khan wearing pink

Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan wearing a pink shirt

How to Wear Pink

Pink Winchester Shirt & Grey Suit

An elegant fall or winter combination composed of a gray notched-lapel suit, a pink Winchester shirt, a pink pocket square, and beige gloves.

When Can You Wear Pink?

While pink may first be associated with the brighter color palette of spring and summer, it is a wonderful year-round color if you choose the most complementary shade for the season and your outfit.

Bright shades of pink are ideal for spring and summer, while muted shades of pink can be worn year round. In the warmer seasons, you can experiment with wearing pink as the dominant shade in your outfits, such as a pink blazer or pants, while in winter, pink makes for an interesting color for a shirt or an accessory, such as socks.

Which Tone of Pink Should You Wear?

In terms of the color spectrum, pink is a very interesting color. According to science, it technically doesn’t exist, because if we look at a rainbow or light refracted from a prism, there is no pink visible in it. Red is the first color in the rainbow and violet the last–remember ROYGBIV? Pink occupies the blank space between red and violet, which includes all the light waves we can’t see (infrared, ultraviolet), so our eyes invent pink to fill in that gap. In a simple practical sense, however, the color we see as pink is created by mixing red and white. Still, it can be dark or light and either tend toward peach (if it contains undertones of yellow) or fuchsia/mauve (if it contains more blue or purple).

Ten Shades of Pink

Ten Shades of Pink

Generally, for men (and, I would argue, for anyone), lighter pinks are preferable in either tone (the first three colors on the bottom left of the image above). Brighter pinks are loud and dominate an outfit. Assessing where a pink item of clothing lies along the range of tones is important if you plan to coordinate with a second pink or even with other colors; for example, a pocket square that contains a salmon pink will not go well with a tie that is peach pink, and some variants of pink may look better with particular blues while others may make blue look more purple.

Pink Blazer, Shorts and Bag

Nick Wooster wearing electric pink

For those who are resistant to wearing pink or who want to be creative in creating the color, try a pattern that contains red and white, like a white shirt with thin red stripes or a red and white herringbone tie. When these two colors appear side by side in a tight pattern, they will read to the eye as pink.

Herringbone Wool Red and Off-White Bow Tie Handmade by Fort Belvedere

Depending on how it’s combined, this Herringbone Wool Red and Off-White Bow Tie by Fort Belvedere can read as pink or muted red

Ultimately, the choice of which pink to choose depends on your complexion if you are getting a shirt or sport coatas these articles of clothing place the color in proximity to your face. If you have brown skin, most pinks will work for you. If you have a lighter complexion, pink still looks best if you have a tan. Fortunately, pink is most suitable as a warm weather color because of its brightness, so you can work on tanning beforehand. If you aren’t tan,  a large stretch of pink near your face will bring out any pink spots or blotches and emphasize them more.

Pairing Pink with Other Colors

Pink is a great choice because it pairs well with all the major menswear colors–namely gray, blue, and brown–and then some. Pink and gray–from light gray to charcoal–are ready companions, such as in the form of a pink tie with a gray suit. If you have gray hair, pink will also be your friend, perhaps as a pink shirt. In the shoulder season between winter and spring or summer and fall, pink can succeed with burgundy or maroon. Combining these cool weather hues with pink makes for an apt transition between seasons.

Pink and brown pairings

The author in two simple pairings of subtle pink with brown: a pink linen tie and a pink cotton pocket square with white border; pink linen striped shirt.

My personal favorite color to wear with pink is brown. A pink summer tie with a brown linen jacket is a terrific choice. Pink and blue also feature together frequently but need a little more caution.

Especially when it is worn with mid-blue rather than navy, pink can make the blue appear more indigo or violet, shifting it toward the purple part of the color spectrum. This isn’t necessarily bad, but be aware of the interaction.

Caesar Romero as The Joker

How to wear and not wear pink and green. Caesar Romero as The Joker at left

A bold pairing that isn’t seen that often is pink and green, which are complementary on the color wheel, though an abundance of caution is needed lest you end up looking like the Joker as played by Caesar Romero. As usual, moderation is the key. Try olive green and a light pink instead of neon.

Gianni Fontana in an outfit dominated by green plaids. Just the jacket or the coat work well but not both together

Gianni Fontana’s choice of olive green and pink is a winning combination, though one plaid is enough in any given combination

Lastly, in summer, pink and white are a winning combination; after all, pink is made with red and white, and that white undertone can bring together a pair of white pants and a pink shirt.

Pink shirt white pants

IAmGalla pairing a subtle pink shirt with white pants for a summery look

What to Wear in Pink

Pink Shirts

The easiest way to add pink to your wardrobe would be a shirt. Make it fairly light; that way you get enough of the color to make an impression but not to overwhelm. The history of the pink shirt as part of classic style is, admittedly, a short one, as is the history of any colored shirt or any shirt with a pattern for that matter. Originally, all shirts used with tailoring were white (or off-white, depending on how bad your washing was). Stripes were originally shunned for their association with the lower classes, sin, and the Devil then maintained negative class connotations for some time. Colored shirts, similarly, were associated with manual labor (thus, the term “blue-collar workers” based on the denim or chambray shirts they wore). So, no gentleman would wear anything other than a solid white shirt. However, as norms of dress relaxed or were defied, colored shirts began to creep in.

Canali pale pink dress shirt

This Canali pale pink dress shirt is understated

Sources usually credit Brooks Brothers for introducing pink dress shirt for men in the early 1900s, but it only took off in the post-War ’40s as part of a burgeoning defiance of norms and part of the Ivy-style movement. Consider wearing it under a sports coat or suit jacket, which tames the color and minimizes the interplay of the color with your skin tone. With a polo shirt, on the other hand, the color is your “top layer” and the pink has a more potent impact–it can dominate as the focus of attention and also clash more with some skin tomes unless you wear a polo with a jacket (not usually recommended). With that said, you have more leeway for bright colors in warm weather, so a light pink polo in the heat of summer is still a possibility, but start out with pink long-sleeved shirts under a jacket.

Pink Accessories

White and pink Fort Belvedere pocket square

A white Irish linen pocket square with pink details from Fort Belvedere.

If you don’t want to go big to start, accessories are a great way to add pink to an outfit. The smallest dose can come in the form of a pocket square that contains a little of the color, either as a border along with several others in a paisley. A larger splash can be achieved with a pink boutonniere in your jacket lapel. There are a number of naturally pink flowers, including the most popular for buttonholes: carnations and roses.

A pink carnation boutonniere from Fort Belvedere.

A pink carnation boutonniere from Fort Belvedere.

Around the same size, you can go with a pocket square that is mostly pink, perhaps with a white or cream border. Lastly, consider a pink tie, but avoid ones that are shiny. If you get a printed silk tie in pink, try one that contains other colors, maybe in the form of a geometric pattern or stripes. Solid pink linen or raw silk ties (shantung, tussah) are great for the summer because their texture and matte finish tame any potential gaudiness.

Fort Belvedere pink linen tie

A textured light pink linen tie from Fort Belvedere

Pink Sport Coats and Suits

More daring than even the pink shirt is the pink sport coat, as it puts the color front and center as your top layer of clothing. This is definitely a summer look with a Neapolitan vibe, and something containing linen will likely be your fabric choice.

A red and white micro-patterned jacket from Boggi Milano that looks like a mauve pink.

Riskiest of all is an entirely pink suit, which is exceedingly rare outside the confines of Pitt Uomo and remakes of the Great Gatsby. The most famous wearer is the fictional Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgrerald’s novel. In the book, the suit gets merely a passing reference. Gatsby’s rival, Tom Buchanan, is told that Gatsby is an Oxford man, to which he exclaims “Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit.” Again, the color is noted as being unconventional, a sign that Gatsby is “new money.” Despite occupying only a small space in the written text, the pink suit features strongly in both the Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio film adaptations. Note how DiCaprio’s Gatsby is styled in the lightest possible shade of pink though with faded stripes. The overall impression is American, specifically Southern, rather than Italian, similar to the effect of wearing a red and white striped seersucker suit.

The pink striped suits with cuffs

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby in a pink striped suit

Pink Socks

While we at the Gentleman’s Gazette are not fans of crazy socks, you can certainly add a dash of personality and color to an outfit with pink and gray shadow stripe socks from Fort Belvedere, which remain conservative enough for work. The inclusion of gray striping suggests an essential pairing of these socks with any suit from light gray to charcoal.

Pink and grey Fort Belvedere socks

Pink and gray shadow-stripe socks from Fort Belvedere

As far as pink suede shoes or sneakers go, give them a wide berth. They’re just too fashion oriented and obviously showy. However, to casualize an otherwise tailored look, try replacing the brown or black laces on a pair of brogues with pink dress shoelaces as a very inexpensive way to perk things up.


As our society moves toward eliminating gender stereotypes, the possibilities for men of wearing pink have opened up and the color has gained traction in classic men’s style. Of course, many gents have long ignored the gender politics of pink and wear the color boldly. As with any new color, you can start small with pink accessories or dive in feet first with a pink shirt or jacket. Either way, you’ll discover how surprisingly well pink combines with other colors.

Do you wear pink as part of your traditional men’s style? What are your opinions on the color pink?

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Bye Bye Millennial Pink, Hot Pink Is Back And Burning Bright

As the Daily Mail helpfully pointed out this week, “Kim Kardashian wears head-to-toe hot pink repeatedly.” Since early August, Kardashian has sported the color “SIX times,” whether it be on a Yeezy mini, $ 2850 Balenciaga leggings, or Chanel unitard.

The mogul is less thinking pink and more willing herself to become a walking Barbie doll. Where millennial pink detached the typically feminine hue from its gender implications, Kardashian’s color pulls those attachments into one big, girly hug.

Perhaps in a moment of girl power solidarity with her sister, this week Khloe Kardashian wore her own take on the hue, pairing it with a boxy blazer in an Instagram post.

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