Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence Get Real About Wedding Planning: ”It’s So Stressful”

Matthew Lawrence, Cheryl Burke, Race To Erase MS GalaCheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence are getting ready to say “I do.”
Right now, the famous couple is in the midst of wedding planning, and for Lawrence, he confesses that…

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White House planning executive order that aims to boost pipeline construction, lower energy prices

The effort was spurred by the blockage of the construction of the 125-mile Constitution Pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York.


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Bethenny Frankel Was Planning To Dump Dennis Shields – Admits She Feels ‘Guilty’ For His Death

During a RHONY episode, Bethenny Frankel admitted that she was planning on dumping Dennis Shields the week of his passing! That never ended up happening since her ex lost his life before she could break up with him, but that doesn’t mean she feels any less guilty about it.

It’s been more than seven months since Dennis Shields passed away but it sounds like Bethenny is still struggling with the loss, as well as feeling responsible for it.

Frankel explained that ‘He had such a powerful force in my life and [was] such a loving person and my daughter loved him that it was this whole thing that was hard to extricate myself from. But I had just said that week, the Saturday before ‘I have to exit this dynamic.’’

She went on to tell her therapist: ‘So then it was on my mind about him dying right after a lot. I couldn’t get off the ride and I feel guilty the only way I got off the ride is that he is dead.’

Struggling to fight the tears, Bethenny recalled that ‘Dennis told me, [if] we did not work out, he was never going to be in another relationship again. He was going to be alone for the rest of his life. It was tremendous pressure and it kept me in. I do not know what happened that night and I will always have to live with that.’

The reality TV star expressed that the therapy session had helped her a lot but because she was feeling better, she also felt guilty about it.

Bethenny argued however that she knows her late ex would want her to feel better after all, so she is determined to respect his wishes.

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Bannon-linked group is planning a summit to rally nationalists. But it’s not quite going to plan

The Movement is a group for nationalist parties in Europe which is supported by the U.S. political strategist Steve Bannon. But, the platform is reportedly struggling to mobilize right-wing parties on the continent.
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Must Read: How to Tackle Succession Planning, Tommy Hilfiger Debuts First Sportswear Line

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday. How to tackle succession planning When Karl Lagerfeld passed away last month, his long-time collaborator and studio director Virginie Viard was named as his successor. Chanel’s decision to focus on continuity made sense, given its …

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Walmart Is Planning to Develop Tablets as the Retailer Makes Moves Into the Tech Industry

It looks like Walmart is planning to start making its own tablets. In a product application with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, the retailer included photos of the device, which will be made by a Chinese supplier and run on Google’s Android operating system, Bloomberg reports.

The tablets will be sold under Walmart’s ONN brand, the photos show. Walmart has not yet released information about the cost of the device or when it will hit stores, but a spokesperson for the retailer confirmed to both Bloomberg and CNBC that “a private brand tablet is in the works.”

Tablet shipments fell 6.2% last year, as the smartphone market continued to grow. The top-selling tablets were Apple’s iPad, followed by Samsung Electronics, and Inc.

Even so, Bloomberg reports that some retailers have successfully developed kid-friendly tablets, that are also more affordable than Apple’s line of iPads. And Walmart hopes to do the same.

The retailer has been making moves into the tech industry, as it focuses on home goods and electronics moving forward. Walmart has nonetheless struggled to develop its image as a more “modern” company, while its biggest competitor Amazon has been an innovative force with its own electronics.

Walmart was represented as a tech company at this year’s South by Southwest conference in Austin with Chief Technology Officer Jeremy King giving a presentation about some of the new technology in its stores, CNBC reports.

“For years now … I’ve wanted people to understand we are building a tech organization,” King told CNBC. “I’ve got a machine learning team. We have some of the best apps in the world.”


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HHS Finalizes Rule Seeking To Expel Planned Parenthood From Family Planning Program

The Trump administration Friday finalized a regulation intended to push Planned Parenthood out of the Title X federal family planning program, keeping a campaign promise to anti-abortion groups.

The program provides contraceptives, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other primary health services to 4 million patients each year, many of them low-income or uninsured, at more than 4,000 clinic sites. Planned Parenthood serves about 40 percent of that caseload.

None of the funds provided for Title X services may be used for abortion. That has been true since the program was created in 1970. But abortion opponents have for decades complained that since many Planned Parenthood affiliates that receive Title X support also provide abortion, the federal family planning money can be improperly commingled with funds used for the procedure.

The new regulations erase previous program rules requiring that women with unintended pregnancies be given “nondirective counseling” on all options, including birth, adoption and abortion.

Under the new rules, Title X recipients would be banned from making abortion referrals in almost all cases. This would reverse existing rules, which require that a referral be given if a woman requests one. Counseling would still be allowed but no longer required.

The new rules “will ensure compliance with, and enhance implementation of, the statutory requirement that none of the funds appropriated for Title X may be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning,” says the executive summary.

Organizations would also have to physically separate facilities that provide Title X-funded services from those that provide abortions.

Abortion-rights and family planning provider groups were quick to decry the regulations. Planned Parenthood called the new rules a dealbreaker.

“This is direct interference with the practice of medicine and our ethical obligations to our patients,” the organization’s president, Dr. Leana Wen, told reporters on a conference call Friday. “Planned Parenthood cannot participate in a program that would force our providers to compromise their ethics.”

Other family planning groups called the rules out as well.

“This rule intentionally strikes at the heart of the patient-provider relationship, inserting political ideology into a family planning visit, which will frustrate and ultimately discourage patients from seeking the health care they need,” Clare Coleman, president and CEO of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, the group that represents Title X recipients, said in a statement.

The American Medical Association said, “The patient-physician relationship relies on trust, open conversation and informed decision making and the government should not be telling physicians what they can and cannot say to their patients.”

But abortion foes have been pushing hard for the changes.

“We thank President Trump for taking decisive action to disentangle taxpayers from the big abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List. “The Title X program was not intended to be a slush fund for abortion businesses.”

Added Kristan Hawkins of the group Students for Life of America, “This is a life-saving policy change, as abortion vendors have used these family planning resources to underwrite their deadly enterprise.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood has been a goal of the anti-abortion movement for decades. Republicans thought they could make the group ineligible to provide care to Medicaid patients at part of their bill — which did not pass — to rewrite the Affordable Care Act in 2017. The Planned Parenthood provisions were struck from the bill under Senate rules even before the measure collapsed.

New York Attorney General Letitia James and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum promised to file suit against the regulation. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra also said he is prepared to sue, particularly because an estimated one-quarter of all women potentially affected by the changes live in California.

However, a similar set of rules, issued by President Ronald Reagan’s administration in 1987, were eventually upheld by the Supreme Court in 1991.

The rules will take effect in stages, starting 60 days after they are published in the Federal Register. The portion requiring physical and financial separation would not take effect for a year.

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Maria Is Already Planning Her Spring Uniform Around This Chore Jacket

After running around outside in nearly every weather element that could happen over the course of winter during New York Fashion Week, I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready as hell for spring to get here. My dear and trusty arsenal of wool coats, you’ve kept me warm and cozy for the past three …

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Is Ivanka Trump Planning a Big Fashion Comeback in China?

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Ivanka Trump shut down her eponymous clothing line last July. Six months later, before the last of her heavily reduced stock has been sold, the first daughter is already planning her comeback.

As the AP reported, Chinese officials have approved five trademarks Trump first filed in 2016 and 2017. Given Trump’s self-branding as a lifestyle guru, those trademarks covering wedding dresses, sunglasses, brokerage, charitable fundraising, and art valuation make sense.

The fifth trademark covers childcare centers, which is somewhat eerie considering her father’s family separation policy. (Ivanka called the policy “a low point” for the administration.)

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Sammi Giancola Planning On Returning To ‘Jersey Shore?’ – She’s Still Close With The Female Cast Members!

It turns out that Sammi Giancola is still pretty close with her former female Jersey Shore co-stars even though she refused to be part of the reboot. Is she considering a return nowadays?

The answer’s pretty clear as far as she’s concerned!

Sammi is not planning on coming back in Jersey Shore despite how close she still is with the rest of the female cast.

As fans know, she and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro dated for no less than five years, and their drama as a couple was pretty much a big part of the show.

That being said, the audience mostly rooted for them to make it work but in the end, they still broke up.

Sammi would not take him back, even if she were single, and similarly, she would never return as a cast member on Jersey Shore either.

One source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Sammi wants nothing to do with Jersey Shore anymore other than the friendships she has built with her co-stars over the years. She’s extremely close with all of the females, especially Nicole (Polizzi) and Jenni (Farley). However, Sammi enjoys her private life off camera and has no interest whatsoever in returning to TV.’

Amid Ronnie’s terrible legal drama with baby mama Jen Harley, Sammi is very happy and in love with her significant other, Christian Biscardi.

They have been together since 2017, and he often appears on her social media platforms. He treats her like a queen, and their romance is just goals!

Last summer, he commented on a selfie of theirs that ‘I will always be the worst looking person in every picture we take and I am okay with it.’

In response, she wrote: ‘You’re my better half.’ So sweet!

The insider added that she really likes having a normal life now and she would not give up her privacy to be on the show again.

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3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Creating an estate plan is something that every person should
do at some point during their lifetime. Since the future is unpredictable, it’s
never too early to plan ahead and determine things like how your assets will be
distributed, or who will receive specific gifts when you pass away.

An estate plan is a combination of documents that specify
how you want your assets (including money) to be handled when you pass away, so
it’s important to make sure these documents are completed correctly and updated
when needed.

Although most people create their estate planning documents
with care and attention, there are some common mistakes that people tend to
make. This post goes through some of the most common issues people have so you
can avoid them or take the necessary steps to correct them in your own estate

Misspelled Beneficiary Names

A common mistake with estate planning is misspelling beneficiary names in documents like a Last Will and Testament. It might seem like a small, inconsequential error, but a misspelled name could potentially cause unnecessary stress and grief for your beneficiary.

For example, let’s say one of your beneficiaries got married
at some point after you created your Last Will, and now their legal name is
different from what you have listed in your document.

Although it’s possible that the beneficiary could still
receive what they were intended to, it adds a layer of complexity to executing
the Last Will that would not have been there if the name had been correctly
changed in the first place.

In addition, depending on your jurisdiction, some insurance companies may require additional documentation from family members, such as an Affidavit, to prove the beneficiary’s identity.

Not Updating Your Estate Plan After a Major Life Event

An estate plan is comprised of living documents, which means
they can be modified as needed. You should revisit your estate plan is if
you’ve recently experienced a major life event, such as getting married,
divorced, or having or adopting a child. If you don’t, your estate plans may be
executed as-is without making allowances for circumstances that ma have changed.

For instance, if you got divorced but neglected to remove your
now ex-spouse’s name from your estate planning documents, there is a
possibility that they would still receive assets and/or property from your
estate even though you didn’t want them to.

Not Talking to Your Executor or Attorney-in-Fact in Advance

Being an executor in a Last Will or an agent in a Power of Attorney is a big responsibility that often requires a significant level of commitment from whoever is appointed.

Sometimes people will assume that close family members or
even friends are up for the task when they are not, so it’s important to not
only ask the person you want to be your executor or attorney-in-fact, but have
a serious discussion with them regarding their responsibilities should they
accept the role.

If an executor or agent is unwilling or unable to act on
their role, the final decision of who should act as your executor or agent may
fall to the court and the outcome may not be what you intended.

Avoiding Mistakes in Your Estate Plan

Executing estate planning documents when someone passes away
can already be a lengthy process, so adding unnecessary confusion with
avoidable errors only makes the execution process longer and more complex.

It’s important to review your estate planning documents
every time you make changes to ensure accuracy so that your estate plan can be
executed as smoothly as possible when the time comes.

The post 3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes appeared first on LawDepot Blog.

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Beyoncé Planning To Shop At Target ‘More Often’ After Unexpected Appearance There – Here’s Why!

Fans were surprised to see none other than Beyonce being relatable by shopping at Target. However, one source tells HollywoodLife that she is not planning her affordable shopping spree to be a one-time thing.

According to the insider, Bey has not only been to the department store before, she is totally willing to repeat the experience in the future too!

‘She likes doing what everyone finds regular because she wants to do regular things herself from time to time. It can’t always be glitz and glamour,’ the source went on to explain for the news outlet.

Apparently, going to places like Target means something special for the superstar.

‘It makes Beyoncé feel normal doing normal things like shopping at Target. She actually would love to do more of it. She misses regular life sometimes and it keeps her grounded. To be connected to real life is something that Beyoncé cherishes so chances are we will see her out and about again just living her life.’

So who knows? Maybe next time you’re out shopping, you might just run into Queen Bey!

When she appeared at that particular Target on Monday, Beyonce was not alone!

Her firstborn, daughter Blue Ivy was with her as well, and that makes sense since previous insider reports have claimed she wants to raise her young ones in an as normal as possible environment as well.

Still, people were shocked to meet the artist at Target, and even fellow celebs reacted to it, Chrissy Teigen having a very funny comment on the whole thing.

‘Beyonce you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives!!’ she jokingly tweeted after the news spread.

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How Are You Planning For Your Career-Related Resolutions?

career related resolutions

The year is young, which means for many of us it’s a time to look at the year as a whole and start thinking about where to slot big things in — vacations, marathons — as well as to come up with a plan of attack for more flexible, amorphous goals (lose weight, get strong, organize your home).  A fun topic that I haven’t seen too many other places, though, is what sort of career-related resolutions are you making — and what you can do to make a plan for them NOW as you take stock of the year to come. Readers, I’d love to hear how you’re planning or calendaring different career-related resolutions, particularly if this is a regular January assessment for you!

Look at Logistics for Career-Related Conferences and Events

Now would be a good time to find a conference or other event in your preferred field and look at logistics of it — what would have to happen for you to go? Would would you have to talk to (at work or home) to make it happen, by when would plane/hotel need to be booked, and — if possible — what would be your goals to get out of it?

Make a Plan of Attack for Amorphous, Flexible Career-Related Resolutions

What amorphous goals do you have for your career — find a new job, write something for publication, expand your network or keep up with your existing network? What does that plan of attack look like — for example, sending a similarly-worded but individual email to five people you’ve met recently and suggesting coffee, breakfast, or lunch? 

Assess Your Career Maintenance Goals — and Try to Calendar Them

What maintenance goals do you have — for example, updating your resume or LinkedIn — and are those things you try to calendar in January or other times during the year? For those of you who have billable requirements, what does your calendar planning look like — if you know you have three weddings coming up in June, for example, do you try to build in reminders to try to get more billables in April and May?

Over to you guys — how are you planning for your career-related resolutions right now? (Side question but a fun one – are you using any great tools like preexisting planners?)

The post How Are You Planning For Your Career-Related Resolutions? appeared first on


Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx ‘Planning A Winter Wedding In Paris’

(PR Photos)

After years of dating in secret, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly set to get married in Paris, claims a source for Radar Online.

The insider said: “Paris is the city where they decided to go public with their romance after years of sneaking around.”

They are said to be planning a winter wedding.

“Katie has waited a long time to marry Jamie, and she’s now made it clear where she wants to get married and when. She’s desperate for a winter wedding in the City of Lights.”

The source added: “Jamie’s been a handful ever since they started secretly dating in 2013 — but Katie’s convinced him to settle down, and they’re ready to make it official.”

According to Daily Mail, this wedding news comes weeks after rumours circulated that the couple were engaged, as Katie was seen wearing a diamond ring earlier this month.

The duo were first romantically linked five years ago, after her split from Tom Cruise back in 2012, and she has full custody of their daughter Suri.

The source says Jamie has been more of a father figure to the 12-year-old than Tom, who hasn’t seen his alleged daughter in more than five years.

“Jamie will adopt Suri when the time is right, but not before they’ve said their vows,” the insider claimed.

“They know it won’t go down well with Tom, but it’s what he and Katie want – and also what Suri wants. She barely knows who Tom is!”

Meanwhile, the “Dawson’s Creek” alum is starring in the film adaptation of the iconic self-help book “The Secret” alongside Jerry O’Connell.

The film centers on ‘a young widow with three children who hires a handyman to fix her house, only to realize that, as he grows closer to the family, he carries a secret connection to her past,’ per The Hollywood Reporter.


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Bethesda Responds to Fallout 76 Hacking Concerns, Planning Fixes

UPDATE 11/5: Bethesda have provided further comment to IGN contesting the validity of the claims made in a Reddit thread asserting that Fallout 76 is extremely vulnerable to hacking. Here is the full statement:

“Many of the claims in the thread are either inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions. The community has however called to attention several issues that our teams are already actively tracking and planning to roll out fixes for. Our goal is always to deliver a great experience for all our players. Cheating or hacking will not be tolerated. We know our fan base is passionate about modding and customizing their experience in our worlds and it’s something we intend to support down the road.”

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GameStop, Inc.