Google highlights ‘PUBG’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ in Play store’s Best of 2018

Google Play Store

Google on Monday announced the best content it has to offer in the Google Play store across various sections, including apps, movies, TV shows, and books. Among the highlights of this year’s “best of” list, Google included PUBG Mobile, which fans voted the best game of 2018.

That may seem like a surprising choice considering that Fortnite is seemingly the most popular game in the world across all platforms, but Fortnite isn’t officially available in the Google Play store. If you want the game, you have to sideload it on your Android devices, something Google doesn’t condone.

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5 Games We Can’t Wait to Play This December

Winter is officially here. Now’s the perfect time to bundle up in a blanket, get something warm to drink, and play some video games. While there are a couple of highly anticipated titles coming in December, and a few eyebrow-raisers, the last month of the year is light on new releases.

This eclectic month in games will feature new installments in long-running and beloved series, a spiritual successor to a series gaining ground in the public eye once more, a long overdue remake, and a ridiculous number of rhythm games. In the season of “best ofs” and “year in reviews,” don’t forget to take a minute to check out these highly anticipated titles.

Just Cause 4

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): Avalanche Studios
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action-Adventure

The Just Cause series is back! After Just Cause 3’s mixed reception back in 2015, Just Cause 4 will have Rico Rodriguez face off against another criminal organization in a beautiful South American setting. Packed with more over-the-top action than even the zaniest of ’80s action flicks, this next game seems like it’ll be the most ridiculous entry yet. Traveling to the island nation of Solís in search of information about his father’s death, Rico will once again fight against the Black Hand criminal syndicate who now possess weather-controlling technology.

Just Cause 4 has a plot that feels like it was ripped straight out of a G.I. Joe cartoon and that could not be more perfect for a game whose protagonist can travel anywhere using a grapple gun and a wingsuit. If Just Cause 4 can rid itself of the bugs and technical issues that plagued its predecessor, playing as Rick will be a blast. The Just Cause series is at its best when it leans into the absurd, and thankfully, this upcoming game seems like it will be delightfully extra.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): The Game Atelier
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Platformer

Coming off the heels of last year’s delightful Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap — a remake of Wonder Boy 3 — Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom looks like a delightful side-scrolling adventure. Similar to The Dragon’s Trap, this game will have the player control a boy who gains various animal transformations as the story progresses, giving him new powers and the ability to explore new areas. This boy, Jin, must stop his evil uncle Nabu from using dark magic to destroy the kingdom they live in. While this might not be the most original set up for a fantasy game, it looks like this title will have enough quirky charm to make the idea their own.

Developed by the indie studio The Game Atelier, this title has the full endorsement and support of the creator of the original Wonder Boy series, Ryuichi Nishizawa. As this game is not trying to be a mechanically identical copy of a Wonder Boy game, like The Dragon’s Trap was, it’ll be interesting to see this title’s new take on platforming combat. It’s also hard not to get excited for a game that has a theme song with such a strong Saturday morning cartoon vibe.

Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection

  • Release Date(s): December 4
  • Developer(s): P-Studio
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 4
  • Genre: Rhythm

The Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection is technically three games rolled into one $ 100 bundle. Continuing the brand new Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, this collection will also contain a PlayStation 4 port of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which was previously only available on the PlayStation Vita. Additionally, Dancing in Moonlight and Dancing in Starlight are available on the PlayStation Vita for $ 40 each, but do not come with Dancing All Night. Considering the Vita is a dying system, it might just be best to pick up the collection for PlayStation 4 and get the entire series in one convenient package.

These rhythm games will delight anyone who enjoyed the charming and endearing characters in the mainline games. Mixing the iconic music of the franchise with extra character-focused content is a brilliant idea — even if rhythm games tend to cater to a more niche audience. If you want to spend a bit more time with the lovable Persona protagonists and enjoy some of the best music in gaming, this collection will make a terrific gift to yourself this holiday season.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Release Date(s): December 7
  • Developer(s): Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd.
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
  • Genre: Fighting

Super Smash Bros Ultimate might be the most talked about and anticipated game of 2018. Since its surprise announcement back in March, every new piece of information about this game spawns dozens of articles, hundreds of analysis and opinion videos, and countless memes. Initially criticized as seeming like a port of the fourth Smash Bros. title, it’s now clear that there is enough unique and enticing content to call it a wholly new entry in the beloved fighting game franchise. It has more characters, a variety and single and cooperative modes, and an adventure mode where Kirby is the universe’s only hope. No wonder so many eyes are on this upcoming game.

Longtime fan of the Smash Bros. franchise will definitely love this latest entry in the series and all of its weird decisions, like the introduction of the Piranha Plant as a playable fighter. Newcomers will be drawn to Ultimate due to its tight controls and the genuine love shown for the many different franchises under the Nintendo label. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will likely be one of the best-selling games of this holiday season.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

  • Release Date(s): December 7
  • Developer(s): Namco
  • Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Genre: Puzzle, Action

When Katamari Damacy premiered in 2004, it received a decent amount of praise in Japan and became a sleeper hit in the United States. Featuring a minuscule cosmic prince who has to recreate the stars after his gigantic father destroyed them during a night of binge drinking, the quirky game definitely earned all of its praise. Its mechanics, which centered on rolling a ball around to collect random junk until it’s big enough to become a star, set Katamari Damacy apart from every other game in the early 2000s.

A remake of Katamari Damacy seems a bit overdue at this point. Luckily, Katamari Damacy Reroll will give younger players a chance to play and appreciate this eccentric title at an affordable price on either Switch or PC. It’ll also finally give gamers in the PAL region a chance to play this enjoyable game legitimately.

6 of the Most Ridiculous Videogame Titles

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Google just found malware apps hiding in the Play store that were downloaded over 500,000 times

Google Play Store apps

Google has taken swift action after it was discovered that more than a dozen apps that install malware on user devices were found in the Google Play store.

The company has yanked the 13 Android apps, which included car and truck driving simulations as well as a couple that actually got featured in the store’s trending section. However, that removal came after a researcher claimed that at least 500,000 users had download the apps in total, risking the installation of malware on their devices.

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Jimmy Kimmel Had Fifth Graders Put On a ‘Trumpsgiving’ Play

On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host unveiled a contemporary take on Thanksgiving’s origin story — The First Trumpsgiving.

“Over the last 400 or so years, the story of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much,” Jimmy Kimmel pointed out on his late night talk show. “We learn it in school and it’s fine, but this year we wanted to spice it up.”

Kimmel invited a group of talented fifth graders to put on a pageant that reveals the updated Thanksgiving story. The children took viewers back in time to the first meeting between the Native Americans and the pilgrims, who arrived in the New World aboard a private yacht naturally named “The Mayflower.”

“We’re gonna put the golf course right here, and the hotel right here,” said a boy dressed like President Trump with a wig and a red tie, proudly declaring that his new plans were “going to be huge!”

When the Native Americans arrived to greet the newcomers, the ersatz Trump shouted, “Oh no, it’s the caravan of immigrants from South America!” The children, decked out in construction-paper costumes, quickly corrected him, explaining, “We’re Native Americans.” That didn’t sit well with the faux Trump, though, who shot back, “Well we’re American Americans and we were here first.”

Then they set out to build a wall out of cornbread, sending their sons to shoot a turkey, but they nabbed an elephant instead. Luckily there was a Thanksgiving miracle to ensure that it really was “the greatest Thanksgiving in the history of Thanksgiving.”

Entertainment – TIME


Melania Trump’s Power Play, Kanye West’s Firefighters & The NFL-“Fortnite” Deal | The Daily Show

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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‘Battlefield 5’ Has Superior Squad Play, but It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Battlefield has always captured action movie spectacle in a way a lot of other games have had to artificially construct. Battlefield 5 does this better than any other.

Where Uncharted might have you defending a village from both infantry and armour in a heavily scripted sequence, that is par for the course in Battlefield. Basically every map features that, if you choose to head in that direction.

Even other multiplayer focused games stretch themselves to do what Battlefield achieves without trying. Calling in a bombing run on a killstreak is cool – especially when it adds to your kill total – but in Battlefield, that bomber is piloted by a real player with their own motivations. Sometimes that motivation sees them rack up 50+ kill/death ratios, while at other times they’re in it solely to crash into enemy planes.

It’s what the battle royale genre is tapping into — the chaotic idea that no AI can be coded that can match the unpredictability of sharing a game area with 50+ other people. That given the right tools players can and will create their own high-octane action set pieces, that they’ll become their own devastating killstreaks. That they’re the protagonist in a story where predicting the outcome is near impossible.

A medic stabs a syringe into a soldier in Battlefield V
You son of a bitch, you don’t stop living until I SAY SO!

A Pickle, Rick

If this is your metric then Battlefield 5 is the most Battlefield game ever. It’s the Rickest Rick. But — like Rick C-137 — it isn’t quite the same. In fact, for some people, it won’t work at all.

For those in a squad, it hits all the right notes as it blares out a symphony of action. But it feels like BF5 isn’t worth playing without at least one other person in your squad. If you play it alone, it can be intensely frustrating unless you specifically set your own goals — goals that don’t always mesh with what Battlefield wants you to do.

The way Battlefield sets the stage for its brilliant organic action movie storytelling is similar to the way battle royale games do it — by incentivising conflict via common objectives. In battle royale games, the conflict comes when the circle forces you to move. In Battlefield, the conflict emerges from those moments when teams clash near objectives — be they capture points in Conquest or the ever-moving goalposts of the Grand Operations modes.

Playing alone in a battle royale game doesn’t change these incentives — the circle still moves, and your goal stays the same. But in Battlefield 5, because of the way the game is constructed, your goal might not involve frontline conflict any more.

Bear in mind you might have fun camping in the backfield with a tank, or performing endless bombing runs in a plane. But to have those Battlefield moments the series revolves around, you need to be in the thick of things, and that just doesn’t work if you’re soloing.

There is no playing outside of a squad in BFV, no moment when you don’t have three compatriots ready to help you back on your feet, give you ammo, or yell at you for sitting in a tank at the back of the battle. But focusing on teamplay in a squad that doesn’t work together is grossly unsatisfying. Lacking communication and teammates with no interest in PTFO (playing the … objective) make your efforts sisyphean.

The issue is that you’re no longer incentivised to play BFV the way DICE have designed it, because you can’t rely on your squad — and BFV heavily revolves around Squad play.


With a medic, a support, and an assault in your four-person squad in Battlefield 5, you’re ready for basically anything the game throws at you. As a three person squad, BFV equips you with everything you need to lock down a cap point, to Rush a bomb, or to sneak into your enemy’s backlines. A medic and a support as a gruesome twosome will do if you don’t have the numbers.

As long as you have one other person to play with, BFV is awesome. So many of the game’s systems are born of the assumption you’ll be playing with another person you can communicate with and implicitly trust to play correctly.

Anyone in a squad can revive another member. Medics do it faster, but anyone can do it. If you pass away, it’s a squad member you’ll spawn on. You earn more points for helping squaddies over normies, and those points contribute to your requisition score.

That’s used for everything from Meds and Ammo, through to Tank Destroyers, and up to the deadly V-1 or JB-2 Rocket Bombs which eliminate anything in a wide radius.

Rebuilding amidst that destruction is now an important part of how BFV works. Press T and you’ll whip out your tool (phrasing). On your minimap, fortifications you can build will show up as blurred white areas. You won’t know what you’re building until you reach the spot, but once there you can create sandbag walls, razor wire barricades, trenches, and more.

Most important are the Ammunition and Medical stations, because BFV heavily restricts you in both of these aspects. Beyond what you start with, you can get extra utility from the ammo crate.

A support player builds sandbag walls
I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

More than that, players don’t regenerate back to full health in BFV. Not without help, anyway. Use a health pack – each player starts with one – and you’ll be straight 100 until your next engagement. But if you don’t, you’ll regen 25% of your health and then stop until you can get healed. Medical stations can do exactly that, and they’ll give you another health pack to boot, adding far more value to owning a capture point than just respawns.

While most of the construction takes place in and around capture areas, however, a lot of BFV‘s combat takes place well outside of these points.

A Different Kind of Singleplayer

There is another option if you’re playing on your own — the singleplayer War Stories. There are three key campaigns to play through, plus the prologue – which is more introduction than anything – and two of them are really well told.

Our least favourite is Under No Flag, a by-the-numbers retelling of the formation of the SAS, wherein a gruff officer recruits a criminal – from a jail no less – to join his raiding team. It’s full of odd decisions, but none odder than the fact that the truth is far more exciting than the tepid tale told here.

The second mission is Nordlys, following Norwegian commando Solveig in what starts as a rescue mission by a commando and turns into a fictional adaptation of the heroics of Operation Gunnerside. It’s a far more impactful story, if predictable. There’s skiing and a great deal of stealth — it’s a recurrent theme in these missions — where you decide when and how you want to engage with the enemy. Silently eliminating guards before they can call for backup feels good.

An Assault class holds an RPG in Battlefield V
Take your lumps like a man, Private Twinkletoes.

The final mission — for now at least — is Tirailleur, following French Senegalese soldiers through Operation Dragoon. Their story sends them to France, and it examines the racial implications for African soldiers who are fighting for a country they’ve never seen. It’s a well told, well measured story with fantastic voice acting.

It’s snack-sized storytelling that offers a limited relationship between the player and player character. And the stealth sections might not match up to, say, Far Cry 5. But for what War Stories sets out to achieve, shining a light on the tales told less often, it does a fantastic job.

The Untold Stories

There has been some controversy — or at least consternation — regarding Battlefield 5‘s initial insistence on avoiding the World War II “classics,” as gaudy a concept as that is. BFV doesn’t take place during the Normandy invasion, or across the Rhine, instead opting for the lesser told stories of World War 2.

Battlefield 5 Wake Island map
The classic Wake Island map, beloved throughout Battlefield games.

We think it’s a great choice. Like any Battlefield fan we’d love to see Wake Island, but in a way, Wake Island provides the best frame of reference as to why we don’t need the other traditional locations. After all, The Battle of Wake Island is usually eclipsed by the Attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a less traditional setting, and it became a Battlefield staple because the design of the map is iconic.

And BFV‘s maps are all really beautifully crafted. If we had to pick a favourite it would be Twisted Steel, but thus far it seems like DICE has learned a lot from the mistakes of Battlefield 1. There’s no straight line slaughterfest like Suez, and nothing like Sinai where half the map is a pointless waste of time.

Twisted Steel map vista from Battlefield V
I’m worried about the ice cream van with the psycho clown driver.

Good map design is far more important to us than reliving moments I’ve seen in Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan, because Battlefield isn’t about those moments. It’s about the organic storytelling that arises from the gameplay itself.

Is Battlefield 5 Good?

Battlefield 5 has nailed the sort of gameplay that drew us into the series in the first place. When you and your crew are clicking, when you’re all playing the objective, taking fights at the right time, popping smokes to cover advances and retreats, resupplying mines for one another in the backfield, and back-capping under the enemy’s noses, Battlefield 5 is unstoppable. Untouchable even.

Regardless of setting, it’s a dozen action movie sequences all playing out adjacent to one another, all with their own protagonists. DICE has made a bold move in daring you to team up with friends at all costs, and it’s worked beautifully. It’s not flawless, but we’re loving it.

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Steelers’ Bell doesn’t show, won’t play this year

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell didn’t report to the team by Tuesday’s deadline, meaning the former All-Pro won’t play this season and will miss out on $ 14.5 million. – NFL
TICKET UPDATE NEWS: 125% Money Back Guarantee! Once Your Order is Accepted, We Guarantee Your Tickets Will Be Valid and Shipped in Time for The Event!

Todd Gurley’s special play shows winning football still exists

If only Todd Gurley had performed a backflip into the end zone — while blowing kisses, flexing his muscles then pounding the ball against the nearest wall. Last Sunday Gurley provided indisputable evidence that it’s OK — even wise — to play thoughtful, winning team football, to play like a professional. Of course, he was…
Sports | New York Post


Everything You Need to Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch

If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use.

Each passing day brings us one day closer to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s the ultimate Smash Bros. experience, so calling it Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a good call on Nintendo’s part, in my opinion. We now know the full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, and with 74 fighters, it really is the ultimate Smash Bros.

You have plenty of time to prepare your body (and your gaming station) for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. entry on Switch. For starters Nintendo, being the savvy company that it is, is reissuing Smash-themed GameCube controllers with a Switch adapter. With every character ever returning to Smash, there are going to be some people climbing out of the woodwork to get back into the action. This list should help you welcome in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate future in which we all soon will live.

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GameStop, Inc.

FBI Report on Kavanaugh Investigation, a Play About Hillary Clinton – Monologue

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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Idris Elba to Play Another Villain in ‘Cats’; Here’s Everything We Know

Idris Elba to Play Another Villain in 'Cats'; Here's Everything We Know

Broadway fans who also love movies have a lot to anticipate. Not only has Lin-Manuel Miranda set his directorial debut with an adaptation of Jonathan Larson's autobiographical show Tick, Tick…Boom!, but there is also finally a Cats movie on its way. Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running musical was announced for the big screen back in 2016; the movie is now gearing up with a cast list.

The latest comes from Variety, which reports Idris Elba is in final negotiations to join the…

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Fandango Movie News


COME FROM AWAY Will Play Newfoundland in Concert

The made-in-Canada phenomenon that isCOME FROM AWAYis coming to St. John’s. The show that has become the toast of Broadway and Toronto, will play eight benefit performances in a concert version at Holy Heart Theatre from January 23 to 27, 2019.Tickets will go on saleTuesday, October 16, 2018 at 10 AMNDT exclusively through Holy Heart Theatre ticket channels. Featured Content


Hair Accessories for Grown Women: What’s Appropriate for Work, Play, and Beyond?

hair accessories for grown women

Because everything old is new again, scrunchies, headbands, and claws are back in style and being offered as hair accessories for grown women, and I can’t wait to hear readers’ thoughts on them. I know some people have always been Team Scrunchie; I myself have always been Team Claw (and of course, the old black Ouchless elastic I wear on my wrist pretty much every waking hour). But there are strong opinions about this! Are you going to give headbands a whirl in 2018? Are some of the more decorative options (like the goldish star claw) just not appropriate for most women over a certain age (like 16)? For those of you who have strong opinions FOR hair accessories, which stores make the best hair accessories in terms of comfort, durability, price, look, etc?

Psst: our last poll on what kind of hair accessories are appropriate for the office … in 2009!

This post contains affiliate links and Corporette® may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

(Pictured above, all from Free People because I happened to be browsing the site: kimono clip / scrunchie / claw / headband. And for those of you who are on Team Drugstore Elastic, do you prefer Goody Ouchless or Scünci? Has anyone tried “Amazon choice” of Munax?)

For my $ .02, I probably will give headbands a whirl again — but only with ones I already own. I’ll probably skip the scrunchies just because I don’t think my round face shape looks particularly great with a low ponytail, and I feel like that’s where scrunchies excel. I’ve always like claws for comfort and an easy half-up-do or (with a huge claw) a French twist — but those tend to be bad hair days for me so I probably don’t want to try more attention to my hair with something really decorative.

Looking for more sedate options for hair accessories for grown women? Ann Taylor, J.Crew, and Nordstrom (particularly from these two drool-worthy brands) have a ton of similar styles.

Ladies, let’s hear from you — what are your thoughts on hair accessories for grown women? What looks do you wear the most for work and play — what products are you excited about to be back in style?


For Aasif Mandvi, a 20-Year-Old Play Now Feels Like ‘Political Resistance’

“Sakina’s Restaurant,” which put him on the map, has new resonance, which is why he’s summoning the energy to play all its roles all over again.
NYT > Arts


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